Haskell Rd, Town of Portville, NY
Submitted by PHGS Member: Marlis Aaron

Names copied in 1959 from a record kept by Mary Elizabeth Burnside Bosworth and
amended by Jane Miller, Portville Town Historian, Oct. 1996

Photos: Mary E. Bryant

ANDRUS, Floyd        
ANDRUS, Sarah        
BARKER, Fred H.        
BARNES, Allie     died 1875  
BARNES, Artemus   born 1844 died 1888  
BARNES, Fred        
BARNES, Harriet   born 1846 died 1910  
BARNES, Hosea        
BARNES, Jimmie        
BARNES, Mrs. Walter spouse of Walter        
BARNES, Sarah        
BARNES, Walter        
BOSWORTH, Ethel   born 1895 died 1902  
BOSWORTH, George   born 1856 died 1916  
BOSWORTH, Mary Elizabeth   born 1858 died 1950  
BURNSIDE, George         
BURNSIDE, Gilbert        
BURNSIDE, infant        Bur with Lily W. Burnside Child of ? & Lilly W. Burnside
BURNSIDE, James   born 1856 died 1875  
BURNSIDE, Lilly Wyant   born 1878 died 1899  Bur with infant
BURNSIDE, Martha        
BURNSIDE, Maryette Wyant   born 1840 died 1896  
BURNSIDE, Seth        
BURR, William   born 1876 died 1948  
CHADWICK, Jerome   born 1826 died 1897  
CHADWICK, Leander   born 1853 died 1866  
CLEVELAND, W. M.   born 1845 died 1877  
CONRAD, Mercy         
CONRAD, Sylvia        
COUSINS, Rose   born 1865 died 1923  
CRANDALL, Mr.        
DEFOREST, Emery [reversed?]        Check name
DURFEE, infant        
EVANS, Herbert   born 1854 died 1930  
EVANS, Julia   born 1843 died 1918  
EVANS, Mary Ellen   born 1881 died 1965  
FOX, Mrs.        
GAYTON, Clarence        
GIBSON, John        
GIBSON, Mrs. spouse of John        
HADLEY, Benjamin        
HADLEY, Eliza   born 1862 died 1900  
HADLEY, Flora        Bur with infant
HADLEY, infant        Bur with Flora Hadley Child of ? & Flora Hadley
HADLEY, Lydia        
HADLEY, Oliver   born 1853 died 1936  
HALLIDAY, Charlie        
HALLIDAY, Juliet   born 1854 died 1900  
HARRISON, Nellie         
HINES, Mr.        
HYDE, John H.   born 1840 died 1852  
HYDE, Sybl     died 1852  
JEWELL, John C.   born 1797 died 1852  
KING, Perry        
LAFEVER, George W.   born 1863 died 1941  
LAFEVER, Rose M.   born 1857 died 1948  
LOVE, Charles        
LOVE, Harriet        
LOVE, Thomas        
MAYNARD, Eva        
MAYNARD, Florence        
MAYNARD, Frank         
MAYNARD, wife spouse of Frank        
McAULIFFE, infant        Child of Charles & Mrs. McAuliffe
OAKLEY, children        Children of Oakley
OSTERSTUCK, infant        Bur with Mae Osterstuck Child of ? & of Mae Osterstuck
OSTERSTUCK, Mae        Bur with infant
PARKER, Fannie        
REYNOLDS, Anna        
REYNOLDS, Benjamin        
REYNOLDS, Emma        
REYNOLDS, Horace   born 1817    
REYNOLDS, Rena        
REYNOLDS, Rose        
REYNOLDS, Wealthy   born 1823    
RITCHIE, Lilly N.   born 1887 died 1941  
ROPER, Fred        
SMITH, Sarah    born 1826 died 1876  
TANNER, Abbie   born 1849 died 1908  Bur with children
TANNER, children        Bur with Abbie Tanner Children of ? & Abbie Tanner
THURSTON, Mayme        
VANAULTENBURG, children        Bur with Mrs. Vanaultenburg Children of Vanaultenburg
VANAULTENBURG, Mrs.        Bur with children
VESBINDER, Mrs.        
WHEATON, Elnora     died 1852  
WILDRICK, Freddie   born 1871 died 1874  Son of George? & Sophronia WWildrick
WILDRICK, George spouse of Sophronia  born 1813 died 1900  
WILDRICK, George Jr.   born 1867 died 1874  Son of George? & Sophronia WWildrick
WILDRICK, Nettie   born 1869 died 1876  Dau of George? & Sophronia Wildrick
WILDRICK, Sophronia spouse of George  born 1820 died 1913  
WILDRICK, Wallace   born 1874 died 1895  Son of George? & Sophronia Wildrick
WOODRUFF, Bert        
WOODRUFF, George   born 1839 died 1872  
WOODRUFF, Lettie        
WOODRUFF, Mrs. spouse of Samuel        
WOODRUFF, Samuel   born 1805 died 1885  
WYATT, Benjamin F.        
WYATT, Bertha   born 1891 died 1892  
WYATT, Frank        
WYATT, Martha Barnes        
WYATT, Nettie        

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