War of 1812 Veterans

This page contains the names of men who called Cattaraugus County home and served in the War of 1812.
Almost all were born somewhere else and came to the county after the war. They pioneered  the county.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • This page contains names and service information of 154 men who served in the War of 1812. It consolidates service information from our cemetery lists, the Cattaraugus County Soldiers in the War of 1812 page on this site, and pension information.
  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived or died is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • The ~ means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Cattaraugus County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ADAMS, Joseph ~ 1852 Yorkshire Center
ALLEN, Henry  ~ 1861 South Napoli
AMES, David ~ ~ [Little Valley]
AUSTIN, Benjamin ~ 4-14-1852 Town of Otto
AUSTIN, William Sr.  ~ 6-9-1886 Cadiz
BARGY, Jacob P.  Fought at Sackett's harbor. Received a land grant 3-12-1830 of 100 acres for $620. ~ [Ashford]
BARTLETT, Dexter ~ 1859 North Otto
BARTON, Grovernor Land grant of 100 acres on Oct. 14, 1835. ~ [Conewango]
BEACH, Henry ~ 2-7-1847 East Otto
BEARDSLEY, Salmon Wheeler ~ 12-25-1872 South Napoli
BENHAM, Roswell ~ 1870 Hinsdale
BENNET, William  ~ 1858 Cadiz
BENNETT, Daniel Sgt in Capt Elias Street's Company from Monroe County. Was present at the burning of Buffalo. given bounty land.  ~ [Leon]
BENNETT, John ~ 1840 Hinsdale
BERRY, Alonzo Served four months. May 1841 got 50 acres for $128. [Hinsdale]
BEVERLEY, James Land grant of 95 acres Nov. 14, 1840 for $115.  1829 [Otto]
BIGELOW, John Enlisted in Capt Elias Street's Company from Monroe County. Was present at the burning of Buffalo. Moved to Ohio ~ Ohio
BIGLER, John ~ ~ [Leon]
BIGLER, Philip Enlisted in Capt Elias Street's Company from Monroe County. Was present at the burning of Buffalo. Moved to PA ~ Pennsylvania
BLODGETT, Xury Sgt in Capt. John Ellis and Samuel Johnson's Companies in 1813. Served in Canada for six months. Given Bounty land.  ~ [Leon]
BOON, Jonathon ~ 1837 Town of Otto
BROKAW, Isaac Officer. Widow received a pension. ~ [South Valley]
BUCHARD, Joseph Six weeks in service, participated in the capture of St. John's. ~ [East Otto]
BUGBEE, Oliver Colonel of the 28th Regiment, 7th New York Infantry 4-15-1868 Clear Creek
BULL, William Linus ~ 11-12-1863 North Otto
BURLINGAME, Rickertson  ~ 8-11-1840  Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
BUSH, Samuel  Land grant of 100 acres on July 29, 1830.  4-18-1865 Maple Grove, Machias
BUTLER, Harvey Land grant of 40 acres Feb. 27, 1837 for $300 ~ [Leon]
BUTLER, Harvey Land grant of 54 acres on April 25, 1836. ~ [Otto]
BUTTON, Charles Veteran of Battle of Lake Champlain. Received 50 acres of land for $800 in May,1860 10-28-1832 Brewer
CARPENTER, Elias Land grant of Sept. 7, 1841 of 85 acres for $369.  ~ [Conewango]
CARPENTER, Stephen Enlisted in Capt. Atwell's Company from Onondaga County. Served at Sacketts Harbor. Given Bounty land. Moved to Ohio. ~ Ohio]
CARVER, Sylvester Land grant of 120 acres for $247.60 in Nov. 4, 1824.  1883 Brewer
CHAPIN, Enos ~ 1839 Cadiz
CLARK, Frank  ~ 1859 Cadiz
CONGDON, Benjamin  ~ 1-8-1881 South Napoli
CROSBY, Jedediah Colonel 1836 Cadiz
CROSBY, Stephen Land grant of 56 sq. rds. of land for $60 on Feb. 1, 1836.  8-30-1869 Willson
CROWELL, Seth Land grant of 65 acres on Oct. 20, 1834 for $175.  ~ [Otto]
CULVER, Noah Land grant of 100 acres for $323.55 on Apr. 20, 1835. 8-27-1864 Annis
CURTIS, Solomon  ~ 1840 Cadiz
DAMON, Martin ~ 1838 Farmersville
DARLING, John Land grant in Sept. 1840 1867 Rutledge
DARLING, Thomas Land grant ~ [Conewango]
DAVISON. Abial ~ ~ [Leon]
DAY, Ebenezer Enlisted in Capt. Amasa Wilcox's Company in 1813, was at Sacketts Harbor three months. Received Bounty land ~ [Leon]
DEAN, Lyman Served in Capt. Davis and Hargings Companies under Col. Van Renseelear. Served six months in Canada.  ~ [Leon]
DELAP, George Was at Sacketts Harbor in 1812. ~ [Mansfield]
DENSMORE, Eleazer  Vet 3-25-1865 Ischua Village
DRAKE, Edmund Served through the war. Was at Lundy's Lane, Queenstown, and Fort Erie. Came from Monroe County in 1832 ~ [Otto]
DURFEE, Abner Enlisted in Capt. Brown's Company at albany. Was at Sacketts Harbor four months. Given Bounty land.  ~ [Leon]
DURFEE, Zephaniah C. Enlisted in Capt. McMahon's company from Chautauqua County, served three months. Was at the burning of Buffalo. Was given Bounty land. ~ [Leon]
EARL, Silas  ~ 1863 South Napoli
EVERTS/EVERETT, John Enlisted in Capt. Elias Streeter's Company from Monroe County. Was at the burning of Buffalo. Was a pensioner and received a bounty. ~ Leon Hollow
EWERS, Asa Served three months in Capt. Smith's Company from Onondaga County. Widow was given Bounty land. ~ [Leon]
FARRAR, Wiggin M ~ 2-24-1905 [Machias]
FISHER, Simeon Jr. Musician. Lived in Conewango ~ [Leon]
FRANCIS, Edwin Land grant ~ [Leon]
FRANKLIN, Andrus Enlisted in Richard Hanson's company. Served in Buffalo.  10-23-1863 Leon Hollow
FRANKLIN, Asa Enlisted at Rochester in Capt. Porter and Stone's Calvalry in 1814. Served nine months. Received land July 20, 1837 of 58 acres for $190.58. ~ [Leon]
FRANKLIN, Eber Served in Capt. Kelsey and Capt. Elias Streeter's Companies four months from Monroe County. Was given bounty land.  6-22-1876 Fairview
FRANKLIN, James Jr Served in Capt. Elias Streeter's Company June 29, 1812 - July 10, 1815, wounded. Widow was given Bounty land of 25 acres on Apr. 13.  1844 Leon Hollow
FRANTZ, Peter ~ ~ [Hinsdale]
FRARY, John NY Vols 1857 East Randolph
FRATZ, Peter ~ 1876 Hinsdale
GOULD, John A NY SV Randolph Rural
HALL, Joel  ~ 1875 South Napoli
HALL, Parker  ~ 1862 Five Mile
HALL, William Served a few days in Capt. John Moss' Company ~ [Dayton NY]
HAMILTON, Seymour  NY Militia, Capt. Elias Benjamin's Co  7-2-1871 East Portville/Main Settlement
HARMON, Simeon Enlisted in Capt. Elias Streeter's Company. Was at the burning of Buffalo. Widow was give Bounty land.  3-21-1841 Treat Memorial
HARVEY, Isaac NY Vols 11-6-1875 East Randolph
HAYDEN, Augustin Fyler ~ 1838 Cadiz
HAYFORD, Joel ~ 1838 Farmersville
HAYFORD, John ~ 1853 Farmersville
HELMS, Albert H. Enrolled 8-15-1812 at Ostego in Capt William Palmer's Company. Discharged 11-9-1851 in Genesee Co NY. Received 2 40-acre plots of bounty land in Randolph Township.  2-28-1889 East Randolph
HELMS, Chauncy C. ~ ~ East Randolph
HENRY, Gideon ~ 1-14-1857 Farmersville
HERMAN, Simeon ~ ~ [Leon]
HEWETT, Joseph NYS Vols Randolph Rural
HIBBARD, Arunah Colonel, wounded in arm at Lundy's Lane. 1871 Yorkshire Center
HIZEEN, John Enlisted in Capt. John R. Cherrytree's Company. Served three months. Was given Bonnty land. Pension # 309, $52.00. ~ [Leon]
HOLBROOK, Sheldon Wounded at Bridgewater.  1871 Maple Grove, Machias
HOLLISTER, Josiah R.  ~ 1871 Bowen
HOLLISTER, Samuel  ~ 6-29-1849 Maples, Mansfield
HOLMES, Eber ~ ~ [Freedom]
HOWE, Nathan H. Sr. Captain, 71st Inf NY 5-6-1845 Kill Buck
HOWE, William ~ 1863 Hinsdale
HUBBERT, Levi B. Enlisted at Remsen, NY in Capt. Sheldon's Company. Served ten days at Sacketts Harbor. Was given Bounty land.  ~ [Leon]
HUNTINGTON, John NY Vols 3-24-1860 East Randolph
HURLBURT, Caleb  ~ 8-10-1890 Green
INGRAHAM, Humphrey ~ 9-13-1870 Town of Otto
JACOBS, Thomas ~ 8-1887 Memorial Heights
JOHNSON, Daniel Enlisted in Capt. Elias Streeter's Company from Monroe County. Was at the burning of Buffalo. 1845 Rutledge
JOHNSON, John Land grant of 105 acres July 6, 1832 for $238.38. ~ [Leon]
KIERSTEAD, John N. C. Enlisted in Capt. Conrad Van Gosbeck's Company in 1813. Served three months, near Brooklyn. Given Bounty land 1879 [Leon]
KNIGHT, Andrew ~ 1851 Elton
KNIGHT, Gorton Served to close of the war. 1850 Elton
LARKIN, Nathaniel Served under General Wool.  1-23-1860 East Otto
LATHAM, Joseph  Sgt Major. Fought at the Battle of Fort Erie 1865 Cadiz
LEONARD, Isaac ~ 2-26-1861 Cottage
LOGAN, John ~ ~ Hillside Haven
LOW, Abraham Ensign in Capt. Elias Streeter's Company from Monroe County. Was at the burning of Buffalo. Given bounty land, Nov. 28, 1840. 196 acres for $714.  ~ [Leon]
LOW, Andries Ten Eyck Was at Queenstown Heights 1863 Cadiz
LUCE, Robert Land grant of on Nov. 1839 of 115 acres for $305. ~ [Conewango]
MARSH, Royal VT Vols ~ Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
MCCLANE, John ~ South Napoli
MCCLUER, Joseph Vet, General in NY State Militia. 9-11-1833 Mount Prospect
METCALF, Jothan ~ 7-5-1875 East Randolph
MOON, John ~ ~ North Otto
MORGAN, Samuel  ~ 1849 Cadiz
MORRIS, John ~ 10-1-1852 Town of Otto
NASH, Aaron KIA at Black Rock 12-31-1813 [Dayton NY]
NEWCOMB, Thomas Jr. ~ 4-16-1874 Cottage
NOTTINGHAM, Jacob Snyder Sr.  ~ 1873 Abbotts
OLDER, Jerry Stationed at New York City 1874 Farmersville
ORR, Phineas Sergeant in regiment, Colonel Riddle commanding.  Present at the burning of Buffalo 1860 East Otto
OSTERSTUCK, John ~ ~ [Hinsdale]
OWEN, Robert Land grant of of 84 1/2 acres for $234.33 on Sept. 1836.

~ [Conewango]
PADDOCK, Benjamin H. US Navy under Commodore Chauncey, 1814-1815. Given Bounty land. ~ [Leon]
PARISH, Shubael Drafted at Henrietta, New York on or about August 15, 1814 served in Capt. Crouch and M. Mathis Company of the 100th Regiment of the New York Militia  He was discharged at Batavia, Genesee County, on or about November 01, 1814. Received two land grants in Portville, Cattaraugus County for his service in the War of 1812.  1840 Farmersville
PIERCE, Lyartus B. Enlisted at Oswego, NY, Oct. 12, 1814 7-5-1870 Chapellsburg Burying Ground
PRATT, Jeremiah ~ 5-10-1866 Cottage
REYNOLDS, John  ~ 1865 Cadiz
ROBERTS, Ebenezer Served under Lilly and Campbell. Received bounty land Feb. 1845 of 40 acres for $150.  aft 2-1845 [Dayton NY]
ROSS, Jesse Enlisted in 1814 from Pennsylvania in Capt. Frederick Bailey's Company. Served one month, given bounty land Oct. 1845 of 100 acres for $400.  9-25-1853 Treat Memorial
ROSS, Reuben Land grant Oct. 1850 for $900.  ~ [Leon]
ROWSON, Joseph  ~ 1850 Cadiz
RUSSELL, Benedict Enlisted in Capt. William Pennock's Company from Monroe County. Was at the burning of Buffalo. Was given bounty land. ~ [Leon]
SATTERLEE, Joseph ~ 12-15-1863 Town of Otto
SCOTT, Edward  ~ 1838 Cadiz
SEARL, Isaac  ~ 4-11-1860 Cadiz
SEARL, Jeriah  ~ 4-1-1860 Cadiz
SEWARD, Stephen  ~ 1852 Cadiz
SEWARD, Thomas  ~ 1844 Cadiz
SHELDON, Asaph State Militia 2-11-1858 Randolph Rural
SHERMAN, John Served in MA Heavy Artillery. Was given bounty land in 1855 of 50 acres for $262 7-13-1865 Treat Memorial
SICKLES, Alva Enlisted in Capt. Elias Streeter's Company from Monroe County. Died in Leon. Received bounty land. ~ [Leon]
SICKLES, John ~ 1854 Leon Hollow
SMITH, Alva ~ 1842 [Leon]
SNOW, Nathan Captain. Was at the burning of Buffalo in 1814 10-8-1860 Chappel Hill
SPICER, John ~ 1845 Hinsdale
SPRAGUE, Elim  ~ 1883 Cadiz
STILLMAN, Samuel  ~ 1820 Cadiz
STONE, Alexander ~ 2-21-1879  Bowen
STREETER, Hazeltine Enlisted in Capt. Elias Streeter's Company from Monroe County. Was at the burning of Buffalo.  ~ [Leon]
STRICKLAND, Samuel Kelley ~ 9-20-1868 Cottage
SWEET, Ephriam Enlisted in Capt. McChesney's Company. Served three years. Was given bounty land. ~ [Leon]
SYKES, Levi Enlisted in Capt. Elias Streeter's Company from Monroe County. Was at the burning of Buffalo. ~ [Leon]
TARBELL, James Volunteered from Vermont 7-16-1872 Farmersville
THOMAS, Samuel ~ 2-2-1869 Farmersville
TOZER, Richard ~ 3-29-1874 Farmersville
TROWBRIDGE, James, Dr. Assistant surgeon 1871 Five Mile
WARD, Elihu Enlisted in Berkshire Co., MA. Stationed at Boston and Cambridge. 1861 East Otto
WARING, William Present at the surrender of Hull at Detroit.  1831 Mount Prospect
WASHBURN, Howland  ~ 1857 Cadiz
WASSON, Thornton Sr Captain 1825 Hinsdale
WATERMAN, Asa 23rd Inf, CPL 8-25-1870 Freedom
WINCHESTER, Benjamin Land grant of 80 acres Feb. 1832 ~ [Little Valley]
WINCHESTER, Elhanan Musician in a New York regiment. Enlisted from Marcellus NY. Participated in battle of Sackett's Harbor. 2-18-1864 East Otto
WING, David Enlisted in 164th Albany County Militia in 1813. ~ [Hinsdale]
WOOD, Emery POW twice 2-24-1875 Hinsdale
WOOD, Wheelock ~ ~ [Hinsdale]
WOODFORD, Samuel  Captain at Lundy's Lane and Kingston. Served under Gen. W.H. Harrison. 1-10-1857 East Randolph
WOODWARD, Ayers Enlisted from Vermont in Capt. Brigg's Company. Served three months at Burlington. Was given bounty land.  ~ [Leon]

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