World War II Veterans

This page contains the names of 646 men and women who called Cattaraugus County home and served in World War I.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • This page consolidates information from our cemetery lists with casualty information from the DMNA website.
  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. 
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he enlisted is in [square brackets] in the burial column.
    Tip:  Most Burials in [brackets] are from the casualty list. Look for burials at the American Overseas cemetery site.
  • The ~  means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Cattaraugus County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABBEY, Mirl Edgar US Army, 302nd Engrs, Pvt  3-26-196
ABBOTT, Harry E.  US Army 2-21-1980
ABBOTT, Marion L USMC, Co A, Pvt 1937
ACHENBACH, Fred C. ~ Career 11-1956
ADAMCZAK, Paul J. US Army,Pvt 1975
AGOSTINI, Louis US Army, Co G 345th Inf, Pvt. 7-14-1967
AHRENS, John F. KIA, US Army, MG Co 9th Inf, Cpl. Killed in France 11-3-1918
ALGER, Harry C KIA, US Army, Co A 7th Inf, Pvt. 7-25-1918
ALLEN, Thomas E. US Army, 37th Div 1926
AMBUSKE, Frank Chester US Army, 5th Co 153rd Depot Brgd 5-28-1953
AMBUSKE, John L. WW I and II, US Army, Tran Corp, Cpl 3-12-1968
AMES, Archie US Navy 1-22-1968
AMES, Ellsworth Arnold US Navy ~
ANDERSON, Carl E  US Army, CPL 7-9-1979
ANDERSON, Frank H. US Army 7-5-1995
ANDERSON, Guy US Army. 48 Co 153 Depot Brigade Feb 7-1965
ANDRAE, Edward J. US Navy, MUS1 7-1-1972
ANTONIETTI, Santi US Army, Pvt 12-21-1967
ARCHIBOLD, Don L. KIA, Co E, 16th Inf, Pvt. 11-6-1918
ARNOLD, Vernon G.  ~ 1946
ATKINS, Francis C.  US Army, STU Army TNG Corps, Pvt 4-03-1961
AUMAN, Herbert P  US Army, Pvt, from PA 12-16-1962
BABCOCK, Ellsworth H. DOD, Co G, 7th Inf, Pvt. 11-6-1918
BABCOCK, Foster US Army, Co H 57th Inf, Pfc 10-25-1969
BACON, Dana Dexter Died, USNR, S2. Died in USN Hospital Hampton VA 10-3-1918
BAILEY, Edward J ~ 9-19-1962
BALDWIN, Mervin Edgar US Army, Pvt 1993
BALL, Ellis ~ 1979
BARBER, Arthur Brown Died, USN, HA2. Died in USN Hospital Newport RI 9-23-1918
BARBER, Harry Lee US Army, Pvt 8-26-1973
BARGY, Harry A. Sr. US Army, Co D, Pvt 11-14-1952
BARR Sr., John V. US Army, Trp M 8th Cav, Sgt 11-22-1970
BARR, John V. Sr. US Army, Trp M 8th Cav, Sgt 11-22-1970
BASTOW, Thomas H. Sr. US Army, Co M Engr Trng Regt, Pvt  2-3-1961
BAUN, Edward ~ 1-19-1915
BEARFIELD, Fanklin Theodore USNR, M1. Career 4-10-1962
BECKER, John J  US Army 12-5-1983
BECKMAN, Carl US Army, Pvt 1980
BEDELL, A. Page  US Army 1-0-1978
BENJAMIN, Jay Wayne DOD, Hq Co 304th Fld Arty, Pvt.  3-24-1918
BENNETT, Frank B. Sr. US Army, Pvt  4-19-1973
BENSON, Emil T.  US Army, Pvt  1976
BENSON, Hans A.  US Army, Co I 108 Inf 27 Div, Sgt. Wounded 9-29-1918. 9-1921
BIERFELDT, Frank J.  US Army, Pvt  1976
BIERFELDT, Thomas A. US Army 1986
BILLINGS, Frank Llewellyn  US Army, PFC 8-13-1989
BINKEY, Francis US Army, 37th Div 1926
BINKEY, Joseph M. ~ ~
BISCUP, John US Army, Co D 346 Inf 87 Div, Pvt 10-23-1939
BISCUP, Raymond  US Army, Co H 108 Inf, Pvt 3-12-1956
BISHOP, Harley J. US Army 1984
BISHOP, Leo G US Army, 5th Co.153rd Depot Bn 1-7-1963
BISSELL, Elihu H. ~ 12-12-1920
BIXBY, Thomas E US Army, Co C 310th Inf, Pvt 4-28-1902
BLASSEY, Raymond W. US Army, Pvt. 1989
BLOHM, William F. US Army Fld Arty, Cpl 9-28-1922
BOBERG, Erwin J US Army 4-9-1962
BOLTON, Chandler H.  US Army, Pfc 3-21-1976
BOONE, Leroy A US Army, Bugler 6-15-1973
BOSWORTH, Ralph A. US Army, Co A 162nd Inf 41st Div, Pfc  1-17-1965
BOUSSER, John J  US Army, Co I 147 Engineers, Pvt 7-31-1959
BOWEN, Lee A. US Army, Co D 346th Inf, Pfc 4-17-1950
BOWEN, Victor M.  US Army 2-3-1969
BOYD, Hugh T  US Army, Chemical Warfare Service 1918
BRICK, Shirley E. US Air Service, 2/Lt. 1929
BRIODY, Francis M. US Army Flying School, Sgt  1935
BRIODY, Maurice C DOD, US Army, Ammo Co 305th San Tn 10-22-1918
BROCKEL, Louis F  US Army, Co G 12th Inf, Sgt, from PA 1-24-1965
BROWN, Carl A. DOD, US Army, 44th Co 11th Bn 153rd Dep Bde, Pvt. 10-22-1918
BROWN, Edward L.  ~ 1966
BROWN, George M  US Army, Pvt, from Connecticut 12-15-1972
BROWN, Gilbert DOD, USMC Sup Co 13th Marines 10-18-1918
BROWN, Harold F.  US Guards, Co C, 15th Bn, Pvt 3-5-1961
BROWN, Herbert S. US Army Air Force, Pvt 5-18-1954
BROWN, Iva K. ~ 5-24-1983
BROWN, Lynn R. ~ 10-22-1973
BROWN, Ralph G. ~ 11-28-1927
BROWN, Victor Arthur WW I and WW II Vet 11-7-1985
BROWNELL, Jerome C USMC and Navy 1932
BRUNELL, Marshall N  US Army, Co B 120 Engineers, Pvt, from New York 5-20-1966
BRUSHINGHAM, Lloyd Earl US Army, Co C 347th  Inf, Pvt 1-24-1970
BUCHANAN, Clyde M  US Army, 112 Inf 28 Div, Pvt, from PA 2-20-1950
BUCK, Arthur Lyle  US Army, Co B 334, Machine Gun Bn, Pvt, from New York 5-21-1960
BURKE, Myles L. US Army 1984
BURLINGHAM, Raymond C US Army, 19th PA Engrs, Pvt 6-2-1970
BURNS, Harold F USMC, 2nd Lt 4-5-1970
BUSH, James L  US Army, Btry D 77 Fld Arty, Pvt 12-7-1964
BUSH, Joseph E. USMC, Pvt. 1981
BUTLER, John S ~ 1947
BUTTON, George C. DOW, US Army, MG Bn, 2 Bde, Pvt. 5-29-1918
BUTTON, Jonas K.  US Army, QM Corps, 409 Bakery Co, Pvt  1-23-1962
BYRON, Leonard R. WW I and US Navy. Career 9-12-1964
CAMERON, Howard F. US Army, Co C 309 Inf, Sgt 1931
CANFIELD, Ralph E.  KIA, US Army Co K 325th Inf, Pfc. Purple Heart 10-12-1918
CAPITO, Dominic US Army, Pvt 1-5-1981
CARLSON, Edwin J  US Army, 108 Inf 27 Div, Sgt 4-4-1952
CARLSON, Oscar J US Army, Co A 347th Inf, Pfc 3-9-1972
CARLSON, Otto C. US Army, 327 Co MTC, Cpl 1-5-1963
CARNEY, Harry J. KIA, US Army, Co I 108th Inf 27th Div, Pfc 10-15-1918
CARNICELLI, Philip US Army, Btry A. 6th Field Arty, PFC 12-11-1962
CARPENTER, Arthur F. Vet 1982
CARROLL, Edgar J US Army, Co D 303 Engineer, Lt. 1928
CARROLL, Eugene T.  ~ 1954
CARROLL, Henry V.  US Army, 827th Aero SQ, Pvt 2-6-1961
CARROLL, Raymond V. Vet 1959
CARVER, Lester Marion US NAVY 1926
CASE, Arnold D US Army, Co M 52md Inf, Pvt 1-21-1954
CASE, Otis Jameson  USNR, Commander (MC). Career 5-15-1960
CASE, Wilson Rodcer US Army, PFC 12-26-1976
CASHIMERE, Stephen US Coast Artillery, 4th Co, Pfc 1-23-1963
CASWELL, Milton Edgar Died, USNRF, App Seaman. Died USN Hosp Great Lakes IL 9-24-1918
CAUFIELD, George P. US Navy, S2 (from PA) 12-6-1970
CECCHI, Domenic US Army, France 8-2-1972
CHAMBERLAIN, Harold W.  US Army, Pvt 1977
CHAMBERS, William T. US Army, Co C 312nd Inf 1937
CHAMPLIN, Robert ~ 1929
CHAMPLIN, Robert C. DOD, US Army Co K 135 Inf 9-27-1918
CHAPMAN, Harry L. ~ 4-25-1957
CHARLES, Morvylle J US Army, Pvt 1-22-1976
CHEW, A Earl US Army 1994
CHURCH, Ray M. US Army, QM Corps, PFC 4-2-1967
CLARE Felix E. WW I 11-30-1946
CLARK, Henry S US Army, Co F 345th Inf, Pvt 3-12-1968
CLAYSON, Theo S US Army 1982
CLIFFORD, Rodney L. US Army 1976
CLOUTIER, Chauncey Buckingham US Navy, 2nd class seaman ~
COGHI, Salvatore P. US Army, Casual Co 2799, Pvt 7-09-1968
COHEN, Meyer M.  US Army, Pvt 4-24-1966
COLE, Arthur C. ~ 19?? 
COLE, Floyd  US Army, Co I 362 Inf 91st Div, Pvt 3-7-1960
COLE, Francis X. SEA US Navy. Career (also WW II) 9-17-1963
COLE, Vern US Army, 232nd PW Escort Co, Pvt  7-3-1947
COLEBERT, Ernest H  KIA, AEF, Co I 108th Inf 27 Div, Sgt 9-28-1918
COLLEY, Charles D ~ 1948
COLLINS, Joseph Michael DOD, US Army 13th Co Ches Bay VA Pvt. Influenza 10-3-1918
CONGDON, Arnold K. Sr. US Army, Pvt 1-18- 1974
CONLAN, Owen S. US Army, Co L 312 Inf 78 Div 1942
CONNELL, James G  US Army, 304 Field Art., Pvt 4-10-1961
CONNELLY, James E. US Army, Co C 309th Inf, Sgt 1925
CONSEDINE, Donald L US Navy 4-14-1983
COONEY, Clarence M. US Army, Cpl 1-15-1981
COOPER, Ezra W. DOD, US Army 153rd MG MG Sch Tng Center 10-27-1918
COOPER, Glenn M  US Army, 108 Inf 27 Div 3-12-1952
CORKINS, Albert US Army, Co I 28th Inf 1921
CORWIN, Floyd C  US Army, Co K 330 Inf, Sgt 12-31-1964
COSS, William R US Army  2-21-1969
COSTANZA, Benedetto  US Army 1-13-1977
COVERT, Leo E ~ 1969
CRADDUCK, Daniel S  US Army, Co I 108th Inf 1939
CRADLER, William T.  US Army, 409th Co MTC, Cpl 6-27-1962
CRANDALL, Raymond US Army, MG Co 39th Infanty, S/Sgt. Career 5-11-1949
CRANIDES, James  USNRF, MATT3 9-15-1960
CROSS, Willis L. US Army, 16 Co 158th Depot Brigade, Pvt 2-10-1959
CROWLEY, Addison Gifford WW I and US Navy/Army Corps of Engineers 1967
CULL(G)CON, Donald  US Army, 147th Engineers (Indiana), Pvt 2-4-1972
CULVER, Earl E  US Army, Btry B 149th Artillery 1947
CUNNINGHAM, John S. US Army, Co C 209th Field Sig Bn, Sgt 13-03-1958
CURTIS, Clyde E. DOW, US Army, Co M 108th Inf, Pvt. 10-4-1918
DAHLKE, Ehler A. P.  US Army, Co A 51st Sig. Bat. 1929
DANIELS, Maurice V. KIA, US Army, Co I 108th Inf, Pvt. 9-29-1918
DARBEE, John ~ 1941
DAVIS, Jeanne S US Army, Co I 108th NY Inf 1932
DAVIS, Raymond J. US Army, Co 14 152nd Depot Brig, Cpl 11-7-1966
DAVIS, William N  US Army, Signal Corps, USMA June 1918 1-15-1957
DAY, Dudley S  US Army, Tank Corps, Pvt 3-24-1939
DAY, Ernest Depew US Army, 310th Fld Arty, Pfc 12-18-1953
DAY, Harry L C E Forces 1930
DEBALSKI, John Andrew USNRF, S2 4-24-1965
DEBOLSKI, Frank J. US Navy 1929
DEFOREST, Claude  US Army, Co L 308 Inf, Pvt 4-4-1963
DELONG, Hugh K.  US Army, Btry A 15th Fld Arty, Pvt 2-30-1971
DEVEAU, Edward E. ~ 1957
DICK, Fred W. US Army, Co E 31st Engrs, Pvt 12-16-1956
DILL, William G. US Army, Co L 326th Inf, Cpl 7-16-1969
DIROCCO, Richard D. US Army, Co K 59 Pioneer Inf, Pvt 5-17-1960
DITTRICH, Richard E  US Army, Co H 179 Inf 45 Div, Sgt 1944
DOMES, Claude J KIA, US Army, Co I 108th Inf, Pfc 9-29-1918
DONAHEY, Claude V. US Army, Pvt 10-03-1985
DONAHUE, Floyd T. US Navy, F2 6-01-1974
DONIGAN, Gerald T. KIA, US Army, Co I 108th Inf, Pvt. 9-29-1918
DONNEGAN, Albert KIA, US Army, Co K 325th Inf, Pvt. 10-18-1918
DONOVAN, Daniel H  US Army, 347 Inf 87 Div, PFC 12-12-1947
DONOVAN, George S US Army Air Force, PL 344 Flex GNR TNG SQ 12-12-1969
DONOVAN, Norman M. US Army, 1 MG Bn 26 Div, Pvt 2-13-195
DONOVAN, Norman W. US Army, 101 MG BN 26 Div, Pvt 2-13-1950
DORENKAMPER, Francis M. US Army, Co M 42nd Inf, 12th Div, Pvt 6-22-1959
DORK, Fred J ~ 1950
DORMAN, Harry US Army, HAS Co 2 Eng. USA, 1st Sgt 1934
DOTSON, Thomas J.   US Army, Btry F 4th Fld Arty 1936
DRAYER, Arthur J. US Army, 309th Inf, Pvt. 3-13-1963
DRESLINSKI, Chester F  US Army, Btry B 7th TM Bn JCAC, Pvt 12-7-1963
DREW, Laurence G. US Army 9-11-2000
DRISCOLL, Gregory R. US Army, 18th Inf 1st Div 1936
DRYE, Edward J. US Army, Btry B 336th Fld Arty, Pfc 12-31-1957
DUGAN, Neal M. DOD, US Army 344th Labor Bn, Pvt 10-8-1918
DUGAN, Wm. E. US Army, Co Q Div. BR No. 4 1930
DUGUID, Daniel S US Army, Pvt. 1980
DUKE, John G US Army, 31st 62nd 364th Rgt. 1942
DUNN, George William US Army, SFC 9-6-1975
DUNNING, Morris M. DOD, Hq Co 304th Fld Arty, Pvt.  4-25-1918
EATON, Basil L. US Army, 37th Field Hospital, Cpl 1-5- 1966
EATON, Tiffany A US Army, Co 152 Depot Brigade, SFC 11 12-8-1959
EDDY, Harry US Army, Co C 347 INF 1935
EDDY, Lloyd E. US Army, Btry B 307th Fld Arty, Cpl 3-10 ?-1922
EDMONDS, William G. US Army 1976
EHMAN, Vincent  US Army, Btry B 307th Fld Arty, PFC 12-22-1954 
ELDRIDGE, Carl John  US Navy, F2 9-11- 1969
ELDRIDGE, Ceylon U.  US Army, Co F 302 Engrs. 77 Div, PFC 6-26-1936
ELOFSON, Oscar US Army, PFC 4-24-1976
FAHRER, Louis US Army, QM Corps, Pvt 7-31-1968
FALL, John J  KIA, US Army, Co E 365th Inf. Killed on the last day of the war. 11-11-1918
FARRELL, Wilfred R. US Army, Co A 14 Cav, Sgt 1933
FARRINGTON, Frank Vernal Died, US Navy, USNRF, S2. Died USN Hosp Great Lakes IL 9-22-1918
FELLOWS, Nellie C.  US Army Nurse Corps 4-19-1954
FINGER, Frederick W. DOD, US Army, 9th Ord Sup, ROTC, Pvt 10-5-1918
FINTON, Isaac C.  US Army, Pvt 1970
FISH, Margaret Merrill USNR, Commissary Dept.Chief Yeoman 12-24-1971
FISHER, George Jr. US Army, Cpl 1979
FISHER, Merlin W.  US Army 4-1-1988
FITZGERALD, Raymond E. US Air Reserve, 2 Lt. 6-27-1965
FITZSIMMONS, Thomas J. US Army, 6 Co 52nd Depot Brigade, Pvt 3-30-1963
FLANIGAN, Daniel J. US Army, Co F 302 Eng, CPL 11-13-1969
FLUENT, Uriah H.  US Army, 52 Co Trans Corps, Pfc 4-13-1963
FORMAN, Michael C. US Army, Mech Co A 62 Eng 2-27-1967
FORNESS, John P. US Army, Co I 108 Inf, Sgt. Purple Heart 11-13-1961
FOSKIT, Davis B.  US Army 303rd Engr 78th Div, Wagoner 2-3-1959
FOSTER, Howard R US Army, 27th Fld Arty, Pvt  10-5-1971
FRAME, Ernest Henry US Army, 4th Co 152nd Depot Brig, Pfc 10-5- 1970
FRANK, Theodroe W.  ~ 1952
FRANK, William C. US Army, NY Cpl Co M 74 Inf 9-18-1971
FRENCH, Laurence D. US Army 1984
FRIDAY, Joseph US Army, Btry B 3rd Fld Arty NY NG, Pvt 7-23-1938
FULCROD, Anna M.  US Army Nurse Corps 3-1-1955
FULCROD, Philip Penn.  ~ 11-25-1954
FURMAN, Walter KIA, US Army, Co I 108th Inf, Pvt. (Carried as Wallace D.) 9-30-1918
GALLAGHER, Thomas F. US Army, Pvt. Enlisted July 25 1918 Discharged Nov. 23 1918 12-25-1951
GALOUZES, John M.  US Army, Co D 320 Inf, Pfc 1-12-1970
GARDNER, Samuel R US Army, Cpl 10-8-1978
GARRETT, George A. US Army, 133rd MG Bn 36th Div, Pvt. 1917-1919 1944
GAVIN, William Phillip Died, US Navy, USNRF, S2. Died USN Hosp New York NY 10-22-1918
GAYLORD, Paul M US Army, Co I 108 Inf 27 Div, PFC 4-6-1972
GAYNOR, Charles L.  US Army, Co I 108th Inf. NYNG 1928
GAYNOR, John H. US Army, 1st Lt. Purple Heart 3-25-1958
GAYTON, Charles E US Army, CPL 2-19-1976
GEISE, Merwin US Army, 2nd Amb Co 1st Div. Pvt 8-5-1959
GEORGIA, Earl Brewer US Army, Co A 87 Engineers, CPL 2-9-1960
GERBER, Leo H. US Army, Co K 325th Inf. 1917-1919 1943
GILBERT, James O US Army, Pvt 1980
GOLASZEWSKI, Walter  US Army, 108th Inf, PFC 5-18-1965
GOLDRING, Barney J US Marine Corps 5-27-1976
GOODRICH, Frank I. US Army, Co F 305 Inf, Cpl 9-03-1955
GORNATI, Angelo Died, Co F 345th Inf, Pvt. Drowned 8-24-1918
GRACZYK, Leo US Army, 108th Inf 27th Div, Pvt 8-22-1945
GRAHAM, Edward F.  US Army, Hq Trp, 90 Div, Pvt 8-21-1967
GRANDUSKY, Leo L. USMC, Pvt  2-4-1963
GREATWOOD, Harry D ~ 1953
GREEK, Alvia K US Army, CPL 4-25-1953
GREY, Wendell Bickford US Navy, Sea 2 5-31-1979
GRIFFIN, Charles F US Navy 1-20- 1938
GRIFFIN, Edward B US Army  5-12-1986
GRIFFITH, Lynn H. DOD, US Army, Btry B 307 Arty. Died in 1918 10-7-1918
GROUGAN, George   US Army, 16 Co 155th Depot Brig. 1934
HAGADORN, Leland James KIA, Aviation Section Signal Reserve Corps, 1st Lt, died in Arcachon France 2-23-1918
HAKES, William L. US Army 8-12-1966
HALE, Louis Sidney ~ 12-20-1961
HALEY, Harry A. DOW, US Army, Co D 108th Inf, Pvt. 10-12-1918
HALL, Chauncey P US Army, Co H 345th Inf, Pvt 6-14-1967
HALL, Franklin A US Navy, MM1 11-30-1958
HALL, Gilbert G. US Army,10E 346th Inf, Pfc 6-2-1972
HAMILTON, Harold G US Army, 336 Field Arty, PFC 12-24-1970
HAMMOND, Glenn E. ~ 1-21-1961
HARBEL, Charles J. DOD, US Army Co K 50th Pion Inf, Pvt.  11-9-1918
HARBEL, George M. ~ 11-8-1963
HARRIS, Jesse S. US Army, Co G 7th Inf, Pvt  7-12-1964
HARRIS, Norman P US Army, Co B 308 SVC BN OMC, CPL 8-17-1969
HARVEY, Ambrose G. DOD, US Army Amb Co 345th 312 Sn Tn, Pvt 10-9-1918
HARVEY, Henry M. US Army, Co M 108 Inf, Cpl 6-19-1964
HEBER, Aloysius G. US Army 1976
HEIMBACH, Clayton  US Army, 15th Bn US Guards, Pvt 12-30-1951
HENRY, Frank ~ 1943
HESS, Glenn William  USNR, RM3 12-28-1967
HILL, Millen L DOD, US Army Btry F 15th Fld Arty, Pvt 6-25-1918
HILLER, Walter R. ~ 1977
HILLS, Farmer Judge DOD, US Army Btry B 307th FAH 2 414 Tel Bn, Sgt 2-11-1918
HITCHCOCK, John F. US Army, Co L 3rd Chemical Bn, PFC 8-22-1955 
HOGAN, Edward J. US Army, Cpt 1-08-1972
HOLLIDAY, Edward Eligah US Army, Btry E 110th Field Arty, Cpl 10-7-1960
HOLTZ, Roy  US Army, 311th Ammo Train, Pfc  9-8-1963
HOOPER, Edgar E. DOD, US Army Det F 2nd Bn Edgewood Arsnl NJ 10-2-1918
HORTON, Earl J. US Army, 712th Military Police BN, Pvt 7-25-1944
HOUGHTON, Milton O. US ArmyMedical Corps, Capt 3-25-1969
HOWARD, Henry DOD, US Army, Co B 26th Inf, Pvt. 6-5-1918
HUBER, Harry H US Army, Veterinary Hospital 13, Pvt 3-13-1961
HUGHES, John D. KIA, US Army, Co B 5 MG Bn 2 Div, Sgt. Killed in Action at St. Mihiel 9-13-1918
HUGHEY, James D.  US Army, STU Army TNG Corps, Pvt 4-16-1968 
HURD, John Milton US Army, Sgt 1982
HURLEY, Burdette J. US Navy 1921
HURLEY, Harry J. US Navy 1924
INGA, Francisco US Army, 311th Butchery Co QMC, Pvt 6-4-1967
ISAACSON, Philip W.  US Navy 1-2-1988
IVERSON, Erid I.  US Army, HQ Co 56th Inf, Pvt 9-17-1967
JAGEACKS, Michael C. US Army, PFC 6-03-1974
JANOWICZ, Joseph Michael US Army, Pvt 12-23-1950
JENKEL, Frank C. US Navy 1919
JOHN, Clinton Benjamin US Army, Pvt 1978
JOHNSON, Carl E.  ~ 1945
JOHNSON, Edwin E. US Army, Co C 309th Inf, Cpl 2-3-1972
JOHNSON, Harold B.  US Army, Co E 414 Tel. BN  1920
JOHNSON, John A Jr. US Army, Medical Corps, 1st Lt 8-12-1957
JOHNSON, Norman P US Army, Co C 32 Bn US Guards 1-8-1970 
JOHNSON, Robert P.  KIA, Co C 112th Inf. Buried in France 1918
JONAS, William Ernest  US Navy, AMM2 1976
JONES, Clinton E US Army, 55 Engineers, PFC 6-2-1962
JONES, Floyd W.  US Army, Sgt 4-14-1976
JONES, Hoyt D. DOD, US Army 78th Co 19th Bn Syracuse Ret Cp. Pvt 10-2-1918
JONES, Merrit D. US Army, PFC 1977
JONES, Wallace David US Army, Btry B 307th Fld Arty. Died in 1918 1949
JONES, Walter  KIA, US Army Btry D, 14th Regt, Lt. 10-5-1918
JONES, Walter R. DOD, US Army Btry D 14th fld Arty Repl Draft, Pvt 10-5-1918
KAHN, George W US Army, Btry B 336 FLD Arty, Wagoner 11-23-1968
KAIDEN, Mother  US Army, 336th Fld Arty 1936
KAMERY, Clayton W. DOD, US Army 165th Dep Bde, Pvt 10-8-1918
KAMERY, Vernon W US Army, PFC 2-16-1970
KANE, John J. Sr. US Army, Sgt 8-19-1968
KEATING, Leo J. US Army 7-18-1980
KEELER, Guy W.  US Army, HQ Co 108 Inf, Sgt Maj 2-17-1968
KEENAN, Richard L. US Army, 312 Water Tank Train, Cpl 12-28-1952
KEHOE, John B. US Army 5-10-1975
KELLER, Edward A US Army, Co C 148th Inf I, Pvt. Purple Heart 8-18-1966
KELLER, John C US Army, M D Unit No 28, Pvt 1920
KENJOCKETY, Jesse Jr. [Ken] US Army, Rct? 12-1975
KENNEDY, Arthur D US Army, 355 Inf and QMC, 1st Cl Sgt, Enl. May 1917, dis Aug 1919 19--
KENNISON, Harry  USMC, 12 Co 1928
KENNY, Charles Thomas US Army, OK 344 M.G. BN 90 Div, Pvt 11-27-1944
KENT, Tom US Army, 506 SVC BN Engr Corps, Pvt 9-26-1964
KESSLER, Herman F. Jr. ~ 11-9-1947
KESSLER, William McKinley ~ 11-6-1949
KICKBUSH, Alfred J US Army, Co E 346th Inf 9-3-1966
KICKBUSH, Henry A. US Army, Co B 307 Ammunition TN, Pvt 4-02-1960
KICKBUSH, Louis US Army, Pvt 1-25-1974
KING, John A. US Army, 78 Inf, 2/Lt 1-18-1962
KING, Roy J. US Army, Co F 302nd Engrs. 77th Div 1923
KIRTZ, Elmer US Army, Co C 2 Engr TNG Regt, PFC 3-12-1964
KLYNE, Bert US Army, Btry F 35th Fld Arty, Pfc 2-8-1954
KNAPP, Frank W US Army, Co I 59th Pioneer Inf.  9-17-1956
KOHL, Otto H. KIA, US Army, Co UI 108th Inf 9-28-1918
KOSINSKI, John J US Army, Co E 52 Pioneer Inf, Pvt 1-12-1969
KRAFT, William F US Army, Co B 2nd Engrs, Sgt 1947
KRAKET, Charles  US Army, Btry Co F 304th Fld Arty, Pvt 11-15-1973
KRAMER, Carl D US Army, Co A 120th US Eng 1936
KRYSICK, Josephine US Army, 328 Inf 82 Div, PFC 9-14-1952
KUHM, Myron D US Army, Co C 18th Machine Gun Bn, Pvt 7-29-1972
LAFFERTY, Edmund William Rev. US Army, Died from complications of gassing 8-4-1933
LAMB, Ernest Clive DOW, US Army Co G 306th Inf Cpl. 8-25-1918
LAMB, Ralph M. US Army, Pvt 10-6-1973
LAMB, Raymond L.  US Army 12-26-1983
LANE, Thomas J. US Army, 90th Co TC 1937
LANGHANS, Julius H. ~ 1978
LARSON, Harry Gust Sr US Army, 1917-1918 6-30-1939
LAUGHLIN, Robert D US Army, Sgt 9-25-1970
LAWLER, Charles A. US Army Medical Corps, Capt. 12-08-1957
LAWLER, William E. US Navy, SF1 6-23-1968
LAZAR, Glenn Charles US Army, HQ Mil Admin Div, 1st Sgt 7-3-1959
LEAR, Fred C.  US Army, Pvt 9-14-1973
LEARN, Calvin E US Army, 49 Inf, CPL from New York 7-8-1945
LEE, Arthur C. US Army, Co E 346th Inf 87th Div 1927
LEIPLEIN, William N. US Army 1977
LEONARD, Daniel J US Army, 667 AERO Supply SQ, Pvt 4-20-1964
LILLYBRIDGE, Norwood K.  US Army, 139th Inf. 5th Div. (from NJ) 6-5-1950
LINDBERG, Oscar R.  US Army, Co F, 302 Engrs, Pfc 1971
LINDQUIST, Claude Career: Mexican-American, WW I, and WW II 1958
LINDSTROM, George E.  US Army, Pvt 1-7-1953
LINDSTROM, Martin R.  US Army, Co B 153rd Depot Brig, Pvt 1-27-1960
LINK, Edward F. ~ 5-21-1953
LINK, Oscar A. DOD, US Army, Co E 346th Inf, Pvt 11-17-1918
LINNEEN, Gilbert S. US Army, Pvt 12-08-1973
LLOYD, Henry T. US Army, 103 Co Trans Corps, Pvt 1-1-1958
LOCKE, Samuel Keefe US Army, 302 Engineers 77 Div, PFC 9-11-1962
LOCKWOOD, Andrew L ~ 1946
LOCKWOOD, Arthur James ~ 1948
LOFTUS, Henry G US Army, Sgt Maj. 1-5-1972
LOFTUS, John J. ~ 1949
LOFTUS, Martin F. ~ 1921
LOGAN, George T US Army, Co G 115 Inf Regt, PFC 6-11-1954
LOGAON, Jay B. US Army, 155th Depot Brigade, Pvt 3-9-1961
LOGUE, Donald G US Navy, CTC. Career 12-23-1958
LOTT, Willam  US Army, 46 US Vol Inf, Pvt 8-8-1947
LOUNEY, William J. ~ 1952
LOWE, Joseph T US Army, Co F 807 Pioneer Inf, PFC 6-5-1957
LOWIS, William S. US Army, sharpshooter in France 1-16-1964
LUBKE, Walter H. ~ 8-27-1967
LUNDBERG, George G US Army, Brig Gen. Career 1-12-1981
LYCETT, Mark Thomas US Army, Co C 56th Engr., Pvt 12-17-1970
MACEACHERN, Archibald  US Army, Co K 310 Inf 1921
MACK, Dorr J. DOW, US Army, Hq co 304th Fld Arty, Pvt 10-3-1918
MACKEY, Kenneth R. KIA, US Army, Co M 108th Inf, Pvt 9-29-1918
MAGEE, John H  US Army, Sgt 7-7-1974
MAINES, Lewis M US Army, Co L 347 Inf, Pvt 1-7-1958
MALAK, Stanley L. US Army 1995
MALPIEDI, Achille US Army, 4 Co 153 Depot Brig., Pvt 9-30-1967
MARBLE, Frank W. USMC 12-21-1961
MARBLE, Frank W. USMC 12-21-1961
MARCUS, Clement G. KIA, US Army, Co I 108th Inf, Pvt 9-29-1918
MARCUS, Warner J. US Army, HQ Btry, 12th Fld Arty 5-1-1965
MARSH, Frank Henry US Navy, MM2 11-18-1982
MARSH, Harry J  US Army, Co C 4th Inf, Pfc 12-24-1971
MARSH, Olin B  US Army, HQ Co 307th Fld Arty, Sgt 9-3-1960
MARSH, Orris S  US Army, 11 Rct. Co Gen SVC. Inf, Pvt 1-10-1959
MARSH, Teresa C. US Army 1979
MARTIN, Clyde V US Army  9-10-1979
MATSON, James B.  US Army, 226th. Aero Sqd., Pfc 5-25-1971
MCCABE, J. Robert  US Army, 22nd Engrs 1936
MCCARTHY, Carl V.  US Army, Co E 26 Inf. 1 Div, Cpl  4-29-1967
MCCARTHY, Martin D.  US Army 1963
MCDONALD, Wallace John DOD, US Army 7th Fld Arty Repl Draft, Pvt. 10-5-1918
MCFADDEN, John M US Army, 322 Inf 81 Div, Pvt 1-4-1952
MCGINN, Harry James US Army, 414th. TG BN SICC, Cpl 7-4-1970
MCGUIRE, Thomas F. US Navy, Pharm Mate 3 9-12-1952
MCHALE, Joseph F. KIA, US Army Co I 108th Inf, Pfc 2-11-1918
MCINTOSH, Kenneth P. US Army, 38th Co Quartermaster Corps 11-20-1962
MCINTYRE, Francis M US Army Air Corps? 1944
MCKAY, Daniel J ~ 1954
MCMAHON, Edward John US Army, 13th Marines, Pvt 11-26-1948
MCPEAK, Jeremiah  US Army, Pvt 1991
MCRAE, Alexander Duncan US Army, Btry B 310th Fld Arty, PFC 4-20-1963
MENTZ, Walter K.  US Air Service, Pvt 8-30-1967
MERRILL, Emmons US Army, GAS DEF  DIV CWS, Pfc 4-26-1961
METZLER, Willard G. US Army, Pvt 6-04-1988
MEYERS, Francis W US Army, Co A 12 Ammontion TN, Pvt 2-20-1959
MEYERS, Walter US Army, 324th Sig. Btry, CPL 1939
MICHELL, Russell J US Army, Co F 302 Engrs, Pfc 5-7-1971
MIESS, Robert  ~ 12-18-1970
MIGLIANO, Joe US Army, Co F 387th Div Inf 1981
MILANOWSKI, John US Army, Co H, 7th Inf 1918
MILBY, Guy C.  US Navy 1935
MILKS, Allen G US Army Service Corps, Sgt 4-14-1951
MILKS, Chester C. DOD, US Army, Btry B 27th Fld Arty, Pvt. 10-31-1918
MILKS, Floyd M. DOD, US Army Gas Co 1 Tank C Cp Dix NJ 10-10-1918
MILKS, George W.  US Army, Co A 162 Inf,  Pvt 7-25-1963
MILKS, Glen D. KIA, US Army Co K 325th Inf, Pfc 10-15-1918
MILLANOWSKI, John Died, US Army Co H 7th Inf, Pvt 6-12-1918
MILLER, Albert Died, US Navy USNRF, FM3. Died USS Mercy Yorktown VA 7-17-1918
MILLER, Eddie US Army, Co C 78 Div 312 Inf  1933
MILLER, Edward E US Army, Co C 112th Inf, Pvt 9-10-1967
MILLER, Edward L Sr. US Army, Wagoner 4-16-1955
MILLER, Paul L  US Army, Sgt/1C 8-8-1931
MILLER, Robert J US Army, Utilities Dep QMC, Sgt 4-11-1950
MINISH, Patrick R. ~ 1953
MOHR, Clarence T. US Army, Co F 346 Inf, Pfc 2-07-1959
MOHR, Edward Joseph  US Army, Co G. 108 Inf, Pfc 11-24-1970
MONAHAN, James B. US Army, 336th Fld Art 87 Div 1929
MONGILLO, Michael US Army, Pvt 6-30-1977
MOONEY, James  US Army, M G Co 7th Inf, Pvt, Battles: Marne, St Mihiel, Verdun, Argonne 1947
MOORE, Paul  US Army, Co F, 302 Engrs, Pvt 11-23-1972
MOORE, Theodore Darwin DOD, US Army Hq Co 304th Fld Arty, Pvt 3-19-1918
MORRISSEY, Edward John  US Army, Pfc 7-20-1962
MORTON, Charles R.  DOD, US Army, Co C 16 Bn US Gd, Pvt  10-10-1018
MORTON, Lester S. DOD, US Army, 29th Co Prov Ord Det, Pvt 10-14-1918
MORVYLLE, J. Charles US Army, Pvt 1-22-1976
MOSHER, John W. ~ 8-1-1948
MOSZAK, Michael P. USMC, Pvt 6-28-1966
MOYER, Walter James US Army, 21 Engineers, Pvt 8-1-1952
MYERS, Edward J. US Army, Co M 108 Inf, Pfc. Purple Heart 10-29-1954
MYERS, Martin Joseph USNRF, S2 1-26-1960
N, H. US Navy, F1 from KY.
NEEDHAM, Bernard L. US Navy, Min1 1-25-1961
NEWTON, Cyrus G.  US Army, Sgt ~
NIES, Charles F. Jr US Army 6-3-1905
NIES, Irving J. US Army 4-24-1967
NIX, Charles M US Army, 11 Co Ry Trans Corps, Pfc Apr 18-1968
NOLDER, William John US Army, Btry C 71st Arty CAC, Pfc ~
NORTHCATE, William H US Army, Co C 78 Div 312 Inf  1950
NORTON, Ivers John Sr. USNR, S2 10-20-1965
OBERG, E.C. US Army, 22 Recruit Co  1922
O'BRIEN, Francis P  US Army, Flying Sch Det Air SVC, CFR 12-24-1967
O'BRIEN, Michael J. US Army, Medical Depot, Pvt 5-17-1969
O'BRIEN, Thomas E. Sr. US Army, Co E 118 Eng. Pvt 3-19-1971
O'CONNELL, Michael J. DOD, US Army, Co B 26th Engrs. Pvt.  2-8-1918
O'DONNELL, James  US Army, Ord Depot, Pvt 10-15-1968
O'LAUGHLIN, Howard J. US Army, Mech Btry F27 Field Artly 10-14-1955
O'LAUGHLIN, Laurence J. US Army. Field Arty, CPL 6-25-1969
OLDRO, Carl H.  ~ 6-21-1960
OLSON, Frederick R. 334th Fld Arty, 87th Div, Pvt 2-27-1953
OLSON, Ole B  KIA, Co I 108th Inf 27 Div - Killed in action 9-29-1918
OLSON, Ole B. KIA, US Army Co I 108th Inf, Pfc 9-29-1918
OLSON, Peter McKing [King] US Army  1985
O'MARA, Richard B. US Army, 879th Aero Sq, Sgt 12-17-1952
O'MELIA, Michael J  US Army, Pvt 12-28-1952
O'ROURKE, James C. ~ 5-17-1981
ORTWEIN, Benj. K. US Army, 325th Inf 1934
OSTRICKER, Thomas J. US Army, Casual Co 129, Pvt 1943
OWENS, Frank Robert Died, USMC Bks Det 6-15-1918
PALMER, Keene M. DNB, US Army, AS, 1/Lt. Accident 10-15-1918
PAPPAS, Harry G. KIA, US Army Co L 326th Inf, Pfc 10-15-1918
PAPROCKI, Thomas E. US Army, Pvt 11-15-1969
PARKS, Charles O.  US Army, Pvt 6-1-1971 
PARKS, Edward E Sr. US Army, 308th MG Bn 78 Div, Pfc (from PA) 2-25-1948
PATTERSON, Gilbert US Army, HQ Co 78TH Div
PAVENTO, Joseph H  US Army, Btry C 82 Field Arty, Pvt 2-21-1965
PAVIA, Joseph P. US Army, Btry C 78th Field Arty, Pvt 9-17-1967
PAVLOCK, Carl G. US Army, Co K 12 Inf, Pvt 2-06-1969
PAVLOCK, Frank J. US Navy. Career. Career 1985
PAVLOCK, Philip US Army, Pfc 10-26-1967
PAWLAK, Edward US Army, Co I 108th Inf 1935
PAYNE, Archibald  US Army, 341th Fld Arty 89 Div, Sgt 6-13-1941
PEARSON, Henry US Coast Arty, 73rd Co, Sgt 9-24-1961
PEARSON, Patrick U US Army, QM, QM Sgt July 15-1954
PERCIVAL, Charles Edward Died, US Navy USNRF, Chief QM Avn. Died NAS Miami FL 9-5-1918
PERRINGTON, Benjamin  US Army, CPL 1981
PERRY, Arthur S  US Army, Co D 5 Eng, CPL, Purple Heart 8-19-1956
PERUGINI, Vittotio US Army, 7th Co 153rd Depot Brigade, Pvt 7-31-1960
PETERSON, Alfred Carl Died, US Navy FM2. [died] USS Mt. Vernon 9-5-1918
PHELPS, Louis US Army, Machine Gun Co 346th Inf, Pvt 8-4-1939
PIERCE, Harry E  US Army, Pvt 1978
PINCOSKI, Louis L. US Army  2-20-1982
PIPER, Fred W  US Army, MIC, Capt. 12-17-1956
PIXLEY, Roy W. KIA, US Army Co I 108th Inf, Pvt 10-18-1918
PLOGER, Claude USMC 1984
PLUMMER Charles B  US Army, Co C 2nd Dev Bn, Pvt 6-11-1956
PLUNKETT, Herbert A. US Army, Co C 309 Inf 78 Div, Cpl 5-01-1962
POWELL, Claude C  USMC, Trumpeter 11-26-1973
PREBYNSKI, John US Army, 15 Co 4 Bat 153th Depot Brig 1935
PRITZ, Raymond Arthur  DOD, US Army, Btry B 307th Fld Arty and Co F 325th Inf 87th Div, Cpl. Died of pnemonia at Meuse France 10-16-1918
PRIZER, Lawrence F. KIA, US Army Co I 108th Inf, 1/Sgt 9-29-1918
PROESL, George J. US Army, HQ Det 210 Engrs, Sgt 7-12-1971
RADISH, Anthony US Army, 302nd Eng 77th Div 11-23-1950
RADISH, George C. US Navy, Sea 2 2-28-1974
RANSOM, Chester H. DOW, US Army Btry B 307th Fld Arty, Pvt 9-11-1918
RAPPAPORT, Isadore  US Army, Pvt 1986
RAU, William A. US Army, Sgt 11-12-1976
REAZS, Elmer Adelbert Died, US Navy USNRF, Lndsmn Mach Avn. Died USN Hosp Great Lakes IL 3-6-1918
REDAR, Rasool US Army, Pvt 10-16-1975
REILLY, Francis J. DOW, US Army Co I 311th Inf, Pvt 10-26-1918
REMINGTON, Raymond G. US Army 12-5-1971 
REYNOLDS, Archbald L. DOD, US Army, Med Det Camp Hosp Aigrefeuille, Pvt. 11-6-1918
REYNOLDS, Guy L US Navy 1990
RICE, Clarence A. ~ 1978
RINGBAUER, Cyril J. [Cy] US Army, Purple Heart. (also Mexican Border Conflict of 1916) 9-20-1999
RITCHIE, Jesse G US Army, 11 Co 152 Det Brigade, Pvt 10-10-1957
ROBBINS, Floyd C US Army, 46th Co 153rd Depot Brig, Pvt 8-29-1968
ROBERTS, Benjamin H  US Army 6-29-1957
ROBIE, Harry E US Army, Co I 108 Inf, CPL, New York 1-7-1964
ROBINSON, Ernest J. US Navy, E2 10-15-1959
RODERICK, Everette W US Army, Co E 7 Inf, Pvt 4-3-1968
RODEWALD, Robert R. US army, 50 Co Trans Corps, Pvt 12-27-1960
ROGERS, Harry D US Army, Co F 347 Inf, Pvt 4-3-1958
ROGGENBAUM, Otto A US Army, 307 FL D Arty 78 Div, Pvt 10-21-1963
ROOT, Frank E. US Army Co. H 153rd Inf. 1932
ROSE, George William US Army, Pvt 10-03-1974
ROSS, Frank US Army, Sgt 4-14-1968
ROWLEY, Joseph John US Army QMC 359th Makery Co, Pvt 9-24-1959
RUSSELL, Leo E. US Army 11-25-1963
RUSSO, Antonio P. US Army, MG Co 326 Inf., Pvt 12-13-1963
RUSTINE, Frank L US Army, Co F 78 Div 311 Inf 1929
SAEVER, LeRoy B US Army, Co A 6 Engineers, Pvt 5-13-1962
SANFORD, Bert US Navy 1937
SARVER, Rozelle H  US Army 1-1-1992
SAUNIER, Harold P.  US Army, Co F 112th Inf, Pfc. Purple Heart 11-10-1953
SCHEITERLE, Michael W US Army, 307 FLC Arty, Chief Mech, New York 5-1-1971
SCHERMERHORN, Joseph  US Navy, Sea 10-12-1966
SCHIFLEY, Charles Ernest US Navy, BMKR 6-24-1972
SCHIFLEY, Joseph P. US Army 1980
SCHNELL, Clarence J. US Army, PFC 1977
SCHRECKENGOST, Joseph B. US Army, 3 Co Coast Arty, Pfc 12-13-1954
SCHULTZ, Andreas H. US Army 1979
SCHULTZ, Louis C  US Army, Mech. 10-13-1973
SCOTT, Conrad Ol ~ 8-16-1881
SCOWDEN, James R. KIA, US Army Co I 108th Inf, Pfc 9-29-1918
SCULLION, T. Joseph US Army 1-27-1944
SEAVER, Charles H. US Army, Co 9 BN US guards 2-28-1964
SEAWARD, Garrett D US Navy 1941
SEGA, James US Army, 605th Engrs, Cpl 3-6-1963
SEITZ, Fred W.  US Army, Co F 302 Eng 1943
SHANNON, Roy A.  ~ 1918
SHAWLEY, Harvey M. US Army, Co A 167th Inf, Pvt 4-30-1970
SHEA, George Fleming US Army 1-17-1996
SHEARER, Harry L. US Army, Co C 118th Engrs, Pvt 5-26-1965 
SHEARER, James L. US Army, Co I 302nd Eng. 77th Div 1953
SHEFFIELD, Milo B. US Army, (PA) 4983 Casual Co, Pvt 8-31-1954
SHERMAN, Roger G US Army, 108 Inf 27 Div, Pvt, New York 5-9-1933
SHIELDS, Montie J  US Army, Camp Supply Det. QMC, Cpl 9-22-1955
SHIELDS, William H US Army, Medical Dep, Cpl 1970
SHOWERS, David US Army, Co L 22nd Inf, Pvt 3-13-1958
SHUBERT, Frank A. US Army, Co L 326 Inf, Pfc 1953
SIKES, Sherman P. US Army, Btry B 151st Fld Arty 42nd Div 1979
SIMMES, Hugh Bryan USMC, Pfc  1-20-1966
SIMMONS, Harry W US Army, Cpl 8-27-1987
SIMMONS, Wade C US Army, 66 Co 153 Depot Brigade, Pvt 5-20-1964
SINK, Gilbert US Army, 17 Co 153th Depot Brig, Pvt 3-22-1970
SIRDEVAN, Robert J. US Army, Co E 156 Depot Brig, Pvt 12-14-1962
SLOCUM, Claude J. DOD, Co B 2nd Prov. Reg't 15th Dep Brig, Pvt 10-19-1918
SMALLMAN, Albert E.  US Army, 153th Depot Brig, Pvt. 1917-1918 8-14-1934
SMAR, Stephen DOW, US Army Co M 18th Inf, Pvt. 7-26-1918
SMITH, Claude L. US Army, Pvt 6-10-1956
SMITH, Ellen F. USNRF, CY 5-30-1960
SMITH, Frank E.  US Army, Btry B 307th Fld Arty 1939
SMITH, Leslie A  US Army, Btry B 5th Fld Arty 1st Div, Wagoner 3-30-1969
SMITH, Richard ~ ~
SMITH, Ward W US Army, Co I 3rd Inf 1936
SNYDER, Murl C. KIA, US Army Co E 327th Inf, Pfc 9-13-1918
SPENCER, Clarence S. US Army, 306th Fire and Guard Co 1934
SPENCER, Herbert L.  US Army, Co B 312 Fld Sig BN, Pfc 9-1-1958
SPINDLER, Harold J. US Army, Pvt 4-1-1974 
SPULAWSKI, Steve KIA, US Army Btry E 321st Fld Arty, Pfc 11-1-1918
STANTON, Leon Lynn  US Army, HQ Co 108 Inf, Pfc 10-23-1965
STAPLES, Edward G.  US Army, Co D 346 Inf. Pvt 5-1-1966
STARK, Harry E.  US Army, Co B 303 Engrs.and 5th Div 1942
STARTIRE, Samuel US Army, Co A. Development Bn, Pvt 10-20-1964
STEPNICK, Jacob F. DOD, US Army, Butchery Co 319th Regt, Pvt.  3-3-1919
STOFFEL, Fred Nicholas KIA, Co E 327th Inf NY, Cpl. Killed in action In France 8-26-1918 
STORNER, Henry George M.D. ~ 1945
STORUM, Rollin S. DOD, US Army, 29 Prov Ord Dep Co, Pvt.  10-16-1919
STUDD, Paul E US Army, Sgt 1986
STURTEVANT, Earl E USMC, Pvt 2-14-1969
SULLIVAN, William US Army, 3rd MG BN 1 Div, Sgt 1926
SUTTER, Frederick J. DOD, US Army, Hq Co 334th Fld Arty, Pvt.  9-25-1918
SWARTZ, Frank US Army, Med Dept, Pfc 10-15-1946
TAYLOR, Donald G.  US Army, Pvt 5-16-1972
THOMPSON, Clarence J.  US Army, Pvt 11-3-1967 
THRASHER, Dewitt Nash US Army, Btry B 310th Fld Arty, Pvt 11-8-1937
THREEHOUSE, John C US Army, Co D 1 Bn Conv Center, Pvt 2-19-1964
TOMPKINS, Carl US Army, Medical Corps, Capt 10-25-1945
TREADWAY, Richard L. US Army, Co D 11 Engrs 1939
TURNER, Frank W.  US Army, Co F 108th Inf 1928
TUROCK, Francis C. US Navy 1943
TUTHILL, Curtis D US Navy 1954
UEBLHEAR, John S US Army, Co I 198 Inf, Cook 5-1-1951
ULMER, Dewey ~ 12-31-1961
ULMER, Willard B. US Navy 9-22-1984
UNDERWOOD, Roy W. US Army 311th Inf, Pfc 8-7-1963
URSOY, John H US Army, Co I 108 Inf, Pvt 3-2-1969
VALENTINE, Stacy C US Army, CPL 1978
VANCUREN, James US Army, Co 153 Depot Brig, Pvt 4 3-14-1956
VANCUREN, Vern US Army, 155 Co Trans Corps, PFC 10-2-1963
VANDIXON, Merle US Army, Mech 2-12-1968
VANHOFF, Jacob F. DOD, US Army, Co D 312th inf, Pvt 11-7-1918
VANSHAICK, Edward Eugene MIA, US Army, Co I 108th Inf 27 Div. Pfc. On Tablets of the Missing in Somme Cemetery, France 9-29-1918
VARNER, Benjamin M US Army, Co E 345th Inf 1923
VECCHIO, Salvatore US Army, Co C 309 Inf  1948
VERY, Charles Wallace US Army, 16th Regt.CO.B 1919
VIGNEAULT, Louis P. US Navy, Seaman 4-16-1966
VOLLMAN, Theodore J US Army, Quartermaster Corps, Pvt 1-23-1952
VOLZ, John US Army, Co 152 Depot Brig, Pvt 4 5-12-1967
VOORHIS, Walter G US Navy, SEA 1-16-1964
WAITE, Frank Leslie ~ 9-22-1981
WALLEN, Albert J. Sr. US Army, Co C 309 Inf 78 Div, PFC, Purple Heart 1-13-1964
WALSH, Simon P. KIA, US Army, Co I 108th Inf, Pvt 9-28-1918
WALTERS, Fred Lewis US Navy  1936
WALTERS, William Jr US Army, Co E 345 Inf 87 Div, Pvt 4-30-1961
WARNKE, Otto H US Army, Co G 52 Pioneer Inf, Sgt 1-6-1963
WARREN, Milfred A US Army, Co H 27th Div. 108th Inf 1928
WATTS, James E US Army, 304th Field Arty AEF 1931
WEAGRAFF, Erwin J. US Army, 336th Fld Arty 87 Div, Pvt 4-24-1942
WEEKS, Robert Eaton US Army, Med Corps, 1st Lt 4-9-1922
WELTS, John R.  US Army, Pvt 1-28-1977
WESCOTT, Lester L.  US Army 9-26-1993
WHALEN, John Patrick US Army, Cpl 1918
WHEELER, Earl A  US Army, Co A 334th MG Bn 5-12-1965
WHITCOME, Wallace L US Army 1955
WHITLOCK, Rex Hugh DOD, US Army, 4th Evac Hosp, medic. Died in service from cardiac arrest after pneumonia 10-12-1918
WHITMORE, Clinton H.  ~ 9-24-1944
WICKWIRE, Henry John KIA, USMC 45th Co 5th Regt. 10-4-1918
WIECZRICK, William A. US Army, 308th Inf 77 Div, Pvt 6-27-1944
WILCOX, James M. US Army 5-6-1991
WILCOX, John E US Marine Corps, Pvt. Career 4-26-1973
WILDER, Roy O. KIA, USMC 45th Co 5th Regt. 10-4-1918
WILES, Clyde A US Army, 147 Inf 37 Div, CPL 12-13-1950
WILES, William James US Navy, MM2 12-21-1973
WILLIAMS, Christopher F US Army, Fld Arty, Wagr 18 12-30-1951
WILLIAMS, Frank E US Army, 5 Co Trans Corps, Cpl 9-9-1954
WILLIAMS, James J US Army, Co E 141th Tel Bat, Cpl 1918
WILLIAMS, James Jay DOD, US Army, Co E 414th Tel Bn SC, Cpl 12-29-1918
WILLIAMS, Lloyd H US Army 4-8-1958
WILLIAMS, Mark D US Army, Cpl 1976
WILLIAMSON, Jerome S US Army. Career 4-2-1979
WILSON, Delbert DOD, US Army, 2nd Trk Co 112 Amm Tn Cp McClellan AL, Pvt 9-30-1918
WILSON, George F. US Navy NNY, Blacksmith2 3-16-1971
WINSOR, Charles H  DOD, Co M 108th Inf, 27th Div, Pvt. 2-8-1918
WOODEND, James P. US Army, Pvt  1951
WOODFORD, Waldo W.  US Army, SFC 5-15-1981
WOODIN, Charles  US Army, 320th Fld Arty, 82nd Div 1958
WOODRUFF, Earl T. USMC, Pvt 10-05-1958
WOODRUFF, Jay C. US Army, Pvt. 12-17-1986
WOODS, Francis E. US Army 1979
WOODS, Stephen V  ~ 1946
WOODWORTH, LeRoy F  US Army, Co K 147th Engrs 9-26-196
WORDEN, Martin H US Army, Co 4 152nd DB 1932
WROBEL, Wolenty US Army, 117 Co Trans Corps, Pvt 9-14-1940
WRUBEL, Ludwik DOD, US Army, Btry B 307th Fld Arty, Pvt 11-15-1917
WUNSCH, Charles C.  US Army 12-04-1986
WYLLYS, John A  ~ 1953
YOUNG, Chief Charles James US Army Air Force. 1942-1947 1-17-2004
YOUNG, John US Navy 9-4-1981
ZANDEGIACOMO, Pacifico US Army 8-10-1969
ZAPROSKI, Edward J. US Army, 34th Co 153rd Dept Brig, Pvt.  11-02-1953
ZERBA, Frank US Army 1989
ZERBY, Ralph R US Army, 11th Co 152nd Dep Brig, Sgt 1933
ZILINSKI, Raymond US Army, Co C 605th Eng, Pfc 3-16-1965
ZINK, George, J ~ 1936
ZINK, Walter Leonard US Army, Co G 347 Inf. 87 Div., Pvt 4-2-1968

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