World War II Veterans

These pages contain the names of the men and women who called Cattaraugus County home and served in World War II.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • This page consolidates information from our cemetery lists with casualty information from several casuality lists.
  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. 
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived is in [square brackets] in the burial column.
    Tip:  Most Burials in [brackets] are from a casualty list. Look for burials at the American Overseas cemetery site.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • "Unnamed Cems, this site" in the Burial column is this page.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Cattaraugus County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
MAAHS, Carl Earnest  US Army, Capt 5-9-1994 Randolph Rural
MACARTHUR, Eugene D. US Cosat Guard. 1939-1945 12-2-2012 Chestnut Hill
MACDONALD, Harold F US Army 1992 Mount View
MACDONALD, John K US Army 8-2-1986 Pleasant Valley
MACDONALD, Lawrence H US Army, PFC 9-30-1991 Mount View
MACDUFFIE, William Ellery [ II ] MD US Army Medica Corps, Capt. 7-21-1986 Natl Cem of AZ, Phoenix AZ
MACKEY, Howard E US Army, S/Sgt 10-15-1987 Little Valley Rural
MACKLIN, Ray J US Army, Pvt 2-28-1994 Mount View
MACKOWIAK, Norbert D. DNB, Sgt Unknown Unknown
MACLEOD, Malcolm A.  US Army, Co A 519 MP Bn, TEC5 1-7-1968 Wildwood
MACMURRAY, Donald L Unknown service 8-24-1974 Pleasant Valley
MACMURRAY, Widdis Abraham IV US Merchant Marine, four years. 2-15-1997 Pleasant Valley
MAFFEI, Norman US Army 45th Inf Div 2-13-2015 Mt. Prospect
MAIER, Albert M.  US Army 8-15-1987 Wildwood
MAIER, Carl G.  US Navy, S1 1-12-1970 Wildwood
MAIER, John J. DNB, Tec5 Unknown Unknown
MAINE, Earl Ernest US Army, Sgt 1-8-1980 Pleasant Valley
MAITLAND, William D US Army   3-19-2004 Perrysburg
MALEY, Edward M. US Army Air Forces, 1426 Base Unit 9-12-1963 Calvary
MALEY, James [Leo] US Army, 13th Eng Batt of 7th Inf Div 3-13-2013 Calvary
MALEY, Robert L. US Army Air Forces, 1426 Base Unit 1947 Calvary
MALINA, Edward F.  US Army Air Corps, 30th Bombardment Group, Pacific. Gunner and Engineer on B-24  8-12-2005 St. Bonaventure
MALINOSKI, Edward J. US Coast Guard 8-12-2009 Liberty Park
MALLEN, Clair K Unknown service 1972 Little Valley Rural
MALLERY, William C US Navy 5-30-1977 Mount View
MALLORY, George W Jr DNB, Pvt 7-30-1943 Pleasant Valley
MALONE, John E. US Army 10-19-2004 St. Bonaventure
MALONE, Raymond A. US Army, Horse Cav 12-23-2012 St. Bonaventure
MALONE, Roy D US Army, PFC 11-22-1993 Mount View
MALPIEDI, Anthony J. US Army 3-20-2003 St. Bonaventure
MALPIEDI, Eugene [Gino]  US Army. Pacific.1944-46 8-14-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
MANCHESTER, Horace H. DNB, Lt Col Unknown Unknown
MANLEY, Reginald DeForest [Rex] USMC, Cpl 12-23-1974 Siloam
MANN, Warren Douglas  US Army 12-25-1981 East Randolph
MANNING, Edward  US Army 1981 Wildwood
MANSOUR, John J. US Army 1944-46 12-17-2015 St. Bonaventure
MANZO, Gerald A.    US Army 2-26-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
MARINER, Wilbert Judson Jr.  Unknown service 5-09-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
MARINO, Arthur A. US Army Air Forces , Pacific 3-6-2007 St. Bonaventure
MARK, Burton C. US Army 1941-45 1-11-2019 Mt. Prospect
MARK, RONALD F. US Navy 7-11-2013 Mt. Prospect
MARONEY, Paul A. US Army 4-3-1992 Calvary
MAROWSKI, Edward M. USNR, SP3 11-15-1965 St. Bonaventure
MAROWSKI, Joseph M Sr.  US Army, Co C 96 QM Bakery, Tec5 4-25-1961 Mount View
MAROWSKI, Walter S. US Army, Pfc 1981 Calvary
MARRA, Albert J. Sr. US Army Air Forces 1942-46 4-30-2011 St. Bonaventure
MARRA, John Frank US Army 4-1-2008 St. Bonaventure
MARRANO, Victor US Navy 7-22-1985 Perrysburg
MARSH, Fred Jr [Buster] US Army, HQ Co, 503 Inf, Pfc 6-23-1953 Randolph Rural
MARSH, George Unknown service 7-28-1992 Mt Hope
MARSH, Howard A. Jr. US Army 1-15-1987 East Otto
MARSH, Raymond E.  US Army, Pvt 1980 Limestone
MARSH, Wellman A  US Army, 3181 Signal Sv Bn, Tec5 4-13-1960 East Randolph
MARSHALL, Ray "Bump" US Navy, BM2 11-27-1992 Mount View
MARTELLO, Ikelo J. "Oggy"  US Navy 7-17-2003 St. Bonaventure
MARTIN, Charles J. [Fada] US Army 4-14-2005 Allegany
MARTIN, Harry J. US Merchant Marines 1-5-1993 Chestnut Hill
MARTIN, John F.  US Army 7-18-2003 St. Bonaventure
MARTINELLI, Leonard J. US Army Air Corps  1-9-2001 St. Bonaventure
MARTINELLI, Thomas E. US Army 12-28-2005 Unnamed Cems, this site
MARVIN R. US Coast Guard 1-31-2010 St. Bonaventure
MARX,William  US Army Air Corps 1985 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
MASI, Philip Marquand US Army Air Corps, 36th Fighter Control Sq "The Flying Tigers". 1942-45  12-3-2012 St. Bonaventure
MASON, Louis E. US Army 11-5-2006 Randolph Rural
MASON, Warren E US Army 1977 Mount View
MASTEN, Benjamin G. US Army. 1942-45 Bronze Star 5-03-2003 Pleasant Valley
MATER, Stanley J DOW, Pfc Unknown Unknown
MATHENY, Catherine Stout Eaton US Navy 11-27-2005 Chestnut Hill
MATHER, Harold F Unknown service 1987 Pleasant Valley
MATHER, Perry Samuel US Army, Pvt. Enlisted at Buffalo NY 5-21-1942 3-20-1953 Mount View
MATSON, Helen M. US Army 4-1-1997 Randolph Rural
MATTERN, Edwin [Windy]  US Army Air Forces 2-3- 2001 Allegany
MATTHIES, Robert H.  US Army 253rd Engr Brg 8-25-2003 Little Valley Rural
MATUSKIEWICZ, John US Army, Tec4 8-1988 Calvary
MAXON, Raymond T. Jr. US Army 1978 Calvary
MAY, Earl N.  US Army 9-30-1989 Steamburg
MAY, Hoyt Oldro  US Army Air Forces, Cpl 2-18-1997 Steamburg
MAYER, Emil R.  US Army, T/5 1984 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
MAYNARD, Dennis W.  US Navy, Sea 7-17-1958 Wildwood
MAYNARD, Fred W US Army, Tec4 1-10-1999 Mount View
MAYNARD, Harold R US Army 8-19-1984 Mount View
MAZALOOK, George C US Army, 3505 AF Base Unit, Lt Col 9-3-1948 Mount View
MAZUR, Michael J. US Army, MP 10-2-2011 St. Bonaventure
MAZZA, Bernard E. US Navy VP-63 anti-submarine squad  2-7-2012 Allegany
MCBRIDE, Donald Lee   KIA, US Army, 272th Inf 69th Div, Pvt. Killed in Germany. (Another source says killed in Aleutian Islands) 6-30-1945 Cassadaga
MCBRIDE, Ralph H.   WW II, Korea, and Vietnam US Army, Medical Service Corps, LT/Col. A medivac helicopter pilot in Korea, Germany, and Vietnam.  Career, 23 years, Earned Distinguished Flying Cross with V, 2 Bronze Stars, nine Air Medals. 9-19-2009 Cassadaga
MCCABE, Clarence O. US Army, Pfc 4-2-1973 Mt Hope
MCCABE, Lyle E KIA, 127th Inf, Sgt 4-29-1945 Little Valley Rural
MCCANN, Edward Clyde US Army, MSgt 6-16-1967 St. Bonaventure
MCCANN, Wilbur J. US Army, Europe 5-15-2001 St. Bonaventure
MCCARTHY, James Thomas US Army, Attended Chaplain's military school & commissioned officer & served tours of duty from 1942-1946 in England France & Germany  11-01-1994 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
MCCARTHY, John S. US Army 1978 Calvary
MCCLARAN, George Everett Jr.  US Army, Pvt 3-11-2001 Randolph Rural
MCCLEAN, Alexander  US Army, CPL 10-17-1984 Mount View
MCCOMBER, Ronald F. US Army, four Bronze Stars 1-17-2006 St. Bonaventure
MCDONALD, Paul F. US Navy 12-26-1996 Cottage
MCDONOUGH, James M. US Navy 4-14-2017 St. Bonaventure
MCFADDEN, Fred A US Army, PFC 2-27-1987 Mount View
MCGAVISK, Harry R. US Army 1946-47 12-06-2018 St. Bonaventure
MCGEE, Kenneth F. US Navy 1943-45 12-13-2010 St. Bonaventure
MCGEE, Maurice [Mike] US Army 12-15-2014 Mt. Prospect
MCGIVERN, Henry A US Army, 304 Station Hosp, Pvt 8-26-1971 Mount View
MCGIVERON, Eugene W US Army 5-12-1997 Pleasant Valley
MCGRANAGHAN, David E. US Army 106th Div Signal, Battle of the Bulge, then Merchant Marines. In Korea, US Army, 3rd Div 1950-53 3-25-2016 Mount View
MCGRANAGHAN, William B US Army, wounded in action 1986 Mount View
MCGRAW, Martin J. US Army, Sgt 12-18-1983 Calvary
MCGUIRE, Edward J. US Navy 11-7-2007 St. Bonaventure
MCGUIRE, Leo Paul S Unknown service 11-18-2002 St. Bonaventure
MCINDOE, Donald L US Navy 8-18-2004 Mount View
MCINTOSH, James Claude US Navy, South Pacific. 2-28-2010 Mount View
MCINTOSH, Richard  US Army Air Forces Base Unit, S/Sgt. Korean War Vet. DFCD 1 OLC AM and 3 OLC  1-30-1955 East Randolph
MCKAY, Robert B US Army, PFC 1991 Mount View
MCKEEVER, Edward  US Navy, Minesweeper Admirable No. 136 4-13-2001  Liberty Park
MCKENNA, Allan M. US Army 1978 Crawford
MCKIMM, Merle US Army 870th Lt Arty BN, 66 Inf . Northern France. 12-20-2021 Randolph Rural
MCKINLEY, George  US Army Air Corps, T/Sgt. Purple Heart 9-1-1993 Wildwood
MCKINLEY, Konrad J.  US Army, Co F 31 Inf, Pfc. Purple Heart 9-27-1950 Wildwood
MCKINNEY, John C. DOW, Pfc Unknown Unknown
MCLAM, Harold J. US Navy. 1946-1949 12-28- 2000 Maplegrove, Machias
MCLAREN, Richard J. US Navy 7-7-1987 Crawford
MCLAUGHLIN, Frank Utter [Skip] US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 7-12-2014 Mount View
MCLAUGHLIN, Thomas D US Army, Co B 637 TD BN, CPL 3-20-1973 Mount View
MCLEAN, Donald F. US Marines 2-06-2019 St. Bonaventure
MCMAHON, Joseph M. US Navy Seabees. Pacific 2-10-2013 St. Bonaventure
MCMILLEN, Harold L US Army 11-10-1992 Little Valley Rural
MCMILLEN, Marion Calvin US Army, Pvt. 8-05-2019 Pleasant Valley
MCMULLEN, Edwin J.  US Navy 1944 Wildwood
MCNAMEE, John J. Jr. US Army, 139 Engr Prcht Bn, 1st Lt. Silver Star, Purple Heart 11-12-1965 St. Bonaventure
MCNEIGHT, Harry Dunning   WW II, Korea, and Vietnam US Army, CWO. Career. Earned Army Commendation Medal 6-25-1973 Cassadaga
MCRAE, Archie R US Army 1994 Mount View
MCVAY, William C US Army, Cpl 6-28-1991 Freedom
MEEK, Donald US Navy, USS Halsey Powell, Pacific 2-7-2007 Calvary
MEEK, Paul US Army, 4th Combat Cargo Grp  12-31-2010 Green
MEHLER, George E. US Coast Guard Res, CRT 10-22-1969 Pleasant Valley
MEIERS, James R. US Army, Europe 11-19-2008 St. Bonaventure
MELE, Nicholas F. US Army, PFC 2-27-1988 St. Bonaventure
MELFI, Alphonse A. US Navy, Aviation Mechanic 3-23-2010 St. Bonaventure
MELNYK, George US Army, Sgt 1-14-1998 St. Bonaventure
MELNYK, Joseph US Army, Sgt. Purple Heart 6-13-1991 St. Bonaventure
MENDE, Edmund S. Sr. US Navy and US Army 9-13-2018 Holy Cross, Gowanda NY
MENDELL, Andrew R. US Army 4-6-2012 Crawford
MENG, Harold R. KIA, 2/Lt Unknown Unknown
MENSCHEL, Eugene E. DNB, Pvt Unknown Unknown
MERRILL, John B US Army, H and S Co 343 Engr Regt, CPL 10-4-1970 Mount View
METCALF, Earl William US Army, TEC4. 12-30-1974 Mount View
METLER, Robert J. Jr. US Army, 5th Army 3459 Medium Ordinance, S/Sgt. 1942-1946 5-11-2012 Pleasant Valley
METTE, Charles K. US Army Air Corps. China-Burma-India 10-6-2021 Allegany
METZLER, James E.  US Army, Medical Detention 2nd Constab Regt 6-23-2007 Calvary
METZLER, Malcolm G. Sr. US Army 5-17-2010 Calvary
MEYER, Earl L  US Navy 5-17-1989 East Randolph
MEYER, Edward D. US Army 1-21-2004 Mt. Prospect
MEYER, Wilbur J US Army Air Corps, 2nd Lt. Jan 1-1994 Hinsdale
MEYERS, Abraham H. [Buck] US Army 10-15-2007 St. Bonaventure
MEYERS, John F. US Army, Co A 168 Eng Bn, Sgt 3-01-1968 Calvary
MEYERS, Robert J. US Army, Europe  2-18-2005 Wildwood
MEYERS, Thelma M. (Harrison) US Navy 3-26-2016 Wildwood
MICHAEL, Cecil  USMC, Pacific 7-31-2003 St. Bonaventure
MICHALAK, Felix Francis Jr US Army, TEC 4 1-22-1995 Cassadaga
MICHIENZI, John B US Navy, MM2, Purple Heart 1-2-2003 Mount View
MICHOTEK, Eugene J. (whimp] US Army 9-9-2001 Mt. Prospect
MIGHELLS, George M. Rev. US Navy 1989 Crawford
MIGHELLS, Marion H. US Army, Co A 26 Sig Const Bn, Tec4 5-23-1962 Calvary
MIKOLAJCZYK, Stephen Phillip KIA, USMC, Iwo Jima 3-8-1945 St. Bonaventure
MIKOWICZ, Stephen J. USMC, Cpl 12-21-1994 Calvary
MIKOWICZ, Walter J. US Navy, F1 5-07-1972 Calvary
MILANOWSKI, Edward J. US Army, Europe. Purple Heart and Bronze Star  12-28-2003 Calvary
MILANOWSKI, Jospeh J. US Army Air Forces, Sgt 4-08-1973 Calvary
MILANOWSKI, Walter S. US Army and US Navy 11-10-1993 Calvary
MILKS, Robert J. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
MILKS, Roland W. [Rod] US Army   3-23-2007 Mt. Prospect
MILKS, Stanley E. DNB, Tec5 Unknown Unknown
MILKS, Wilson M US Army, TSgt 11-30-1973 Little Valley Rural
MILLER, Andrew Donald [Don] US Army Air Corps 11-02-2016 St. Bonaventure
MILLER, Charles A SR US Army, Co H 20th Inf 6th Div, PFC 5-14-1969 Perrysburg
MILLER, Charles W. US Merchant Marines 1-11-2003 East Otto
MILLER, Clayton Ralph  US Army 1941-1943 9-23-1999 Liberty Park
MILLER, David C. US Army, S/Sgt. 25th Inf, Pacific including Pearl Harbor. Many service medals including Bronze Star 11-26-2005 Memorial Heights
MILLER, Frank A. Sr. US Army, TEC5 3-16-1994 Siloam
MILLER, Harold F. [Knuck] US Navy, a fighter pilot 2-2-2021 Pleasant Valley
MILLER, Herman William [Bing] US Army, 14th Inf, S/Sgt 5-1-2001 Little Valley Rural
MILLER, John US Army, Europe 1-23-2009 Calvary
MILLER, Lawrence B US Army, M/Sgt. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 1985 Mount View
MILLER, Loren A US Army, HQ 25 Inf Div, CPL 7-22-1967 Mount View
MILLER, Miles Leroy  US Army, 16th Ord, Europe 1-27-2002 St. Bonaventure
MILLER, Morris D.   US Army, PFC 2-5-1981 Cassadaga
MILLER, Reginald US Army, Pfc 12-6-1979 Pleasant Valley
MILLER, William E. US Merchant Marines 2-27-2003 St. Bonaventure
MILLER, William M US Navy 1988 Hinsdale
MILLIGAN, Jeremiah George   US Army  2-19-1995 Cassadaga
MILLIMAN, Richard W US Army, Cpl 3-19-1974 Pleasant Valley
MINAVIO, Robert J. US Army, SSgt 8-12-1990 Calvary
MINCHIN, John Francis US Army, Student Co, QM School, S.Sgt 12-11-1965 St. Bonaventure
MINDERLER, John P. US Navy aboard USS Essex, VF-112 Fighter Squardron 10-5-2007 St. Bonaventure
MINEKIME, Lee R. US Army, Tec5 12-03-1983 East Otto
MINNICK, William J US Army, TEC4  1-17-1997 Randolph Rural
MIRWALD, Carl F. Unknown service 5-27-2011 Jolls
MIRWALD, Rudolph WW II, US Army. Pacific then in  Europe under Gen Patton. Bronze Star. 3-25-2003 Jolls
MISHANEC, Walter J US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 8-10-2002 Mount View
MISNIK, Joseph Anrhony Sr. US Navy. Fought at Normandy. 8-21-2010 Mount View
MITCHELL, Bergel Louis Sr US Army   12-31-2001 Markhams
MITCHELL, John S. US Army. Germany 2-6-2008 Pleasant Valley
MITCHELL, Ralph C US Army, Pfc  6-22-1995 Pleasant Valley
MOFFATT, John Scott  KIA, US Army 172nd Inf 43rd Div, Capt. Killed in Central Luzon, Philippines 3-6-1945 Limestone
MOHAGEN, Arthur O. I US Coast Guard 1942-45 4-30-2019 St. Bonaventure
MOHR, Edward J. US Army Air Corps, 60th Depot Repair Squadron, Sgt. Pacific.  1-26-2021 Crawford
MOHR, Edward Joseph USNRF, BKR1 6-01-1965 Calvary
MOHR, Hulet C US Army, T/Sgt 11-15-1982 Mount View
MOHR, Leland Eugene [John] US Army, 2175 Engr. Maint. Co., Pvt 8-2-1971 Wildwood
MOLENDA, Harry P. US Navy 4-24-2001 St. Bonaventure
MOLENDA, John Anday US Army, Tec5 10-16-1996 St. Bonaventure
MOLTRUP, Donald W. US Army 1-13-1993 Cottage
MONGILLO, Michael A. US Army 5-03-1994 Calvary
MONIGHAN, James John  US Army, Cpl 2-11-2000 St. Patrick, Limestone
MONNIN, Charles J US Army, Sgt 1979 Pleasant Valley
MONTGOMERY, Walter J. Jr. US Navy Seabees, Guam and South Pacific 4-23-2006 Allegany
MONTIE, Harold P. DNB, US Army, Mil. Police, Pfc. Died unexpectedly in Los Angeles CA.  10-15-1943 Limestone
MOONAN, Richard  US Air Force, T/Sgt 8-12-1972 Mount View
MOONEY, Raymond F. US Air Forces, A1C, also Korea 1977 Mount View
MOONEY, Thomas Albert USMC, CPL 1-7-2007 Mount View
MOORE, Clifford B KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
MOORE, Forest Edward USNR, S1 4-30-1967 Pleasant Valley
MOORE, Harry W.  US Army 5-15-2006 Chestnut Hill
MOORE, Minter Clawson US Army, Pfc 11-20-1975 Steamburg
MOORE, Norton O US Army, Pvt 1979 Pleasant Valley
MOORE, Thomas D. KIA, 1/Lt Unknown Unknown
MOORE, Van B  US Army Air Forces 7-15-2000 East Randolph
MORABITO, James A. US Army 1-25-2012 Unnamed Cems, this site
MORAN, George G US Army, 1892 Field Art BN, Tec5 1-31-1963 Mount View
MORAN, Gerald A. US Army, Cpl 1980 Calvary
MORAN, John A DNB, AVC Unknown Unknown
MORASIO, Russell A US Army Air Forces, Pvt 2-18-1975 Pleasant Valley
MOREY, Frank E US Army, S/Sgt 1980 Pleasant Valley
MORGAN, William Gillette Sr US Army, 1/ LT 6-30-1981 Cassadaga
MORICCA, Francis Thomas US Army, PFC 11-20-1987 St. Bonaventure
MORITZ, Frederick JR US Army Air Corps 12-23-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
MORITZ, Robert J. KIA, Sgt. Unknown Unknown
MORRIS, Daniels D Sr  US Army 1977 Mount View
MORRIS, Donald Edward US Navy, Pacific Theater 9-6-2012 Mount View
MORRIS, Gloria L. US Army Nurse Corps, 2nd Lt 3-9-2011 Mount View
MORRIS, Henry C. Jr. US Navy 1944-46 2-24-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
MORRIS, Howard R. KIA, Sgt. Unknown Unknown
MORRIS, Merle A US Army 12-22-1992 Mount View
MORRISON, Ervin Leslie US Army, Tec3 11-22-1969 Rutledge
MORRISON, Lee M  US Army, Tec5 2-21-1980 East Randolph
MORSE, Thomas A US Army 9-28-1999 Randolph Rural
MORTON, Robert C. US Army, T/Sgt 4-5-1976  Crawford
MORTON, Robert E US Army, 380 Med.Gen.Disp., Sgt 6-27-1970 Green
MOSCH, Ervene A US Army, T/Sgt 12-20-2002 Mount View
MOSES, Moses J.  US Coast Cuard. Purple Heart 05-26-2003 St. Bonaventure
MOSHER, Calvin W. US Navy Seabees 4-01-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
MOSHER, Reynard KIA, in Hawaii 1942 Allegany
MOSHER, Robert H.  US Army 1977 Wildwood
MOSS, Wilbur Irvin (Bus) Unknown service 4-4-1969 Cottage
MOSTERT, Ruth L. US Army 2-20-2007 East Randolph
MOSZAK, John M. Sr. US Navy, Pacific 11-17-2008 St. Bonaventure
MOTT, Phillip L. Sr. US Army, 740 Eng Base 6-08-2004 Pleasant Valley
MOUNTAIN, William H. Jr. US Army 5-26-2005 St. Bonaventure
MOWATT, David Berg US Army, 716th Police Bn, PFC. 1943-1946 9-9-2019 Siloam
MOYER, Gerald K. "Jerry" US Army 6-28-2009 St. Bonaventure
MUIR, Eldridge R US Army, Tec4 4-1-1975 Mount View
MULLEN, Charles H US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 6-18-1992 Pleasant Valley
MULLETT, Robert J US Army, Sgt 2-23-1992 Mount View
MUNTZ, Guy F.   US Navy, F1 1997 Steamburg
MUNTZ, Neil M. US Army, PFC 7-10-1973 Steamburg
MURAWSKI, Charles C.  US Army, Pvt  7-28-1982 Limestone
MURPHY, Harry J. Sr. US Army 9-20-1977 Calvary
MURPHY, John P. US Navy 1981 Calvary
MURPHY, John R US Army, PFC 1991 Mount View
MURPHY, Leo J. M.D. US Army 1-5-2000 St. Bonaventure
MURPHY, Lewis John  Unknown service 7-26-1951 Wildwood
MURPHY, Neil J. US Army 1967 Calvary
MURPHY, Robert C KIA, US Army 22nd Inf 4th Div, Pfc 1-6-1945 Pleasant Valley
MURRIN, Adrian P. KIA, 2/Lt Unknown Unknown
MUSALL, Charles A. US Army, Co E 299th Eng 5-8-2010 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
MUTCHLER, Keith V.  US Navy 11-22-1990 Wildwood
MUZI, Stephen J. Sr.  Unknown service 6-20-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
MYERS, Alexander P. US Army, Pvt 5-23-1987 Calvary
MYERS, Clemence US Army, Sgt 1980 Calvary
MYERS, Franklin L US Army 1977 Mount View
MYERS, George   US Army, 40th Engrs, Tec5 6-16-1952 East Otto
MYERS, Stephen J. Jr. US Navy 8-13-2003 Calvary
MYRICK, Carl J. DOW, Tec5 Unknown Unknown
NAGEL, Raymond L. US Navy 1941-45 & Navy Reserve 25 yrs 3-27-2016 New Albion
NAGEL, Raymond L. US Navy 1941-45 & Navy Reserve 25 yrs 3-27-2016 New Albion 
NAPOLIONE, Dennis M. US Army, Sgt. Europea, fought in the Battle of the Bulge. 7-6-2013 St. Bonaventure
NAPOLIONE, John M. [Bunny] US Navy 2-13-2001 St. Bonaventure
NEARY, Charles Richard "Nick" US Navy 12-20- 2001 St. Bonaventure
NEEDHAM, Glenn W  US Army, PFC 3-11-1983 Mount View
NEEDHAM, Thomas J. US Army, Pvt 2-10-1972 Calvary
NELLIGAN, William J US Army, Pfc 1991 Pleasant Valley
NELSON, Donald A  US Navy 2-17-1998 Mount View
NELSON, Paul F.  US Army, T/Sgt 11-15- 1990 Wildwood
NENNO, William C. US Navy 1-10-2008 St. Bonaventure
NENNO, William R. US Army, Tec5  1991 St. Bonaventure
NEUDECK, Lawrence Unknown service 5-3-1995 Mt Hope
NEVIN, Morris E  US Army  1987 Mount View
NEWARK, Jack E. US Army 11-26-1983 Calvary
NEWELL, Paul E. US Army. 1943-1946 9-17-1994 Steamburg
NEWHOUSE, Thornton A.  [Pete] US Army Air Corps 12-19-2010 Little Valley Rural
NEWMAN, Lewis V. KIA, S/Sgt Unknown Unknown
NEWROCKI, Adam US Army, Pvt 3-30-1974 Calvary
NEWROCKI, John C. US Army, Pvt 1981 Calvary
NEWTON, Benjamin C. Sr.  USMC 1983 Wildwood
NEWTON, Cecil R US Army 5-26-1981 Little Valley Rural
NEWTON, Gordon G. US Army 1943-45  2-26-2011 St. Bonaventure
NEWTON, Paul US Army, Sgt 10-17-1982 Randolph Rural
NEWTON, Theodore Eugene  US Navy, Lt 1979 Mount View
NEWTON, William M KIA, S/Sgt Unknown Unknown
NICHOLAS, Oliver W. [Nick] US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 5-20-2009 Chestnut Hill
NICHOLS, Agustus A  Unknown service 1948 Wildwood
NICHOLS, Alton L  US Army, S/Sgt 3-9-1990 Mount View
NICHOLS, Edgar A. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
NICHOLS, Harold A.  US Army, Pfc 8-17-1975 Wildwood
NICHOLS, Theodore S.  US Navy, S1  4-25-1980 Randolph Rural
NICKUM, Charles K  US Army Air Forces, Pvt 12-6-1965 Mount View
NIKOLOPOULOS, Evithimos P. US Army 1977 Crawford
NILES, Avery D. US Army,Co. D. 752 Tank BN, PFC 7-1-1967 Randolph Rural
NITSCHE, Robert W. US Army, Btry B 68th Fld Arty 7-14-1967 St. Bonaventure
NIX, Richard Leslie US Army Air Corps, bombardier & navigator on B-17, West Coast of Panama 2-27-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
NIX, Robert B. US Navy 5-18-2004 Mt. Prospect
NOBLES, Daniel J. US Army, Tec4 1-17-2000 Calvary
NOLAN, James E. Jr. US Navy 1-17-2005 St. Bonaventure
NOLAN, John F. US Army Air Corps 71 Inf Div and US 3rd Army 11-10-2001 Calvary
NOLAN, Paul F. US Navy 1942-45 7-06-2003 St. Bonaventure
NOLAN, Robert V. US Army 1982 Mount View
NOLDER, Robert E. US Naval Air Force 3-31-2005 Pleasant Valley
NOLDER, William Jr. [Jim] US Army, Europe. Purple Heart 4-28-2000 St. Bonaventure
NORRIS, Earl  US Army 1984 Mount View
NORRIS, Lee Mack  US Army, 3867 QM Truck Co, PFC 9-6-1959 Mount View
NORRIS, Willie L  US Army, Co E 92 Eng Regt, PFC 10-6-1969 Mount View
NORTH, Robert C. Sr. US Army Air Corps 10-11-2013 Chestnut Hill
NORTHRUP, Clarence H  US Army 1982 Mount View
NORTON, Charles B.  US Navy, S2 1-5-1994 Limestone
NORTON, Edgar C USMC 1978 Hinsdale
NORTON, James M.  US Navy Radioman aboard USS Charrette in the Pacific 2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
NORTON, James M.  US Navy, Radioman USS Charrette 10-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
NORTON, Roy KIA, US Army, 36th Inf. KIA at Neupfotz Germany Mar 24-1945 Hinsdale
NOSAL, Anthony J. US Air Force, S/Sgt 12-03-1978 Calvary
NOSAL, John F.  US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 2-23-1994 Calvary
NOSAL, Stanley A. US Navy 5-20-1997 Calvary
NOSAL, Walter J. US Army Air Corps 1994 Calvary
NOVICKI, Carl J.  US Army 1983 Wildwood
NOVICKI, Edward US Army, Pvt 1984 Willoughby
NUDD, Donald J. US Army, PFC 2-9-1987  Five Mile
NUGENT, Edward US Army 88 "Blue Devil" Div in Italy for 2 yrs  10-24-2001 Calvary
NUGENT, Harlold F. Polish army and Allied Forces, Lt. 6-04-1987 Calvary
NULPH, Gerald C. [Jerry] US Army, Tec5, Bronze star 2-9-2004 Mount View
NUPP, Alonzo F Unknown service 1962 Hinsdale
NYE, Lyle O.  US Navy 7-22-1971 Chestnut Hill
OAKES, Dana C US Army, Pfc 11-9-1966 Pleasant Valley
OAKES, Edward L.  US Coast Guard 1977 Maples, Mansfield
OAKES, John R. US Army, 101st Airborne Div 11-20-2000 Crawford
OAKES, Paul Otis US Army, Btry A, 573rd AAA AW. 1943-1945. Europe 8-19-2017 Calvary
OAKES, Richard E.  US Army, served with the Glider Div.  3-30-1995 East Randolph
OAKLEAF, Robert B. US Army, 1/LT 6-24-2008 Mount View
OAKLEY, James W. US Army 5-29-1979 Pleasant Valley
O'BRIEN, Charles E. US Army. 668 Eng TOPO Co, T5. 4-06-1950 Calvary
O'BRIEN, John T. FOD, Sgt Unknown Unknown
O'BRIEN, Richard W. US Army 4-23-2003 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
O'BRIEN, William Edward  Unknown service 8-21-1964 Chestnut Hill
OCCHUIZZO, Anthony J. US Army Air Corps. African and European Theatres 7-13-2006 Calvary
O'CONNOR, Joseph KIA, US Army, Co A 299th Engrs, Pfc. Killed in action at Normandy 6-06-1944 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
O'DELL, Clare W KIA, US Army Fld Arty 702nd Tank Destroyer Bn, 1/Lt. Enlisted 9-19-1940 11-22-1944 St. Bonaventure
O'DELL, Maynard F. US Army, T/Sgt 10-14-1997 St. Bonaventure
OESTREICK, George M US Navy, S2 2-16-1952 Pleasant Valley
OGLEVEE, Hugh D. US Navy. Pacific 6-8-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
O'KEEFE, Harold R.  [Hal] US Army 8-14-2013 St. Bonaventure
O'KEEFE, Thomas M. USMC, S/Sgt 9-8-2002 St. Bonaventure
OKNESKI, Robert F. US Army, CPL 1982 Calvary
OLDRO, Elton Robert  US Army. Purple Heart 4-21-1995 Steamburg
OLDRO, Elton W.  US Army. Purple Heart 3-20-1995 Steamburg
OLIVERIO, Alvin  US Army  3-6-1973 Mount View
OLIVERIO, Joseph G. US Army 11-02-1977 Calvary
OLIVERIO, Vincent J. US Army Sgt. China/Burma/India Theatre. 5-26-2021 Calvary
OLKOSKY, Robert F. US Navy aboard USS Tate, South Pacific 1-14-2009 St. Bonaventure
OLLINGER, Richrd J DOW, Sgt Unknown Unknown
OLMSTEAD, Donald E  KIA, US Navy. Died as a result of the torpedoing of the USS Reuben James 11-2-1941 Mount View
OLMSTEAD, Howard R US Navy 7-30-1995 Pleasant Valley
OLSON, Helen Jane (De Witt) USMC 7-28-2016 Mt. Prospect
OLSON, Wilton Richard [Bud] US Army, 350th Inf, Communications Chief.  12-18-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
O'NEIL John Francis  Pilot 1-27-2001 Mount View
O'NEIL, Donald Francis  US Army, Co. C 5 Engr TNG BN 12-29-1942 St. Patrick, Limestone
ONYX, Walter US Army. Pacific 1-4-2003 Crawford
OPPENHEIM, Raymond B. DNB, Sgt Unknown Unknown
ORCUTT, Mary J. [Jackie] US Navy, Norfolk VA 2-21-2008 St. Bonaventure
ORCUTT, Norman Eugene US Coast Guard 2-18-2000 St. Bonaventure
ORMOND, Grant L. US Navy 6-21-2008 East Randolph
ORNEHAUG, Carl Alfred US Navy, RT2 12-20-1972 Randolph Rural
ORSINI, Agelo [Yi] US Navy 10-5-2000 St. Bonaventure
OSBORN, Francis L.  US Army, 1944-46 11-17-2013 Mount View
OSBORNE, Earl J Sr, US Army, Co F 5th Engrs NYS Vols, Pfc 3-4-1970 Hinsdale
OSGOOD, Clair Wilbur US Army, M/Sgt 8-7-2006 Mount View
OSGOOD, Harold  US Army, Tec5 7-18-1975 Pleasant Valley
OSGOOD, Henry W US Army, Tec 5 Feb 10-1981 Hinsdale
OSGOOD, Robert E DNB, US Army Air Corps, AVC 1943 Pleasant Valley
OSGOOD, Ruth E. US Army, Nurses Corps 6-24-2008 Chestnut Hill
OSTERMAN, Francis J. Unknown service 4-1-1989 South Napoli
OSTRANDER, Howard L. WW II and Korea. US Navy, QM2. 4-6-2019 Steamburg
OSTRANDER, Leslie W. US Navy WT1 aboard USS Bunker Hill and USS Ticondaroga. 1943-1946. Asian Pacific medal with 12 stars and Philippine Liberation Medal with 2 stars. 12-13-2004 Steamburg
OSTROM, Donald Murdock  US Army, Pvt.1942 7-24-1960 Mount View
OUTMAN, Ronald Morgan US Army, S/Sgt 5-7-1988 Five Mile
OWENS, Richard C. USMC 6th Div 1948 Freedom
OYER, Paul F. US Air Force, Lt Col. 10-12-2004 Calvary
OYER, Robert Folts Unknown service 6-15-1963 Mt Hope
OYER, Russell E. US Army, Tec4 12-10-1986 Calvary
OYER, Theresa R. US Navy 2-12-1982 Calvary
OYER, Walter C. US Army Air Forces 8-5-2011 Wildwood
OYLER, Charles E. Sr. US Navy. 1942-45 4-27-2017 Green
OZOGAR, Joseph US Army, Tec5  1-14-1974 St. Bonaventure
PAAR, Carl L. US Army, Sept. 7 1942-July 1945 10-2-1999 St. Bonaventure
PAAR, Victor E. US Army Air Corps, Europe 10-6-2002 Allegany
PADLO, John Thomas Jr. US Army 7-31-2011 St. Bonaventure
PAGE, Clair R  US Army, S/Sgt 4-16-1973 Mount View
PAGE, Warner J. US Navy 1942-1945. Four Bronze Stars… 6-11-2004 Allegany
PAINTER, James W. US Navy 6-12-1990 Crawford
PAINTER, Lauren Mead Unknown service 9-22-2014 Unnamed Cems, this site
PAINTER, Thomas W. US Army, 2914 Engineer Co, T/Sgt 4-25-1968  Crawford
PAISLEY, Clarence E. Unknown service 6-4-2007 East Randolph
PAISLEY, John Bertran  US Army, 513 PRCHT Inf 17th ABN Div, S/Sgt 1-8-1906 East Randolph
PAISLEY, Robert H.  US Navy 2-15-2008 East Randolph
PAKIS, William F  US Army, Sgt 1-9-1973 Mount View
PALMER, Chester E. US Navy 5-24-2006 Liberty Park
PALMER, James H  US Army, HQ SQ AAF 2-3-1966 Mount View
PANADA, Dennis P.  US Army, Merchant Marines 11-01-2013 Mount View
PANTANO, Vincent J. US Army Air Forces, 31st Bomb Squad, TSgt 10-23-2009 St. Bonaventure
PARKER, Neil E  US Navy, AS 1991 Mount View
PARKER, Sherman L  US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 1991 Mount View
PARKS, George K. US Army, 101st Airborne Div, Tec5. 1942-45 12-0602015 Chestnut Hill
PARSON, Jimmie W. Sr  US Army, Cpl 1-19-1981 Randolph Rural
PASCARELLA, Frank J  US Navy 1-24-1994 Mount View
PASCARELLA, Frank J. Sr. US Army 8-27-1991 Calvary
PASCARELLA, Vincent A. US Army, Pfc 1945-1946 8-12-2012 East Randolph
PASCUCCI, Paul V. US Army, Pfc 1981 St. Bonaventure
PASSMORE, Allen E.  US Army, HQ Co, 6736, Pfc 7-6-1971 Steamburg
PATTERSON, Alonzo F  US Army, Co E 39th Inf 9th Div, Pvt 1-23-1962 Pleasant Valley
PATTERSON, Harry H. WW II and Korea, US Army, Maj. 2-25-1976 Randolph Rural
PATTERSON, Robert R US Army, CPL  6-7-1953 Perrysburg
PATTERSON, Thomas J. Co G 504th Inf. PRCHT, 1st Sgt 3-5-1972 Randolph Rural
PATTI, John C.. US Army Air Forces 12-18-2002 Maplegrove, Machias
PAULY, Ralph E. US Navy 1983 St. Bonaventure
PAVEL, Edward J  US Army, Tec4 9-1-1976 Mount View
PAVIA, Leonard R. Sr. US Army  1-22-2000 Calvary
PAVIA, Michael A. US Army  1977 Calvary
PAVLOCK (Pavlak), Cecelia V. US Army 1998 Calvary
PAVLOCK, August [Tug] US Army Air Corps, T/Sgt 2-22-1995 Calvary
PAVLOCK, Frank J. US Navy. Career. Career 1985 Calvary
PAVLOCK, Harry C. US Army Air Corps 9-13-1948 Calvary
PAVLOCK, Paul J. US Army Air Forces. Europe 6-12-2008 St. Bonaventure
PAVONE, Albert W. US Army, Btry A 466 FA Bn, PFC  3-24- 1966 St. Bonaventure
PAYN, Ensworth N  US Coast Arty, Pfc 8-15-1970 Pleasant Valley
PAYNE, Leon A. US Army 11-13-2014 Chestnut Hill
PEASE, Robert W, US Army Air Corps, Capt. 1943-1946 3-5-2020 Little Valley Rural
PEASELY, Walter G. US Army Air Forces 1-14-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
PEASLEE, Homer K  KIA, US Army, 315 th Inf, Pfc 11-15-1944 East Randolph
PECK, William R. US Navy Radioman 2nd Cl 5-03-2016 Allegany
PECORA, Dominic P. US Army, Sgt  1979 Calvary
PECORA, Nicholas J. Unknown service 1948 Calvary
PECORARO, Nicholas DNB, Pfc Unknown Unknown
PELTON, William M  US Army, S/Sgt 1983 Mount View
PEMBERTON, Leland F. US Army Air Corps, Master Sgt European Theatre 3-10-2015 Wildwood
PENNELL, Daniel  US Army, 389th Inf 98th Div. Pacific 5-8-2012 Maplegrove, Machias
PENNELL, David US Army, Btry E NY Harbor Defense 2-11-2015 Little Valley Rural
PERKINS, Thornton C US Army 9-8-1991 Little Valley Rural
PERREUALT, William Jennings US Navy 11-27-1991 South Napoli
PERRINGTON, Alva R. US Navy, aboard USS Ranger and USS Brooklyn, Gunner  11-12-2010 St. Bonaventure
PERRINGTON, Donald F. Sr. US Army 1-21-1999 East Otto
PERRYMAN, Benjamin Austin Jr.  US Army Air Corps, 67th Bomb Sqd 12-21-2001 East Randolph
PERUGINI, Angelo US Navy, AETM3  11-10-2008 St. Bonaventure
PETERS, Donald W. US Navy 1979 Calvary
PETERSEN, Charles L. US Army 7-31-2007 East Otto
PETERSON, Frederick L. DNB, Cpl Unknown Unknown
PETRUCCELLI, Anthony J. US Army 1986 St. Bonaventure
PETTENATI, Waldo V. US Army, Combat Eng 6-22-2004 St. Bonaventure
PETTENGILL, Oakley Willis US Army Air Forces Nov 22-1998 Hinsdale
PETTIT, Elton H. US Army 8-24-1982 Farmersville
PFEFFER, James C.  US Army Air Corps in Panama Canal Zone, dicharged 1949. Re-enlisted April 3 1950 in US Navy, served on the US. Leyte CVA 32 during Korean Conflict. Discharged Feb 2 1954 as A1C 4-18-1995  Wildwood
PFEIFFER, Edward C. USMC 1-23-2001 St. Bonaventure
PFIEFFER, Clemens E. US Army, Pvt.  6-27-1983 South Napoli
PHETTEPLACE, Clarence King US Navy 4-1-1994 Maplegrove, Machias
PHETTEPLACE, Platt M. [P.M.] US Army, TEC5 4-9-1973 Maplegrove, Machias
PHILLIPS, Carlyle George  US Navy aboard USS Simpson 6-1-2001  Mt. Prospect
PHILLIPS, Clayton E.  US Army Air Forces 12-5-2000  Pleasant Valley
PHILLIPS, David Jenkins  US Army  4-6-2011 Mount View
PHILLIPS, Gordon W.  US Navy 1942-46 6-9-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
PHILLIPS, Loretta M. US Army Air Corps, Cpl ~ Calvary
PHILLIPS, Owen K. [OK] US Navy 1998 Calvary
PHILLIPS, Robert A  US Army 8-21-2004 Mount View
PHINNEY, Richard D. Sr. US Army 7-31-2005 McKinstry
PHIPPEN, George D  US Army, PFC 10-7-1973 Mount View
PIECHOTA, John M. US Navy. South Pacific 7-3-2007 St. Bonaventure
PIECHOTA, Michael S US Army, Pfc 1982 St. Bonaventure
PIECHOTA, Peter Paul KIA, USMC, Pvt. Killed in action on Rendova Island (Solomon Islands in the South Pacific) 7-2-1943 St. Bonaventure
PIEKLO, John US Army 11-13-1983 Calvary
PIEKLO, Walter A. KIA, US Army Air Force, Sgt. Radio operator on B-17. 4-24-1945 Calvary
PIERCE, C. Raymond  Unknown service 1984 Green
PIERCE, Harley US Army, Tec4  1980 Horseshoe
PIERCE, Rowena L  US Army, 2nd Lt 1981 Mount View
PIERCE, Spencer Webster US Army, 1209th SVG Comd Unit, Pfc  12-18-1953 Horseshoe
PILARSKI, John Edward USNR, PH1. 9-07-1961 Calvary
PILON, Glenn W Sr  US Marine Corps, CPL 10-14-2002 Mount View
PILON, Neal J. US Army, Artillery. Europe 12-30-1974 St. Bonaventure
PINCOSKE, Victor M. US Army 1976 Calvary
PINCOSKI, Donald S. Unknown service 1952 Calvary
PIPER, Edward W. US Army 3-28-2011 Pleasant Valley
PISCONSKI, Charles F. US Army Air Forces 9-28-1986 St. Bonaventure
PIXLEY, Betty Ruth Wilber US Cadet Nurse Corps in Bayonne NJ 7-05-2015 Pleasant Valley
PIXLEY, Geraldine J. (Ayers) US Army 4-1-2010 Allegany
PIZON, Anthony J. US Navy, S1 12-21-1970 Calvary
PLOETZ, Gordon Lewis Unknown service 12-25-1955 Mt Hope
PLOETZ, Leroy E. Unknown service 4-6-1986 Mt Hope
PLONKA, John S. US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 9-09-1974 Calvary
PLUNKETT, Robert D. USNR, AO1. 9-07-1961 Calvary
POLASIK, Raymond John US Army, Sig Co 4 Inf Div, Tec4 11-09-1963 Calvary
POLICASTRO, Leon US Army 1977 Calvary
POLLACK, Thomas Clinton US Army Air Corps 5-8-2021 Chestnut Hill
POLLOCK, Robert C. US Army Air Corps 2-14-2010 Chestnut Hill
POLSON, Bruce C. US Army, Combat Engineers 4-16-2009 Allegany
POND, Leroy L. Sr.  US Army 4-19-1993 Wildwood
POND, Levi L.  US Army, Tec5 1977 Wildwood
PONTASKI, Joseph T. US Coast Guard, PO1 7-09-1998 Calvary
PONTASKI, Walter J. US Navy 7-01-1993 Calvary
POOLE, Harry S. US Army 15th Air Force,  mechanic. Worked on the B-24 bombers in Palestine-Egypt-N. Italy- France-Germany-Austria and Balkans awarded many medals 4-24-2007 Calvary
PORCELLI, Anthony DNB, US Army Co B 220th Arm Engr Bn, Pvt 1944 St. Bonaventure
PORPIGLIA, Matthew L. DOW, Pfc Unknown Unknown
POST, William Blair USNR PA 51  1-26-1958 Rutledge
POTTER, Donald F. US Army Service Battery 309th Field Art 78th Inf Div 11-22-2019 Allegany
POTTER, Henry Thomas Jr. [Tom] US Navy. Participated in Operation Swordfish, which involved setting up radio communications for the US Army in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater, including Hollandia, New Guinea, and Leyte Gulf in the Philippines. He was wounded in action and received the Purple Heart among several other military medals. 11-16-2013 St. Bonaventure
POTTER, Leneal Robert US Army 2-14-2002 Allegany
POTTER, Leslie C.  US Army, Cpl 8-25-1977 Wildwood
POUNDS, Richard N. [Bud] US Army Air Corps.1943-1945 12-9-2010 Chestnut Hill
POWERS, Joseph J. US Army, Tec/4 2-20-1994 Willoughby
POWNALL, Raymond C. US Army, 19th Combat Engr Regt, Capt. Silver Star 7-18-2006 St. Bonaventure
PRATT, Charles US Army 1943-46 10-26-2016 Maplegrove, Machias
PRATT, Jenny L. US Navy 1941-45 & Navy Reserve 25 yrs 3-30-2016 North Otto
PREBIS, Anthony J. US Army 1992 Calvary
PREBIS, John J. WW II and Korea US Army 2-6-2005 Calvary
PRESS, Donald R.  US Army 1987 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
PRESTON, Arthur Frank Unknown service 11-24-1977 Mt Hope
PRESTON, Samuel M  US Army, Pvt 9-23-1980 Mount View
PRICE, Cletus E  US Army 5-19-1984 Mount View
PRICE, Guy E  US Army, CPL 1988 Mount View
PRIES, Robert E. US Coast Guard 11-18-2006 Allegany
PRINCE, Robert B  US Army, PFC 1979 Mount View
PRITCHARD, Lorenzo "Jr" US Army 9-1-2001 Crawford
PRITZ, Raymond L. US Army, Quartermaster Corps. Germany 1-23-2003 St. Bonaventure
PROVORSE, Loyal R. Sr. US Army 3-12-2016 Green
PROVORSE, Loyal R. Sr. [Shorty] US Army 3-12-2016 Green
PRUSINOWSKI, Robert US Navy, Pacific 3-13-2006 Calvary
PUDA, Chester William "Chet" US Navy aboard USS Devosa Okinawa 5-28-2008 Calvary
PURDY, Edward J. Sr. Unknown service 11-7-2008 South Napoli
PURDY, Roger Allen US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 6-14-1972 Mt Hope
PURDY, Warren E. US Army 1998 Calvary
PUSTAWSKI, Anthony James "Tony" US Navy, Seabees 1-12-2003 St. Bonaventure
PUTNEY, William M. US Army Europe. 1944, Battle of the Bulge and Nuremberg Trials. 5-3-2019 Holy Cross, Gowanda NY
PUTT, Kenneth L. Sr. US Army, 82nd Airborne Div. 1946-48 11-09-2013 St. Bonaventure
PUVEL, John US Army Air Forces,  4103 AAF Base Unit, Pfc 12-09-1945 Calvary
PUVEL, Paul US Army  7-3-2007 Little Valley Rural
PUVEL, Stanley F. US Army. Europe 12-3-2006 Little Valley Rural
PYLES, Cleveland F  US Army, Capt. 2-20-1959 Mount View
PYRKOS, Frank G. US Army,14th Armored Division in Ft. Smith Ark. and 13th Airborne Div in Europe 3-1-2001 St. Bonaventure
QUATTRONE, Anthony US Army 1-15-2007 Calvary
QUATTRONE, Bruno C. US Navy 7-5-2012 Green
QUATTRONE, Bruno L. US Army, HQ Co 389 Inf. Regt, tec5 4-27-1963 St. Bonaventure
QUATTRONE, Frank US Navy and Army 8-6-1997 Crawford
QUATTRONE, Joseph V. US Army, Sgt  12-14-1985 Calvary
QUATTRONE, Peter Anthony US Navy, CM1 11-11-1975 Calvary
QUATTRONE, Peter R. US Army, Military Police. Pacific  6-25-2006 Calvary
QUESTA, Raymond A. US Navy, CPO. 1941-47  11-22-2010 St. Bonaventure
QUIGLEY, Lawrence S. US Army 7-10-2011 Calvary
QUIGLEY, Max L.  US Army 12-16-1977 Wildwood
QUIGLEY, William  US Army, 224 Med Co 17 Airborne Div 8-2-2011 Calvary
QUINN, John H. US Merchant Marines 9-8-2001 St. Bonaventure
QUINN, Robert W. DNB, 2/Lt Unknown Unknown
QUINN, Thomas H. II US Army, 15th Air Force in Italy 7-8-2009 St. Bonaventure
RADER, John A. Unknown service 10-12-1972 Mt Hope
RADLINSKI, Leonard F. US Army, Signal Corps 2nd Armored Div, SSgt. Seven Battle Stars and a Brnze Star 12-10-2006 St. Bonaventure
RAECHER, George H.  US Army. Europe - Battle of the Bulge 6-25-2001  Green
RAIPORT, Mary (Ondus) US Army 1942-1945 2-6-2021 Holy Cross, Gowanda NY
RAJSKI, John C. [Papa]  US Army, 11th Airborne Div, SSgt 1-8-2004 St. Bonaventure
RAKUS, Chester R. US Army   1-30-1991 Calvary
RAKUS, George A. US Navy 5-11-1999 Calvary
RAKUS, Leonard R. KIA, US Army, 55th Armd Inf BN II ARMD Div, Pvt 3-04-1945 Calvary
RAKUS, Leonard R. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
RAKUS, Paul US Army 5th general Hosp, Medic   6-15-2005 Calvary
RAKUS, Thomas US Army   1-14-1997 Calvary
RAMBUSKI, Walter R. US Army, 3rd Army (Gen.Patton) 1-9-2007 Pleasant Valley
RAMIRE, Quido  US Army Medical Corps 10-27-2018 St. Bonaventure
RAMSEY, Thomas W US Army 12-29-2002 Mount View
RANDALL, Herbert  Unknown service 9-2-1972 East Portville/Main Settlement
RANDALL, James Alcot US Army, 3rd Inf 8-8-1945 Mt Hope
RANDALL, Lewis L US Army, Pvt 1976 Mount View
RANDALL, Walter J US Army, S/Sgt 1987 Hinsdale
RANIO, Alfred A. DNB, Tec5 Unknown Unknown
RANKE, Maynard J. US Navy, S2 9-21-1973 East Otto
RANKIN, Joseph L. US Army, Sgt 7-4-1977 Randolph Rural
RAPP, Joanna (Brazee) Adam  US Army Nurse Corps. Saipan and Korea  11-26- 2000  Chestnut Hill
RAREY, Dorothy L Baham Nash US Army 1991 Pleasant Valley
RAREY, Herbert R US Army, PFC 3-22-1974 Mount View
RAREY, William W US Army, Pfc 2-25-1973 Pleasant Valley
RASEY, William Jr US Navy, S1 6-25-1989 Mount View
RASO, Charles J. USMC 11-14-2008 St. Bonaventure
RATHBUN, Cyrus Wayne US Army, 548th MP Co, Pvt. 11-22-1971 Siloam
RAU, William R. US Navy, Pacific. US Naval Reserves,1964-1987, including Vietnam. 10-3-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
RAU, William R. US Navy & Navy Reserves 1964-87 10-03-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
RAUB, LaVerne H. US Army. Victory Medal 12-25-2007 Hillside Haven
RAUB, Ruth Emelia (Oberg) US Army Nurse Corps 12-27-2002 Allegany
RAY, John Harris US Army, Pvt 1987 Mount View
READING, James E Sr. US Army Air Corps 11-14-1986 Pleasant Valley
REDDEN, Eugene US Army, 408th Counter Intelligence China/Burma border 5-2-2007 St. Bonaventure
REDDING, Donald W  US Army 11-3-2005 Pleasant Valley
REDEYE, Roland C. DNB, Pvt Unknown Unknown
REDEYE, Stanley M. US Navy & US Air Force. Career, 28 years 6-07-2018 Horseshoe
REDEYE, Victor Sr. US Army 8-7-2002 Memorial Heights
REDEYE, William M. US Army, Military Police 10-1-1967  Wildwood
REDINGTON, James Levi [Sleep] US Army, 2nd Signal Service Bn, radio operator. 1942-1945 Europw 9-14-2014 Randolph Rural
REDISH, Joseph US Army 1986 Calvary
REED, Carl A. US Army, Africa, Europe 6-23-2001 St. Bonaventure
REED, Edward L  US Navy 1990 Little Valley Rural
REED, HArold J. US Army 10-26-2004 Liberty Park
REED, Harold J. US Army, Europe  2-10-2007 Wildwood
REED, Keith L. Sr. US Navy 6-09-2018 Crawford
REED, Monroe Reed Benson US Navy, S1 6-7-2000 Pleasant Valley
REED, Patrick Henry USNR, S1 8-8-1960 Crawford
REES, Walter Arthur US Navy 1-9-1998 Pleasant Valley
REESE, Andrew L. Jr. US Army, Calvary 2-2-2014 Little Valley Rural
REILLY, John J. Jr DOW, Pfc Unknown Unknown
REIMAN, Emil C. US Army, Pvt 1979 Wildwood
REIMAN, Kenneth W US Army 1-2-2000 Little Valley Rural
REINHARDT, Robert W. DNB, 2/Lt. Unknown Unknown
REITZ, Harold J. US Army, Cpl 4-16-1999 St. Bonaventure
REMINGTON, George W.  US Army 3-15-1979 Steamburg
REMINGTON, Theo C.  US Army, Cpl 6-20-1981 Steamburg
REVETTI, Michael J. DNB, Pfc Unknown Unknown
REYNOLDS, Howard E [Bud] US Army  2-13-2002 Little Valley Rural
REYNOLDS, Leo E Sr [Red Cloud] US Army Air Forces, T/Sgt 6-5-2006 Mount View
RHODES, Chestley H KIA, 17 Inf, Pfc 4-22-1945 Mount View
RICE, Henry J.  US Army 571st Air Service Grp  5-26-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
RICHARDS, Robert B US Army, Pvt 2-6-2002 Mount View
RICHARDSON, Emil A US Army, 321th Repair Unit MTC , Pvt 5-11-1953 Pleasant Valley
RICHARDSON, Leaner C USMC, Pvt 10-21-1954 Pleasant Valley
RICHARDSON, Max E. WW II and Korea. US Navy RM1 8-19-1976 Chestnut Hill
RICHARDSON, Morris E. Jr. US Air Force.T/Sgt 12-20-1996 Chestnut Hill
RICHARDSON, Thomas G.  US Army 1981 Wildwood
RICHETTI, Anthony R  US Army Air Corps 11-5-2007 Allegany
RICKEY, William M. "Red" US Army 10-5-2007 Allegany
RICOTTA, Joseph P. USMC, Pacific Theater  6-08-2003 Calvary
RIDDELL, Harold Henry US Army. 1945-1949 10-31-2021 Randolph Rural
RIDDELL, Maynard H  US Army, Purple Heart 1996 Randolph Rural
RIDER, Donald F US Army Air Forces, CPL 12-30-1974 Mount View
RIDER, John C. US Navy 4-22-1992 Crawford
RIED, Charles A. US Army Air Forces, 1st Lt. 1943-45  3-26-2012 St. Bonaventure
RIEHLE, Norman Francis, Jr. USMC, Cpl. 8-8-1989 St. Bonaventure
RIEHLE, Vincent R. US Navy Seabees 1943-47 12-20-2015 St. Bonaventure
RIEHLER, Richard J. US Army European Theatre, Purple Heart 3-10-2015 St. Bonaventure
RIEHLER, Vincent US Navy Seabees. 1943 to 1946 12-20-2015 St. Bonaventure
RIELY, Edward W. US Army Tec3 5-27-1986 Calvary
RIESDORPH, John H US Army 11-16-1999 Mount View
RIETHMILLER, Gerald [Judd] US Navy 10-4-2005 Mt. Prospect
RIGGS, Alonzo [Dan] US Navy 12-3-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
RIGGS, Leland Arthur US Army, Tec5 8-1978 Memorial Heights
RININGER, Alden R. KIA, T.Sgt Unknown Unknown
RINKO, Andrew  US Army. African theater - POW 11-22-2004 Willoughby
RIORDAN, William R. KIA, US Army, 337 Inf. 85 Inf. Div., Pfc 1-21-2001 St. Bonaventure
RITZENTHALER, John E.   US Army 8th Air Force. Flew B-17 missions from England to Germany. Distinguished Flying Cross for flying 25 missions with no fighter escort 12-16-2003 St. Bonaventure
RIX George Jr. US Navy, S1 7-31-1976 Freedom
ROBBINS, Floyd J. US Navy Reserves GM3 6-25-1967 St. Bonaventure
ROBERS, Basil A.  US Army 7-17-1983 Steamburg
ROBERSON, Percy  US Army 1979 East Randolph
ROBERTS, Basil L US Army 8-24-1997 Freedom
ROBINSON, Irvin T. Sr. US Army, South Pacific 8-17-2008 Chestnut Hill
ROBINSON, Paul Laverne USN Transport Service, Lt 1947 Rutledge
ROBINSON, William Earnest Jr. KIA, US Army Air Corps, 8th Air Force, Capt. Fighter pilot of P-47. Killed over France. 4-10-1944 Mount View
ROBLEE, Donald C. Sr US Army, Germany. Purple Heart 2-20-2005 Freedom
ROBLEE, Lincoln L US Army 8-3-1994 Freedom
ROCKWELL, George A. US Navy 7-15-2015 Wildwood
ROCKWELL, Raymond C  US Army 4-24-1989  Green
ROFF, Joseph P. US Army, Tec3 8-11-1992 Calvary
ROGERS, Douglas J. US Navy, Pacific 11-5-2007 St. Bonaventure
ROGERS, Lyle Rupert [Pete] US Navy 11-19-2000 Siloam
ROGERS, Wayne L. USMC, Sgt 11-3-2007 Siloam
ROGOSEINSKI, John J. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
ROHRICH, Chester USMC. Served on Okinawa. 10-12-2002 Cottage
ROJEK, Anthony F. US Army, Pvt 7-15-1975 Calvary
ROLPH, Ivan E     Unknown service 11-2-1964 Cassadaga
RONOLDER, William C. US Army, Ordnance Evacuation Company 12-1-2008 St. Bonaventure
RONOLDER, William C. US Army, Ordnance Evacuation Company 12-1-2008 St. Bonaventure
ROSE, Herbert L. US Army 8-2-2010 Siloam
ROSETTI, Anthony J US Army, Pvt 1983 Mount View
ROSS, Anthony US Army 5-08-1990 Calvary
ROSS, Joseph J. Jr  US Army 04-11-2003 Allegany
ROTHRA, Katherine G. (Snyder)   US Army, PFC 12-21-1989 Cassadaga
ROTHWELL, Rose Cecelia Women's Air Force Corps 1-18-2009 St. Bonaventure
ROULO, James A. US Army, 82nd Airborne Div. Purple Heart and other medals 10-7-2007 Chestnut Hill
ROUNDS, Vernon US Navy. 1943-1946 in the Pacific 1-13-2021 Allegany
ROUSE, James W US Army 1995 Mount View
ROUTIER, Francis C. US Navy 1944-46 9-26-2016 St. Bonaventure
ROWE, Robert L. Unknown service 9-10-2010 St. Bonaventure
ROWLAND, Dalton W. US Army, Pacific at Guam and Iwo Jima  11-15-2007 Maplegrove, Machias
ROWLEY, John T. Jr. KIA, T/Sgt Unknown Unknown
ROYCE, Walter J.   US Navy  1943-46  11-27-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
RUCKH, Donald O. US Army PFC 3-28-2000 Markham's Ger. Lutheran
RUDING, Harry J US Army, Field Artillery, Pvt 2-14-1966 Mount View
RUDOLPH, John E. US Army Air Corps 6-15-2010 East Randolph
RUGGLES, Joseph F US Army Air Forces. Bronze Star 04-21-2003 Pleasant Valley
RUNG, William Russ  US Army Air Forces, Pfc 1-7-1997 Steamburg
RUNGE, Harold W.   US Army, PFC 4-25-2000 Cassadaga
RUNKLE, William L.   US Army, 101st Signal Bn, Capt. 7-29-1969 Cassadaga
RUPER, Harold C. US Army, Cpl 1946-1947 11-22-2011 Little Valley Rural
RUSSELL, George W. US Navy Short Wave Radio Operator 6-8-2012 St. Bonaventure
RUSSELL, Lloyd A. [Rusty] US Army Air Corps 1990 East Otto
RUSSELL, Robert T. US Army Aire Force. China-Burma-India Theater 3-11-2008 Little Valley Rural
RUSSETT, John E. Unknown service 3-6-1996 Crawford
RUSSO, Dominic R. [Shiek] US Army 1943-46 3-20-2012 St. Bonaventure
RUSSO, James R. US Navy, CS3 8-27-1967 St. Bonaventure
RUSSO, Louis R. US Navy, Pharm Mate  4-14-2011 St. Bonaventure
RYAN, Daniel E. US Army, Cpl 1982 St. Bonaventure
RYAN, Francis J. US Navy, Lt JG 7-08-2003 St. Bonaventure
RYAN, Francis R. US Army, Pvt 1-18-1984 St. Bonaventure
RYAN, James J. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
RYAN, R. Paul US Army, 17th Cav Recon 8-6-2001 St. Bonaventure
RZEZNICK, Joseph J. US Army, 119th Ord Co, Tec3 2-26-1951 Calvary
RZUCEK, John P. US Army, Pfc 12-28-1983 Calvary


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