World War II Veterans

These pages contain the names of the men and women who called Cattaraugus County home and served in World War II.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • This page consolidates information from our cemetery lists with casualty information from several casuality lists.
  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. 
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived is in [square brackets] in the burial column.
    Tip:  Most Burials in [brackets] are from a casualty list. Look for burials at the American Overseas cemetery site.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • "Unnamed Cems, this site" in the Burial column is this page.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Cattaraugus County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
GABLER, Frederick Albert Jr. US Navy  WWII 6-01-2010 Five Mile
GALLETS, Joseph P. USMC 1964 St. Bonaventure
GALLETS, Lawrence M. US Army, Cpl. Pacific 2-18-2009 St. Bonaventure
GALLETS, Tommy US Navy 8-22-1948 St. Bonaventure
GALLOWAY, Joseph D. US Navy 1-24-2005 St. Bonaventure
GALMER, Neal US Army, Co E 41st Engr, PFC 8-9-1971 Mount View
GALVIN, Leonard Wesley US Army, Pvt 12-19-1987 Calvary
GANGEMI, Frank, W. US Army, Tec4 8-6-1997 St. Bonaventure
GANGEMI, Joseph F. US Army  7-9-2009 St. Bonaventure
GANOUNG, Charles Stanhope Jr. Unknown service 6-26-1996 Pleasant Valley
GARDINER, Francis Eugene US Navy, RDM3. Purple Heart 9-22-1998 St. Bonaventure
GARDNER, Donald Lewis  USMC, Pfc 7-5-1962 St. Patrick, Limestone
GARDNER, Emmitte J US Army, 18th Inf Div, Pvt.  9-26-1950 St. Bonaventure
GARDNER, Everett C. Sr.  US Army 1996 Randolph Rural
GARDNER, Michael C  US Army, Capt. 1-17-1988 St. Patrick, Limestone
GARDNER, Thomas G. Dr.  US. Army, Lt Col 1980 Wildwood
GARDNER, William E. Unknown service 9-27-2010 Chestnut Hill
GAREY, John L. US Navy 1943-47 11-27-2015 Allegany
GARMACK, Frank US Army, Pvt 3-19-1976 Mount View
GASPAR, Richard G. US Army 5-3-2011 Allegany
GAYLOR, Richard J US Army, Pfc 4-18-1998 Pleasant Valley
GAYTON, Arthtur S US Army, Tec4 1981 Mount View
GAYTON, Clayton E. US Army, 186th Eng Aviation Bn 4-22-2006 Chestnut Hill
GAYTON, Clayton E. US Army, 1864th Eng Aviation Batt, Asiatic-Pacific Theater 4-22-2006 Mount View
GAYTON, Gerald L US Navy, S1 2-25-1972 Mount View
GAYTON, John R US Army, Tec4 1982 Mount View
GAYTON, Serell Seward Santee US Army, Pvt 10-17-1998 Allegany
GEISE, Merle J US Army 2-14-1978 Pleasant Valley
GEISE, William J. US Navy 4-01-2015 St. Bonaventure
GELSOMINO, Frank T. Jr. US Army, Europe 8-13-2007 St. Bonaventure
GEMMILL, Raymond S. US Navy 10-01-2004 Liberty Park
GENA, Gene A. US Army. Europe, Bronze Star 6-13-2008 Mt. Prospect
GENGO, Angelo F. US Army 6-12-1994 Calvary
GENTILE, Thomas FOD, Sgt Unknown Unknown
GEORGE, James E. US Coast Guard 8-23-1985 Memorial Heights
GERMACK, John F US Army Air Forces 82nd FTR Control SQ, CPL 4-13-1970 Mount View
GERWITZ, Cyril J. KIA, Pfc Unknown Unknown
GIBBLE, Kay E. (Gibble) USMC 2-12-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
GIBBONS, John J.  US Army 2-5-2004 Chestnut Hill
GIBBS, Ralph H. US Army Corps of Engrs. Europe 3-15-2009 Mt. Prospect
GIERMEK, Walter W. US Army 11-5-2005 St. Bonaventure
GIFFORD, Herbert Curtis [Curt] US Navy 1944-46  2-10-2011 Mt. Prospect
GIFFORD, John E. US Navy. Asiatic-Pacific and European-African Theaters 12-13-2005 St. Bonaventure
GILBERT, Harold Lester   US Army, Tec 5  4-15-1990 Cassadaga
GILBERT, Joseph F. US Army,Sgt 4-8-1962 St. Bonaventure
GILLINGHAM, Ralph [Bus] US Army, S/Sgt 4-2-1989 Pleasant Valley
GILMAN, Russell US Army 5-12-2010 Calvary
GILMAN, Terrance L  US Army, CPL 1980 Green
GILRAY, Charles J. US Army Air Corps 5-1-1974 Cottage
GINNERY, George C US Army 11-24-1989 Green
GIUNTA, Anthony J US Navy, AS 6-2-1999 Mount View
GLASER, Henry J US Army 2-24-1978 Pleasant Valley
GLEASON, Charles S US Army  12-1-1997 Mount View
GLEASON, Michael T. [Tom] US Army 5-25-2006 St. Bonaventure
GLENDENING, Erlon E US Army 1992 Little Valley Rural
GLENDENING, Lyle  US Army 11-16-1988 Steamburg
GLENN, Claude F. US Navy, Pacific. USS Bainbride and USS LST 100 2-7-2006 Unnamed Cems, this site
GLENN, Thaddeus Arthur Unknown service 5-18-2006 Green
GLOSSER, Robert F. US Army  4-15-2005 Mt. Prospect
GLOVER, Frank E. US Army Engr Corps 9-1-2011 St. Bonaventure
GLOW, Adolph P. US Army, Cpl 1985 East Otto
GODFREY, John Dr.  US Army Medical Corps, Capt. 1943-1945 11-20-2001  Chestnut Hill
GOLDEN, Alfred R. [Goldie] USMC, two tours 3-14-2008 Chestnut Hill
GOLL, Edward A. Jr US Army, PFC 9-26-1992 Cassadaga
GOOD, Thomas M. Jr. US Army Air Forces 3-15-2011 St. Bonaventure
GOODMAN, Dexter W  US Army, Tec5 1-2-1982 Randolph Rural
GOODRICH, Carl Lloyd  Unknown service 11-26-1950 Wildwood
GOODRICK, Eli  John US Army, PFC 8-12-1989 Freedom
GOODWILL, Phillip T  US Army 12-25-1989 Green
GOODWILL, Robert W. US Army 10-7-1996 Cottage
GOODYEAR, Claude L US Army, CPL 1988 Mount View
GORANFLO, Henry Edward US Army, Pfc 1978 Calvary
GORDON, Arthur P. US Army Air Forces 7-27-2004 Hillside Haven
GORDON, Charles W.  US Army 1982 Steamburg
GORECKI, Joseph J. US Army, Airborne 12-27-2009 St. Bonaventure
GORNY, Richard F. US Army. 1942-1946 3-5-2014 St. Bonaventure
GORTON, Robert E. [Pete] US Army 1-6-2005 St. Bonaventure
GOSS, Lewis R US Army, Co C 83rd Inf TNG SN, Tec4 11-11-1962 Mount View
GRABOWSKI, Stanley J. US Army, 755th Railroad Bn. Europe 10-21-1993 Calvary
GRACE, Frederick G. US Army Air Forces 1-14-2006 St. Bonaventure
GRADER, Thomas G. US Navy aboard USS Luzon  5-20-2006 St. Bonaventure
GRAF, Alida Jennie (Waite) Unknown service 12-10-1991 Mt Hope
GRAHAM, A. Douglas US Army, CPL 5-26-1995 Mount View
GRAHAM, Clifford D.  US Army 2-10-1984 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
GRAHAM, Elvin Harper  US Army Air Forces, 592 Base Unit, Pfc 9-29-1968 Pleasant Valley
GRAHAM, James E.  US Army 304th Army Air Force, Medical Corpsman 12-23-2000 Wildwood
GRAHAM, Ransom E. Jr.  US Army, Burma and India 8-16-2000  Five Mile
GRAHAM, Vaughn E. US Army 8-08-2012 East Otto
GRANDUSKY, Allan F. US Army, Cpl. 1-9-1973 St. Bonaventure
GRANDUSKY, Howard J. US Army, 34th Co Inf. RTC, PFC 4-28-1987 St. Bonaventure
GRANDUSKY, Richard L. USMC, Cpl 10-17-1965 St. Bonaventure
GRATZ, James F US Army 12-27-1988 East Randolph
GRAVES, Harry Jr. US Army Air Forces, 1st Lt. German POW 3-13-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
GRAY, Lester L.  US Navy 7-9-2001 Steamburg
GRAY, Loraine E US Army, Pvt 1979 Mount View
GRAY, Merrit Olivar US Army, Co E 23rd Inf 2nd Div, PFC 5-24-1969 Mount View
GRAY, Raymond J. USMC. Pacific 8-1-2006 Calvary
GREEN, Charles W. US Army, 356th Harbor Craft Co guarding the ports of France  4-24-2005 Little Valley Rural
GREEN, Floyd G US Army, PFC 6-5-2002 Mount View
GREEN, Harold W [Sonny] US Army 1-4-1999 Pleasant Valley
GREEN, John Maurice Sr. [Morris] US Army 7th Fld Arty Medical Detachment, Pvt. Africa and Europe 8-15-2008 Plato
GREEN, Stephen  US Army 27th Inf Div, 105th Field Arty Bn 1-10-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
GREENAWALT, Russell F US Army, US Army Reserves, Major 3-21-2010 Mount View
GREENE, James H.  US Army  2-18-2004 Chestnut Hill
GREENE, Lloyd S US Army, Pvt 1979 Mount View
GREENE, Maynard G. US Army  11-24-1991 St. Bonaventure
GREENE, Paul US Army, Co D 793rd Mil Police Bn 4-3-2011 Little Valley Rural
GREGO, James J. Sr. US Army Air Corps, Sgt Med Tech 1941-45 4-23-2012 St. Bonaventure
GREISCH, Leslie Phillip US Navy, Lt JG 2-20-2017 Chestnut Hill
GREY, William J.  USMC. Pacific 4-28- 1995  Green
GRIEHM, Henry G. US Army 6-29-2011 Calvary
GRIFFIN, Herbert C. US Army, Tec5 9-1-1987 St. Bonaventure
GRIFFIN, Lambert W. US Army Air Corps 11-25-1992 Memorial Heights
GRIFFIN, Richard C US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 2-2-5-1975 Little Valley Rural
GRIFFITH, James D.  US Army, T/Sgt 4-28-1981 Wildwood
GRIMES, Daniel A.  US Army 4-3-2001 Chestnut Hill
GRIMES, Richard  US Navy. 1945-1946 9-11-2021 Allegany
GRIMES, Richard E. MIA, Sgt Unknown Unknown
GRISWOLD, Robert E.   US Navy, CM2 4-4-1972 Cassadaga
GROAT, Edward S,, Rev. US Army Air Corps 10-14-2020 Acacia Park, North Tonawanda NY
GROCHOWINA, Stanley E. US Army, T/Sgt 6-27-1990 Calvary
GROSS, Leon Jr. US Army Air Forces 1-4-2007 Chestnut Hill
GROVER, Kenneth Marsh US Army Air Corps and Merchant Marines 7-8-2007 Pleasant Valley
GROVES, Arnold A. "Arthur" US Navy 9-2-2007 Rutledge
GUICHARD, Rodney D US Army, M/sgt 3-26-1982 East Randolph
GUNNELLS, Harry G US Army, Purple Heart 10-1-1991 Pleasant Valley
GURSKY, Eli WW II, Korea, US Army Air Corps, 1946-1949, then US Navy 1949-1967. Career 7-13-2022 Chestnut Hill
GUSTAFSON, Eric L US Army, Pvt 1-6-1959 Mount View
GUZZETTA, Joseph C US Army  4-22-2023 Versailles
HAAS, George L.  US Army 4-15-1990 Wildwood
HAASE, Norman J US Army, PFC 1977 Mount View
HADLEY, Ernest M.  US Army, Pvt 3-7-1982 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
HAGGERTY, Raymond M. Jr. US Army 11-16-2004 St. Bonaventure
HAHN, Clarence C.  US Navy 1942-46 9-29-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
HAHN, Jean E US Army, SP5. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 10-7-1998 Mount View
HAHN, Robert F. US Army 1945-47 12-17-2014 Mt. Prospect
HAIGHT, Oscar G US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt. China Berma India Air Service SQ 305th Air Servive Group 2-5-2009 Unnamed Cems, this site
HAIGHT, Oscar Grover US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 2-5-2009 Mount View
HAIGHT, Oscar Grover US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 2-5-2009 Mount View
HAILFINGER, Raymond H.  US Army, Pvt 10-22-1986 Steamburg
HAINES, Elton L. [Pete] US Navy aboard USS Chester  5-2-2010 Chestnut Hill
HAINES, Martin John US Army Air Corps 9-24-1987 Calvary
HALEY, Donald J. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
HALFORD, Grace O.  US Navy, Ens 1986 Wildwood
HALFORD, Leslie (Charles L. )  US Army, Officer Training Corps in WW I and US Army Air Force, Sgt in WW II 5-7-1991  Wildwood
HALFORD, Leslie (Charles L. )  US Army, Officer Training Corps in WW I and US Army Air Force, Sgt in WW II 5-7-1991  Wildwood
HALL, Bond Mulkin, Capt. KIA, US Army Air Corps, Capt. C-47 pilot. Killed over Luzon, Phillipines. Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster and Air Medal with several Oak Leaf Clusters 7-6-1945 Farmersville
HALL, Robert  174th Natl Guard 1940-45 7-30-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
HALLETT, Carl Milton Sr. US Army Air Force, Pfc 3-29-1994 Rutledge
HALLIDAY, Nathaniel Edward "Bud" US Army 12-27-2006 Pleasant Valley
HALLORAN, Donald E. US Navy, HM2 11-12-1956 Calvary
HALWIG, Richard F US Army 1979 Mount View
HAMACHER, William Wolff US Army 2-5-2005 Calvary
HAMBLIN, Robert V Sr. US Navy, F1 8-19-1988 Mount View
HAMELE, John S. US Army, Pvt. Purple Heart 3-18-2001 East Otto
HAMER, Benedict F USNR, MM1 3-5-1957 Mount View
HAMILITON, Charles O. KIA, US Army, Pvt 2-20-1945 Liberty Park
HAMILTON, Albert L US Army, 574 AAA Aw BN CAC  1963 Pleasant Valley
HAMILTON, Earl L. 1943-1946 and 1949-1951 6-27-2003 Randolph Rural
HAMILTON, Melvin US Army 1945-46 11-17-2010 Allegany
HAMMER, Harry US Army, Africa 4-27-2010 B'Nai Israel
HAMMOND, John A. "Jack" US Army, Pacific, 1st Lt 2-17-2005 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
HANBACK, Joseph F. US Army, S/Sgt. Purple Heart 11-12-1993 St. Bonaventure
HANBY, Wayne L US Army Air Forces, Cpl 5-17-1973 Pleasant Valley
HAND, Thomas C. [Art] US Army, WO/JG  9-24-1985 St. Bonaventure
HAND, Vincent J US Army, PFC 7-20-1998 Mount View
HANNON, James Eugene [Gene] US Navy 10-22-2002 St. Bonaventure
HANNON, Richard J. US Marine Corps 1943-46, Pacific 12-24-2017 St. Bonaventure
HANSON, Thurston C. [Torst] US Army, Sgt. 1-14-2005 Chestnut Hill
HARDY, John B. US Navy 3-14-2009 Pleasant Valley
HARDY, Robert Asa US Army, 1946-47 3-25-2003 Pleasant Valley
HARENDA, Anthony J. US Army, Medic & Interpreter 2-16-2017 St. Bonaventure
HARENDA, Walter S. "Jumbo" US Army. Europe, Battle of the Bulge 10-5-2006 St. Bonaventure
HARKNESS, Herbert S. US Army 11-30-2006 Randolph Rural
HARRIS, Arthur James  US Navy, F3 1-14-1949 Limestone
HARRIS, Elias US Army, Btry D 586th AAA Bn CAC, Pfc 4-17-1967 St. Bonaventure
HARRIS, Howard A.  US Army, Pfc  7-28-1988 Limestone
HARRIS, James R. US Army 1-21-2006 Chestnut Hill
HARRIS, Lawrence E. US Army 3-7-2000 Steamburg
HARRIS, Norman William  USMC  12-26-1995 Mt. Prospect
HARRISON, Charles E. Sr. US Army. 3 Bronze Stars 10-11-2007 Calvary
HARRISON, Earl A. US Army, S/Sgt 11-17-1998 Allegany
HARRISON, Robert W. US Army Air Forces WW II Pacific 4-17-2009 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
HART, John M. [Jack], Col. US Army 4-24-2006 St. Bonaventure
HART, Leonard M. KIA, Pfc Unknown Unknown
HART, Walter J. US Army, PFC 10-23-1999 Calvary
HARTMAN, Samuel M. Jr. US Army 12-8-2006 Hinsdale
HARTWIG, John D US Navy 11-22-1986 Pleasant Valley
HARVEY, James M. US Navy 1-19-1989 Calvary
HARVEY, Kenneth M. US Army, Pvt 3-09-1976 East Otto
HARVEY, Oliver A. Sr.  US Army. Europe 5-15-2004  Green
HASPER, Arthur US Army, PFC 7-19-1972 Mount View
HASTAS, John G US Army 9-29-2002 Mount View
HASTINGS, James F.  US Navy 10-24-2014 Unnamed Cems, this site
HASTINGS, James Fred US Navy. 1943-1946 10-24-2014 Mount View
HATCH, Harold F US Army, Pfc 1-15-1988 Pleasant Valley
HATCH, Milford M. US Army, Tec5 6-9-1996 Freedom
HATCH, Orvil S. US Army 4-4-2011 Little Valley Rural
HATZELL, Clyde L. US Army, 1931-1934, then reenlisted in 1944. 2-12-1978 Chestnut Hill
HATZMAN, Jospeh K. US Army 2-09-2015 Maplegrove, Machias
HAUGHTALING, Glenn l US Army and US Navy, Pvt 1990 Mount View
HAVENS, Francis D. US Army 1988 North Otto
HAVENS, Robert W.  US Army. Purple Heart 11-5-2003  Allegany
HAVERS, Edward W. US Army 10-12-2014 Allegany
HAVERS, Ronald E. US Army 11-20-2010 Allegany
HAYDEN, Laurence V US Army, PFC 1983 Mount View
HAYES, Clarence E. US Army 3-30-1988  Randolph Rural
HAYES, Henry H Burch  US Army 1977 Randolph Rural
HAYES, Joseph E. US Army, 155 Combat Eng. South Pacific  2-16-2004 Calvary
HAYNOSKI, Walter W. US Army, Co E 594 Eng B&S Regt, PFC 10-27-1970 Calvary
HEALY, Angelus Edward DNB, US Army 3-27-1918 St. Pacificus
HEALY, James A. US Army in Alaska 7-30-2019 St. Bonaventure
HEATH, Carroll MIA, US Army, 516th Air Warning Co Signal Corps, Pvt. Philipines. Missing in Action, declared dead 12-31-1942. Name inscribed on MIA monument in Manilla American Cemetery. abt.1942 East Otto
HEATH, Gerald L. DNB, Pfc Unknown Unknown
HECKEL, Frank X US Army   1990 Perrysburg
HEDRICH, Frances O  US Army Air Corps, WO 4-23-1988  Randolph Rural
HEIDE, George US Army. Engineer Specialist 2-25-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
HEIL, Edward J. US Navy aboard USS Capps. Europe Africia, Middle East, and Pacific 9-15-2005 St. Bonaventure
HEIL, William P. USNR, PHM1 4-23-1968 St. Bonaventure
HENDERSON, Harry US Navy 1982 Crawford
HENDRYS, Robert Dean Sr US Army, S/Sgt 11-1-1999 Mount View
HENDRYX, W. Edson US Navy, South Pacific 12-19-2005 Chestnut Hill
HENKEL, John P. Sr. US Army, Europe & Africa. Bronze Star 12-21-2007 St. Bonaventure
HENKEL, Mary Elizabeth US Navy WAVES 4-14-2008 St. Bonaventure
HENNEMAN, Arthur L. [Bunny] US Navy 1-14-2008 St. Bonaventure
HENNEMAN, William F. US Army, S/Sgt 4-16-1990 St. Bonaventure
HENSEL, Alvin H.  US Army. Pearl Harbor 12-24-1995 Allegany
HENSLEY, Bernard Harold, Jr. [Skinny]  US Army Air Forces, 145 AACS, Sgt 9-18-1968  Wildwood
HENZEL, John R US Army 1991 Mount View
HEPKER, William F. "Bill" US Army 2-12-2007 Pleasant Valley
HERALD, Charles J US Army, CML Warfare SVC, S Sgt 2-25-1971 Mount View
HERBACH, Michael US Army, Europe 11-27-2003 Crawford
HERON, George David US Navy, Phar Mate 1C 5-26-2011 Memorial Heights
HERRICK, Francis M. US Army, Pvt 1978 Calvary
HERRMANN, Sherwood R. [Bill] US Merchant Marines, 3rd Mate    5-26-2012 St. Bonaventure
HESSE, John D. US Coast Guard 9-30-2009 St. Bonaventure
HESSEL, Karl N US Army 7-22-2003 Mount View
HETTENBAUGH, Frederick Grant US Army, Co. B 508th Mil. Police, Pfc 5-10-1965 Randolph Rural
HEVENER, Richard J US Naval Reserve, SO M3 4-13-1945 Pleasant Valley
HICKER, Ingwald [Troop] US Army 8-5-2010 Mt. Prospect
HICKS, Dolph E.  US Army, Sgt 4-2-995  Steamburg
HICKS, Mark N US Army, Purple Heart 7-14-1994 Mount View
HIGBY, Lloyd K. US Army. 1943-1946 1-25-2011 Chestnut Hill
HIGBY, Raymond F. Sr. US Navy and Korean War US Army 3-8-2013 Allegany
HIGGINS, Donald L. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
HIGLEY, Leo O US Army, Pvt 1981 Mount View
HIGLEY, Lyle L. US Army, Blackhawks Europe and Pacific 10-26-2009 Allegany
HILL, Edward S. Sr. US Army. Tec5 Medic in Europe. 12-12-2010 Memorial Heights
HILL, Thomas William US Navy 12-12-2001 Limestone
HILLIARD, Layton M. Sr. [Tom] US Army, Europe 2-16-2007 Allegany
HILLMAN, Don F US Army, 9301 Tech SVC Unit, Tec4 7-8-1963 Hinsdale
HILLMAN, William H. Sr.  US Army  2-22-2002 Little Valley Rural
HILLS, Harold C.  US Navy 4-30-1992 Randolph Rural
HILLS, Robert Gifford US Army, PFC   3-7-1995 Perrysburg
HIMES, William H Sr WW II and Cold War.US Navy, Gunners Mate 8-18-2022 Mount View
HINMAN, Vernon R.  US Army, 3354th QM Truck Co 1945 Willoughby
HINTZ, Richard C. US Army Air Corps WW II European Theater 6-28-2005 Plato
HINZ, Alvah G. US Army Air Corps, B-29 Navigator 5-10-2017 St. Bonaventure
HIPPERT, James R US Navy, S2 11-1-1993 Mount View
HIRLIMAN, James E. USMC, Cpl 1979 St. Bonaventure
HIRSCH, Frank P. US Navy 1946-47 3-15-2016 Pleasant Valley
HIRSCH, Frank P. US Navy 1946-47 3-15-2016 Pleasant Valley
HNAT, Jeannette B. US Army Nurse Corps.  10-6-2008 St. Bonaventure
HOCKENBERGER, Frank L US Army Air Corps, Pfc 3-14-1997 Mount View
HODARA, Daniel   US Army Air Forces 820 Air Eng Squad, Sgt 9-16-1999 Calvary
HODGES, Morgan L US Army, Co L 390th Inf, Tec5 8-7-1970 Pleasant Valley
HOFFMAN, Charles R US Army 1978 Mount View
HOGAN, Edward M.  US Army Air Forces 9-26-2003 St. Bonaventure
HOGAN, James P. US Army 4-27-1992 Calvary
HOHMAN, William J.  US Army Air Forces, 1252 AAF. BU. A. US. 1946 Wildwood
HOLCOMB, Philip N US Navy, Y3 1982 Mount View
HOLDRIDGE, Benjamin S. US Army, Pfc 3-2-1985 Cottage
HOLLAND, Patrick F. US Coast Arty, 14th Co, Pvt 10-14-1953 Calvary
HOLLOWELL, Bruce A. US Navy. 1946-47  1-26-2012 Pleasant Valley
HOLMES, Dana M.  US Army Air Corps 1-14-2004 Mt. Prospect
HOLMES, Henry V.   US Army, S/Sgt 1-28-1991 Cassadaga
HOLMES, William H. Sr.  US Navy, RD3 1992 Wildwood
HOLTS, Lavern  H. F. US Army 2-1-1987 Plato
HOLTZ, John A. US Army Air Corps 12-22-2005 Allegany
HOLTZ, Leland Roy US Army 11-7- 1973 Little Valley Rural
HOLTZ, Vern      US Army, PFC 8-1-1983 Cassadaga
HOOD, Edward Clark US Army, Cpl 12-3-1968 Pleasant Valley
HOPPY, Leo R. US Army 10-18-2005 St. Bonaventure
HORNBURG, Earl Henry Theodore US Army 5-21-2008 Mount View
HORNEMAN, Thornton A. US Army, S/Sgt. Philippines 10-28-2016 Versailles
HORNEMAN, Thornton A. US Army,S/Sgt. Philippines 10-28-2016 Versailles
HORTON, LaVerne C US Army  6-18-2000 Mount View
HORTON, Lawrence F US Army, Cpl 3-29-1974 East Randolph
HORTON, Lester E US Army, SSgt 1993 Pleasant Valley
HORTON, Warren Steve  US Navy 4-18-1990 Randolph Rural
HOSMER, Newell H US Navy 1983 Pleasant Valley
HOTCHKISS, Robert V USMC, Cpl 7-12-2007 East Randolph
HOUGHTALING, Glenn Levi. Sr. US Army, Pvt and Korea US Navy 11-2-1990 Mount View
HOUGHTON, Harold K US Navy 1977 Mount View
HOURN, Michael KIA, Sgt. Unknown Unknown
HOUSE, Campbell Harold US Army 2-2-2000 Randolph Rural
HOUSE, Ernest F.   US Army, S/Sgt 4-1-1994 Cassadaga
HOUSEY, Louis F. US Army, 4165th QM Depot, Pfc 3-8-1966 St. Bonaventure
HOWARD, Harry L US Army, Pfc 1988 Pleasant Valley
HOWARD, Lester C. US Army, S/Sgt 10-27-1988 Rutledge
HOWARD, Raymond E  Unknown service 1-2- 1951  Wildwood
HOWARD, RobertHenry US Navy, S2 11-27-1962 Mount View
HOWARD, Ronald M. Sr. US Navy Armed Guard 5-05-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
HOWARD, VIRGIL l.  USMC 11-16-2014 Unnamed Cems, this site
HOWLAND, Earl "Pete" US Army 1994 Hinsdale
HOYT, Leon H US Army, Pfc 1-15-2001 Pleasant Valley
HUBBARD, John K Sr. US Navy 8-31-2004 St. Bonaventure
HUBBARD, Olin James US Army, Anti-Aircraft 10-1-1997 Cottage
HUBBARD, Robert E. Unknown service 1953 Cottage
HUBBELL, William B. DNB, Capt. Unknown Unknown
HUDSON, Lewis W US Army 10-5-2004 Mount View
HUFF, Gordon N US Navy 1-3-2005 Pleasant Valley
HUFF, Melvin Sr. US Navy 4-24-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
HUGHES, Clark Joseph KIA, US Army, 180 Inf, 45th Div, killed in France. 11-29-1944 Epinal Am Cem, Epinal France [Cenotoph in Mt. View.
HUGHES, Gordon R US Army 10-10-1995 Mount View
HUGHES, Robert D. US Army Co C 318 Inf 80 Div  3-15-2001 Unnamed Cems, this site
HUGHES, Wayne Jackson US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 10-12-1997 Mount View
HUGHEY, Donald C.  Unknown service 8-20-1979 Plato
HULL, Thomas E US Navy, S1 7-30-1980 Mount View
HUNT, Earl Rogers US Army, 1/ Lt 2-13-2010 Allegany
HUNT, William N. US Army Air Force, 385th Bomb Grp. A Physician's Aide in England. 10-14-2020 Mt. Prospect
HUNTER, William J. US Army Air Forces. B-24 pilot in the Pacific 2-25-2005 Mt. Prospect
HUNTINGTON, Glenn H US Army Air Forces, Sgt 9-6-1974 East Randolph
HUNTLEY, Ferrard A. USNR 5-15-1962 Randolph Rural
HUNTOON, David J.  US Army, 617th Ord Co, Pfc  4-28-1961 Limestone
HURD, Jack L US Army, Pfc 1982 Pleasant Valley
HURLBURT, Don M FOD, 1/Lt Unknown Unknown
HURLBURT, Floyd Earl USMC 1945-46 and US Army 1948-1949 2-18-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
HUSTED, Bernard J. KIA, Pfc Unknown Unknown
HUTCHISON, Robert L. US Army, Tec4 1977 Crawford
HYDE, Arden H US Navy, AMM3 1-27-1997 Mount View
IACOVINO, Anthony R. US Navy  6-06-2015 Sarasota Nat Cem, Sarasota FL
INGENITO, Edward V. Sr. [Buster] WW II, US Navy. Korea US Army)  7-6-2012 St. Bonaventure
INGERSON, Donald H. US Army Air Forces, Sgt 2-25-1962 Randolph Rural
IRVING, Robert Emmet US Navy 5-16-1944 Pleasant Valley
ISAMAN, Howard W US Army, Pfc 3-8-1965 Pleasant Valley
ISEMAN, Carl E. Sr. US Navy, Ship's Cook First Class. Pacific 1942-1946. Three Bronze Stars and other medals.  7-25-2020 Mt. Prospect
IVERSON, Alvar C.  US Army, T/Sgt 3-30-1980 Limestone
IVERSON, George F.  US Navy 12-2-1984 Limestone
IVES, H. Kenneth Unknown service 11-27-1986 Mt Hope
JACKSON, Alan Claude US Army, HQ Co 7 Regt Depot, S Sgt 3-30-1970 Mount View
JACKSON, Charles Kermit US Army 11-16-1986 Siloam
JACKSON, Francis Theodore US Army. Tec5 1-8-1976 Memorial Heights
JACKSON, Howard E.  US Army, 913  Engrs, Pacific 3-14-2012 Wildwood
JACKSON, Melville H. III US Navy 2-23-2006 Unnamed Cems, this site
JACKSON, Melvin US Army, Pvt 12-11-1969 Hillside Haven
JACKSON, William G. [Stonewall] US Army, Pacific 5-19-2005 Wildwood
JACOBI, Helmuth Owen US Army, !485 Engr Maint Co in the Phillipines. 1943-1946 1-4-2018 Mount View
JACOBS, Frederick A.  USNR, CM1 5-2-1956 Wildwood
JACOBSON, Harold O.  US Army Air Forces, 1354 Base Unit, Pfc 4-29-1970 Wildwood
JACOBSON, Martin P.  US Army, Pvt 11-15-1973 Wildwood
JACOBUS, Dr. Aldo F.  WW II: US Army Air Force. Korea: US Air Force, Flight Surgeon 12-8-2001 St. Bonaventure
JADLAWSKI, John J US Army, 69 Armd FLD Arty BN, PFC 5-27-1966 Mount View
JAEGER, Richard E. US Army,10th Mountain Div. Europe and South Pacific. Two Purple Hearts 5-25-2005 St. Bonaventure
JAMES, Harold C. [Jesse]  US Army, 511th Parachute Infantry, Pfc 4-1-2004 Rutledge
JANDOLI, Catherine J. US Navy Waves, PM1C 5-4-2010 St. Bonaventure
JANICKI, Edward J. US Army 11-27-1981 Calvary
JANICKI, Theodore US Army, Co A 17 Eng, Pvt 5-29-1968 Calvary
JANKOWSKI, Joseph US Army Air Corps, Flight instructor 3-12-1988 St. Bonaventure
JANOWICZ, Paul W. US Army, 75th Inf, Battle of the Bulge 9-19-2008 Calvary
JAQUAY, Eugene L. [Beaner] US Army. 1943-1945 6-24-2005 Randolph Rural
JARVIS, Howard E. US Navy M3 1982 Calvary
JEDRZEJEK, Edward W. [Jed] US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt.  B-29 Squad gunner 4-15-2011 Little Valley Rural
JENKINS, Lynnford J US Army Air Forces, Cpl 2-1-1998 Freedom
JENNINGS, Albert D. Jr. US Army Air Corps 7-19-2013 Allegany
JERGE, Richard J. US Army, Pacific. Purple Heart 3-2-2006 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
JERGE, Robert H. US Navy, Flight capt. Aboard USS Boxer 10-10-2005 Mt. Prospect
JERMY, Edward James US Navy 12-21- 1968 Little Valley Rural
JERMY, Loren William US Navy 2-21-1992 Mount View
JESTER, Frank Sr. US Navy. Pacific 2-19-2007 St. Bonaventure
JETTER, Fred C. US Navy 12-12-2005 Maplegrove, Machias
JEWELL, Alfred E.  US Army, S/Sgt 12-1-1974 Wildwood
JEWELL, John Marcus US Army, Cpl 8-29-1977 Pleasant Valley
JIMERSON, Arthur Renwick [Skook] US Army. Co E 163 Inf, Pfc. Pacific 4-4-2011 Memorial Heights
JIMERSON, Blanchard Pierce Sr. US Army 1-23-1994 Memorial Heights
JIMERSON, Curtis A US Army, Europe & Honduras 7-7-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
JIMERSON, Eli US Army 1-13-1990 Hillside Haven
JIMERSON, Elliott Jacob Jr US Army 9-1-1974 Hillside Haven
JIMERSON, Fred US Army Air Corps 10-19-1989 Memorial Heights
JIMERSON, Johnson F  US Army 9-18-1984 Hillside Haven
JIMERSON, Louis Tandy US Army 10-29-2001 Memorial Heights
JIMERSON, Paul A. US Navy 1944-1946 9-15-1996 Memorial Heights
JIMERSON, Spencer Sr. US Army 7-31-1997 Memorial Heights
JIMERSON, Warren I. [Uddie] US Army 1995 Memorial Heights
JOBE, Gladiolis "Rachel"  US Army WACS. 1943-1945 02-22-2003 Chestnut Hill
JODUSH, Edward US Army, TEC5 8-18-1980 St. Bonaventure
JODUSH, Victor S.  US Army, Europe 1-5-2004 St. Bonaventure
JOESEL, Kenneth US Navy 7-1-1988 Little Valley Rural
JOHN, Calvin V. [Kelly] US Army, S/Sgt. Phillipines 10-8-2004 Memorial Heights
JOHN, Coleman  US Navy, SC3 5-17-1974 Steamburg
JOHN, Derland Edward US Army Air Forces, 68 Airway Com GP, S/Sgt 5-4-1960 Memorial Heights
JOHN, Earl C. US Navy, SM1 1979 Memorial Heights
JOHN, Lawrence C. US Army. Pvt 7-23-1977 Memorial Heights
JOHN, Matthew C. US Army, Sgt 5-1975 Memorial Heights
JOHN, Milton L. US Air Force, Sgt. 2-14-1969 Memorial Heights
JOHN, Ora US Navy, COX 3-15-1994 Memorial Heights
JOHNSON, Carl W Unknown service 1982 Randolph Rural
JOHNSON, Clarence [Gene]  USMC, Pacific 1-15-2004  Mt. Prospect
JOHNSON, Clinton L. SOC Com. O Unit 3-7-1971 Randolph Rural
JOHNSON, David Frank  USMC, Pvt 11-15-1969 Wildwood
JOHNSON, DeVere W USMC, S1  8-16-1951 Randolph Rural
JOHNSON, Dewey L. US Navy aboard SS Norman Scott. 1943-1946 Pacific. Seven Battle Stars, Purple Heart, Bronze Star. The aboard USS Greenwood, two Battle Stars. 4-11-2021 Crawford
JOHNSON, Frank D. USMC Reserve, Cpl.1942-1946. Pacific Was at Guadalcanal and Okinawa.  11-3-2005 St. Bonaventure
JOHNSON, Harold US Army Air Corps 3-29-2000 Crawford
JOHNSON, Harry  US Army Air Forces, 4145 Base Unit, Pfc 8-19-1969 Wildwood
JOHNSON, Henry Conklin  USMC, Pvt 5-6-1954 Wildwood
JOHNSON, Howard S.  US Army, HQ 21st Tank Bn, Pvt 2-10-1966 Limestone
JOHNSON, James E US Army, 3590th SVC Com D Unit, S/Sgt 3-3-1959 Pleasant Valley
JOHNSON, Norman US Army 1-11-1997 Mount View
JOHNSON, Paul F. US Army, Sgt 3-12-1978 Randolph Rural
JOHNSON, Robert A US Army, 1st Lt 12-24-1998 Mount View
JOHNSON, Willard D. US Army Air Forces, 1st Lt. 1976 Steamburg
JOHNSTON, Donald E US Marine Corps, PFC 7-11-1972 Mount View
JOHNSTON, Kenneth J US Army, S/Sgt 1999 Mount View
JOHNSTON, Robert T US Army Air Forces, China-Burma Hump 1942-1945 9-10-2005 Mount View
JONAK, Albert J DNB, Pvt Unknown Unknown
JONES, Carl A. US Army, 1st Inf Div, T/Sgt. Purple Heart, Bronze Star 12-4-2008 Allegany
JONES, Edwin L. US Army Paratrooper, 82nd and 17th Airborne Divs, 224th Airborne Med Co Surg Tech 1943-46 1-17-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
JONES, Harold H. US Army, Tec5 1-14-1990 Mt Hope
JONES, Keith V.  US Army, S/Sgt 1979 Wildwood
JONES, Leland  US Army, Pvt.  8-13-1970 South Napoli
JONES, LeRoy US Army 1986 Memorial Heights
JONES, Orlando H. [Ozzie] US Navy, Fireman 1st Cl. Awarded Victory Medal, the American Theatre Medal and the Asiatic Pacific Medal. 3-3-2012 St. Bonaventure
JORDAN, Donald Earl US Navy. South Pacific 1-26-1991 St. Bonaventure
JORDAN, Norman Clair US Navy, Mach. Mate 2 EL 4-23-1932 Pleasant Valley
JORDAN, Willis F US Army, Tec4 1981 Hinsdale
JOSEPH, Frederick J. US Army aboard USS Mercy Hosp. Ship, 1/Lt   12-22-2005 St. Bonaventure
JOSEPH, George J. US Army Air Forces, 586th Bombard Sq and 394 Bombard Grp. 1942-45  4-07-2003 St. Bonaventure
JOSEPH, Richard V. US Army, T/Sgt 10-16-2010 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
JOSEPHSON, Gordon W.   US Navy 9-28-1999 Cassadaga
JOUGH, Herbert E.  US Army, 1488th Engr Maint Co, Tec4 11-3-1970 Limestone
JOY, Alfred C Unknown service 1951 Mount View
JUNKER, Kenneth M. US Army, Phillipines 8-09-2003 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
JURENKO, Michael J. US Army, 38th Inf. 139th Fld Arty. Southern Philippines, Luzon and New Guinea. He received Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon with three Bronze Stars, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with one Bronze Star, American Theater Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal and a World War II Veteran Medal. 4-17-2006 St. Bonaventure
JURENKO, Peter Michael US Army Air Corps, Pacific. 1942-1946 3-9-1998 St. Bonaventure
JUREWICZ, Emil J. US Navy, F1 1-26-1969 St. Bonaventure
JUSKO, Joseph C. US Army. 90th Infantry Div. 315th Engineer Batt. Normany Invasion with Gen. George Patton's 3rd Army Bronze Star - Purple Heart 6-25-2008 Calvary
KACZMARSKI, Louis US Army 6-27-1987 Calvary
KACZMARSKI, Victor J. US Air Force, M/Sgt 5-27-1983 Calvary
KAISER, Frank US Army. 1209 SCU 10-20-2002 Calvary
KALLENBACH, Ernest D. Sr. [Kal] US Navy.1943-1945 12-20-2001 St. Bonaventure
KALUZNY, Leonard  US Army 2-14- 2002  Mt. Prospect
KAMERY, Raymond L. Sr. US Army 10-05-2013 St. Bonaventure
KANE, James J.  US Army 5-23-1996 Randolph Rural
KARL, James E. US Navy, S1. 5-30-1944 to 2- 22-1946 7-1-2001 St. Bonaventure
KARL, William J Sr. US Navy CS1 5-16-1979 Mount View
KARST, Herbert L KIA, 2/Lt 1944 Pleasant Valley
KASPEREK, Donald J. US Army. 836th Eng Aviation Btry 6-26-2011 Calvary
KASPERSKI, Frank H. Jr. US Army Merchant Marine 3-15-2004 Allegany
KASTNER, Joy Jack US Navy. 1946-48 1-2-2011 St. Bonaventure
KAUTZ, Milton H. US Army, Pacific 6-10-2007 Allegany
KAYES, Bernard C.  US Army, Sgt. 1942-1946 10-10-2003 St. Bonaventure
KEDZIOR, Chester J. US Army, Co B 114 Inf, PFC 4-30-1972 Calvary
KEEFE, James Patrick US Army, HQ Co 3 BN 424 Inf, PFC 7-17-1972 Mount View
KEENAN, Leo E. Jr. L.L.D. US Army Air Forces, bombardier-navigator. Later as Air Force Reservist 1-17-2002 St. Bonaventure
KEENEN, Thomas E. US Army 9-7- 1999 Little Valley Rural
KEHOE, James E. US Army. 1946-47 1-9-2003 St. Bonaventure
KEIM, Clarence H. Jr.  US Army Air Corps 12-15-1992  Five Mile
KEITH, Gerald  Unknown service 10-20-1981 East Randolph
KELLER, Paul E. US Navy 1-28-2001 Pleasant Valley
KELLER, Robert J US Navy 1988 Pleasant Valley
KELLEY, Duane Newton US Army 8-3- 2000  Liberty Park
KELLY, Gilbert R. US Army 12-16-1997 Calvary
KELLY, J. Francis US Army 10-8- 2000 Little Valley Rural
KELLY, Paul B. Judge US Army. 1945-1946 11-26-2009 St. Bonaventure
KELSEY, Ray W. KIA, Cpl Unknown Unknown
KELSEY, Robert, MD US Army Air Forces 1944-1946 11-19- 2000  Mt. Prospect
KEMPF, John E.  US Army  11-28-1996 Limestone
KENDALL, James Unknown service 8-31-1991 Mt Hope
KENFIELD, Lester F. WW II, Korea, Cold War. US Army. Retired as a senior Non-Com with over 30 years of active duty. 3-28-2020 Indiantown Gap Natl Cem
KENJOCKETY, Charles W. US Army, Co E 179th Inf, Pvt. Purple Heart 4-13-1967 Memorial Heights
KENJOCKETY, Donald Elwood US Army 7-25-1995 Memorial Heights
KENJOCKETY, Harold L. [Bub] US Army 12-31-1996 Memorial Heights
KENNEDY, Arlie Cecil US Army 10-30-1994 Hinsdale
KENNEDY, Joseph G US Army, Co C 28 Engr. TNG BN, Pvt 11-17-1969 Mount View
KENNEDY, Robert P. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
KENNEDY, Thomas R. US Navy M3 10-10-1971 Calvary
KENNESON, Raymond  US Army 4-14-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
KENNEY, Lester Lucien US Army, CPL 2-6-1994 Mount View
KENNEY, Oscar Ralph US Army, 590 Ordnance Ammo Co, Tec 5 11-16-1968 Mount View
KENT, Herman R US Army 11-24-2003 Mount View
KENT, Justus V US Army, CPL 8-9-1983 Mount View
KENT, Keith H. US Army, 96th Signal Bn, 1/Lt. African and Pacific Theaters 2-25-2008 St. Bonaventure
KENT, Marjorie G.  US Army Nurse Corps 12-1-2003  Green
KENT, Robert Max US Navy, SF2 3-29-2007 St. Bonaventure
KENYON, Donald Jay US Army. 943-46 in England and 1948-52 in Guam  4-4-2012 Green
KENYON, Lloyd R.  US Army 05-26-2003 St. Bonaventure
KENYON, Paul J.  US Army,128th Field Artillery Bn 4-29-1994  Green
KEPPEL, Stanley Kenneth US Army 1942-1983 1-25-2015 Markhams
KERNS, John I. Sr. US Army, Capt. Europe and Pacific 9-3-2005 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
KERR, Robert M US Army, Tec 5 5-5-1996 Mount View
KERR, William USNR, S1 8-1-1963 Pleasant Valley
KERSHNER, William G US Army, Tec 5 1979 Mount View
KERVAN, Jack C KIA, 1/Lt Unknown Unknown
KESSEL, Marvin Blain  USNR, CM3 4-3-1965 Limestone
KETTLE, Aaron Allen Jr. US Army 4-30-1996 Memorial Heights
KICKBUSH, Alfred Jr. US Navy 7-27-2012 Rutledge
KIELASZEK, Edward   US Army 5-5-2011 Calvary
KIELLY, Michael H. US Army 11-29-1989 Calvary
KILBURN, Stanton Jerome KIA, US Army, Co G, 309th Inf, S/Sgt.Killed in Germany 12-14-1944 Little Valley Rural
KILLOCK, Arthur George US Army TEC4 6-10-2002 Markhams
KILLOCK, James T.  US Army 5-29-1989 Wildwood
KILMER, Harold F US Army Air Corps, Sgt 1-17-1990 Hinsdale
KILMER, Lawrence W US Army, Tec5. Philippines 2-8-2009 Mount View
KING, Benny M. US Army 2-10-2015 East Otto
KING, Edward Ogden US Army. Purple Heart 10-30-1993 Siloam
KING, Floyd E. US Navy, GM2 aboard USS Chester and USS Bingham 12-12-2008 St. Bonaventure
KING, Norma L. US Army 1997 Calvary
KING, Paul M. 57 USNR 11-08-1966 Calvary
KING, Robert M. Sr. US Army, Co K 106th Inf. Pacific. Purple Heart  1-18-2007 Chestnut Hill
KING, Roy H. US Army 2-20-2009 Farmersville
KING, William C. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
KINGSBURY, Alvin Fremont US Army 1942-1945 Europe 1-16-2000 Rutledge
KINGSTON, Robert E US Army, Sgt 2-18-1974 Mount View
KINLEY, James H. US Navy, US Woonsocket P.F. 32 7-20-2015 St. Bonaventure
KINNAIRD, Thomas L Sr. US Army 11-23-2008 Pleasant Valley
KINNEY, Earl M.  USMC, Pl Sgt 1988 Wildwood
KINNEY, Virgil C. KIA, Tec5 Unknown Unknown
KINSEY, Edward J. US Navy 1943-46 USS LST 600 10-09-2017 Mt. Prospect
KINSEY, Edward J. US Navy USS LST 600. 1943-46  10-09-2017 Mt. Prospect
KIRK, Charles J. Sr. US Army, Pfc  1-12-1980 Limestone
KISER, Sam  US Navy aboard USS Blunt. European Theater  6-5-2005 St. Bonaventure
KISSAK, Francis J. US Army, Co C 4 Inf, Pvt 1977 Calvary
KISSEL, Edward A. US Army  Air Corps 37th Bomb Wing 8-27-2008 Calvary
KISSEL, John E. Jr. US Army 11-04-1977 Calvary
KLIMCZYK, Edward T. USMC 9-15-2000 St. Bonaventure
KLIMCZYK, Stanley R. US Army, Co A 775 Tank BN, Cpl 4-20-1968 St. Bonaventure
KNAPENBERGER, Jesse W.  US Army, S/Sgt 12-26-1991 Limestone
KNIGHT, Robert A. US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 7-26-1947 Farmersville
KNIPPLE, Otto Henry US Army Air Forces, PFC 6-18-1972 Mount View
KNUTH, Earl L. "Doc" US Army 8-3-2010 East Randolph
KOCH, Ralph W  US Navy   10-27-1980 South Napoli
KOCHANIEC, John US Army 1991 Calvary
KOCHANSKI, Edward US Army, S/Sgt 1989 Pleasant Valley
KOCHANSKI, Stanley US Army, Pfc 1983 Pleasant Valley
KOHL, Leonard A. US Army Medic 7-13-2018 Allegany
KOLASINSKI, Louis J. US Army 1-9-2007 St. Bonaventure
KOLASINSKI, Lucas J US Army, S/Sgt 1-4-1992 Mount View
KONKOL, Lawrence M. US Army Air Corps, 448th Bomb Grp 10-25-2002 St. Bonaventure
KORBECKI, Walenty (Valentine) US Navy, S2 12-20-1972 Calvary
KORMICK, Harry M.  US Navy, CM3 1-18-1975 Limestone
KORNACKI, Leon US Army, Pfc 9-4-1986 Mt Hope
KOSCIOL, Michael J. Sr. US Army. Western Pacific 10-23-2008 St. Bonaventure
KOSCIOL, Peter J. US Army Airborne 3-19-2007 St. Bonaventure
KOSIDLO, Stanley US Army Air Forces, SSgt 9-3-1962 St. Bonaventure
KOSINSKI, Theodore J. US Naval Air Corps 10-30-2013 St. Bonaventure
KOTA, Walter "Bert" MP in Greece, Italy, and North Africa  6-18-2023 Holy Cross, Gowanda NY
KOTTWITZ, Earl A. KIA, Pfc Unknown Unknown
KOWALSKI, John R. US Army, 44th Infantry Div. Military Police Corps. European Theatre 12-15-2008 Calvary
KOWALSKI, Leonard R. US Army  11-21-1994 Crawford
KOZIOL, Chester A. US Army 10-02-2014 St. Bonaventure
KRAFT, Norman A., M.D.  US Army, Capt  12-31-1998 East Randolph
KRAMER, Hazel E US Army, Tec 5 1982 Mount View
KRAMER, Robert F US Navy 6-9-1979 Mount View
KRAMPF, James M. US Army 12-25-2008 St. Bonaventure
KRANOCK, Gene E US Army, Pvt 1983 Mount View
KRANTZ, Robert US Army, Co D 23rd Inf  12-15-2005 Wildwood
KRAUSE, Clifford  US Army Air Forces 1999 Green
KRAUSE, Stephen US Army, PFC   9-28-1987 Perrysburg
KREYDT, Robert V. US Army. European Theater 10-20-2008 St. Bonaventure
KRIEGER, John Garrett  US Army Air Forces, Col. 5-25-1981 Wildwood
KRISE, Mirrell P.  US Army 2-12-1966 Limestone
KROTT, Loren R. US Navy. South Pacific 10-16-2005 St. Bonaventure
KRUG, Donald M. US Army 11-3-2008 Little Valley Rural
KRUPPNER, Frederick John II US Army Air Corps 12-8-1995 Siloam
KRYNISKI, Fred Hrin US Army European Theatre 7-10-2008 Calvary
KRYNISKI, James  US Army 4-25-2006 Green
KRYNISKI, Moxie US Army 6-17-2010 Green
KRYSICK, Charles L. US Army Air Corps 1983 Calvary
KRYSICK, Peter US Army 3-30-2008 Calvary
KUBIAK, John H DNB, AVC Unknown Unknown
KUBIC, Philip  US Army, Tec5 1999 Wildwood
KUBIC, Stanley J. US Army, Sgt 11-28-1926 Calvary
KUELLERTZ, Jacob US Army 3-24-1989 Calvary
KUHANECK, Ernie J US Army, 15th Inf, Pvt 9-1-1944 Little Valley Rural
KUHANECK, Harold W. Sr.  US Army Air Corps 1-16-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
KUHN, John J. Sr. US Army Air Corps 6-9-2008 St. Bonaventure
KUKULKA, John S.  US Army 1-31-2001 St. Bonaventure
KUKULKA, Joseph P. [Fit] US Army 11-20-2001 St. Bonaventure
KURLEJ, Leonard F. [Lex] US Navy 10-7-2012 St. Bonaventure
KUSH, Joseph V. US Army Air Forces 5-22-2015 St. Bonaventure
KUWIK, John J. [Patty] US Army, 82nd Airborne-  9-8-2000 St. Bonaventure
KWIATKOWSKI, Edward F. US Army, 168th Evacuation Hospital 1-27-2001 St. Bonaventure
KWIATKOWSKI, John J. US Army. Purple Heart 6-5-1975 St. Bonaventure
KWIATKOWSKI, Joseph M. US Navy aboard USS Drayton 366 and USS Repose. 1940-46  12-08-2018 St. Bonaventure
KWIATKOWSKI, Vincent W. US Navy, Tailgunner. South Pacific Theater 1-2-2007 St. Bonaventure
KWIATKOWSKI, Walter F. US Navy 1943-46 USS Oswald A. Powers (DE-542) 7-03-2018 St. Bonaventure
KYLER, Everette C.  US Army 1984 Little Valley Rural
KYLER, John R. US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt. 92nd Bomb Grp, Turret gunner. Shot down over Belgium 2-4-1944. POA at Stalag Luft VI, IV, and I. 5-4-2004 Allegany
KYLER, Morris D. US Army Air Forces 64 Fighter Div 10-03-1976 Calvary
KYSER, James W. US Army 8-22-2007 Allegany
KYSER, John E. US Army 10-01-1971 Calvary
KYSER, Merton Clare Jr. US Arim Air Forces, 2/LT 4-25-2000 Allegany
LaBELLE, Radolph J. [Rudy] US Navy 10-21-2013 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
LACY, Claude S US Navy 1983 Pleasant Valley
LAFEVER, Bernard US Army Air Forces, B-17 Bombardier in Europe 12-12-2005 St. Bonaventure
LAIESKI, Leonard US Navy Seabee 11-04-2017 Calvary
LALUK, Michael J US Army, Pvt 1994 Pleasant Valley
LAMBERSON, Leonard E. US Army, Japan  7-19-2006 Crawford
LAMPER, Eugene US Army. 54th Engrs 4-28-1948 Crawford
LANE, Ladern J US Army 1978 Mount View
LANG, Miner Michael POW 12-14-2010 McKinstry
LANGDON, Francis J USNR, F1 1-22-1952 Pleasant Valley
LANGFITT, Norman Waverly US Navy USS Bear 1-10-2015 St. Bonaventure
LAPI, Frank [Scottie"] US Army 1-21-1993 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
LARABEE, James H US Army, PFC 7-17-1980 Mount View
LARKIN, Ralph W US Army, CPL 10-14-1974 Mount View
LARSON, Marie Z.  US Navy, Y2 12-29-1997 Limestone
LASKEY, Bernard US Army, M/Sgt 1984 B'Nai Israel
LATHAN, Earl L US Army, PFC 10-3-1984 Mount View
LAVERTY, Richard P US Army, Lt Col 1989 Mount View
LAVERY, Richard J. KIA, 8th US Army Air Force, Sgt. Killed in Europe 4-17-1945 East Otto
LAW, Leonard [Dude] US Army 1-8-2009 Farmersville
LAWSON, John F. US Navy 11-02-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
LAWTON, Henry W. US Army 12-10-1999 St. Bonaventure
LAYTON, Donald C. DNB, Capt. Unknown Unknown
LAYTON, Leon Robert, Sr US Navy, 1st Lt 4-27-1996 Chestnut Hill
LAZAR, Glenn Charles US Army, HQ Mil Admin Div, 1st Sgt 7-3-1959 Mount View
LEARN, Hershal D US Army. PFC 3-3-2003 Mount View
LEARN, Kenneth H US Army, Tec 5 Sep 24-1996 Hinsdale
LEARN, Robert E US Army, Pfc 2000 Hinsdale
LEASKEY, Andrew D. US Navy aboard USS Independence 5-18-2005 Calvary
LEASKEY, Victor US Army 1976 Calvary
LEAVOR, Frank  US Navy 2004 Mount View
LEBAR, Everette C US Army, PFC 1978 Mount View
LECCEADONE, Robert L.  US Navy, F2 9-6-2000 Steamburg
LEDER, Robert D. US Navy, Destroyer DD 578 and Attach Transport APA 131 3-6-2005 Little Valley Rural
LEE, Harold Edward US Navy 9-9-1991 Mount View
LEE, Jonas Gilbert US Army 11-29-1977 Hillside Haven
LEFEVRE, Donald A. KIA, 1/Lt Unknown Unknown
LEHNEN, Claude M.   US Navy, CSF 1-15-1989 Cassadaga
LEMMER, James US Army, PFC 3-31-1990 St. Bonaventure
LENGVARSKY, John Joseph US Navy, OMSC 12-20-1988 Five Mile
LENNON, Joseph Robert US Army,Europe. Purple Heart at the Battle of the Bulge. 6-13-2012 St. Bonaventure
LEONARD, Francis Lewis [Benny] US Navy, EM3 3-4-1983 St. Bonaventure
LEONARD, Gordon E US Navy, Pvt 1976 Pleasant Valley
LEONARD, Norman A US Navy 1-2-1996 Freedom
LEONARD, Robert Leon WW II and Korea. US Navy, AGC. 12-11-2018 Fort Rosecrans Natl Cem, San Diego CA.
LETSON, Merritt C.  US Army 2-25-1996 Wildwood
LEVEILLE, Gerald  WW II and Korea, US Army and Air Force reserves Niagara Falls Air Force Base   7-27-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
LEVIA, Reid US Army, T/Sgt 11-12-1980 Pleasant Valley
LEWIS, Donald E. US Army, Europe 1-13-2005 Allegany
LEWIS, George A. US Army 7-18-1988 Randolph Rural
LEWIS, Harold G US Army, PFC 1-21-1982 Mount View
LEWIS, James D US Army 12-3-1994 Mount View
LEWIS, Robert W US Navy 6-22-1999 Mount View
LEWIS, William A US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 2-20-1965 Mount View
LIBBY, Albert W US Army 2005 Mount View
LIBBY, George G. US Army, 99th Inf, Tec5. 1940-1946. Purple Heart, Bronze Star  6-16-2010 Mount View
LIBBY, Rose Ann (Marro) US Navy WAVE 1944-46 10-24-2019 Mount View
LIGHT, George E.  Unknown service 1977 Wildwood
LILLIE, Lester G. US Army Air Corps. 4-28-2018 Pine Grove, Erie Co NY
LINCOLN, Lucius Lyman US Army, Tec5 9-10-1997 East Otto
LIND, Elmer G US Army, 828 Med At Sq, TEC3 8-7-1968 Randolph Rural
LINDELL, Sidney M. Sr. US Army 9-20-2011 Green
LINDERMAN, Doris M. Red Cross Nurse 12-12-1998 Mt. Prospect
LINDERMOTH, Arthur J US Army, Co A 347 Inf, Pvt 2-6-1964 Pleasant Valley
LINDQUIST, Claude Career: Mexican-American, WW I, and WW II 1958 Cottage
LINEHAN, Herman J. US Army 11-10-1990 St. Bonaventure
LINEHAN, J. Joseph US Army, 106th NYS Fld Arty, 27th Inf, Sgt.  7-23-2022 St. Bonaventure
LINEHAN, Patrick H.  US Coast Guard 03-07-2003 St. Bonaventure
LINNAN, Fred T US Army, CPL 3-5-1999 Mount View
LINSTROM, Harry V.  US Army, Pfc  3-5-1979 Limestone
LISKOW, Arnold F. US Army  11-15-2000 Little Valley Rural
LISKOW, Walter E. US Army, Sgt. Purple Heart 2004 Little Valley Rural
LITCHFIELD, Eugene  US Army, Sgt. China-Burma-India, 1942-1945.  1987 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
LITTLE, John K.  US Army Europe, Africa, Middle East 11-22-2003 St. Bonaventure
LITZ, Elmer L. US Army, 134th Med. Group 11-6-2009 Mt. Prospect
LIVAK, Benjamin J. US Army Air Forces, 3539 Base Unit, T/Sgt 8-15-1967 Calvary
LIVINGSTON, Guy S US Army 10-13-2002 Mount View
LIVINGSTON, Robert H. Jr. [Liver] USMC, Pacific 9-15-2006 Allegany
LLEWELLGN, John Kenneth US Army, Tec 4 Dec 9-1998` Hinsdale
LOCKIE, James Gorden Unknown service 2-5-1977 Wildwood
LOFTUS, ? US Army, PFC 10-10-1998 Mount View
LOFTUS, Chester A US Army  2-17-1993 Mount View
LOGUE, Donald G US Navy, CTC. Career 12-23-1958 Mount View
LOMBARDI, Frank US Army Air Forces, Purple Heart 3-26-2003 Allegany
LOMBARDO, Gaetano Anthony    US Army 25th Div, 257th Inf Regt "The Wolfhounds" 8-14-2010 Unnamed Cems, this site
LONCZ, Joseph S. WW II and Korea, US Air Force, M/Sgt 6-12-1980 Calvary
LONG, Guy D US Army 10-13-1997 Mount View
LONG, Homer S Jr. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
LONG, John Curtis Sr. US Army, TEC5. 1942-1945 8-31-2010 Mount View
LONTZ, Edward W. US Army 1979 Calvary
LOOP, Ernest  US Army Air Forces, Cpl 4-27-1958 Pleasant Valley
LOPER, Stewart C. US Army, pacific 11-12-2001 St. Bonaventure
LORENZO, Leonard M.   US Army  2-15-2000 Cassadaga
LOUCKS, Calvin Mason Jr. US Army. 1943-1946 2-10-2021 Steamburg
LOUCKS, Herbert F.  US Army 2-10-1989 Randolph Rural
LOUCKS, Lester  US Air Force photographer. Photographed Nuremburg Trials 5-26-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
LOUGHLEN, John J. Jr. M.D. US Army, Capt 1956 St. Bonaventure
LOVE, Charles F. US Army, S/Sgt 11-5-2002 Siloam
LOVE, Frederick Charles US Army 4-17-2002 Freedom
LOVELESS, William J. US Army Air Forces, 8th Air Forces. Europe 1942-1946  9-10-1995 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
LOVELL, LeRoy E US Army, Pvt 6-23-1994 Mount View
LOWE, Charles R US Army, Sgt 10-10-1993 Pleasant Valley
LOWE, Earl Nelson  US Army, Pvt. Purple Heart 9-6-1990 Ischua Village
LOWE, Glenn C. US Army Air Corps & US Army 3rd Inf 65th Div. 1943-46 8-12-2015 Chestnut Hill
LOWE, Robert A. US Navy 10-19-2002 Calvary
LOWRY, Joseph L. Father US Navy 7-4-2008 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
LOWRY, Robert Henry US Army Air Corps, Sgt 12-06-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
LUBKE, Leo H. Sr. US Army 8th & 9th Army Air Corps, Europe 1-30-2010 Unnamed Cems, this site
LUCAS, Benjamin W. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
LUCCO, Jack A. US Army 1943-45 82nd Eng Combat Batt 8-28-2019 St. Patrick, Limestone
LUCCO, Thomas M. US Army 5-19-2012 St. Bonaventure
LUCE, Robert L. US Army Air Corps 2-9-2005 South Napoli
LUCKEY, Beverly A US Army, PFC 11-23-1997 Freedom
LUCYSZYN, Andrew KIA, US Army. 1st Olean serviceman brought home for burial during  1945 St. Bonaventure
LUCYSZYN, George A. "Allie" US Navy, MM2 10-9-1982 St. Bonaventure
LUCYSZYN, Nicholas P. US Navy 11-30-2008 St. Bonaventure
LUCYSZYN, Stanley US Army, 63rd Div, S/Sgt. Rhineland/Central Europe. Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars 4-1-2009 St. Bonaventure
LUM, Charles D. US Army, Fld Arty, S/Sgr  6-21-1905 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
LUNDBERG, George G US Army, Brig Gen. Career 1-12-1981 Mount View
LUNDBERG, Ronald L.  US Army Air Corps 12-12-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
LUNN, Lyle D. US Navy, F1 4-2-1995 Siloam
LUNTZ, Arthur US Army Air Forces 3-1-1999 Pleasant Valley
LUPOLD, William H.  US Army, Pfc 7-23-1999 Limestone
LUSS, Donald C. Unknown service 5-11-1994 Mt Hope
LUTE, Ralph Frederick US Army , Pvt 11-14-1989 Pleasant Valley
LUZIE, Harry A US Coast Arty, Btry B 233, Tec5 9-14-1970 Mount View
LUZIER, Norman J Jr. US Army, Co A 331rd Medical Bn, Pfc 10-19-1949 Pleasant Valley
LYNCH, Robert E. KIA, US Army, 36 Armored Inf., Pvt 8-14-1944 St. Bonaventure
LYON, Arthur J. US Army. Europe 4-15-2012 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
LYON, Louis M. Sabeh Sr. US Army 12-18-2005 Unnamed Cems, this site
LYONS, Clifford F. US Army 2-23-2010 Unnamed Cems, this site


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