World War II Veterans

These pages contain the names of  the men and women who called Cattaraugus County home and served in World War II.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • This page consolidates information from our cemetery lists with casualty information from several casuality lists.
  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. 
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived is in [square brackets] in the burial column.
    Tip:  Most Burials in [brackets] are from a casualty list. Look for burials at the American Overseas cemetery site.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • "Unnamed Cems, this site" in the Burial column is this page.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Cattaraugus County's Medal of Honor recipients


Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABBEY, Anthony G. US Navy 1971 North Otto
ABBEY, Lloyd M US Army 11-29-1991 East Randolph
ABBEY, Marshall M. US Army, Pfc 12-25-1971 Wildwood
ABBEY, Robert R US Navy, OS 10-9-1980 Randolph Rural
ABBEY, Stanley J [Jim] US Navy 1996 East Randolph
ABBEY, Wesley Gilbert US Army Brty A 103rd Arty, Cpl 4-13-1962 Randolph Rural
ABBOTT, Carmella (Flori)  US Army Air Forces 1926 St. Bonaventure
ABBOTT, Joseph William US Army Air Forces 5-26-2006 St. Bonaventure
ABBOTT, Russell James US Army, US Maritime Service (now US Coast Guard) 11-05-2016 Abraham Lincoln Military Cemetery, Elwood IL
ABDO, John R. US Army  7-9-2011 St. Bonaventure
ABELL, William Shakespeare  US Army, Sgt 4-26-1971 Cassadaga
ABERS, Edward Unknown service 1982 Crawford
ABERS, Richard C. US Army, Tec3 1984 Rutledge
ABERSOLD, Sheldon C.  US Navy, S2 7-9-1996 Cassadaga
ABRAMS, Lloyd US Army 10-7-1987 Horseshoe
ABRAMS, Paul US Army 6-1-1994 B'Nai Israel
ABRAMS, Robert US Navy, FM3 10-28-1971 Calvary
ABRAMS, Sanford US Army 4-12-1996 Memorial Heights
ABRIATIS, William J. US Army Air Forces,15th Air Forces 767th Squad 461st Bomb Group, Navigator. Afrca and Europe 10-05-1994 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
ACCURSO, Dominic US Army, Co K 59th Inf, Pvt. 8-2-1971 St. Bonaventure
ACKERSON, Charles F. US Navy 4-10-1996 Allegany
ACKLEY, Gordon E. USMC 1979 East Otto
ACKLEY, Gordon R. US Army Air Corps, M/Sgt. 12-22-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
ACOCKS, Floyd J.  US Navy and US Navy Reserves 4-15-2001 Mount View
ADAIR, Robert E  US Navy 1977 Mount View
ADAMS, Howard Lewis  US Army, Field Arty, 1st Lt 6-3-1961 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
ADAMS, James Marvin [Marv]  US Army 12-31-2003  Chestnut Hill
ADAMS, Manley D, Jr. KIA, Pfc Unknown Unknown
ADAMS, Stephen USMC 2-18-2009 St. Bonaventure
ADAMS, William Mallery US Navy, S1 1-31-2009 St. Bonaventure
ADELSTEIN, Jacob US Army 9-19-2015 B'Nai Israel
ADERMAN, Richard C. Sr US Navy, USS Missouri 10-28-2014 Allegany
ADRIAN, John G. US Army, PFC 12-30-2011 Mount View
ADSIT, Edward L. US Army, Sgt 10-20-1979 Calvary
AGETT, Robert E.  US Army Air Corps 3-15-2012 St. Bonaventure
AGNELLI, Albert B. US Navy 8-27-1987 Calvary
AGNELLI, Peter J. US Army, Pvt 6-11-1976 Calvary
AGUILLARD, Sister Rita Michael OSF US Army.1942-1945. 4-20-2014 St. Bonaventure
AHIGRAN, Vernon A KIA, T/Sgt Unknown [Salamanca
AHMAD, Dawud Unknown service 2-10-1983 Arabic
AHRENS, George A. US Army, Btry A 681st GLI FA Bn, PFC 8-17-1969 Calvary
AHRENS, Karl H. US Navy, SC3 3-19-1966 Wildwood
AIELLO, Dennis S. US Army, Sgt. Served under General Patton in the Ardennes and Rhineland in the European Theater 3-14-2014 St. Bonaventure
AIKEN, Jerome S  US Merchant Marine 1991 Randolph Rural
ALDRICH, Basil V. US ArmyAir Corps 1-14-2017 St. Bonaventure
ALDROW, Gerald Delmont US Army 7-8-1944 Mt Hope
ALDUSKI, Carl J. US Army, M/Sgt 1-06-1992 Calvary
ALGER, Clarence L. Jr. Co 1 41st Armored  Inf, Tec5. Bronze Star Medal 2-3-1965 Cottage
ALGER, Richard Duran  US Army, Pvt 1991 Mount View
ALLEMAN, Adele Marian (Lian) US Navy, WAVES 1-07-2017 St. Bonaventure
ALLEN, Harry S  US Navy 1978 Mount View
ALLEN, Robert W KIA, Lt.  Unknown [Gowanda]
ALLISON, Merville R. DNB, Cpl Unknown [Olean]
ALLISON, Richard H. DNB, 1/Lt Unknown [Franklinville]
ALLRAM, Louis Charles KIA, US Army. Europe-Battle of the Bulge 1-15-1945 St. Bonaventure
ALLWOOD, Albert D. US Army 1984 Steamburg
ALOIA, Ernest US Army  3-29-1998 St. Bonaventure
AMBROSELLI, John US Navy, Shipfitter 3rd Class ~ St. Bonaventure
AMBUSKE, Edward F. US Army, S/Sgt 3-19-1978 Calvary
AMBUSKE, Harry  US Army Air Corps 11-29-2016 Calvary
AMBUSKE, John L. WW I and II, US Army, Tran Corp, Cpl 3-12-1968 Calvary
AMITRANO, Anthony A. Sr. US Navy. 1942-1945 4-11-2012 Mt. Prospect
ANASTASIA, Carl J. US Army 4-17-2016 St. Bonaventure
ANASTASIA, Carl J. US Army 4-17-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
ANASTASIA, Joseph J. [Motor] US Navy  2-23-2011 St. Bonaventure
ANDERSON, C. Donald US Navy 1944-46 10-16-2019 Mount View
ANDERSON, Charles W US Army, Pfc 6-7-1975 Pleasant Valley
ANDERSON, Jerome L. US Army, 815th Eng Aviation Bn. 1942-45 4-11-2016 Allegany
ANDERSON, Kenneth Ellsworth Sr PhD US Navy, Malarial Control Unit #8, Lt JG 12-1-1995 St. Bonaventure
ANDERSON, Paul H. US Army, a paratrooper 5-14-2007 Wildwood
ANDREWS, Rex W  US Army, PFC, from New York 2-27-1973 Mount View
ANGER, William S. Jr  Unknown service 7-8-1968 Wildwood
AQUINO, Anthony A. US Army Air Forces, 99th Bombardment Grp, S/Sgt. A ball turret gunneron B-17s 8-18-2015 Allegany
ARCHER, Burton F US Army, Tec5 1-9-1969 Freedom
ARENA, Roy F. US Army 1978 Calvary
ARENA, Victor J. US Army 1984 Calvary
ARMIJO, Claude Jr  US Army, Pvt 1-1-1975 Mount View
ARMOUR, Hurlon T  US Army 1996 Mount View
ARMSTRONG, Charles A. US Navy, GM3 10-4-1964 Crawford
ARMSTRONG, George E.  US Army. Career, 1924-1965. 1st Sgt. with Co I NY National Guard  3-4-1994 Allegany
ARMSTRONG, Kenneth L. US Army, Maj 6-3- 1970 Randolph Rural
ARMSTRONG, Nadine E.  US Navy 7-13-1996 St. Bonaventure
ARMSTRONG, Terrance J. US Navy 9-24-2003 St. Bonaventure
ARNOLD, Robert V. US Army  2-22-1983 Crawford
ARROWSMITH, Douglass M. Jr. US Army. Italy 9-10-2005 Little Valley Rural
ARTLIP, Chauncey D US Navy, S1 10-19-1996 Pleasant Valley
ASH, Ameil M. US Army, Co C 7th Inf 3rd Div. 1943-1945 8-22-2013 St. Bonaventure
ASH, Fred, J. US Army Air Forces. 9-7-1943 to 3-7-1946 6-28-2013 St. Bonaventure
ASH, Joseph J. US Army. 1942-1945 6-24-2013 St. Bonaventure
ASHLEY, Victor R.  KIA, Pfc 9-5-1944 Wildwood
ASPLUND, Einar  US Army Air Forces, 57 Bomb Sq, Pfc 12-29-1967 Wildwood
ATCHESON, William Fred US Army, Pfc 8-5-1974 Allegany
ATTOLONI. William S. Died, Seaman Unknown [Olean]
ATTWELL, Robert C US Army, Pvt 12-8-1981 Pleasant Valley
ATWATER, Arlee D.F.  US Coast Guard, PM1 5-11-1973 Mt. Prospect
ATWATER, Earl Y. DOW, Pfc Unknown [Franklinville]
ATWATER, James D.  US Army, 774 Tank Bn, PFC Med. Purple Heart  8-21-1966 Mt. Prospect
ATWOOD, Lyle A. Sr. US Army, 97th Inf Signal Corp  10-13-2011 Calvary
ATWOOD, William H. US Army 12-30-1993 Calvary
AUMAN, Thomas W.  US Army, 3rd Btry 11th Inf 5th Div. Three Purple Hearts 10-18-2007 St. Bonaventure
AUMOCK, Andrew  US Navy 8-3-2003  Green
AURINO, Pascal L. [Pat] US Army, 3rd Btry 11th Inf 5th Div. Three purple Hearts 7-01-2004 St. Bonaventure
AUSTIN, Edmund E  US Army, CPL 11-24-1987 Mount View
AUSTIN, Kenneth R  US Army, Pvt 9-12-1974 Mount View
AUSTIN, Richard J.  KIA, US Army, Co B 1st Reg't 72nd Div 4-20-1945 Green
AUSTIN, Walter I.  US Army Inf. Europe 4-27-1995 Chestnut Hill
AUSTIN, William E.  Unknown service 8-21-1964 Chestnut Hill
AUTERA, Leonard US Army, 716th Tank Btry. Philippines 10-2-2009 St. Bonaventure
AYERS, Francis H DNB, S/Sgt Unknown [Olean]
BAAKLINI, Alfred K. KIA, US Army, HQ Co 2nd Bn 1st Armored Inf. Pfc 1942 St. Bonaventure
BAASE, Albert C. US Army, Cpl 5-21-1960 East Otto
BAASE, Ralph C.  US Army 4-4-1982 Maples, Mansfield
BABB, Clifford B  US Army Air Forces 1999 Mount View
BABCOCK, Edward V US Army, 513rd Parachute Inf, Tec4  4-17-1967 Pleasant Valley
BABCOCK, Leslie Jr US Army, Co B 20th Engr Bn, SFC. Bronze Star 10-9-1957 Pleasant Valley
BABCOCK, Robert W. KIA, S/Sgt Unknown Unknown
BABCOCK, Walter Morton US Navy 7-06-2004 Green
BACELLI, Neno T. US Army, Cpl 3-30-1998 Calvary
BACH, John US Army Air Corps 8-20-1993 Calvary
BADER, Bader M  USNR, S1, from New York 4-9-1969 Mount View
BAGLIONE, Angelo US Navy 9-17-2013 St. Bonaventure
BAGLIONE, Frank L. US Army 3-12-2007 St. Bonaventure
BAILEY, Alfred L Sr US Army, 1262 SVC Comd Unit, PFC, from New York 9-12-1965 Mount View
BAILEY, Estle  US Army 5-16-1982 South Napoli
BAILEY, Francis Drennan Sr. US Navy aboard USS Frank D. Roosevelt 4-20-2006 Mt. Prospect
BAILEY, William D. [Doug] US Army, 309th Inf. 78th Lightening Div. Purple Heart 5-31-2005 Mt. Prospect
BAILEY, William G. USMC. 1945-1946 3-22-2020 Chestnut HIll
BAKER, Benjamin F  US Army, Military Police Corps, Pvt, from New York 3-20-1970 Mount View
BAKER, George Vernon US Army, Europe POW in Germany 8-14-2006 Green
BAKER, John C. Died, USMC, Lt. Unknown [Franklinville]
BAKER, John F US Army 5-8-1992 Green
BAKER, John H.  US Army, 66th Qtrmstr Bn 1-5-1995 Wildwood
BAKER, Leland V  US Army 1992 Mount View
BAKER, Meurice E  US Army, CPL 1981 Mount View
BAKER, Theodore S. US Army, Co B 180 Inf, Pfc 2-20-1970 Calvary
BAKER, Wilber B. US Army Air Forces, Pvt 5-29-1967 Allegany
BAKER, William  US Army Air Corps, Sgt. Tail gunner, Pacific 5-24-2006 Wildwood
BAKER, William P. US Army Air Corps 1994 Calvary
BAKER, Wilton F US Army, Chem Engrs. 1942 to 1945. Europe; Normandy, France; and the Rhineland. On D-Day, he served at Omaha Beach and Utah Beach. He received the European-African-Middle Eastern Medal with bronze arrowhead and the French Medal of Honor, the Croix de Guerre 8-4-2012 St. Bonaventure
BAKEWELL, William Alfred  US Army Counter Intelligence 2-26-2012 Unnamed Cems, this site
BALACKI, Nicholas US Navy, CPO aboard destroyer USS Markab 10-4-2008 St. Bonaventure
BALCERZAK, Felix A  US Army 8-28-1978 Mount View
BALCERZAK, Leo Peter US Army Tec5 8-22-1981 St. Bonaventure
BALCERZAK, Walter Joseph Sr. US Army. Purple Heart and Many More.  12-22-2003 St. Bonaventure
BALCOM, Charles F.  US Army, Philippines, 1944-1946 1-11-2005 Mt. Prospect
BALDWIN, Allan C. KIA, Pvt Unknown [Olean]
BALDWIN, Clarence T  US Army, S/Sgt 1982 Mount View
BALDWIN, Kenneth T. US Navy. South Pacific 4-06-2018 St. Bonaventure
BALDWIN, Walter E. Jr. US Army Air Forces, 1 Base Unit T/Sgt 2-22-1964 Steamburg
BALL, Casmer K. US Army  4-13-1997 Crawford
BALL, George W. Unknown service 11-3-1998 Crawford
BALL, Walter W. US Navy, BM2 1981 Calvary
BALLERSTEIN, Walter E  US Army  1-3-1996 Mount View
BALUS, Harry US Army Air Corps, Pfc 8-08-1988 Calvary
BANDZERA, Joseph DNB, Sgt Unknown [Olean]
BARBARO, Nazzoreno J  US Army, S/Sgt 1-20-1995 Mount View
BARBER, Charles M. US Army 2nd Armoured Div  3-26-2010 Siloam
BARCZAK, Chester S. US Navy 10-29-2013 Calvary
BARCZAK, Joseph J. US Army, Career - 26 years 8-13-2005 Calvary
BARCZAK, Thaddeus E. US Army, S/Sgt 9-02-1998 Calvary
BARGY, William L.  USMC, Cpl 1-8-1974 Green
BARHITE, Herbert [Bud]  US Army Air Corps. POW 9-16-2001 Wildwood
BARNES, Andrew F  US Army, T/Sgt 1982 Mount View
BARNES, Arlo T US Army, 32nd Inf. 7th Div, Pvt 5-27-1943 Pleasant Valley
BARNES, Howard L US Army Air Corps/ US Air Force, B-25s in Europe. 12-22-2007 Pleasant Valley
BARNES, LaRue H.  US Army, H and H Co 417 Sig BN, S/Sgt 6-16-1971 Wildwood
BARNES, Oramel O  US Army 1985 Mount View
BARNES, Ralph L. US Navy Seabees. Okinawa  10-23-2018 Chestnut Hill
BARNES, Raymond S.  US Army, S/Sgt 1980 Wildwood
BARNEY, George L. US Army, 349th Infantry. Europe & Africa  6-11-2007 Bunker Hill
BARNHARD, Egbert L MIA, US Army Air Force, 1411 Base Unit, Sgt 11-11-1945 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
BARNWELL, Lloyd W. US Army Air Corps, Capt. Europe 6-6-2007 Steamburg
BARR, Frank J  US Army Air Corps, Cpl 12-9-1996 Mount View
BARRETT, Perry F. US Navy, S2 8-05-1982 Calvary
BARREY, Robert Edward US Navy, Okinawa 2-9-2005 Allegany
BARRILE, Domenic  US Army, S/Sgt 3-1-1974 St. Patrick, Limestone
BARTH, Donald H  US Army, 3505 ORD AMMO Co, 85 M,Tec 4, Purple Heart, 5-8-1955 Mount View
BARTH, Karl Lewis US Navy 9-28-2005 St. Bonaventure
BARTH, Robert O  US Army Air Forces, PFC, from PA 8-11-1969 Mount View
BARTH, Walter F US Navy, MM2 Mar 2-2000 Hinsdale
BARTHOLOMAY, William L  US Army, Sgt 2-26-1979 Mount View
BARTON, Ralph US Army, Pvt, from New York 1-18-1972 Mount View
BARTOSZEK, John J. US Army 11-11-2002 Calvary
BATESKI, Frank J. [Fritz] US Army 11-01-2004 St. Bonaventure
BATESKI, Raymond L. US Army 5-24-1995 St. Bonaventure
BATESKY, Walter J. US Army  2-7- 2000 St. Bonaventure
BAZOW, John T. US Navy. South Pacific 7-23-2006 St. Bonaventure
BEACH, Jack A. US Army, Sgt 1990 East Otto
BEALS, Clifford I. Jr.  US Army 9-30-1947 Wildwood
BEALS, Jack V.  US Army, Sgt 10-28-1987 Wildwood
BEAN, John R Sr. US Army 4-27-2007 St. Bonaventure
BEAN, Robert Leroy US Army  1942-1945, Purple Heart   3-29-2000 Perrysburg
BEAN, William W. Died, Pvt Unknown [Shongo
BEAR, Joseph M.  US Army, 5th Army S/Sgt 1-22-2009 B'Nai Israel
BEARFIELD, Fanklin Theodore USNR, M1. Career 4-10-1962 Allegany
BEATTY, John L. Sr.  US Army 4-13-2002 Five Mile
BECK, Malcolm  USMC, S/Sgt-From North Carolina 6-13-1970 Wildwood
BECKER, Donald C DNB, US Army Air Force 1944 Pleasant Valley
BECKER, Donald F  US Army, PFC 1990 Mount View
BECKER, Henry M. DNB, Cpl Unknown [Olean]
BECKER, John J Jr. US Army, S/Sgt 1984 Mount View
BECKMAN, Harry A. US Army   10-21-2008 Little Valley Rural
BECKWITH, Paul  US Army, 681st Glider Artillery 17th Airborne Div 1-12-2004 Wildwood
BEDELL, Charles A.  US Army, Europe 11-19-1994 Wildwood
BEEBE, Clive D. Hq 27th Gen Hosp, Pvt 3-1-1972 Cottage
BEERS, George F.  US Army, Bronze Star and Meritorious Service Unit Plaque 2-20-2003 Wildwood
BEIGEL, Walter E.  US Army, Btry A 34th Field Arty, Pvt 8-18-1968 Wildwood
BELL, Charles L  US Army, PFC 1977 Mount View
BELL, Harold S.  US Army, Signal Corps. Pacific 8-25-2003 St. Bonaventure
BELL, Kenneth E. US Army, Co B 60th Inf, S/Sgt 6-1-1965 Allegany
BELLEISLE, Douglas E. US Navy 10-6-2006 Pleasant Valley
BELLO,  Anthony J Sr  "Tony"   US Navy, 1945 to 1949 12-12-2011 Pleasant Valley
BELVEES, Milo F US Army, Sgt ~ St. Bonaventure
BENCA, John, F US Navy, GM3 1969 St. Bonaventure
BENESKI, Joseph Jr. MIA, Sgt Unknown [Gowanda]
BENJAMIN, Arnold J  US Army, PFC 1983 Mount View
BENJAMIN, Chester C  US Army, Tec5 1978 Mount View
BENJAMIN, Frank C  US Army, PFC 1987 Mount View
BENJAMIN, Henry D  US Navy, S1 12-20-1986 Mount View
BENJAMIN, Robert L.  US Navy, MOMM1 4-17-1987 Wildwood
BENNET, Herbert K.  US Navy, HA2 9-9-1973 Green
BENNETT, Edgar W. KIA, Killed in Action in France 9-17-1944 Allegany
BENNETT, Harold L. US Army, Co M Inf, 1/Sgt. Bronze Star 6-26-1962 Allegany
BENNETT, Norman L. US Army 5-23-1993 Allegany
BENNETT, Norman L. US Army. Battle of the Bulge Purple Heart 6-1-2008 Mt. Prospect
BENSON, Ernest C. US Army 1943-46 & US Air Force 1/1946-12/1946 8-17-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
BENSON, John R.  KIA, US Army 36th Texas Div. 141st Inf, Pfc Killed in France. 8-24-1944 East Randolph
BENTLEY, Edwin W  US Army, Tec5 1987 Mount View
BENTON, George E. US Army, T4/Sgt 1-5-2002 Little Valley Rural
BENTON, Levant F. US Army, Sgt 7-14-1993 Cottage
BENTON, Royal B. US Army, Tec5 12-22-1971 Cottage
BERG, Harry J. US Army, Cpl 3-14-1983 East Otto
BERGER, Jack [Ol Dad] US Army Air Forces, Sig Corps and 310th Air Service Band 1-28-2011 East Randolph
BERGREEN, Donald M. US Army 4-10-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
BERK, Louis US Army, T/Sgt 5-10-1995 B'Nai Israel
BERNARD, Joseph R. US Navy 11-17-2008 Unnamed Cems, this site
BERNARD, Robert C. US Navy, Gunner  12-06-2016 Pleasant Valley
BERNARD, William Jr. US Army Air Copts 1943-46 B-29 navigator 7-28-2016 Allegany
BERNHOFT, Rollin Charles Unknown service 7-31-1991 Mt Hope
BERTCH, Albert J US Navy, Pvt 1987 Pleasant Valley
BESOK, John J US Army 12-29-1995 Pleasant Valley
BESS, Robert L. USMC and Navy. Career 7-05-1990 Calvary
BEST, Henry B. Died, US Army, Pvt. Unknown [Olean]
BEVER, Charles H US Army, S/Sgt 2-11-1968 Little Valley Rural
BIANCO, Lawrence R US Army  12-8-2009 Mt. Prospect
BIAS, Eugene US Navy USS Attu (CVE-102) Escort Carrier 7-06-2019 Wildwood
BICKELL, Harry L. KIA, Pfc Unknown [Limestone]
BICKELL, Sidney V.  US Army 1977 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
BIEHLER, Robert W. US Army Air Forces in England and US 1st Lt. 3-2-2007 Allegany
BIEHLER, Walter W. "Sarge" US Army, Cpl 10-28-2002 Chestnut Hill
BIERFELDT, Helen M. (Horvath) US Army Nurse Corps, 1/Lt. 12th Field Hospital in France and Germany. 1941-46. Received one Silver Star and 4 Overseas Service Bars 10-04-2017 Calvary
BIERFELDT, Helen M. (Horvath)  US Army Nurse Corps, 1/LT. 12th Field Hospital. The 12th supported five campaigns: participated in five campaigns: Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe. Earned four Oversees Service Bars and a Silver Battle Star.  10-04-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
BIERFELDT, Leonard W. US Army, 12th Field Hosp 5-15-2001 Calvary
BIERFELDT, Philip A. US Army, Cpl 3-14-1995 Calvary
BILLEY, Donald Edwin US Army, Co C 160 Inf, Cpl Purple Heart 1-6-1968 Memorial Heights
BINGERMAN, Bruce E.  US Army, Philipines and Japan 3-18-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
BIRD, George M. US Army, 1/Lt 7-0-1984 Allegany
BIRD, Ida A. US Army Air Forces, Nurse 11-28-2008 St. Bonaventure
BIRMINGHAM, William  US Army 8th Army Air Force and US Army Air Force 304th Signal Co 5-10-2001 Calvary
BISCUP, Leonard R. "Lenny" US Navy 07-29-2008 Calvary
BISH, Robert E Sr. USMC Pfc 8-3-1993 Pleasant Valley
BISHOP, David G. Jr. US Army, PFC 3-19-2017 Little Valley Rural
BISHOP, David George, Jr. US Army, 1st Cav Div. Pacific 3-19-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
BISHOP, George A.  Unknown service 1997 South Napoli
BISHOP, John W. US Army, 43rd Div 172 Inf. 1941-45 Purple Heart 3-19-2003 St. Bonaventure
BISHOP, Lester J. US Army Air Forces. 1943-45. POW and Purple Heart. 7-26-2022 Little Valley Rural
BISHOP, Stanley E.  US Army, Sgt 1-4-1985 Wildwood
BISSELL, Eugene E. US Army 5-10-1994 East Randolph
BIXBY, Howard B. US Army 10-11-2004 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
BLACK, Arthur W. US Army 1-2-1999 St. Bonaventure
BLACK, Bruce M  US Army Air Corps, Capt. 7-12-1994 Mount View
BLACK, Frank D. Died, US Army, Pfc Unknown [Kill Buck]
BLACK, Lawrence E Sr US Navy  10-10-1967 Mount View
BLACK, Llyod D US Army 1978 Pleasant Valley
BLACK, Virginia M. US Navy 10-9-2012 Liberty Park
BLACKMAN, William H US Army, Co I 2nd Inf. Div. WW II, Pvt. Bronze Star  5-16-1960 Pleasant Valley
BLACKMON, Edward M. US Army. Europe 12-13-2009 Green
BLACKMON, Edwin Keith US Navy. 1944-46 7-11-2011 Mt. Prospect
BLAKESSLEE, William C.  US Army 1-25-1991 Wildwood
BLANK, George Garland  US Army Air Forces, Sgt, from New York 6-18-1968 Mount View
BLAUVELT, Francis W. Unknown service 7-13-1980 East Portville/Main Settlement
BLAZEJEWSKI, Stephen Frank US Navy, BM2 7-26-1982 St. Bonaventure
BLEES, Gerrit US Navy 1942-1945. USS Amick DE 168 and the USS Knight DD 633 2-27-2014 Randolph Rural
BLEHAR, Joseph J. US Army, Pvt 1979 Calvary
BLENDINGER, Gordon E. US Army Air Corps, 14th Tow Target Squadron. 1942-1946 3-17- 1995  Green
BLESSING, Robert W.  US Army, 1937 Svc. Comd. Unit, Pfc 1-29-1970 Wildwood
BLISH, Kenneth L. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
BLISS, Hubert L  US Army, CPL 4150 QM Service Co from New York 6-13-1960 Mount View
BLOCK, Rodney L. US Navy Seabees 11-18-2013 Green
BLOCK, Roland A. US Navy 1-10-2010 Green
BLOISE, Dominic J. US Army, HQ Co 17th Inf, PFC 1-6-1927 St. Bonaventure
BLOOD, Vernon G Jr.  US Navy 7-15-1999 Randolph Rural
BLUMENTHAL, Jack US Army, 2/LT. Australia. 2-13-2013 Mount View
BLUMENTHAL, Louis James  US Army, Co I 8th QM Bn, Pvt 7-16-1972 B'Nai Israel
BOARDMAN, Harley C US Army, Sgt. Purple Heart 9-7-2002 Little Valley Rural
BOARDMAN, Harold W. DNB, Pvt Unknown Unknown
BOBERG, John H US Navy 4-11-1989 Little Valley Rural
BobERY, Carl A. Died, 1/Lt Unknown [Olean]
BOEHMER, Albert R. KIA, Pfc Unknown [Machias]
BOGART, Charles J.  Unknown service 1963 Steamburg
BOLAND, Donald G "Mr B"  US Navy, Naval Aviator, flew fighter planes off of the deck of the USS Saratoga  5-31-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
BOLDEN, Pierce D  US Navy 7-26-1979 Mount View
BOLTON, Laurence C.  US Navy. 1943-1946 6-6-1995 Steamburg
BOLTON, William T. USNR, Sl 12-29-1955 McKinstry
BOND, Charles H US Army 1-7-1994 Perrysburg
BONHOFF, Clifford L Jr US Army, Tec5 1980 Mount View
BONI, John  US Army, 17 Co 150th Depot Brig, Pvt  1-6-1971 Allegany
BOOKMILLER, James Elmer Sr. Us Army 10-30-2016 Siloam
BOON, Leonard Allen "Bud" US Navy, SA ~ Pleasant Valley
BOOROM, Darwin O. [Bud] US Army 1943-46 in Europe and the Philippines. Purple Heart and Bronze Star 8-15-2022 Mt. Prospect
BOOTH, George R. US Army Air Corps, Pfc 5-10-1991 Allegany
BOOTH, Harold H. US Army 1-2-2010 Liberty Park
BOOTH, Lee F. [Red] US Navy, Pacific 11-9-2005 Unnamed Cems, this site
BOOTH, Thomas J. US Army, Armored Tank Div.  7-5-1929 Unnamed Cems, this site
BORDEN, Donna J (Ursoy) US Army 6-11-1996 Mount View
BORROWDALE, Lloyd E  US Navy, SN1 6-16-1995 Mount View
BOSER, Donald J. US Army, Co A 410th Inf, S/Sgt. 1940-1945 12-5-2010 St. Bonaventure
BOSER, Raymond L. US Army 7-4-2009 Allegany
BOSSMAN, Frederick C. US Army, Pfc 10-11-1962 Randolph Rural
BOTHWELL, Edward W. US Army Air Corps 8-9-2008 St. Bonaventure
BOTHWELL, Rose Cecelia Women's Air Force Corps 1-18-2009 St. Bonaventure
BOTSFORD, Everette E  US Army, CPL, from New York 6-24-1973 Mount View
BOTTONE, Francis T.  US Army Air Forces, Sgt 3-15-2001 St. Patrick, Limestone
BOVA, Bernard D US Army, 106th Inf 27th Div, Sgt 6-24-1944 Pleasant Valley
BOVA, Joseph P. KIA, 2/Lt Unknown Unknown
BOVA, Myron Charles [Bull Moose] US Army, Tec5 3-15-2008 Steamburg
BOVA, William F  US Army 1992 Mount View
BOWEN, Elwood E. US Army. CoC 415th Regt. 104th Inf. Fought at Utah Beach on D-Day. Bronze star and 5 other US medals and Warrior Medal of Valor from the Iroquois Nation.  4-1-2008 Memorial Heights
BOWEN, John Joseph US Army 3-8-2010 St. Bonaventure
BOWEN, Leslie E. US Army. Tec5 11-26-1980 Memorial Heights
BOWLEY, Lyle D. [Mike] US Army 2-23-1978 Steamburg
BOWLEY, Raymond H.  Unknown service 12-15-1974 Steamburg
BOYCE, Harry Leland US Navy Seabees 11-7-2000 Little Valley Rural
BOYD, Hugh P. KIA, Sgt Unknown Unknown
BOYER, Donald D. [Bud] US Army 4-23-1996 Randolph Rural
BOYLE, James B. Jr. US Army 7-7-2009 St. Bonaventure
BOZA, Frank R., Jr. US Marine Corps 1988 Calvary
BOZARD, Paul Floyd US Army 1-12-1997 Five Mile
BRACKEL, Raymond L US Army, Pfc 8-30-1998 Pleasant Valley
BRACY, James E  US Army, Tec5 7-27-1946 Mount View
BRADT, Frederick W. US Army, CPL, Merrill's Marauders in Burma and India  4-14-2005 Chestnut Hill
BRAIN, Arthur C. US Army 1992 Randolph Rural
BRAINARD, Byron W [By] USMC, 4th Marine Div  11-17-2004 Allegany
BRANDEL, William C. Sr. US Army, 100th Inf Div. France and Germany. Purple Heart.  4-4-2012 St. Bonaventure
BRANDES, Jeanette M. US Army Air Corps, 1/Lt nurse 7-17-2008 Chestnut Hill
BRANDES, Thomas W. US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 3-5-2005 Chestnut Hill
BRANDY, Robert Jr.  US Army, Quartermaster Corps, PFC, from New York 6-10-1970 Mount View
BRECHTEL, Clement M  US Army, Tec5 1984 Mount View
BREHM, Edward H. US Army 9-17-2004 St. Bonaventure
BREHM, James G. USMC and US Army 1-29-2005 St. Bonaventure
BRENNAN, Robert J. US Army, Co H 34 Inf, Capt 11-13-1956 Calvary
BRENNEMAN, Merle J.  Unknown service 2-4-2012 Unnamed Cems, this site
BRENNEMAN, William C  Unknown service 4-21-1957 Wildwood
BRESSAN, Paul J USMC, Sgt ~ St. Bonaventure
BREWER, Byron C  US Army, Co C 46 Eng CBN, Tec4, from New York 5-9-1965 Mount View
BRIGGS, Loren Richard USNR, GM2 4-26-1973 Hinsdale
BRIGGS, Russell M US Navy, S1 May 4-1975 Hinsdale
BRIGGS, W. Stanley US Army Corps of Eng and US Army Reserves, Lt Col  2-17-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
BRIMMER, Edgar Utley US Army 11-15-2004 East Otto
BRINK, William J. US Army 7-20-2006 Allegany
BRINKS, Ralph L. Sr. US Navy, USS Oyster Bay, S1C 7-3-2010 East Otto
BRITTAIN, William E  US Army, PFC 1981 Mount View
BROCKLE, Alfred O. Died, Sgt Unknown [Olean]
BROCKMAN, Bernard J. [Bud] US Army 1943-46 4-10-2011 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
BROKAW, Robert Leland Sr. US Army, S/Sgt 6-3-1982 Pleasant Valley
BROL, Chester US Army Air Corps, 1st Sgt. Pacific ~ East Otto
BROMLEY, Gerald US Navy 1993 Calvary
BROOKINS, Clarence F US Army, Pfc 3-7-1988 Hinsdale
BROOKINS, Clifford L US Navy, MOMM2 Mar 13-1961 Hinsdale
BROOKS, Charles Owen USMC. 1945-1946 10-25-2014 Steamburg
BROOKS, James H. US Army Air Forces 3-31-2011 Pleasant Valley
BROOKS, Melvin J. US Army 4-28-1985 Calvary
BROOKS, Raymond A. Jr. US Army, Med Corps 2-26-2015 Pleasant Valley
BROOKS, Ronald W  US Army 1994 Mount View
BROOKS, Torrance B.  US Army. 1943-1945 5-4-2000  Liberty Park
BROWN, Charles Arthur Jr. US Army 258th Fld Arty. Fought from  Normandy through Germany. Five major Battle Stars. 3-9-2021 Rutledge
BROWN, Charles L.  US Army 5-24-1984 Randolph Rural
BROWN, Clayton C. US Army Air Forces, Cpl 3-1-1949 Randolph Rural
BROWN, Clinton US Army, Pfc 10-27-2002 Cottage
BROWN, Fenton H. US Army, T/SGT. 1943-1946 2-22-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
BROWN, Francis Arthur US Army, 95th Inf. Purple Heart, Battle of Mertz 1-20-2005 Freedom
BROWN, Fred J.  Unknown service 1943 Wildwood
BROWN, George J. US Army  1992 Crawford
BROWN, George P. US Army. 1946-1947 10-18-2013 Maplegrove, Machias
BROWN, Hadley H "Had" US Navy, S1  Apr 4-2004 Hinsdale
BROWN, Henry E.  US Army, Sgt 12-14-1991 Randolph Rural
BROWN, John US Army, Europe 11-19-2009 Wildwood
BROWN, John L  US Navy, USS Intrepid 12-1-2006 Mount View
BROWN, Maynard  US Army 1943-46. Earned Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster. 6-06-2018 St. Bonaventure
BROWN, Paul W US Army, 1st Lt Jan 18-2000 Hinsdale
BROWN, Richard E.  US Navy, S1 4-1-1994 Willoughby
BROWN, Richard L  US Navy, MOMM3 9-23-1980 Mount View
BROWN, Robert Earl  US Army 1993 Randolph Rural
BROWN, Robert W. US Army 1-16-2011 Chestnut Hill
BROWN, Thomas D. US Army, Btry A 634 AAA AW BN CAC, S/Sgt 4-10-1953 Calvary
BROWN, Victor Arthur WW I and WW II 11-7-1985 Randolph Rural
BROWN, William Milton US Navy, F1 12-15-1960 Pleasant Valley
BROWNELL, James P  US Army 1986 Wildwood
BROWNING, Ira E  US Navy, S1 5-4-1975 Mount View
BRUNELL, Carlyle US Army 1977 Mount View
BRUNETTO, Ben J. WW II, US Army. Korea, US Navy 9-29-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
BRUNO, Joseph P. [Pep] US Army, 69th Gen Hosp, Tec5. Bronze Star 2-11-1966 Calvary
BRUNO, Samuel J. US Army, 26th Field Hospital, Pfc 6-30-1972 Allegany
BRYANT, Shirley L US Army, Pfc 1981 Pleasant Valley
BRYANT, William L  US Army, PFC 10-25-1990 Mount View
BRYER, Roy K. Jr. US Navy, S2. 1945-1947 5-24-2013 Allegany
BRYSON, Oma E  US Army, Tec5 1989 Mount View
BUCHER, Donald J. US Army 7-02-2004 St. Bonaventure
BUCHER, Harold T  US Army, Tec4 6-2-1905 Mount View
BUCKLES, James W  US Army 1-13-1979 Mount View
BUCKLES, William F US Army, Military Police, Pfc 7-4-1963 Pleasant Valley
BUCKLEY, Robert G. US Navy, QM3. 1944-1946 12-29-2010 Allegany
BUDREIS, Charles J. KIA, S/Sgt Unknown Unknown
BUDZINSKI, Floyd S. US Army, Tec5 1978 Calvary
BUERGER, Edgar J.  US Army, Capt. 1-13-1994 Plato
BUERGER, Robert P. WW II, Korea, Vietnam, US Navy, pilot for 24 years.  1-27-2018 Florida Natl Cem, Bushnell FL
BUFORD, Carl Eugene Unknown service 5-31-1986 Arabic
BUKNIS, Bernard A. US Army, Europe 2-21-2004 Calvary
BULLERS, Max E. US Navy, Seabees 10-28-2011 Green
BUMP, George E. US Army Air Corps, 1/Lt 12-18- 1912 McKinstry
BUMP, Marie Christine (Hamm) US Army 1945-47 9-30-2003 Allegany
BURCH, Henry M. US Army 1977 Randolph Rural
BURDICK, Albert L US Navy, S2 9-28-1985 Pleasant Valley
BURDICK, Edward W. Unknown service 1975 East Portville/Main Settlement
BURDICK, James D  US Army, Sgt  8-25-2004 Mount View
BURGESS, Richard H. US Army 66 Tank Bn, Pvt. 7-19-1959 Siloam
BURKE, George C  USMC 1995 Wildwood
BURKE, Robert F. Died, Corp Unknown [Weston Mills]
BURKETT, Harry G. Died, Capt Unknown [Olean]
BURKHART, Benjamin H. US Navy, CM3 9-6-1984 Randolph Rural
BURLEW, Harry E. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
BURLINGAME, George J. Unknown service 1951 Calvary
BURLINGAME, Kenneth B. Unknown service 4-23-1996 Mt Hope
BURNS, Robert B US Navy, QM3 9-3-1997 Perrysburg
BURNSIDE, Robert L US Army Air Corps 1988 East Randolph
BURRELL, H. Edward US Navy, Europe 2-22-2006 Unnamed Cems, this site
BURROUGHS, Forrest T. Died Unknown [Little Valley]
BURROUGHS, Robert Freeman US Army, 7th Army 11-15-2009 Chestnut Hill
BURROWS, George F US Army, ASF TNG Center, Pvt 2-17-1963 Freedom
BURT, Clair A US Navy, S2 9-3-1995 Pleasant Valley
BURTON, Francis P. DNB, 2/Lt Unknown Unknown
BURTON, Harry L. US Navy, 28th Seabee Bn. Iceland, Invasion of Europe, Okinawa 1-24-2005 Mt. Prospect
BURTON, William N. KIA, Cpl Unknown [Ellicottville]
BUSCH, Gordon R.   US Army, Sgt 6-9-1993 Cassadaga
BUSH, Thomas H. US Navy. 1946-1948 9-26-2013 St. Bonaventure
BUTINSKI, Edward F. [Boots] US Army Air Forces. South Pacific 8-30-2004 St. Bonaventure
BUTINSKI, Leo J. KIA, Pfc Unknown [Olean]
BUTLER, Duane US Army, 51st Airborne 6-02-2010 Green
BUTLER, Edward J. US Army, TEC5 7-13-2009 St. Bonaventure
BUTLER, Elbert T. US Army, Pvt. 1969 St. Bonaventure
BUTLER, George H.  US Army, 5th Army Coprs 8-19-1995 Mt. Prospect
BUTLER, John S Unknown service 1947 Pleasant Valley
BUTLER, Leland G. US Army, Capt. Europe 11-16-2004 East Otto
BUTLER, Mavis [Pat] US Navy WAVES, PM3 8-2-2010 St. Bonaventure
BUTTON, William H. US Navy PhM 2/C 8-25-2015 Chestnut Hill
BUVOLTZ, Stephen Rudolph US Army 7-28-2005 Randolph Rural
BUVOLTZ, Stewart Louis US Army, Central Europe Russia Region messenger on jeep patrol 11-2-2004 Steamburg
BYRNE, William J  US Army, Tec5 1986 Mount View
BYRON, Leonard R. WW I and WW I, US Navy. Career 9-12-1964 Randolph Rural
BYSIEK, Bernard John US Army, PFC 7-10-2007 St. Bonaventure
BYSIEK, Edward J. Sr. US Army Air Forces, Cpl 11-22-2009 St. Bonaventure
BZDAK, Raymond J US Army, Tec5 11-01-1952 Calvary
CADWELL, HOWARD US Army Medical Corps 1-5-2001 Cottage
CADY, Glenn J.   US Navy, Y2 5-22-1996 Cassadaga
CAFFO, Vincent J. US Navy 1-26-2005 St. Bonaventure
CAIN, Donald N.  Unknown service 1966 Steamburg
CALABRO, Benjamin J. US Navy 2-21-2001 Calvary
CALLAHAN, Richard F. MIA 2-9-1945 Allegany
CALLEN, William W "Cal"  US Navy, S1. 1944-1946 6-3-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
CAMP, Robert L. [Satch] US Army, 3rd Inf, anti-tank gun crewman. Purple Heart 4-24-2005 St. Bonaventure
CAMPBELL, Claude M.  US Army   1978 Wildwood
CAMPBELL, Clifford R. US Army, 401th Inf Bn 8-20-2009 Unnamed Cems, this site
CAMPBELL, Howard K US Army, 6th Armored Inf. Bronze Star, Pfc 6-25-1965 Pleasant Valley
CANADA, Lester M. Jr.[Bud] 8th US Army Air Force in England 2-6-2000 St. Bonaventure
CANFIELD, Arthur G.  US Army Air Forces, Pvt 7-2-1973  Wildwood
CANTWELL, Joseph B. US Army 1977 St. Bonaventure
CAPITO, Joseph US Navy aboard USS Oyster Bay 1-11-2016 St. Bonaventure
CAPITO, Joseph US Navy aboard USS Oyster Bay in the South Pacific 1-11-2016 St. Bonaventure
CAPOZZI, Ruth E. (Stocks) US Army 1942-4  9-21-2004 Allegany
CAPOZZI, Virgil V. Jr  US Army, HQ Btry 138 Field Arty, PFC 1-7-1963 Mount View
CAPOZZI, William V. US Army 1941-45 11-15-2010 Allegany
CAPRON, Robert L  US Army, 834 QM Co, Pvt 2-3-1972 Mount View
CAPWELL, Thelma  US Army Air Corps, 1st Lt. 7-2-1992  Wildwood
CARLETON, Dwight L. US Army, Sgt Major. Asia Pacific 11-26-2004 Pleasant Valley
CARLEY, George L. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
CARLOMAGNO, John  US Army, 265th Reg't, Cpl 8-26-2003 St. Bonaventure
CARLS, James Richard US Army 9-17-2013 St. Bonaventure
CARLS, Thomas A. US Army, 1945-47 2-28-2012 St. Bonaventure
CARLSON, Carl Evert US Navy Sep 5-1995 Hinsdale
CARLSON, James W. US Army 7-15-1996 Allegany
CARLSON, LaVerne Otto US Army. 1943-1944. Injured and disabled. 12-10-2012 Chestnut Hill
CARLSON, Oscar O. US Navy 4-28-2006 Calvary
CARLSON, Robert P. US Navy 6-24-2008 Siloam
CARNAHAN, Myron W US Army Air Corps 1992 East Randolph
CARNICELLI, Joseph P.  US Navy. He served during WWII aboard an aircraft carrier until his discharge in 1946. In 1950 he re-enlisted in the US Navy and served aboard two different destroyers during the Korean War until 1954. 1-1-2007 St. Bonaventure
CARPENTER, Carl J. US Army, Co I 174th Inf 44th Div 5-26-2005 St. Bonaventure
CARPENTER, Howard US Army, Co C 712th MP Bn, Pvt 5-12-1947 Pleasant Valley
CARPENTER, Howard S. US Army, Co C 712th MP Bn, Pvt 5-13-1947 Pleasant Valley
CARPENTER, Jack L.  US Army, CPL 6-10-1992 Mount View
CARPENTER, Warren P. FOD, 1/Lt Unknown Unknown
CARR, James Michael US Army Dental Corps, Lt Col 4-9-1967 Little Valley Rural
CARR, Robert H. US Navy 1-19-2004 Chestnut Hill
CARR, Russell H. Jr. US Army, Germany 9-14-2007 Steamburg
CARRIG, William G.  Unknown service 4-9-1967 East Portville/Main Settlement
CARROLL, Thomas Eugene US Army, Sgt 2-28-1979 Calvary
CARTER, Franklin C US Army, Tec4  8-7-1971 Pleasant Valley
CARTER, Lawrence B. KIA, 2/Lt Unknown Unknown
CARTER, Roland Newell [Poley] US Army 45th Fld Arty. Fought at Utah Beach on D-Day. Then Army reserves - retired as Sgt/M 7-5-2013 Mount View
CARUSO, James F. US Navy, Purple Heart 1992 Calvary
CARUSO, John T. US Navy 8-28-2000 Little Valley Rural
CARUSO, Joseph US Army 7-31-1974 Calvary
CARUSO, Michael Purple Heart 7-13-2004 Calvary
CASE, Arthur Russell Sr.  US Army, Cpl 5-7-1976 South Napoli
CASE, Carl M. US Navy 10-12-1983 St. Bonaventure
CASE, Clinton A. US Army, Tec5 1-14-1984 Allegany
CASE, Gerald C. US Navy, Coxswain. Atlantic theater.1944-1946 12-7-1955 Little Valley Rural
CASE, Otis Jameson  USNR, Commander (MC). Career 5-15-1960 Wildwood
CASHIMERE, Edward M  US Navy, RDM2 1976 Mount View
CASINI, Joseph B. US Army, 103 Med Bn 1940-1945 1-14-2011 St. Bonaventure
CASLER, Gerald W. [Jerry] US Army 3-21-2007 Randolph Rural
CATANI, Albert L. [Tat"] US Army 12-3-2003 St. Bonaventure
CAVE, Gilbert Vincent     US Army Air Forces, PFC 1-28-2002 Cassadaga
CAYA, Francis F.  [Hoppy] US Navy 7-07-2004 Chestnut Hill
CECCHI, Albert D. USMC, Sgt. Asian-pacific Theater. He was a gunner on the Douglas Dauntles two-seat bomber. He served in the Air Wing of the Marines under Admiral Nimitz in conjunction with the US Navy.  4-18-2014 St. Bonaventure
CECI, Michael J. US Army, 255th Signal Corps, Europe 11-7-2006 St. Bonaventure
CETTELL, Clayton, Pvt WW I and WW II, SVC BTRY 243 FA BN.  Career 11-26-1956 Perrysburg
CHADDERDON, Gerald Douglas  US Army Air Corps, 2/Lt. Bomber pilot. 12-23-2016 Mount View
CHADWICK, William A. US Navy 1944-46. Pacific 5-05-2017 Mount View
CHAFFEE, Milton E US Army, Cpl 8-14-1985 Little Valley Rural
CHAFFEE, Richard L. US Army 1-07-2019 Pleasant Valley
CHAFFEE, Richard N. US Army, Signal Corps 12-14-2004 Chestnut Hill
CHAFFEE, Robert C KIA, US Army, Pfc 11-14-1944 Little Valley Rural
CHAFFEE, William L. [Roy] US Army 3-03-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
CHAMBERLAIN, George H. KIA, US Army, S/Sgt 6-26-1981 Wildwood
CHAMBERLIN, Charles H USMC, PFC 3-18-1995 Hinsdale
CHAMBERS,  Keith M KIA, Lt. Killed over the Gulf of Manfredonia Italy  3-19-1944 Hinsdale
CHAMBERS, Lee D. DNB, S/Sgt Unknown Unknown
CHAMPAGNE, Gerald J  US Navy 3-17-2008 Mount View
CHAMPLIN, John A US Army 9-9-1992 Little Valley Rural
CHAMPLIN, John L. US Navy 3-10-2012 Chestnut Hill
CHAMPLIN, Robert D. US Navy, Gunner's Mate 9-3-2010 Little Valley Rural
CHANDLER, Lawrence L. US Army, Inf. Europe 12-1-2004 Pleasant Valley
CHANDLER, Robert A. US Army 4-10-2005 Pleasant Valley
CHAPAN, Stephen P US Army  3-3- 1985  Crawford
CHAPMAN, Donald  US Army, 229th Engr Combet Bn 1-11- 2000  Mt. Prospect
CHAPMAN, Donald J. US Army 1945-1946 11-16-2020 Rutledge
CHAPMAN, Frank L  US Army 4-16-1990 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
CHAPMAN, Kenneth E  US Army, Pvt 8-5-1970 Mount View
CHAPMAN, Sarah E.  US Women's Army Air Corps 11-29-1985 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
CHAPPELL, Joseph C. US Navy 1967 Chestnut Hill
CHAPPELL, William H. US Navy 1967 Chestnut Hill
CHAPUS, George E. US Army, 144th Chem Engrs, Tec5 9-19-1944 St. Bonaventure
CHASE, Ernest Lavern "Ernie" US Army 12-23-1987 Allegany
CHEESMAN, Kenneth US Army, Cpl 11-6-1982 Mt Hope
CHELADYN, Nick  US Navy 3-31-2007 Mount View
CHESBRO, Hal N US Army, S/Sgt Jan 22-1962 Hinsdale
CHIAPUSSO, George E [Chapus] DNB, US Army, 117th Chemical Warfare Bn, T/Sgt. Died in Italy 9-19-1944 St. Bonaventure
CHIZEWICK, Francis E "Frank" US Navy, South Pcific 10-24-2004 St. Bonaventure
CHMABERS, Lee D DNB, US Army, S/Sgt. Died in the crash of an Army bomber at Benton Ridge OH Nov 1-1941 Hinsdale
CHOKRACH, Joseph M. [Smokey] US Army, 82nd Airborne 10-11-2008 St. Bonaventure
CHOUINARD, Lionel R  US Army, PFC 7-13-1991 Mount View
CHRIST, Charles "Bud" US Army, 4-?-2009 Calvary
CHURCH, Frank B. US Navy 12-18-2001 East Otto
CHURCH, Lynn H  US Army, PFC 1988 Mount View
CIEZAK, Theodore J.  US Coast Guard 8-7-2003 St. Bonaventure
CIOLEK, Francis J. US Army 1999 Calvary
CLABEAUX, William E US Army   9-23-2017 Other
CLARK, Carl Clifford US Navy, Pacific 4-19-2011 Horseshoe
CLARK, Gerald E. USMC. Pacific 12-26-2009 Pleasant Valley
CLARK, James E. WW II, Korea, Cold War. US Army. Career spanned 27 years, retired as M/Sgt. A Japanese language interpreter. 2-29-2020 Mount View
CLARK, Nils William US Army Air Forces, 805th Base Unit, Cpl 1-28-1966 Calvary
CLARK, Wilford Keller US Army, Tec5 12-28-1990 Allegany
CLAVEN, Richard C  Unknown service 5-18-1995 Mount View
CLAWSON, Gerald A. US Army, T/Sgt. Purple Heart 4-25-1996 Steamburg
CLAYSON, Clarence E. US Army, 79th Engr Constr. Bn 1943-1946 2-17-2004 Mt. Prospect
CLAYSON, Homer E. US Army, 1318 Service Unit, Tec5 1-31-1963 Mt. Prospect
CLAYTON, Robert N  US Army, PFC 1982 Mount View
CLEAVER, Paul L US Army Air Forces 8-28- 2001 Randolph Rural
CLEMENTS, M. Samuel  US Army, Pacific 10-14-2001 Mt. Prospect
CLEMONS, Robert W  US Army, Tec5 2-13-1998 Mount View
CLEVELAND, Edward I. US Army, Tec4 1984 Crawford
CLEVELAND, Robert H  US Navy  5-29-2000 Mount View
CLEVER, Frances F US Army, Cpl 10-17-1989 Pleasant Valley
CLIFFORD, Robert J. US Army, 13th Fld Arty 3-9-2006 Calvary
CLOSE, James A. USMC. Iwo Jima & Guam  3-16-2005 Mt. Prospect
CLUTE, Cecil E  US Army, S/Sgt, Purple Heart 10-28-2000 Mount View
CLUTE, Stanley O  US Army Air Corps, PFC 5-3-1997 Mount View
COCCHETTO, Herman L.  ["Barney"] US Army 84th Inf. Fought Battle of Bulge  9-4-2011 St. Bonaventure
COCH, Walter G Unknown service 9-11- 2000 St. Bonaventure
COFFEY, Louis F. US Army, Sgt 12-19-1992 Calvary
COLBURN, Richard L.  US Army 1992 Steamburg
COLE, Arthur T. KIA, Pvt. Unknown Unknown
COLE, Bernard J.  [Barney] US Army 3-13-2009 McKinstry
COLE, Francis X. SEA US Navy. Career (also WW I) 9-17-1963 Calvary
COLE, Gaylord John  US Army, Pvt. Enlisted 1-23-1943 in Buffalo NY.  12-22-1995 Mount View
COLE, Joseph A. US Navy in Key West FL 9-13-2010 Green
COLE, Marlene A. (Pierce) US Army Engineers, Europe 1-19-2000 Allegany
COLEMAN, Ivan B. US Army 3-23-2007 St. Bonaventure
COLLEY, Charles D Jr US Navy, F1 Sep 23-1999 Hinsdale
COLLEY, Harold Amos US Army, S/Sgt 3-12-1997 Allegany
COLLINS, Clarence A  US Army, PFC 2-16-1987 Mount View
COLLINS, Edward P US Army, Sgt 1-22-1991 St. Bonaventure
COLLINS, Father Dermont A. US Army, paratrooper. Bronze Star for “meritorious achievement in the face of an armed enemy.” 10-6-1979 St. Bonaventure
COLLINS, Gerald A.  US Navy 1984 Mt. Prospect
COLLINS, John M. US Army  1978 Calvary
COLLINS, Joseph Edward Unknown service 8-27-2000 Calvary
COLLINS, Joseph M. US Army, 13 Co Coast Arty. Fort Monroe, VA 1918 St. Bonaventure
COLLINS, William E. Jr. US Army, Co A  249th Combat Engr Bn, T/5. with Patton 1943-1946 6-27-2000  Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
COMFORT, Theodore M. US Army, Tec3 6-2-1964 St. Bonaventure
COMSTOCK, Erving C.  US Army, PFC 1-28-1978 McKinstry
CONGDON, Paul C.  US Army Medical Corps, Pfc 1-29-2000 Chestnut Hill
CONGDON, William L. [Rex] Sr. Unknown service 1-12-1997 Rutledge
CONKLE, John R. US Army 5-9-2011 St. Bonaventure
CONKLEY, Edward John Died, US Army Air Force, Aviation Cadet ~ St. Bonaventure
CONKLIN, Francis A  US Army, PFC 6-14-1973 Mount View
CONKLIN, Lester, Jr. KIA, Tec4 Unknown Unknown
CONKLIN, Marshall E. Sr. US Army Air Forces 1-4-1994 Steamburg
CONLAN, Edward P. US Army, SVC Co 162nd Inf, Pvt 12-09-1971 Calvary
CONLAN, Edward T. KIA, US Navy - lost at sea 6-16-1945 Calvary
CONLEY, Edward J. DNB, AVC Unknown Unknown
CONNELL, Robert J . US Army 12-27- 1998 Green
CONNELLY, Joseph B. USMC 12-18-1978 Calvary
CONNELLY, Walter Harvey US Army Air Forces, Pvt 2-23-1970 Calvary
CONNER, Cleo US Army, M/Sgt 5-17-1988 Allegany
CONROW, Louis W. US Army, Pfc 7-23-1984 Mt Hope
CONROY, Robert Clement US Army. Fought in 5 separate battles and campaigns. Received 5 battle stars and a Normandy medal 1-04-2003 St. Bonaventure
CONTE, Matt Armondo USMC Pacific Theater on Guam, then Okinawa. He was wounded on his last tour of duty. 3-17-2012 St. Bonaventure
COOK, Bernard J. US Army 12-26-1981 Calvary
COOK, Robert F US Navy Seabees 2-27-2005 Pleasant Valley
COOKE, Richard Walter US Army Air Forces, B-17 Bombardier 8th Air Forces 457th Bomb Grp 7-19-2016 Ft Logan Natl Cem, Denver CO
COOMBES, Richard S. US Army  1977 Calvary
COONEY, Arthur  US Navy 10-08-2014 Wildwood
COONEY, Stephen P  US Army, PFC 1980 Mount View
COONEY, Thomas B. Jr. US Navy, submarines in the Asian Pacific 1-23-2005 St. Bonaventure
COOPER, Alton US Navy 5-7-1989 Hillside Haven
COOPER, Donald F US Army, Pfc 11-30-1971 Pleasant Valley
COOPER, Hanford L. US Army, Pacific. Then Korean Wr US Navy.  3-11-2021 Mount View
COOPER, Hanford Lewis WW II and Korea. US Arrmy, military police. Later, US Navy in Korea, fireman. 3-11-2021 Mount View
COOPER, James E US Army, Tec4  12-23-1984 Pleasant Valley
COOPER, LeRoy US Navy, SSML3 1-25-1972 Hillside Haven
CORCORAN, John E. "Pete" Jr. US Navy 10-28-1976 Pleasant Valley
COREY, Gleason W. US Army Air Corps. 6-20-1990 Wildwood
CORNELL, Howard S. Unknown service 6-30-1969 Mt Hope
CORNELL, Lester Leroy "Corky" USNR, SM2 9-11-1967 Allegany
CORNWALL, Maxwell J. [Jim] US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 12-5-2007 Maplegrove, Machias
CORNWRIGHT, Frank W. US Army, Pvt 7-4-2006 Rutledge
CORSON, Leo R. US Army 12-28-1999 St. Bonaventure
CORWIN, Marlin D.  US Army, 3rd Army under Gen Patton 1-17-2005 Mount View
CORY, Eugene Franklin [Gene] US Army 3-22-2006 St. Bonaventure
COSS, Donald E. Europe. Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes 11-01-2018 Chestnut Hill
COSTANZA, Frankcis J. [Cheech] US Army 5-26-2006 Mount View
COSTANZO, Peter J. US Army, 802nd Arty. Central Europe and Rhineland 10-11-2006 Calvary
COUGHLIN, Frances Ellen  US Air Force WASP. A pilot. 3-25-2005 Mount View
COUSINS, Albert L Jr  US Army, AT Co 349 Inf, Tec5 1-10-1973 Mount View
COVERT, Earl W. Sr. US Army, Pfc 7-7-1995 Cottage
COVINE, Louis L  USNR, SF2 10-10-1969 Mount View
COWEN, John E. US Army Air Forces, Sgt 10-11-2000 East Randolph
CRABTREE, Wendell B.   Unknown service 12-16-2007 Cassadaga
CRAMER, Herman C. KIA, 2/Lt Unknown Unknown
CRANDALL, Alden Kenneth "Bus" US Army, Pfc  2-12-1973 Allegany
CRANDALL, Herman R US Army, Cpl 6-22-1979 East Randolph
CRANDALL, Raymond US Army, MG Co 39th Infanty, S/Sgt. Career 5-11-1949 Pleasant Valley
CRANDALL, Roy S. US Navy Seabees 10-13-2010 St. Bonaventure
CRATER, Howard C. US Navy 4-14-2003 Allegany
CRAUMER, Joseph O. 1941-1945 12-26-2002 Randolph Rural
CRAWFORD, Edward H  USNR, HA 1 6-3-1962 Mount View
CRAWFORD, John B  US Army, S/Sgt 9-29-1997 Mount View
CRAWFORD, John M [Jack] US Army 1995 Pleasant Valley
CRAWFORD, Joseph T. USMC. Pacific Theater 1-31-2015 St. Bonaventure
CRAWFORD, Lyman L US Army Air Forces, 342nd Base HQ and AB Sq, Pvt 4-1-1970 Pleasant Valley
CRAWFORD, Paul Humphrey US Army. 1943-1945 4-18-2022 Mount View
CRAWFORD, Virgil  US Army, PFC 1-25-1972 Mount View
CRIDLER, Ernest C. US Army 10-31-2007 St. Bonaventure
CRIST, Charles [Bud] US Army, 82nd Airborne Div, Paratrooper and Glider pilot. Fought at Normandy on Utah Beach. Two Bronze Stars, Purple Heart and numerous other medals. 7-14-2017 Calvary
CRIST, Richard H.  US Army 2-6-1981 Wildwood
CROKER, William R. US Army Air Corps 04-22-1990 Calvary
CRONIN, William T. DNB, 2/Lt Unknown Unknown
CROOKS, James E. US Navy 4-16-2017 Mt. Prospect
CROOKS, Raymond S.  US Army, T/5 1976 Wildwood
CROUCH, John  US Army 1-1-1986 Wildwood
CROUSE, Clifford US Army, Pfc 1980 Hillside Haven
CROUSE, Rupert W. US Army Air Forces, 2017 Comm SQ, S/Sgt 7-30-1968 Memorial Heights
CROWE, Delbert John US Army 1-25-2005 Memorial Heights
CROWELL, Calvin H. US Army, 310 inf, M/Sgt 1948 East Otto
CROWELL, Richard Lee US Army Air Corps 5-22-1986 East Otto
CROWLEY, Addison Gifford WW I and WW II, US Navy/Army Corps of Engineers 1967 Randolph Rural
CROWLEY, Daniel V US Army, Sr. Eng. 9-17-1942 St. Bonaventure
CROWLEY, Gerald M. US Army, TSgt 1976 St. Bonaventure
CROWLEY, Stephen B. US Navy 12-23-2006 St. Bonaventure
CRUM, Leroy Edward US Army, 67th Armd. Inf Bn, Tec5 6-1-1965 Wildwood
CUCCHIARO, Salvatore Louis US Army 3-22-2003 St. Bonaventure
CUDDY, William H.  Unknown service 1-14-1992 East Portville/Main Settlement
CULLEN, Joseph H US Army, 108th Inf 27th Div, Cpl 2-3-1944 Little Valley Rural
CULVER, Howard H US Merchant Marine 1947 East Randolph
CUMMINGS, Neland L. Unknown service 7-21-1975 Crawford
CUMMINS, Arthur E. US Army, S/Sgt 7-7-1996 Allegany
CUMMINS, Dr. John P. J. "Jackl"Jr. US Navy Medial Corps, Lt jg. Pacific and in Yorktown VA for 18 months. 5-24-2012 St. Bonaventure
CUNNINGHAM, John J. US Navy. Career, (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 1985 Calvary
CUNNINGHAM, Milburn A. US Army, Co A 104th Div 414th Regt. Europe. Purple Heart. 3-03-2019 Mount View
CURRAN, Francis Joseph  US Navy 2-7-2005 Mount View
CURTIS, Clyde US Army. Pacific 3-29-2000  Green
CURTIS, Elmer J US Army, 20 Co Trans Corps, PFC Oct 3-1953 Hinsdale
CURTIS, Sidney B. US Army, H&S 326A Bn Engr MN, Pfc 4-18-1976 Willoughby
CUTLIFFE, William A.  Unknown service 1-3-2002 Green
CYGAN, Joseph A. US Army, Pvt 1-24-1981 St. Bonaventure
DABOLT, Clifford L. Unknown service 1972 East Otto
DAKE, Kenneth E. FOD, Cpl Unknown Unknown
DAMBA, John S  US Army 5-9-1998 Green
DANIELS, Douglas D Sr.  US Army, Asiatic Pacific Campaign 8-10-2004 Mount View
DANIELS, Francis B  US Army, Pvt 10-13-1996 Mount View
DANNER, Robert M DNB, 2/Lt Unknown Unknown
DAPOLITO, Samuel US Army, airplane and engine mechanic 10-3-2015 St. Bonaventure
DAPOLITO, Steven A. US Army, HQ Co 5th Inf, Pfc WWII 2-28-1971 Allegany
DARRIN, Howard L. US Army, Pfc  1-05-1982 Allegany
DASCOMB, Lillian G. (Lombardi) US Army Air Forces Nurses Corps 2-24-2004 Allegany
DASCOMB, William E.  US Army,105th Hospital Co 102nd Medical Regiment 7-24-1980 Allegany
DASH, Donald William US Army 10-11-1979 Plato
DASH, Doris M. US Army, Tec4 Uncut Freedom
DAVIE, Franklin R  US Navy Seabees, South Pacific 1-17-2002 Mount View
DAVIE, Robert F. [Bum] US Navy 9-13-2012 Mount View
DAVIS, Clyde V.  Unknown service 6-13-1965 Wildwood
DAVIS, Father Robert OFM US Army, 48th Evac Hosp, Capt. 1941-1945. Fr. Robert volunteered for military service. 8-21-1978 St. Bonaventure
DAVIS, John Charles  KIA, US Army, Pvt. Killed at Anzio Beach 5-23-1944 Mount View
DAVIS, John N. [Pete] US Army 12-14-2008 Randolph Rural
DAVIS, Stuart G  US Army, Tec4 11-28-1990 Mount View
DAVIS, Walter W.  US Army, 308 Engr. Regt, Maj. 8-5-1970  Wildwood
DAVISON, William McKinnie US Army, Co C 36th Tank Bn, S/Sgt 7-25-1965 Allegany
DAWSON, Mildred Rowena (Macauley) Dawson [Ronnie] US Army, cadet Nurse Corps.  1-27-2015 Mount View
DAWSON, Richard H.  US Army, 415th Nightfighter Sq 6-25-2007 Mount View
DAY, Bernard A. US Army Air Forces, Pvt 4-30-1956 Little Valley Rural
DAYTON, Eugene E  US Army 2-3-1998 Mount View
DAYTON, Kenneth M. HQ Co, 1st Bn 155th Inf, Pfc 9-21-1972 Plato
DEAN, Robert Eugene AB92  PERIODIC MAINT  SQ  AF 5-26-1955 Cottage
DEANGELIS, Augustine E. "Gus" US Army Europe 7-12-2001 St. Bonaventure
DEARMITT, Donald Wesley US Army 2-8-1998 Allegany
DEARMITT, Edward Delose US Army, Btry B AAA BN 3-2-1970 St. Bonaventure
DEBOLSKI, Thomas Frank US Navy radioman 4-07-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
DEBOY, George T. US Army Air Forces, 5th fighter Cmd, South Pacific 3-5-2006 Calvary
DEBOY, Richard Donald US Army, 16 Yankee Div 961 Eng, Rifleman 8-1-2012 Calvary
DECAPUA, Peter Joseph US Navy    5-22-2016 St. Bonaventure
DECERBO, Albert F. US Army, Inf, M/Sgt 1-18-2003 St. Bonaventure
DECERBO, Arthur J. US Army 117thh Chemical Service Co 2-9-2008 St. Bonaventure
DECKMAN, Grover D. USMC 9-7-1999 St. Bonaventure
DEGAINE, Bertha I. US Navy 1994 Calvary
DEGAINE, Robert P. US Army  1990 Calvary
DEGIGLIO, Joseph M. US Army Air Forces 4-14-2013 St. Bonaventure
DEGROAT, Frances E.  US Army, 101 Airborne Div. Arty Band, TEC4 1-13-1965 Wildwood
DEHNKAMP, Paul R US Navy, SOM3  6-6-1989 Hinsdale
DEIBLER, Richard E. US Army and National Guard  1-13-2011 St. Bonaventure
DELONG, Hugh Kenneth "Whitey" Jr. US Navy, S2  5-3-1989 Allegany
DEMPSEY, Daniel S. Sr. US Army.1943-46  2-27-2012 St. Bonaventure
DEMPSEY, Harry E  US Army, Pvt 10-31-1971 St. Patrick, Limestone
DEMPSEY, Robert F. US Army, Sgt 2-12-1976 St. Bonaventure
DENAPOLE, Herbert M. DOW, Pvt Unknown Unknown
DENMEADE, Charles F. US Army, TEC4 2-05-1978 East Otto
DERIVAL, Edward R. US Army 5-14-1997 Calvary
DERIVAL, Joseph M. US Army 1979 Calvary
DERNULC, Edward S  KIA, US Army, 467th AAA AW Bn, Pvt. Killed on D-Day 6-6-1944 Normandy Am Cem France
DEYOE, Lloyd D.  Air Forces, 384th Fighter Wing, instrument engineer 9-15-2013 Mount View
DICAPUA, Dana G.  US Army, 82 Airborne Div, later in US Air Force 5-2-2003 Mount View
DIETEMAN, Raymond J US Navy, Seaman 7-27-2013 St. Bonaventure
DIETER, J. Daniel US Navy 1967 Allegany
DIFAZIO, Ottavio S US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 1-15-2004 St. Bonaventure
DIGGS, Robert Maclary [Mac] US Army, Intelligence Officer, Capt. Legion of Merit 2-22-2005 Mount View
DILLE, Bruce R  13th US Army Air Force, PFC, Purple Heart, from PA 12-26-1965 Mount View
DILLON, Jerome W  US Army 1998 Mount View
DILLON, Robert L US Army 1996 St. Bonaventure
DINEEN, Douglas D. DNB, 313 Troop Carrier 52 W, Sgt 4-10-1945 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
DIPIETRO, Louis US Army, Tec5 1966 St. Bonaventure
DISORBO, Joseph J. Sr. US Army 12-19-2005 St. Bonaventure
DITTRICH, Charles T  US Army, Tec5 1978 Mount View
DITTRICH, Richard E. DOW, Co H 179th Inf 45 Div, Sgt. Africa, Sicily Salerno, wounded 2-15-1944 at Anzio Beach. Purple Heart 12-26-1944 Mount View
DIX, Elton Eugene US Army 826th Signal SVC Co , Cpl 12-13-1956 Randolph Rural
DIXON, Earl H. US Army, Coast Guard, & Merchant Marines  11-7-2008 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
DIXON, Walter W. Sr.  US Army Air Forces, Tec4 4-21-2003 St. Patrick, Limestone
DODGE, Elba W.  Jr. "Brub" US Navy USS Butner in WW II,  USS Weaver in Korea 11-17-2009 St. Bonaventure
DOLE, Arnold L  US Navy, SF2 9-15-1972 Mount View
DOLE, Norman R  US Army Air Corps, Sgt 1986 Mount View
DOLE, Paul E.  US Army, 1946-1949 12-14-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
DOLECKI, Aloysius J. US Army, Pfc 10-14-1985 Calvary
DOLECKI, Bernard W. USMC 8-01-1980 Calvary
DOLECKI, Chester M. US Army, Pacific 7-09-2003 Calvary
DOLECKI, Francis J. US Army, Co A 711 RY OPR BN TC, Pfc 1-23-1973 Calvary
DOLECKI, Frank E. US Army, Pfc 1-27-1996 Calvary
DOLECKI, Harry J. US Army Air Corps 6-19-1990 Calvary
DOLECKI, Victor US Army 1999 Calvary
DOMAGALSKI, Edmund Polish Army 1-20-2007 Calvary
DOMBECK, Edward A  US Army, PFC 12-28-1990 Mount View
DOMBEK, Raymond J  US Army, Medical Tech 4-25-2006 Mount View
DOMBOSKI, Leo E. Jr. US Army, 194th Glider Inf. Reg't 17th Airborne Div 12-2-2004 St. Bonaventure
DONAHUE, Fred J  DNB, AVC 1943 Wildwood
DONAHUE, Norman Kay US Navy, Pacific 2-22-2006 Allegany
DONEY, Richard C. US Army 9-30-1994 Allegany
DONIGAN, Gerald P. US Army, 3rd Armor Div, T/Sgt 8-11-1990 St. Bonaventure
DONLIN, Allan T. FOD, Pvt Unknown Unknown
DONNELLY, Clair J  KIA, US Army, 80th Div 3rd Army, Sgt. Killed in Germany 4-5-1945 St. Bonaventure
DONNELLY, John Frank US Army, 806th Engr Bn. He received his United States citizenship in Bari, Italy while serving in the military in 1943 3-11-2004 St. Bonaventure
DONNELLY, Raymond E. "Cotton" US Army Air Corps, Medic in Europe 1-16-2014 St. Bonaventure
DONOVAN, Donald J. Jr. US Army Air Corps 11-8-2002 St. Bonaventure
DONOVAN, John Bernard "Red" US Navy, YN 6-29-1994 St. Bonaventure
DORNAN, James US Navy aboard USS New York & USS Sampson 4-09-2016 Green
DOTY, Robert A. US Navy aboard USS Undaunted (ATA-199)  2-23-2005 St. Bonaventure
DOUGHERTY, John F."Jack" US Navy 2-7-2011 St. Bonaventure
DOUGHERTY, Kathleen Ann [Kay] US Army, Lt. RN 1-4-2010 St. Bonaventure
DOUGHERTY, William J  Unknown service 8-3-1943 Wildwood
DOUGLAS-WHITE EAGLE, Robert  US Army Med Corps 9-28-2011 Wildwood
DOWIASZ, Stanley J. US Army. Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster 9-19-1998 Calvary
DOXEY, Robert M Sr  US Army 5-4-1999 Mount View
DRAKE, Charles H. US Army  1983 Crawford
DREAVER, Gerald E.  US Navy 8-10-1987  Wildwood
DREIER, Richard O. "Dick" USMC 4-13-2005 St. Bonaventure
DREW, John Marshall [Jack] Sr. US Navy. Pacific 10-3-2007 Little Valley Rural
DREW, William Emerson US Army, Cpl 5-14-1986 Mt Hope
DRISCOLL, Lawrence E USNR, S2  11-17-1966 St. Bonaventure
DRISCOLL, Robert J  US Army, PFC 1-25-1997 Mount View
DRISCOLL, William J. US Army April 7 1941- Oct. 5 1945 2-21-2001 St. Bonaventure
DRONEY, Charles K. US Army, Co D 3 MIL BOVT, Pfc 1968 St. Bonaventure
DROZAL, Harriett Regina US Army, Women's Army Corps 1942-45 4-22-2016 Pleasant Valley
DRY, Eugene E. US Navy, S1. Silver Star 5-20-1993 Calvary
DRY, Harry A. US Army, M/Sgt 4-07-1990 Calvary
DRY, Paul US Navy 6-21-2011 Calvary
DRY, Robert US Army, 766th Div. Pacific 6-15-2005 Calvary
DRY, Thomas J. US Navy 1980 Calvary
DUBOIS, Albert B.   US Army Air Corps, PFC  7-16-1994 Cassadaga
DUCEY, Joseph A.  US Navy, 1941-43 1-15-2001 Mount View
DUDLEY, Walter William US Army Air Forces, 781 Bombardment Sq 12-02-2015 Mt. Prospect
DUDLEY, Walter William US Army Air Forces, 781 Bombardment Sq 12-02-2015 Mt. Prospect
DUFFY, Helen (Lian) US Navy WAVES 2-21-2018 St. Bonaventure
DUFFY, John P. Jr. US Army, 666th ORD Ammo, Pvt 7-20-1967 St. Bonaventure
DUFFY, Martin US Army, Pfc 9-8-2013 St. Bonaventure
DUGAN, John Sr. US Army Air Forces 1-31-2016 Calvary
DUHAN, Felix A. US Army 9-02-16 Unnamed Cems, this site
DUKE, Daniel  Unknown service 1957 Pleasant Valley
DULANSKI, John A. US Army, Cpl 3-04-1985 Calvary
DULANSKI, Stephen W. US Army 1-25-1988 Calvary
DUNCAN, Richard B Rev. US Army Air Forces, Cpt. 10-3-1997 Pleasant Valley
DUNDON, William  US Army. Europe 6-1-2012 Calvary
DUNKLEMAN, Raymond C. US Army, PFC 4-23-1992 Maples, Mansfield
DUNKLEMAN, William J US Army, Fld Arty, TEC4. 1944-1946. Philippines. Bronze Star 10-20-1973 Little Valley Rural
DUNN, Dr. Robert J. US Army, Medical Corps. Europe 1953 St. Bonaventure
DUNN, Joseph M. Dr. 1/Lt 10-17-1948 St. Bonaventure
DUNN, Robert US Army Air Corps, 357th Fighter Group, 362nd Fighter Squadron, 1/Lt fighter pilot. Flying a P-51 out of Leister, England, he flew 63 sorties and combat missions over Germany and France 7-22-2014 St. Bonaventure
DURKEE, Kenneth F. WW II, Korea, Cold War. US Navy. Career 3-6-2000 Siloam
DURNELL, Edward W. US Army 3-22-1995 Randolph Rural
DUTKIEWICZ, Edward A. "Duke" US Army 1943-46 1-13- 2001 St. Bonaventure
DUTKO, Harry US Army 8-09-2013 Maplegrove, Machias
DUTTON, Karl V US Army 2-9-2012 Pleasant Valley
DWAILEEBE, Raymond N. Sr. US Army Air Forces, 1/Lt 5-17-2008 St. Bonaventure
DYER, Lyle E. US Navy aboard USS Chariet WW II 9-23-2006 St. Bonaventure
DYKE, William A. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
DZIADKOWICZ, Leonard J. US Army Air Forces 8-27-2006 St. Bonaventure
DZIEKONSKI, Adam    US Army, Cpl  1-26-1978 Mt. Prospect
DZIEKONSKI, Edward    US Army  12-15-2008 Mt. Prospect
DZIEKONSKI, Shirley H. (Hogue)   US Army WAC, S/Sgt  1-9-2009 Mt. Prospect
DZIUBAN, Thaddeus F. KIA, 1/Lt Unknown Unknown
EADE, Joseph K. US Army Air Corps 3-30-2018 St. Bonaventure
EAMES, Richard C. 1st Marine Div in Guadalcanal 5-25-2005 Mount View
EASTMAN, Wilfred C. US Army, Pvt 1987 Pleasant Valley
EATON, Joseph Leo  US Navy aboard USS Lucien B. Maxwell Liberty Ship 1943-46  4-28-2010 St. Bonaventure
EBERT, Irvin T. FOD, Pfc 1942 Little Valley Rural
EBERT, Marshall US Navy, GM3 11-6-2004 Little Valley Rural
EDDY, Semun Albert  US Army 5-23-1985  Randolph Rural
EDEL, Loren Albert US Army Air Forces. 1942-45  6-23-2011 St. Bonaventure
EDGAR, Robert S. Jr.  5th US Army Air Force, 22nd Bombardier group. Pacific Theater  6-20-2000 South Napoli
EDMUNDS, LeVerne B. US Army Air Corps 11-27-1967 Calvary
EDWARDS, Glen D. US Army 9-18-1994 Little Valley Rural
EDWARDS, John W US Army, PFC 9-28-1980 Mount View
EGAN, Kenneth E. US Army, 307 Med Co 82 ABN Div, PFC 5-18-1972 Calvary
EGNACZAK, Frank US Army, Tec5 1982 St. Bonaventure
EHMAN, Richard L.  US Army. MSgt. 1947-1964 2-17-1994  Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
EISENHART, William W. US Army, 3rd Army (Gen.Patton). Purple Heart and Five Bronze Ribbons  9-21-2009 St. Bonaventure
EISERT, Richard Edward [Bucca] US Navy USS Samar 8-13-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
EISERT, William George US Navy, aboard USS Midway 9-10-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
EK, Earl W US Army, Capt. 6-13-1975 Mount View
ELDRIDGE, Frank Daniel US Navy, CCM 1975 Calvary
ELDRIDGE, Kenneth K. US Army Air Corps 6-05-2017 [sic] Chestnut Hill
ELKO, John D. US Army, Co A 84 Inf TNG BN, Pvt 7-28-1956 Calvary
ELLIS, Edward Unknown service 1980 Crawford
ELLIS, Edward Norman US Army, Pvt 6-20-1996 Pleasant Valley
ELLIS, Jack L. Sr. US Army 10-4-2003 Little Valley Rural
ELLMAN, Michael F. US Army. France, Belgium, Austria. Bronze Star 12-5-2007 St. Bonaventure
ELSEN, John Francis  US Army Air Corps 1943-45  4-22-2010 Calvary
ELSEN, Thomas F. US Army Air Forces, Lt. Col. 5-01-1994 Calvary
ELVERS, Edward J. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
ELWOOD, Hearl E. [Spanky] US Army Signal Corps & Military Police 1944-46 10-05-2015 St. Bonaventure
EMBORSKI, Robert J. US Navy, SK2  1986 Calvary
EMBORSKY, Andrew USNRF, F3 1967 Calvary
EMBORSKY, Leo US Navy 520 Med Hosp Ship Platoon, Surg Tech 8-24-2011 Calvary
EMERY, Alan Crouse  US Navy 11-24-1955 Wildwood
EMKE, Robert Paul US Army 10-4-2005 Randolph Rural
ENGEL, Joseph P. US Army, S/Sgt 4-29-1968 Calvary
ENGSTROM, Carl L. US Army, T/Sgt 1990 St. Bonaventure
ENNIS, Gaylord L. US Army 1945 11-26-1994 Randolph Rural
ERHART, Robert V.  US Army 9-22-2007 Liberty Park
ERICKSON, Vincent J. US Army 4-23-2004 St. Bonaventure
ERWING, Albert E US Army, Tec4 1988 Mount View
ESHELMAN, Robert H. US Army, Sgt 11-7-2008 St. Bonaventure
EVANS, Benjamin M. DNB, Cpl Unknown Unknown
EVANS, Benjamin M. MIA, Cpl. Lost in South American Area 3-1-1944  3-1-1944 Wildwood
EVANS, Clarence W. Jr. US Navy 5-27-2007 Chestnut Hill
EVANS, Earl A. US Army. Co 698 MTC, Cpl 9-19-1962  Crawford
EVANS, Harlan C. Sr. US Army, Pvt 5-28-1969 Freedom
EVANS, Kenneth D US Navy. F1 3-8-2005 Hinsdale
EVANS, Ralph A.  US Army Air Forces, Cpl 10-16-1981 Randolph Rural
EVANS, Robert E US Army, 393rd Inf 99th Div, S/Sgt 12-24-1944 Pleasant Valley
EVANS, William W. US Army Air Corps 1988 Freedom
EVENS, Lawrence L US Army 9-17-1996 Pleasant Valley
EVERITT, Ernest C US Army, Co D 347th Inf 87th Div, Pvt 9-20-1953 Pleasant Valley
EVERY, Frank H US Navy, S2 5-23-1972 Mount View
EWINGS, Kenneth D.  US Army, S/Sgt Europe 3-29-2012 Five Mile
FABER, Francis E, US Army, S/Sgt. 1944-1949 9-22-2020 Mount View
FAERBER, Emanuel C US Army, Pvt 10-7-1993 Mount View
FAHRER, Frank W US Army Air Forces, CPL 5-4-1971 Mount View
FALK, Willard R. US Navy 1944-46 9-29-2017 Allegany
FALK, Willard R. US Navy 1944-46, Then reserves for 12 years. 9-29-2017 Allegany
FANELLI, Albert A. US Army 2-9-2000 St. Bonaventure
FARAGHER, Thomas R. US Army 8-27-2004 St. Bonaventure
FARLAND, L. Keith US Army 10-1-1981 Randolph Rural
FARNER, Carlyle E US Army, Tec3 1983 Hinsdale
FARNHAM, Alfred W. US Army, Germany and Puerto Rico 3-12-1995 Little Valley Rural
FARNHAM, Duaine H  US Army, Sgt. 1-1-1978 Little Valley Rural
FARNHAM, Gerald DNB, US Army, Sgt 10-15-1942 Little Valley Rural
FARNHAM, Harold USMC, Sgt. 3-29-1971 Little Valley Rural
FARRAR, L. Elwood [Woody] USMC 7-02-2004 Allegany
FATTY, Kenneth KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
FATTY, Victor  DNB, US Army, Pvt 3-29-1945 Hillside Haven
FAULKNER, John R. US Navy 3-1-2005 Chestnut Hill
FEDELL, Vincent M. US Army 11-23-1984 Calvary
FEDISON, Edna L.(Hirliman) [ Curly] USMC 1943-1945 4-30-2017 St. Bonaventure
FEICHTER, Devere J. US Army 5-11-1989 Calvary
FEICHTER, Vern E.  US Army, Pvt 12-14-1953 Wildwood
FELLOWS, James F. US Army 10-24-2013 Wildwood
FELLOWS, John [Jumbo] US Navy 2-6-2012 Little Valley Rural
FELLOWS, Richard Garold US Navy 8-26-1989 East Randolph
FELT, Joseph J. DOW, Pvt Unknown Unknown
FELTON, Robert H. US Army 10-18-1988 Mt Hope
FELTON, William Rowland Unknown service 8-6-1992 Mt Hope
FENTON, Merwin K.  US Navy 9-6- 2001 Chestnut Hill
FERGUSON, Elizabeth US Navy 6-5-2006 Unnamed Cems, this site
FERRIN, Albert E US Navy, S1C, lost at sea 1944 Freedom
FEUCHTER, Joseph F US Army, Capt 11-6-2001 Hinsdale
FICEK, Walter J. USNR, S1  6-05-1967 Calvary
FIDURKO, Walter US Army, PFC 8-24-1995 Calvary
FIE, Theodore Jacob US Navy, EM2 5-18-1968 Mount View
FIELD, James E US Army 1977 Little Valley Rural
FIELD, Philip C. KIA, US Army, FLT O 3-31-1945 Little Valley Rural
FIELD, Vernon E. US Army 3-7-2005 Allegany
FILJONES, Arthur L "Art" US Army, TEC5,  N Africa & Italy 1942-1945 6-2-2023 St. Bonventure
FINCH, Harold R. US Army 7-10-2006 Randolph Rural
FISH, Harold L  US Army. Europe 3-17-2007 Green
FISH, Willis G. [Slim] US Army 4-12-1994 Green
FISHER, Everett L. [Sam] US Army, 326th Airborne Medical Co, 101st Airborne Div, Paratrooper-medic 3-30- 1995 Little Valley Rural
FISK, Kenneth E. Sr. USMC 9-30-2014 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
FITCH, Charles F. [Cris] US Navy USS Liddle & USS Wildcat 12-03-2018 St. Bonaventure
FITCH, Raymond F US Army, Central Europe, Member of General Patton's honor guard in Germany 12-21-2001 Mount View
FITCH, William D. US Army 1943-46 6-18-2019 Pleasant Valley
FITZGERALD, Daniel J. US Army 1981 Calvary
FITZGERALD, Fredrick H. US Army. Pacific Theater Bronze Star 8-11-2006 Calvary
FITZGERALD, Mark E. US Navy, Cmdr. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 7-03-1996 Calvary
FITZPATRICK, Bede, Fr. OFM US Navy, Lt. Japan 9-12-2018 St. Bonaventure
FITZPATRICK, Edwin Boyd US Army, Lt Col 1993 Mount View
FITZPATRICK, Grey US Army, Capt. 11-13-2008 Mount View
FITZPATRICK, Terence G. [Terry] US Navy 3-04-2003 St. Bonaventure
FITZSIMMONS, Michael Douglas [Doug] US Army S/Sgt 10-31-2014 Unnamed Cems, this site
FLAGG, William VanDyke US Army, Europe 1944-1946 1985 Rosemound, Waco TX
FLAKE, John Frederick US Army, Pvt 3-12-1983 Mount View
FLANIGAN, Brian Daniel US Army, NY Pfc US Army 4-21-1974 Calvary
FLANIGAN, Patrick J. US Army 1980 Calvary
FLANIGAN, William US Army 9-4-2004 Calvary
FLOOD, Donald L. [Flags] US Navy, Signalman 11-09-2013 Chestnut Hill
FLOOD, Harold G. US Navy 6-15-2008 Liberty Park
FLUENT, Edward W. US Navy aboard USS Currituck 11-24-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
FLYNN, Alice M. US Army 1-24-1994 St. Bonaventure
FLYNN, William J. US Army, 1051st Engineer Bn, T/Sgt 1-16-1968 St. Bonaventure
FOGARTY, John E. [Jack] US Navy aboard USS George F. Elliott. Survived when Japanese fighter planes sank his ship 6-30-2009 St. Bonaventure
FOLTS, Robert R. DNB, Pvt Unknown Unknown
FORD, Charles J.  US Army. 1941-1945  1968 Maples, Mansfield
FORD, Donald F.  US Army, Sgt. 1-9-1981 Little Valley Rural
FORD, Gerald  US Navy 11-03-2016 Allegany
FORD, Howard C.  US Army Air Forces. Flew B-17 planes. POW in Germany, Purple Heart and other medals  10-15-2003  Allegany
FORD, William E. US Navy, Seabees. Atlantic and Pacific 2-21-2005 Little Valley Rural
FORISS, Steven Fred US Army, 9th Inf Repl Bn, Sgt. 5-25-1969 Little Valley Rural
FORNESS, Carl US Army Air Corps S/Sgt. 1505 Base Unit Pacific Theater 1-16-2000 Calvary
FORNESS, Claude F. [Babe]  US Army, NY Tec 5 US Army 10-17-1970 Calvary
FORNESS, Clement R. KIA, Pfc Unknown Unknown
FORNESS, John W. US Navy 1943-46 and 1950-51  11-8-2012 St. Bonaventure
FORNESS, Richard E. US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 4-29-1991 Calvary
FORNESS, William J. US Army 1993 Wildwood
FORTNER, Everett C. [Bud] US Army. 1941-1945 11-29-2018 Pleasant Valley
FORTUNA, Joseph P. US Army 4-19-1994 Calvary
FOSTER, Arthur C. Sr. US Army. Okinawa Japan 1-11-2008 Chestnut Hill
FOSTER, Edward J. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
FOSTER, Lawrence E USNR Purple Heart 4-24-1966 Hinsdale
FOWLER, Robert Eugene US Army, Co C 151st Med Bn, Cpl 4-22-1961 Pleasant Valley
FOWLER, William R.  Unknown service 1974 East Portville/Main Settlement
FOX, Arthur R. Unknown service 8-10-1992 Mt Hope
FOX, Ralph B. US Army, Cpl 4-27-1974 Randolph Rural
FOX, Theodore E US Army, PFC 1980 Mount View
FOY, Louis C. US Army, T5 7-24-1981 Calvary
FRAIR, Lee Arthur US Army Omaha Beach D-Day 12-30-2014 Chestnut Hill
FRAIR, Ross B. US Army, 13th Armored Div, Lt. Pacific  11-21-2006 Chestnut Hill
FRANK, Howard S.  US Army and Air Force 12-30-2003  Little Valley Rural
FRANK, Jacob Lee USNR, AS 7-29-1966 Randolph Rural
FRANK, Kenneth E. US Army Air Forces. Japan 7-13-2001 Calvary
FRANK, Milton L. US Navy 6-23-1991  Crawford
FRANK, Nathan C. US Army, 4th Armored Div. Purple Heart 12-27-2000  Crawford
FRANK, Wayne James Jr. US Navy 3-24-2008 Unnamed Cems, this site
FRANZE, Robert L US Army 2-27-1996 Little Valley Rural
FREANEY, Francis C. [Bud] US Army, S/Sgt. 1940-1945 5-4-2010 Pleasant Valley
FREANEY, Thomas C. US Army, Co E 260 Inf. 65 Inf. Div, Pvt. Bronze Star 11-6-1965 St. Bonaventure
FREDERICK, Arthur R. "Pooch" US Navy 3-6-2003 Mount View
FREDERICK, Cecil US Coast Arty, Pvt 1-25-1964 Mount View
FREDERICK, Melvin D US Army, Pvt 10-10-1973 Pleasant Valley
FREDERICK, William S Sr. US Army, Casual Det, Cpl 7-5-1957 Pleasant Valley
FREED, Bertram  US Army, Sgt 11-9-1989 B'Nai Israel
FREEMAN, George Anthony II US Navy 4-15-1950 Pleasant Valley
FREEMAN, George Anthony III  US Coast Guard, SPI 8-10-1983 Pleasant Valley
FREEMAN, Thomas G. Sr.  US Army 4-5-1997 Wildwood
FREER, Albert H. US Army 1983 Mt. Prospect
FREER, Bertram E.  US Army 1988 Mt. Prospect
FREITAG, Manuel   US Army 10th Div South Pacific 1943-46 3-19-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
FRENCH, George W  US Army 5-5-1988  Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
FRENKEL, Herbert KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
FREY, Robert L. US Army 1981 Calvary
FRIGO, Dean US Army 1991 Hinsdale
FRIJEY, James S US Army 7-17-1991 Mount View
FRITZSCHE, Arthur E US Army 8-10-1990 Mount View
FROST, Frank T. Jr. US Army, Capt. Korea, Regt Surgeon 2-6-2011 Allegany
FROST, Joey G US Army, Pvt 3-27-1958 Hinsdale
FUGLSETH, Tor KIA, Pfc Unknown Unknown
FULLER, James C. US Army 2-27-2016 Mount View
FULLER, Myrle F.  US Army 1-17-1977 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
FULLER, Robert Clayton US Army, several medals. Europe and Africa 5-27-2000 Wildwood
FUNK, Martin J US Army, PFC 1989 Mount View
FURLOW, Richard A. US Navy 3-18-2009 Steamburg
FURMAN, Earl E.  US Army, Pvt 1979 Wildwood
FUSIARA, John F. KIA, Pvt Unknown Unknown
FUSIARA, Walter J. [Bugsy] US Army  1-3-2002 St. Bonaventure
FUSS, William H US Army, M/Sgt 12-1-1995 Little Valley Rural
FYE, Austin P Jr. US Navy, GM3 1-6-1981 Mount View


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