Who Served in the Revolutionary War?

This page contains the names of 105 men who called Cattaraugus County home and served in the Revolutionary War.
Almost all were born somewhere else and came to the county after the war. They pioneered  the county .

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • This page contains names and service information of 106 men who served in the Revolutionary War. It consolidates service information from our cemetery lists, the Cattaraugus County Revolutionary War Soldiers page on this site, the DAR database, and several old books.
  • All of these soldiers survived the war.
  • Most of these soldiers are on the DAR website.  Use the DAR # to find their information.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived or died is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • The ~  means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Cattaraugus County's Medal of Honor recipients.

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABBEY, Frederick Vermont Randolph Rural
ADYE, Caleb NY Militia. Pension granted from Genesee Co NY 6-1-1833 1849 Miller Hill
ASH, John RI Continental Troops, Pvt. (DAR #A003389) Pension granted from Genesee County, NY May 17, 1833 7-13-1843 East Randolph
BAKEMAN, Daniel Frederick NY Line, Col Willett's Regt, Pvt. (DAR # A004847)  Died 4-5-1869, aged 109. Annual Report of the Commissioner of Pensions for 1874: "With the death of Daniel T. Bakeman, of Freedom, Cattaraugus County, NY, April 5, 1869, the last of the pensioned soldiers of the Revolution passed away." 4-5-1869 Town of Freedom
BEACH, Moses Tyler MA Troops, Cpl. Capts Asa Barns, Amariah Babbit; Cols Barns, Simonds. (DAR # A007776) aft 1850 [East Otto]
BERRAY, Seth CT, Pvt. Capt Smith, Col Waterbury. (DAR #A009554) 5-14-1846 Randolph Rural
BERRAY, Seth CT Militia, Pvt. 5-14-1847  Randolph Rural
BIGELOW, John Died in Conewango 4-14-1844 Rutledge
BIGLER, Nicholas PA, Pvt. Capts. Frazier, Groendyke, Carhart, Carhart, Locke, Maxfield. Cols Taylor, Reading, Bever. (DAR # A009997 as Bigeler) Served under Gen. Herkimer at Oriskany aft 9-4-1846 Napoli
BLACKMAN, Zachariah ~ 5-29-1851  Farmersville
BLUR, Nicholas ~ ~ [Leon]
BOARDMAN, Jeheil VT troops, Pvt. Capt. Burton, Col. Herrick. (DAR #A011589 as Jeniel) 7-27-1834 Mount View
BOUTWELL, John NH, Pvt. On Land: Capts Lovejoy, Nichols Aldrich, Crosby, Stone. Col Nichols. On Sea:  Ships Franklin, The Grand Turk, and Mohawk. Capts Simmons, Turner, Pratt. (DAR # A012616 as John Boutelle) 9-12-1847 Otto
BROOKS, Cornelius PA, Fifer, POW. Fifer for Capt Timothy Jayne, Cols Kirkline, Stroud. Also, Volunteer with Capt Henry Shoemaker, Northampton Co Militia. (DAR # A014966) Captured at Battle of Long Island. 5-9-1837 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
BUNCE, Rory ~ 7-27-1812 [Dayton NY]
BURCHARD, Joseph CT, Pvt. Capts Benedict, Gilbert.  Cols Waterbury, Mead; Member Of Committee. (DAR #A010289 as Birchard)) 8-28-1830 East Otto
BURT, Edwin ~ [Machias]
CAMP, John ~ 5-26-1841 Broadway
CARPENTER, Daniel MA, Pvt. Capt. Jacob Fuller, Col. John Jacobs. (DAR #A019406), commanded by Col Nichols.  8-18-1840 Portville
CHAMBERLAIN, Benjamin F. Sr.  Vet, Col Putnam, MA Line, Pvt. (DAR # A026593) Pension (#W1383) under name of Chamberlin. 2-4-1847 Willoughby
CLARK, William Died at Cherry Creek 1840 [Cherry Creek]
COLE, Benjamin CT, Pvt. Capts. Edgar, Wadsworth. Col.Elisha Sheldon. Continental & Conn Service. (DAR #A024105) Troop B, 2nd Lt. Dragoons, Pvt.  1-2-1834 Humphrey Center
CONNELL, Benoni Hunt Regt, Pvt. 3-21-1837 Ashford Hollow
COOK, Charles ~ ~ Yorkshire
COSTON, Bishop NH, Pvt. Capt Ebenezer Fry, Col Joseph Cilley. (DAR # A026344) Present at surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. 1847 ~
COWAN, John RI, 2nd Regt. Cont. Troops and Ensign on Frigate [Boston]. Capt. Benjamin Hoppin, Col. Christ, Lippitt. (DAR #A026886as Cowing) aft 1-16-1840 Rutledge
CRAWFORD, Isaac MA Line, Pvt.  ~ [Freedom]
DAVIS, Joseph MA, Pvt. Lt. Holdridge & Col. Drayton. (DAR # A030484) 6-10-1847 New Albion
DAY, Anthony Enlisted at Danbury MA 1842 Leon
DOTY/DOTA, John NY Continental Line, Pvt. ~ [Franklinville]
FARNSWORTH, Edmund NH, Pvt. Capt Samuel Runnel. Col Hercoles Mooney. For Defense of RI 1779,1780. (DAR #A099002) 12-9-1844 [Perrysburg]
FARNSWORTH, William MA Line, Sgt. Capts Robert Oliver and Thomas Pritchard. Col John Greaton. (DAR # A038763) 10-15-1835 [Perrysburg]
FARRAR, John MA 3rd Regt, Pvt. Capt Colton, Col John Grayton. (DAR # A038951) 1853 [Machias]
FAY, Moses CT Line, Pvt. Col Samuel Webb's Regt, Capt. Benjamin Walker Co. (DAR # A039531) 3-11-1842 Hinsdale
FRANK, Henry Sr. NY, Pvt. Capts Tare Putnam Marks & Damont.  Cols Willett & Bellinger. (DAR #A041656). A scout. 1-19-1840 [Ashford]
FRANKLIN, James RI Militia, Pvt.  [Leon]
FREEMAN, Ashbel NJ, Pvt, Capt Christopher Marsh's Troop of Light Horse. (DAR #A041993) 6-9-1823 Farmersville
FREEMAN, Elisha NY 1st Regt, Pvt. Cols Goose Van Schaick and Robert Edmonston. (DAR #A042024) 1834 Napoli
GOING, Jonathan MA, Pvt. Capts Smith, Haskins, Bowman, Sibley. Cols Jacobs, Bigelow, Putnam, Drury. (DAR #  A046115) 8-25-1848 Hinsdale
GRANNIS, David CT, Pvt. Capt Peck, Col Douglas. (DAR # A046973) 1-7-1834 Gowanda
HARMON, Alpheus VT/NY, Pvt. Capts Grant, Cochran, Noble, Conckey. Cols Ethan Allen, Warner, Easton. (DAR # A050755)  3-21-1834 McKinstry
HILL, Henry ~ ~ [Ashford]
HOLLISTER, Josiah R. CT, Pvt.  Maj Elmore, Col Hinman. (DAR #A056759) 7-4-1832 Mansfield
HOLT, Oliver ~ ~ [Farmersville]
HOOPS, Adam 1st, 2nd MD Regts, 1st Regt US Artillery, Major 6-9-1846 North Laurel Hill, Phildelphia
HOWE, Jaazaniah MA Line, Pvt. Capts Miller & White. Cols Putnam & Vose.  (DAR # A058306) Enlisted 1781.  3-19-1838 Pine Hill, Gowanda
HOWE, Titus NY, Pvt. Capt Henry Pawling, Col Weisenfel. (DAR #A058470) 7-27-1839 [Hinsdale]
HUBBARD, Jedediah CT Militia, Pvt. (Poss DAR # A208137) ~ ~
HUFSTADER, Jacob Albany Co (NY) Militia 10-19-1839 Ashford Hollow
KIMBALL, William ~ ~ Machias
LAFFERTY, John NC Line, Pvt.  ~ [Farmersville]
LANE, Matthias NY Continentals, Dragoon.  1850 Farmersville
LARABEE, Eleazer VT/PA, Pvt. VT Green Mtn Boys, Capt Wright, Lt Ransom. Also PA Line, Col Seth Warner. (DAR #A066824) 1-29-1837 East Otto
LOVEJOY, Abner MA, Pvt. Capts Nathaniel Lakin, John Brown, Thomas Hartshorn. Cols Michael Jackson, John Robinson. (DAR # A208520) 1841 [Conewango]
LOVEWELL, Zaccheus NH/VT, Pvt. Capts Walker, Wait, Bush, Lovewell, Johnson, Hall, Stevens, Taplin, Bailey (DAR # A071980)  2-23-1847 [Machias]
LUDDEN, Enos MA, Pvt. (DAR # A072305) Enlisted 12-1777, three months under Capt Champhney, 15 months Under Capt Burbank at Castle Island, Boston Harbor. 8-29-1841 Hinsdale
MALLORY, James  CT Militia, Pvt. Pension allowed March 4, 1831, aged 61 yrs. $30.00 per annum 3-14-1841 Mallory Cem, Perrysburg
MAXWELL, Robert ~ ~ Cottage
MCMILLEN, Wm. Sr ~ 1847 Cottage
MILLS, Joseph  MA, Pvt. Capt Davis, Col Dewey. (DAR #A079985) 3-2-1843 Farmersville
MINER/MYNARD, Lemuel CT Line. Pension statement: Musician in CT Line. Pension  began 3-24-1818. (transferred fron New London CT) 10-13-1841 Mallory Cem, Perrysburg
MORRiLL, Sargent NH, Pvt. Capt Benjamin Emery, Col Baldwin. Also signer of Assoc. Test, Canterbury. (DAR # A080803 as Morrill) 11-6-1834 South Napoli
NICHOLS, John ~ ~ [Freedom]
NILES, Jehiel ~ 1-23-1846 Sample Hill
NORTON, Zera VT, Pvt. Capt Abner Seelye, Col Benjamin Wait (DAR #A084907) 10-13-1840 ~
NOYES, Dudley MA, Pvt. Capts Hale, Dixon, Col Wesley. (DAR # A085050). Enlisted in Dedham MA, Battle of Bunker Hill.  3-25-1846 [Leon]
ODELL, Richard NY, Pvt. Capt Livingston, Col Wisisifett. Capt Johnson, Col Van Schai[k]. (DAR # A085628) 4-8-1855 [Machias]
PARISH, Jeremiah CT, Pvt. Capts Dana, Durkee. Col Willis. (DAR #A086982) 7-16-1851 Chestnut Hill
PARISH, Nehemiah CT, Pvt and Cpl. Pension granted 10-5-1832 in Farmersville. Wounded at White Plains NY. In 1781 served as a seaman aboard schooner Cornet aft 10-5-1832 Farmersville
PEABODY, Phineas MA Militia, QM Sgt. As Pvt: Capts Cadwallader Ford, Solomon Kidder, John Trull, Col Thatcher. As Sgt: Capt John Harnden, Col Ebenezer Bridges. As Qm Sgt: Col Jonathan Reed. (DAR # A210701) 9-8-1835 Annis
PECK, Jaheel ~ 1816 Cadiz
PERHAM, Ezekial Jr. MA, Pvt. Capt Carr, Col Jackson; Also Capt Hobby. (DAR # A088694) 4-19-1843 Mallory Cem, Perrysburg
PHELPS, Alexander ~  1846 Jefferson Street
PORTER, Alexander CT, Pvt. Capt Henry Champion, Col Samuel Wyllys.  (DAR #A090926) 4-24-1833 Freedom
PRATT, Jonathon CT, Pvt. Capts John Ely, Abraham Waterhouse, Isaac Gallup. (DAR #A092475) Pensioner South Napoli
QUACKENBUSH, John H. Stone: NY Militia, Pvt.  Captured by Indians and ran a gauntlet 1840 [Ashford]
REDFIELD, Samuel, Dr. Pension R8640 1/2.  (DAR # A094134) Enlisted from Old Guilford CT. 11-29-1837 [Perrysburg]
REED, Ebenezer CT, Pvt. Capts Bell, Brown, Warren, Stoddard. Col Silliman. (DAR #A094245) 1-1845 Mount View
RICE, Jacob  ~ 3-3-1852 East Randolph
RIPLEY, Piram NY/CT, Pvt. Capts Buell, Gray, Harrison, Cols Heman Swift, Marius Willett. Also Sailor; Capt Timothy Parker, Capt Seth Harding. (DAR #A096208) 3-23-1844 Mt. Prospect
ROOT, William [Billa] CT Militia, Sgt. Capt James Dana, Col Andrew Ward.  (DAR #A205881 as Billa) 2-5-1851 Farmersville
RUST, Justin MA Line, Pvt.  ~ [Ellicottville]
SALISBURY, Richard Rhode Island.  7-16-1833 Randolph Rural
SCUDDER, Ezekial Pensioner  (DAR # A100837) DAR: THIS MAN APPEARS ON DESERTERS LIST 1781-1783. 3-20-1853 Randolph Rural
SHEPARD, Henry CT, Pvt. Lt John Hunsdale; Capts James Clark, James Tyler, Wells; Cols Sage, Ledyard. (DAR # A204042) aft 10-3-1832 [Ellicottville]
SILLIMAN, Samuel Jr. CT, Sailor, Patriotic Service. Under Stephen Goit,'Oliver Cromwell'. From New London, also Prisoner of War. (DAR # A103652) 12-12-1848 Cadiz
SMITH, Joseph MA Vols, Pvt. 6-6-1847 Tug Hill
SMITH, Oliver Pensioner ~ Eddyville Cem Mansfield
SQUIRES, Ambrose Pensioner. ~ [Leon]
STANNARD, Ezra Peabody CT Militia, Pvt. Capt Shepard, Col Aaron Austin CL.(DAR #A108538) ~ [Cuba]
STARR, Samuel Served at Bunker Hill [Perrysburg]
STRATTON, Zebulon MA Line, Pvt. MM, Col Doolittle and  Lex Alarm. Also Capts Dexter, Lord, Wilder. (DAR # A111225) 8-18-1842 Annis
SULLIVAN, Samuel ~  ~ [Franklinville]
SWEETEN, Benjamin VA Line, Pvt. Lived unknown, burial unknown ~ ~
SYMONS, Sylvanus NY Continental Line, Artificer. Lived unknown, burial unknown ~ ~
TAYLOR, Gad CT, Pvt and Cpl. Capts Elderkin & Hill, Col Swift. (DAR #A112468) Pension granted 10-5-1832 in Farmersville. Wounded at White Plains NY. In 1781 served as a seaman aboard schooner Cornet 3-13-1841 [Machias]
THATCHER, Peter VT Militia, Pvt. ~ ~
Thomas (Seneca Indian) Pensioner.  ~ ~
TORRANCE, Samuel CT, Roxbury Minute Men, Pvt. Capt Thaddeus Lacey, Col Swift. (DAR #A114955) 12-31-1843 Sample Hill
TREAT, Ashbell Woodbridge NY, Pvt. Col Vrooman. (DAR #A116319) 1849 East Otto
VAUGHN, Obediah NY Line, Lt.  ~ ~
VINING, Ebenezer MA Line, Pvt. Capts Williams Soper. Cols Walker, Read. (DAR # A118944) 8-24-1843 Mount Hope, Rochester NY
WARNER, Moses CT, Pvt Fifer. Pvt: Capt Elijah Robinson. Fifer: Capts Paul Blodgett & Abner Wood, Col Samuel Chapman. (DAR # A121218) 8-17-1840 Lowville, Wattsburg PA
WASHBURN, Nathan CT, Drummer. Capt Walbridge, Col Webb.  (DAR # A121917) 8-9-1837 Cadiz
WATERMAN, Levi VT Militia, Pvt. ~ [Napoli]
WHITCOMB, Samuel MA, Pvt. Capt Newton, Col Stearns. (DAR #A124534) 2-27-1841 [Leon]
WHITE, Joseph ~ ~ Cottage
WHITE, Willaim NY Militia, Sgt.  ~ ~
WILBER, Freeman Sr.  Revolutionary War Vet, from RI 4-10-1853 Five Mile
WOODWORTH, Joseph CT, Pvt.  Capts Thomas Dyer, Daniel Tilden. Col John Durkee. (DAR #A130122) Battles of Harlem and Trenton. Was with Gen. Wayne at Stony Point, present at surrender of Burgoyne, in the New Jersey campaign, and at Valley Forge.  5-21-1841 Elm Creek, Napoli

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