Who has Served Since Vietnam?

This page contains the names and final resting places of  45 men and women who called Cattaragus County home and served  their country between 1975 and today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • The ~ means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ANDERSON, James Robert Vet, US Navy, Pvt? 12-21-1998 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
AUMAN, Mark A. US Army 3-10-2019 St. Bonaventure
BLADE, Brian K. Vet, US Army 1985-1995 & Vet, US Army Reserves 2006 8-11-2016 Pleasant Valley
BLADE, Brian K. Vet, US Army, SFC. 1985-2015 Career.  Iraq, Persian Gulf, and Afgahanistan. 8-11-2016 Pleasant Valley
BLASKE, Terrence A. [Smiley] Vet, US Army 7-29-2006 Chestnut Hill
BREMAN, Richard D.  US Army 8-13-2019 Unnamed, this site
BROOKS, Ryan Kent US Air Force 5-16-2019 Steamburg
CARUSO, John [Jack] Vet, US Army, Fld Arty, Col. 30-year Career. Earned many medals. (also Korea, Vietnam) 10-25-2013 Calvary
CHERRY-OAKES, Michael Roy Sr. Post US Air Force.  4-22-2007 Randolph Rural
CLAYTON, Donna (Nobles)  KIA. US Army, HHC Co 2-87th Inf. Killed in action at Dehe Hendu, Afghanistan 5-15-2001 Allegany
COLTON, Gregory A. Vet, US Army, 39th Transportation Co, Helicopter Mechanic 1-2-2007 Calvary
COOPER, Charles [Chippy] ~ 1992 Hillside Haven
DECAPUA, Matthew P Vet, US Navy 1993 St. Bonaventure
DECARLO, Brenden A.   Vet, US Army Nat Grd Specialist HQ Co 27 Brig Special Troops Batt 3-28-2015 Unnamed, this site
DENFRUND, Mark   Vet, 1977-81 1-8-2011 Unnamed, this site
DINCHER, John E. Jr. Vet, US Army Co C 27th Engrs Bn. Later served 2 yrs in the Natl Guard.  8-30-2002 St. Bonaventure
DOMBEK, Martin M. US Air Force 1978-80 4-17-2019 Unnamed, this site
ELLIS, Norman C.  Vet, US Air Force 4-16-2004  Little Valley Rural
ENIX, Jerry L. US Air Force 1980-86 5-03-2019 Chestnut Hill
FIRST, Justin T.   US Army 2005-2009 8-27-2019 Unnamed, this site
FISHER, Kelly S. US Air Force 12-19-2019 Unnamed, this site
FOSTER, Michael J. Vet, US Air Force 7-4-2010 Mount View
FOWLER, David Scott US Army 1996-2005 AH-64 Apache helicopter pilot 9-24-2018 St. Bonaventure
GIBERSON, Richard M. Vet, US Army, 1982-85 4-09-2013 Hinsdale
GILBERT, David  US Air Force 12-06-2017 Unnamed, this site
GOOD, Mark K. US Navy Seabees. Desert Storm 9-10-2018 Green
GOWDY, Terry R.  US Navy 1975-79 1-07-2018 Unnamed, this site
GRAY, Thomas O'Brian US Navy, PO2 11-11-2000 Randolph Rural
HADLEY, Timothy F. Vet, US Army 3-07-2016 St. Bonaventure
HADLEY, Timothy F. Vet, US Army 3-07-2016 St. Bonaventure
HAKES, Rodney D. Vet, US Air Force, Sgt. 1982-1990 1-16-2004 Allegany
HALLOWELL, David L.  US Navy 5-18-2018 Unnamed, this site
HAMILTON, Rodney L. US Air Force 1984-86 10-30-2019 Pleasant Valley
HANCHETT, Kevin L. US Navy 1978-85 12-05-2019 Unnamed, this site
HAYNES, Arthur Prescott Vet, US Army, Lt. Col. Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, 9-9-2004 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
HESSE, John L.  US Army. 1975-1979 7-17-2018 Unnamed, this site
HILLIMAN, Delbert G. US Marine Corps 11-14-2017 South Napoli
HOLMES, Theron Burr Vet, Vietnam and Post-Vietnam, US Army. Operation Iraqi Freedom. Career -  1969-2005 4-21-2017 Unnamed, this site
HORSEY, John S Vet, US Army, Pvt 8-14-1996 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HOWARD, Jeramy J. (sic)  US Marine Corps. 3 yrs mid 1990's 12-14-2018 Unnamed, this site
HOWARD, Timothy C Vet, US Air Force, Sgt 2-21-1998 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HUDOCK, Mark A. Vet, USMC 6-21-2006 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
JACKSON, Bert D. Jr. Vet, US Navy 2-9-2005 Bunker Hill
JENNINGS, Robert Alan Vet, US Army 11-14-2015 Unnamed, this site
JIMERSON, Anthony [Tony] Vet, US Army 10-01-2008 Wildwood
JIMERSON, Anthony R. Vet, US Army, Airborne Corps 1991-1996 10-1-2008 Memorial Heights
JULIAN, William D. Vet, US Navy. (and Gulf Wars) 7-27-2016 Allegany
KELLOGG, Jeffrey E. Vet, Army Natl Guard 1986-1989 11-22-2015 Mt. Prospect
LABELLE, Michael J. US Navy 3-23-2019 Unnamed, this site
LOCICERO, John L. Sr Vet, US Army, 1/Sgt, 19 years. Died while stationed in South Korea. 6-7-2015 Liberty Park
LOCKWOOD, Wade E. US Army 1984-87 7-4-2018 Pleasant Valley
MAHNK, Darryl D.  US Air Force 1982-86 9-12-2018 Unnamed, this site
MALEK, James Robert Vet, US Marine Corps 12-18-2016 Unnamed, this site
MANION, David M. Vet, US Army 1975-77 1-07-2017 Other
MCLAUGHLIN, Raymond Robert Sr.  US Army, 82nd Airborne Div. Career 22+ yrs 10-19-2018 Unnamed, this site
MENDELL, Edward S Vet, US Army 9-19-2008 Green
MORICCA, Christopher W. US Army Reserves, officer 11-21-2019 Unnamed, this site
PARTRIDGE, Robert Eugene Sr. Vet, US Air Force, 20 years 7-01-2017 Other
PENDERGAST, Brenda Marie Vet, US Army 3-17-2017 Unnamed, this site
POLING, Craig E.  Vet, USMC 5-06-2015 Unnamed, this site
QUIGLEY, Lawrence Michael Vet, US Navy Electrician 8-08-2015 Calvary Cemetery
RAUB, Scott E. Vet, USMC and Army National Guard during Persian Gulf War 9-25-2005 Little Valley Rural
REED, Barbara Ann US Navy Hvy Arty 12-24-1961 Calvary
RILEY, Ross M. Vet, USMC,1987-1992 11-20-2013 St. Bonaventure
ROBLEE, Jerome E. Vet, USMC 7-04-1995 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
ROHWER, Kim W.  USMC 2-14-2019 Unnamed, this site
RUHLAND, Michael A. US Navy 1981-86 11-20-2018 Mt. Prospect
SCANLAN, Patrick J. Vet, US Army, Pvt 10-31-1971 Calvary Cemetery
SEXTON, Dane C. US Army 171st Airborne Div. Middle East, 1980-83 10-30-2019 Unnamed, this site
SHATTUCK, Kenneth A.  US Marine Corps 12-17-2018 Unnamed, this site
SHERRY, Todd Lewis US Air Force 10-14-1995 Chestnut Hill
SIMONS, Carl R. Sr.  US Army Germany 5-14-2019 Unnamed, this site
SISCHO, Dale A. Vet, US Navy 6th Fleet 2-20-2005 Crawford
SPEHAR, Brett M. Vet, US Air Force 1996-1999 3-31-2015 Chestnut Hill
SULLIVAN, Mark J. US Army, Finance Corps, LTC. Career 7-28-2018 Chestnut Hill
THOMPSON, David Kendel  Vet, US Navy, Master Chief. Career 4-19-2015 Unnamed, this site
TINNEY, Christopher S. Vet, US Navy, GMG2 8-28-1996 East Otto
TYLER, Charles R. Jr. Sgt.  Vet, USMC, Sgt 7-12-1985 Five Mile
WAITE, Bobbie L. Vet, US Army 12-12-2012 Crawford
WALKER, Otis W. [Big O] Vet, US Army Career,  1975-1992 10-12-2014 Mount View
WESTFALL, Roger P. Vet, US Navy 10-17-1999 East Otto
WETHERBY, Ronald Jay US Navy, Electrician 1979-83 & Navy Reserves 7-05-2018 St. Bonaventure
WHITE, Edward F. Jr. Vet, US Coast Guard 12-11-2005 Crawford

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