Korean Conflict Veterans

This page contains the names and final resting places of 523 men and women who called Cattaraugus County home and served  their country during the Korean Conflict (1951-1954).

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. 
  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • The ~ means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Cattaraugus County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABBOTT, Arthur Alton US Army, Pvt. 9-24-2014 Sacremento Valley Natl Cem, Dixon CA, Sect 5, Gr 1365
ABBOTT, Richard L. US Air Force, Maj. Career 1-24-1981 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
ABRAMS, Lloyd US Army 10-7-1987 Horseshoe
ADAMIC, Robert J. US Army 10-06-2017 FL Natl Cem
ADAMS, Eugene B.  US Air Force 5-3-1980 St. Patrick, Limestone
ADAMS, Kenneth W.  US Army 3-02-2019 Unnamed, this site
ALDRIDGE, Frank J. [Bud]  US Army 05-03-2003 Chestnut Hill
ALOIA, Ralph Angelo US Air Force 3-16-2016 St. Bonaventure
ANDERSON, Clyde Earl USMC, 1st MAR Div, Pfc. Purple Heart 12-11-1952 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
ARMAGOST, Robert D. US Army 6-23-2009 Unnamed, this site
ARMSTRONG, George E.  US Army. Career, 1924-1965. 1st Sgt. with Co I NY National Guard  3-4-1994 Allegany
ASH, Edward J. Jr. US Army 1950-52 1-01-2016 St. Bonaventure
ASHCRAFT, Richard O.  US Army, Cpl 12-9-1996  Farmersville
ASHRAF, Kasbum US Air Force, AIC 7-30-1994 Mount View
ATKINS, Richard [Beans] US Air Force 3-5-2011 Calvary
AUGUSTINI, Frank J.  US Marine Corps 1956-62 & reserves 5-03-2018 Unnamed, this site
AUMAN, Donald F. US Navy 1998 St. Bonaventure
BABCOCK, Jerry M. US Army 6-25-2010 Abbotts
BABCOCK, Leslie Jr US Army, Co B 20th Engr Bn, SFC. Bronze Star 10-9-1957 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
BACELLI, Neno T. US Army, Cpl 3-30-1998 Calvary Cemetery
BACH, Paul US Army 10-20-2001 Calvary Cemetery
BACHO, George James USMC 2-18-1990 St. Bonaventure
BAILEY, John O US Army 1-26-1996 South Napoli
BAILEY, Richard E. US Air Force. 1952-56 11-11-2013 Little Valley Rural
BAKER, Donald A. US Air Force 1950-54 11-23-2010 East Portville/Main Settlement
BAKEWELL, William Alfred  US Army Counter Intelligence 2-26-2012 Unnamed, this site
BANTIN, Robert US Army 11-5-2007 Crawford
BARBER, Harold Paul Jr. [Bud] USMC, Sgt 9-1-1962 Allegany
BARBER, John W Sr. US Navy 2-6-2006 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
BARBER, Richard John US Army, Pfc 2-8-2000 Steamburg
BARGER, Milton Doyle US Army 8-23-2019 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
BARGY, Robert Edward US Army 110th Inf 28th Div 12-05-2018 Crawford
BARIE, Richard W. Sr. US Army, 28th Inf 5-18-2017 St. Bonaventure
BARNES, George R.  US Army 11-2-2003 Little Valley Rural
BARNES, Howard L US Army Air Corps/ US Air Force, B-25s in Europe. 12-22-2007 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
BARRETT, William L. USMC 5-15-2017 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
BARTH, Karl Lewis US Navy 9-28-2005 St. Bonaventure
BARTON, Herbert R. US Army 6-20-2003 Allegany
BASSANO, Anthony US Navy 1952-53 US S Perry 5-09-2015 St. Bonaventure
BAUM, Philip M Jr US Army, SP3 10-16-1991 Mount View
BEAN, Leon Leslie ~ 1977 Calvary Cemetery
BEARD, Dale N  US Army, CPL 9-5-1996 Mount View
BEATTY, James Paul US Army, PFC 4-8-1970 Allegany
BELLEISLE, Lowell R. US Navy 1950-54 6-07-2015 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
BELLI, Anthony  J. [Tony] US Navy aboard US S Missouri. 1951-1955  4-15-2010 St. Bonaventure
BENCENE, Albert Jack  US Navy. Career 1-28-2003 Mount View
BENEDICT, Robert E. USMC ~ East Otto
BIEHLER, Richard E. [Bo Bo]  US Army 4-26-2008 Mount View
BILLS, Robert F. Sr. US Navy 7-31-2019 Unnamed, this site
BLACKMAR, Richard R. US Army 3-2-2016 Liberty Park
BLAUVELT, Harold E. [Hal] US Army 11-26-2015 Chestnut Hill
BLOCK, Roland A. US Navy 1-10-2010 Green
BLOOD, Donald V. Sr. US Army 2-15-2016 Little Valley Rural
BLOOD, Donald V. Sr. US Army 2-15-2016 Little Valley Rural
BLUE, Leonard James US Army 4-30-2005 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
BLY, Robert W. US Army 12-24-2006 Hinsdale
BOLDEN, George E  US Air Force, /Sgt 3-20-1995 Mount View
BOLLES, Gordon D. Korea and Vietnam,   US Army 6-20-2017 Green
BOLLES, Richard B.  US Army, Cpl 9-19-1958 Wildwood
BORDEN, Donald J  US Army 9-22-2004 Mount View
BOYE, Ronald L. Sr.  US Navy  9-15-2001  Allegany
BOYLE, Donald J. US Air Force 1950-54 10-07-2016 St. Bonaventure
BREWER, John R. Sr. US Army, Sgt 3-20-2010 St. Bonaventure
BRIDGES, Robert J. ~ 1986 Chestnut Hill
BROL, Walter US Air Force, S/Sgt. While stationed in Washington, he was a mechanic on President Eisenhower's plane 1-2-2016 St. Bonaventure
BROOKS, Clifford Jr.  US Army 1-6-2006 Brooks Family
BROUGHAM, Richard E. US Army 1-12-2006 Green
BRUNETTO, Ben J. WW II, US Army. Korea, US Navy 9-29-2015 Unnamed, this site
BUCHANAN, Wayne John  US Army, PFC 2-5-1993 Mount View
BUCKTOOTH, Floyd Edward Jr. US Army 9-28-2009 Memorial Heights
BUERGER, Robert P. WW II, Korea, Vietnam, US Navy, pilot for 24 years.  1-27-2018 Florida Natl Cem, Bushnell FL
BURDICK, Shirley A. (Hill) US Air Force 9-10-2013 Allegany
BURGASSER, David George US Navy 5-21-1994 Mt. Prospect
BURGESS, Charles F. USMC 1953-56 3-27-2013 Freedom
BURKE, Eugene Patrick US Navy, AA 12-19-1975 St. Bonaventure
BUSH, John J US Army, 82nd Airborne. Paratrooper 12-24-2015 St. Bonaventure
BUSH, Walter W. [Ed] US Air Force 2-17-2010 St. Bonaventure
BUTLER, Dale R.  USMC 12-18-2001 Willoughby
BUTLER, John R. US Air Force 10-2-2011 Allegany
BUTTON, Wilbur E. US Army 11-04-2010 Unnamed, this site
CAIN, Orville J.  US Air Force 11-25-2001 Steamburg
CAMPBELL, Malcolm J.  [of Allegany NY] US Army 2-08-2016 Unnamed, this site
CAPITO, Pasquale US Navy, GMSN 1990 St. Bonaventure
CARLSON, Donald M. US Navy Seabees 1-5-2005 Chestnut Hill
CARNICELLI, Joseph P.  US Navy. He served during WWII aboard an aircraft carrier until his discharge in 1946. In 1950 he re-enlisted in the USNavy and served aboard two different destroyers during the Korean War until 1954. 1-1-2007 St. Bonaventure
CARR, B. Neil  US Army 2-12-2007 Randolph Rural
CARR, Harold G  US Air Force, A3C 8-8-1980 Randolph Rural
CARUCCI, Frank Benjamin US Navy, Radioman. 1951-55 1-17-2017 Unnamed, this site
CARUSO, John [Jack] US Army, Fld Arty, Col. 30-year Career (also Vietnam, Post-Vietnam). Earned many medals. 10-25-2013 Calvary
CHAFIN, Billy R US Air Force, T/Sgt. Career 2-4-1997 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
CHAMPLIN, James V  US Navy, SN 10-27-1997 Mount View
CHAPMAN, Raymond F. US Army. 1952-1954  8-6-2000  Green
CHAPPEL, Cyril G  ~ 6-21-1951 Wildwood
CLARK, Jesse W  US Army, PFC 1988 Mount View
CLARKE, Gerald E. [Jerry] US Army 3-30-2012 St. Bonaventure
COLE, James E.  US Army 4-08-2016 Unnamed, this site
COLLINS, Clair E. US Air Force  4-4-2011 Unnamed, this site
COMSTOCK, Theodore G. US Army 10-12-2007 Mt. Prospect
CONKLIN, Ross G  US Navy, S1 11-22-1994 Mount View
COOK, Robert F US Navy Seabees 2-27-2005 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
COVERT, James Rhodes ~ ~ East Randolph
COWEN. Lynn A. US Army. Joined at 17, deove buldozer in Korea. 6-3-2017 Unnamed, this site
CRABTREE, Roy E.  ~ 3-28-2012 Mount View
CRADDUCK, John A. [Jack]  US Air Force 2-1-2005 Chestnut Hill
CRADDUCK, Robert Charles US Navy  3-6-2009 Allegany
CRAWFORD, John M [Jack] US Army 1995 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
CRISAFULLI, Joseph J.  US Army  11-09-2019 Unnamed, this site
CROUSE, John Warner Jr US Army 4-17-2000 Memorial Heights
CUNNINGHAM, John J. US Navy. Career, (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 1985 Calvary
CURRAN, Francis Joseph  US Navy 2-7-2005 Mount View
DAHLKE, George T. US Navy aboard US S Missouri  2-2-2005 Green
DATES-WHITMORE, William L US Air Force, S/Sgt 1982 Little Valley Rural
DAVIS, Gerald T. US Navy  11-24-2004 St. Bonaventure
DAVIS, Lance E. US Army, Pfc 1-23-1968 Mt Hope
DAY, George M. US Air Force 1955-58 7-23-2012 St. Bonaventure
DEAN, Delbert F. US Air Force, A2C 2-16-1982 Cottage
DEAN, Robert Eugene AB92  PERIODIC MAINT  SQ  AF 5-26-1955 Cottage
DEBANI, Ugo Joseph US Air Force 1952-56 5-9-2011 St. Bonaventure
DELONG, William US Army 3-20-2017 Unnamed, this site
DEXTER, Clayton H USMC, Sgt 4-6-1987 East Randolph
DEXTER, Theodore W.  US Army, Sgt 12-21-1990 Randolph Rural
DIBBLE, Ralph R.  US Navy, Dental Tech  12-24-2012 St. Bonaventure
DINCHER, John E. Sr. US Army. 1950 -1952 7-10-2008 St. Bonaventure
DOBROWOLSKI, Thaddeus C.  [of Olean NY] US Air Force 1954-58 5-11-2016 Unnamed, this site
DODGE, Elba W.  Jr. [Brub] US Navy US S Butner in WW II,  US S Weaver in Korea 11-17-2009 St. Bonaventure
DOLECKI, Paul Charles US Air Force, 773 AC&W SQ, A1C 9-15-1957 Calvary Cemetery
DONER, Clair L. US Army 1-29-2016 Unnamed, this site
DRAKE, Harry N. Jr. [Bud] USMC, 1st Marine Div. Enlisted at age 17 10-9-2010 St. Bonaventure
DUCEY, John F. Jr.  US Navy, US S Oriskany  2-7-2003 Allegany
DUGGAN, J. Robert US Army, 82nd Airborne Div. 3-25-2010 Calvary Cemetery
DUHAN, William J. Sr. US Army 7-26-1995 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
DWAILEEBE, Alvin G.   US Navy 1948-52 6-1-2011 Unnamed, this site
DYKSTEA, Donald K  US Army, SFC. Career 1989 Mount View
EAMES, Richard C USMC 1st Marine Div in Guadalcanal 5-25-2005 Mount View
EARLE, Herbert F. US Amry 1954-57 12-17-2016 St. Bonaventure
EDEL, Theodore H. [Ted] US Army 5-22-2006 St. Bonaventure
EDWARDS, Roger Guy US Air Force, A1C 1-16-1960 Steamburg
EHMAN, Richard L.  US Army. MSgt. 1947-1964 2-17-1994  Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
ELLIS, Elliott J. Sr.  US Army  8-22-2018 Unnamed, this site
EMBORSKI, Robert J. US Navy, SK2  1986 Calvary Cemetery
EMONS, Arthur J. US Army 1954-56 9-24-2013 Allegany
ENSELL, Frank M. Jr US Army 9-30-2009 St. Bonaventure
ERICKSON, Richard W. US Air Force 10-26-2009 Chestnut Hill
ESHELMAN, Charles O. US Army, Col. West Point, Career 1-24-2010 Chestnut Hill
EVANS, Howard US Army, Pvt 1-31-2011 Freedom
EVANS, Ira B. [Irish] US Navy 1-18-2009 Chestnut Hill
EVERITT, Robert E. US Navy 8-24-2006 St. Bonaventure
FARNHAM, Clarence J. US Air Force 1999 Little Valley Rural
FARRELL, Ronald Martyn US Army. 1953-1954 4-24-2017 Unnamed, this site
FEICHTER, Gene R. US Army 8-20-2006 Calvary Cemetery
FEICHTER, Robert W. US Navy, SN 3-06-1988 Calvary Cemetery
FERRARA, Arthur US Air Force 2-07-2015 Green
FIE, Theodore J. Jr. US Army. Purple Heart 12-13-2007 St. Bonaventure
FIEBELKORN, Lester F. [Bud]  US Army, 2 Purple Hearts 6-27-2015 Steamburg
FINCH, Claude R.  US Coast Guard. Career 12-8-1990 Wildwood
FINCH, Edward A. KIA, US Army, Pvt. Missing in action 9-12-1950 9-12-1950 Wildwood
FINGER, Edward P. II US Army 7-31-2008 Allegany
FIRST, John M.  US Air Force 11-3-2003  Allegany
FISH, Willis G. [Slim] US Army 4-12-1994 Green
FISHER, William M. US Air Force 9-5-1987 Crawford
FITCH, Charles R US Air Force, A1C 1988 Mount View
FITZGERALD, James R.  US Army 9-12-1990 Wildwood
FITZGERALD, Mark E. US Navy, Cmdr. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 7-03-1996 Calvary Cemetery
FORNESS, John W. US Navy 1943-46 and 1950-51  11-8-2012 St. Bonaventure
FORREST, Edward F.  US Army 1954-56 12-15-2018 Unnamed, this site
FORREST, Mildred L. (Lindy) US Navy 1950-54  11-14-2010 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
FORTUNA, Charles J. US Army 508th Airborne 1951-54 11-14-2019 St. Bonaventure
FOX, Roger E US Marine Corps, CPL 2005 Mount View
FRABLE, Phillip Ray US Army 1952-54 11-20-2017 Mount View
FRANK, Larry E. US Army 1-03-2017 Unnamed, this site
FRANK, Norman C. US Air Force 5-24-2001 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
FRANZ, David M. US Army 12-21-2005 St. Bonaventure
FRATARCANGELO, Angelo L. ~ 2-18-2018 St. Bonaventure
FRATARCANGELO, Joseph V. US Air Force 2-22-2003 St. Bonaventure
FRAZIER, Edwin B  US Air Force 1998 Green
FREDERICK, Harold E.  US Air Force 2-24-2003 Chestnut Hill
FREEMAN, Leonard T US Army, CPL 8-15-1988 Mount View
FRENZ, Carl F. [Skeet] US Air Force 1950-54 60th Troop Carrier Grp, 12th Troop Carrier Squad, flight engr on C-119's 1-11-2019 Unnamed, this site
FROST, Frank T. Jr. US Army, Capt. Korea, Regt Surgeon 2-6-2011 Allegany
FROST, Jack E. Sr. US Navy 5-31-2017 Other
FURLONG, William D. US Army 3-8-2006 Calvary Cemetery
FUSS, Edward James US Army Sgt 10-16-2018 Little Valley Rural
GAETANO, Mario Paul [Merle] US Navy, GM2C 1948-957 US S Albany CA-123 & US S New Jersey BB-62 10-07-2015 St. Bonaventure
GANOUNG, Charles Stanhope Jr. ~ 6-26-1996 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
GARDNER, Thomas G. Dr.  US Army, Lt Col 1980 Wildwood
GASPER, Richard J. US Army 1-31-2016 Sardinia Cem, Sardinia NY
GATES, Richard W. US Army 1953-55 4-26-2015 Forest Lawn, Buffalo NY
GAVIN, Robert, OFM ~ 5-19-2015 St. Bonaventure
GAYHART, William L. MIA, USMC, Pfc. Missing in action 3-26-1953, body never recovered. abt 3-26-1953 [Ellicottville]
GAYLOR, Edward L US Army 1991 Hinsdale
GAYLOR, Jerry K. Sr. US Air Force, C-47 Flight Eng 12-19-2002 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
GAYLOR, William O US Army 6-8-1999 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
GAYTON, Adrian G. Sr. US Army 3-1-2003 Mount View
GEISE, William US Air Force, Sgt 12-19-2004 St. Bonaventure
GELEN, Edward J. US Army Signal Corps, radio operator in Okinawa, Japan. 1951-1953 7-25-2013 St. Bonaventure
GENDRUE, Patrick J. Sr. US Navy, EN3. and on the US S Edisto AGB-2 Ice-Breaker off Newfoundland 4-14-2006 Memorial Heights
GEORGE, Allison E. Sr. US Army, PFC 5-5-1973 Memorial Heights
GEORGE, Edward C. US Army 11-22-2014 Ischua Village
GEORGE, Gordon M. US Army & US Army Reserve 4-21-2017 Allegany Cem
GEORGE, Richard S. USMC. 1952-1954 8-6-2010 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
GERYAK, Peter Jr. US Army, Cpl 1-5-1986 Wildwood
GIAMBRONE, Francis Marion US Army, 82nd Airborne 1949-52 9-22-2016 Other
GILBERT, Joseph F. US Army,Sgt 4-8-1962 St. Bonaventure
GOLDEN, Raymond A ~ 1996 Hinsdale
GONSOLUS, Merle US Army, 44 AAA Gun Bn CAC, Cpl 8-1971 Mt. Prospect
GONZALEZ, Luis O. US Army. Career 1-07-1998 Calvary Cemetery
GOODRICH, Elton J.  US Navy 10-10-1987 Wildwood
GOODRICH, James B. US Navy, AC3 3-10-1989 Calvary Cemetery
GOULD, Earl US Army, 1953-1955 1-16-2005 Mount View
GRANAGHAN, Hugh E US Air Force. Career 12-10-2001 Mount View
GRANGER, Robert Sr. US Navy 1951-55 aboard US S Intrepid 5-25-2016 St. Bonaventure
GRATTON, John W. US Navy. 1951-55 9-25-2018 Freedom
GRAY, Richard W. US Army 1-7-2002 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
GREEN, Perry L US Marine Corps 3-19-2005 Mount View
GREEN, Robert F. US Air Force 2-16-2005 Chestnut Hill
GRODEN, Seth  US Army 3-05-2017 B'Nai Israel
GROVER, Jacob D. [Jake] US Air Force, Captain. Pilot of B-24 bomber and B-25 and B-29 surveillance planes 8-12-2004 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HAHN, Jean E US Army, SP5. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 10-7-1998 Mount View
HAHN, Laverne P.  US Army 12-19-2003 Little Valley Rural
HALE, Thomas E. US Army 10-03-2013 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HALL, Raymond W. US Army, Purple Heart 7-8-2006 Unnamed, this site
HALLIDAY, Francis C US Army, PFC 7-17-1992 Mount View
HALLORAN, James A. US Army 9-08-2016 Holy Cross E-J
HALSAVER, William G  US Army 1982 Wildwood
HAMMOND, McKinley J. US Army 5-28-2006 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HANSEN, Helen L. (Wehust) US Navy 10-09-1996 East Otto
HANSEN, William E.  US Air Force, Medic 12-24- 2001 Mt. Prospect
HARRIS, C Robert  US Army 9-30-2009 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HARRIS, David J.  US Air Force 5-6-2000 Limestone
HARRIS, Jack Sr US Army 11-10-2002 St. Bonaventure
HARRIS, Leonard E. US Navy. 1941-62 (Career) 5-23-2010 Chestnut Hill
HART, John M. [Jack] US Army, Colonel 4-24-2006 St. Bonaventure
HARTMAN, Ted F.  US Army 5-28-2018 Unnamed, this site
HASTINGS, William J. US Army. 1948-1951 7-8-2011 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HATCH, Kenneth G.  KIA, US Army, Co B 7th Cav, 1st Inf Div, PFC 8-9-1950 Limestone
HAUGHTALING, Glenn l US Army and US Navy, Pvt 1990 Mount View
HAWLEY, John H US Navy Reserves, Lt 4-27-1957 East Randolph
HEDGES, Eric Daniel US Marine Corps 3-15-2016 Mt. Prospect
HELLER, Kenneth C. US Army, Pvt 12-10-1999 Limestone
HERBACH, Alex US Army 10-27-2007 Wildwood
HERBERT, Joseph Jr. US Army Purple Heart 11-17-2015 Mount View
HERNQUIST, Elizabeth Ann (Myers) US Air Force,1/Lt. Nurse. 1-18-2011 St. Bonaventure
HERNQUIST, Elmer Theodore Jr. US Air Force, 388th Fighter Bomber Wing, 1/Lt, F-86 pilot. 10-21-2017 St. Bonaventure
HERRMANN, Robert Valenteen Sr. US Army 1951-52 Sgt  4-18-2011 Unnamed, this site
HERRMANN, Sherwood R. [Bill] US Merchant Marines, 3rd Mate    5-26-2012 St. Bonaventure
HERZOG, William B. US Army 2-10-2011 Liberty Park
HIGLEY, Gerald L. USMC 3-17-2006 Allegany
HILIMAN, Adelbert US Army Uncut South Napoli
HILL, Louis C US Air Force, A1C 1996 Hinsdale
HILLIMAN, Gerald G. US Army 2-17-2015 Little Valley Rural
HINMAN, James E US Army 12-11-1987 Randolph Rural
HOAG, Robert C. US Army 7-14-1989  Crawford
HOARD, Wayne US Navy, CM3 10-20-2008 Wildwood
HOLCOMB, Nelson Seymour  US Naval Air Force 4-08-2015 Unnamed, this site
HOLTS, Loren US Army. 1954-56 12-29-2010 Maplegrove, Machias
HOLTZ, Floyd H. [Fuzzy] US Air Force. 1952-56 3-04-2015 Allegany
HORTON, Lawrence E. US Army, 1953-1956 4-3-2014 Steamburg
HOUBEN, Carl Lewis Sr  US Air Force 7-11-2019 Unnamed, this site
HOWARD, Ralph Lee US Army, 4 tours in Korea 7-6-2007 Unnamed, this site
HOWE, Gordon D. US Army 7-31-2005 Mt. Prospect
HUBNER, Ernest A US Navy 3-26-2006 Mount View
HURLBURT, Arden B. US Army, Cpl 5-2-1984 Freedom
HURLBURT, Byron John US Air Force, S/Sgt 5-20-1973 Freedom
INGENITO, Edward V. Sr. [Buster] WW II, US Navy. Korea US Army)  7-6-2012 St. Bonaventure
IRELAND, David A US Army 1986 Mount View
IRWIN, Robert E.  US Army 6-14-1991 Limestone
JACOBUS, Aldo F. Dr. WW II: US Army Air Force. Korea: US Air Force, Flight Surgeon 12-8-2001 St. Bonaventure
JAGEACKS, John Thomas KIA, USMC, Pfc. Killed in action 12-10-1950 12-10-1950 Calvary Cemetery
JERMY, Loren William US Navy 2-21-1992 Mount View
JIMERSON, Evan Pierce ~ 7-7-1974 Memorial Heights
JOHN, Milburn A. [Lum] US Army SFC. Career 11-17-1985 Memorial Heights
JOHN, Milton L. US Air Force, Sgt. 2-14-1969 Memorial Heights
JOHNNY-JOHN, Cecil [Zeke] US Army 6-30-2012 Hillside Haven
JOHNSON, Donald E. US Navy aboard US S Lewis Hancock 2-26-2016 Mount View
JOHNSON, Erwin L. US Army 2-17-2007 Steamburg
JOHNSON, Richard I Sr US Army, Capt. Silver Star 7-5-1997 Hinsdale
JOHNSTON, Leonard G. US Air Force 3-25-1999 Allegany
JOHNSTON, Richard G. Sr. US Army 10-13-2010 St. Bonaventure
JOHNSTON, William T. US Army 1-18-2015 Unnamed, this site
JONES, George H. US Army 1950-52 10-24-2011 Hinsdale
JONES, William R US Army 3-16-1998 Mount View
KACZMARSKI, Victor J. US Air Force, M/Sgt 5-27-1983 Calvary Cemetery
KAMHOLTZ, Norbert W. [Itch] US Army, 51 Signal BN, Sgt 3-02-1966 Calvary Cemetery
KANE, Patricia A. US Army, MASH Unit, 1/Lt 8-8-2011 St. Bonaventure
KARDEEN, Homer  US Army, paratrooper 1-10-2002 Wildwood
KARL, William J Sr. US Navy CS1 5-16-1979 Mount View
KARST, Walter E US Army, Pfc 1987 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
KASPERSKI, Eugene F. Sr. USMC 1954-57 8-22-2016 St. Bonaventure
KAUTZ, Paul W. [Corky]  US Army 2-13-2004  Allegany
KAYES, Frederick Bonaventure US Army, Pfc 9-7-2011 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
KEENAN, William C. US Army, Major 8-30-2005 St. Bonaventure
KEHOE, Charles A. US Army, Pfc 1-22-1974 Calvary Cemetery
KEITH, Gerald  ~ 10-20-1981 East Randolph
KELLY, Donald T  USMC 1-23-1990 East Randolph
KENEMUTH, Donald Lynn Sr. US Army 1-6-2010 East Portville/Main Settlement
KENNEDY, Jack L. US Army 10-25-2014 St. Bonaventure
KENT, Benjamin W. US Air Force 7-25-2005 East Randolph
KERNS, John I. Sr. US Army, Capt. Europe and Pacific 9-3-2005 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
KERR, Charles Clarence US Army, Cpl 11-27-2017 Randolph Rural
KEYES, Eugene Gerald  US Navy 9-25-2007 Steamburg
KILBY, Robert L. US Air Force 10-16-2009 Liberty Park
KING, Kenneth A. US Army 1-1-2005 St. Bonaventure
KINNAIRD, Matthew L. US Army. 1952-54 5-23-2011 Wildwood
KINNEY, Charles L. Sr. US Army 4-5-2008 Unnamed, this site
KLINGENSMITH, Glenn Leslie US Air Force, A2G 2-4-1979 Plato
KNAPENBERGER, Jesse M.  US Army, Cpl 4-21-1991 Limestone
KNIER, Ronald Curtis Arty, PFC 5-27-1963 Mount View
KOCH, Norman J. US Army 8-12-2017 Unnamed, this site
KONIAK, Anthony J. US Army 7-13-2012 Calvary Cemetery
KOSCIOL, Peter J. US Army Airborne 3-19-2007 St. Bonaventure
KRANTZ, Donn W. [sic] US Army Military Police 1st Div "Big Red One" 12-13-2017 Crawford
KRATTS, Arnold E. US Navy 1950-54 3-25-2015 Hinsdale
KROLL, Richard E.  US Army. Bronze Star 6-07-2018 Unnamed, this site
KRYNISKI, Anna H US Army, CWO. Career 3-19-1979 Mount View
KUKULKA, Walter R. [Kuk] US Army 7-22-2005 St. Bonaventure
KURLEJ, Leonard F. [Lex] US Navy 10-7-2012 St. Bonaventure
KUSH, Phillip E. [Jake] US Air Force 8-28-2006 Chestnut Hill
LARSON, Benjamin S.  US Army 3-24- 2002  Chestnut Hill
LATHROP, Clarence "Mike"  US Army, Pvt. Purple Heart 11-7-1997 South Napoli
LAWSON, John F. US Navy 11-02-2015 Unnamed, this site
LEBLANC, Marvin A. Korea and Vietnam, US Army in Korea and US Navy Seabees in Vietnam. Career. 10-2-2002 Calvary
LENGVARSKY, John Joseph US Navy, OMSC 12-20-1988 Five Mile
LENNON, Thomas Latimer US Army, officer. 1951-1953 9-29-2018 St. Bonaventure
LEONARD, Edward S. US Army Engineers, 1st Lt. 5-2-2006 St. Bonaventure
LEVETT, Elizabeth A. [Betty] US Army, Information Specialist  4-6-2005 St. Bonaventure
LEWICKI, Donald C. Sr. US Air Force 190th Air Refueling Sq 5-01-2019 St. Bonaventure
LIGHT, Jack J.  US Army 10-6-1991 Wildwood
LITTLE, Leon Richard Jr. USMC 1948-52/ Two Purple Hearts 10-22-2019 Bay Pines Natil Cem, FL
LIVAK, Charles US Army 11-14-2007 Calvary
LOCKIE, James Gorden ~ 2-5-1977 Wildwood
LOCKWOOD, Jerry D. US Navy 11-19-2009 Wildwood
LOCKWOOD, Wade E. Post-Vietnam Vet US Army 1984-87 7-04-2018 Pleasant Valley
LONCZ, Joseph S. WW II and Korea, US Air Force, M/Sgt 6-12-1980 Calvary
LONDON, Paul US Army 10-10-1997 Green
LONG, Vincent F [Joe] US Army 3-30-2011 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
LOUNSBURY, Harold US Army 3-21-2016 Green
LOVE, Willie Jr. KIA, US Army, Sgt. Killed in action 11-11-1950 11-11-1950 ~
LOWE, Joseph B.  US Army, Co B 5th Cav. Purple Heart 11-25-2007 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
LOWRY, Joseph L. Father US Navy 7-4-2008 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
LUCE, Gary L. Korea & US Army, Pfc & US Navy, STC. Career (20 yrs) 12-20-2018 Little Valley Rural
LUCE, Jack R. US Navy, CPO 11-4-1997 Randolph Rural
LUCE, K. Robert Jr. [Bob] US Army. 1949-1953 2-28-2018 St. Patrick, Randolph
LUND, Wallace C.  [Bud] US Army 12-20-2004 Mt. Prospect
LUNN, Jack L Sr.  US Air Force, AsC 1989 Mount View
LUNN, Richard J.  US Navy, SA 9-10-1976 Limestone
LUTY, Theodore [Ted] US Army 1-23-2007 St. Bonaventure
LUZIER, Donald D. US Army 6-23-2008 Allegany
LYONS, Frank Eugene USMC, Cpl 4-26-1971 Calvary
MACDONALD, John K US Army 8-2-1986 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
MACNEAL Alan K  US Air Force, A1C and US Army, SFC 7-11-2004 Mount View
MAGARA, Frank US Army 2-1-2006 Calvary Cemetery
MAGEE, Charles F US Air Force, A3C 8-14-1958 Mount View
MALESKI, Alexander J. Jr. US Air Force 10-21-2007 Allegany
MALLERY, Donald W US Army, CPL 6-1-1998 Mount View
MANZONE,Albert F US Army, Pfc 5-27-1999 Hinsdale
MAPES, Harold R. US Air Force 1951-1953 1-14- 2000 Mt. Prospect
MARBLE, Norman C. US Army, Pvt 10-25-1988 Cottage
MARRA, Anthony V. Sr. US Army 10-30-2014 St. Bonaventure
MASON, Hobert L.  US Army, Pfc 2-3-1996 Limestone
MAZUR, Theodore F. ~ 2-20-2015 St. Bonaventure
MCCARTHY, James W. US Army, Cpl 10-8-1996 Allegany
MCCOY, G. "Dean" US Army 12-09-2018 Chestnut Hill
MCCREADY, Richard J. US Army, 1st Lt 1-3-1968 St. Bonaventure
MCELHENEY, Richard C.  US Army, Sgt 8-10-1984 Delevan
MCFARLAND, James A.  US Army. Purple Heart 10-30-1999  Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
MCGILVRAY, Daniel John  US Army 2-16- 2000 Liberty Park
MCGINTY, Robert Jr. US Army. Army Security Agency in Alaska. 1951-53 10-08-2018 St. Bonaventure
MCGRANAGHAN, David E. US Army 106th Div Signal, Battle of the Bulge, then Merchant Marines. In Korea, US Army, 3rd Div 1950-53 3-25-2016 Mount View
MCGUIRE, Leo Paul S ~ 11-18-2002 St. Bonaventure
MCINTOSH, Richard  US Army Air Force Base Unit, S/Sgt. Korean War Vet. DFCD 1 OLC AM and 3 OLC  1-30-1955 East Randolph
MCKINNEY, Kenneth Earl USMC 6-12-2009 Limestone
MCLAUGHLIN, John F. US Air Force 12-18-1979 Wildwood
MCNARNEY, John B. US Air Force 9-13-2004 Chestnut Hill
MEACHAM, Roy Othanile US Army 1951-52 5-30-2019 Allegany Cem
MIDDER, Ashley L Sr. US Army, S/Sgt 12-3-1987 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
MIGHELLS, Charles F. Jr. US Army, HQ Co 3 BN 19 Inf. Regt, PFC 4-25-1970 Crawford
MILANOWSKI, Walter S. US Army and US Navy 11-10-1993 Calvary Cemetery
MILKS, E. Ervin  US Army 7-3-2008 Little Valley Rural
MILLER, Bernard C. US Army 5-7-2007 Allegany
MILLER, Clyde J US Navy, FN 7-16-1999 Mount View
MILLER, Lawrence B US Army, M/Sgt. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 1985 Mount View
MILLER, William R. US Army, Cpl. 5-27-1997 Chestnut Hill
MITCHELL, Louis P US Navy 7-15-2009 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
MOLESKI, Desmond D. US Navy, Lt. Flight Surgeon  3-29-2006 East Otto
MONROE, Thomas M.  US Army 1950-1952 US Army Reserves until Sept. 1956  7-28--2001 Allegany
MOONAN, Richard  US Air Force, T/Sgt 8-12-1972 Mount View
MOONEY, Raymond F US Air Forces, AIC 1977 Mount View
MOORE, Jimmie C.   US Air Force 1952-56 6-26-2011 Unnamed, this site
MORGAN, David Allan US Navy  1952-1956 11-12-2010 Five Mile
MORGAN, George C US Army, Pfc 5-20-1989 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
MORGAN, Leonard H US Army, Sgt 11-16-1999 Freedom
MORRISON, Robert J US Navy, BMG1 1987 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
MOSES, Moses J.  ~ 05-26-2003 St. Bonaventure
MOYER, Donald B. USMC 11-6-2011 Liberty Park
NAPOLIONE, John M. [Bunny] US Navy 2-13-2001 St. Bonaventure
NEIMAN, Warner E. [Skip] USMC, 3rd Bn, 5th Marine Regt. One of the last POWs to be repatriated after the Korean conflict. Purple Heart and other medals. 3-19-2015 Ashes scattered at sea
NELLIS, Emmett F. US Air Force   1-22-2016 Unnamed, this site
NENNO, Paul J. US Army, 2rd Armored Div 1-24-2010 St. Bonaventure
NICHOLS, Howard E. Jr. US Navy aboard US S Tanner 5-10-2016 Limestone
NICKOLA, Stanley E. US Army 9-19-2009 Calvary
NOWOCIEN, Joseph US Navy aboard US S Hoist 1-28-2015 Little Valley Rural
NUSS, Leamon L. Jr.  [Dutch] US Army 1-4-2011 St. Bonaventure
OAKES, Elmer L.  US Navy. ENDFN 1-5-1973  Maples, Mansfield
OAKES, Ronald E.  US Navy 1997 Maples, Mansfield
OAKS, Donald P. US Air Force 1-11-1994  Crawford
O'BRIEN, John M. [Jack] US Navy 5-02-1994 Calvary Cemetery
O'BRIEN, Tim Hugh KIA, US Air Force, A3C 1954 Randolph Rural
O'KEEFE, Harold R.  [Hal] US Army 8-14-2013 St. Bonaventure
OLDRO, Henry Calvin US Air Force 4-25-2001 Steamburg
OLIVERIO, Alvin  US Army  3-6-1973 Mount View
OLIVIA, Vincent US Army, SP3 7-5-1998 St. Bonaventure
OLKOSKY, Robert F. US Navy aboard US S Tate, South Pacific 1-14-2009 St. Bonaventure
ONUFFER, Edward G. US Army 1999 Calvary Cemetery
O'ROURKE, John D. US Army, 45th Inf. Mortarman 11-16-2019 Calvary
OSBORNE, Donald A (Ozzie)  US Army 9-8-2000 Mount View
OYER, Paul F. US Air Force, Lt Col. 10-12-2004 Calvary Cemetery
OZOGAR, Victor J. US Navy 9-25-2004 St. Bonaventure
PADLO, Edward J. [Farmer] US Army 6-19-2007 St. Bonaventure
PAKIS, William F  US Army, Sgt 1-9-1973 Mount View
PALMER, Alvin J. US Army 4-17-2007 Allegany
PANCIO, Paul US Air Force 12-28-2014 St. Bonaventure
PANUS, Henry J. US Navy, OM2 5-26-2007 St. Bonaventure
PASCARELLA, Anthony T. Sr. [Pop] US Army 5-28-2005 Calvary Cemetery
PATTERSON, Harry H. WW II and Korea US Army, Maj. 2-25-1976 Randolph Rural
PATTERSON, Otis S.   US Army 1-29-2015 Unnamed, this site
PATTERSON, Robert C. ~ 2-26-1971 Mt Hope
PAVEL, George F. US Army 1951-52  11-9-2010 St. Bonaventure
PAVIA, Anthony M. US Air Force 4-23-1989 Calvary Cemetery
PEACE, Allen W. US Army 9-26-2002 South Napoli
PEASLEY, Todd H  US Air Force, A1C 1988 Mount View
PEET, Kenneth William US Air Force, A2C 8-14-1988 Freedom
PETERS, George C. US Navy. Aviation Boat Mate 3-30-2016 Cherry Creek Central, Cherry Creek NY
PETERSON, George F. [Pete] US Army, Cpl 12-19-2011 Allegany Cem
PETERSON, Peter James  US Air Force 9-21-1986 Steamburg
PETRILLO, Adolph D [Otto]  US Air Forces 2-7-2001 Mount View
PEZZIMENTI, Francis D. [Pezz] US Army 82nd Airborne, Paratrooper. 1951-53 4-14-2012 St. Bonaventure
PFEFFER, James C.  US Army Air Corps in Panama Canal Zone, dicharged 1949. Re-enlisted April 3 1950 in US Navy, served on the US . Leyte CVA 32 during Korean Conflict. Discharged Feb 2 1954 as A1C 4-18-1995  Wildwood
PIAINTER, James M  US Air Forces, A1C 6-10-1905 Mount View
PIERCE, C. Raymond  ~ 1984 Green
PIERCE, Henry E. [Skip] US Navy 8-2-2006 Chestnut Hill
PIERCE, Kenneth R. US Army 2-14-2015 Allegany
PINCOSKI, Richard Aloysius US Air Force, Capt. 100 fighter missions, Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal 1-25-1956 Calvary Cemetery
PIPER, Edward W. US Army 3-28-2011 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
PISCITELLI, Anthony [Annse] US Army. First Cav. Korea and Japan. Bronze Star and other medals 9-14-2017 Calvary
PREBIS, John J. US Army 2-6-2005 Calvary Cemetery
PREVESK, Joseph   US Army, Sgt 1987 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
PRIES, Frederick  US Army, Pvt 1-18-2007 Mount View
PRITCHARD, Gerald L US Army 2-18-2003  Liberty Park
PROSSER Franklin M. US Air Force 10-13-2003 Maplegrove, Machias
PUDA, Harry R. Sr. US Navy  4-23-2005 St. Bonaventure
PUTT, William H. US Army 1-31-2007 Chestnut Hill
QUATTRONE, Joseph L. US Navy 3-19-1997 Calvary Cemetery
QUINN, Father Timothy J. OFM US Army, Capt. Chaplain Awarded Bronze Star and Korean Service Medal 11-3-1995 St. Bonaventure
RAMSEY, Lester F.  US Army 3-5- 2001 Mt. Prospect
RANDALL, Marjorie (Murray) US Army, Sgt. 1950-1953 8-1-2010 Mt. Prospect
RAPP, Joanna (Brazee) Adam  US Army Nurse Corps. Saipan and Korea  11-26- 2000  Chestnut Hill
RELYEA, Alfred R US Navy, RD3 1988 Mount View
REYNOLDS, Donald L US Army 1-30-2007 Mount View
REYNOLDS, Jerry US Army 12-??-2016 Unnamed, this site
REYNOLDS, Robert  US Navy 9-5-2009 Wildwood
REYNOLDS, Thomas N US Air Force, Pvt 1983 Mount View
RICH, Geno US Army, Cpl 1981 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
RICHARDSON, Carlton J. [Jeep] US Army 11-23-2004 St. Bonaventure
RICHARDSON, John T. US Army, 1951-55, US Army Reserve, 1955-1960 12-29-2010 Mount View
RICKEY, Arnold J. [Rick] US Air Force 5-17-1997 Allegany
RIPPEL, Harry W. Jr. [Rip] US Army 1950-53 8-21-2018 WNY Natl Cem, Pembroke NY
RIVETTI, Louis J. US Navy 12-19-2006 Calvary
ROBINSON, Frank S US Army, SP3 4-22-1999 Freedom
ROBLEE, Bruce G. US Army. 1952-54  9-21-2010 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
RODGERS, Rutherford E. [Russ] US Army 11-18-2009 Unnamed, this site
ROGERS, Charles L. KIA, US Army, Sgt. Killed in action 4-17-1953 4-17-1953 ~
ROOS, Leroy B. ~ 6-30-1991 Mt Hope
ROSZYK, Eugene R. [Gene] US Air Force 12-12-2017 Unnamed, this site
ROTH, Michael S. US Air Force 2-02-2015 Green
ROULO, Robert S. US Marine Corps 3-14-2016 Chestnut Hill
ROUNDS, Gerald M Jr US Air Force, T/Sgt. Career 6-25-1996 Mount View
ROWE, Robert L. ~ 9-10-2010 St. Bonaventure
RUBICK, Frank A. Jr.  US Army, 1st Lt. Also Vietnam War Vet 9-26-2003 St. Bonaventure
RUSSELL, Clyde A.  US Army, 101st Airborne Div. 9-28-1999  Green
RUSSELL, Samuel P. US Army 1953-55 2-12-2011 Allegany
RYCHICK, Stanley  US Air Force 9-11-1998 Green
SAINZ, Maximo Jr. US Army 2-24-2015 Mount View
SAMPSON, Philip L.  US Army 4-05-2017 Freedom
SCHARF, Eugene R. US Army 8-06-2015 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
SCHLOSSER, William J. US Army Reserve, 1st Lt 1-28-2001 St. Bonaventure
SCHMIDT William J. USMC 10-30-2003 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
SCHOEPFLIN, Lelana A. Sr. [Lee] US Army 1953-57  7-16-2010 Unnamed, this site
SCHRYVER, William M US Army, PFC 1997 Hinsdale
SCHULTZ, William Jr. US Navy 1951-55 2-21-2019 Mt. Prospect
SCOTT, George A. [Buster]  US Army 5-27-2003 Allegany
SCROCCO, Francis M. US Air Froce 9-14-2009 St. Bonaventure
SEAMANS, Frederic P. US Navy 1-28-2011 Unnamed, this site
SEE, William Calvin US Army 12-15-2003 Five Mile
SEITZ, Irving H.  US Army, S/sgt. WU Navy SA 11-10-1998 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
SEYBERT, LeRoy B US Army, CPL 2003 Mount View
SEYMOUR, Frederic E US Army, CPL 10-10-2000 Mount View
SHAFFER, Robert C.  US Navy, BM3 11-27-1990 Steamburg
SHATTUCK, Bernard Jerald US Navy, S3. Career, 18 years. 8-6-1985 St. Bonaventure
SHATTUCK, Earl D Signal Corps, CPL 5-13-1967 Mount View
SHAY, Patricia M US Army 1993 Mount View
SHAY, Paul E. US Army 8-16-2010 Chestnut Hill
SHAY, Robert P US Air Force 1991 Mount View
SHEWAIRY, Joseph F. US Army 6-19-2011 St. Bonaventure
SHIELDS, Francis B US Army, CPL 10-20-2008 Mount View
SHONGO, Daniel E. US Army 10-1983 Memorial Heights
SILL, Peter James US Air Force, M/Sgt. Career 4-20-1978 Mount View
SINICROPI, Anthony V. Dr.  US Air Force 7-31-2003 St. Bonaventure
SIRIANNI, Thomas V. US Navy, US S Ticonderoga 9-6-2007 Unnamed, this site
SKROK, Richard Sr. US Army 3-11-2019 Unnamed, this site
SLOAND, Charles E. US Army 4-13-2004 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
SLOCUM, Donald R. US Navy (and Korea) 10-07-2016 Mt. Prospect
SMITH, Carl W US Navy 6-12-1993 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
SMITH, John A  US Air Force 10-22-1973 East Randolph
SMITH, Joseph F. Sr. US Army 11-11-2012 Farmersville
SMITH, Kenneth W US Air Forces, S/Sgt 1983 Mount View
SMITH, Robert G. USMC 5-25-2012 Maplegrove, Machias
SMITH, W. Dean US Navy (Also WW II) 10-3-1994 Buried in GA
SNYDER, Daniel T.  US Air Force 04-04-2003  Crawford
SNYDER, Douglas Paul US Army, ADJ General Div, Sgt E-5. 1952-1954 and reserves for 6 years. 9-12-2017 St. Bonaventure
SNYDER, Herbert A. US Army 1948-52 2-18-2011 Allegany
SNYDER, Ralph R. US Army, Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 8-1-1993 Memorial Heights
SOROKES, William  WW II and Korea, US Navy 1945-46 USS Delta,  Petty Officer and recalled reservisT in Korea  4-12-2019 St. Bonaventure
SPEARS, James C. US Air Force 8-21-2011 Allegany
SPEARS, Ronald F. Sr. USMC, career. 1954-1957 and Army National Guard until retirement on Mar. 8 1995 12-1- 2001  Allegany
SPENCER, George R US Air Force, S/Sgt. Career 9-4-2004 Mount View
SPRY, Milton [Babe] US Army 8-24-2011 Green
STAVISH, John J.  Jr. US Army Corps of Engineers 6-16-2017 Unnamed, this site
STEPHENS, Lucius  US Air Force  5-10-2010 Unnamed, this site
STEVENS, Richard L. US Navy 6-7-2004 Pleasant Valley
STICKNEY, Robert L.  US Army 6-26-1963 Willoughby
STOECKEL, Robert L.  US Air Force, career 1951-1971  9-28-1995  Allegany
STONE, Elaine E Schrader US Army, CPL 2-19-1985 Mount View
STONE, Leo R II US Army 4-1-2001 Randolph Rural
STONE, Norris R. US Army 5-06-1998 Calvary Cemetery
STOUT, Loren F US Air Force, S/Sgt 5-6-1993 Hinsdale
STRICKLAND, Benjamin F US Air Force, A2C 7-18-1997 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
STRUCKER, Michael A. US Army 8-11-2008 St. Bonaventure
STYLES, James A US Navy, S1 12-12-1992 Mount View
SWAN, Floyd J. US Navy, FA 10-25-1989 East Otto
SWANSON, Roger E US Army 8-14-1996 Randolph Rural
SWARTZ, Robert J. US Army 3-22-2019 St. Bonaventure
SWEITZER, Robert L. US Navy 10-30-2013 St. Bonaventure
SWICK, Lamont A US Army, CPL 1991 Mount View
SWICK, Lamont A US Army, CPL 1991 Mount View
TAGLIAVENTO, Angelo US Air Force, A3C 7-5-1989 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
TAYLOR, Floyd James [Jim] USMC 6-28-1997 Steamburg
TAYLOR, Ronald Lee  US Army 4-12-1987 Randolph Rural
TERHUNE, David Allen  US Army, Cpl 12-22-1986 Wildwood
TERHUNE, Louis N  US Army 1992 Green
THOMAS, John Jr. [Butch] US Army, Cpl 1-6-1999 Freedom
THRUSH, Arthur Wade  US Army, Cpl 8-19-1999 St. Patrick, Limestone
THRUSH, Elizabeth [Betty]  US Army, Pfc 10-7-2000 St. Patrick, Limestone
TOMCZAK, Alexander J. [Jim] US Army 9-20-2007 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
TOMES, Joseph E US Army 7-09-2003 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
TORREY, James Orin  US Navy 10-08-2014 Unnamed, this site
TRIMM, Carl M. Sr. USMC 1945-46, USNR 1950, USMC 1950-52 2-13-2011 Mount View
TRIPODI, Joseph J. DDS [Doc] US Air Force 3-3-2005 St. Bonaventure
TURNBULL, Gerrald B US Army, PFC 3-19-1995 Mount View
VAN BRUNT, John K KIA, US Army, 8th Cav, Cpl. Killed in action 9-24-1950. 9-24-1950 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
VAN DIXON, Theodore O. US Army, Cpl 1981 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
VAN DUSEN, ----- US Air Force, A1C 1980 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
VAN HORN, Boyd F  US Army 1977 Randolph Rural
VAN NAME, John R. US Army, 1953-1956 and reserves until 1960. 10-9-2015 Randolph Rural
VANCUREN, Franklin US Army, Sgt 12-6-2003 Mount View
VANHOUTEN, Donald E. US Army 2-26-2010 Allegany
VEDDER, Richard Silsby US Army in Germany 6-10-2014 St. Bonaventure
VEITH, Donald Alvin  US Army 10-6-2000  Liberty Park
VENO, Anthony S. [Lubean] US Army 8-6-2009 St. Bonaventure
VERBANIC, John G. Sr. US Army 12-1-2012 St. Bonaventure
VISNESKI, Robert T.  US Navy destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. 12-18-2017 Unnamed, this site
VOORHEES, John D USMC, CWO2, Purple Heart. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 11-10-2002 Mount View
WACHTER, Paul J. US Army 5-11-1998 Calvary Cemetery
WAGATHA, Robert L. US Army 1-05-2003 Liberty Park
WAGNER, Harold M. US Army 11-9-2007 Siloam
WAITE, Richard USMC 2-2-1990 Crawford
WALASKI, Martin S. US Navy 1-4-1988 Crawford
WALKER, Robert R. US Army 4-1-2012 Mount View
WALLON, John Robert  US Navy 11-04-2014 Unnamed, this site
WALSH, Daniel B.  US Army 12-21-2018 Buffalo NY area
WALSH, Robert M. US Navy aboard USS Hornet 1952-1956 11-08-2016 Mount View
WALSH, Thomas P..  US Army 7-05-2017 Unnamed, this site
WARREN, Douglas P. US Air Force 7-22-2015 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
WASHBURN, Robert Carroll  US Air Force, C/M/Sgt 5-1987 Wildwood
WASMUND, David L. US Army 12-10-2006 Liberty Park
WATSON, Audrey A.  US Air Force 2-26-1999 Wildwood
WATSON, Ned L. Sr.  US Army, S/Sgt 1979 Wildwood
WEAVER, Roland E. US Army 2-04-2015 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
WEIDT, Robert US Army 3-19-2017 Mount View
WELTY, Charles H.  US Army 10-31-2003 Chestnut Hill
WENDELL, Charles Leslie US Navy 2-12-1933 Hillside Haven
WHIPPLE, John F. Sr. US Navy and US Army, 82nd Airborne Div 9-25-2009 Allegany
WHITCOMB, Dean W. US Air Force, A2C 8-09-1973 Calvary Cemetery
WHITE, Lawrence K. US Navy aboard the US S Soley 11-14-2015 Crawford
WHITTON, Robert C. US Army 12-26-2014 Unnamed, this site
WICK, Bruce D US Army 12-17-2002 Mount View
WICKS, Julian A.  WW II and Korea US Air Force, Sgt 9-8-1975 Randolph Rural
WIER, Willis Jr.  US Air Force 12-9-1993 Wildwood
WIGHTMAN, Douglas L. US Army 1954-56 8-28-2013 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
WILBER, Russell C. US Army 1953-1956 3-15-2007 Five Mile
WILCOX, Robert Bruce US Army, SFC 5-22-1951 Randolph Rural
WILES, James P. ~ 12-27-1983 St. Bonaventure
WILKEY, Edward F. US Navy, AV5 aboard US S Albemarle 3-11-2000 East Otto
WILLIAMS, David J.  US Navy  11-1-1986  Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
WILLIAMS, Gary Gene US Army 526th Missle Bn 8-4-1959 Mt Hope
WILLIAMS, Gerald F. US Army, 25th Inf 5-9-2009 St. Bonaventure
WILLIAMS, John Duane [Dewey] US Navy 1-25-2004 St. Bonaventure
WILSON, Robert L.  US Army. Sgt 2-15-2019 Unnamed, this site
WIND, Ronald H US Air Force. Career 12-30-1991 Mount View
WITRUKE, George Klem US Air Forces, A1C 11-4-2006 Mount View
WOODIN, Raymond E. US Army 5-23-2010 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
WORTH, James W. US Navy 1-29-2017 Unnamed, this site
WRIGHT, Charles US Army 6-16-2003  Maplegrove, Machias
WYANT, Lee I US Navy,AN 10-14-1978 Mount View
YAW, Clair R. Sr. US Army, Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 6-6-1992 Wildwood
YAWORSKY, Stanley US Navy 1-29-1993 Calvary
YEAGER, Richard F. ~ 2-18-2006 Chestnut Hill
YOUNG, John US Navy 9-4-1981 Cottage
ZALESKI, Eugene J. US Army 1948-1952. Germany and Korea 5-12-2017 St. Bonaventure
ZAPROWSKI, Carl J. [Cubby] WW II and Korea, US Army Medical Corps, 1/Sgt 11-09-2003 Calvary
ZARZECKI, Joseph S. Starr  [of Salamanca NY] Korea & US Air Force, S/Sgt. 12 years 12-02-2018 Unnamed, this site
ZINK, Robert Floyd US Army 7-12-2017 Other
ZLOCKIE, Leonard M. Sr. US Air Force 3-16-2007 St. Bonaventure

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