Who Served in the Cold War?

This page contains the names of men and women who called Cattaraugus County home and served  in a non-combat role between 1955 and 1980.
Many were born here, others came to the county later in life. They all helped make the county what it is today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Cattaraugus County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABDO, Eugene T. US Army. 1946-1947 1-17-2020 St. Bonaventure
ACKLEY, Henry F. USMC 9-21-2012 Allegany
AHLGREN, James D. US Navy 10-22-2023 Rutledge
ANDERSON, Donald F. Rev. US Army, 2/Lt. 10-6-2009 Rutledge
ANDERSON, Theodore Terry [Ted] US Navy, Meteorologist. 1953-1957 11-22-2019 Rutledge
ARCHER, John Alfred US Air Force. Career 10-25-2022 Rutledge
ARNOLD, Gary Lee [Jeep] USMC. 1960-1965 3-26-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
ASKEY, James C.  US Army 6-02-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
ATKINS, John Cemeron [Judd] 2613 Air Corps Reserve1956-1959 12-6-1999 St. Bonaventure
ATWATER, Richard Laverne US Army. 1954-1959 5-27-2005 Siloam
AUMAN, Arthur Raymond US Army 1-26-2020 St. Bonaventure
AUSTIN, Raymond L. USMA, 1960 7-17-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
AUSTIN, Raymond L. USMA, 1960 7-17-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
BABCOCK, James E.  US Navy, 1963-1969 2-12-2011 Mount View
BACA, David US Army 3-24-2009 Mount View
BAILEY, Douglas L. Sr. US Navy 1955-1959 6-24-2021 Sample Hill
BAILEY, Roddie Eugene [Potato] US Army, CSM 3-20-1977 St. Bonaventure
BAKER, Clifford E. Jr.  US Army. Germany 10-08-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
BAKER, Theodore J. US Air Force, In Okinawa and Washington DC. 1957-1965 6-8-2021 Green
BALCERZAK, Philip L. Sr. US Navy MCPO E-9. Career, 31 years 1972-2003 11-9-2021 St. Bonaventure
BALDWIN, Douglas James US Army 7-30-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
BALDWIN, Edward Lawrence NY Natl Guard,136th Ftr Sq. 1948-1950 5-8-1987 Siloam
BARBER, Michael Natl Guard 1-5-2021 Chestnut Hill
BARNES, James A. [Stub] US Navy. 1959-1964 2-28-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
BARRICK, Frank L.  US Army NATO HQ 4-18-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
BARRY, David J. US Navy aboard USS The Sullivans 12-4-2007 St. Bonaventure
BARTLETT, Thomas D Sr US Army 2-18-2017 Other
BEACOM, Herbert Allen [Al]  US Army, in occupied Japan 10-6-2006 Randolph Rural
BEAVER, Charles E. US Army 4-3-2021 Collins Center Cem, Erie Co NY
BEAVER, Charles E. US Army 1955 4-3-2021 Collins Center Cem, Erie Co NY
BECKMAN, Larry L. US Navy. 1963-1967 12-15-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
BECKMAN, Larry L. US Navy. 1963-1967 12-15-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
BEDNAREK, Paul J. US Army  1-11-2020 Calvary
BEELES, Marvin L US Army, 82nd Airborne 9-20-2023 Delevan 
BELL, Clyde Thomas US Army 1955-58 6-17-2018 Mount View
BENNETT, Donald L Sr US Army 1961-1967 11-5-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
BENNETT, James E. US Army. 1961-1964 9-4-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
BIERFELDT, John US Army 9-18-2019 Holy Sepluchre, Elliconttville
BIGELOW, Gerald R. USMC 8-25-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
BIRMINGHAM, Richard E.  US Navy 1950-51 11-11-2018 St. Bonaventure
BISHOP, Monroe Benjamin USMC,1956-59 Okinawa 11-14-2022 Hinsdale
BLANCHARD, Charles L. US Air Force. 1968-1972 12-23-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
BLAUSER, Fred D. US Navy 1957-60 2-08-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
BLAUVELT, Robert Wayne  US Army. Germany 1971-1973 4-08-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
BLESSING, Thomas W. US Army. 1950-52 11-10-2022 St. Bonaventure
BLOCHER, Donald W.  US Navy, Seabee. Career - 20 years 4-21-2023 Green
BLUSH, Elmer H. Jr. US Navy Radar Operator for P2 Neptune submarine 3-01-2019 Allegany
BLY, Ralph W. Sr. US Army. Stationed in Germany during Korean War 3-2-2006 St. Bonaventure
BOOTH, Wellington Massey Jr.  US Army Reserves 6-07-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
BOWEN, Eugene R "Gene"  US Air Force. 1955-1959 6-21-2023 Maples Mansfield
BOWEN, Ralph W US Air Force 1953-1961 5-28-2023 Mt. Prospect
BOWLEY, Wayne H.  US Army. Arty and Armor Div in Germany and France 1948-54 8-12-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
BREDEHOFT, Charles Martin US Navy 1953-57 3-05-2019 St. Bonaventure
BRENNAN, John S. [Stephen] US Army 7-20-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
BRIDGES, Willliam H, US Army, Japan 1-30-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
BROMLEY, Richard C. US Army 1963-1966 in Germany, then reserves until 1969 9-6-2018 Parklawn, Wesley
BROWN, Douglas Edward US Army, SP4 2-28-2004 Siloam
BROWN, Harold Lowell Unknown service 6-2-1995   Rutledge
BROWN, Robert D. Sr. US Army 1961-65 3-02-2015 Hinsdale
BROWN, William F. US Marine Corps, Maj. Career 1961-1980 10-29-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
BROYLES, Ivan L US Navy. Career, an air traffic controller. 6-19-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
BRUNNER, Philip P. US Army PFC 1956-58 10-01-2016 Chestnut Hill
BRYANT, Thomas R. US Navy aboard USS Wasp. 1970-1976 11-22-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
BUDZINSKI, Donald M. US Army 1955-57 7-11-2015 St. Bonaventure
BUNCY, Harvey E. US Army PFC 2-28-1975 Siloam
BURDIC, Robert L. US Army. 1955-1957 5-9-2020 Steamburg
BURDICK, Raymond C. US Navy 1962-1969 3-5-2000  Little Valley Rural
BURGESS, Gerald L. US Army 1963-65 7-29-2011 Siloam
BURGESS, Gerald L.  US Army. 1963-1965. 7-29-2011 Siloam
BURGESS, Joseph US Air Force. Strategic Air Command 380th Squad Bombardment Wing 7-06-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
BURKETT, Forest “Jerry”  US Navy 3-26-2019 Tug Hill
BURKETT, Forest J. (Jerry) US Navy 3-26-2019 Tug Hill
BURR, Donald Edgar US Army Reserves, Major 11-20-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
BUSKIST, Norris C. US Army. 1960-62 1-31-1995 East Randolph
BUTINSKI, Robert J. USMC 12-6-1999 St. Bonaventure
BUTLER, Richard C.  US Army 6-28-1995  Green
BUTTON, David E. Sr. US Navy aboard USS Midway 1952-54 and USS Tarawa 1954-56 12-25-2017 Chestnut Hill
BUTTON, Harry E. Sr. US Navy 1955-59 1-11-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
CALKINS, Daniel Robert  US Navy 10-30-2004 Mount View
CARLSON, Donald R.   US Navy AQF 3 2-13-1995 Cassadaga
CARLSON, George R, USMC, Cpl, 1-17-2020 Pleasant Valley
CAROS, Leonard C.  US Army, Vietnam era, serverd 6 years in Califonnia 4-29-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
CARTER, Paul B. US Army Reserve. 1957-1962 6-22-2018 Allegany
CARUSO, Anthony R.  US Navy. 1969-73 12-13-2010 Little Valley Rural
CASTON, Robert A  US Army 3-7-2006 Mount View
CAYA, George R.  ["Ray"] US Air Force 1957-61  7-20-2010 St. Bonaventure
CHAMBERS, Alan R. US Army 1966-1972 4-1-2011 Hinsdale
CHAMBERS, Thomas US Navy aboard USS Oklahoma City.  7-25-2014 Noble IOOF Cem, Noble OK
CHASE, Gordon Nelson  US Army. 1969-72 12-06-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
CHASE, Harold M.  US Air Force 1952-56 7-19-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
CHERRY, James R. US Army. 1958-60 9-29-2010 South Napoli
CHESNER, Donald Joseph US Navy. 1962-68 10-18-2022 St. Bonaventure
CHILDS, Bernard E. US Army, career. 1949-1969 11-11-2017 New Hope, Mt. Springs TX
CHILSON, Lloyd J. US Army 1960-1966 1-12-2021 Nichols Cem
CHORNY, Demetri [Mick] US Army of Occupation in Europe after WW II 3-07-1984 Calvary
CIOLEK, Michael B. USMC 20 yrs 7-26-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLARK, Dennis B. US Navy.  8-7-2020 Delevan
CLARK, William L. US Army 1963-66 10-20-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLARKE, Charles F. US Air Force. 1960-1964.  11-2-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLEVELAND, Paul R. US Army Natl Guard. 11-4-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLUTE, Russell W. US Army 1954-1961 6-27-2021 Pleasant Valley
COEN, Robert Lloyd US Army, Sp4. Military Police 1973- 1976 7-19-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
COEN, Tom Isaac Sr. USMC, Pvt 1958-1963 7-12-1988 Pleasant Valley
COLE, Donald L.  US Navy 1957-61 9-19-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
COLE, Philip William US Army, 1953-1955 4-8-2021 Hinsdale
COLE, Robert Eugene Sr. US Navy 5-25-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
COLETTI, David A. Sr. US Air Force. 1957-1961 8-29-2022 Chestnut Hill
COLLINS, Leon [Patsy] US Army. Post-war Korea 1954-1956 11-1-2021 St. Bonaventure
COLTON, Robert D. US Army, Cpl 5-27-2005 Crawford
CONFER, Edward W. Sr. US Army 7-25-2022 Wildwood
CONNELLY, William G.   US Army. 20-year career 7-24-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
CONSEDINE, Michael K. US Army.1963-1965 4-23-2001 St. Bonaventure
COOK,  Millard C Rev US Navy. 1967 - 1971 7-14-2023 Allegany
COONEY, Donald C. US Army. 1960-63 1-22-2015 Green
CORSON, Richard F "Unk"  US Army. Germany, 1950-1952. 6-10-2023 St. Bonaventure
COSTELLO, William R. US Air Force 7-1-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
COTTILLION, Theodore Paul Cold War and Vietnam. US Navy Hospital Corps. Career, 20 years. 6-18-2021 St. Bonaventure
COUSINS, William D. Sr. USMC and then Army Reserves for 27 years.  12-8-2021 Pleasant Valley
CRANDALL, Roger  US Army. Post-war Germany 10-23-2018 Green
CRANDALL, Ronald O. US Army Natl Guard, 1960s 2-16-2017 Siloam
CRAWFORD, Harold C. US Army. 1961-1964, also was an instructor at West Point 10-5-2001 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
CREAN, Hugh J. US Navy, Master Petty Officer. 9-23-2020 Little Valley Rural
CRISAFULLI, John Santo US Army. Fort Dix 8-27-2020 St. Bonaventure
CROOKS, Kim Valerie US Army  2-7-2023 Other
CROSS, Gordon E. US Navy. 1958-1962 12-25-2012 Little Valley Rural
CROSS, Gordon E. US US Navy 1961-63 & US Navy Reserves 9-21-2013 Mt. Prospect
CROUSE, Reginald K. US Air Force. Oklahoma City OK 6-30-2020 Memorial Heights
CROUSE, Ronald Robert [Cy] US Army. 1961-64 11-24-2022 Hillside Haven
CUCCHIARO, Robert [Pete] US Air Force 1951-54 6-21-2017 St. Bonaventure
CULLEN, Eugene R. US Army and Reserve. 1962-1967. 5-7-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
CUMMINS, Frank J. US Air Force 1964-68 7-01-2017 Cattaraugus County Veterans Cem.
CURRY, Patricia Ann US Navy 5-17-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
CURRY, Patricia Ann US Navy 5-17-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
CURTIS, Richard A. US Coast Guard and US Army. 1950-1962 4-12-2022 Green
DALLAS, Doug  US Navy. 1958-1962  5-15-2002 Mt. Prospect
DALY, Dennis Career: US Navy (20Yrs)  US Air Force (14yrs) Retired as Chief Master Sgt. 6-21-2023 Holy Cross
D'AMICOL, Robert E. US Army 4-19-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
DAVIS, Harry US Army. 1953-56 7-30-2022 Mount View
DECARLO, Dennis A. US Army 10-27-2021 Mount View
DECARLO, Dennis A. US Army 10-27-2021 Mount View
DECERBO, Joseph Albert National Guard 1952-1958 7-27-2017 St. Bonaventure
DEET, Robert M. Sr. US Marines  8-23-2018 Little Valley Rural
DEMBOWSKI, Donald E. "Bing" US Navy and Navy Reserve. Navy from 1951 to 1954 and Navy Reserve from 1957 to 1963 8-08-2013 St. Bonaventure
DEPPA, Robert J. US Air Force. 7 yrs 3-17-2019 Green
DEPTULA, Paul T. US Air Force 4-3-2015 Siloam
DERX, Donald Justus US Air Force 5-28-2019 St. Bonaventure
DIMPFI, Paul K.  US Navy 12-24-2005 Mount View
DINEEN, Thomas Joseph  US Army 5-10-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
DOHL, Bert R US Air Force, JAG lawyer 1957-1960 10-28-2021 Pleasant Valley
DOMAN, Charles Andrew, Deacon US Navy. Enlisted 1955. 8-05-2022 Mount View
DONOHUE, David E  USMC, 1972-1976 1-2-2009 Mount View
DORMAN, Dennis R. US Army. 1951-1954 1-26-2018 Chestnut Hill
DOTY, Ronald Glen US Army, Sgt.  1954-57 6-21-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
DOTY, Thomas E.  USMC. 1964-1968 3-16- 2001 Mt. Prospect
DOWDY, Lehman [Dar] US Navy, Engineman 1C. Career - 20 years 7-17-2011 Hillside Haven
DOWEN, Douglas W. [Sonny] Cold War and Vietnam Vet, US Navy, LN2. Cuban Missle Crisis 6-18-1995 Steamburg
DOYLE OFM, Father Marcian US Navy, chaplain. 1952-1956 6-19-1987 St. Bonaventure
DRY, Victor US Army. Germany 12-04-2017 Calvary
DWAILEEBE, Raymond Jr US Army. 1968-1970 8-13-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
DZIEKONSKI, David J. US Army 1971 Mt. Prospect
EADE, Elias Jr US Army 11-4-2020 St. Bonaventure
EARLE, William D.  US Army,SP4 1964-67 6-29-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
EBERT, James J. US Air Force, AB. 1955-1958 9-6-2006 Siloam
EDGREEN, Gary E.  National Guard in Bradford PA 9-21-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
EDWARDS, Albert Jr. US Navy. 1953-1961 3-3-2020 Donated body
EDWARDS, Bernard J. III US Navy 1971-75 10-13-2017 St. Bonaventure
ELLIS Gordon M. Sr. USMC. Four years 8-1-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
ELLIS, Donald [Wayne] US Army. 1955-1957 5-22-2001 Randolph Rural
ELLMAN, Theresa Ann (Nelson) US Air Force Nurse Corps, 1/LT 11-10-2017 St. Bonaventure
EMBORSKY, Michael F. US Coast Guard. 12-7-2012 Unnamed Cems, this site
EMERSON, George L. US Army. Korea 1964-1966 12-15-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
EMLEY, Richard D.  US Army 9-29-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
ENDERBY, Kane K. USMC. 1972 12-8-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
ENSELL, Albert C. US Army 1955-1958 9-27-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
ENSELL, David L. US Air Force.  11-7-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
ENSELL, Edward A.  US Navy Career, 20 years.  3-15-2021 Allegany
ENSELL, Maurice Alan US Air Force. 20-year career 5-20-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
ERVAY, Loren Dean US Air Force. 1960-1964 4-26-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
EVANS, Clarence I. US Army 1950-1952 2-26-2021 Pine Hill, Erie Co NY.
FAHY, Michael Earl US Army 1963-1964, then Natl Guard until 1969. 7-15-2021 Allegany
FANCHER, Donald A. US Army 1964-1970. 3-22-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
FAULKNER, Thomas K. US Army Natl Guard. 1966-1972 1-10-2012 St. Bonaventure
FELLOWS, Walter A. US Army, Mil Police. 1948-1950 7-14-2012 Green
FELTON, Vincent J. US Air Force 1951-71 5-04-2016 Maplegrove, Machias
FELTON, Vincent J. US Air Force 1951-71 5-04-2016 Maplegrove, Machias
FESSEL, Fred J. US Army. 1966-1972. 6-12-2021 Mount View
FIELD, Leslie D.  US Navy 12-23-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
FILER, Dennis D. US Navy 1968-71 6-18-2019 Green
FINCH, Charles Jr. [Chuck] US Army. 1952-1954 5-13-2017 Randolph Rural
FIRTH, Lawrence A.  USMC, Cpl. 1954-58 12-11-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
FISH, Donald Thomas US Army, a paramedic. 3-18-2021 St. Bonaventure
FISHER, William US Army  1-02-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
FITCH, Jack US Air Force 1964-65 3-21-2016 Mount View
FITZPATRICK, Dana G. US Navy. Newport RI 1952-1954 12-18-2020 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
FLAGG, Merle Ellwood US Army 1946-50 7-15-2022 Liberty Park
FLAHERTY, Terry P. US Air Force. Career 1969-96 4-23-2003 St. Bonaventure
FLICKER, Edward US Army, Heidleberg Germany 2-15-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
FORD, Lawrence D. Sr. US Army Military Police. Ft. Lewis WA 7-03-2018 St. Bonaventure
FORNESS, Rodney J. US Air Force. 1971-75 in Thailand 7-12-2022 Wildwood
FOSTER, Hermon L. [Porky] US Marine Corps 1951-54 4-29-2019 Allegany
FOWLER, Kenneth R. US Navy & US Marine Corps 1960-69 2-21-2019 St. Bonaventure
FOX, Bernard O. US Army Reserve 4-24-2015 Mount View
FRANCE, Nevil Alonzo Jr.  [of Randolph NY] US Air Force MP 1955-59 2-04-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
FRICKER, Charles E. US Army. 1962 7-2-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
FRIDMAN, Carl W. Jr. US Army. 1956-1958. 3-6-2020 Farmersville
FULLER, James Earl [Tony] US Army. 1958-1964. 2-16-2014 Wildwood
FURLOW, Richard P. US Navy 1969-1971 12-26-2018 Steamburg
GABLER, Daniel T US Navy 5-23-2023 Allegany 
GAGLIARDO, Father Anthony Francis OFM US Army, Chaplain. Served  over 25, retired in 1993. Served in Korea, Japan, Germany and United States. Created Fort Carson Medical Center's Catholic Program that supervised for 17 years.  5-15-2014 St. Bonaventure
GALLMANN, Alton V. NYS Natl Guard, Co K 3rd Bn 27th inf Div. 1950-1954 9-9-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
GARDNER,  Edward J US Army 9-5-2023 Allegany
GASSMAN, Leo J US Army 8-10-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
GATES, Richard Eldon US Navy 1953-1956.  10-22-2021 East Randolph
GEIGER, Donald US Coast Guard 1955-62 9-05-2016 Calvary
GERRINGER, Carl A. US Air Force 1964-70 Sgt 8-13-2015 St. Bonaventure
GERRITY, John W. Jr. US Air Force 1973-1979 1-01-2019 Mount View
GERWITZ, Harold E. US Army 1955-59, Korea 8-16-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
GIANNECHINI, Louis P. US Army 1946-47 1-26-2019 St. Bonaventure
GIBBS, Bruce W. US Navy 11-13-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
GIBERSON, Michael M  US Army. 1966-1968 9-13-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
GIMBRONE, Edward  US Marine Corps Cpl 4-09-2019 Crawford
GODFREY, Peter  US Army, 1/LT. 1967-69 Germany 7-24-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
GOLDSTEIN, George  US Army. 1950s in Panama 4-11-2018 B'Nai Isreal
GOODRICH, Gary P. US Army, Germany. 2-18-2013 Calvary
GOULD, Ralph A. US Army. 1951-1953 2-11-2021 Farmersville
GOULD, Ronald N US Marine Corps, Pvt 1980 Mount View
GOWAN, Harry Elmer US Army 10-22-2019 Missouri Veterans Cem, Jacksonville MO
GOWAN, Richard A. US Army Intelligence. Career 1972-1992 7-09-2003 St. Bonaventure
GRANDUSKY, John C US Army. 1958-1962 3-19-2007 St. Bonaventure
GRAY, Isabel A. (Lamberton) US Army. 1961-1963 5-12-2018 Chestnut Hill
GREEN, Harold James Sr. USMC 9-21-2014 Mount View
GREENE, Kenneth D. Vietnam and Cold War. US Air Force. Four Bronze Service stars, Four Meritorious Service Medals, and 25 additional medals/ribbons. Retired in 1988. died of long-term effects of Agent Orange egxposure. 2-4-2020 Arlington Natl Cem, VA
GREENE, Raymond J. (Peckham) US Navy, 4 years, then US Air Force until retirement 7-29-2013 Mount View
GREENIDGE, Carrington H. [Caddy] US Army 7-29-2022 Fair Mount Cem, Chatham NJ
GROSS, Douglas US Marine Corps. 1959-63 8-4-2023 Hinsdale
GROSS, Harold Allen US Air Force, 1955-1957 11-7-2009 Mount View
GUNNER, John R. US Navy. 1951-1953 7-31-2020 Mt. Prospect
HAGER, Jerome E. "Jerry"  US Air Force 1-23-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
HAHN, Gary L.  US Army 6-27-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
HAKES, Carl E. [Joe] US Navy, AT2 7-6-2006 Mount View
HAKES, Richard E. US Army 6-09-2019 Forest Hill, Attica NY
HALL, David E  US Army.1954-1956 10-5-2023 Allegany
HALLETT, Claude E. [Peewee] US Army. 1947-1951 6-18-2011 Rutledge
HALTERMAN, James R. Sr. US Army, Sp4 1960-1962 1-7-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
HAMILTON, Robert C US Army 3-9-1993 Mount View
HAMILTON, Roy Herbert US Navy. 1962-1966. Then US Air Force from 1968-1984.  1-6-2021 Pleasant Valley
HANNOLD, Robert C. Sr. USMC. Helicopter pilot and mechanic. 1953-1962 12-6-2004 Randolph Rural
HANSON, Paul D. US Army 1969-71 4-28-2018 Chestnut Hill
HARRIS, Irvin W Jr Unknown service 3-19-2006 Mount View
HARRIS, Irvin W Jr Unknown service 3-19-2006 Mount View
HARRIS, Lester W Jr Unknown service 2006 Mount View
HARRISON, Ivan H. [Ike] US Air Force, Dental clinic at Hunter AFB. 4-23-2020 Chestnut Hill
HARROWER, Richard A. US Army 9-29-2017 Randolph Rural
HARVEY, Harold W US Navy 1-7-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
HARVEY, Kenneth A. US Army. Germany 9-6-2021 Sample Hill
HAWLEY, Edward M. US Army 1954-56. Stationed in Germany  7-05-2017 Sardinia, Erie Co NY
HAYNOSKI, Daniel A. US Coast Guard 1955-59 Hosp Corpsman 2nd Cl  7-15-2011 Calvary
HEDBERG, Edwin  US Navy. Discharged in 1968. 11-16-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
HENDERSON, Gary L. US Army. 1963-1965 2-28-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
HENDERSON, Roger L. 5039 ACFT Rep Sw AF, S/Sgt 12-10-1959 Rutledge
HESS, Clarence F "Mickey" Jr Army Natll Guard, Dunkirk 8-14-2022 Markhams
HILL, Charles H. US Army, 1/Sgt. Career 20+ years 2-8-2019 Arlington Natl Cem, VA
HILL, Roswell G. [Roz] US Marine Corps 1st Marine Div & later in US Air Force 5-24-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
HILL, Stewart E US Navy, RM3 aboard USS Alshain AKA55 and USS Fremont APA44 (1956-1957) 3-23-2012 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HILLIARD, Ward E. [Dada] US Army, 7th Inf, 1956-58. US Army Reserves 98th Div, 2 years 10-21-2018 Mount View
HIRLIMAN, John W. USMC, 1965-1967 4-8-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
HITCHCOCK, Harvard M. US Army. 1960-1961 3-13-2021 Allegany
HOFFMAN, James L. US Army. Germany 9-7-2020 St. Bonaventure
HOLLOWELL, Richard M. Jr. US Air Force. 1963-1967 9-26-2000 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HOWARD, Alvin Frank US Army. 1954 to 1958. 2-26-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
HOWARD, David W. US Army. 1955-1957 10-15-2020 Five Mile
HOWARD, Donald L. US Army. Germany and France 12-30-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
HOWELL, Harry Frederick [fred] US Army 1961-1963. 9-27-2017 Chestnut Hill
HOWES, Stephen E. US Army. 1968-1969 3-11-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
HUDSON, George C. Jr. Unknown service 1966 Rutledge
HUDSON, Larry M.  [of Allegany NY] US Air Force 1964-68 10-09-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
HUGHES, Dana Allen US Air Force 2-6-2004 Mount View
HUGHES, Thomas J. US Army. 1964-1965 7-13-2015 Mount View
HURLEY, Robert J.  US Air Force 1962-66 6-20-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
HUSTED, David Alan Sr. US Army 1-27-2019 Chestnut Hill
HYDE, Duane P.  US Navy 1956-57 8-22-2018 St. Bonaventure
INGRAM, Carle A. US Navy, Medical Corpsman. 1962-1968  11-18- 2000 St. Bonaventure
IRVIN, Jeffery L. US Navy. 1966-1972 4-14-2021 Mount View
IRWIN, James N.  US Army disch 1957 1-01-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
ISAMAN,  Ronald N. US Navy, BT3, 1955-59 9-12-2013 Mount View
ISAMAN, Jerry A. US Air Force, Career, 1974-1994. 1-24-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
ISAMAN, Raymond J. Jr. US Air Force. Career, 1954-1975 2-27-2007 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
JADLOWSKI, Timothy A. US Navy 10-18-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
JIMERSON, Freddie Jay US Navy. 1974-1978 10-1-2017 Seneca Nation Community Cem
JIMERSON, Vernon [Barney] US Army 11th Airborne Div. 1955-1957 9-1-2020 Hillside Haven
JOBE, John Mathias  US Navy. Tugboat operator 11-24-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
JOHN, Marlet US Navy 4-22-2019 Memorial Heights
JOHN, Orlan Franklin DNB, US Navy Seabees, SW1. Killed by accidental explosion while serving in Antarctica.  11-2-1960 Hillside Haven
JOHN, Winston Philo US Navy, BUL2 11-6-1969 Hillside Haven
JOHNSON, Norman D. US Army. European occuparion. 5-12-2019 Pine Hill, Erie Co NY
JOHNSON, Waneta J. (Dunlap) US Air Force Nurses Corps, Capt. 1959-1965 7-29-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
JOHNSTON, Larry M.  US Army 6-01-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
JOHNSTON, Orville Wayne [Wayne] US Army, Military Police. 1972-1975 in Germany 11-2-2021 St. Bonaventure
JOHNSTON, William D. US Army. Germany 1971-1972 1-3-2020 Chestnut Hill
JONAK, Joseph R US Army Reserves, Lt Col. Career, retired in 1980 6-9-2001 St. Bonaventure
JONAK, Lawrence US Army Reserves 1970-1976 9-28-2021 St. Bonaventure
JONES, Gary P. [Casey] US Army 1963-65 5-19-2018 St. Bonaventure
JONES, Richard A. "Dick" US Army, 56th Arty 10-6-2002 Crawford
JURENKO, Paul B. US Army 1963-65 10-23-2018 St. Bonaventure
JUREWICZ, Ronald F. US Navy 1959-62 3-07-2019 St. Bonaventure
KAHM, Harold R. US Army. Germany 11-16-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
KALINOWSKI, Al US Navy, FT2 1958-1961. Served in the Atlantic Destroyer Fleet.  1-28-2018 Mount View
KAMMIRE, Don J. Jr. USMC. Served at Guantanamo Bay during Cuban Missle crisis 11-30-2010 Wildwood
KARASZEWSKI, James S. US Army 1965-1971 12-29-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
KARL, Joseph E US Air Force 11-20-2005 Mount View
KAYES, August P. [Gus] US Army, commissioned offocer 3-29-2018 St. Bonaventure
KAYES, Patrick A.  US Marine Corps 1957-60 5-03-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
KEENAN, Michael J. US Army & reserves, M/Sgt 10-26-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
KELLER, John R US Navy aboard USS Enterprise. Early 60s 8-5-2023 Chestnut Hill 
KELLOGG, Warren  US Army. 1959-1962 12-13-1998  Mt. Prospect
KELLY, Alex US Army. 1950-1952 5-2-2020 Pleasant Valley
KENDZIOR, John Paul [Soupy] US National Guard 9-14-2022 St. Bonaventure
KENNEDY, William R US Navy 1993 Mount View
KENYON, Thomas F. US Army. 1956-1958 4-6-2012 Mount View
KERR, Brian G. US Navy 1965-1969 6-10-2014 Mount View
KETTLE, Lenny US Navy USS Intrepid 10-09-2016 Memorial Heights
KIDD, Arthur John US Marine Corps, CPL 1992 Mount View
KING, Daniel J.  US Army. 1969-74 6-02-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
KINGSBURY, Floyd Edward Unknown service 10-2-1993 Rutledge
KINLEY, William M. US Army. 6-21-2016 Mount View
KITTLE, Gordon Lee US Army - Germany 1-10-1987 Markhams
KNOX, Edward George US Army. 5-6-2021 Mount View
KOHLER, Robert J Sr US Army 1-28-2009 Mount View
KOLASINSKI, James Patrick US Marine Corps 8-8-2001 Mount View
KOLATA, John P. US Army. 1955-1957 6-19-2021 St. Bonaventure
KONERT, Richard Paul US Army 1956-60 9-08-2015 St. Bonaventure
KOSINSKI, Anthony M. US Navy 1-16-2021 St. Bonaventure
KOWALSKI, Joseph F. Jr. US Army 1964-1967 10-1-2020 Mount View
KOZIK, Thomas J. PhD US Army Aviation & Meteorological Div of Signal Corps 12-14-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
KRAHE, David J. US Army 2-25-2021 St. Bonaventure
KROTJE, Bernard Henry US Army 1948-52 8-23-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
KROTJE, Henry John  US Army, Germany and Israel, 1958-1960 6-29-2023 Farmersville 
KRYSICK, Matthew US Army. Post-war Italy 5-28-2019 Green
KUHANECK, William I. Jr. US Navy 2-12-2011 Little Valley Rural
KUNSELMAN, Robert A. US Air Force. 1971-1975 4-17-2013 Mount View
KWIATKOWSKI, Charles F. Jr. USMC, 2nd Marine Div 4.2 Mortar Co. 1954-1957 8-13-2021 St. Bonaventure
KYSER, Raymond J. US Army 1-17-2018 Allegany
LANGDON, Jack Arthur US Navy,  UDT Special Forces frogman. 1958-1962  4-22-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
LANKOW, Merry E (Erhart) USMC 7-24-2023 Liberty Park
LAYFIELD, Richard D. US Army. 1959-1962 1-14-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
LAYMAN, Larry O. US Marine Corps 1966-69 5-14-2018 Abbotts
LAZAR, Donald N US Army 1-17-2019 Holy Cross, Gowanda NY
LAZAR, Donald N. US Army 1-7-2019 Holy Cross, Gowanda
LEARY, James S. US Army, bindery specialist. 1953-1955, Reserves until 1961 9-13-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
LEBLANC, Ronald US Navy aboard USS Roulette. 1952-1956 7-3-2020 St. Bonaventure
LECCEARDONE, Robert H.  US Army. Drafted twice (1958 & 1961) 4-14-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
LEE, James Charles Sr. US Navy. 1955-57 USS Shakori AFT-162 & USS Preserver ARS-8 6-02-2022 St. Bonaventure
LEHNEN, Jerome Paul Sr US Army, PFC 3-12-1981 Cassadaga
LEMMER, Duncan L. US Navy aboard USS Collette. 1959-1963 9-14-2020 St. Bonaventure
LENGVARSKY, John M "Jack John" US Navy. 1965-1969 8-18-2023 Five Mile 
LETCHER, Samuel B. US Army. White Sands NM. 7-13-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
LETSON, Charles D. Jr. US Army. Ulem Germany 3-15-2003 Crawford
LIMERICK, Raymond Clift Jr. US Air Force. 1955-1959 3-7-2021 Allegany
LINCOLN, Clifford W. US Army. 1969-1971 12-21-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
LINCOLN, Clifford W. US Army. 1969-1971 12-21-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
LINDAUER, Claire E US Marine Corps 12-9-2000 Mount View
LINDQUIST, David L. US Air Force, M/Sgt. 20-year career 9-3-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
LINNAN, Jerry Lee US Army. 1958-1964 1-22-2020 St. Bonaventure
LIPPERT, Matthew H. Sr. US Army, radar technician. Korea 1966-1968. 2-24-2021 St. Bonaventure
LISI, Clement J. US Army 10-30-2018 St. Bonaventure
LISMAN, William E.  US Navy. 1951-58 10-31-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
LOCKWOOD, Richard N. US Air Force, 1978-82  10-10-2012 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
LORD, Roger Wayne US Air Force, Lt. 1961-1964 11-14-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
LOTTER, Alan R. US Air Force 1967-69 9-30-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
LOUSER, Kenneth J. [Pete] US Navy 1959-63 7-15-2022 St. Bonaventure
LUCE, Frank J. Sr. US Army 3-11-2019 Liberty Park
LUCE, Gary L. US Army & US Navy. Career (20 yrs) 12-20-2018 Little Valley Rural
LYASKI, Bernard Thomas US Navy, EM3 aboard USS Newport News. 1953-1957 3-4-2020 St. Bonaventure
MACFARLAND, William Comstock [Mac] US Army Medical Corps. Ft. Carson CO 12-20-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
MACKEY, Alvin Paul US Army Natl Guard. Served 6yrs 7-24-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
MAHAR, John Joseph US Air Force, Lt Col. 20-year career 6-27-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
MAIELLO, Gennaro L. US Navy 1969-1972 2-4-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
MALAMBRI, Victor A. USMC, An aircraft mechanic. 7-18-2021 Western NY Natl Cem, Pembroke NY
MALICK, Bernard J. [Butch] US Army 12-26-2020 St. Bonaventure
MALICK, Bernard J. [Butch] US Army 12-26-2020 St. Bonaventure
MALLABER, Burton F.   US Army 1952-1960 5-10-2012 East Otto
MARCOUX, Maurice R. “Frenchie”   US Navy SeaBee. Antarctica 5-18-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
MARGESON, Walter John US Air Force, 1805 AACS SQ, Sgt 12-8-1960 Hinsdale
MARSH, Edward C. US Army 9-23-2018 Little Valley Rural
MARVIN, Mark D US Navy. 1966-1970 3-8-2019 Pine Grove, Gowanda NY
MARVIN, Mark D. US Navy. 1966-1970 3-8-2019 Pine Grove, Erie Co NY
MARVIN, Milton A.  US Army, Germany, late fifties 4-26-2023 Randolph Rural
MATECKI, Robert W. US Army. Germany 7-27-2019 Crawford
MATTYS, David F. [Dude] US Army 1959-62 8-21-2017 St. Bonaventure
MCCAUL, M. Dale US Army Natl Guard. 6-12-2021 St. Bonaventure
MCDOWELL, John L USMC. 1956-1958.  5-21-2023 St. John
MCELHENY, James V. US Army. 1965-1967 4-2-2020 Sandusky
MCELWAIN, Larry Duane US Air Force. Four years.  1-27-2023 Randolph Rural
MCFALL, William B. US Navy. Career 1958-1978 6-20-2021 Allegany
MCHONE, Arnold S. Sr.  US Navy USS Yosemite 12-12-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
MCLAUGHLIN, Mark D. US Navy. Enlisted 1976 5-01-2004 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
MCLEOD, Donald G. Jr.   US Army, 535rd Engr Co 1963-66 5-11-2003 Wildwood
MCNALL, Stephen M. USMC 6-24-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
MCNAMARA, Robert R. US Reserves 5-24-2022 Allegany
MCVAUGH, Calvin W. US Navy. 1952-1956 3-16-2023 Don't have Immanuel Lutheran 
MENDELL, David National Guard 7 yrs 10-11-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
METZLER, George H. Sr. US Army. 1954-55 in Alaska 4-27-2022 Green
MILKS, Daniel A. US Army 11th Airborne Div 1954-57 8-02-2019 St. Bonaventure
MILKS, Frank W. Jr. [Joe] US Navy aboard USS Wilkes Barre and USS Little Rock 5-22-2017 Natl Mem Cem of AZ, Phoenix AZ
MILKS, John E. US Army 1955-57 12-18-2016 Pleasant Valley
MILKS,Scott Murl Sr. US Army 1-2-2007 South Napoli
MILLER, Delmar [Bud] US Army. 97th Signal Bn. Germany 1949-1952 2-26-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
MILLER, Paul S. US Army. 1966-1968 5-31-2022 Mount View
MILLER, R.N. [Hockey]  US Navy. 1847-1953 8-14-1983 Limestone
MILLIGAN, Donald US Navy aboard USS Fiske 3-5-2019 Holy Cross, Gowanda
MILLIGAN, Donald G US Navy aboard USS Fiske 3-5-2019 Holy Cross, Gowanda NY
MITCHELL, Michael T US Marine Corps, L/CPL 9-17-2000 Mount View
MOHR, John W. USMC. Okinawa Japan, 1974-1980 11-5-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
MOHR, Thomas B, US Army, 1st Inf Div. 1961-1963 10-22-2020 Calvary
MOON, Norman C. US Army. 1967-1970. Germany. 11-28-2021 East Randolph
MOONEY. Paul Patrick "Pat"; Born in Salamanca NY, died in Derwood MD;  US Army. Nike Air Missile Station Hamburg NY 7-7-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
MOORE, Arthur F. US Navy Seabees 1966-1968 12-1-2020 Calvary
MORRISON, Dallas Moses Jr, [Butch] US Army 1-14-2022 Rutledge
MOTT, David A. US Navy 1969-75 10-04-2019 Allegany
MUSALL, Richard C. US Army. 1964-66 7-30-2022 Liberty Park
MYERS, Harry C.   US Army 1956-58 4-03-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
MYERS, Howard [Buzz] US Army 3-11-2019 Rutledge
MYERS, Norman W. Sr. Merchant Marines in the 1950s 11-13-2020 Maple Lawn, Springville NY
MYERS, Norman W. Sr. Merchant Marines in the 1950s 11-13-2020 Maple Lawn, Springville NY
MYERS, Ronald L. US Army. 1953-1955 2-1-2018 East Randolph
NAUENBURG, Emil R. US Navy aboard USS Princeton LPH5. 1956-1961 6-18-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
NEAL, Charles Olen US Air Force in Langerkopf, Germany, radar technician. 4 years 10-5-2020 Perrysburg
NEVINS, Michael P. US Army, 1/Lt. 1971-1973 10-27-2010 St. Bonaventure
NEWBURY, Edward Raymond US Air Force. Career 21y 5-18-2017 Pleasant Valley
NICHOLS, George M.   US Army 1964-67 3-21-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
NOLAN, Edward C. US Navy, Master Chief Aircraft Mechanic. Career - 30 years 1-14-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
NOLAN, James F. US Army, paratrooper in post-war Japan 11-01-2017 Calvary
NUPP, Robert L. US Army. 1971-1974 3-4-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
NUTTALL, Ronald M. US Army, 92nd Arty. 1958-1961 6-30-2020 Steamburg
NYE, Francis W.  US Army, 11th Airborne Div. 1949-1952 6-9-2001 Wildwood
OAKES, David  US Army. Alaska. 11-18-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
O'BRIEN, Donald L.  USMC, L/CPL. 1961-1965 4-21-2007 Mount View
O'CONNOR, Ronald D. US Navy aboard USS Champlain 5-31-2019 Memorial Heights
O'DELL, Fred L. Sr.  USMC 1-15-2002 Mount View
ODIEN, Ronald J. US Navy. Eight years. 9-8-2021 Holy Cross Gowanda
O'KEEFE, Ronald J. US Army Reserve Guard 1957-64   12-29-2010 St. Bonaventure
OLIVER, Glenn W. US Army. Early 60s 2-10-2012 Crawford
OPFERBECK, Gerald H. US Army 1952-54 7-27-2019 Calvary
ORCUTT, James R.  US Army 6-13-2022 Other
OUTMAN, James L. Jr. USMC, radio operator. 1959-1963 5-28-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
OWENS, Robert D. US Army 2000 Siloam
OYER, Fred Franklyn US Army, Pfc 11-19-1968 Little Valley Rural
PADLO, Raymond J. US Army 1953-55 6-12-2019 St. Bonaventure
PADLO, Robert J. US Army. Germany 1954-1957 6-26-2001 St. Bonaventure
PARKER, Francis W, [Frank] Unknown service. 2-13-2013 Mount View
PARKER, Orin E. US Army 1948-52 8-31-2016 Allegany
PARSONS, John Melvin US Air Force 2-21-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
PECK, Charles H US Air Force 6-21-2023 Pine Grove, Gowanda NY
PECK, William H  US Army, PFC 8-8-1996 Mount View
PELTON, Malcom A. US Army 12-16-2022 Green
PEPPER, Raymond I. USMC, L/CPL 10-29-2006 Mount View
PEQUEEN, Carl H. US Air Force, Electronics Tech and Communications Specialist in England, Germany, and North Africa. 1950-1954. 10-14-2017 Randolph Rural
PERKINS, Gary E. Sr. US Air Force 10-12-1987 Siloam
PERRY, Everett E  US Army, PFC 2-12-1977 Mount View
PETERSON, James E. US Army. 1957-1959 6-1-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
PETERSON, Lawrence W. US Air Force 3-04-2019 Chestnut Hill
PETERSON, Parris V.   US Air Force 1954-1958   4-4-2001 Steamburg
PETERSON, Walter Laverne US Army. 1950-1952 12-18-2020 Mount View
PEZZIMENTI, Francis A. US Army Air Corp 1946-47 11-25-2019 St. Bonaventure
PICCIOLI, Richard J. US Air Force, airman 12-22-2016 St. Bonaventure
PICCIRILLO, Joseph P. Natl Guard, 17 years. 9-8-2019 St. Bonaventure
PISANO, Jeane (Laxton) US Air Force.  7-19-2021 St. Bonaventure
PLONKA, John Allen US Army 1-26-2020 Donated body
PLUMMER, Frederick H. US Army 1967-70 12-15-2017 Mt. Prospect
POCKALNY, Stephen J. Sr. during Korean war, stationed in Germany. 9-23-2017 St. Bonaventure
POTTER, Theodore D. Sr. US Navy 1953-57 8-05-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
POWELL, Robert L.  US Navy 2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
PREMO, Patrick M. US Army. Augsburg Germany 7-15-2021 St. Bonaventure
PRENTICE, Lewis J. Sr. US Army. 1969-70 11-01-2016 Mount View
PRIEST, Ronald D. US Army, PFC 9-27-2014 Don't have Immanuel Lutheran
PRINTUP, Clark M. US Air Force 12-24-2022 Hillside Haven
PRIZEL, Robert C. US Navy 1960-62 2-27-2019 St. Bonaventure
PROSSER, Malcolm L. US Air Force 9-14-2007 Maple Grove, Machias
PROSSER, William J. US Army Reserves 10-2-2014 Maple Grove, Machias
PURDY, William J.  US Navy 6-18-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
PUTT, Ronald H. US Army 1958-61 & 1974-75 & 1975-79 2-11-2019 Allegany
PYLE, Roger E. US Army Reserve, 402nd Civil Affairs Co in Fort Gordon GA 4-3-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
QUIGLEY, Michael Richard US Marine Corps aboard USS Des Moines. 1957-1960 12-04-2017 St. Bonaventure
RADER, George Leroy US Navy 3-16-2002 Mount View
RADIGAN, Edward H. US Air Force 1961-1964 11-22-2018 Pleasant Valley
RAKUS, Edward [Bob] US Navy 1948-50 7-17-2019 St. Bonaventure
RAMSEY, Kenneth A US Navy, FA 10-16-1997 Mount View
RANK, Millard L. [Larry]  US Army 1965-67 9-15-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
RANKE, Rodney H.  US Army Reserves 1-31-2011 [East Otto]
RANNER, Milton S US Air Force, S/Sgt. 1965-1968   8-19-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
RAPPOLD, Howard [Skip] US Army, Sgt. 1961-1964 Germany.  9-25-2014 Wildwood
RATZEL, Richard C. US Navy 1954-57 12-20-2022 Allegany
REYNOLDS, Duane G. [Duke] US Air Force 12-21-2019 Little Valley Rural
RICHARDSON, Danny Jack US Army 1967-70 11-19-2022 Pleasant Valley
RICHARDSON, Guy Edward Jr. USMC, 1954-1957 12-1-2023 Mount View
RICHARDSON, Richard R.  US Army. 1961-1963. Stationed in Missouri 2-24-2018 Mount View
RISHEL, Jill A (Orcutt) US Air Force, 1971 - 1974 8-9-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
ROBERTSON, Howard A. II US Army. 1974-1978 7-08-2004 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
ROBISON, Willis A. US Air Force 1946-49  2-28-2012 Green
ROBLEE, William A. US Navy Seabee 1960-64 6-3-2012 Siloam
ROGERS, Ralph Thomas "Ruffy" Jr US Army 8-22-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
ROSS, Richard B. Jr. US Army 1958 11-20-2021 Pine Grove, Erie Co NY
ROTH, Dennis B. US Army. Germany 12-12-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
RUNKLE, John R.  US Army, SP5 1955-1961 7-09-2014 St. Bonaventure
RUSSELL, C. Allison [Al] USMC, Cpl. 1955-1958 6-8-2012 Hillside Haven
RUTTERMAHN, John S. [Jack] US Army 1958-60 10-17-2016 St. Bonaventure
SAGLIMBEN, Carl P. US Army. 1956-1958 8-12-2023 St. Bonaventure
SALIM, Richard A. Jr. US Army 5-5-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
SAMPSON, John B.  US Navy 1967-72 1-25-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
SANDY, Thomas Edward US Army.1965-67 9-03-2022 Pleasant Valley
SANZO, S. Anthony  US Army. Germany 7-10-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
SCHINDLER, Bruce G. US Air Force. 1961-1963.  5-24-2021 Pine Grove, Erie Co NY
SCHINDLER, Bruce G. US Air Force. 1961-1963.  5-24-2021 Pine Grove, Erie Co NY
SCHLOSSER, Joseph J. US Marine Corps 1962-65 5-13-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
SCHMICK, George P. Jr. US Navy aboard USS Roanoke, Radio Operator. 1-3-2021 Calvary
SCHMITT, Kenneth S. US Army Natl Guard. 9 years. 7-9-2020 North Otto
SCHNELL, James L. US Army 1956-58 8-27-2015 Allegany
SCHREINER, James [Nick] US Army 1966-70 6-20-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
SCHULTZ, Laurie Francis [Sam] US Army, 24th Inf Div, Sgt. 1946-48 1-17-2022 St. Bonaventure
SCHULZ, Derill A. US Army, 1964-66 4-1-2012 Wildwood
SCHULZ, Robert G. US Navy 12-1-2019 Rutledge
SCHUYLER, William H. US Air Force 1955-59 8-12-2019 Mt. Prospect
SCHWEDT, Robert Charles US Army, PFC 2-2-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
SCHWINDLER, Robert C USMC. 1966-1970 8-15-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
SCOTT, Bradley G. US Army 4-30-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
SCOTT, Thomas P. US Air Force. 1970-1974 Florida 12-7-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
SEAGER, Charles Edson Unknown service 9-3-1999 Rutledge
SEE, Oscar R. US Air Force, Greenland. 1957-1960.  11-9-2017 East Randolph
SEGA, Albert E. US Army 12-04-2022 St. Bonaventure
SEITZ, Alfred L. US Army 1949-52 9-06-2022 Calvary
SEYBERT, Richard Lee  US Army & reserves. 1974-1984 5-17-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
SHAKARJIAN, Edward A. US Army, Airborne 1952-55  10-21-2012 Little Valley Rural
SHANNON, Alan  [of Fairport NY] US Navy & Navy Reserves, CMDR. 26-year career 7-12-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
SHARP, Michael D US Navy, 1969-1972. 5-31-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
SHAW, Kathleen Genevieve (Snyder) Rhodes US Air Force, 1957 5-20-2017 Park Lawn
SHERMAN, Paul K. US Army, Germany 1964-1967 7-30-2015 Rutledge
SHERRY, Franklyn L. US Air Force 1952-56 11-09-2017 Chestnut Hill
SHIELDS, Jean M. US Army. 1948-1951 11-20-2018 Randolph Rural
SIAFAKAS, David George  US Army. 1971-74 6-15-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
SILAS, Patricia A.  US Navy Wave, 1958-1961 12-23-2015 Versailles
SILSBY, Charles R. Unknown service 3-12-2007 Mount View
SILSBY, David Arthur US Navy, SR. Four years.  2-15-2010 Mount View
SKINNER, Larry Eugene US Army. Military Police in Germany 1966-1969. The US Army reserves for 24 years, retired as SFC. 5-18-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
SKINNER, Ralph A. [Al] US Army. 1962-1965 7-14-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
SLAVINSKI, William M.  Merchant Marines 1951-54, then US Army 1954-57 in England 8-09-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
SMITH, Carlton L. US Navy, AN 2-17-2004 East Otto
SMITH, David B. [Doc] US Army. 1965-1967 11-24-2020 Mt. Prospect
SMITH, Peter Frederick US Navy aboard USS Independence ad USS Intrepid 9-26-2023 St. Bonaventure
SMITH, Robert W. US Navy Seabees. 1955-1963 5-29-2021 Allegany
SMITH, Servius T.   US Navy Cuban Missile Crisis with VP-10 3-06-2013 Farmersville
SNIDER, Bryant W. USMC. A disabled vet. 11-13-2020 Mount View
SNOPKOWSKI, Thomas J.  US Army. 1963-1966 7-2-2020 St. Bonaventure
SNYDER, Charles G. US Army 1953-1955 9-24-2020 Calvary
SNYDER, Gary E. US Navy machinist aboard USS Atule 1962-67 3-9-2018 St. Bonaventure
SNYDER, James J.  US Army 5-11-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
SOBKOWIAK, Richard F. US Navy aboard USS Bennington 1962-1966 11-1-2021 Calvary
SONGSTER, Lyndon Conrad R "Toad" US Army 9-14-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
SPEARS, Bruce W. Jr. US Air Force, T/Sgt. Career, 20 years 1-2022 Rose Hill Cem, Bells TX
SPERBER, Leonhard US Army 1963-1969 3-21-2021 Randolph Rural
SPINK, E. Ray US Army 1946-48 10-24-2015 Mount View
SPLAWSKI, James M. US Army and Reserves. 2-11-2017 St. Bonaventure
SPRAGUE, William E. US Navy 1955-61 11-28-2016 Freedom
SPRING, Jerry M. US Army 1958-62 8-07-2022 Allegany
SRODAWA. Victor J US Navy. 1955 -1958. 7-8-1923 Pleasant Valley
STARK, James R. [Bobber] US Navy aboard the USS Mississippi. 1946-1948 9-23-2015 Jolls
STARK, Philip Edward Sr. US Navy. Four years in early 60s. Later US Air Force, Major.  3-15-2022 Mount View
STARK, Russell Thomas US Air Force 1-4-2000 Mount View
STAVISH, Joseph A. US Army. Airborne in Germany. 1-20-2020 St. Bonaventure
STAYER, Joseph Norman US Army. 1955-1957 11-14-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
STEVENS, Jacquelyn R. US Women's Army Corps 1955-57 11-19-2019 Mount View
STEVENSON, Scott Russel Jr. US Army, Engrs. Thailand 12-13-2020 Limestone
STEWART. Michael Jay US Army & Air Force, 1957-1969 9-28-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
STIER, Howard A.  US Navy 10-30-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
STILES.Timothy Elmer USMC. 4-25-2009 Rutledge
STIMSON, Steven R. US Air Force. Career 1968-1990 1-10-2021 Mount View
STOKES, Alice M. (Rupert) McClory US Naval Reserve 9-14-2023 Holy Cross
STOLL, William H US Army, Sgt.1960-63,tank commander in Germany. 2-16-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
STOLTENBERG, Ernest Edward US air Force 1952-56 8-13-2019 East Otto
STONE, Lynn M. US Air Force 5-13-2008 Chestnut Hill
STONE, William E. US Army. Japan, early 50s. 10-1-2021 Wildwood
STOPEN, Dennis Charles US Navy aboard submarine USS Francis Scott Key Based in CT. 8-27-2017 Bath Natl Cem, NY
STRINGER, Arian Richard [Dick] US Army 1960-63 7-27-2016 Allegany
STUCK, John E.  US Marine Corps 1962-64 4-08-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
STUVE, Edward P.  US Army 5-20-1995 Green
SUE, Douglas L. US Navy 1960-65 aboard USS Lake Champlain & Navy Seabees Reserves 4-30-2017 Allegany
SULLIVAN, Jerome P.  US Army, Field Arty, 2/LT 5-19-2018 Chestnut Hill
SUTHERLAND, William A. Jr.  US Army. Germany 6-13-2012 St. Patrick, Limestone
SUTTER, Roger L. Sr. USMC 12-25-2007 Chestnut Hill
SWAN, Harold G. US Army 1-1-2021 Pine Grove, Erie Co NY
SWAN, Harold G. Sr. US Army.  1-1-2021 Pine Grove, Erie Co NY
SWANSON, Arthur Frank NY Natl Guard 1-11-2023 East Randolph Cemetery
SWATT, David E. [Bud] US Navy 8-24-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
SWATT, David E. [Bud] US Navy 11-01-2022 Pleasant Valley
SWATT, Gayle M. (Anderson) US Navy 1957-1959 11-01-2022 Pleasant Valley
SZPAICHER, Edmund P. Jr. US Army Reserves, S/Sgt. 10-29-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
SZYMANSKi, Leon M. US Army. 6-23-2019 Holy Cross, Gowanda
SZYMANSKi, Leon M. US Army. 6-23-2019 Holy Cross, Gowanda
TABER, George J. "Jerry" US Air Force, 1st Sgt. (Career) 10-24-2016 Parklawn,  Wesley NY
TAPPAN, Eugene J. US Army, 1956-59 2-4-2011 Mount View
TERWILLIGER, Lynn H. US Army 6-18-1991 McKinstry
THOMAS, Raymond D. Sr. US Air Force. 1965-1969 6-23-2020 St. Bonaventure
THOMAS, Richard F. US Army 1-6-2019 Holy Cross, Gowanda
THOMPSON, James W. US Army Reserve 6-18-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
THOMPSON, Maynard K. US Navy. 1953-1957 4-13-2014 Mount View
THREADGILL, Thomas C. Cold War and Korea. US Air Force, a Master Instructor. Career 23 years - 1950-1973 8-24-2021 St. Bonaventure
TITUS, Jack R. US Air Force 1952-1956, stationed in Crete. 3-20-2017 Pine Hill, Erie Co NY
TORARSKE, David George  US National Guard Vet. 1964-1970 9-4-2023 Steamburg 
TRIESKy, Edwin Leo USMC. 1954-1957 7-8-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
TUCHOLSKI, Ronald A. US Navy, 20 years. 7-6-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
TUNNICLIFF, Kenneth W. US Army 1968-70 3-24-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
TWOGUNS, Carmen E. US Army 2-13-2019 Seneca Nation Community Cem
ULLMAN, Roy Jr.  US Army, Iceland 7-24-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
URSOY, Ronald A. US Army 1968-1971 11-14-2015 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
VALVO, Michael E. US Army Reserve 6 yrs 4-25-2019 Mt. Prospect
VAN DIXON, James P. US Army. Germany 1958-1960 1-18-2020 Donated body
VANDIXON, David L. US Air Force, A1C. 2-3-2009 Mount View
VANDIXON, Philip D. US Air Force 1961-65 12-18-2016 Mount View
VAUGHN, Neil E.  US Navy 8-28-1994  Green
VENO, Joseph S. US Air Force. 1946-1947. 10-25-2020 St. Bonaventure
VESOTSKI, Donald J. US Army 1955-1957 11-10-2021 Calvary
VOSBURGH, Keith E. US Navy 1959-63 11-11-2018 Calvary
WAGNER, Robert J. US Army reserves, Maj. 5-15-2017 [sic] St. Bonaventure
WAGNER, Walter W. US Army. 1971-1973 10-26-2021 Crawford
WALLACE, Kenneth H.  US Army 1955-1957 1-29-2017 Mt. Prospect
WALSH, John P. US Navy. 1947-51 Atlantic and Mediterranean 7-18-2022 St. Bonaventure
WALTERS, Charles T. US Air Force 11-25-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
WARD, Charles Mead USMC. 1959-1961 11-22-2021 St. Bonaventure
WARES, Laurence D. US Army. 1959-1963 and then Reserves until 1965. 8-23-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
WARNER, John US Navy 6-11-2019 Calvary
WARNER, Neil William US Army 7-27-1998 Siloam
WASHINGTON, Andrew Jr. US Army 1957-59 11-03-2017 St. Bonaventure
WATT, Merle S. Sr. US Army Paratrooper 7-13-2019 Hillside Haven
WEATHERLEY, James Karl [Karl] US Army. 1962-1965 3-25-2020 Mount View
WEBER, Donald Craig US Air Force. 20-year career 12-31-2018 Jefferson Barracks Natl Cem, St Louis MO
WEBER, Gerald J. US Army  10-31-2018 Mount View
WERTS, Kenneth L. Jr. US Army 1973-74 10-18-2015 Mount View
WESCOTT, James R. Unknown service 1998 Rutledge
WESLEY, Joseph R. Sr. US Army. 1952-55 in Germany 5-05-2022 Allegany
WESTFALL, Allen E.  US Army 11-10-2017 East Otto
WETHERBY, Harold [Dean] US Army 1957-59 7-18-2018 Hinsdale
WETHERBY, Kendall H. US Air Force 1952-56 7-13-2017 Mount View
WHEELER, David Angus USMC, 1/LT. 3rd Marine Div, Japan. 5-19-2021 East Randolph
WHEELER, David Angus USMC, 1/LT. 3rd Marine Div, Japan. 5-19-2021 East Randolph
WHIPPLE, Harlow G. US Navy   9-30-2016 Little Valley Rural
WHITCHER, George L. US Navy 10-28-2021 Allegany
WHITEHEAD, Ronald L.  USMC. 1964-1968 5-23-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
WILBUR, Edwin A.  US Air Force, Radar Tec 1956-60 12-20-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
WILDER, Curtiss D. US Air Force   8-13-2019 Green
WILE, Donald C. Jr. US Army 1950-1951 10-25-1995 Randolph Rural
WILKINS, Frank H.  US Navy, 1955-1963, 3 years on the USS Picuda (SS-382) Submarine 12-29-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
WILLIAMS, Clarence US Air Force. 1952-1956 11-29-2021 Highland Cem, Elkland PA
WILLIAMSON, Guy  US Air Force radar technician 1954 -1958 6-29-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
WILLS, Clifford P. US Navy. Career (20 yrs) 4-30-2007 Mt. Prospect
WILLSIE, Sumner [Russ] US Air Force, A2C 1-26-2019 Pine Grove, Corry PA
WILSON, Norman A. US Navy 1956-60 & 1962-65 3-18-2019 Mount View
WILSON, Paul D. US Air Force 4-11-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
WILSON, Richard F. US Army 2-1-2011 Chestnut Hill
WITTER, Charles M. US Air Force 1951-1954 March AFB in CA. 4-7-2020 Chestnut Hill
WITTER, Ray L. US Air Force 1951-55 11-04-2017 Georgia Natl Cem, Canton GA
WOLF, Dorothy E. US Navy WAVES 1955-58 9-30-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
WOOD, Robert E.  US Navy. 1947-1949 12-8-2009 Mount View
WOODMANCY, James F. US Air Force 4-11-2008 Green
WOODWORTH, Charles US Air Force, 914th Civil Engineering Sqd.  12-12-2007 Plato
WORTH, William B. Sr. US Navy, SA 1989 Mount View
WRIGHT, David Leroy US Air Force. 1955-1958 9-28-2020 Pleasant Valley
WRIGHT, Patricia (Barnes) US Air Force. 1956-63 4-26-2022 Mt. Prospect
WULF, James W. US Army, Germany 11-13-2008 Plato
WYMER, Eugene E. US Air Force. 1953-1957, Japan 11-15-2011 Wildwood
YAWORSKY, William R. US Army, Pfc 7-19-1981 Calvary
ZANDI, Deno J. US Army 1953-55 & US Army Reserves till 1961 11-20-2019 St. Bonaventure
ZEIGLER, James E. [Spike] US Navy. 1971-1975 10-16-2021 Allegany
ZIERES, George M. Jr.  US Army, Army Security Agency 5-30-2000 East Randolph
ZOLLINGER, E. Robert US Army 1960-1966 12-7-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
ZUECH, Ivo J US Army 1956-1958 2-16-2023 St. Bonaventure
ZWARICH, Andrew Clement US Army 12-9-2004 Mount View
ZYCK, Thaddeus P. US Army 1954-56 & Reserves till 1962 12-22-2019 St. Bonaventure

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