aka: Dutch Hill Cemetery, Gile Hollow Cemetery, & Raub Cemetery
Located on Gile Hollow Rd. a short distance from Gull Brook Rd. toward Steward Rd.
Across the road from Anderson Farm, set back in next to woods.
This Computer record was compiled by Jerry Babcock from records done by Sally S. Pettengill .

Submitted by: Jerry Babcock

ADAMS, Adek C. born 10-4-1879 died, 3-3-1880 Son of N.B. & S.A. Adams
ADAMS, Adelhab born 2-10-1865 died, 6-16-1865 Child of N.B. & S.A. Adams
ADAMS, Alta born 6-4-1866 died, 3-9-1867 Dau. of N.B. & S.A. Adams
ADAMS, Ineck C. born 8-6- 1873 died, 8-21-1873 Child of N.B. & S.A. Adams
BABCOCK, Elisha J. Spouse of Vernera born 1813 died, 1872 
BABCOCK, Vernera R Spouse of Elisha J. born 1816 died, 1901 Dau. of Joseph & Vernera Smith Rudd III
BATEMAN, DORGAS Spouse of Mananh born 4-10-1830 
BESECKER, Charles Spouse of Leah died, 10-28-1871 Age, 64 
BESECKER, Leah Spouse of Charles died, ? 8 1865? Unable to read
BESECKER, Mary Unable to read stone - Dau. of Charles & Leah Besecker
BUSH, Elizabeth Spouse of Peter born 1787 died, 1861 
BUSH, Peter Spouse of Elizabeth born 1782 died, 1842 War of 1812 Vet
CARMER, Eli born 1837 died, 1885 Son of Peter S. & Margaret Carmer - Civil War Vet
CARMER, Margaret Spouse of Peter S. C born 1802 died, 1901 Peter was a War of 1812 Vet.
CARMER, Miranda died, 6-19-1848 Age, 18y 7m 1d Dau. of Peter S. & Margaret Carmer
CARMER, Peter S. Spouse of Margaret born 1797 died, 9-25-1872 
CARMER, Poly Ann died, 2-24-1886 Age, 13 Dau. of Morgan & Dilah Carmer
COLLEY, Cealo died, 6-1-1911 Age, 62 Child of Charles Colley
COLLEY, Charles Spouse of Mariah B born 1817 died, 1892 
COLLEY, Mariah Brown Spouse of Charles died, 3-28-1884 Age, 69 
COOPER, Andrew Spouse of Elizabeth died, 4-2- 1871 Age, 75 or 78 
COOPER, David Spouse of Elizabeth died, 1865 
COOPER, Elizabeth Spouse of David died, 11-21-1860 Age, 85 
CORTHELL, Alvertus B. died, 6-6-1862 Age, 16y 20d Child of Durastus & Lucinda Corthell
CORTHELL, Daniel born 1810 died, 1849 
CORTHELL, Durastus Spouse of Lucinda died, 8-12-1852 Age, 36y 6m 1d 
CORTHELL, Sarah Spouse of William died, 7-2-1870 Age, 72 
CORTHELL, Sarah J. died, 8-19-1876 Age, 10y 6m 19d Dau. of William & Sarah Corthell
CORTHELL, William Spouse of Sarah 
FLYT, Elizabeth died, 4-27-1848 Age, 1m 18d Dau. of Abraham & Catherine Flyt
FRANTZ, Peter died, 6-17- 1885 Age, 11y 8m Son of Johannes P. & Margaret Silvius Frantz
HEAD, Calista died, 1-11- 1856 Age, 7 
HOWE, Elizabeth J. died, 10-17-1814? Age, 11y ? Dau. of Jacob & Lydia Howe
HOWE, Rhoda Spouse of Titus Age, 65y 4m 11d 
HOWE, Titus Spouse of Rhoda born 1759 died, 1839 War of 1812 Vet
KELLY, Ferdinand died, 5-16- 1852 
LEARN, Albertus born 1837 died, 11-19-1890 Civil War Vet Co. 'K' 85th NY Inf.
LEARN, Arvilla Cooper Spouse of Nathan born 1830 died, 1898 
LEARN, Catherine Moyer Spouse of Jacob born 2-18-1799 died, 8-10-1879 
LEARN, Fanny Spriggle Spouse of George died, 6-19-1871 Age, 71y 6m 28d 
LEARN, Flora born 6-21-1874 died, 1-7-1881 Dau. of Orlando C. & Mattie Learn
LEARN, George Spouse of Fanny S died, 10-3-1884 Age, 87y 9m 21d Son of John & Maria Rumage Learn
LEARN, Jacob Spouse of Catherine M born 1793 died, 1884 Son of John & Maria Rumage Learn; War of 1812 Vet.
LEARN, Mattie Spouse of Orlando born 3-10-1857 died, 1-21-1885 
LEARN, Nathan Spouse of Arvilla C born 1830 died, 1897 
LEARN, Rachel Shafer Spouse of Thomas born 1823 died, 1902 
LEARN, Rosaltha Babcock Spouse of Morris died, 5-22-1871 Age, 26y 12d Dau. of Elisha & Vernera Babcock; 1st wife of Morris
LEARN, Thomas Spouse of Rachel S born 1819 died, 1898 Civil War Vet Co. 'K' NY Inf.
LINDERMAN, Adaline G. died, 10-10-1843 Age, 19y 1m 27d Dau. of Jacob & Desiah Linderman
LINDERMAN, Parismus died, 4-3-1840 Age, 12y 6m 17d Son of Jacob & Desiah Linderman
LOCKSMITH, Lucinda Spouse of Thomas born 1822 died, 1871 
LOCKSMITH, Thomas Spouse of Lucinda born 1820 died, 1870 Civil War Vet
MORRIS, Elizabeth Spouse of Thomas born 1772 died, 1849 
MORRIS, Melvin born 1843 died, 1869 ? Civil War Vet.
MORRIS, Neely died, 11-6-1873 Age, 66y 2m 22d 
MORRIS, Thomas Spouse of Elizabeth born 1776 died, 1854 
OSTERSTUCK, Betsy Spouse of John born 1797 died, 1883 
OSTERSTUCK, John Spouse of Betsy born 1795 died, 3-14-1850 War of 1812 Vet.
RAUB, Angeline born 1833 died, 1899 
RAUB, Catherine born 1763 died, 1840 
RAUB, David Spouse of Margaret born 1794 died, 1871 
RAUB, Jeremy M. Spouse of Lovina M. born 1823 died, 3-7-1900 
RAUB, John born 1795 died, 1869 
RAUB, Lovina M. Learn Spouse of Jeremy M. born 1822 died, 1891 Dau. of Jacob Learn
RAUB, Margaret Spouse of David born 1800 died, 1881 
RAUB, Mary M. born 1827 died, 1829 
SEAVY, Anngenett A. died, 10-19-1844 Age, 1y 3m 10d 
SEAVY, Wallace A. died, 10-18-1852 Age, 7y 1m Son of H. L. & Elmina P. Seavy
SHAFER, Adam Spouse of Susannah M born 8-12-1812 died, 5-27-1880 
SHAFER, Archie S. died, 12-17-1880 Age, 1y 1m Son of T. H. Shafer
SHAFER, Josiah died, 2-14-1848 Age, 1y 7m 15d Son of Adam & Susannah Metzgar Shafer
SHAFER, Nicholas died, 5-9-1861 Age, 9y 11m 1d Son of Adam & Susannah Metzgar Shafer
SHAFER, Susannah Spouse of Adam born 1-15-1817 
SHAFER, Walter J. died, 6-12-1878 Son of T. H. Shafer
YOUNG, Caroline died, 8-15-1876 Age, 57y 6m 12d 
YOUNG, Christine Spouse of Jacob died, 12-18-1887 Age, 67 
YOUNG, Jacob Spouse of Christine died, 8-19-1871 Age, 57y 18d 
YOUNG, John Spouse of Caroline Swarts died, 5-7-1888 Age, 77y 2m 19d Son of Nicholas & Regina Bond Young
YOUNG, Mary Elnor died, 1861 Age, 11y 2m 11d Dau. of Jacob & Christine Youn

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