Partial List of Tombstones
Unnamed Cemetery Located on Maple Grove Road (Near Blue Road), Freedom, NY
Submitted by PHGS Member:  Phil Roblee


CONGDON, Ann Spouse of, Joseph Died, Dec. 19, 1834 Age, 31 Same tombstone as Elizabeth
CONGDON, Elizabeth Dau. of Joseph & Ann Congdon
CONGDON, John Spouse of, Tabitha Died, Mar. 09, 1859 Age, 81y 4m 2d 
CONGDON, Tabitha Spouse of, John Died, Jan. 23, 1855 Age, 76 
CRANDALL, Henry S. Spouse of, Mary E Died, Jul. 30, 1873 Age, 70y 11m 3d 
CRANDALL, Mary Eston Spouse of, Henry S. Died, Apr. 24, 1870 Age, 64y 3m 2d 
CRANDALL, Minerva B. Died, Jan. 31, 1849 Age, 16y 2m 
EVERTS, E. Died, Jun. 13, 1863 Age, 87 
EVERTS, G. Spouse of, Sally E. Died, Sep. 14, 1892 Age, 72 
EVERTS, Sally E. Spouse of, G. Died, Nov. 13, 1890 Age, 70 
GRATTON, Jean P. Spouse of, John born, 5-15-1934 Died, 2-19-2003 Age, 68 daughter of Morville and Gladys (McNett) Charles
LANCKTON, Ida Jane born, Jun. 11, 1857 Died, Apr. 03, 1942 Dau. of Orlando & Agnes 
LAW, Dora Ann Died, Jun. 16, 1863 Age, 3y 2m 16d Dau. of John C. & Emaline Rounds LAW
LAW, Eliphalet born, Nov. 01, 1819 Died, Jun. 03, 1887 
LAW, Fanny Congdon Spouse of, William Died, Jun. 09, 1873 Age, 74y 7m 4d Mother
LAW, William Spouse of, Fanny C Died, Jul. 16, 1859 Age, 67 Father
McKNIGHT, Laura Everts Died, Nov. 21, 1880 Age, 75y 8m Mother of Orlando Roblee
NELSON, Delavan D. Spouse of, Mary & Susan Died, Oct. 16, 1880 Age, 84 
NELSON, Mary Spouse of, Delavan D. Died, Apr. 25, 1829 Age, 30y 5m 5d 
NELSON, Susan Spouse of, Delavan D. Died, Jul. 20, 1870 Age, 78 
PLACE, Barbara Spouse of, Nathan Died, Jun. 25, 1828 Age, 82 
PLACE, Nathan Spouse of, Barbara Died, Mar. 22, 1833 Age, 88 
ROBLEE, Agnes Crandall Spouse of, Orlando born, Jan. 09, 1835 Died, Dec. 17, 1892 
ROBLEE, Eddie Died, Aug. 21, 1873 Son of Orlando & Agnes Crandall Roblee
ROBLEE, Ernest Died, Feb. 15, 1875 Age, 3y 9m Son of Orlando & Agnes Crandall Roblee
ROBLEE, Orlando Spouse of, Agnes C born, Oct. 21, 1829 Died, Oct. 09, 1917 
SPENCER, Ervilla L. Died, May 18, 1861 Age, 3y 23d Dau. of Eleazor & Peggy Spencer
SPENCER, Joseph Died, Mar. 06, 1855 Age, 7m 4d Son of L. H. & Susannah Spencer
SPENCER, Melvin Died, Apr. 24, 1846 Age, 1m Son of L. H. & Susannah Spencer
SPENCER, Susannah Spouse of, E. H. Died, Apr. 28, 1861 Age, 46y 3m 2d 
YALE, Winslow Died, Feb. 28, 1848 or 1849 Age, 17y 1m Son of George & Nana Yale


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