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There are no names on the back of this one. It says "1st & 2nd Room" 1904.

There are no names on this picture.  My Grandmother, Alice Evans, is the 2nd row from the bottom, third from left.
She was born in Oct. 1893 so she is 11yrs. in this picture.

Limestone "4th Room" March 28, 1907.  There are names in pencil....some I can't read
Front Row: Eva SWEAT, Bessie ZELIFF, Esther BENSON, Mary COFFEY, Florence LARSON, Anna ?
Middle Row: ? MARSH, ? LYMAN, ? BIDWELL?, Alice EVANS (my Grandmother), Irene KNAPENBERGER,
Mary TUROCK?, ? JOY, ? EISEN__?
Back Row: ?, ?, Jim ?, ? PATERE?, ?, ? MEHRE?, ? MAURIER?, ?, ? BOSWORTH, Leonard CULLEN,

This one doesn't have a year noted.  I think it is probably my grandmother's last year which would put it about 1911 or 1912.
The names are handwritten in pencil on the back making it difficult to read.  The names in ( ) are the eventual married names.

Back Row left to right: Lydia E. SOMMERFIELD (Rider), Minerva A. ADAMS, Bessie A. ZELIOFF (Atwood),
Ethel SMAIL (or SWAIL), Margaret DORN, Ruth HOLLIS (Pinterton), Marian ZELIFF (Garr), Hazel REYMAN,
Middle Row left to right: Alice JOY, Edna BICKELL, Lucille WILLIS (Larson), Leone CORIRRE? (Axley),
Marie COFFERS, Alice EVANS (Fee) my Grandmother.
Bottom Row left to right: Joseph FRALL, Harry LARSON, Raymore LARSON, Barr/Burr McCARTY,
George BRANDS, John MAHER, Anthony PASTORE, Ralph ESTROM.
Note: The Zeliff sisters were first cousins of my grandmother.

Tuna Valley Picnic, 1929
My mother, Dorothy "Dot" Fee is in the front row, third from the left.  She's 7 years old.  her sister, Marian is behind the blond girl in the front.
My grandmother, Alice Evans Fee (later Cook) is also in the picture.  I am sure there are MacKenzie's and Zeliff's, but I'm having a difficult time identifying them.  There are many from the town and/or area.  Others might be interested in this picture.  What is the building they are in front of?

1)'T.G.Jordan' Band, Limestone NY
I don't know the year; notice they are holding flowers!  Does anyone know what this was for and any of the band members?

3) Tuna Valley Picnic, 1930
My mother, Dot Fee is alos in the picture, front row second from right.  Her sister, Marian is behind her.  Their mother, Alice Evans Fee is two rows behind them.
 I see Frank MacKenzie in the back row about eight from the right.  Clarence MacKenzie is in the middle back, silver hair. I recognize some of the other faces but not sure.  Can anyone identify some of the faces?

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