or Cole Cemetery
On County Road 18
Humphrey, NY
ADAMS, Anna L. born, 1874 died, 1906 
ARMSTRONG, Esther died, 3-24-1840 age, 1m Dau. of Wilson & Mary Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Infant Son died, 9-19-1843 Son of Wilson & Mary Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Maria L. died, 9-8-1844 age, 17y 6m Dau. of Wilson & Mary Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Milton T. died, 9-21-1862 age, 21y 4m Son of Wilson & Mary Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Wilson died, 10-1-1873 age, 72 
ASHTON, Esther Spouse of, Stephen died, 12-1-1862 age, 82 
AYERS, Ann I. died, 9-1862 age, 1y 11m 20d Dau. of J.B. & H.J. Ayers
AYERS, Hellen J. Armstrong Spouse of, J.B. died, 9-23-1864 age, 28y 4m 3d Dau. of Wilson & Mary Armstrong
BAILEY, Celia A Stevens Spouse of, Levi D. m. 1853 served as volunteer nurse with the 154th Reg't with her husband
BAILEY, Levi D. Spouse of, Celia A born, 1833 died, 4-5-1906 Son of Levi E & Elizabeth Drake Bailey Co. D 154th Reg't NYS Vols.
BERRY, Milo Spouse of, Anis Leonard born, 1-1830 died, 9-1900 son of Alonzo Berry
BERRY, Ursula born, 9- 1849 died, July 1897 
BUTLER, Levi L Spouse of, ? born, 1838 died, 1-2-1913 
BUTLER, Mrs. Levi L died, 11-22-1912 
CLEVELAND, Alonzo Spouse of, Lydia born, 3-5- 1825 died, 5-24- 1876 
CLEVELAND, H.D. born, 3-28-1862 died, 1-3-1878 
CLEVELAND, Lydia Spouse of, Alonzo born, 4-28- 1823 died, 10-1-1891 Wife of
CLEVELAND, Mary born, 1-6-1857 died, 8-29-1878 
CLEVELAND, William L. born, 12-16- 1864 died, 12-27-1877 
COLE, Benjamin Rev. Spouse of, Rachel born, 8-1-1754 died, 1-2-1834 b. Ireland Revolutionary War Veteran 2nd Regt. Light Dragoons
COLE, Lemira S. Berry Spouse of, Stephen S. died, 1885 dau of Alonzo Berry
COLE, Marvin Spouse of, Mary J. born, 2-25-1839 died, 1913 son of Stephen S. & Lemira S. Berry Cole Co. H 37th Reg. NYS Vols.
COLE, Mary J. Spouse of, Marvin born, 1846 died, 1924 
COLE, Rachel S Spouse of, Benjamin born, 1767 died, 1858 nee Salisbury
COLE, Stephen S. Spouse of, Lemira S. born, 1802 died, 1877 son of Rev. Benjamin Rachel Salisbury Cole
COLLIVAN, Peter died, 8-14-1898 age, 66 Co. I 154th Reg't NYS Vols. 
FRANK, Andrew A. born, 1858 19 
MARSH, Betsey Spouse of, Ezra born, 1858 died, 1921 wife"
MARSH, Ezra Spouse of, Betsey born, 1829 died, 1893 son of Danforth Co. I 71th Regt. Inf. NYS Vols. 
McWETHEY, Lester Spouse of, Sylvia died, 3-20-1874 age, 75y 5m 22d 
McWETHEY, Sylvia Spouse of, Lester died, 10-11-1878 age, 81y 1m 4d 
SALISBURY, Barbard born, 1-28-1841 Son of Foster B. & Elizabeth B. Salisbury
SALISBURY, Elizabeth B. Spouse of, Foster B. died, 10-21-1863 age, 58 
SALISBURY, Elizabeth T. Spouse of, Foster B. born, 1-16-1835 Wife"
SALISBURY, Foster Spouse of, Elizabeth B. died, 9-11-1874 age, 67y 2m 
SALISBURY, Frank Boyd born, 7-2-1867 Son of Foster B. & Elizabeth T. Salisbury
SHERWOOD, Lena born, 11-16-1882 died, 11-19-1882 Son of A.L. & F.A. Sherwood
SHERWOOD, Lois M. born, 4-25-1887 died, 5-29-1889 Son of A.L. & F.A. Sherwood
SHERWOOD, Mason born, 10-13-1889 died, 3-29-1890 Son of A.L. & F.A. Sherwood
SKEEL, Nirum born, 11-19-1888 Co. I 94th Reg. NYS Vol.
SKEEL, Silas born, 10-17-1789 died, 4-22-1870 
UNKNOWN, Jennie 
UNKNOWN, Mother 
UNKNOWN, Stephen Veterans Flag
WALDEN, Freeman Rev. Spouse of, Julia A. died, 6-3-1874 age, 77y 10m 6d 
WALDEN, Julia A. Spouse of, Rev. Freeman died, Jan. 26, 1885 age, 71y 8m 26d Mother" 
WHEELER, Sarah Spouse of, David born, 1812 died, 1875 WIfe of"- Co. C 105 Reg. NYS Vols.


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