Small private cemetery on Route 240
Ashford, NY

BARR, Wyona H. (Nicewonger). Spouse of Carl K. Born 10-16-1923, died 5-17-2008 - Dau of Daniel & Mary (Ewing) Nicewonger. Wed 1941 in Indiana PA. (Spouse d. 10-7-1999)
DEVLING, Sara H. (Hazlett) [Sally]. Spouse of Robert E. Born 2-24-1939, died 4-26-2007 - Dau of Ferris B. & Marie D. (McCann) Hazlett. Wed 4-13-1957
HOLLAND, Albert. Spouse of #1 Livonia Rice, #2 June Bemis. Born 1-6-1821, died 5-1-1855. Age: 34 - Son of Nathaniel and Mahetabel (Spooner) Holland. Born and died in Holland NY. One daughter with Livonia who died giving birth to her. Wed Jane 11-27-1852, one daughter.
HOLLAND, Amelia M. Born 1-6-1847, died 4-21-1872. Age: 25 - Dau of Albert and Livonia (Rice) Holland. Born and died in Ashford, NY, unmarried
HOLLAND, Ella Sarah, died 4-23-1856. Age: 1y 1m - Dau of Albert and Jane E. (Bemis) Holland.
HOLLAND, Ellen D. Born 1846, died 7-1850. Age: 4y - Dau of Albert and Livonia (Rice) Holland. Born and died in Ashford
HOLLAND, Emily. Born 3-28-1834, died 4-22-1856. Age: 22 - Dau of Nathaniel and Mahetabel (Spooner) Holland. Born in Ashford NY, died in Holland NY, unmarried
HOLLAND, Livonia (Rice). Spouse of Albert. Born 9-21-1818, died 12-16-1848. Age: 30 - Born in Barre MA and died in Ashford NY, two children
HOLLAND, Mahetabel C. (Spooner). Spouse of Nathaniel. Born 1-28-1794, died 7-23-1887. Age: 93 - Dau of Moses and Susannah (Conant) Spooner. Born in Oakham MA and died in Ashford NY. ten children
HOLLAND, Nathaniel. Spouse of Mahetabel Spooner. Born 11-5-1795, died 1-7-1875. Age: 79 - Son of Joab and Abigail (Rice) Holland, Born in Shrewsbury MA and died in Ashford NY. ten children
NEMIRE, William. Spouse of Maria A. Hadley. Born 6-9-1816, died 2-7-1858. Age: 41 - Born in Madison and died in Ashford, two children
SCHWENKE, Herbert C. Spouse of Muriel A. Irland, died 5-8-1969
SCHWENKE, Muriel A. (Irland). Spouse of Herbert C. Born 5-31-1918, died 1-10-2007 - Dau of Harry H. & Ethel (Sim) Irland
TYLER, Rufus E., Jr. Born 6-6-1831, died 3-20-1852. Age: 20 - Son of Rufus E. Sr. and Betsey Tyler.

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