Farmersville, NY Cattaraugus County

Copied from the Cemetery Records Farmersville Center NY in 1969 by Mildred Edmunds, Historian
Submitted by Evelyn Penman, updated from obituaries

ADAMS, Cummings. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 6-15-1788, died 1-21-1858 - Was blind
ADAMS, Edward F. Spouse of Eliza J. Born 11-28-1830, died 6-9-1897
ADAMS, Eliza, died 3-3-1840. Age: 28
ADAMS, Eliza J. Spouse of Edward F. Born 12-28-1834, died 5-26-1907
ADAMS, Elizabeth Whaley. Spouse of Cummings. Born 10-27-1789, died 9-19-1879 - Born in Elizabethtown Essex C. NJ
ADAMS, Loren. Born 5-14-1850, died 9-21-1872
ADAMS, Warren. Born 12-4-1814, died 10-4-1834. Age: 19y 10m - Son of Cummings and Elizabeth (Whaley) Adams
AGETT, Gertrude B. Spouse of Ross L. Born 1903, died 2000
AGETT, Ross L. Spouse of Gertrude B. Born 1904, died 1970
AGETT, son. Born 1932, died 1932 - Son of Ross L. and Gertrude B. Agett
ALLEN, Richard B., died 1-16-1880
ASHCRAFT, Michael Scott. Born 6-8-1967, died 7-14-1997. Age: - [Beloved Son and Brother]
ASHCRAFT, Richard O. Born 5-20-1933, died 12-9-1996 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
AUSTIN, Elihu D. Spouse of Jane L. Born 5-31-1825, died 10-24-1908 - Son of William and Rebecca Doud Austin
AUSTIN, Frank. Born 1880, died 1881
AUSTIN, Jane Lewis. Spouse of Elihu D. Born 7-31-1826, died 1-5-1915 - Dau of Laban and Sarah Tarbell Lewis
AUSTIN, Luther. Born 1-2-1867, died 2-29-1880 - Child of Elihu D. and Jane Lewis Austin
AUSTIN, Mira. Born 1891, died 1894
AUSTIN, Rebecca Doud. Spouse of William Jr., died 1843
AUSTIN, William Jr. Spouse of Rebecca D, died 1884. Age: 89 - War of 1812 Vet
BAIER, Earnest. Spouse of Mary J.
BAIER, Mary J. Spouse of Earnest
BAILLET, Mary A. Born 1834, died 11-21-1849 - Dau of Felix and Affa Baillet
BAKER, Antoinette, died 2-1-2832/37 - Dau of Marsena and Elizabeth Baker
BALDWIN, Daniel P. Born 3-17-1831, died 2-19-1897
BALDWIN, Electa. Spouse of Mansfield. Born 1830, died 1906
BALDWIN, Mansfield. Spouse of Electa. Born 1829, died 1901
BALDWIN, Mansfield. Born 1962, died 1928
BALDWIN, Nancy E. Spouse of William H. Born 1817, died 1874 - [Gone home]
BALDWIN, Nettie. Born 1872, died 1951
BALDWIN, Orra A. Born, died 6-4-1859. Age: 35y 2m 24d - Son of Ora A. and Julia Baldwin
BALDWIN, Orra E., died 6-29-1853. Age: 6m 20d
BALDWIN, Sarah P., died 7-10-1854. Age: 2m 27d
BALDWIN, Seymour, died 7-10-1877. Age: 19y 5m - Son of Mansfield and Electa Baldwin
BALDWIN, Susan. Born 11-27-1835, died 5-8-1903 - Dau of Ora A. and Julia Baldwin
BALDWIN, William H. Spouse of Nancy E. Born 1814, died 1879 - Son of Benjamin Baldwin
BECKWITH, Earl. Spouse of Lena. Born 1881, died 1964
BECKWITH, Lena (Worthington). Spouse of Earl. Born 1881, died 1962
BENSON, Genevieve (Graves). Spouse of William. Born 1849, died 1886
BENSON, Jonaton. Spouse of Lucretia. Born 1788, died 1879
BENSON, Lucretia. Spouse of Jonaton. Born 1786, died 1850
BENTON, Eber. Spouse of Hannah, died 11-3-1861. Age: 64
BENTON, Hannah (Godding). Spouse of Eber, died 8-20-1868. Age: 72
BLACKMON, Albert C. Spouse of Nora. Born 1868, died 1920
BLACKMON, Anna D. Spouse of Edwin O.& Carrie H. Born 1872, died 1957
BLACKMON, Clara M. (Tyler). Spouse of Edwin O. Born 1854, died 12-22-1889. Age: 85 - Dau of Jamin and Malona Tyler. On Tyler Moument: [Clara M wife of E.O. Blackmon]
BLACKMON, Edwin O. Spouse of Anna D. Born 1856, died 1936
BLACKMON, Elbert M., died 5-2-1889. Age: 40
BLACKMON, Franklin. Born 11-7-1799, died 12-12-1884
BLACKMON, Harriett. Spouse of Gaius R, died 1-13-1841
BLACKMON, Horace. Spouse of Mary. Born 1833, died 1898
BLACKMON, James A. abt 1842 - Son of James and Persus (Hayford) Blackmon - Civil War Vet, Co D 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Rushford for three years. Discharged for disability 3-6-1862 at Fitz Hugh Station VA. Enlisted Co D 13th Hvy Arty in 1863 at Cuba for three years. Transferred to Co L 6th Arty on 7-18-1865. Mustered out with company 8-24-1865 at Washington DC.
BLACKMON, James R. Spouse of Percy. Born 1806, died 1883
BLACKMON, Julia A. Spouse of Lyman. Born 2-12-1834, died 5-3-1907
BLACKMON, Leon. Born 9-8-1895, died 11-1895. Age: infant - Son of Albert C. and Nora Davis Blackmon
BLACKMON, Louisa Ann, died 1-24-1877. Age: 13 - Dau of James R and Perses Percy Hayford Blackmon
BLACKMON, Lyman. Spouse of Julia A. Born 3-2-1827, died 1-23-1893
BLACKMON, Mary Matilda. Spouse of Horace. Born 1837, died 1897
BLACKMON, Nora (Davis). Spouse of Albert C. Born 1869, died 1959
BLACKMON, Oscar, died 6-10-1848. Age: 21y 10m 6d
BLACKMON, Perses Percy (Hayford). Spouse of James R. Born 1807, died 1883
BLACKMON, Rebecca. Born 5-3-1807, died 12-16-1885
BLACKMON, Zacharlus. Born 1762, died 5-29-1851. Age: 89y 16d - Revolutionary War Vet
BLOWERS, Mabel. Born 1883, died 1913
BOND, Almeda. Spouse of W, died 6-3-1842. Age: 4y 28d
BOND, Carl E, died 21-11-1863. Age: 2y 8m 7d
BOND, Helen, died 2-28-1863. Age: 8m - Dau of S.C. and E.
BOND, Helen H - Dau of H and A
BOND, Millicent - Dau of Hiram and Almeda
BOPP, Catherine E. Spouse of Henry. Born 1849, died 1918
BOPP, Henry. Spouse of Catherine E. Born 1851, died 1932
BROWN, Ada A. Spouse of James E. Born 6-28-1915, died 10-16-1981 - Dau of Amos and Florence Pettit Meacham
BROWN, Betsy. Spouse of Perez, died 8-27-1836. Age: 78
BROWN, Daniel L. Born 1819, died 1897. Age: 78 - Civil War Vet, Co E 64th Inf NYS Vols, Sgt. Enilsted 1861 at Royalton for three years. Re-enlisted 12-1-1863. POW since 10-7-1864. Mustered out with company 6-27-1865 at Alexandria VA.
BROWN, Minerva, died 3-4-1846. Age: 29 - Dau of Perez and Minerva Brown
BROWN, Perez. Spouse of Betsy, died 7-30-1812. Age: 62
BROWNE, Esther F. (Robbins). Spouse of James Browne. Born 9-9-1838, died 4-19-1896 - Dau of Richard and Mary (Henry) Robbins. On Robbins stone
BULLOCK, Eunice (Richardson). Spouse of Woodbury. Born 9-6-1813, died 9-14-1881
BULLOCK, Franklin, died 12-21-1845. Age: 6 - Son of William and Mary Bullock
BULLOCK, Joel, died 12-7-1834. Age: 1y 4m - Son of Preserved Jr. and Malana Cronk Bullock. Burned to death
BULLOCK, Lucius, died 8-8-1847. Age: 27 5m 12d - Son of Woodbury and Eunice Bullock
BULLOCK, Lydia (Woodbury). Spouse of Preserved Sr. Born, died 5-3-1835. Age: 75
BULLOCK, Malana Cronk. Spouse of Preserved Jr. Born 5-17-1804, died 2-23-1879 - Wed Nov. 13 1831
BULLOCK, Marion, died 12-21-1840. Age: 6m - Dau of William and Mary Bullock
BULLOCK, Mary Ann. Spouse of William, died 7-16-1864. Age: 64
BULLOCK, Preserved Jr. Spouse of Malana Cronk. Born 2-3-1804, died 8-18-1879 - Twin of Woodbury
BULLOCK, Preserved Sr. Spouse of Lydia, died 12-2-1831. Age: 75
BULLOCK, Simon W., died 7-30-1827. Age: 13 - Son of Preserved Jr. and Malana Cronk Bullock
BULLOCK, Woodbury. Spouse of Eunice. Born 2-5-1804, died 6-13-1872. Age: 68 - Twin of Preserved
BURNS, Eunice L. Spouse of John. Born 1840, died 1903
BURNS, John. Spouse of Eunice L. Born 1836
BURR, Allen C. Born 1835, died 12-12-1860 - Son of Duma and Lucy Munger Burr
BURR, Duma. Spouse of Lucy Munger. Born 1812, died 1-23-1888. Age: 76 - Born in Denmark NY
BURR, Lucy Munger. Spouse of Duma. Born 1813, died 8-8-1876. Age: 63 - Wed 1832
BURRELL, Alice B. Born 1911, died 1946 - Dau of Wesley L. and Grace R. Burrell
BURRELL, Grace R. Spouse of Wesley L. Born 1889
BURRELL, Wesley L. Spouse of Grace R. Born 1887, died 1960
BUSH, Claron R. Born 1879
BUSH, Laverne. Born 1889, died 1906
BUSH, Lila B. Born 1885, died 1899
BUSH, Marvin A. Spouse of Nettie M. Born 1848, died 1921
BUSH, Maude L. Born 1879, died 1952
BUSH, Nettie M. Spouse of Marvin A. Born 1853, died 1925
BUTLER, Harlowe M., died 8-9-1851. Age: 2
BUTLER, Harriett A. Born 1841, died 1931
BYROADS, Fred. Born 1835, died 1967
CALDWELL, Anna E. Spouse of Henry. Born 1879, died 1933
CALDWELL, Bird. Born 1849, died 1884
CALDWELL, Ella. Spouse of Henry. Born 2-12-1864, died 6-3-1890
CALDWELL, Henry. Spouse of Ella. Born 1856, died 1934
CALDWELL, James. Spouse of Polly. Born 1815, died 1882
CALDWELL, Mary A. Born 1854, died 1877
CALDWELL, Polly. Spouse of James. Born 1819, died 1903
CARPENTER, Adelbert. Born 1839, died 1871 - Civil War Vet, Co D. 64th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1861 at Rushford for three years. Wounded in action 5-25-1864 at North Anna River VA. Mustered out 11-10-1864 at Elmira NY
CARPENTER, Alice E. Born 9-2-1868, died 3-2-1866. Age: 7y 6m - Dau of Susan and Harvey Carpenter
CARPENTER, Charles, died 11-9-1855. Age: 22
CARPENTER, David. Spouse of Marcia M. Born 1806, died 1891
CARPENTER, Eurnice M, died 6-18-1835. Age: 6m
CARPENTER, George, died 8-29-1832. Age: 3y 11m - Son of David and Marcia M. Carpenter
CARPENTER, Harvey. Spouse of Susan. Born, died 8-22-1880. Age: 35y 10m
CARPENTER, Johnny, died 4-11-1844. Age: 16y 8m 8d
CARPENTER, Johnny L. Born 9-9-1862, died 10-14-1865. Age: 3y 16d - Son of Susan and Harvey Carpenter
CARPENTER, Jonathan. Spouse of Lucinda H, died 6-10-1874. Age: 76y 8m 6d
CARPENTER, Laura, died 9-29-1847 - Dau of Jonathan and Lucinda Hills Carpenter
CARPENTER, Leonard L. Born 5-10-1836, died 6-2-1886 - Civil War Vet, USN
CARPENTER, Lucinda Hills. Spouse of Jonathan, died 8-27-1875
CARPENTER, Marcia M. Spouse of David, died 9-3-1870. Age: 61y 8m
CARPENTER, Seymour. Born, died 12-9-1856. Age: 31y 1m 18d
CARPENTER, Sherman. Born 3-30-1865, died 10-1-1881
CARPENTER, Son, died 10-30-1833 - Son of David and Marcia M. Carpenter
CARPENTER, Susan. Spouse of Harvey. Born 7-15-1835, died 1-2-1909
CARPENTER, Wallis, died 7-20-1842. Age: 11m
CARTER, Betsy. Spouse of Hiram, died 10-4-1835. Age: 28y 4m - [A pattern she through every scene of life- a pious christian and faithful wife A neighbor kind and sweet and a pleasant friend 'twas thus she died and peaceful was her end]
CHAMPLAIN, Eugene, died 10-7-1868. Age: 23y 2m 8d - Adopted son of Lewis and Lovina Lines
CHAPMAN, Blanche M. Born 1878, died 1952
CHAPMAN, Eugene. Born 8-31-1882, died 2-10-1900
CHAPMAN, Nellie. Born 8-1877, died 8-17-1879. Age: 2 - Dau of L. Chapman
CHAPMAN, Willard. Born 1878, died 1937
CLARK, Connie L. "Gramma Connie". Spouse of Roger J. Born 10-13-1955, died 1-6-2007 - Dau of Herman and Eleanor Remington Cobb m Oct 20 2001
CLEMENT, Elsie Stowell. Spouse of Stillman. Born 7-2-1904, died 1966
CLEMENT, Stillman. Spouse of Elsie S. Born 1901, died 1966
CLEVELAND, Adel, died 6-24-1862 - Dau of Lucius and Sarah Cleveland
CLEVELAND, Lucius. Spouse of Sarah, died 8-24-1876. Age: 76 - Born in Rhode Island
CLEVELAND, Sarah. Spouse of Lucius, died 3-6-1882. Age: 73
CLEVELAND, Susan A. - Dau of Lucius and Sarah Cleveland
COLLEY, Clifford J. Born 1919, died 1920
COOK, Maretta Jean. Spouse of Robert Cook. Born 8-08-1944, died 12-01-2019 - Dau of Glenn & Eunice (Bandle) Harvey, b. Ithaca NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 8-05-1967 (he survives)
COOLEY, David. Born 6-19-1843, died 12-19-1862. Age: 19y 6m - Civil War KIA, Co D 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Rushford for three years. Wounded in action 12-13-1862 at Fredericksburg VA, died of wounds 12-19-1862.
COOLEY, Mary. Spouse of Isaac, died 12-23-1881. Age: 90
COOLEY, Polly Robbins. Born 5-4-1798, died 1-29-1881
CORNWELL, Charles. Spouse of Vera?. Born 1857
CORNWELL, Vera?. Spouse of Charles. Born 1863, died 1910
CRANDALL, Steven W. Born 4-2-1958, died 3-3-2009 - Son of H. Donald Crandall and Patricia Benz
CRARY, Sally Maria. Spouse of D.C., died 12-10-1836. Age: 26
CRAWFORD, Agnes Putney. Born 1924, died 1944 - Dau of Abe and Elma Putney
CROOKER, Rina L. Born 1860, died 1936
CROSS, Amanda. Spouse of William, died 9-13-1881. Age: 28
CROSS, Emily M., died 5-11-1849. Age: 19
CROSS, Esther, died 2-13-1807. Age: 80
CROSS, Lucy. Spouse of Anson, died 8-6-1849. Age: 26
CROSS, Luther, died 12-1-1869. Age: 26
CUMMINGS, Henry Spurgeon. Born 3-20-1858, died 5-7-1863. Age: 5y 1m 1d - Son of Julia A. Graves and John T. Cummings
CUMMINGS, John C. Spouse of Sarah. Born 8-22-1782, died 2-21-1860. Age: 77 - Born in Palmer MA
CUMMINGS, John T. Spouse of Julia A. Born 6-10-1816, died 4-20-1877
CUMMINGS, Julia A. Graves. Spouse of John T. Born 10-16-1818, died 9-20-1869. Age: 80y 11m 4d
CUMMINGS, Sarah. Spouse of John C. Born 10-3-1783, died 4-13-1854 - Warren Mass
DAMON, Martin. Spouse of Roxalalia. Born 1794, died 1879 - War of 1812 Vet
DAMON, Roxalalia. Spouse of Martin. Born 1805, died 1865
DANSER, Jean. Spouse of Earl DANSER, Sr. Born 1-07-1940, died 5-04-2011. Age: 71 - Dau of Gerald and Evelyn (?) Hansen, b. IA Wed 1-18-1958 in Medina-NY (he d. 1993)
DAY, Catherine. Spouse of David, died 3-10-1865. Age: 85y 9m 5d
DAY, David. Spouse of Catherine, died 4-8-1848. Age: 46
DAY, Eliza J. Spouse of Nelson B. Born 1830
DAY, Nelson B. Spouse of Eliza J. Born 1828, died 1905 - Son of David and Catherine Day
DEMMING, Lucinda. Born 2-2-1830, died 8-2-1851. Age: 21y 6m
DENISON, Isabel C. Born 10-1-1843, died 6-1-1860. Age: 16y 8d - Dau of William Lillis
DIETZ, Jeremie N. Spouse of Kelly M. Sears. Born 6-06-1978, died 2-20-2017 - Son of William H. & Connie L. (Cobb) Dietz, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Divorced
DRURY, Clara Maude - Dau of Ebenezer and Sarah [Little Clara has left us she was too tender for this earth she has left this mouldering body and received a higher birth]
DRURY, Ebenezer, died 2-17-1879. Age: 87
EASTERLY, Mary Grinnell. Born 1907, died 1960
EMERSON, Arthur A. Born 1879, died 1962
EWELL, Betsy F. Spouse of Dwight, died 5-20-1969. Age: 52
EWELL, Clarence A. Born 1863, died 1935
EWELL, Dwight. Spouse of Betsy F. Born 8-19-1816, died 2-5-1884
EWELL, Gretrude. Born 1863, died 1948
FARWELL, Daisy Lafferty. Spouse of Frank. Born 5-3-1891, died 7-2-1969
FARWELL, Frank. Spouse of Daisy L. Born 1888, died 1959
FLAGG, John M, died 7-5-1844. Age: 14
FORWARD, Delwin H. Spouse of Judith Dake. Born 11-22-1933, died 12-07-2015 - Son of Ralph & Florence (Easterly) Forward, b. Centerville NY, d. Franklinville NY. Wed 4-19-1958 in Franklinville NY (she survives)
FOSTER, Mary Ann Luce. Spouse of William H. Born 1823, died 2-3-1899
FOSTER, William H. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 1827, died 3-23-1903
FRIDMAN, Carl W. Jr. Spouse of Gloria M. Boundy. Born 7-3-1936, died 3-6-2020. Age: 83 - Son of Carl Sr. and Celeste (Hoerner) Fridman. Born in South Wales, lived in Franklinville NY, died in Olean NY. A machinist. Wed 6-28-1958 in South Wales, three children. (Spouse d. 1-14-2010) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1956-1958.
FRIDMAN, Gloria M. (Boundy). Spouse of Carl W. Jr. Born 1-9-1939, died 1-14-2010. Age: 71 - Dau of John W. and Ida M. (Hoagland) Boundy. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Farmersville NY, died in Cuba NY. A machinist. Wed 6-28-1958 in South Wales, three children.
FROST, Henry A., died 5-3-1865. Age: 3 - Son of Jesse and Mary Frost
GAGE, Charles T. Spouse of Myra. Born 1849, died 1892
GAGE, Marcus V. Born 1879, died 1892 - Son of Charles T. and Myra Gage
GAGE, Myra. Spouse of Charles T. Born 1849, died 1932
GANUNG, Emmett S. Born 1873, died 1910
GILBERT, Louisa A. Spouse of Timothy B. Born 1-24-1840
GILBERT, Timothy B. Spouse of Louisa A. Born 7-17-1834, died 6-22-1903 - G.A.R. - Civil War Vet, Co B 184th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted at Albion 1864 for one year. Mustered out with company 6-29-1865 at City Point VA.
GILES, George O. Born 1816, died 1877
GILES, James Jr., died 2-18-1881. Age: 70y 11m 6d
GILES, James T. B. Born 1845 - Civil War Vet, Co B 2nd Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 12-30-1863 at Farmersville for three years. Mustered out with company 8-`0-`865 at Petersburg VA.
GILES, Jane I. Born 1824, died 1910
GILLET, Erastus, died 11-7-1827 - Son of George and P Gillet
GILLET, Sally Maria, died 4-7-1833. Age: 8 - Dau of Henry and Betsy Gillet
GILLEY, Rebecca. Spouse of William. Born 1-27-1774, died 9-11-1855. Age: 81y 7m 9d
GILLEY, Robert. Born 6-7-1795, died 12-16-1860
GILLEY, William. Born 10-21-1779, died 8-21-1885. Age: 76y10m
GILLEY, William T. Born 7-3-1806, died 11-12-1852. Age: 46y 3m 9d
GOERSS, Benj. Born 1873, died 1937
GOULD, ------ ??, died 10-16-1874 - Double stone no name between Goulds
GOULD, ------ ??, died 3-3-1873 - Double stone no name between Goulds
GOULD, Allen, died 10-17-1865 - Son of George and Amelia S. (Burr) Gould
GOULD, Amelia S. (Burr). Spouse of George. Born 1840, died 1901 - Dau of Duma and Lucy Munger Burr
GOULD, George. Spouse of Amelia S. Burr. Born 1838, died 1888
GOULD, Ralph A. Spouse of Ellen C. Yocum. Born 8-5-1929, died 2-11-2021 - Son of Walter and Edith (Noble) Gould. Born in Olean NY, lived Franklinville NY. Worked 31 years t Agway. Wed 4-12-1958 in Centerville NY, three sons. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1951-1953
GOULD, Timothy. Born 1959, died 1959 - Son of Ralph and Ellen (Yocum) Gould
GRATTEN, Augusta A., died 6-1-1830. Age: 1 - Dau of Ira and Martha Gratten
GRAVES, Grove. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1821, died 1889 - Son of Jonathan
GRAVES, Jonathan. Spouse of Lucretia. Born 1788, died 1870
GRAVES, Lucretia. Spouse of Jonathan. Born 1785, died 1860
GRAVES, Sarah. Spouse of Grove. Born 1821, died 1887
GREENWOOD, Lydia. Spouse of Nathaniel. Born 4-2-1816, died 2-1-1881
GREENWOOD, Nathaniel. Spouse of Lydia. Born 8-27-1819, died 5-1-1908
GURNELLS, Charles E. Born 1872, died 1952
GURNELLS, Estella. Born 1884, died 1957
GURNELLS, John E. Spouse of Mary. Born 1836, died 1878 - Civil War Vet, Co I 8th Cav NYS Vols
GURNELLS, Mary. Spouse of John E. Born 1845, died 1930
HALL, Bessie. Spouse of Harry G.
HALL, Bond Mulkin, Capt. Born 1918, died 7-6-1945 - Son of Harry G. and Bessie Hall - WW II, US Army Air Corps, Capt. C-47 pilot. KIA over Luzon, Phillipines. Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster and Air Medal with several Oak Leaf Clusters
HALL, Georgia A. Spouse of Ralph G. Born 1869, died 1934
HALL, Harry G. Spouse of Bessie. Born 1889, died 1969
HALL, Ralph G. Spouse of Georgia A. Born 1865, died 1955
HALL, Robert S. Born 1924, died 1941 - Son of Harry G. and Bessie Hall
HALL, Sopronia, died 6-11-1849. Age: 22y 6m
HARRIS, Margy. Born 1772, died 2-15-1844. Age: 72
HARRISON, Fred. Spouse of Nina. Born 1888, died 1945
HARRISON, Nina. Spouse of Fred. Born 1894, died 1965
HARWOOD, Florence E. Born 1866, died 1928
HAYFORD, Joel. Born 1780, died 1857 - War of 1812 Vet
HAYFORD, John. Born 1768, died 1853 - War of 1812 Vet
HAYFORD, Rufus, died 11-8-1975. Age: 77
HAYFORD, Samuel, died 11-17-1859
HECKLER, Peter H. Born 12-14-1920, died 2-16-2009. Age: 89 - Son of Fred and Phoebe Heckler - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
HENRY, Backus. Spouse of Lovinia, died 1-8-1878. Age: 66 - Son of Gideon and Phebe Cheeseman Henry
HENRY, Gideon. Spouse of Phebe C. Born 1778, died 1-14-1857. Age: 79 - War of 1812 Vet
HENRY, James M. Born 5-27-1816, died 11-7-1881
HENRY, John. Spouse of Nancy. Born 1739, died 2-16-1795
HENRY, Laura A. Born 1802, died 5-31-1828. Age: 26
HENRY, Lovinia Baker. Spouse of Backus, died 5-5-1847. Age: 40
HENRY, Nancy. Spouse of John. Born 1741, died 2-13-1830. Age: 89
HENRY, Phebe Cheeseman. Spouse of Gordon. Born 1780, died 6-24-1839 - Wed 1803
HENRY, Samuel. Born 1768, died 8-5-1830. Age: 63
HENRY, Sophia Wood. Spouse of William. Born 1-24-1820, died 7-21-1893 - Wed Jan 19 1843
HENRY, William. Spouse of Sophia W. Born 8-7-1818, died 8-5-1893 - Youngest Son of Gordon Henry, born in Richfield NY
HENRY, William A. Born 2-25-1852, died 9-17-1911
HESS, John. Spouse of Louisa P. Born 1860, died 1936
HESS, Julia H. Born 1900, died 1922
HESS, Louisa P. Eckert. Spouse of John. Born 1874, died 1952
HESS, William. Born 11-11-1905, died 1-7-1955
HICKS, Daniel. Born 10-10-1786, died 7-1-1874. Age: 88y 9m
HICKS, Jermira H. Born 5-9-1786, died 11-9-1876. Age: 90y 8m
HICKS, Mary H. B. Born 1842, died 4-10-1862. Age: 20 - Dau of John and Mary Hicks
HICKS, William. Born 1873, died 1950
HILLMAN, Annie B. Born 1848, died 1901
HILLMAN, Elizabeth. Spouse of Lafayette. Born 1845, died 1915
HILLMAN, Lafayette. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1842, died 6-30-1891. Age: 49
HILLS, Henry. Born 12-20-1804, died 10-20-1876. Age: 72y 10m
HOLMES, Cicero. Born 1823, died 1895 - Son of Peter and Rachel Holmes
HOLMES, David A. Born 2-17-1966, died 4-04-2015. Age: 49 - Son of Herbert G. and Jennie Holmes, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY
HOLMES, Earl W. Born 1868, died 1937
HOLMES, Frank. Born 1853, died 1931
HOLMES, Jane. Born 1826, died 1890
HOLMES, Josephine. Born 1866, died 1925
HOLMES, Nathan, died 3-1-18??
HOLMES, Nettie Bush Cady. Born 1881
HOLMES, Peter. Spouse of Rachel, died 4-12-1868. Age: 65
HOLMES, Rachel. Spouse of Peter, died 11-29-1866. Age: 66
HOUGHTALING, Caroline. Born, died 7-7-1838. Age: 14 - Dau of ? and Lucinda
HOUGHTALING, Enos, died 9-25-1816. Age: 1
HOWARD, Amos. Born, died 8-11-1850. Age: 1
HOWARD, Elizabeth, died 8-12-1843. Age: 31y 10m 25d
HOWARD, George. Spouse of Hannah, died 7-19-1883. Age: 76y 6m 12d
HOWARD, Hannah. Spouse of George. Born 12-31-1821, died 4-22-1897
HOWE, Charles F., died 12-5-1849. Age: 18y-3m-13d - Son of John and Elizabeth Howe
HOWE, Hiram
HOWES, Martin Phillip. Born 1848*, died 6-25-1859. Age: 11 - Son of M Howes
HOWES, Mary. Born 1838*, died 5-10-1840. Age: 2 - Dau of M Howes
HUBBARD, Ann Elizabeth. Spouse of Jed. Born 1846, died 1913 - Dau of James and Percy Hayford Blackmon
HUBBARD, Jedediah. Spouse of Ann Elizabeth. Born 1-24-1826, died 1912 - Son of Russell and Sally Hubbard
HUBBARD, Little Stella, died 4-6-1855. Age: 2
HUBBARD, Mary A., died 5-26-1866. Age: 15
HUBBARD, Russell. Spouse of Sally, died 4-8-1876. Age: 81
HUBBARD, Sally. Spouse of Russell, died 5-20-1876. Age: 80
HUNT, Roberta N. Spouse of Ron. Born 1899, died 1968 - Dau of Fred and Lella Worthington Stowell
HUNT, Ron. Spouse of Roberta N. Born 1891, died 1964
HUYCK, Horatio F. Born 10-20-1840, died 10-24-1906
HUYCK, Lydia J. Born 1-30-1842, died 11-5-1917
JENKINS, William J., died 9-29-1847. Age: 19
JOHNSON, A. Irene. Born 1883, died 1937
JOHNSON, Clarina. Spouse of Timothy, died 6-6-1849. Age: 61
JONES, Franklin, died 12-15-1833. Age: 6
KING, Roy H. Spouse of Shirley May Logan d 12-12-1988. Born 11-5-1926, died 2-20-2009 - Son of Harry and Julie Miller King - WW II Vet, US Army
KNIGHT, Robert A. Born 3-12-1914, died 7-26-1947 - WW II Vet, US Air Corps, S/Sgt
KOWALSKI, Dorothy K. Spouse of John R. KOWALSKI. Born 3-06-1947, died 10-16-2012 - Dau of Roy Ellis and Sara Johnson [sic], b. Dunn-NC Wed 10-02-1971 in Franklinville-NY
KROTJE, Elizabeth. Born 12-12-1994, died 2-8-2020. Age: 25 - Dau of Shane and Anne (Giboo) Krotje. Born in Springville NY, lived in Franklinville NY.
LANE, F.H. Born 1853, died 1927
LANE, James H. Spouse of Martha M. Born 7-5-1830, died 5-18-1902 - Oldest Son of Lloyd Lane
LANE, Martha M. Spouse of James H. Born 8-15-1829, died 8-8-1906. Age: 86
LANE, Mary E. Cornwell. Spouse of Wallace. Born 1866, died 1930
LANE, Mtthias. Born 5-18-1759, died 1850 - Revolutionary War Vet
LANE, Nora. Born 1905, died 10-11-1906
LANE, Wallace. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1852, died 1927
LAW, Ella E. Spouse of W.H. Born 1853, died 1904
LAW, Eveline. Spouse of Ezra B. Born 1856, died 1899 - Dau of Zabad Parish
LAW, Ezra B. Spouse of Evealine. Born 12-16-1853, died 1907 - Son of Eliphalet and Mary E. Strong Law
LAW, Frank W. Spouse of Hattie C. Born 1864, died 1950
LAW, Hattie C. Spouse of Frank W. Born 10-13-1879, died 1936
LAW, John. Spouse of Sylvia A. Born 1851, died 1906
LAW, Leonard [Dude]. Spouse of Jennie A. Born 8-7-1920, died 1-8-2009 - Son of Millard C. and Catherine S. Smith Law. Wed 6-12-1948 - WW II Vet, US Army
LAW, Lovina, died 7-31-1877. Age: 3y 1m - Dau of Ezra B. Eveline Law
LAW, Sarah E. Born 1877, died 11-3-1885. Age: 8 - Dau of Ezra B. Eveline Law
LAW, Sylvia A. Spouse of John. Born 1859, died 1928
LAW, W.H. Spouse of Ella E. Born 1849, died 1921
LELAND, Charles, died 8-12-1931 - Son of James and Diane Leland
LEONARD, Addie Thomas. Spouse of Milton A. Born 1862 - Dau of J.W. and Mary F Gilley Thomas
LEONARD, Anna, died 7-14-1889 - On Cornelius TenBroeck monument
LEONARD, Benjamin. Spouse of Jane D. Born 1816, died 1904
LEONARD, Benjamin. Born 1851, died 8-31-1858
LEONARD, Caroline. Born 3-19-1893, died 2-3-1898
LEONARD, Dan. Born 1857
LEONARD, David B. Spouse of Helen D. Born 1865, died 1911
LEONARD, Earnest. Born 9-11-1886, died 1-13-1899. Age: 13 - Son of Milton A. and Addie Thomas Leonard
LEONARD, Evan. Born 1861
LEONARD, Eveline. Born 3-19-1893
LEONARD, Ezra. Born 1859
LEONARD, Hannah. Born 1855, died 1861
LEONARD, Helen D. Spouse of David B. Born 11-4-1861, died 2-4-1880
LEONARD, Jane Davis. Spouse of Benjamin. Born 1815, died 1901
LEONARD, Mary. Born 1849, died 9-15-1858
LEONARD, Mary Ann. Born 1853, died 1867
LEONARD, Milton A. Spouse of Addie T. Born 1860, died 1935
LERCH, William, died 10-9-1851. Age: 23y 7m 18d - Son of Rufus and Cornelia Lerch
LEWIS, Caleb. Spouse of Joanna, died 5-1-1856. Age: 66y 4m 3d
LEWIS, Joanna. Spouse of Caleb, died 12-7-1862. Age: 62y 9m 6d
LINES, Ellen L. Spouse of William B., died 8-31-1902
LINES, Joel H. Spouse of Nancy, died 10-24-1855
LINES, Levi, died 10-8-1875. Age: 39
LINES, Lewis, died 3-4-1878. Age: 64
LINES, Mary E. Spouse of G.B. Born 1-16-1880, died 9-16-1891
LINES, Nancy. Spouse of Joel H., died 6-26-1893. Age: 72
LINES, William B. Spouse of Ellen L, died 10-29-1897
LOVE, Charles. Spouse of Katherine L. Born 3-22-1798 - On lot south of Oscar Phillips, no marker
LOVE, Katherine Lane. Spouse of Charles - On lot south of Oscar Phillips, no marker
MANN, Buell E. Born 1853, died 1931
MANN, Lillian M. Born 1855, died 1922
MANN, Volney. Born 1889, died 1890
MANSFIELD, Kathleen L. (Coxson). Spouse of Harold. Born 12-08-1948, died 12-12-2016 - Dau of Ralph & Catherine (Koewacich) Coxson, b. Sharon PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 4-03-1968 in Ellenville (he survives)
MARBLE, Ada. Born 1905, died 1928
MARBLE, Carrie L. Born 1867, died 1925
MARBLE, Edwin J. Spouse of Martha M. Born 1862, died 1917
MARBLE, Joseph E. Born 1867, died 1904
MARBLE, Lena. Born 1877, died 1923
MARBLE, Lillian E. Born 1916, died 1932
MARBLE, Martha. Spouse of Charles Clark. Born 6-16-1862, died 12-1-1883
MARBLE, Martha Morris. Spouse of Edwin J. Born 1840, died 1919
MARBLE, William J. Born 1866, died 1941
MATSON, Albert, died 4-12-1869. Age: 12y 20d - Son of Rilet and Susan Watson
MATSON, Mary L. (Thiers), died 4-1-1866. Age: 20y 7m 7d
MATSON, Riley. Spouse of Susan, died 3-11-1875. Age: 58y 8m
MATSON, Susan. Spouse of Riley
McGEORGE, Mary A. L. Born 1851, died 11-19-1875. Age: 18 - Dau of A. and L. McGeorge
McGEORGE, Matthew, died 9-7-1855. Age: 83
McGOWAN, Bryan W. Born 11-03-1991, died 10-31-2011. Age: 19y - Son of Harold and Patricia (Converse) McGowan, b. Olean-NY
MEACHAM, Amos B. Spouse of Florence. Born 9-9-1884, died 10-31-1968 - Son of Lewis and Ella Carpenter Meacham
MEACHAM, Amos B. Spouse of Florence B. Born 9-9-1884, died 10-1-1960
MEACHAM, Florence B. Pettit. Spouse of Amos B. Born 2-11-1885, died 6-26-1963
MEACHAM, Leigh O. Spouse of Vera I. Born 3-15-1917, died 4-19-1989 - Son of Amos and Florence Pettit Meacham
MEACHAM, Vera I. Spouse of Leigh O. Born 3-5-1927, died 12-15-1998 - Dau of Orin and Hazel Nichols
MILLS, Charles, died 1831. Age: 6m - Son of Joseph and Mary Mills
MILLS, Joseph. Spouse of Mary. Born 1756, died 3-2-1843. Age: 77 - Revolutionary War Vet, Col. Luke Dunry's Regiment of MA Malitia and First New hampshire Regiment.
MILLS, Mary. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1762, died 1830. Age: 68
MIX, Jennie M. (Krotje). Spouse of John E. Mix. Born 5-04-1938, died 9-02-2018. Age: 80y - Dau of Henry & Elizabeth (Diermyer) Krotje, b. N. Tonawanda NY, d. Bolivar NY, Wed 6-27-1981 in Farmersville NY. Four sons (he d. 1-23-2015)
MONTROSS, H. W., died 12-11-18??. Age: 69
MULLIKEN, Edwin B. Spouse of Lucoba. Born 1805, died 1882 - Son of Samuel and Fidelia C. Kecthum Mulliken
MULLIKEN, Edwin I. Born 1849, died 1856
MULLIKEN, Esther Bond. Born 1806, died 1877
MULLIKEN, Fidelia C. Kecthum. Spouse of Samuel. Born 1817, died 1910
MULLIKEN, Lucoba. Spouse of Edwin B. Born 1816, died 1885
MULLIKEN, Samuel. Spouse of Fidelia C. Born 1777, died 1863
NICHOLS, Ann. Spouse of John. Born 2-24-1809
NICHOLS, Bernice. Born 1899, died 1917
NICHOLS, Jessie. Born 1866, died 1949
NICHOLS, John A. Spouse of Cynthia Potter. Born 1-19-1955, died 8-22-2019 - Son of Leland & Margaret (MacAulay) Nichols, b. Olean NY, d. Rushford NY. Wed 8-16-1980 in Farmersville Center NY (she survives)
NICHOLS, John I. Born 1864, died 1940
NICHOLS, Merle H. Born 1902, died 1981
NICHOLS, Myrtle. Born 1895, died 1947
NOBLE, Casper, died 4-4-1877. Age: 71y 9m
NOBLE, Geley, died 1-7-1842 - Son of Giles and Susan Noble
NOBLE, Giles. Spouse of Susan, died 11-7-18??
NOBLE, Helen Cook, died 1-4-1862
NOBLE, Olive, died 6-30-1877. Age: 68
NOBLE, Susan. Spouse of Giles, died 9-9-1831. Age: 41
NORRIS, Agnes Hall. Spouse of Guy
NORRIS, Guy C. Spouse of Agnes H
NORRIS, Richard. Born 1922, died 1922 - Infant Son of Guy C. and Agnes Hall Norris
OGILVIE, George. Spouse of Imogene. Born 1891, died 1966
OGILVIE, Imogene. Spouse of George, died 1894
OLDER, Alonzo. Spouse of Marion. Born 1830, died 1922 - Son of Wallis 2nd wife Jane Carpenter
OLDER, Annette. Born 2-21-1832, died 11-9-1886
OLDER, Frank L. - Son of Alonzo and Marion Woods Older
OLDER, Jesse. Born 1795, died 1874 - War of 1812 Vet
OLDER, Juliette Abrie Mulliken. Spouse of Wallis. Born 4-3-1807, died 10-12-1867 - [Our mother]
OLDER, Mannon. Spouse of William. Born 9-25-1782, died 5-16-1905
OLDER, Marion. Spouse of Alonzo. Born 12-12-1829, died 8-22-1878. Age: 49y 8m 10d
OLDER, Morden. Born 1842, died 1877
OLDER, Myron. Born 1828
OLDER, Wallis. Spouse of Juliette Abrie. Born 8-1807, died 5-8-1842 - Son of William
OLDER, William. Born 1836, died 1884
OLDER, Willie. Born 5-7-1856, died 8-22-1861 - Son of Alonzo and Marion Woods Older
OLDER, Willis. Born 8-17-1803, died 5-8-1845
ORTON, Earnest. Born 3-4-1797, died 10-19-1872
OSBORN, Marcus. Born 1859, died 1920
OSBORN, Mary. Born 1816, died 1909
OSBORN, Roderick. Born 1810, died 1874
OSBORN, Willis. Born 1844, died 1884
OWENS, Randall D. "Randian". Born 7-26-1968, died 5-18-2008 - Son of Elbert and Ruth Ann Law Owens
PACKARD, Louise - Dau of Spencer and Electra
PARISH, Eugene, died 12-2-1878. Age: 86y 7m 20d
PARISH, Jeremiah. Born 2-17-1765, died 7-16-1851 - Revolutionary War Vet
PARISH, Nehemiah. Born 1740, died 1850 - Revolutionary War Vet
PARISH, Roselia Banton. Spouse of Zabad. Born 1822, died 1900
PARISH, Shubael. Born 1755, died 1840 - Revolutionary War Vet
PARISH, Zabad. Spouse of Roselia B. Born 1825, died 1899 - Civil War Vet, Co D 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Rushford for three years. Discharged for disability 3-23-1963 at Baltimore MD
PATCHEN, Betsy Ann, died 6-6-1837. Age: 16 - Dau of George
PATCHEN, Maria. Spouse of George, died 6-20-1857. Age: 59
PEET, Antonette. Born 1921, died 1925 - Dau of John Lee and Genevieve Smith Peet
PEET, Cornelia. Spouse of Rufus, died 10-20-1853
PEET, Eliza. Spouse of Levi, died 11-3-186-. Age: 62
PEET, Eliza A. Born 4-13-1824, died 10-1-1891
PEET, Eunice. Spouse of Levi, died 4-26-1840. Age: 48y 5m 17d
PEET, Fidelia
PEET, Genevieve Smith. Spouse of John Lee. Born 1883, died 9-12-1961
PEET, Jimmie. Born 2-5-1861, died 7-29-1876
PEET, John Lee. Spouse of Genevieve S. Born 1889, died 1952
PEET, Levi. Spouse of Eliza and Eunice, died 3-15-1863. Age: 69y 10d - Eliza and Eunice were sisters
PEET, Mary Carpenter. Born 1841, died 1915
PEET, Mary Johannah, died 10-7-1888. Age: 13 - Dau of Levi and Eunice Peet
PEET, Putnam F. Born 1923, died 1923 - Son of John Lee and Genevieve Smith Peet
PEET, Rufus. Spouse of Cornelia, died 11-8-1875
PEET, Silas. Born 4-2-1824, died 2-3-1908
PEET, William L. - Son of Rufus and Cornelia Peet
PERRY, Hannah E. Born 2-6-1809, died 5-23-1888
PETTIT, Elton H. Spouse of Margaret E. Harris. Born 12-27-1920, died 8-24-1982 - Son of Herbert and Ida Jordan Pettit - WW II Vet, US Army
PHILLIPS, Clinton O. Born 1880, died 1883
PHILLIPS, David C. Born 1842, died 1904 - Civil War Vet, Co I 8th Cav NYS Vols
PHILLIPS, Hattie B. Born 1882, died 1883
PHILLIPS, Jennie C. Born 1874, died 1907
PHILLIPS, Martin, died 6-25-1859. Age: 11y 10m - Son of H. S. and M. A.
PHILLIPS, Susan H. Born 1847, died 1916
POMEROY, Charles H. Spouse of Myra T. Born 1860, died 1952
POMEROY, Grace. Spouse of Charles H. Born 1872, died 1954
POMEROY, Myra T. Spouse of Charles H. Born 1852, died 1895
PORTER, Annie E. Spouse of Tyler P. Born 1823, died 1910
PORTER, Jeremiah. Born 1840, died 1855
PORTER, Julia. Born 1842, died 1892. Age: 62
PORTER, Tyler P. Spouse of Annie E. Born 1814, died 1874
PUTNAM, Betsy Ann, died 7-6-1887. Age: 16y 6m
PUTNAM, Maria. Spouse of George, died 6-20-1856. Age: 50
PUTNEY, Abe. Spouse of Elma F. Born 1850, died 1936
PUTNEY, Elma F. Spouse of Abe. Born 1865, died 1946
REESE, Edward, died 10-12-18?2. Age: 5w - Son of ? and Elana
REY, James. Born 9-6-1837, died 8-6-1863 - Civil War KIA, 8th Cav NYS Vols, Wounded at Gettsburg 7-2-1863 Died Baltimore Hospital
REY, Melinda. Born 1832, died 7-27-1854. Age: 22 - Dau of James and M.A. Rey
RICE, Anson R., died 8-11-1850. Age: 1 - Son of G. and H.
RICE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Jesse, died 2-13-1866. Age: 84
RICE, Mary, died 3-10-1845. Age: 2y 8m 9d
RICHARDSON, Norman O. Born, died 12-12-1847. Age: 18y 5m
RICKS, John. Born 1825, died 5-7-1875. Age: 50
RIVENBURGH, Jane. Spouse of Peter, died 10-6-1871. Age: 75y 8m 16d
RIVENBURGH, John E., died 12-1860. Age: 15y 6m 6d - Son of E. Burr and Elmira H. Rivenburgh
RIVENBURGH, Peter. Spouse of Jane. Born 1787, died 1875
ROBBINS, Egbert W. Born 5-10-1843, died 8-18-1864. Age: 21y 3m 15d - Prob son of Richard and Mary (Henry) Robbins.Was a twin - Civil War KIA
ROBBINS, Elizabeth S. Born 1842*, died 7-8-1855. Age: 13y 4m 19d - Dau of Richard and Mary (Henry) Robbins
ROBBINS, Ellen. Born 12-11-1833, died 11-15-1900 - Dau of Richard and Mary (Henry) Robbins
ROBBINS, Frank H. Born 1857*, died 2-17-1883. Age: 26y 3m 15d - Son of Richard and Mary (Henry) Robbins
ROBBINS, Mary Richard. Born 1761*, died 12-23-1851. Age: 90 -
ROBBINS, Mary (Henry). Spouse of Richard, died 3-2-1887 - Dau of Gordon Henry. At least 9 children
ROBBINS, Milton Henry. Born 1836*, died 6-16-1864. Age: 28y 6m 1d - Prob son of Richard and Mary (Henry) Robbins - Civil War KIA, Co D 64th Inf NYS Vols, 1/Sgt. Enlisted 1862 at Rushford for three years. Wounded in action 12-13-1862 at Fredericksburg VA. Killed in Action 6-14-1864 near Petersburg VA.
ROBBINS, Richard. Spouse of Mary Henry. Born 1805*, died 5-18-1860. Age: 55 - At least 9 children
ROBBINS, Richard W. Born 1844*, died 6-24-1870. Age: 26y 3m 15d - Son of Richard and Mary (Henry) Robbins
ROBBINS, Samuel. Born 1804*, died 11-12-18?2. Age: 68y 1m 12d
ROBESON, Agnes, died 4-24-1834. Age: 1y 5m 6d - Dau of E.W. and L.E.
ROBESON, Hiram. Spouse of L. Maria. Born 1834, died 1909
ROBESON, L. Maria. Spouse of Hiram. Born 1832, died 1907
ROBESON, Louise Ann - Dau of Robert and Louise
ROBLEE, A. Nelson. Spouse of Ada Mae. Born 6-20-1917, died 6-1-1965
ROBLEE, Janice M. Born 1-23-1942, died 2-14-1945
ROBLEE-HARRISON, Ada Mae. Spouse of A. Nelson. Born 1-30-1920 - Dau of Fred and Nina Harrison
ROOD, David. Spouse of Sarah H. Born 1790, died 1841
ROOD, Ormus D. Born 1797, died 1875
ROOD, Sarah H. Spouse of David. Born 1822, died 1894
ROOT, Mary (Proctor} [Polly]. Spouse of Joseph Crary/ Elihu Stewart, Sr/ Billa. Born 10-20-1770, died 11-27-1846. Age: 83 Dau of Leonard and Mary Proctor, born in Middlesex Co MA, died in Farmersville NY. Wed Joseph 7-12-1789, six children - he d. 1810. Wed Elihu in 1810, 2 children - he d. 1816. Wed Billa in 1820, no children.
ROOT, William [Billa]. Spouse of Rebecca Hawkins/ Mary Proctor. Born 7-1-1756, died 2-3-1859. Age: 94 - Son of Joseph and Silence (Curtis) Root, born in Tolland Co Ct, died in Farmersville NY. Wed Rebecca 1-7-1778 in Coventry CT, nine children. Wed Polly Proctor 9-26-1826 in Denmark NY, no children. Govt. marker 1760-1857 - Revolutionary War Vet, CT Militia, Sgt in Capt James Dana's Company.
ROSE, Karl M. Spouse of Lois M., died 4-15-1999 - Wed April 20 1944 owned Farmersville Center Store
ROSE, Lois M. Spouse of Karl M. Born 11-29-1925, died 11-12-2008 - Dau of Jay and Mary Schnell Hillman
ROWLEY, Gershom Jr. Born 1800, died 4-7-1871 - From Conn.
ROWLEY, Luther Dwight, died 2-1-1852. Age: 11m - Son of N.S. and H.C.
ROWLEY, Minnie L. Born 1864, died 1877
ROWLEY, Sally Ann. Spouse of G.S., died 6-16-1864. Age: 20y 8m 12d - (census 1865)
ROWLEY, Silas Clark, died 10-11-1846 - Son of Nathaniel and Hannah Rowley
RUSSELL, Sylvanus, died 4-7-1877. Age: 5y 7m - Son of C. and Azuba Russell
SACKETT, Little Sackett. Age: 1y 8m
SCISM, Esther Bond. Born 1806, died 1877
SCISM, Helen E., died 12-25-1858. Age: 5 - Dau of Rev W and Mary Scism
SCISM, Olin H., died 5-23-1856 - Son of Rev W and Mary Scism
SEELY, Eliza. Spouse of Loren, died 1-1-1875
SEELY, Loren. Spouse of Eliza. Born 5-14-1880, died 9-21-1872
SESSIONS, Martha E, died 8-7-1870. Age: 10y 1m 10d - Dau of E and H Sessions
SLOCUM, Julie. Spouse of C.B. or C.R., died 3-22-1862. Age: 19y 5m 11d
SLOCUM, Kimberly L. Born 9-30-1965, died 11-30-2020 - Dau of David and Donna (Clement) Slocum. Born and died in Olean NY, Lived in Farmersville NY. A lab tech at Olean General.
SLOCUM, May. Spouse of Walter N. Born 1876
SLOCUM, Walter N. Spouse of May. Born 1876, died 1958
SLUSSER, Jane (Stevenson). Born 3-14-1814, died 8-6-1893 - On Stevenson monunent
SMITH, Adeline P Balcom. Spouse of Nelson P. Born 1827, died 1914
SMITH, Baby, died 1880 - Child of Melvin E. and Mary L. Smith
SMITH, Charles O. Born 1883, died 1936
SMITH, Cleone. Born 1913, died 1915. Age: 2 - Child of L. King and Ida M. Chapin Smith
SMITH, Florence J. Thomas. Spouse of Willis D. Born 1847, died 1926
SMITH, Frank, died 5-12-1854. Age: 6y 9m - Son of L.M. and E.
SMITH, Harry C. Spouse of Lena R. Born 1885, died 1918 - Son of Willis D. and Florence J. Thomas Smith
SMITH, Ida M. Chapin. Spouse of L. King. Born 5-18-1862, died 2-24-1943
SMITH, Joseph F. Sr. Spouse of Susan. Born 6-30-1932, died 11-11-2012 - Son of Frank and Gertrude (Leghorn) Smith, b. Shinglehouse PA Wed 1963 in Coudersport PA (she d. 4-26-2011) - Korean War Vet, US Army
SMITH, L. King. Spouse of Ida M. Born 1856, died 1903
SMITH, Lena Rogers. Spouse of Harry C. Born 1886
SMITH, Lorraine. Spouse of DeLancey, died 8-13-1875. Age: 28
SMITH, Lyle C. Spouse of Rowena LINDSLEY. Born 8-03-1936, died 8-26-2010. Age: 74 - Son of Russel D. and Verna (Moore) Smith, b. Freedom-NY Wed 4-20-1957 in Sandusky-NY
SMITH, Mary L. Spouse of Melvin E. Born 1852, died 1936 - Dau of James and Catherine Ives Burger
SMITH, Melvin E. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1854, died 1921 - Son of Nelson D. and Adeline P Balcom Smith
SMITH, Nelson P. Spouse of Adeline P. Born 1827, died 1911 - Son of Asa B. Smith
SMITH, Servius T. Spouse of Beverly A.(?) Waldron. Born 8-05-1944, died 3-06-2013 - Son of Draper B. and Mary "Doris" (Fiske) Smith, "Butch", b. Syracuse-NY Wed 12-14-1974 (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Navy Cuban Missile Crisis with VP-10
SMITH, Willis D. Spouse of Florence J. Born 1856, died 1915 - Son of Nelson D. and Adeline P Balcom Smith
SPENCER, Eliza A. Born 1829, died 1914
SPENCER, Harvey H. Born 1820, died 9-19-1889. Age: 68
SPENCER, Lucinda Austin. Born 1848, died 1880
SPENCER, P.A. Born 1824, died 1915
STEVENSON, Eliza Ann. Spouse of John. Born 6-4-1821, died 5-5-1886
STEVENSON, J. Milton. Born 8-23-1854, died 5-16-1857 - Son of John and Eliza Ann Stevenson
STEVENSON, John. Spouse of Eliza Ann. Born 2-24-1807, died 2-18-1885
STEVENSON, Loren Wilbur. Born 8-19-1841, died 8-6-1862 - Civil War DOD, Co D. 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Rushforf for three years. Died of disease 8-1-1862 at Harrison' Landing VA.
STOFFEL, Edna Blackmon. Born 1875, died 1921
STONE, Marian P. (Ploetz). Spouse of James. Born 7-31-1922, died 2-18-2009. Age: 86 - Dau of Albert and Marie (Hanewinckel) Ploetz
STONE, Sara. Spouse of E., died 4-14-1835. Age: 38
STONE, Sarah E., died 5-17-1849. Age: 17 - Dau of E. and S. Stone
STOWELL, Carlyle, died 8-6-1902. Age: 3y 2m 7d - Son of H. D. and E. M. Stowell
STOWELL, Fred C. Spouse of Lella W. Born 1860, died 1925
STOWELL, Lella Worthington. Spouse of Fred C. Born 1871, died 1925
STOWELL, Ransom. Spouse of Sarah, died 6-20-1907
STOWELL, Sarah. Spouse of Ransom, died 8-1915. Age: 79
STOWELL, Stanley. Born 1906, died 1907 - Son of Fred C. and Lella Worthington Stowell
SWAIN, Mary M. Spouse of Robert R. Born 7-15-1897, died 12-12-1966
SWAIN, Robert R. Spouse of Mary M. Born 6-7-1889, died 12-14-1966
TARBELL, Hannah B. Spouse of James. Born 12-21-1796, died 7-28-1871. Age: 74y 7m 7d
TARBELL, Harriett A, died 10-1-1861
TARBELL, James. Spouse of Hannah B. Born 2-2-1792, died 7-16-1872. Age: 80y ?m 4d - War of 1812 Vet
TARBELL, Jennie A., died 6-4-1867
TARBELL, Leonard F. Born 1851, died 1935
TARBELL, Leonard P. Born 1817, died 1901 - Son of James and Hannah B. Tarbell
TARBELL, Marie Bush. Spouse of Roy D. Born 1891, died 1930
TARBELL, Orlando, died 3-18-1850 - Son of Rollin and Eleanor Tarbell
TARBELL, Roy D. Spouse of Marie B. Born 1889, died 1930
TEN BROECK, Ann (Hayford). Spouse of Cornelius Ten Broeck/ Jarvis Leonard, died 7-8-1889. Age: 85
TEN BROECK, Cornelius. Spouse of Ann Hayford. Born 3-1795*, died 9-18-1843. Age: 48y 6m - Son of Reoloff and Mary Ten Broeck. Wed 1819. United with Baptist church in 1851. A separate stone lists 10 children of Reoloff and Mary, but only Cornelius is buried here.
THOMAS, Farluceba. Spouse of W. Henry. Born 1844, died 1924
THOMAS, Fred W. Born 2-11-18?8, died 9-20-1890 - Killed in an accident at Alpine TX
THOMAS, J.W. Spouse of Mary E. Born 6-7-1822, died 9-22-1899 - Born in Wales, England
THOMAS, Jane G., died 5-2-1817 - Dau of Samuel and Sally Thomas
THOMAS, Mary E. (Gilley). Spouse of J.W. Born 1834, died 1908 - Only daughter of Robert Gilley, Wed 1857
THOMAS, Sally. Born 1797, died 9-22-1870. Age: 73
THOMAS, Samuel. Spouse of Sally. Born 1795, died 2-2-1869. Age: 74 - G.A.R. ? - War of 1812 Vet
THOMAS, W. Henry. Spouse of Farluceba. Born 1839, died 1914
THOMPSON, Annie M. Born 1908, died 1953 - Missionary to Egypt 1931-1937
TOZER, Felicia, died 2-2-1815. Age: 4y 1m 1d - Son of Richard and Polly Tozier
TOZER, Lucy. Spouse of James, died 4-20-1833. Age: 27
TOZER, Polly. Spouse of Richard, died 3-30-1841. Age: 43y 2m 29d
TOZER, Richard. Spouse of Polly. Born 3-12-1788, died 3-29-1874 - War of 1812 Vet
TYLER, Elbert M., died 3-2-1889. Age: 40
TYLER, Jamin. Spouse of Malona. Born 1821*, died 1-7-1888. Age: 67
TYLER, Malona. Spouse of Jamin
UNKNOWN J.B. - Slab Marker
UNKNOWN, Child, died 9-23-1931. Age: 1y ?m 15d - Buried closest to Ezra Law
UNKNOWN, GEB - Slab markers between John C. Cummings and Martin Damon
UNKNOWN, N.J.B. - Small slab marker
UNKNOWN, SRG - Slab markers between John C. Cummings and Martin Damon
VAN NAME, Charles abt 1841, died 11-29-1897. Age: 57 - Civil War Vet, Co G 9th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Randolph for one year. Mustered out 6-6-1865 at Winchester VA. (Carried as Vanama)
VAN NAME, Eugene. Spouse of Sarah. Born, died 1-11-1874. Age: 41
VAN NAME, Mary Ann, died 10-5-1847. Age: 3 - Dau of Eugene and Mary Ann Van Name
VAN NAME, Sarah. Spouse of Eugene. Born 1830, died 1914
WADE, Alice
WADE, Jacob. Spouse of Sarah, died 10-16-1828. Age: 67
WADE, John B., died 1-7-1832. Age: 7 - Son of Henry and Samantha Wade
WADE, Martha, died 8-13-1843 - Dau of Henry and Samantha Wade
WADE, Sarah. Spouse of Jacob, died 4-25-1845. Age: 80
WARNER, Milly. Born 1803, died 10-11-1868. Age: 65
WATKINS, Alonzo B. Born 1843, died 1961
WATKINS, Aurilla. Born 1803, died 1882
WATKINS, Elisha T. Born 1838, died 1903
WATKINS, Elizabeth. Born 1836, died 1929
WATKINS, Elmina. Born 1836, died 1904
WATKINS, George C. Born 1875, died 1877
WATKINS, Harriett A. Butler. Born 1841, died 1921
WATKINS, Jesse T. Born 1798, died 1863
WATKINS, Kate. Born 1848, died 1914
WATKINS, Romanzo D. Born 1804, died 1888 - Civil War Vet, Co B 2nd Mtd Rifles NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Farmersville for three years. Mustered out 7-20-1865 at Elmira NY
WEST, Amy. Born 12-10-1826, died 21-24-1888
WEST, D.W. - No dates
WEST, Ezekial. Spouse of Lucy. Born 5-1-1784, died 9-1-1861. Age: 77y 4m
WEST, Laura E.A. Born 1868, died 1885 - Dau of Philo and Mary Eliza West
WEST, Levi. Born 4-16-1816, died 12-26-1877. Age: 61y 8m 26d
WEST, Louisa. Born 6-29-1816, died 11-21-1867. Age: 61y 7m 13d - Dau of Ezekial and Lucy West
WEST, Lucy. Spouse of Ezekial. Born 4-20-1790, died 11-26-1868. Age: 61y 6m 26d
WEST, Mary Eliza. Spouse of Philo. Born 1842, died 8-7-1870. Age: 28
WEST, Philo. Spouse of Mary Eliza, died 10-22-1896
WEST, Stanley E. M. Born 1869, died 1881 - Son of Philo and Mary Eliza West
WICKWIRE, Hiram, died 2-10-1865
WILCOX, Roger E. Born 2-6-1939, died 4-25-1939
WILDER, Addie Baier. Spouse of Willard. Born 1882, died 1966
WILDER, Charles. Spouse of Sarah, died 3-17-1838. Age: 80y 9m
WILDER, Elice L. Spouse of Reuben, died 9-8-1854. Age: 62
WILDER, Reuben. Spouse of Elice L., died 4-3-1870. Age: 82y 11m 6d
WILDER, Reuben Sr. Spouse of Sarah J. Born 1829, died 1910
WILDER, Sarah. Spouse of Charles, died 9-17-1841. Age: 77
WILDER, Sarah J. Spouse of Reuben Sr. Born 1830, died 1910
WILDER, Willard. Spouse of Addie B. Born 1873, died 1942
WILKES, Anna O. Spouse of E. J. Born 9-20-1865, died 6-4-1891
WILLIAMS, John. Born, died 2-8-1845. Age: 70
WIXON, Charles F. Sr. Spouse of Rose Etta Morgan. Born 6-11-1934, died 9-1-2003 - Son of Eugene & Doris (Willert) Wixon. Born, lived and died in Farmersville NY. Wed 1-01-1956 in Farmesville Station NY, two children.
WIXON, Charlotte M. Born 1957, died 1977 - Dau of Charles F. and Rose Etta (Morgan) Wixon Sr.
WIXON, Doris (Willert). Spouse of Eugene. Born 1909, died 1974
WIXON, Eugene. Spouse of Doris Willert. Born 1899, died 1985
WIXON, Rose Etta (Morgan). Spouse of Charles F. Sr. Born 3-27-1937, died 11-09-2016 - Dau of Stanton & Alzuma Morgan, b. Freedom NY, d. Warsaw NY, Wed 1-01-1956 in Farmesville Station NY, two children.
WORTHINGTON, Amanda M. Spouse of Russell. Born 1840, died 1929
WORTHINGTON, Annia. Spouse of Squire W. Born 1808, died 3-10-1870. Age: 62
WORTHINGTON, Comfort. Born 1799, died 1881
WORTHINGTON, Henry. Born 1847, died 3-1916 - Civil War Vet, Co D. 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Rushford for three years. Wounded in action 6-1-1862 at Fair Oaks VA. Discharged for disability 8-12-1862 at Elmira NY.
WORTHINGTON, Mariah Louise. Spouse of Sylvester B. Born 6-17-1832, died 12-17-1866. Age: 34y 6m
WORTHINGTON, Miles. Born 1844, died 1928
WORTHINGTON, Olive A. Born 5-31-1837, died 9-4-1866. Age: 28y 4m 11d - 3 small slab markers
WORTHINGTON, Rosetta L. Born 1858, died 1943
WORTHINGTON, Russell. Spouse of Amanda M. Born 1841, died 1909
WORTHINGTON, Sally A. Born 1834, died 1915
WORTHINGTON, Sally Ann. Spouse of Thaddeus. Born 7-10-1808, died 1-10-1889. Age: 81y 6m
WORTHINGTON, Samuel. Born 1795, died 1857 - Govt. marker 1-3-1800 5-3-1862 62y 4m
WORTHINGTON, Sylvester B. Spouse of Mariah Louise. Born 1836, died 9-12-1865. Age: 29y 10m - Civil War Vet, USN
WORTHINGTON, Thaddeus. Spouse of Sally Ann. Born 2-25-1803, died 9-23-1867. Age: 61y 8m 29d

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