East Leon Cemetery
East Leon, Cattaraugus County NY

GPS Coordinates: 42.3455050, -78.9563480

EASTON, Ahimaaz. Spouse of Lovina Cheney & Mary. Born 1818, died 5-18-1886. Age: 67 - Died in East Leon, NY
EASTON, Erasmus Edwin. Spouse of Mary. Born 10-1838, died 1861. Age: 22 - Son of Ahimaaz Easton, died in East Leon, NY
EASTON, Erasmus. Spouse of Olive Chapman. Born 12-24-1822, died 4-4-1898. Age: 75 - Son of John and Sarah Easton, born in Middlebury, NY and died in East Leon, NY, eight children
EASTON, Florence. Spouse of William S. Easton. Born 11-26-1863, died 10-7-1898. Age: 34 - Second wife of William S. Easton
EASTON, Harriett M. Spouse of William S. Easton. Born 10-30-1845, died 8-10-1880. Age: 34 - Dau of Daniel Brown, first wife of William S. Easton, died in East Leon, NY
EASTON, Lovina. Spouse of Ahimaaz Easton. Born 4-14-1818, died 12-20-1882. Age: 64 - Died in East Leon, NY
EASTON, Mary C. Spouse of Eramus Edwin Easton. Born 10/21/1843. Age: - Died in East Leon, NY
HARTWELL, Unknown Stone broken and dates gone.
INGERSOLL. Doras A. Spouse of. Born 1801, died 1881. Age: 79
INGERSOLL. Sarah S. Born 1802, died 1866. Age: 63
LAWRENCE, Nathan W. Born 1850, died 1898. Age: 48
LAWRENCE, Delia A. Born 1853, died 1899. Age: 45
MOSHER, George H. Spouse of Maria Woodworth & Mary Jane Belknap Judd. Born 1819, died 8-24-1880. Age: 60 - Son of John and Elizabeth M. (Potter) Mosher, Jr., born in Wyoming County, NY and died in New Albion, NY, nine children
MOSHER, Unknown
PRITCHARD, Caroline L. Spouse of William J. Pritchard. Born 1-1859, died 6-6-1920. Age: 61 - Dau of Ahimaaz Easton, born and died in East Leon, NY
PRITCHARD, Howard B., died 1888
PRITCHARD, Maybell, died 1897
PRITCHARD, William J. Spouse of Caroline L. Easton. Born 1-12-1852, died 8/30/1906. Age: 54 - Son of Asa and Hannah (Wood) Pritchard, born and died in East Leon, NY TRUMBULL, Jane, died 1860. Age: 51

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