Also called Nagel Cemetery
Town of Ashford

BELLOWS, Elen B. Spouse of, Denike Neff born, 3-22-1814 Died, 3-29-1886 Remember friends as you pass by as you are now- so once was I as I am now so you must be, prepared for death and follow me
BELLOWS, Harriet Spouse of, Isaac Died, 11-30-1854 age, 22y 2m 25d 
BELLOWS, Isaac Died, 4-21-1884 age, 74y 11m 14d 
BELLOWS, John born, 1802 Died, 3-16-1863 age, 61y 3m 21d 
CLARK, George Spouse of, Margaret born, 11-10-1795 Died, 10-18-1865 
CLARK, Margaret Spouse of, George born, 4-9-1797 Died, 1-25-1881 
COLF, Adelbert born, 1856 Died, 8-17- 1881 age, 25y 2m 17d 
COLF, Albert Died, 3-5-1884 age, 23y ?m 12d 
COLF, Albert W. born, 1847 Died, 1914 son of High & Susan Newkirk Colf
COLF, Delevan H. Spouse of, Mary W born, 1857 Died, 12-22-1859 
COLF, Doloris born, 8-4- 1947 Died, 11-16-1948 Dau. of Emery & Mary Pratt Colf
COLF, Emery Spouse of, Mary born, 8-17-1879 Died, 4-22-1956 So of Delevan & Mary Weast Colf
COLF, Erastus Spouse of, Hannah B born, 1821 Died, 1-16-1887 age, 66y 2m 23d Here rests our Father
COLF, Frances born, 12-17-1877 Died, 9-26-1884 Dau.of E. & Hannah Colf
COLF, Hannah Spouse of, Erastus born, 1832 Died, 10-10-1877 age, 45 Dau. of ?? Bellows
COLF, Herbert R. born, 1866 Died, 11-15-1886 age, 21 
COLF, John born, 1785 Died, 2-19-1870 age, 85 
COLF, John B. born, 1824 Died, 4-8-1871 age, 47 
COLF, Mary E. born, 1828 Died, 1915 
COLF, Rose M. Spouse of, Albert born, 5-19-1872 Died, 7-9-1916 Dau. of Luke & Isadore M. Marvin Folts
COLF, Roy born, 4-2-1893 Died, 5-24-1923 Co. G N.Y. Inf. WW I
COLF, Susan born, 1837 Died, 4-19-1890 age, 53y 8m 12d In Loving Rememberance Of
COLF, William W. born, 1863 Died, 9-13-1868 age, 5y 9m 18d Son of John D. Colf
DIETZ, Carolina born, 2-23- 1859 Died, 3-5-1862 Dau. of Johanna & Johann Dietz
Dutch Hill, Ashford 
EDIE, Christ Spouse of, MaryH. born, 4-22-1822 Died, 11-5-1900 
EDIE, Mary H. Spouse of, Christ born, 9-17-1815 Died, 2-29-1904 nee Wendland
ERDMANN, Louis born, 1905 Died, 5-14-1905 Infant Son of L. Erdmann
FELTON, Lutie born, 1877 Died, 10-22-1881 
FOLTS, Isador Marie Marvin Spouse of, Luke A. born, 1846 Died, 3-22-1933 Dau. of George & Mira Spratt Marvin
FOLTS, Luke A. Spouse of, Isador M. born, 1847 Died, 11-25-1916 Son of Joseph J. & Mary Woodruff Folts
FRANK, Andrew P. Spouse of, Hariett B born, 9-10-1817 Died, Feb. 2, 1915 Son of Peter A. & Elizabeth Ferncrook Frank
FRANK, Hariett Spouse of, Andrew P. born, 1816 Died, 1899 nee Bellows
FRANK, Infant 
FRANK, Infant 
FRANK, Victor 
FRANK, Willard 
FRANK, Williard 
GAMPF, David born, 1846 Died, 6-6-1862 age, 6/16y 6m 18d 
GASMAN, William born, 1877 Died, 9-20-1921 
HANSON, Infant Dau. born, 2-15- 1905 Died, 2-16-1905 Infant Dau. of Albert & Freda Hanson
HANSON, Infant Son born, 9-15-1908 Died, 9-15-1908 Infant Dau. of Albert & Freda Hanson
HESSELSWEET, Margaret born, 1804 Died, 9-2-1871 age, 67y 3m 7d 
HESSELSWEET, Wm. F. born, 1796 Died, 1-8-1859 age, 63y 9m 6d 
HOLMS, Alice A. Spouse of, Floyd born, 1853 Died, 2-12- 1875 age, 22y 10m 6d Dau. of I. & H. Bellows
JOHNSTON, Clinton W. born, 1829 Died, 6-22-1899 
JOHNSTON, Mary A. born, 1855 Died, 1900 
JOHNSTON, Perry born, 1814 Died, 1890 
JOHNSTON, Wm., M. born, 1819 Died, 1887 
KLAHN, Elisabeth Died, 9-11- 1866 
KLAHN, Elizabeth born, 9-14-1860 Died, 9-6- 1891 
KLAHN, Ella Spouse of, Lewis born, 1872 Died, 1899 Dau. of William Nagel
KLAHN, Henry Spouse of, Johanna A.E. born, 1832 Died, 1924 Hier Ruhet In Gott
KLAHN, Johanna A.E. Spouse of, Henry born, 11-24-1828 Died, 6-27-1897 Hier Ruhet In Gott
KRUSE, John F. Spouse of, Sophia C. born, 5-8-1848 Died, 9-9-1902 
KRUSE, Sophia C. Spouse of, John F. born, 5-26-1853 Died, 7-6-1908 
MONTAGUE, Ralph A. born, 3-17- 1860 Died, 5-14-1921 
MOORE, Elizabeth Spouse of, Philip born, 4-9-1808 Died, 5-9-1888 
MOORE, Philip Spouse of, Elizabeth born, 5-10- 1808 Died, 10-2-1865 
NAGEL, Elma born, 1869 Died, 9-27-1876 age, 7 Dau. of William & Mary Nagel
NAGEL, Inez Spouse of, Louis C. born, 1872 Died, 7-17-1915 
NAGEL, Infant Died, 1902 
NAGEL, Lizzie born, 1-9-1881 Died, 1-15- 1881 age, 6d Dau. of William & Mary Nagel
NAGEL, Louie C. Spouse of, Inez born, 1874 Died, 19?? 
PELZER, Charles F.W. Died, 2-23-1858 1 
PELZER, Frederick Died, 3-12-1866 age, 36y 10m 
PELZER, Herman born, 3-15- 1880 Died, 4-29-1886 
PELZER, Theodor Herman Died, 6-14-1876 age, 18y 2m 2d Son of Fredrick & E. Pelzer
REIMER, Freiderina G. Spouse of, Jacob born, 1796 Died, 1-7-1859 
REIMER, Jacob J.F. Died, 1-7- 1859 age, 63 Friederina Geb Gebebt
REIMER, Jacob J.F. born, 1803 Died, 1-22-1875 age, 72 
SCHRADER, Frederica born, 12-7-1824 Died, 4-11- 1894 
SPITTLER, Elizabeth Spouse of, John born, 4-29-1829 nee Moore
SPITTLER, Jacob born, 1858 Died, 1922 
SPITTLER, John Spouse of, Elizabeth M 10-7-1819 Died, 7-25-1894 
UNKNOWN, Leonard 
UNKNOWN, Loalia 
WEAST, Caroline Spouse of, Frederick born, 1837 Died, 1920 
WEAST, Frederick Spouse of, Caroline born, 1835 Died, 1922 Co. D 154th Inf. NYS Vols.
WOODRUF, L.E. born, 1823 Died, 1893 Etched Stone


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