DeEmma Cornwell Album

Cattaraugus County, NY
Contributed by PHGS member Chuck Foster

This collection of photographs is from an old family album that Chuck offered to us for publication. DeEmma (Cornwell) Wright lived in Cattaraugus County between 1862 and 1937.
Relationships given are relationships to DeEmma.

DeEmma  (Cornwell) Wright Pedigree Chart

Jonathan Studley Family Sheet

Jonathon Studley, Grandfather

Lois (Huntley) Studley, Grandmother

Andrew Studley, Uncle

Lestina Studley, Aunt, wife of Andrew

Lorinda (Studley) Wright, Aunt

William Wright, Uncle, husband of Lorinda

Zelinda (Studley) Eastland, Aunt

Francis Eastland, Uncle, husband of Zelinda

Florilla (Studley) Fuller, Aunt

John George Fuller, Uncle, husband of Florilla

Rufus Cornwell Family abt 1880

Henry Cornwell, Uncle, brother of Rufus

Henry's wife and two daughters

David Cornwell, Brother as a young boy

Josephine Velzy, wife of  DeEmma's brother, Javan

Sedgie Cornwell, Nephew, Son of Cassius

Hubert Cornwell, cousin, son of William Cornwell

Sanford Eddy, half-brother of Rufus Cornwell

Theodore Eddy son of Sanford Eddy


Unidentified, possibly a Studley daughter

Chauncy Jarvan Fox, family friend

Lavinia Fox, Chauncy's wife

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