Carrolton, NY

This was sent to us from Terry Bastian of Wellsville NY, Who is  currently in the military in Texas
and came across this site.  He descends from Peter Zeliff and Samuel Cables who settled in Carrolton, NY.
The photo is the Cables store that was in Carrolton abt 1895 time period.  The girl at the bike is
his Great grandmother Jeanette Rose Cables at abt 18 yrs old she married a Hubertus and the woman
on the porch is her mother Amelia Zeliff  who is married to William Cables.

Peter Zeliff brought his family in a canoe and made a tree bark house, also having the first white child in the area amongst the indians.
Unfortunately he left the family behind to go to the silver rushes in Colarado, and was never heard from again.


Left:This picture is of Frank Cables (Town train station conductor) pushing a  carriage with neice Ester Birmingham inside, in front of the Cables' store.
Right:   This is of my Great Grand mother Jeanette Rose Cables (Hubertus) in one of the upstairs rooms in the back of the Cables' store
she is about 18 yrs old mid 1890's

Left:  This picture is of the Zeliff's Homestead on Nichols Run
Right:  This picture is of Frank Cables in front of the store with Aunt Dillie
behind and G'Ma Cables to his left

All Photo's from Terry Bastian

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