Bryant Hill Road
Town of Ellicottville, NY
Compiled by: L.V. Siggelkow (Aug. 1974)
Also records from Edna Bryant Cole

Photo by Suzan Paschen
BATT, Collins Spouse of, Rachel Amanda born, 3-9-1806 died, 3-13-1876 
BATT, Rachel Amanda Spouse of, Collins born, 4-1810 died, 4-19-1888 
BIXBY, Everetta Augusta Spouse of, Frank K. born, 10-21- 1858 died, 7-16- 1883 Age, 25y 8m 14d Dau. of Hiram and Janette Drown Bryant
BRYANT, Anna Spouse of, Samuel born, 3-10-1785 died, 6-29-1869 Dau. of Elisha & Anna Rush Stanton b. Northampton, Mass
BRYANT, Electa Maria Spouse of, Hiram m. Sept. 20, 1870 
BRYANT, Elizabeth Rude Spouse of, Nathaniel III born, 1770 died, 6-6-1839 Age, 69 m. March 5, 1792
BRYANT, Hiram Galusha Spouse of, Janette Helen/ Electra M born, 12-27- 1830 died, 1901 Son of Samuel and Anna Staunton Bryant 
BRYANT, Janette Helen Spouse of, Hiram born, 7-2- 1833 died, 7-31-1868 Dau/Peter and Sarepta Thayer Drown m. Jan 2 1855
BRYANT, Lydia born, 7-26-1817 died, 8-11-1850 Dau. of Nathaniel III and Elizabeth Rude Bryant
BRYANT, Margaret 
BRYANT, Nathaniel III Spouse of, Elizabeth born, 5-3-1769 died, 11-17-1832 Age, 63 Death is a debt to nature due I've paid that debt and so must you
BRYANT, Paulina S Spouse of, Samuel S. born, 2-26-1817 died, 2-23-1867 
BRYANT, Rachel Beebe Spouse of, Samuel Alexander born, 1817 died, 1842 Dau. of Joseph & Hannah Beebee 
BRYANT, Royal Tyler born, 5-29-1823 died, 9-10-1844 Age, 21y 2m 10d Son of Samuel & Anna Stanton Bryant
BRYANT, Royal Tyler I born, 10-13-1818 died, 1821 Fell under wagon wheels enroute from Ma. to Ellicottville- Son of Samuel & Anna Bryant
BRYANT, Samuel Spouse of, Anna born, 10-5-1781 died, 4-17- 1853 Age, 73y 12d Son of Nathaniel II & Joanna Cole Bryant
BRYANT, Samuel Alexander Spouse of, Rachel born, 3-14-1814 died, 5-19-1843 Age, 29y 2m Son of Samuel & Anna Stanton Bryant
BRYANT, Samuel S. Spouse of, Paulina S born, 9-29- 1802 died, 1-26-1865 
DROWN, Peter Spouse of, Eliza Green/Sarepta born, 2-13-1792 died, 3-11-1875 Age, 83y 26d b. Granby CT Son of Nathaniel & Margery Rice Drown- "Blest are the dead the Savior said, who in the Lord should die & promised them he would prepare thier mamsions in the sky"
DROWN, Sarepta Thayer Spouse of, Peter born, 3-6- 1805 died, 6-15-1859 Age, 54y 3m b. Brookfield, NY dau of Oliver and Hannah Vining Thayer
FRENCH, Amanda Melvina Spouse of, Albert Sheperd born, 4-19-1827 died, 5-8-1848 Age, 21 Dau. of Samuel & Anna Bryant -" My flesh shall slumber in the ground till the last trumpets sound, then burst the chains with sweet surprise & in my Savior's image Rise."
KINGSLEY, Hervey S. died, 6-2-1811 Age, 21y 2m 
KINGSLEY, Mary Ann Spouse of, Nathan Jr. born, 2-20-1812 died, 12-30-1854 Dau. of Samuel & Anna Stanton Bryant 
KINGSLEY, Nathan Jr. Spouse of, Mary Ann born, 1810 m. May 22 1831
LITCHFIELD, Elisha died, 12-22-1831 Age, 23 
LITCHFIELD, Lovisa died, 3-1- 1833 Age, 3 Dau. of Levi and Nancy Litchfield "Entered the spirit world the third year of her life."
McKINLEY, Eliza Spouse of, James died, 10-7-1874 Age, 52 
McKINLEY, Mary Jane died, 2-7-1865 Age, 1y 11m 8d Dau. OF James & Eliza McKinley
RUST, Angeline born, 12-1830 died, 7-12-1842 Age, 12y 10m 4d Dau. of Quartus and Martha Rust
RUST, Anne born, 1-20-1830 died, 4-22-1842 Dau. of David and Huldah Rust
RUST, David Spouse of, Huldah died, 7-13-1838 Age, 42y 8m 7d 
RUST, Edgar born, 3-20-1828 died, 4-2-1828 Son of David and Huldah Rust
RUST, Elmira born, 3-29-1824 died, 5-2-1824 Dau. of David and Huldah Rust
RUST, John W. born, 3-11-1821 died, 4-26-1872 Age, 51y 1m 10d Son of Quarus & Martha Stanton Rust
RUST, Justin died, 3-26-1824 Age, 20 Son of Margaret and Justin Rust
RUST, Lewis Age, Infant son of Quartus & Polly Ellis Rust
RUST, Lewis S born, 7-25-1819 died at Bull Run
RUST, Margaret Spouse of, Justin died, 7-28-1831 Age, 61 Adieu my friends & Kindred dear my sleeping dust lies mouldering here My spirit gone to the worlds above to sing free grace & dying love
RUST, Martha Stanton Spouse of, Quartus died, 1-18-1846 Age, 55y 8m 
RUST, Polly Ellis Spouse of, Quartus 1st wife born, 8-17-1792 died, 1813 
RUST, Quartus Spouse of, Polly E/ Martha S. born, 9-14- 1790 died, 9-4-1854 Age, 69y 11m 3d b. Chester Mass
RUST, Sarah Todd Spouse of, Quartus died, 5-10-1884 Age, 88y 7m 3d widow of Lyman Todd
RUST, Shepard D. born, 6-22-1838 died, 2-21-1848 Son of David and Huldah Rust
RUST, Stedman born, 7-27-1836 died, 4-28-1842 Son of David and Huldah Rust
STAUNTON, Henry M. died, 10-13-1844 Age, 2m 4d Son of Elisha W.& Elizabeth G. Staunton moved here from Ellicottville
TODD, James Son of Lyman and Sarah Todd
WALKER, Barbara died, 3-7-1859 While death with impartial fate Knocks at the palace imperial gate, the blessed hand of crucified God shall wipe tears from all faces under the sod.
WASHBURNE, Mary A. Spouse of, Howland died, 11-13-1871 Age, 48y 9m 38d 
WILLIAMS, Aurelia died, 10-5- 1845 Age, 7d Dau. of Elisha & Eliza Williams
WILLIAMS, Eliza Spouse of, Elisha died, 11-2-1852 Age, 34y 5m 7d 
WILLIAMS, Louisa Frances Spouse of, Samuel born, 3-2-1825 died, 11-27- 1844 Dau. of Samuel & Anna Stanton Bryant
WILLIAMS, Samuel Cooley died, 11-27-1811 Son of Mark & Polly Williams

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