Town of Ischua, Catt. Co.
A small family cemetery located between Route 446 and Cuba Lake.

Submitted by: Jerry Babcock

BENNETT, Fannie. Spouse of L. Bennett. Born 1774, died 1854 - Dau of Jeriah Swift
BRISTOL, Caroline H. Spouse of Joseph Beers Bristol. Born 6-6-1820, died 8-13-1899. Age: 79 - Died in Olean, two children
BRISTOL, Elijah B. Spouse of. Born 9-26-1851, died 6-28-1887. Age: 35 - Son of Joseph B. and Caroline Hurty Bristol
BRISTOL, Joseph Quick. Spouse of Lydia Beers. Born 5-31-1774, died 10-20-1847. Age: 73 - Son of John and Sarah (Nearing) Bristol, born in Wallingford, CT and died in Ischua, five children
BRISTOL, Joseph Beers. Spouse of Margaret Vincent. Born 12-10-1806, died 7-27-1868. Age: 61 - Son of Joseph Q. and Lydis (Beers) Bristol, born in Jeffersonville and died in Cuba, three children
BRISTOL, Lydia. Spouse of Joseph Quick Bristol. Born 6-29-1772, died 7-21-1848. Age: 76 - Dau of John and Esther (Stewart) Beers, born in Fairfield, CT and died in Ischua, five children
BRISTOL, Oscar Griffin. Spouse of. Born 8-16-1848, died 5-22-1871. Age: 22 - Son of Joseph B. and Caroline H. Beers, born in Cuba and died in Ischua
SWIFT, Canfield. Spouse of Margaret Malone Bristol. Born 1833, died 5/27/1916. Age: 82 - Son of Leonard and Lucinda (Hull) Swift, born in Haight and died in Ischua
SWIFT, Fidelia Bristol. Spouse of. Born 7-14-1831, died 5-20-1856. Age: 24 - Dau of Leonard and Fidelia Bristol, died in Ischua
SWIFT, Leonard. Spouse of Lucinda Hull. Born 1808, died 1875. Age: 66 - Son of Wyatt and Martha (Campbell) Swift, born in VT and died in Ischua, 7 children
SWIFT, Lucinda. Spouse of Leonard Swift. Born 1809, died 1875. Age: 65 - Dau of Wyllys Deacon and Mehitable (Hull) Swift, born in CN and died in Cuba, seven children
SWIFT, Margaret Malone. Spouse of Canfield Swift. Born 1833, died 2-28-1923. Age: 89 - Dau of Joseph B. and Margaret M. (Vincent) Bristol, died in Ischua

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