Town of Otto, Cattaraugus County, NY
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BALLARD, Jacob H. Spouse of Ruth Ballard. Born 2-2-1809, died 12-12-1893. Age: 84 - Son of David & Phebe (Phillips) Ballard; Born in Otto NY, died in New Albion NY; ten children
BALLARD, Ruth. Spouse of Jacob H Ballard. Born 1813, died 12-22-1892. Age: 79 - Dau of Nathaniel & Lydia (Irish) Ballard; Born in VT, died in Cattaraugus, NY; ten children
BARBER, Emily (Bushnell). Spouse of Oliver Frank Barber. Born 1850, died 1-22-1897. Age: 47 - Died in Otto NY
BARBER, James Myron. Spouse of Nancy Parkinson. Born 4-10-1823, died 1893. Age: 70 - Son of James & Lucy (Sawtel) Parkinson; Born in Palmyra NY; five children
BARBER, Lucy A. Spouse of James Barber. Born 2-14-1799 - Dau of Benjamin Sawtel; Born in Somerset VT
BARBER, Nancy (Parkinson ). Spouse of James Myron Barber. Born 1826, died 10-22-1921. Age: 95 - Dau of of Thomas M & Sally Parkinson; Born in Scoharie Co NY; Died in Otto NY; five children
BARBER, Olive D. Born 1861, died 7-5-1862. Age: 1 - Dau of James Myron & Nancy (Parkinson) Barber; Born & died in Otto NY
BARBER, Oliver Frank. Spouse of Emily Bushnell. Born 1851, died 8-3-1938. Age: 87 - Son of James Myron & Nancy (Parkinson) Barber; Born in Otto NY, died in Salamanca NY
BARBER, Thomas J. Born 1848, died 2-27-1861. Age: 12 - Son of James Myron & Nancy (Parkinson) Barber; Born & died in in Otto NY
BARTLETT, Avoline P C (Benedict). Spouse of Nelson Bartlett. Born 6-21-1816, died 2-8-1893. Age: 76 - Dau of Davis and Phoebe (Tripp) Benedict, born and died in Otto, NY, six children
BARTLETT, Nelson. Spouse of Avoline P C Benedict. Born 6-28-1813, died 10-19-1896. Age: 83 - Son of Dexter and Rachel (Staples) Bartlett, born in Danby, VT, died in Otto, NY, six children
BENEDICT, Betsey. Spouse of D T Benedict, died 7-31-1875. Age: 61
BENEDICT, Mary Jane, died 3-22-1848. Age: 9 - Dau of D T & Betsey Bendict
BOUTWELL, John A Jr. Spouse of #1 Sarah Ballard, #2 Mary Parkinson. Born 1788, died 1865. Age: 76 - Son of John A & Elizabeth (Eaton) Boutwell Sr; Born in Chester Vt, died in Otto NY; two daughters - No stone
BOUTWELL, Mary (Parkinson). Spouse of John A Boutwell Jr. Born 4-30-1787, died 1-27-1856. Age: 68 - Dau of Reuben & Nancy (McCurdy) Parkinson Born in Basking Ridge Somerset Co NJ ; Died in Otto NY; one daughter
BOUTWELL, Sarah (Ballard). Spouse of John A Boutwell Jr. Born 1-16-1792, died 3-28-1829. Age: 37 - Dau of Adam & Mercy (Combs) Ballard; Born in VT, died in Otto NY; one daughter
BROWN, Ephraim E. Spouse of Phoebe Soper. Born 8-18-1786, died 3-5-1830. Age: 43 - Son of James & Hannah (Lamkin) Brown; Born in Ontario Canada, died Otto NY; five children
BROWN, Phoebe (Soper). Spouse of Ephraim E Brown. Born 12-29-1793, died 8-5-1843. Age: 49 - Dau of Cyrus Soper; Born in RI, died in Otto NY; five children
BURDER, Katherine. Spouse of John Burder. Born 11-1828, died 12-1902. Age: 74
BURGER, Frank. Born 9-6-1865, died 6-4-1883. Age: 17
BURGER, John N. Born 10-19-1823, died 4-8-1887. Age: 63
COLEMAN, Almyra A (Whaley). Spouse of Ebenezer L Coleman. Born 2-27-1832, died 1-11-1866. Age: 33 - Dau of Remington & Lucina (Wilton) Whaley; Born in Herkimer Co NY, died in Franklinville NY; seven shildren
COLEMAN, Ebenezer L. Spouse of Almyra A Whaley. Born 1822, died 2-20-1907. Age: 84 - Son of Russell & Sarah (Edwards) Coleman; Died in Dunkirk Chautauqua Co NY; seven children
COX, Abigail (Ross). Spouse of Edward Cox. Born 5-3-1784, died 7-8-1857. Age: 73 - Dau of Hezekiah & Molly (Cyrtis) Mann; Born in Swanzey NY, died in Niles MI; two sons
COX, Desire (Little). Spouse of Sylvester M Cox. Born 1821, died 1890. Age: 68 - Born in NH, died Cass Co MI; two daughters
COX, Edward. Spouse of Abigail Ross. Born 1788, died 5-27-1859. Age: 70 - Born in VT, died Cass Co MI; two daughters
CRAIN, George O. Born 1845, died 11-23-1861. Age: 15 - Died in Elmira NY of the measles, youngest Civil War soldier in the area - Civil War DOD, NYS Vols
CROWELL, John S. Spouse of Esther Curtiss. Born 6-7-1829, died 11-12-1859. Age: 30 - Son of Seth & Lydia (Baker) Crowell; Born in Perinton Monroe Co NY, died in Otto NY; three sons
CROWELL, Lydia (Baker). Spouse of Seth Crowell. Born 1794, died 1-23-1867. Age: 72
CROWELL, Seth. Spouse of Lydia Baker. Born 8-10-1789, died 1858. Age: 67 - Son of John S Crowell & Esther (Curtis) Crowell Wilson; Died in Otto NY
CURTISS, George. Born 8-10-1805, died 2-17-1810. Age: 4 - Son of A B & Armenta Curtiss
DAKE, Adaline (Mirik). Spouse of Oliver Dake. Born 1823, died 9-29-1910. Age: 86 - Died in East Otto NY
DAKE, Augustus. Spouse of Eunice Hamilton. Born 3-27-1769, died 12-18-1835. Age: 66 - Four children
DAKE, Eunice (Hamilton). Spouse of Augustus Dake. Born 8-14-1771, died 4-10-1845. Age: 73 - Born in Stockbridge Bershire Co MA, died in Cattaraugus Co NY
DAKE, Olive (Parkinson). Spouse of Oliver Dake, died 3-23-1860
DAKE, Oliver. Spouse of #1 Olive Parkinson, #2 Adaline Merick. Born 12-27-1813, died 3-5-1901. Age: 86 - Son of Augustus & Eunice (Hamilton) Dake; Born in Penfield Monroe Co NY, died in Otto NY
FACKLA, John. Born 11-1822, died 4-6-1880. Age: 57 - Born in Germany, died in Otto NY; Emigrated in 1858, purchased farm in Otto NY in 1879; three sons
GREEN, Aurilla. Born 1843, died 1843
GREEN, B G. Spouse of Hannah. Born 1805, died 1886. Age: 80
GREEN, Clark. Born 1798, died 1839. Age: 40 - Son of Benjamin & Lois (Reynolds) Green; Died in Otto NY
GREEN, Hannah. Spouse of B G Green. Born 1803, died 1844. Age: 41
GREEN, Lois. Born 1767, died 1844. Age: 76
GREEN, Mary. Born 1832, died 1913. Age: 80
GREEN, Orvilla. Born 1843, died 1843
GREEN, Ruth. Born 1840, died 1841. Age: 1
GROUBE, Christopher, died 8-16-1877
GUILE, Otis. Spouse of Dinah Ballard. Born 1804, died 8-1852. Age: 48 - Son of Phillip & Barbara (Tefft) Guile; Born in RI, died in Ellicottville NY
JACKETT, Calvin. Spouse of Polly A Wightman. Born 1834, died 1857. Age: 23 - Son of William E & Sophia (Munger) Jackett II; Born & died in Otto NY; one daughter - No stone
JACKETT, Parma. Born 1840, died 1856. Age: 16 - Dau of William E & Sophia (Munger) Jackett II; Born & died in Otto NY - No stone
JACKETT, Sophia (Munger). Spouse of William E Jackett II. Born 1812, died 1855. Age: 42 - Born in Cayuga Co NY, died in Otto NY; eight children - No stone
KEELER, Betsey. Spouse of Harvey Keeler, died 5-27-1872
KEELER, Eliza J, died 3-10-1840 - Dau of Harvey & Betsey Keeler
KEELER, Harriet N., died 11-15-1841 - Dau of Harvey & Betsey Keeler
KEELER, Harvey. Spouse of Betsey. Born 1799, died 5-20-1849
KENTER, Solomon
LOSEE, Abram. Spouse of Cynthia Harper. Born 1798, died 1888. Age: 90 - Son of John & Sarah (Banker) Losee; Died in Otto NY; one son
LOSEE, Cynthia (Harper). Spouse of Abram Losee. Born 1800, died 7-8-1875. Age: 75 - Born in CT, died in Otto NY
NEWTON, Lovina (Brown). Spouse of Daniel Slack Newton. Born 5-5-1820, died 12-17-1873. Age: 54 - Dau of Ephraim & Phebe (Soper) Brown, Born in Otto NY - first white girl born in Otto, died in Grandville Kent Co MI; eight children
PARKINSON, Fred T. Born 1867, died 1890. Age: 23
PARKINSON, Mary A. Born 1838, died 1881. Age: 43
PARKINSON, Orinda Adelia. Born 1823, died 1862. Age: 38
ROBINSON, Milly. Born 1799, died 1840. Age: 40
SHERMAN, Luran. Born 12-10-1821, died 10-25-1824. Age: 2 - Dau of David & Theodora Sherman

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