Town of Little Valley, NY
Rt. 353 Little Valley-Salamanca Road

Photos by Suzan Paschen

AMES, Adelia, died 11-16-1857. Age: 24
AMES, Jane C., died 9-27-1848. Age: 8y 10m 27d - Dau of Otis & Polly Ames
AMES, Polly. Spouse of Otis, died 7-23- 1841. Age: 41y 1m 11d
ANNIS, Charlotte (Culver) David 12-7-1809 1902 Dau of Noah and Sally (Fenn) Culver. Born in Rutland Co VT, died in Little Valley NY. Wed 1837, one son.
ANNIS, David. Spouse of #1 Drusilla Bristol, #2 Charlotte Culver 3-10-1792 9-16-1859 67 - Son of Jacob and Abigail (Fowler) Annis. Born in Bennington Co VT, died in Little Valley NY. Three children with Drusilla. Wed Charlotte 1837, one son.
ANNIS, Drusilla (Bristol). Spouse of David 1790, died 6-6-1836. Age: 46 Born in NY, died in Little Valley NY. Three children.
ANNIS, Elva B. Frank H. 1887 3-14-1934 Adopted son of Lyman and Nancy Adams. Sheriff of Catt Co.
ANNIS, Fanny (Wilder). Spouse of Lyman 6-2-1845, died 9-26-1865. Age: 20y 3m 22d Born in Coldspring NY, died in Little Valley NY. Died shortly after childbirtn. Wed 9-3-1864 in Little Valley NY
ANNIS, Frank Hall Elva B. 6-15-1883 4-10-1934 50
ANNIS, Lyman Culver #1 Fanny Wilder., #2 Nancy E. Chase 9-16-1842 5-22-1922 79 Son of David and Charlotte (Culver) Annis. Born, lived, and died in Little Valley NY. Wed Fanny 9-3-1864 in Little Valley NY. Wed Nancy 9-27-1870 in Mansfield, one daughter.
ANNIS, Mary 1856 1859 Dau of James and Harriet Annis, granddaughter of David Annis. Born and died in Little Valley NY.
ANNIS, Nancy E. (Chase) 1848 8-9-1910 Dau of Porter and Delana (Manley) Chase. Wed 9-27-1870 in Mansfield, NY, one daughter.
AYERS, Betsey. Spouse of Alfred, died 1-25-1851. Age: 45y 10m 24d
AYERS, Osker F., died 5-7-1832. Age: 1y 4m - Son of Betsey & Alfred Ayers
BENEDICT, Diantha E., died 10-1-1848. Age: 2y 4m 14d - Dau of Henry O. & Sarah D. Benedict
BOARDMAN, Mary. Spouse of E.A., died 11-16-1850. Age: 27y 11m
BOARDMAN, Nancy A., died 8-15-1847 - Dau of Edwin & Mary Boardman
BOARDMAN, Worster D., died 7-22-1852. Age: 2m - Son of Edwin & Mary Boardman
BOLTONS, Susannah. Spouse of Ira, died 6-1-1849. Age: 31y 6m
BOND, Betsey B. Spouse of Daniel, died 4-8-1870. Age: 67y? 4m
BOND, Daniel. Spouse of Betsey B., died 10-5-1861
BOND, Erastus C., died 2-2-1856. Age: 24y 3m - Son of D. & B. Bond
BRAGG, Lois, died 10-15-1840. Age: 78y 9m
BRAINARD, Richard M., died 2-10-1850. Age: 8y 11m 17d - Son of Simeon S. & Mary Brainard
BRYANT, Alvin C., died 12-7-1857. Age: 28y 1m 25d - Son of Nathaniel & Sally Chase Bryant
BRYANT, Nathaniel IV. Spouse of Sally. Born 10-6-1794, died 5-12-1883. Age: 88y 7m 5d - Son of Nathaniel III & Elizabeth Rude Bryant, born in Norwich Mass
BRYANT, Sally Chase. Spouse of Nathaniel. Born 1797, died 4-10-1875. Age: 71y 1m 7d
BUCKLIN, Amos, esq., died 8-4-1855. Age: 74
BUTLER, Frank D., died 5-20-1857. Age: 6m 22d - Son of J. & M. Butler
CALDWELL, Mary, died 7-31- 1848. Age: 10m 8d - Dau of James & Polly Caldwell
CHASE, Alvin. Spouse of Mary. Born 1796, died 1873
CHASE, Asa P., died 10-21- 1851? - Son of Alvan & Polly Chase Stone broken
CHASE, Convers H. Spouse of Nancy. Born 2-17-1811, died 11-9-1851 - Fond memory follows them
CHASE, David. Spouse of Lucy, died 7-20-1841. Age: 72 - [In Memory]
CHASE, Dulcenia, died 10-27-1851. Age: 16y 20d - Dau of Alvin & Polly Chase
CHASE, Freeman M., died 1-11-1857. Age: 23y 3m 16d - Son of Stillman & W. Alzina Chase. Moved to Faribault MN. Lot purchased July 1894
CHASE, Henry. Spouse of Irena, died 11-19- 1849. Age: 83
CHASE, Irena. Spouse of Henry, died 6-24-1848. Age: 79
CHASE, Lucy. Spouse of David, died 10-24- 1850. Age: 79y 10m 10d
CHASE, Mary. Spouse of Alvin. Born 1800, died 1874
CHASE, Nancy. Born 5-27-1816, died 6-29- 1886 - Fond memory follows them
CHASE, Porter Delana Manley, died 11-1-1851. Age: 28y 9m 13d - Son of Alvan & Polly Chase. Two children.
CHASE, Wealthy A. Born 1-30-1812, died 12-6-1871 - Moved to Faribault MN. Lot purchased July 1894
CLARK, Adeline. Spouse of Z., died 11-20-1856. Age: 50y 2m 9d
CLARK, Deet V., died 2-7-1858. Age: 19y 10m 22d - Dau of Z & A. Clark
CLEMENT, Charles. Age: 5 - Son of Minot & Mary Clement
CLEMENT, Fanny, died 7-3-1847. Age: 28y 11m
CLEMENT, Flora. Age: 2y 6m - Dau of Minot & Mary Clement
CLEMENT, Isadore. Age: 3m - Dau of Minot & Mary Clement
CLEMENT, James, died 7-8-1852. Age: 47y 4m
CLEMENT, James. Spouse of Lydia, died 3-27- 1867. Age: 94y 1m 14d
CLEMENT, Jonathan, died 4-7-1848. Age: 67
CLEMENT, Lydia. Spouse of James, died 9-25-1863. Age: 79y 11m
CLEMENT, Martha Peabody. Spouse of Minot H. Born 1825, died 1899
CLEMENT, Mary Benson. Spouse of Minot H. Born 1834, died 1863
CLEMENT, Minot H. Spouse of Mary B/Martha P. Born 1825, died 1899
CROSBY, Lucy C. Spouse of Stephen, died 8-28- 1858. Age: 38
CULVER, Charlotte. Spouse of David Annis. Born 1809, died 1902
CULVER, Eliphalet. Spouse of Polly. Born 11-13-1804, died 3-7-1873. Age: 68y 3m 24d
CULVER, Emeliza. Spouse of Lyman, died 12-19-1838. Age: 36y 3m 21d
CULVER, Lyman. Spouse of Emeliza, died 11-15-1851. Age: 48y 4m 8d
CULVER, Noah. Spouse of Sally. Born 1779, died 1865
CULVER, Polly. Spouse of Eliphalet, died 5-12-1837. Age: 29y 2m 7d
CULVER, Sally. Spouse of Noah, died 11-18-1834. Age: 56
CUTLER, Jonathan, died 1-7-1846. Age: 20
DAVIS, Joseph, died 8-6-1837. Age: 6 - Son of Robert & Mariah Davis
DESMON, Sarah Isabel. Born 8-16-1851, died 18y 11m age - Dau of John & Julia Lydia Desmon
DRAKE, Clark C., died 9-17- 1844. Age: 5y 9m 17d - Son of George W. & Sarah Drake
ELLIS, C. M. Jennie 1843 1891 Son of Charles and Mary Ellis Civil War Vet, Co H 64th Inf NYS Vols.
ELLIS, Jennie C. M. 1846 1900
ELLIS, John, died 7-23-1841. Age: 3y 3m 10d - Son of J. & R. Ellis
ELLIS, John. Spouse of Ruth. Born 1801, died 1892
ELLIS, Ruth. Spouse of John. Born 1802, died 1844
ELLIS, Susan M. Born 1826, died 1901 - Dau of John & Ruth Ellis
EWER, Asa, died 6-1-1845. Age: 52
FELLOWS, Martha Jane, died 10-6-1851. Age: 7m 18d - Dau of Wm. H. & Jolly Fellows
FELLOWS, Mary Ann, died 10-7-1851. Age: 11m 10d - Dau of Wm. H. & Jolly Fellows
FIELD, Asahel W. Spouse of Fanny. Born 1803, died 1879
FIELD, Fanny. Spouse of Asahel W. Born 1809, died 1884
FINCH, Isaac, died 8-21-1846. Age: 77y 8m
FISHER, Julia. Spouse of Harrison, died 3-7-1845. Age: 22y 7m 22d
FISHER, Louisa 12-15-1808 10-14-1903 94
FISHER, Sally. Spouse of Harmon, died 4-13-1846. Age: 41y 8m 21d
FISHER, Triphena. Spouse of Rev. William, died 3-5-1841. Age: 27/37y 11m ?d
FISHER, William, died 4-17-1845. Age: 66
FULLER, Almira. Spouse of Chester, died 10-21-1850. Age: 49y 5m 8d
FULLER, Chester. Spouse of Almira, died 8-3-1858. Age: 63
FURNESS, Parney. Spouse of Asa, died 3-10-1854. Age: 60y 1m 3?d - Stone Broken
GAYLORD, J. Dewitt. Born 5-20-1850, died 7-17-1856 - Son of H.C. & M.J. Gaylord [In Memory]
GAYLORD, Mrs. Emeline. Spouse of Rev. William, died 2-17-1882. Age: 74 - [The true and faithful wife of Rev. William Hall and the ___ of Dea. Ephraim Hall] [All these died in faith -their bodies veing still united to Christ Will sleep in Jesus until raised in his likeness-know ye not that your bodies are members of Christ ]
GILPIN, Thomas, died 6-2-1854. Age: 26
HALE, Estella. Spouse of James. Born 1850, died 1895
HALE, James. Spouse of Estella. Born 1841, died 1922 - Son of Walter & Jennette Hollister Hale - Civil War Vet, Co H 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted for three years 8-25-1862. Captured in Action 7-1-1863 at Gettysburg, paroled. Discharged 10-30-1863
HALE, Jennette Hollister. Spouse of Walter, died 12-11-1880. Age: 71y 6m 11d - Dau of John and Elizabeth Van Scoter Hollister
HALE, Walter. Spouse of Jennette H
HALE, William D. Born 1839, died 9-30-1862 - Son of Walter & Jennette Hollister Hale - Civil War Vet, Co H 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted for three years 8-25-1862. Died 9-29-1862 at Jamestown NY.
HALL, Benjamin F. Born 1-24-1825, died 10-1-1882
HALL, Betsey N. - Dau of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Caroline P. - Dau of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Clarissa N., died 7-11-1851. Age: 32y 9m 4d - Dau of Ephraim & Mary Ann Hall
HALL, Ephraim C., died 5-1-1846. Age: 24y 7m 16d
HALL, Ephraim Dea. Spouse of Mary A.N.
HALL, Ephraim DeForest, died 5-27-1858. Age: 8y 7m 5d - Son of B.F. & M.B. Hall
HALL, Ephraim G. Born 11-3-1840, died 3-29- 1881 - Civil War Vet, Co I 111th Inf MI Vols, Capt.
HALL, Ephraim II - Son of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Maggie N., died 8-22-1864. Age: 10y 5m 21d - Dau of B.F & M.B. Hall
HALL, Margaret N. Spouse of W.D. Burgess, died 1-30-1852. Age: 35y 11m 5d
HALL, Mary A. - Dau of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Mary A.N. Spouse of Dea. Ephraim
HALL, Nancy N. - Dau of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Solon, died 3-31-1842. Age: 35y 9m 18d - [In Memory of]
HAMMOND, Helen G. (O'Connor) John A. 3-28-1921 3-7-2015 93 Dau of Michael and Margaret O'Connor. Born, lived, and died in Ellicottville NY. Wed 8-27-1942, two children. (Spouse d, 2005)
HELLER, Thomas, died 11-19-1857 - [Gone Home]
HICKEY, John, died 3-7-1887. Age: 92
HICKEY, L.M., died 2-6-1875. Age: 52y 5m 6d
HICKEY, Martha H. Spouse of J., died 3-19- 1853. Age: 58
HOLDEN, George, died 5-3- 1853. Age: 10m - Son of Amos B. & Mary L. Holden
HOWE, Ann. Spouse of Horace, died 1-3-1845. Age: 33y 5m 27d
KELSEY, Samuel, died 10-1-1841. Age: 66
KING, Adalade. Spouse of J., died 1-28-1858. Age: 24y 5m 24d
KING, Clarrissa. Spouse of Thomas, died 4-27-1848. Age: 27y 5m
KING, Joshua. Born 1826, died 1910 - Civil War Vet, Co E 5th Cav NYS Vols, Farrier. Mustered in for thrre-years 8-31-1861. Discharged 4-15-1863 by order of General Hatch.
LANE, John V. - Son of John. Broken Stone
LANE, Mary Jane, died 2-1-1846. Age: 2m 11d - Dau of John & Emily A. Lane
LEACH, Helen J., died 8-18-1856. Age: 11y ?m - Dau of John & C. Leach
LEE, Harriett (Rathburn) Lyman 3-16-1800 7-29-1879 79 Born in Tioga PA. Five children
LEE, Lydia M., died 3-12-1825. Age: 5-1- 1863 - Dau of Harriet (Rathburn) and Lyman Lee
LEE, Lyman. Spouse of Harriet Rathburn, died 10-10-1851. Age: 52y 1m 2d Son of Tim and Lois (Barns) Lee. Born in Guilford CT,
LESLIE, Jenny, died 10-2-1865. Age: 1y 5m 11d - Only child of John & Laura Leslie [Our Little]
LOW, Almira. Spouse of James, died 5-7-1860. Age: 21
MANNING, Howard R., died 1-1-1875. Age: 23 - Son of Lyman & Leafy Manning
MANNING, Lucinda. Spouse of Samuel, died 2-4-1873. Age: 86
MARSH, Catharine S., died 5-27-1851. Age: 20 - Dau of Dimick & Lydia Smead Marsh
MARSH, Dimick. Spouse of Lydia, died 9-17-1851. Age: 53y 5m
MARSH, Lydia Smead. Spouse of Dimick, died 9-16-1840. Age: 42 - Stone Broken
MARSH, Orris E., died 4-14-1860. Age: 31
MARTINDALE, W. B. - US Veterans Flag Holder - Civil War Vet, Co B 9th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered in 9-30-1861 to serve three years. Mustered out by reason of disaffection 4-9-1862 at Baltimore MD
MAYBEE, Mary. Spouse of Jerremiah, died 9-17-1850. Age: 74y 4m 12d
M'COOL, Mary E., died 6-11-1850. Age: 3m 6d - Dau of James & Jane M'Cool
MORRIS, Adelaide, died 12-20-1838. Age: 3w - Dau of James & Mary J. Morris
MORRIS, Charles B., died 5-4-1843/8. Age: 2/7m 11d - Son of James & Mary J. Morris
MORRIS, George H., died 10-26-1861. Age: 2y 1m 26d - Son of James & Mary J. Morris
MORRIS, J. S., died 10-27-18??. Age: 9m 28d - Stone Broken- J.S.M.
NICHOLS, Sarah Ann. Spouse of Wm. E., died 7-27-1851. Age: 28y 9m
O'CONNOR, Caroline. Spouse of James F., died 3-11-1863. Age: 21y 4m 16d
O'CONNOR, Elizabeth. Spouse of James F., died 6-1-1855. Age: 22y 4m - Dau of R. & T. Huntley
OSGOOD, Rachel S. or E. Spouse of Samuel, died 1-1-1888. Age: 63y 11m 5d
OSGOOD, Samuel. Spouse of Rachel S., died 11-18-1851. Age: 35y 10m 23d
PALMER, Amy Bristol. Spouse of Asa, died 8-23-1842 - Stone buried
PALMER, Asa. Spouse of Amy, died 1-3-1836
PEABODY, Eleanor. Spouse of Phinehas, died 7-3- 1848. Age: 78
PEABODY, Phinehas. Spouse of Eleanor, died 9-8-1835. Age: 84
PHINNEY, Angeline d, died 7-1-1840. Age: 3y 8m 4d - Dau of R. & L.E. Phinney
PHINNEY, Lydia E. Spouse of R., died 1-31-1864. Age: 52y 2m 4d
PICKET, Jarusha. Spouse of Joseph, died 8-12-1846. Age: 19y 6m 24d
PRATT, Lemuel, died 5-15-1856. Age: 65y 5m
PRIEST, Zillah. Spouse of Aaron, died 8-21- 1846. Age: 72y 10m 16d
PUDDY, George, died 10-3-1850. Age: 22y 2m 25d
PUDDY, Lucy I., died 2-20-1856. Age: 3y 3m 10d - Dau of E. & E. Puddy
RATHBUN, Harriet. Spouse of Lyman Lee. Born 3-16-1800, died 7-29-1879
ROSENBERRY, Mary, died 12-4-1851. Age: 54
RUSSELL, Albert P., died 10-16- 1858. Age: 32y 6m 3d
RUSSELL, Frances A., died 11-22-1856. Age: 6y 2d - Dau of Albert & Minerva Russell
RUSSELL, Philena. Born 1828, died 1905
SCOTT, Joanne Mae (Milligan/Wallace) Stanley B. 3-6-1927 8-20-2009 82 Dau of Harry Nelson and Maud Alice (Drown) Milligan. Raised from birth by Thomas and Llora Wallace. Born in Ellicottville NY, died in Little Valley NY. Wed in 1943.
SCOTT, Stanley Bertram Joanne M. 9-22-1922 8-8-2010 Son of Harold W. and Pearl M. (Snyder) Scott. Born in Humphrey NY, died in Whitehall MI. Wed 1943.
SHEPARD, Willis Montrose, died 8-13-1848. Age: 10m 12d - Son of John & Sarah B. or E. Shepard
SISSON, David, died 6-16- 1855. Age: 35y 7m
SNYDER, Fred Hurbert, died 11-10-1856. Age: 2y 9m 22d - Son of G & C Snyder
SNYDER, William Henry, died 12-16-1845. Age: 3y 6m - Son of George & Clarissa Snyder
STARKES, Daniel - Unreadable
STARKES, Saul D., died 10-1-1832. Age: 13y 2m 25d - Son of Christopher & Lydia Starkes
STARKS, Chester Bates Laura Rowsan 1810 5-6-1888 Died in Little Valley NY. Wed 1837, four children
STARKS, Frank 3-12-1854, died 10-25-1863. Age: 9y 7m - Son of Chester B. & Laura (Rowsan) Starks
STARKS, Lydia. Spouse of Christopher, died 3-25-1860. Age: 64y 3m 8d
STARKS, Unknown Child of Christopher and Lydia Starks. Sibling of Saul D. Starks
STEVENS, Levi #1 Sally Rice, #2 Nancy Dudley 8-4-1794 11-18-1877 83 Son of Elijah and Lucinda (Dodge) Stevens. Born in Cooperstown NY, died in Catt co NY. Wed Sally 12-31-1819, four children. Wed Nancy 11-18-1833, five children.
STEVENS, Sally (Rice). Spouse of Levi, died 4-21-1833. Age: 36y 8m Born in Cayuga Co NY, died in Little Valley NY. Wed 12-31-1819, four children.
STRATON, Emily Luana, died 6-11- 1862. Age: 4y 5m 16d - Dau of Zebulon L. & Martha Stratton [To the Memory of]
STRATTON, Achsah, died 3-10-1845. Age: 15 - Dau of James & Betsy Stratton
STRATTON, Betsy, died 1-5-1879. Age: 91y 10m
STRATTON, James, died 8-14-1871. Age: 87y 11m 10d
STRATTON, Jerush. Spouse of Z., died 12-27-1840. Age: 82
STRATTON, Meribah, died 2-27-1845 - Dau of Zeb & Jerusha Stratton
STRATTON, Zeb. Spouse of Jerusha, died 8-18- 1842. Age: 89
SWEETLAND, Almira S., died 1-22-1838. Age: 3y 8m 14d - Dau of Lewis & Drusilla Sweetland
SWEETLAND, Drusilla. Spouse of Rev. Lewis, died 12-18- 1863. Age: 52
SWEETLAND, J. Orlando, died 2-16-1838. Age: 8m 15d - Son of Lewis & Drusilla Sweetland
SWEETLAND, Prucia A., died 12-6-1862. Age: 14
SWEETLAND, Willie - [Our Willie]
TAGGART, Mary L., died 11-26-1851. Age: 3y 4m7d - Dau of Jno. M. & Lucinda Taggart
UNKNOWN, Mary Ann - Stone Broken
WAKEFIELD, Utly, died 7-25- 1850. Age: 30y 9m 5d
WARNER, Emeline. Born 1825, died 1852
WELLFORD, Martha Jane, died ?? 8, 1858. Age: 20y 3m 8d - Dau of Benjamin & Abigail Wellford
WELLINGTON, Edwin H., died 6-11-1858. Age: 15y 1m 23d - Son of Horace & Phebe Wellington
WHEATON, Daniel, died 11-24-1851. Age: 65y 4m 6d
WHEATON, Gaius. Spouse of Sally & Leafy, died 1-17-1863. Age: 71y 4m 24d
WHEATON, Leafy. Spouse of Gaius, died 9-17-1826. Age: 27y 1m 11d - [In Memory of]
WHEATON, Mary. Spouse of Hiram, died 10-2-1849. Age: 23y 6m 14d - Stone Broken
WHEATON, Sally. Spouse of Gaius, died 1-3-1830. Age: 33y 8m 1d - [In Memory of]
WHEATON, Stanley H., died 3-21-1850. Age: 7m 2d - Son of Hiram & Mary Wheaton. Stone broken
WILLOUGHBY, Sarah. Spouse of Rev. Ruben, died 3-23-1842. Age: 43
WINSHIP, Benjamin. Spouse of Hannah. Born 3-11-1796, died 12-10-1851
WINSHIP, Benjamin. Spouse of Mary, died 1-25-1848. Age: 81y 3m 25d
WINSHIP, Charles, died 5-4-1880. Age: 54y 4m 10d
WINSHIP, Frank S. Born 3-22-1852, died 5-13-1853. Age: 1y 1m 22d - Son of Nathan & Eunice Winship
WINSHIP, Hannah. Spouse of Benjamin. Born 6-4-1804, died 7-19-1887
WINSHIP, Mary. Spouse of Benjamin, died 10-2- 1845. Age: 84y 7m 20d
WINSHIP, Monelva, died 12-26- 1852. Age: 1y 1m 15d - Dau of Charles & Evline Winship

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