Town of Little Valley, NY
Rt. 353 Little Valley-Salamanca Road

Photos by Suzan Paschen

AMES, Adelia, died 11-16-1857. Age: 24
AMES, Jane C., died 9-27-1848. Age: 8y 10m 27d - Dau of Otis & Polly Ames
AMES, Polly. Spouse of Otis, died 7-23- 1841. Age: 41y 1m 11d
ANNIS, David. Spouse of Drusilla - Stone Broken
ANNIS, Drusilla Bristol. Spouse of David, died 6-6-1836. Age: 46
ANNIS, Fanny. Spouse of Lyman, died 9-26-1865. Age: 20y 3m 22d
AYERS, Betsey. Spouse of Alfred, died 1-25-1851. Age: 45y 10m 24d
AYERS, Osker F., died 5-7-1832. Age: 1y 4m - Son of Betsey & Alfred Ayers
BENEDICT, Diantha E., died 10-1-1848. Age: 2y 4m 14d - Dau of Henry O. & Sarah D. Benedict
BOARDMAN, Mary. Spouse of E.A., died 11-16-1850. Age: 27y 11m
BOARDMAN, Nancy A., died 8-15-1847 - Dau of Edwin & Mary Boardman
BOARDMAN, Worster D., died 7-22-1852. Age: 2m - Son of Edwin & Mary Boardman
BOLTONS, Susannah. Spouse of Ira, died 6-1-1849. Age: 31y 6m
BOND, Betsey B. Spouse of Daniel, died 4-8-1870. Age: 67y? 4m
BOND, Daniel. Spouse of Betsey B., died 10-5-1861
BOND, Erastus C., died 2-2-1856. Age: 24y 3m - Son of D. & B. Bond
BRAGG, Lois, died 10-15-1840. Age: 78y 9m
BRAINARD, Richard M., died 2-10-1850. Age: 8y 11m 17d - Son of Simeon S. & Mary Brainard
BRYANT, Alvin C., died 12-7-1857. Age: 28y 1m 25d - Son of Nathaniel & Sally Chase Bryant
BRYANT, Nathaniel IV. Spouse of Sally. Born 10-6-1794, died 5-12-1883. Age: 88y 7m 5d - Son of Nathaniel III & Elizabeth Rude Bryant, born in Norwich Mass
BRYANT, Sally Chase. Spouse of Nathaniel. Born 1797, died 4-10-1875. Age: 71y 1m 7d
BUCKLIN, Amos, esq., died 8-4-1855. Age: 74
BUTLER, Frank D., died 5-20-1857. Age: 6m 22d - Son of J. & M. Butler
CALDWELL, Mary, died 7-31- 1848. Age: 10m 8d - Dau of James & Polly Caldwell
CHASE, Alvin. Spouse of Mary. Born 1796, died 1873
CHASE, Asa P., died 10-21- 1851? - Son of Alvan & Polly Chase Stone broken
CHASE, Convers H. Spouse of Nancy. Born 2-17-1811, died 11-9-1851 - Fond memory follows them
CHASE, David. Spouse of Lucy, died 7-20-1841. Age: 72 - [In Memory]
CHASE, Dulcenia, died 10-27-1851. Age: 16y 20d - Dau of Alvin & Polly Chase
CHASE, Freeman M., died 1-11-1857. Age: 23y 3m 16d - Son of Stillman & W. Alzina Chase. Moved to Faribault MN. Lot purchased July 1894
CHASE, Henry. Spouse of Irena, died 11-19- 1849. Age: 83
CHASE, Irena. Spouse of Henry, died 6-24-1848. Age: 79
CHASE, Lucy. Spouse of David, died 10-24- 1850. Age: 79y 10m 10d
CHASE, Mary. Spouse of Alvin. Born 1800, died 1874
CHASE, Nancy. Born 5-27-1816, died 6-29- 1886 - Fond memory follows them
CHASE, Porter, died 11-1-1851. Age: 28y 9m 13d - Son of Alvan & Polly Chase
CHASE, Wealthy A. Born 1-30-1812, died 12-6-1871 - Moved to Faribault MN. Lot purchased July 1894
CLARK, Adeline. Spouse of Z., died 11-20-1856. Age: 50y 2m 9d
CLARK, Deet V., died 2-7-1858. Age: 19y 10m 22d - Dau of Z & A. Clark
CLEMENT, Charles. Age: 5 - Son of Minot & Mary Clement
CLEMENT, Fanny, died 7-3-1847. Age: 28y 11m
CLEMENT, Flora. Age: 2y 6m - Dau of Minot & Mary Clement
CLEMENT, Isadore. Age: 3m - Dau of Minot & Mary Clement
CLEMENT, James, died 7-8-1852. Age: 47y 4m
CLEMENT, James. Spouse of Lydia, died 3-27- 1867. Age: 94y 1m 14d
CLEMENT, Jonathan, died 4-7-1848. Age: 67
CLEMENT, Lydia. Spouse of James, died 9-25-1863. Age: 79y 11m
CLEMENT, Martha Peabody. Spouse of Minot H. Born 1825, died 1899
CLEMENT, Mary Benson. Spouse of Minot H. Born 1834, died 1863
CLEMENT, Minot H. Spouse of Mary B/Martha P. Born 1825, died 1899
CROSBY, Lucy C. Spouse of Stephen, died 8-28- 1858. Age: 38
CULVER, Charlotte. Spouse of David Annis. Born 1809, died 1902
CULVER, Eliphalet. Spouse of Polly. Born 11-13-1804, died 3-7-1873. Age: 68y 3m 24d
CULVER, Emeliza. Spouse of Lyman, died 12-19-1838. Age: 36y 3m 21d
CULVER, Lyman. Spouse of Emeliza, died 11-15-1851. Age: 48y 4m 8d
CULVER, Noah. Spouse of Sally. Born 1779, died 1865
CULVER, Polly. Spouse of Eliphalet, died 5-12-1837. Age: 29y 2m 7d
CULVER, Sally. Spouse of Noah, died 11-18-1834. Age: 56
CUTLER, Jonathan, died 1-7-1846. Age: 20
DAVIS, Joseph, died 8-6-1837. Age: 6 - Son of Robert & Mariah Davis
DESMON, Sarah Isabel. Born 8-16-1851, died 18y 11m age - Dau of John & Julia Lydia Desmon
DRAKE, Clark C., died 9-17- 1844. Age: 5y 9m 17d - Son of George W. & Sarah Drake
ELLIS, John, died 7-23-1841. Age: 3y 3m 10d - Son of J. & R. Ellis
ELLIS, John. Spouse of Ruth. Born 1801, died 1892
ELLIS, Ruth. Spouse of John. Born 1802, died 1844
ELLIS, Susan M. Born 1826, died 1901 - Dau of John & Ruth Ellis
EWER, Asa, died 6-1-1845. Age: 52
FELLOWS, Martha Jane, died 10-6-1851. Age: 7m 18d - Dau of Wm. H. & Jolly Fellows
FELLOWS, Mary Ann, died 10-7-1851. Age: 11m 10d - Dau of Wm. H. & Jolly Fellows
FIELD, Asahel W. Spouse of Fanny. Born 1803, died 1879
FIELD, Fanny. Spouse of Asahel W. Born 1809, died 1884
FINCH, Isaac, died 8-21-1846. Age: 77y 8m
FISHER, Julia. Spouse of Harrison, died 3-7-1845. Age: 22y 7m 22d
FISHER, Sally. Spouse of Harmon, died 4-13-1846. Age: 41y 8m 21d
FISHER, Triphena. Spouse of Rev. William, died 3-5-1841. Age: 27/37y 11m ?d
FISHER, William, died 4-17-1845. Age: 66
FULLER, Almira. Spouse of Chester, died 10-21-1850. Age: 49y 5m 8d
FULLER, Chester. Spouse of Almira, died 8-3-1858. Age: 63
FURNESS, Parney. Spouse of Asa, died 3-10-1854. Age: 60y 1m 3?d - Stone Broken
GAYLORD, J. Dewitt. Born 5-20-1850, died 7-17-1856 - Son of H.C. & M.J. Gaylord [In Memory]
GAYLORD, Mrs. Emeline. Spouse of Rev. William, died 2-17-1882. Age: 74 - [The true and faithful wife of Rev. William Hall and the ___ of Dea. Ephraim Hall] [All these died in faith -their bodies veing still united to Christ Will sleep in Jesus until raised in his likeness-know ye not that your bodies are members of Christ ]
GILPIN, Thomas, died 6-2-1854. Age: 26
HALE, Estella. Spouse of James. Born 1850, died 1895
HALE, James. Spouse of Estella. Born 1841, died 1922 - Son of Walter & Jennette Hollister Hale - Civil War Vet, Co H 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted for three years 8-25-1862. Captured in Action 7-1-1863 at Gettysburg, paroled. Discharged 10-30-1863
HALE, Jennette Hollister. Spouse of Walter, died 12-11-1880. Age: 71y 6m 11d - Dau of John and Elizabeth Van Scoter Hollister
HALE, Walter. Spouse of Jennette H
HALE, William D. Born 1839, died 9-30-1862 - Son of Walter & Jennette Hollister Hale - Civil War Vet, Co H 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted for three years 8-25-1862. Died 9-29-1862 at Jamestown NY.
HALL, Benjamin F. Born 1-24-1825, died 10-1-1882
HALL, Betsey N. - Dau of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Caroline P. - Dau of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Clarissa N., died 7-11-1851. Age: 32y 9m 4d - Dau of Ephraim & Mary Ann Hall
HALL, Ephraim C., died 5-1-1846. Age: 24y 7m 16d
HALL, Ephraim Dea. Spouse of Mary A.N.
HALL, Ephraim DeForest, died 5-27-1858. Age: 8y 7m 5d - Son of B.F. & M.B. Hall
HALL, Ephraim G. Born 11-3-1840, died 3-29- 1881 - Civil War Vet, Co I 111th Inf MI Vols, Capt.
HALL, Ephraim II - Son of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Maggie N., died 8-22-1864. Age: 10y 5m 21d - Dau of B.F & M.B. Hall
HALL, Margaret N. Spouse of W.D. Burgess, died 1-30-1852. Age: 35y 11m 5d
HALL, Mary A. - Dau of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Mary A.N. Spouse of Dea. Ephraim
HALL, Nancy N. - Dau of Dea. Ephraim & Mary A.N. Hall
HALL, Solon, died 3-31-1842. Age: 35y 9m 18d - [In Memory of]
HELLER, Thomas, died 11-19-1857 - [Gone Home]
HICKEY, John, died 3-7-1887. Age: 92
HICKEY, L.M., died 2-6-1875. Age: 52y 5m 6d
HICKEY, Martha H. Spouse of J., died 3-19- 1853. Age: 58
HOLDEN, George, died 5-3- 1853. Age: 10m - Son of Amos B. & Mary L. Holden
HOWE, Ann. Spouse of Horace, died 1-3-1845. Age: 33y 5m 27d
KELSEY, Samuel, died 10-1-1841. Age: 66
KING, Adalade. Spouse of J., died 1-28-1858. Age: 24y 5m 24d
KING, Clarrissa. Spouse of Thomas, died 4-27-1848. Age: 27y 5m
KING, Joshua. Born 1826, died 1910 - Civil War Vet, Co E 5th Cav NYS Vols, Farrier. Mustered in for thrre-years 8-31-1861. Discharged 4-15-1863 by order of General Hatch.
LANE, John V. - Son of John. Broken Stone
LANE, Mary Jane, died 2-1-1846. Age: 2m 11d - Dau of John & Emily A. Lane
LEACH, Helen J., died 8-18-1856. Age: 11y ?m - Dau of John & C. Leach
LEE, Lydia M., died 3-12-1825. Age: 5-1- 1863 - Dau of Harriet & Lyman Lee
LEE, Lyman. Spouse of Harriet Rathburn, died 10-10-1851. Age: 52y 1m 2d
LESLIE, Jenny, died 10-2-1865. Age: 1y 5m 11d - Only child of John & Laura Leslie [Our Little]
LOW, Almira. Spouse of James, died 5-7-1860. Age: 21
MANNING, Howard R., died 1-1-1875. Age: 23 - Son of Lyman & Leafy Manning
MANNING, Lucinda. Spouse of Samuel, died 2-4-1873. Age: 86
MARSH, Catharine S., died 5-27-1851. Age: 20 - Dau of Dimick & Lydia Smead Marsh
MARSH, Dimick. Spouse of Lydia, died 9-17-1851. Age: 53y 5m
MARSH, Lydia Smead. Spouse of Dimick, died 9-16-1840. Age: 42 - Stone Broken
MARSH, Orris E., died 4-14-1860. Age: 31
MARTINDALE, W. B. - US Veterans Flag Holder - Civil War Vet, Co B 9th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered in 9-30-1861 to serve three years. Mustered out by reason of disaffection 4-9-1862 at Baltimore MD
MAYBEE, Mary. Spouse of Jerremiah, died 9-17-1850. Age: 74y 4m 12d
M'COOL, Mary E., died 6-11-1850. Age: 3m 6d - Dau of James & Jane M'Cool
MORRIS, Adelaide, died 12-20-1838. Age: 3w - Dau of James & Mary J. Morris
MORRIS, Charles B., died 5-4-1843/8. Age: 2/7m 11d - Son of James & Mary J. Morris
MORRIS, George H., died 10-26-1861. Age: 2y 1m 26d - Son of James & Mary J. Morris
MORRIS, J. S., died 10-27-18??. Age: 9m 28d - Stone Broken- J.S.M.
NICHOLS, Sarah Ann. Spouse of Wm. E., died 7-27-1851. Age: 28y 9m
O'CONNOR, Caroline. Spouse of James F., died 3-11-1863. Age: 21y 4m 16d
O'CONNOR, Elizabeth. Spouse of James F., died 6-1-1855. Age: 22y 4m - Dau of R. & T. Huntley
OSGOOD, Rachel S. or E. Spouse of Samuel, died 1-1-1888. Age: 63y 11m 5d
OSGOOD, Samuel. Spouse of Rachel S., died 11-18-1851. Age: 35y 10m 23d
PALMER, Amy Bristol. Spouse of Asa, died 8-23-1842 - Stone buried
PALMER, Asa. Spouse of Amy, died 1-3-1836
PEABODY, Eleanor. Spouse of Phinehas, died 7-3- 1848. Age: 78
PEABODY, Phinehas. Spouse of Eleanor, died 9-8-1835. Age: 84
PHINNEY, Angeline d, died 7-1-1840. Age: 3y 8m 4d - Dau of R. & L.E. Phinney
PHINNEY, Lydia E. Spouse of R., died 1-31-1864. Age: 52y 2m 4d
PICKET, Jarusha. Spouse of Joseph, died 8-12-1846. Age: 19y 6m 24d
PRATT, Lemuel, died 5-15-1856. Age: 65y 5m
PRIEST, Zillah. Spouse of Aaron, died 8-21- 1846. Age: 72y 10m 16d
PUDDY, George, died 10-3-1850. Age: 22y 2m 25d
PUDDY, Lucy I., died 2-20-1856. Age: 3y 3m 10d - Dau of E. & E. Puddy
RATHBUN, Harriet. Spouse of Lyman Lee. Born 3-16-1800, died 7-29-1879
ROSENBERRY, Mary, died 12-4-1851. Age: 54
RUSSELL, Albert P., died 10-16- 1858. Age: 32y 6m 3d
RUSSELL, Frances A., died 11-22-1856. Age: 6y 2d - Dau of Albert & Minerva Russell
RUSSELL, Philena. Born 1828, died 1905
SHEPARD, Willis Montrose, died 8-13-1848. Age: 10m 12d - Son of John & Sarah B. or E. Shepard
SISSON, David, died 6-16- 1855. Age: 35y 7m
SNYDER, Fred Hurbert, died 11-10-1856. Age: 2y 9m 22d - Son of G & C Snyder
SNYDER, William Henry, died 12-16-1845. Age: 3y 6m - Son of George & Clarissa Snyder
STARKES, Daniel - Unreadable
STARKES, Saul D., died 10-1-1832. Age: 13y 2m 25d - Son of Christopher & Lydia Starkes
STARKS, Frank, died 10-25-1863. Age: 9y 7m - Son of C.B. & L. Starks
STARKS, Lydia. Spouse of C., died 3-25-1860. Age: 64y 3m 8d
STEVENS, Sally. Spouse of Levi, died 4-21-1833. Age: 36y 8m
STRATON, Emily Luana, died 6-11- 1862. Age: 4y 5m 16d - Dau of Zebulon L. & Martha Stratton [To the Memory of]
STRATTON, Achsah, died 3-10-1845. Age: 15 - Dau of James & Betsy Stratton
STRATTON, Betsy, died 1-5-1879. Age: 91y 10m
STRATTON, James, died 8-14-1871. Age: 87y 11m 10d
STRATTON, Jerush. Spouse of Z., died 12-27-1840. Age: 82
STRATTON, Meribah, died 2-27-1845 - Dau of Zeb & Jerusha Stratton
STRATTON, Zeb. Spouse of Jerusha, died 8-18- 1842. Age: 89
SWEETLAND, Almira S., died 1-22-1838. Age: 3y 8m 14d - Dau of Lewis & Drusilla Sweetland
SWEETLAND, Drusilla. Spouse of Rev. Lewis, died 12-18- 1863. Age: 52
SWEETLAND, J. Orlando, died 2-16-1838. Age: 8m 15d - Son of Lewis & Drusilla Sweetland
SWEETLAND, Prucia A., died 12-6-1862. Age: 14
SWEETLAND, Willie - [Our Willie]
TAGGART, Mary L., died 11-26-1851. Age: 3y 4m7d - Dau of Jno. M. & Lucinda Taggart
UNKNOWN, Mary Ann - Stone Broken
WAKEFIELD, Utly, died 7-25- 1850. Age: 30y 9m 5d
WARNER, Emeline. Born 1825, died 1852
WELLFORD, Martha Jane, died ?? 8, 1858. Age: 20y 3m 8d - Dau of Benjamin & Abigail Wellford
WELLINGTON, Edwin H., died 6-11-1858. Age: 15y 1m 23d - Son of Horace & Phebe Wellington
WHEATON, Daniel, died 11-24-1851. Age: 65y 4m 6d
WHEATON, Gaius. Spouse of Sally & Leafy, died 1-17-1863. Age: 71y 4m 24d
WHEATON, Leafy. Spouse of Gaius, died 9-17-1826. Age: 27y 1m 11d - [In Memory of]
WHEATON, Mary. Spouse of Hiram, died 10-2-1849. Age: 23y 6m 14d - Stone Broken
WHEATON, Sally. Spouse of Gaius, died 1-3-1830. Age: 33y 8m 1d - [In Memory of]
WHEATON, Stanley H., died 3-21-1850. Age: 7m 2d - Son of Hiram & Mary Wheaton. Stone broken
WILLOUGHBY, Sarah. Spouse of Rev. Ruben, died 3-23-1842. Age: 43
WINSHIP, Benjamin. Spouse of Hannah. Born 3-11-1796, died 12-10-1851
WINSHIP, Benjamin. Spouse of Mary, died 1-25-1848. Age: 81y 3m 25d
WINSHIP, Charles, died 5-4-1880. Age: 54y 4m 10d
WINSHIP, Frank S. Born 3-22-1852, died 5-13-1853. Age: 1y 1m 22d - Son of Nathan & Eunice Winship
WINSHIP, Hannah. Spouse of Benjamin. Born 6-4-1804, died 7-19-1887
WINSHIP, Mary. Spouse of Benjamin, died 10-2- 1845. Age: 84y 7m 20d
WINSHIP, Monelva, died 12-26- 1852. Age: 1y 1m 15d - Dau of Charles & Evline Winship

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