Town of Wirt, NY
Compiled by: Al Weimer & Charlie Barrett
Submitted by PHGS Members: Dan & Sally Maxson
CASE, George B. Born 3-30-1836 Died 5-4-1859 
CASE, Joseph Spouse of Mary B. Born 10-6-1799 Died 6-13- 1881 
CASE, Mary B. Spouse of Joseph Born 4-28- 1799 Died 1-25- 1884 
CASE, Phlander Born 1841 Died 1892 
GILBERT, Frank E. Died 6-8-1869 Son of E.D. & H.L. Gilbert
GILBERT, George E. Born 1-17-1875 Died 11-27-1876 Son of H.J. & Almira Gilbert
GILBERT, John Spouse of Sally Born 1-1802 Died 7-20-1873 
GILBERT, Sally Spouse of John Born 6-1802 Died 3-1-1884 Dau. of Allen ?
GILLETT, Phoebe Spouse of Silas Born 2-14- 1795 Died 1-17-1875 
GILLETT, Silas Spouse of Phoebe Born 3-17-1796 Died 4-9-1862 
GILLETT, Silas Sr. 
JORDAN, Hiram L. Born 2-9-1865 Died 6-25-1869 Age 3 Son of Jonas & Phoebe A. Moore Jordan
KETCHUM, Estella A. Born 12-4-1860 Died 12-24-1862 Age 1 Dau. of Justin & Czarnia Ketchum
KETCHUM, Jona Born 5-5-1853 Died 9-16-1879 Son of Jusstin & Czarnia Ketchum 
KETCHUM, Sophronia Born 10-31-1843 Died 5-31-1865 Dau. of Justin & Czarnia Ketchum
MOORE, John Spouse of Mary Born 1-11-1802 Died 2-22-1885 
MOORE, Mary Spouse of John Born 1811 Died 2-12-1857 
OSTRANDER, James Born 1-1843 Died 6-28-1864 Age 20 

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