Copied from the book "The Spirit of Rushford"
The book was published in 1958 for the Rushford Sesquicentennial.
Submitted by PHGS member: Becky Marsh


Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Adams came to Rushford from Cavendish, Vermont in1824 and purchased the farm now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ross Clark. Alfred, one of their sons, married Lucinda Acker. They had three daughters, Arvilla, Viola and Mary, besides twins.

Arvilla married George Farwell. (See Farwell history).

Viola married Albert Farwell (a cousin of George Farwell). They had one son Dorrance who died in 1948. Ethel Tait lived with the Albert Farwells from childhood. She is a trained nurse living in Englewood, New Jersey.

Mary Adams married Robert McFarland. They had two children, Floyd and Mary. Mary Adams McFarland died shortly after her daughter was born. Floyd died in infancy. Mary married Robert Ward. They settled in Fairport, New York, where Mary has continued to live since Roberts death. Their children were Doris and Robert Jr. Doris is married and living in California. Robert Jr. lives in Rochester, New York, and has a son and daughter.


The records show that the first Farwells to come to this part of the country were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Farwell who came in 1800, and lived on the road to Centerville beyond the farm now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Williams.

In 1841, their son, Lemuel D. Farwell, purchased from the Farmers` Loan and Trust Company, the farm in Podonque now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Young. He and his wife had four children, Laura, Caroline, John and George.

Laura married DeAlton Hammond. They moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they lived for the rest of their lives.

Caroline married Elijah Bishop and lived in Eagle Harbor, New York, where she died.

John was never married. He was wounded in the Civil War and died at Chancellorsville, Virginia, in 1863, while a prisoner of war.

George married Arvilla Adams, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Adams. They had one daughter, Grace M. Mr. and Mrs. Farwell lived all their lives on the Farwell farm except for a few years spent in Houghton, New York, during which time they rented the farm to tenants. While in Houghton they assisted their daughter and her husband, Roscoe C. Lynde, in the general store operated by Roscoe Lynde and his brother Grant Lynde. They had another brother, Earl Lynde, who spent his later years in Rushford where he died in 1956. George Farwell passed away in 1925, and his wife Arvilla, in 1941.

Roscoe and Grace Lynde lived in Houghton most of their married life. They had one daughter, Winifred. Grace Lynde died in 1933, and Roscoe died in 1937.

Winifred Lynde married Clark B. Williams. They live in Rushford and have three children. Ruth E., Virginia A., and Donald L.

Ruth E. married Carl J. Moranski and lives in Franklinville with their four children, Patricia A., Ronald J., David M., and Douglas A.

Virginia A. married Robert F. Hahn. They and their three children, Terry R., Gregory A., and Bradley D., live in Franklinville.

Donald L. is not married. He re-enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corp., April 17, 1958.

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