White Cemetery
Town of Rushford
Submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson
Updated by Eleanor Schwalb

Listing of pre-2000 burials on our sister site.

ABBOTT, Carolyn M. Spouse of Bruce H. Abbott Born 8/23/1947 died 7/18/2019 Age 71y - Dau of Jay & Louise Unger Armstrong b. Springville, NY d. Cuba, NY Wed 6/29/1968 Sardinia, NY
ALDEMAN, Eva S. (Smith) Spouse of Ralph L. Born 7-5-1925 died 9-15-2009 - Dau of Putnam & Della (Lewis) Smith, b. Arcade NY d. Corning NY
ALDERMAN, Donald F. Born 6/5/1926 died 1/9/2014 - Son of Arthur & Grace Miller Alderman b. Rushford NY d. Knoxville TN. Four children (Wife survives) - WW II Vet, Europe.
ANDO, Susanne M. Spouse of David Ando Born 12/13/1949 died 2/10/2019 Age 69y - Dau of Leonard & Mary Lou Seiter Bitka b.Buffalo, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 9/2/1972
ARMSTRONG, Jay E. Spouse of Louise Unger Born 7-1-1924 died 9-3-2006 - Son of Foster J. & Gertrude (Cleghorn) Armstrong Adopted parents: Harold & Frances (Osgood) Cleghorn, b. Ceres NY d. Buffalo NY. Wed 12-11-1946 in Sandusky NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe. Purple Heart and other medals
ARMSTRONG, Louise C. (Unger) Spouse of Jay E. Born 6/12/1926 died 4/14/2002 - Dau of Christopher & Carrie (Evans) Unger, m. 11 Dec 1946
BARBER, James C. Born 5/27/1935 died 7/9/2012 - Son of Hugh & Ida Cleghorn Barber b. Cuba NY d. Buffalo NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
BATTLE, Earl L. Spouse of Darlene Moyer Born 3/6/1946 died 1/2/2020 - Son of Clinton & Loffie-Bell Briggs Patrick b/ Arkport, NY d. Olean, NY
BLISS, James D. Born 4-25-1985 died 11-12-2006 - Son of Kenneth & Deborah (Greil) Bliss, b. Warsaw NY d. Olean NY. Participated in the relief effort on Whitby Island during Katrina - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
BLISS, Kenneth A. Spouse of Deborah Greil Born 12-23-1961 died 1-1-2008 - Son of Malcom & Marjorie (Specta) Bliss, b. Cheektowaga NY d. Rushford NY. Wed 4-28-1984 in Rushford NY
BLISS, Malcolm D. Spouse of Marjorie J. Speta Born 7-17-1926 died 2-16-2006 - Son of Alton & Gertrude (Williams) Bliss, b. Belfast NY d. Rushford NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
CHAPMAN, Marilynn M. (Lundergann) Spouse of Ronald J. Born 11-1927 died 12-31-2009 Age 82y - Dau of Alden F. & Eudora (Austin) Lundergann, b. Bradford PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-10-1970 in Salamanca NY
CHAPMAN, Ronald J. Sr, Spouse of Marilynn M. Lundergann Born 2-8-1939 died 12-2-2013 Age 74 - Son of Charles & Tessie (Deveraux) Chapman b. Cadiz NY d. Cuba NY Wed 7-10-1970 in Salamanca NY
CLARK, Eleanor (Williams) Spouse of R. Dean Born 8-23-1919 died 11-06-2004 Age 85y - Dau of Daniel & Nellie (James) Williams, b. Rushford NY. Wed 64 years,
CLARK, Evelyn E. (Wolfley) Spouse of Arthur B. Born 11-4-1929 died 2-22-2008 - Dau of Frank & Susan (Coolard) Wolfley, b. Orchard Park NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 8-30-1947 in Blossom NY
CLARK, Florence G. Spouse of Donald Z. Born 12-12-1920 died 8-14-2008 - Dau of Clarence & Mable (Hatch) Davis, b. Town of Caneadea NY d. Rushford NY
CLARK, R. Dean [Colonel] Spouse of Eleanor Williams Born 9-27-1918 died 6-1-2006 Age 87y - Son of Harlan & Ada (Harris) Clark. Wed 10-12-1940
CLARK, William D. Born 5/19/1943 died 5/31/2018 - Son of R. Dean & Eleanor Williams Clark b. Rushford, NY d. Olean, NY
CROMWELL, Rachel B. (Hamilton) Spouse of Keith E. Born 1-24-1935 died 10-31-2009 - Dau of Ronald & Myrtle (Blowers) Hamilton, b. Salamanca NY d. Olean NY. Wed 5-30-1953
DAVIS, Alfred B. Spouse of Charlotte Shafer Born 2-21-1921 died 9-16-2007 - Son of Elbert & Vera (Leming) Davi, b. Centerville NY d. Rushford NY
DAVIS, Charlotte S. Spouse of Alfred B. Born 1-4-1924 died 12-7-2011 - Dau of Roy & Beulah Marble Shafer b. Rushford NY d. Houghton NY
DAVIS, Linda (Childs) Spouse of Everett R. Born 5-9-1923 died 3-3-2006 - Dau of Rev. Floyd & Catherine (Thompson) Childs, b. Moravia NY, d. Greenville SC. Wed 4-6-1945
DAVIS, Tyrone E. Born 3-18-1947 died 12-24-2008 - Son of Elsworth & Elleanor Davis, b. Cuba NY d. Rushford NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army. US Air Medal and Bronze Star for Valor
DRESS, Lenore G. Spouse of Veryle A. Born 11-12-1940 died 8-28-2014 Age 73 - Dau of Elwin J. & Hanna Rebecca Hutchins Butler b. Pondeque NY d. Rochester NY Wed 11-17-1967 in Webster NY
DUVALL, Margaret J. Spouse of Robert Born 8-28-1929 died 10-1-2011 - Dau of Charles & Clara Lounsbury b. Humphrey NY d. Rushford NY (Robert died in 1962)
FAIRBANKS, Theodore L. Born 6-20-1953 died 6-16-2009 - Son of Llewllyn & Esther (Gleason) Fairbanks, b. Cuba NY d. Buffalo NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, M/Sgt
FRANCIS, Melvin Burton "Mel" Spouse of Elaine Born 7/23/1944 died 12/23/2018 - Son of Norman & Marjorie Baker Francis b. Rushford, NY d. Spartanburg, SC - US Army Vietnam Veteran
FRANCIS, Myra Sue Born 12/10/1940 died 6/29/2018 - Dau of Lyron & Leona Catlin Francis b. Rushford, NY d. Olean, NY
GILBERT, Wilson L. Spouse of Marian Tellier Born 1-29-1923 died 1-28-2010 Age 86 - Son of Loren & Sarah Davis Gilbert b. Rushford NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1947
GORMAN, David J. Sr. Spouse of Catherine Sears Born 2/5/1949 died 12/9/2010 - Son of James & Mary Gambo Gorman b. Waterburg CT d. Wellsville NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army
GREEN, Maureen J. (Brown) Spouse of Francis E. Born 3-3-1934 died 3-20-2006 - Dau of Charles & Clara (Lounsbury) Brown, b. Sugartown d. Rushford NY. Wed 8-21-1954 in Rushford NY
GROVES, Linda M. (Wilson) Spouse of William F. Born 6-23-1953 died 9-5-2008 - Dau of John & Barbara Wilson, b. Bowie MD d. in MD
GUEST, Robert Russell Spouse of Jane R. Runckel Born 11-17-1931 died 11-6-2005 Age 73y - Son of Thomas & Grace (Russell) Guest, b. Fillmore NY d. Mount Gilead OH. Wed 8-21-1954
HASKINS, Audean L. Born 5/30/1946 died 11/24/2010 - Dau of Donald & Marium Smith Haskins b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY
HASKINS, Donald R. Spouse of Marium Smith Born 4-24-1921 died 8-1-2012 Age 91 - Son of Robert & Elizabeth Radley Haskins b. Angelica NY d. Pulaski TN (Marium died in 19730 - WW II Vet, US Army, Italy
HATCH, Milton C. Spouse of Donna Burgess Born 1-13-1938 died 7-17-2008 - Son of Wellington & Sadie (Cockle) Hatch b. Centerville NY d. Houghton NY
HOWARD, Eva M. "Peg" Born 8/10/1952 died 8-14-2014 Age 62 - Dau of Lloyd E. & Eva I. Morton Howard b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY
HUTCHINS, Orson L. Born 12-5-1923 died 1-9-2009 Age 85y - Son of Grover C. & Harriet (Baker) Hutchins, b. New Hudson NY d. Houghton NY
KOPREVICH, Stanley F. Spouse of Ginny L. Machnica Born 2-5-1938 died 1-18-2010 Age 71y - Son of Stanley F. & Justine (Jastremski) Koprevich, b. Plains PA d. Buffalo NY. Wed 4-28-1962 in Buffalo NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MAW, George L. Born 5/5/1949 died 1/3/2020 Age 70y - Son of Glen & Ruth Dansworth Maw b. Rochester, NY d. Rushford, NY - US Navy Veteran
MAW, Keith D. Born 4/12/1970 died 5/22/2011 - Son of George & Catherine Gillespie Maw b. Rochester NY d. Buffalo NY
MORGAN, Marion J. Spouse of David Born 2/6/1925 died 9/10/2011 Age 86 - Dau of Charles & Clara Lounsburg b. Great Valley NY d. Rushford NY (David d. 5-21-1988)
MORSE, Eddie, Jr. Spouse of Patricia Steadman Born 9-12-1932 died 6-22-2009 - Son of Eddie & Helen (Stewart) Morse, b.Caneadea NY d. Olean NY
MORSE, Lucinda A. [Lucy] Born 9-14-1965 died 8-2-2007 - Dau of Eddie & Patricia (Steadman) Morse, b. & d. Cuba NY
MORTON, Hazel E. (Johnson) Spouse of George A. Born 2-17-1901 died 6-16-2004 Age 103y - Dau of Ross & Phoebe (Austin) Johnson, b. North Bingham PA, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-21-1917 in Troupsburg NY, Co-owner/operator dairy farms in Troupsburg, Friendship, & Rushford
MOYER, Gerald E. Spouse of Thelma Crandal Born 5/17/1933 died 2/28/2011 - Son of George & Cecilia Johnson Moyer b. Wetmore PA d. Olean NY - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1953-1955
POMEROY, Robert Warren Born 10/13/1962 died 9/2/2019 - Son of Warren & Judith Black Pomeroy b. Cuba, NY d. Olean, NY
RANDOLPH, Minnie M. Spouse of Leonard B. Randolph Born 5/28/1926 died 2/16/2017 Age 90y - Dau of Keith Irvin & Frances Marie Prevorce Deniston b. Caneadea, NY d. Hudson, FL Wed 6/19/1943 Richburg, NY
SAUNDERS, Gerald F. Spouse of June Marie Haskins Born 6-6-1922 died 12-26-2005 - Son of Alfred & Irene (Williams) Saunders, b. Sherbrooke, Canada d. Orlando, Fla.
SAUNDERS, June M. (Haskins) Spouse of Gerald F. Born 6-18-1927 died 9-24-2008 - Dau of Robert & Elizabeth (Radley) Haskins, b. Oakfield d. Tonawanda NY
SCHOFIELD, Florence E. Spouse of Thomas S. Born 7/12/1919 died 3/11/2010 Age 90 - Dau of Victor & Grace Blanchard Rinaldo b. Buffalo NY d. Machias NY Wed 11-8-1941 in Buffalo NY, (Thomas d. 5-23-2005)
SEARS, Shirley A. Spouse of Raymond E. Sr. Born 11/25/1932 died 5/10/2011 - Dau of Harold & Cecil Lewis Stapleberg b. Waterbury CT d. Olean NY. Wed 7-23-1949 in CT
SKINNER, Patricia A. (Davis) Spouse of Kenneth E. Born 2-5-1935 died 1-25-2006 - Dau of Kenneth & Lillian (Bliven) Davis, b. Little Genesee NY d. Houghton NY. Wed 7-20-1952 in Bolivar NY
SLOCUM, Olive H. Spouse of Art Slocum Born 12/10/1932 died 11/26/2018 - Dau of Robert & Elizabeth Radley Haskins b. Batavia, NY d. Friendship, NY
SPECTA, Wilma E. (Bradford) Spouse of James J. Born 10-31-1914 died 9-17-2008 - Dau of William & Iva (Reynolds) Bradford, b. Shinglehouse PA d. Houghton NY. Wed 3-3-1932
SPRAGUE, Richard Spouse of #1 Joan M. Neal, #2 Delvana I. (Utegg) Manning Born 11/26/1930 died 11/23/2010 Age 79 - Son of Forrest & Edna VanHorne Sprague b. Belmont NY d. Rushford NY Wed Joan 9-8-1950 in Delevan NY. (She d. 2-5-1986) Wed Delvana 8-27-1994 in Rushford NY. She d 6-14-2001)
TAYLOR, Esther I. (Bliss) Spouse of Theodore L. "Ted" Born 12-11-1934 died 1-28-2008 - Dau of Alton & Gertrude (Williams) Bliss, b. Rushford NY d. Buffalo NY
TAYLOR, Theodore, L "Ted" Spouse of Esther I. Bliss Born 5/7/1928 died 2/4/2019 - Son of Silas & Satcia Luce Taylor b. Rushford, NY d. Bath, NY Wed 9/25/1951 - US Army Veteran
THORINGTON, Gerald L. DVM [Jerry] Spouse of Shirley Green Born 10/11/1920 died 2/2/2011 - Son of Albert & Amy Gaveti Thorington b.Colchester d. Port Orange FL. A veterinarian. Wed 3-26-1949
THORINGTON, Shirley G. (Green) Spouse of Gerald L. Born 3-2-1926 died 6-30-2009 - Dau of Delevan & Vera (Campany) Green, b. Watertown NY d. Rushford NY. Wed 3-26-1949
VAN NAME, Clarence L. [Dutch] Spouse of Bernice Clafin Born 5-06-1913 died 6-14-2004 Age 91y - Son of Frank B. & Jennie (Austin) Van Name, b. Rushford NY, d. Rushford NY. Wed 6-21-1937 in Caneadea NY, Co-owner Crowell & Van Name Garage in Rushford NY
WALDEN, James D. Spouse of #1 JoAnn Freeman, #2 June Griggs Wing Born 7-12-1929 died 7-2-2006 - Son of Gerald & Ernestine (Cornish) Walden b. Willing NY d. Rushford NY. Wed JoAnn on 8-28-1954. Wed June on 8-5-1995 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
WARNER, Warren W. Spouse of Eva E. McCune Born 10-30-1920 died 1-8-2009 Age 88y - Son of John M. & Thyra (Lunberg) Warner, d. in FL. Wed 5-5-1945 at Eglin Field FL - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
WILSON, John M. Spouse of Lois C. Wilson Born 4-2-1930 died 5-1-2006 - Born in Washington DC, d. Locust Grove VA
WORTHINGTON, Kelli R . Born 8/25/1962 died 1/18/2011 Age 48 - Dau of Richard & Rose Shimburski Worthington b. Springville NY d. Schenectady NY

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