Little Genesee, NY
Compiled By: Charlie Barrett
Updated by Eleanore Schwalb
VERIFY KEY: BB = ???; DN = death notice; DR = death record; F = family; G = genealogy; O = obituary; R = record; TS = tombstone

ALLEN, Forry T. Spouse of Hattie S Born 10-23-1873 died 1-25-1945 - Son of Samuel J. and Clarrie (Clarissa?) E. Allen. At least two children. Given name is Forrest TS; O; DR
ALLEN, Harriet "Hattie" Spouse of Forry T. Born 4-6-1875 died 6-26-1952 - Dau of Jasper N. & Ida (Nichols) Slade. Born in PA died in Albany Co NY TS; O
ANDERSON, Evelyne Euklara (Eaton) Spouse of William T Born 5-30-1912 died 9-14-2000 - Born in Little Genesee NY, died in Wellsville NY O.
ANDERSON, William T Spouse of Evelyne E. Eaton Born 1912 died 1991 - WW II Vet, US Army TS
BAKER, Hannah Edith Perkins Spouse of Paul C. Born 1897 died 1969 - Dau of Eugene and Madilia (Rogers) Perkins. Wed 12-31-1918 in Little Genesee NY. TS.
BAKER, Paul Chester Spouse of Hannah E. Perkins Born 8-7-1893 died 7-18-1991 - Son of Chester and Barbara (Scholl) Baker. Wed 12-31-1918 in Little Genesee NY. TS.
BALDWIN, Edna J. (Pettite) Spouse of #1 Fred Millard, #2 Edgar Emerson, #3 Bert Baldwin Born 1883 died 1966 - Dau of Geo. Wm. & Josephine (Bennehoff) Pettite. Four daughters with Fred. O.
BARBER, Mrs. W. E. Spouse of W. E. Born 2-12-1869 died 10-28-1932 - No stone O.
BARLO, Henry [BARLOW?] Spouse of unwed Born 4-11-1871 died 1-17-1946 - Son of Andrew & Lucrece Simmons Barlow TS; O.
BARLOW, Harvey Spouse of Mildred Born 1875 died 1968 TS; G.
BARLOW, Hazel Spouse of Hugh Born 1905 died 1980 - Dau of Fred M. & Edna Keeler Burdick TS; F.
BARLOW, Mildred Spouse of Harvey Born 1886 died 1972 TS; G.
BARRETT, Colette Lyman Spouse of Alexander D. Born 3-15-1901 died 7-10-1959 - Dau of Charles & Clara Bowler Day; "Mom" TS; O.
BAXTER, Abbott Deforest Spouse of Julia Coon Born 12-8-1851 died 8-31-1924 - Son of Daniel B. & Julia E. Fairbank Baxter. No stone O.
BAXTER, Abbott Deforest Born 1924 died 10-31-1926 Age 2y - Son of Norman Baxter; no stone; Accident O.
BAXTER, Dale Warren Born 3-1-1906 died 1973 - Son of Will E. & Lillie Wright Baxter TS .
BAXTER, Daniel B. Spouse of Julia F Born 1819 died 1906 - Civil War Vet, Co I 27th Inf and Co D 50th Engrs NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at elmira for two yearsDischarged 3-1863 from General Hospital. Enlisted in the 50th 1864 at Jasper for three years. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Fort Barry VA TS; O
BAXTER, Dora Slade Spouse of Floyd D. Born 1893 TS.
BAXTER, Erma D. Spouse of unwed Born 10-13-1893 died 3-1-1913 - Dau of Will E.& Lillie Wright Baxter
BAXTER, Floyd Deforest Spouse of Dora S Born 1890 TS.
BAXTER, Julia Fairbank Spouse of Daniel B. Born 1815 died 6-6-1895 - Dau of Chester & Betsy Abbott Fairbanks Burns TS; DR.
BAXTER, Lester Spouse of Mary H Born 1875 died 1959 TS.
BAXTER, Mary O. Hartshorn Spouse of Lester Born 1881 died 1936 TS.
BAXTER, Norman E. Born 1881 died 1947 - Son of Abbott Deforest & Julia (Fairbank) Baxter Vet-WWI - WW I Vet, US Coast Arty TS; O.
BAXTER, William Born 7-11-1873 died 3-1-1941 - No stone O.
BELL, John D. Spouse of Mae M Born 9-7-1872 died 8-21-1958 - Son of Major Frank & Ruth Wheeler Bell TS; O.
BELL, Mae M. Spouse of John D. Born 5-23-1875 died 2-3-1962 - Dau of Welcome Reynolds & Sophronia Grow Maxson TS; O; G.
BENEDICT, Raymond E. Spouse of Marian Jandrew Born 6-20-1924 died 8-30-1982 - Son of Earl & Ethel Benedick - WW II Vet TS
BENNEHOFF, Lydia J. Born 12-18-1832 died 3-28-1922 - Dau of Sheffield B. & Emly Stillman Main No stone Millard lot
BENSON, Donovan died 4-14-1926 Age 5y - Son of Harold P. & Ethel DeGroff Benson O.
BENSON, Ethel Mary (DeGroff) Spouse of Harold P Born 5-17-1901 died 5-20-1978 - Dau of Lawrence W. & Gertrude E. Reed DeGroff TS; O.
BENSON, Harold Potter Spouse of Ethel Mary DeGroff Born 6-23-1891 died 10-2-1989 - Son of Brice Briggs & Henrietta Caroline (Gilbert) Benson. Served 53 years on Genesee Town Board. Made over 40 fiddles. - WW I Vet, US Army. France and Germany TS; G.
BENSON, Ronald Born 1958 died 1973 - Son of Harold & Lucile Leonard Benson TS.
BENTLEY, Leonard W. Spouse of Phyllis Joleen Polen Born 2-4-1920 died 10-31-1983 - Son of Alton & Sarah Crosby Bentley O.
BLISS, Benjamin Thurston Spouse of Mary Born 9-16-1830 died 10-13-1901 - Son of Ebenezer & Martha Boss Bliss TS; DR.
BLISS, James Russell Born 12-4-1942 died 4-14-1943 - Son of Donald & Florence Bliss TS; O.
BLISS, Leslie F. Spouse of unwed Born 1877 died 1964 - Child of Benjamin T. & Mary Crandall Bliss TS.
BLISS, Lula Evangaline Born 1905 died 4-28-1905 - Dau of Leslie & Nina Clark Bliss TS; DR.
BLISS, Mary Jane Spouse of Benjamin Thurston Born 4-14-1842 died 7-19-1943 - Dau of Stephen & Elmira Odell Crandall No stone O.
BLISS, Nina M. Spouse of Leslie F. Born 1880 died 1970 - Dau of Benson & Flora Clarke TS; O.
BOWLER, Addison E. Born 4-13-1849 died 1-16-1920 - Son of William L. & Elizabeth Ennis Bowler TS.
BOWLER, Eliza Frances [Elizabeth?] Spouse of William Lewis Born 11-15-1822 died 9-24-1905 - Dau of Paul & Lurana Prosser Ennis TS; O.
BOWLER, Frances Julia Spouse of William Francis Born 12-16-1851 died 5-3-1929 - Dau of Isaiah & Julia Wilber Jordan TS; O.
BOWLER, Mary E. Spouse of unwed Born 7-9-1847 died 12-21-1935 - Dau of Wm. Lewis & Eliza Frances Ennis Bowler TS; O.
BOWLER, William Francis Spouse of Frances Julia J Born 11-26-1850 died 5-19-1937 - Son of Wm. Lewis & Elizabeth Frances Ennis Bowler TS; O; F.
BOWLER, William Lewis Spouse of Eliza Frances Born 3-23-1819 died 4-12-1909 - Son of Wm. Davis & Nancy Coon Bowler TS; O; F.
BREWER, Anna L. Spouse of Fred S. Born 9-1-1869 died 10-31-1945 - Dau of Floyd & Amy Bartel Taylor TS; O.
BREWER, Frederick S. Spouse of Anna L. Born 1865 died 9-8-1946 TS; O.
BREWER, Laura M. Spouse of Robert W. Born 9-11-1930 died 1-31-2009 Age 78y - Dau of Roy and Sybil C. (Nute) McKeel. Wed 4-24-1948 in Portville
BREWER, Robert Thomas Spouse of Sarah La June Born 5-21-1905 died 12-15-1973 - Son of Francis Henry & Jennie Rachael Neal rewer O.
BREWER, Sarah LaJune Spouse of Robert Thomas Born 9-24-1911 died 2-8-1989 - Dau of Baldwin Henry & Anna Jones TS.
BRIGHTMAN, E. Jennie Howe Spouse of Charles Born 1852 died 7-3-1888 TS.
BRISTOL, Lucian M. Spouse of Aroa Miller Born 8-25-1849 died 10-23-1924 - Son of Ames S. & Julia A. Loop Bristol. 2nd husband TS; O.
BROWN, Amanda E. Spouse of Thomas H. Born 10-8-1854 died 6-5-1916 - Dau of William & Eliza Kenyon Ennis TS; O.
BROWN, Margaret A. Spouse of Thomas B. Rev. Born 3-19-1816 died 2-15-1903 - Dau of William H. & Elizabeth Island Sanderson TS.
BROWN, Thomas B. Rev. Spouse of Margaret A. Born 1-12-1815 died 5-16-1879 TS; O.
BROWN, Thomas H. Spouse of Amanda E. Born 10-23-1854 died 5-28-1922 - Son of Thomas B. & Margaret A. Sanderson Brown TS; O; DR.
BROWN, William E. Born 12-22-1888 died 6-8-1964 - Son of Thomas H. & Amanda E. Ennis Brown - WW II Vet TS.
BROWN, William Sanderson Born 5-20-1846 died 7-23-1888 - Son of Thomas B. & Margaret A. Sanderson Brown TS.
BUCHER, Francis "Chip" Spouse of Pamela Stout Born 7-17-1954 died 8-24-1982 - Son of Francis & Ruth Buckley Bucher Tree acc. O.
BUCHER, Francis H. Spouse of Ruth B Born 1911 died 1974 TS; O.
BULLOCK, Cornelia S. Spouse of John Chandler Born 9-14-1836 died 9-5-1893 - Dau of Avery & Polly Stillman Coon TS; O; G.
BULLOCK, John Chandler Spouse of Cornelia S. Born 1837 died 1908 TS; O.
BULSON, Miles died 11-3-1899 - No stone O.
BURDICK, Addison A. Born 1841 died 10-13-1864 - Son of Daniel M. & Sally A. Maxson Burdick - Civil War Vet, Co C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC. Died of Disease 10-13-1864 while a prisoner of war at Andersonville GA TS.
BURDICK, Agnes L. Spouse of unwed Born 6-5-1860 died 9-9-1928 - Dau of Benjamin F. & Julia Crandall Burdick TS; O; DR.
BURDICK, Allie M. Spouse of Herman Born 10-13-1890 died 10-10-1983 Age 92y - Dau of Menzo & Fannie Green Lanphere. Born in Ceres NY. Wed in 1910 O.
BURDICK, Almeda Spouse of Wait S. Born 6-14-1822 died 4-1-1891 - Dau of Percy Burdick TS; DR.
BURDICK, Benjamin F. Spouse of Julia A. Born 9-30-1820 died 2-23-1909 - Son of Daniel & Betsy Stillman Burdick TS; O.
BURDICK, Daniel Maxson Spouse of Sally A. Born 8-14-1813 died 5-5-1900 - Son of Daniel & Elizabeth Stillman Burdick TS; O; DR.
BURDICK, Daniel Oscar Born 8-8-1838 died 1-17-1847 - Son of Daniel M. & Sarah A. Maxson Burdick TS; G.
BURDICK, Dean L. Spouse of Onilee Born 6-12-1920 died 1984 - Son of Herman & Allie M. Lanphere Burdick Vet-WWII - WW II Vet TS.
BURDICK, Edna L. Spouse of Fred. M. Born 8-6-1884 died 5-1-1962 - Dau of Arza & Nora Wetmore Keeler TS; O.
BURDICK, Edon P. Spouse of Phebe J. Born 12-13-1818 died 12-5-1910 - Son of Daniel & Betsy Stillman Burdick. Wed twice TS; O.
BURDICK, Ella M. Spouse of Rodolphus D. Born 6-21-1860 died 3-1-1934 - Dau of Miner & Jane Vosburg Walton TS; O.
BURDICK, Elmer Born 1883 died 1929 - Son of Herbert D. & Mary A. Walton Burdick. Obit 11/7/29 - WW I Vet TS; O; G
BURDICK, Emeline Huldah Spouse of Edon P. Born 1825 died 9-23-1863 - Dau of Joel & Huldah Maxson Crandall. 1st wife TS.
BURDICK, Eva M. Spouse of Oscar M. Born 1-21-1869 died 5-17-1944 - Dau of Sabeus B. & Sarah M. Maxson Coon TS; O; G.
BURDICK, Fannie E. (Davis) Spouse of Marcellus O. Born 3-11-1860 died 6-17-1934 TS; O.
BURDICK, Frank C. Born 11-21-1868 died 5-1-1870 - Son of Benjamin F. & Julia A. Crandall Burdick TS; G.
BURDICK, Frank E. Spouse of Mae G. Saunders Born 12-22-1882 died 12-31-1952 - Son of Rudolphus & Ella M. Walton Burdick TS; O.
BURDICK, Fred L. Born 11-5-1864 died 10-15-1878 - Son of Benjamin F. & Julia A. Crandall Burdick. W/Ben F. TS; G.
BURDICK, Fred M. Spouse of Edna L. Born 10-4-1880 died 12-8-1960 - Son of Rudolphus & Ella Walton Burdick TS; O.
BURDICK, Guy M. Spouse of Lou E. Smith Born 2-22-1885 died 11-28-1918 - Son of Rudolphus & Ella M. Walton Burdick. 1st husband TS; O.
BURDICK, Herbert B. Spouse of Mary A. W Born 1-11-1851 died 10-26-1909 - Son of Wait & Diadema Green Burdick
BURDICK, Herman R. Spouse of Allie M. Born 1888 died 4-15-1934 - Son of Rudolphus & Ella M. Walton Burdick. Wed in 1910. TS; O.
BURDICK, Jessie F. Born 7-12-1856 died 9-11-1868 - Son of Benjamin F. & Julia A. Crandall Burdick TS; G.
BURDICK, Julia Ann Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 5-29-1827 died 3-24-1891 - Dau of Joel & Huldah Maxson Crandall TS; O; DR.
BURDICK, Juliaett Born 1843 died 1846 - Dau of Edon P. & Emeline Huldah Crandall Burdick TS.
BURDICK, Lewis Harold Born 2-22-1887 died 11-2-1918 - Son of Walter H. DDS & Mary L. Coon Burdick - WW I Vet O
BURDICK, Lizzie A. (Davis) Spouse of Marcellus O. Born 11-3-1848 died 4-17-1884 TS.
BURDICK, Louis Harold Born 1887 died 1916 - Son of Walter H. Burdick - WW I Vet TS.
BURDICK, Mae Spouse of Frank E. Born 5-3-1887 died 7-1-1938 - Dau of Daniel M. & Lucinda Shilling Burdick TS; O.
BURDICK, Maggie B. Born 1858 died 1861 - Dau of Edon P. & Emeline Huldah Crandall Burdick TS.
BURDICK, Marcellus O. Spouse of Lizzie A. Davis, #2 Fannie Davis Born 1-29-1847 died 6-28-1930 - Son of Edon P. & Emeline Huldah Crandall Burdick. One son with Lizzie. TS; O.
BURDICK, Margaret B. Born 2-15-1873 died 8-21-1895 - Dau of Benjamin F. & Julia A. Crandall Burdick TS; DR.
BURDICK, Mary A. Spouse of Herbert D. Born 5-19-1859 died 2-2-1938 - Dau of Miner & Jane Vosburg Walton No stone O.
BURDICK, Mary H. Spouse of Victor Allison Born 4-25-1924 died 6-24-2009 age - Dau of Dudley Prosser & Laura Crandall Hall b. Little Genesee NY d. Zephyrhills FL Wed 1977
BURDICK, Mary L. Spouse of Walter H. DDS Born 12-2-1861 died 2-8-1928 - Dau of Biol O. & Caroline Hall Coon TS; O.
BURDICK, Onilee Spouse of Dean Born 1921 TS.
BURDICK, Ormond Elroy Spouse of unwed Born 10-21-1850 died 11-15-1906 - Son of Benjamin F. & Julia A. Crandall Burdick TS; O.
BURDICK, Orville Born 1852 died 1857 - Son of Edon P. & Emeline Huldah Crandall Burdick TS.
BURDICK, Oscar Maxson Spouse of Eva M. Born 12-2-1855 died 6-13-1942 - Son of Daniel M. & Sarah Amelia Maxson Burdick TS; O; G.
BURDICK, Phebe Jane Spouse of Edon P. Born 12-2-1823 died 3-2-1897 - Dau of Jesse & Phebe Francis [Francis Phebe?] Stillman. Wed twice TS; DR.
BURDICK, Rodolphus D. [Rudolphus?] Spouse of Ella M. Born 4-15-1849 died 2-29-1928 - Son of Daniel M. & Sally Maxson Burdick TS; O; DR.
BURDICK, Sarah Amelia "Sally" Spouse of Daniel Maxson Born 1-23-1822 died 1-16-1903 - Dau of Zacheus R. & Temperance Coon Maxson TS; DR; G.
BURDICK, Sidney Born 1893 died 1972 TS.
BURDICK, Thomas Brown Spouse of Vina H Born 7-11-1861 died 3-24-1938 - Son of Edon P. & Emeline Crandall Burdick TS; O; DR.
BURDICK, Thomas Leland Spouse of Margaret Davis Born 5-4-1907 died 9-9-1983 - Son of Thomas Brown & Vina Hemphill Burdick TS; O.
BURDICK, Victor A. Jr. Born 9-12-1942 died 10-15-1972 - Son of Victor A. Burdick Vet-Vietnam TS.
BURDICK, Victoria M. Perkins Spouse of Jessie A. Born 1894 died 1970 TS.
BURDICK, Vina Spouse of Thomas Brown Born 1865 died 1952 - Dau of Silas P. & Mary Clare Hemphill TS.
BURDICK, Wait S. Spouse of Almeda Green Born 2-6-1815 died 5-15-1891 - Son of Daniel & Elizabeth Stillman Burdick TS; DR.
BURDICK, Walter H. Spouse of Mary L. C Born 7-28-1857 died 5-17-1937 - Son of Edon P. & Emeline Crandall Burdick DDS TS; O.
BURGETT, Florance Stevenson Spouse of Harry Born 3-22-1902 died 1976 TS.
BURGETT, Harry Spouse of Florance S Born 9-27-1874 died 2-13-1964 - Son of John & Lydia Baker Burgett TS; O.
BUTEN, Amelia C. Spouse of Benjamin C. Born 9-19-1843 died 9-15-1921 - Dau of Joel & Huldah Maxson Crandall TS; O; DR.
BUTEN, Benjamin C. Spouse of Amelia C Born 1-29-1835 died 8-8-1911 - Son of Frederick C. & Mary Edwards Buten - Civil War Vet, Unassigned 3rd Cav NYS Vols, Farrier. Enlisted 6-13-1861 at Rochester. Mustered out 7-17-1864 at Bermuda Hundred VA TS; O.
CALKINS, Dawn Suzette Born 6-27-1969 died 9-1-2007 - Dau of Lawrence & June Calkins - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, Medical technician. Desert Storm
CARPENTER, Ambrose F. Born 4-27-1916 died 7-19-1981 - Son of Forrest & Dessie Slade Carpenter O.
CARPENTER, Arthur N. Spouse of Emeline W. Born 10-22-1825 died 2-13-1900 TS; O. Not on NY or PA index
CARPENTER, Dessa O. ["Dessie"] Spouse of Forrest E. Born 6-7-1890 died 10-6-1953 - Dau of Herman & Ida Brown Slade TS; O.
CARPENTER, Emeline W. Spouse of Arthur N. Born 1-7-1831 died 5-22-1895 - Dau of Orrin & Nancy Hall Maxson TS; G.
CARPENTER, Forrest E. Spouse of Dessa O. Born 3-11-1863 died 4-27-1950 - Son of Eugene & Ella Wheaton Carpenter; RR worker TS; DR.
CARPENTER, Mary M. Born 8-19-1894 died 8-8-1895 - Dau of George N. Carpenter TS; O.
CARPENTER, Ralph W. Spouse of May Covillella Born 1-24-1863 died 4-27-1927 - Son of Arthur & Emeline W. Maxson Carpenter TS; O.
CARTWRIGHT, Blanche Spouse of Orlie E. Born 7-21-1885 died 2-11-1941 - Dau of Oscar & Fluella Burdick O.
CARTWRIGHT, Bruce K. Spouse of Ruth A. Born 1914 died 12-28-1952 TS.
CARTWRIGHT, Cora Belle Young Spouse of John I. Born 1881 died 9-19-1948 TS; O.
CARTWRIGHT, John I. Spouse of Cora Belle Y Born 1874 died 12-13-1955 TS; O.
CARTWRIGHT, Robert J. Spouse of Susan Werrick Born 12-5-1951 died 9-28-2007 Age 56y - Son of Bruce & Ruth Buckley Cartwright b. Wellsville NY d. in auto accident in Town of Alma NY. Wed 12-23-1983 in Alfred NY - Cold War Vet, US Army 1971-1972
CASE, Amanda Spouse of George H. Born 6-23-1836 died 6-23-1912 - Dau of John & Harriet Gifford Edwards TS; O.
CASE, Elizabeth Spouse of George Irvin Born 1875 died 1956 TS.
CASE, George H. Spouse of Amanda E Born 10-3-1835 died 1-26-1924 - Civil War Vet, Co C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Genesee for three years. Discharged for disability 8-31-1863 at New Berne NC. Again enlisted 9-3-1864 at Big Flats to serve one year. Mustered out with detachment 6-7-1865 at New Berne NC TS.
CASE, George Irvin Spouse of Elizabeth Born 8-1873 died 5-9-1925 TS.
CASE, Hugh Dean Born 1931 died 1931 - Son of George & Flossie Barlow Case TS; O.
CASE, Lillian Born 1862 died 1865 TS; O.
CHAMPLIN, Bertha Spouse of Lewis C Born 6-19-1873 died 12-29-1909 - Dau of Benjamin C. & Amelia Crandall Buten 1st wife TS.
CHAMPLIN, James E. Spouse of Mina W Born 1886 died 2-11-1956 - 2nd husband TS; O.
CHAMPLIN, Josephine Spouse of Lewis A. Born 5-29-1874 died 1-27-1939 - Dau of Biol & Caroline Martha Hall Coon Wed twice; No stone TS
CHAMPLIN, Lewis Spouse of Lucy Born 8-20-1870 died 8-11-1961 - Son of John & Esther Adams Champlin. Wed 3 times TS; O.
CHAMPLIN, Mina E. Spouse of James E. Born 5-13-1889 died 1-27-1981 - Dau of William & Emma Whitmore Wed. 1st Osgood O.
CLARK, Anna M. Spouse of unwed Born 1891 died 1968 - Dau of Horace B. & Flora E. Barber Clark TS.
CLARK, Daniel B. Spouse of Grace C. Born 9-27-1877 died 11-9-1963 - b.Coudersport, PA- Son of Nelson & Anna Henley Clark O.
CLARK, Eva B. Hosmer Spouse of Rowland Born 1886 died 4-11-1920 TS; O.
CLARK, Flora E. Spouse of Horace Benson Born 1-21-1853 died 6-29-1940 - Dau of Rowland & Sylvia Main Barber TS; O; DR.
CLARK, Grace C. Spouse of Daniel B. Born 1-27-1888 died 9-10-1984 - Dau of William & Alta Green Crandall TS; O.
CLARK, Horace Benson Spouse of Flora E. Born 4-3-1851 died 2-18-1924 - Son of Jesse & Marilla Keeney Clark TS; O; DR.
CLARK, Lenora Spouse of Neal C. Born 11-27-1921 died 6-3-1985 - Dau of Glenn T. & Edna Davis Wightman O.
CLARK, Marjorie Spouse of William N. Born 1-6-1913 died 2-29-1976 - Dau of John & Clara Home Wittingham O
CLARK, Merrit Born 1907 died 1992 TS.
CLARK, Myrtle died 3-4-1923 - Dau of Roland Clark No stone
CLARK, Neal C. Born 10-23-1925 died 1-25-2000 - b. Olean, NY O.
CLARK, Rowland J. Spouse of Eva B. Born 1883 died 1940 - Son of Horace B. & Flora E. Barber Clark TS.
CLARK, Virgiline V. Corbin Born 4-1-1914 died 3-31-2000 - b. Wirt, NY O.
CLARK, William Spouse of Virginia C Born 8-16-1914 died 10-20-1987 - Son of Daniel & Grace Crandall Clark. Wed twice O.
CLARKE, Glenn D. Born 1906 died 12-1-1906 - Son of Jesse S. & Viola M. Sanders Clarke O.
CLARKE, Jesse Snyder Spouse of Viola M. S Born 1875 died 11-5-1921 - Son of Herbert & Elveretta Austin Clark e TS; O.
CLARKE, Stella (Jaques) Spouse of Winfield W Born 1886 died 1947 - Dau of Cortland & Lois Wilber Jaques; Wed twice TS.
CLARKE, Viola M. Spouse of Jesse Snyder Born 1874 died 1945 - Dau of Daniel & Lucinda Shilling Sanders Freyermuth TS.
CLARKE, Winfield Wells Spouse of Estella Jaques Born 4-21-1879 died 3-1-1947 - Son of Herbert & Elvarette Austin Clarke O.
COATES, Josephine Hannah (Perry) Spouse of Orson H. Born 1907 died 10-9-1925 - Dau of J. D. & Edna B. (Hall) Perry. Wed 9-12-1923. No stone TS; O; DR.
COLEGROVE, Ann Frances Spouse of John Born 1-18-1847 died 4-18-1918 - Dau of Henry C. & Lucinda C. Ennis Crandall TS; O; DR.
COLEGROVE, Francis H. Born 10-24-1862 died 1-10-1933 - Son of John & Ann F. Crandall Colegrove TS; O.
COLLINS, Eliza T. Spouse of Horace Born 11-3-1818 died 4-5-1902 TS; O.
COLLINS, infant male Born 7-4-1921 died 7-4-1921 - Son of Val [Vale?] & Nova Colley Collins TS.
COLLINS, Lucetta O. Born 1-26-1844 died 3-13-1847 - Dau of Horace & Eliza Collins TS.
COLLINS, Margaret B. Spouse of J. B. Born 1864 died 9-9-1932 - Dau of William & Eliza Kenyon Ennis TS; O.
COLLINS, Vale N. Spouse of Nova C Born 7-21-1889 died 6-23-1923 - Son of Nelson & Mary Collins TS; O.
CONNER, Charles A. Spouse of Melpha B Born 1-14-1875 died 10-20-1953 - No stone O.
CONNER, Melpha Spouse of Charles A. Born 8-18-1878 died 10-2-1940 - Dau of Abbott D. & Julia E. Coon Baxter No stone TS
CONVERSE, Arthur L. Spouse of Martha E. Beck Born 9-21-1908 died 6-27-1982 - Son of Franklin L. & Carrie House Converse O.
CONVERSE, Marcella L. Born 1945 died 1953 - Dau of William Converse TS; O.
COON, Adelbert E. Spouse of Charlotte H Born 11-16-1877 died 4-4-1936 - Son of Avery E. & Mary Howe Coon O.
COON, Arthur Born 5-14-1914 died 2-15-1930 - Son of Adelbert & Charlotte Hull Coon O.
COON, Avery Spouse of Polly S Born 3-22-1801 died 2-21-1877 - Son of Avery & Sarah Burdick Coon TS; G.
COON, Avery E. Spouse of Mary L. H Born 5-18-1823 died 3-15-1880 - Son of Avery & Polly Stillman Coon 1st husgand TS; G.
COON, Biol O. Spouse of Grace M. Clark Born 6-21-1837 died 7-19-1910 - Son of Lewis J. & Emily Kenyon Coon. Wed twice TS.
COON, Caroline Martha Spouse of Biol O. Born 5-25-1841 died 5-28-1901 - Dau of Hiram & Elizabeth Hall TS.
COON, Charlotte [Lottie] Spouse of Adelbert E. Born 10-20-1882 died 4-29-1970 - Dau of Joseph [Rev.] & Elmira Page Hll O.
COON, Cynthia T. Spouse of Oliver P. Born 1840 died 7-25-1871 TS.
COON, Daniel B. Spouse of Nancy B Born 1803 died 7-10-1852 - Son of Avery & Sarah Burdick Coon TS; G.
COON, Emily Kenyon Spouse of Lewis J. Born 2-18-1822 died 2-15-1908 TS; O.
COON, Evelyn Born 2-27-1913 died 4-2-1935 - Dau of Adelbert & Charlotte Hall Coon TS; O
COON, Lewis J. Spouse of Emily K Born 8-31-1813 died 4-30-1887 TS.
COON, Lewis S. Spouse of wed Born 2-15-1867 died 3-15-1906 - Son of Biol O. & Caroline Hall Coon TS; G.
COON, Lorenzo S. Born 1835 died 1896 - Son of Daniel B. & Nancy Burdick Coon TS; G.
COON, Nancy Spouse of unwed Born 1799 died 11-25-1841 - Dau of Avery & Sarah Howe Coon TS.
COON, Nancy Spouse of Daniel Born 3-31-1802 died 2-11-1867 - Dau of William & Abigail Stillman Burdick TS; G.
COON, Nora C. Born 6-17-1866 died 3-12-1868 - Dau of Avery E. & Mary L. Howe Coon
COON, Oliver P. Spouse of Cynthia T. Born 1835 died 1911 - Son of Daniel B. & Nancy Burdick Coon TS; O.
COON, Orson L. Born 11-30-1842 died 12-26-1855 - Son of Daniel & Nancy Burdick Coon TS; G.
COON, Polly Spouse of Avery Born 8-11-1802 died 10-31-1887 - Dau of Jared [Dea.] & Abigail Burdick Stillman TS.
COON, Rozena A. Spouse of unwed Born 10-20-1842 died 12-14-1909 - Dau of Lewis J. & Emily Kenyon Coon TS; O.
COON, Sebeus B. Spouse of Sarah E. Maxson Born 10-2-1834 died 8-24-1905 - Son of Avery & Polly Stillman Coon 1st husband; Vet-CW - Civil War Vet, Co D 27th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Angelica for two years. Mustered out with company 5-31-1863 at Elmira NY TS; O.
COOPER, Flora T. Spouse of Horace Born 1868 died 1956 - Dau of Joseph & Martha Lanphere Trumbull TS; G.
CORNWELL, Hiram Spouse of Hannah Palmiter Born 4-20-1798 died 4-21-1856 - Reverand TS.
CRANDALL, Albert Jairus Spouse of Amy S. Born 2-9-1874 died 3-27-1942 - Son of George Harris & Caroline Bristol Crandall TS; DR.
CRANDALL, Albert W. Spouse of Ida May Born 1852 died 8-30-1901 - Son of Joel & Huldah Maxson Crandall. Gored by bull TS.
CRANDALL, Amy Annette Spouse of Albert J. Born 6-28-1881 died 5-29-1964 - Dau of Albert Carroll & Lina Barber Sanford TS; O; DR.
CRANDALL, Angeline Spouse of Elery Born 1827 died 12-26-1864 - Dau of Kenyon W/Orson & James C. TS; G.
CRANDALL, Carlton D. Spouse of Minnie A. G Born 9-21-1858 died 1-14-1937 - Son of Joel B. & Elizabeth Coon Crandall TS; O.
CRANDALL, Caroline B. Spouse of George H. Born 8-25-1842 died 4-5-1914 - Dau of Amos & Juliana Loop Bristol TS; O; DR.
CRANDALL, Earl A. Born 1871 died 1943 - Son of Albert W.? & Ida May? Crandall TS.
CRANDALL, Frank M. Spouse of unwed Born 1867 died 9-1-1893 - Son of George H. & Carrie E. Bristol Crandall TS; DR.
CRANDALL, George Harris Spouse of Caroline B Born 11-22-1836 died 8-3-1919 - Son of Jarius & Lucy (Wells) Crandall - Civil War Vet, Co B 136th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Genesee for three years. Wounde din action 3-19-1865 at Bentonville NC. Mustered out 6-30-1865 at Elmira. TS; O; DR.
CRANDALL, Hannah Spouse of Thomas G. Born 3-5-1842 died 10-26-1919 - Dau of Martin & Esther Bristol Finch TS; O.
CRANDALL, Henry Clinton Spouse of Lucinda E. Born 7-16-1809 died 6-8-1892 - Son of Ezekiel & Susan Wells CrandallL TS; O; DR.
CRANDALL, Herbert E. Spouse of Margaret Helm Born 8-19-1871 died 3-3-1903 - Son of Thomas G. & Hannah M. Finch Crandall TS; DR.
CRANDALL, Huldah Spouse of Joel Born 8-17-1808 died 12-1-1885 - Dau of Benjamin & Penelope Nichols Maxson TS.
CRANDALL, Ida May Spouse of Albert W. Born 1852 died 1877 - Dau of Herman & Huldah Mulkins Mead TS.
CRANDALL, James C. Born 1849 died 1-30-1854 - Son of Elery & Angeline Kenyon Crandall TS; G.
CRANDALL, Jarius Spouse of Julia A. Born 1-17-1799 died 2-16-1883 - Son of Rogers & Ruth Rogers Crandall TS; G.
CRANDALL, Joel Spouse of Huldah M Born 1-31-1802 died 3-29-1875 - Son of Benjamin & Martha Maxson Crandall TS.
CRANDALL, Joel B. Spouse of Lorena Eliza Born 5-25-1829 died 5-29-1896 - Son of O. E. Crandall 2nd husband TS; DR; G.
CRANDALL, Julia A. Spouse of Jarius Born 7-4-1808 died 12-21-1895 - Dau of Harris & Sally Fish Wells TS; O.
CRANDALL, Lorena Eliza Spouse of Joel Benjamin Born 2-22-1832 died 3-26-1891 - Dau of Avery & Polly Stillman Coon TS; G.
CRANDALL, Lucinda Spouse of Henry C. Born 2-10-1813 died 12-29-1893 - Dau of Paul & Lurana Prosser Ennis TS; O; DR.
CRANDALL, Martha Spouse of Benjamin died 7-27-1858 Age 78y 11m - Dau of Peleg & Sarah Clarke Maxson; DAR TS; O; DR.
CRANDALL, Minnie A. Green Spouse of Carlton D. Born 12-12-1858 died 1-9-1937 TS; O.
CRANDALL, Orson Born 8-21-1841 died 11-24-1852 - Son of Joel & Huldah Maxson Crandall TS.
CRANDALL, Orson J. Born 1854 died 2-19-1859 - Son of Ellery & Angeline Kenyon Crandall W/Angel& James TS; G.
CRANDALL, Sarah Born 9-11-1789 died 4-2-1815 TS.
CRANDALL, Theodore A. Born 3-3-1901 died 12-5-1927 TS; O.
CRANDALL, Thomas G. Spouse of Hannah N. Born 8-5-1838 died 11-10-1907 - Son of Jarius & Julia A. (Wells) Randall - Civil War Vet, Co B 189th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1864 at Amity to serve one year. Mustered out with company 5-30-1865 near Washington DC TS; O; DR.
CRANDALL, Wealthy M. Spouse of William A. Born 1839 died 10-25-1871 - Dau of Ethan & ? Prosser Kenyon; DAR TS.
CRANSTON, Norman [Normie] Born 12-5-1862 died 8-21-1865 - Son of William & Lucelia Maxson Cranston TS.
CRANSTON, Thaddus Born 1867 died 1943 - Son of William & Lucelia (Maxson) Cranston. Buried 3-27-1943
CRANSTON, William H. Spouse of Lucelia Maxson Born 6-28-1837 died 7-3-1895 - Son of Garner & Desire Prosser Cranston O; DR.
CUDAHY, Richard W. Spouse of Mary Hall Born 4-18-1924 died 7-31-1988 - Son of William & Margaret Malloy Cudahy - WW II Vet TS; O.
CUMMINGS, Elna V. (Pierce) Spouse of Thomas B. Born 1874 died 1965 TS .
CUMMINGS, Thomas B. Spouse of Elna V. Born 6-22-1875 died 4-29-1922 - Son of George & Emily Coon Cummings TS; O; DR.
DANA, Augusta A. Spouse of Orville P. Born 10-1-1841 died 12-29-1897 - Dau of David B. & Sarah "Sally" Maxson Burdick TS; O; DR.
DANA, Olive Stillman Spouse of Orville P. Born 10-1840 died 7-7-1911 TS; O.
DANA, Orville Parker Spouse of #1 Augusta A. Burdick, #2 Olive Stillman, #3 Mildred (Smith) Paff Born 4-17-1839 died 6-6-1924 - Son of Lester H. and Polly (White) Dana. Born in Bradford PA, died in Friendship NY. Wed Augusta bf 1875, two sons. Wed Mildred 12-12-1912 at age 73. - Civil War Vet, Co B 111th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 9-1864 at Portville NY, for one year. Mustered out with company 6-4-1865 near Alexandria VA. TS; O.
DAVIE, Fred Born 1881 died 5-28-1914 - Son of Royal & Lucinda Slade Davie O.
DAVIE, Joseph Floyd Born 1888 died 1902 TS.
DAVIE, Lucinda Spouse of Royal Born 8-16-1852 died 8-12-1938 - Dau of Lyman O. & Roxy Kibbe Slade O.
DAVIE, Royal Spouse of Lucinda S Born 1852? died 5-10-1931 TS; O
DAVIS, Harry Joseph Spouse of Burnadett Thielman Born 1902 died 1969 - Son of Marvin B. & Caroline ohns Davis wed twice? TS; O.
DAVIS, Mary E. Spouse of Thomas B. Born 1890 died 1964 TS.
DAVIS, Thomas B. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1883 died 1968 TS.
DEGROFF, Gertrude Eliza Spouse of Lawrence W. Born 5-12-1877 died 2-16-1954 - Dau of James & Eliza Reed TS; O; DR.
DEGROFF, Hulda Spouse of James Howard Born 9-18-1908 died 10-28-1972 - Dau of August & Anna Johnson Gustafson TS; O.
DEGROFF, James Howard Spouse of Hulda G Born 5-24-1907 died 1-2-1969 - Son of Lawrence W. & Gertrude Reed Degroff TS; O.
DeGROFF, Jerald S. Spouse of Leta Crandell Born 11-19-1912 died 9-13-2005 Age 92y - Son of Andrew W. & Gertrude Millard DeGroff. Historian for Town of Genesee wrote over 165 poems
DEGROFF, Lawrence W. Spouse of Gertrude Eliza Born 12-24-1875 died 7-1-1956 - Son of Andrew Harrison & Mary Strang Degroff TS; O; DR.
DEGROFF, Leta C Spouse of Jerald S. died 10-12-2004 - Wed 10-28-1939 in Little Genesee
DEPEW, Clifford W. Spouse of Donna M. Jaques Born 1888 died 2-11-1955 TS; O.
DEPEW, Donna M. Spouse of Clifford Born 1887 died 1968 - Dau of Eldridge & Hattie J. Wilber Jaques TS; O.
DICKERSON, Infant Son Born 5-24-1920 died 5-27-1920 - Son of Harold & Edith Cladue Dickerson TS; G.
DONNA, infant died 3-1915 - Child of Arthur Donna
DREW, Lulu Louise Spouse of homas Butler Born 5-6-1909 died 5-31-1985 - Dau of Lawrence & Gertrude Reed Degroff TS; O.
DREW, Thomas Butler Spouse of Lulu Louise Born 7-13-910 died 8-14-1971 - Son of Claude & Lettie Drew - WW II Vet TS; O.
DUBOSE, Mark J. Born 5-7-1963 died 8-10-1986 - Son of Terrance & Judith Beaton Dubose TS; O.
DUNNING, Helen Spouse of Floyd "Dutch" Born 9-19-1897 died 5-13-1984 - Dau of Braton & Julia Medora Barber Maxson TS
DUNSHIE, Merton L. Spouse of Mildred J. Born 1900 died 1970
DUNSHIE, Mildred J. Spouse of Merton L. Born 1904 died 1976 TS.
DUQUETTE, Olive E. D. Spouse of E. J. died 5-17-1949 - Dau of Richard & Harriett Cooper Bentley Wed twice O.
EASTMAN, Beatrice T. Spouse of Donovan Born 6-23-1921 died 10-15-2013 - Dau of Merrill & Nora Payne Phoenix b. Clarksville NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-21-1953
EASTMAN, Donald Spouse of Beatrice Born 1913 died 1993 - Son of Earl & Nettie Jaques Eastman TS; O.
EASTMAN, Donovan E. died 6-28-1993 Age 80y - Son of Earl C. & Mary A. Jaques Eastman TS.
EASTMAN, Earl C. Spouse of Nettie E. Born 11-11-1890 died 9-19-1953 - Son of Carlton & Mary A. Eastman TS; O.
EASTMAN, Nettie Spouse of Earl Born 1883 died 1978 - Dau of Lincoln & Gertrude Benedict Jaques TS.
EATON, Ida Bell Spouse of Jacob H. Born 1883 died 1964 TS.
EATON, Jacob H. Spouse of Ida Bell Born 1861 died 1948 TS.
EDMUNDS, Mary L. Howe Born 1833 died 1911 - Wed twice Coon
EDWARDS, Daniel Spouse of Lois S Born 7-13-1757 died 2-8-1845 - Son of Daniel Edwards Rev. TS .
EDWARDS, Harriet Spouse of John Born 6-24-1809 died 2-21-1894 - Dau of Jeremiah & Hannah Gifford TS; O; DR.
EDWARDS, John Spouse of Harriet G Born 9-18-1801 died 3-21-1877 - Son of Daniel & Lois Stillman Edwards TS.
EDWARDS, Lois Spouse of Daniel Born 9-7-1773 died 3-1852 - Dau of Joseph [Dea.] & Eunice Stillman Stillman TS; G.
ENNIS, Addison Born 1853 died 1854 - Son of Matthew Stillman & Ellen Cotton Ennis TS.
ENNIS, Dudley K. Born 10-17-1846 died 2-22-1876 - Son of William & Elizabeth Kenyon TS.
ENNIS, Dudley Lyman Born 7-4-1885 died 11-11-1925 - Son of Paul W. & Elizabeth Mary Root TS; O .
ENNIS, Elizabeth Spouse of Paul W. Born 1862 died 1-1-1924 - Dau of Lyman & Almira Reed Root No stone O.
ENNIS, Elizabeth Spouse of William Born 6-25-1819 died 9-12-1978 - Dau of Ethan Kenyon Sr. TS.
ENNIS, Ellen G. Cotton Spouse of Matthew Stillman Born 1816 died 7-23-1880 TS.
ENNIS, infant daughter Born 12-18-1841 died 12-13-1842 - Dau of Dudley K. Ennis, not the Dudley K. listed above TS.
ENNIS, Lurana Spouse of Paul Born 9-9-1793 died 11-13-1874 - Dau of John & Martha Prosser TS; F.
ENNIS, Mary E. Born 8-28-1848 died 6-20-1853 TS.
ENNIS, Matthew Stillman Spouse of Ellen C Born 1814 died 9-20-1860 - Son of Paul & Lurana Prosser Ennis TS.
ENNIS, Paul Spouse of Lurana P Born 12-15-1785 died 5-20-1855 TS; F.
ENNIS, Paul W. Spouse of Elizabeth R Born 3-12-1857 died 3-22-1941 - Son of William & Eliza Kenyon Ennis. No stone O.
ENNIS, Stillman Freemont Born 1855 died 2-7-1900 - W/Matthew & Ellen TS; O.
ENNIS, William Spouse of Elizabeth K Born 7-19-1811 died 9-10-1898 - Son of Paul & Lurana Prosser Ennis TS; DR.
ENNIS, William D. Born 10-26-1839 died 7-4-1841 - Son of William & Elizabeth Kenyon TS.
ENNIS, William Marshall Born 11-30-1844 died 5-31-1861 - Son of William & Elizabeth Kenyon TS.
ENSWORTH, Ethlena A. "Lena" Spouse of Henry J. Born 9-20-1862 died 2-11-1946 - Dau of Edwin C. & Huldah Foster TS; O.
ENSWORTH, Henry J. Spouse of Lena A. Foster Born 2-13-1852 died 3-1-1927 - Son of Almira & Diana Upton Ensworth TS; O; DR.
FAIRBANK, Almond Spouse of Eleanor F. Born 3-24-1822 died 5-2-1898 - Son of Chester & Betsey Fairbank TS; O; DR.
FAIRBANK, C. Richard Spouse of Irene Jones Born 3-12-1900 died 11-8-1945 - Son of Charles W. & Delance Bentley Fairbank TS; O.
FAIRBANK, Charles W. Spouse of Delance Mina Born 5-14-1863 died 11-28-1956 - Son of Almond & Eleanor Hinds Fairbank TS; O.
FAIRBANK, Delana Mina [Delance?] Spouse of Charles W. Born 1870 died 1967 - Dau of Alfred Richard & Hariett Cooper Bentley TS.
FAIRBANK, Eleanor F. Spouse of Almond Born 2-28-1829 died 5-24-1913 - Dau of Samuel P. Hinds TS.
FAIRBANK, Marie J. Spouse of Byron Born 9-11-1848 died 7-27-1921 O; DR.
FIELD, Almon A. Spouse of Cora A. Born 10-23-1870 died 9-24-1949 - Son of Sanford S. & Emily Field TS; O; DR.
FIELD, Cora E. [A.?] Spouse of Almon A. Born 10-10-1875 died 7-21-1954 - Dau of George & Emilia Vanhorn Pike TS; DR.
FILIPS, Carl Spouse of Clara D Born 6-16-1889 died 1-3-1952 - Son of Richard & Sarah Fisher Flips TS; O; DR.
FILIPS, Clara Dingus Spouse of Carl Born 1895 died 1970 TS; O.
FILIPS, Lois Spouse of Richard Born 5-6-1931 died 5-29-1995 - Dau of Walter & Katherine Benz Gibbler TS; F.
FINCH, Homer Spouse of Elizabeth Brown Born 5-3-1882 died 8-17-1942 - Son of Wesley & Rose Allen Finch. No stone O.
FINCH, Thomas C. Born 12-12-1918 died 11-22-1933 TS; O.
FINCH, William Brown Born 5-30-1911 died 5-10-1912 - Son of Homer C. & Elizabeth Brown Finch TS; O.
FISHER, Augusta L. Born 2-18-1844 died 12-28-1887 - Dau of William L. & Elizabeth Dennis Bowler TS; F.
FISK, Cleo F. Spouse of Margaret Bickmire Born 6-7-1938 died 1-25-2006 Age 67 y - Son of Cleo & Irene Ferrington Fisk Sr. b. Weston Mills N.Y. d. Bolivar N.Y. Wed: 11-4-1961
FISK, Cleo F. Sr. Spouse of Irene M. Born 10-22-1902 died 1-29-1963 - Son of Frank & Emma Fisk TS; O.
FISK, Harry Spouse of Viola Born 2-2-1880 died 5-17-1935 TS; O.
FISK, Viola Spouse of Harry FISK Born 1886 died 5-21-1922 TS; O.
FOSTER, Baldwin Henry Spouse of Arlie F [2nd] Born 6-12-1887 died 10-28-1918 - Son of Wm. LeRoy & Cora Mae Stone Foster. Wed 1st Anna Jones. No stone TS; O.
FOSTER, Bessie S. Spouse of Edwin C. Jr. Born 12-22-1877 died 6-26-1938 - Dau of Joseph D. & Ellen Coon Stillman TS; O.
FOSTER, Cora Mae/May Spouse of William Leroy Born 6-12-1866 died 12-15-1938 - Dau of Albino & Rosina Slattery Stone TS; O.
FOSTER, Cora Mortland Spouse of Edwin Waldo Born 3-12-1904 died 2-1-1986 - Dau of Milton & Nora Burns Mortland TS; O.
FOSTER, Edwin C. Jr. Spouse of Bessie S Born 8-27-1871 died 12-17-1928 - Son of Edwin C. Sr. & Huldah Stetson Foster TS; O; DR.
FOSTER, Edwin C. Sr. Spouse of Huldah O. Born 7-30-1836 died 5-30-1917 - Son of Hosea & Merdula Hines Foster - Civil War Vet, Unassigned 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Canandaigua for one year, mustered in unassigned. Mustered out with detachment 6-27-1865 at New Berne NC TS; O; DR.
FOSTER, Edwin Waldo Spouse of Cora M Born 1-19-1902 died 4-14-1970 - Son of Edwin C. Jr. & Bessie Stillman Foster TS; O.
FOSTER, Harmon L. Spouse of Lena E. Born 3-3-1904 died 1-17-1957 - Son of William L. & Cora Stone Foster TS; O.
FOSTER, Harold Spouse of Mary Ann HANNA Born 7-18-1939 died 1-3-1994 - Son of Harmon L. & Lena Conklin Foster O.
FOSTER, Hazel E. Born 1897 died 9-18-1900 - Dau of Edwin C. Jr. & Bessie Stillman Foster TS; O; DR.
FOSTER, Huldah O. Spouse of Edwin C. Sr. Born 10-6-1841 died 7-25-1934 - Dau of Samuel & Almira Maxson Stetson TS; O.
FOSTER, James Wallace Born 3-18-1931 died 3-30-1931 - Son of Weldon & Fern Wilson Foster O.
FOSTER, Laura J. Spouse of Theodore Born 9-29-1924 died 5-11-1983 - Dau of Lawrence & Hazel Burdick Wheeler. Step-Dad Barlow. Wed 12-31-1964. O.
FOSTER, Theodore E. Spouse of #1 Laura J Burdick, #2 Kathy Weatherby Born 7-22-1926 died 10-29-2010 Age 84 - Son of Elmer & Bertha (Bice) Foster, b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY Wed Laura 12-31-1964. Wed Kathy 7-22-1988
FOSTER, William Leroy Spouse of Cora Mae Born 11-9-1863 died 12-17-1934 - Son of Edwiin C. Sr. & Huldah O. Stetson Foster TS; O.
GENAUX, Mary Etta Spouse of Ben Crawford Born 6-9-1935 died 7-10-2007 Age 72y - Dau of Jerrald & Lottie Walker Fish
GIBLER, Katherine Born 1899 died 1972 TS.
GIDDINGS, Betty (?) Spouse of George Born 5-29-1922 died 3-18-1980 O.
GIDDINGS, Clarence Charles Spouse of unwed Born 11-8-1882 died 4-20-1959 - Son of Frederick A. & Olive L. Mix Giddings TS; O.
GIDDINGS, Frederick A. Spouse of Olive MIX Born 7-31-1853 died 3-25-1941 - Son of Wolcott C. & Elizabeth Badger Giddings. No stone O.
GIDDINGS, George Frederick Spouse of Betty H. ? Joan Born 8-26-1921 died 2-15-2003 Age 81y - Son of William Clayton and Olive Champlin Giddings - WW II Vet, US Army
GIDDINGS, Olive E. Spouse of William Clayton Born 5-27-1893 died 8-30-1964 - Dau of James B. & Mary Merritt Champlin TS.
GIDDINGS, Olive Lucinda Mix Spouse of Frederick A. Born 5-2-1862 died 7-14-1932 TS; O.
GIDDINGS, William Clayton Spouse of Olive E. Born 5-28-1888 died 1-26-1956 - Son of Frederick A. & Lucinda "Olive" Mix O.
GIDDINGS, William J. Spouse of Betty L. Reinard Born 5-10-1923 died 12-3-1985 - Son of William Clayton & Olive E. Champlin Giddings O.
GLEASON, Carlene A. (Polen) Spouse of Dean F. Gleason Born 2-23-1949 died 2-28-2017 - Dau of Carl & Letha Crandall Polen b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY. A counselor for 24 years. Wed 2-20-1968, two children. Dean died 7-23-2008 O
GLEASON, Dean F. Spouse of Carlene Polan Born 6-18-1948 died 7-23-2008 - Son of Hugh Vincent and Ruth (Osbourne) Gleason. Wed 2-20-1968, two children.
GRANTIER, Cecil Spouse of Hazel M. died 5-21-2002 - Wed 10-17-1935 in Wellsville NY
GRANTIER, Hazel M. Spouse of Cecil Born 5-3-1912 died 9-29-2005 - Dau of Winifred & Estella Jaques Clark
GRANTIER, James W. Spouse of Anette DAYJ Born 8-25-1939 died 1-2-1995 - Son of Cecil & Hazel Clarke Grantier - Korean War Vet, US Navy TS; F.
GRANTIER, Thomas E. Spouse of unwed Born 1941 died 1980 - Son of Cecil & Hazel Clarke Grantier TS; F.
GRAVES, Betty J. Spouse of Donald Born 1-6-1925 died 10-22-1987 - Dau of Sawyer & Minnie Carr Livergood O.
GREEN, Benjamin F. Spouse of Martha M. Born 1825 died 4-1898 - Son of Amos & Esther Lewis Green Wed twice TS; O.
GREEN, Charles A. Spouse of Cyrena A. ["Jane"] Born 3-16-1849 died 4-29-1921 - Son of Clark & Abigail Green TS; O.
GREEN, Cyrena A. "Jane" Spouse of Charles A. Born 5-11-1847 died 5-23-1924 TS; O.
GREEN, Genevieve [infant] - Dau of John C. & Grace E. Keeler Green TS.
GREEN, George Spouse of Lucy S. Born 1831 died 10-18-1903 - Clark & Betsy Angelina Witter Green TS; O.
GREEN, Grace E. Spouse of John Crandall Born 1893 died 6-8-1921 - Dau of Arza & Nora Wetmore Keeler TS.
GREEN, Infant Born 5-12-1917 died 8-1918 - Child of Claud reen No stone
GREEN, Lucy Spouse of Marlon Born 12-3-1865 died 4-4-1952 - Dau of Andrew Harrison & Mary Strang Degroff TS; O.
GREEN, Lucy S. Spouse of George Born 1825 died 10-28-1900 TS; O.
GREEN, Lydia A. Stebbins Spouse of Parris C. Born 1-5-1862 died 4-7-1924 TS; O.
GREEN, Mahala G. [Mahaley?] Spouse of Thomas Edgar Born 7-12-1860 died 4-7-1913 - Dau of Lee & Sillo Salvage George TS; O.
GREEN, Marlon Spouse of Lucy D Born 5-27-1860 died 6-1-1951 - Son of Benjamin F. & Martha M. Hargraves Green TS; O.
GREEN, Martha M. Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 4-28-1839 died 7-2-1923 - Dau of Lester & Margaret Culp Hergraves TS; O.
GREEN, Matthew Spouse of Anna Hornblower Born 11-17-1818 died 2-18-1901 - Son of Amos & Esther Lewis Green. 2nd husband TS; O.
GREEN, Paris C. [Parris] Spouse of Lydia A. Born 5-19-1857 died 1-16-1916 - Son of Clark & Abigail Green TS; O; DR.
GREEN, Thomas Edgar Spouse of Mahaley G Born 6-18-1856 died 10-31-1938 - Son of George & Lucy Hanchett Green TS; O.
GREENE, Sophronia B. Spouse of John T. Born 8-29-1837 died 3-18-1917 - Dau of Palarmo & Eunice Edwards Lackey TS; O; DR.
GREENE, Stanley J. Born 1909 died 1925 - Son of Walter L. Rev. Greene TS; O.
GREENE, Walter L. - Reverand TS.
GRISWOLD, Francis Spouse of Lowetta E. - No other information
GRISWOLD, Guy Eugene Spouse of Mary FISK Born 1923 died 1979 - Son of Willard & Daisy Chadwick Griswold - WW II Vet TS.
GRISWOLD, James Born 1884 died 1958 - Son of Willard and Jennie (Pangborn) Griswold. TS; O.
GRISWOLD, Lowetta E. Spouse of Francis Born 3-05-1927 died 5-05-2003 Age 76y - b. Naples-NY, d. Youngsville
GRISWOLD, Warren A. Spouse of Carol Hawkes Born 10-15-1946 died 4-14-2004 Age 57 - Son of Willard Samuel & Pauline May (Kruppner) Griswold - Korean War Vet, US Army
GRISWOLD, Willard Samuel Spouse of Pauline May Kruppner Born 1-1-1894 died 11-2-1973 - Wed twice TS; O.
GRISWOLD, William died 3-3-1933 Age 1m - Son of Willard Griswold No stone O.
GROW, Hiram Spouse of Sarah E. Born 8-16-1841 died 9-25-1917 - Son of Martin & Huldy Hood Grow. Wed twice - Civil War Vet, Co C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Little Genesee for three years. Re-enlisted as a veteran 1-1-1864. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, paroled. Rejoined company 6-13-1865. Mustered out with company 6-27-1865 at New Berne NC. (Carried as Grew) TS.
GROW, Sarah E. Spouse of Hiram Born 7-8-1845 died 9-4-1924 - Dau of Mathew Randall & Mary Elizabeth Baker Maxson. Wed 2x Coon O.
HALL, Anna L. Spouse of Dudley Prosser Born 2-17-1889 died 3-27-1979 - Dau of Thomas G. & Laura Finch Crandall 2nd wife TS; O.
HALL, Arthur Judson Spouse of Viola J. Born 1-28-1844 died 6-30-1916 - Son of Benjamin Stillman & Lydia M. Wells Hall - Civil War Vet, Co E 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Genesee for three years. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, paroled Mustered out with detachment 6-7-1865 at Elmira NY TS; O; DR.
HALL, Benjamin Stillman Spouse of Lydia M. Born 5-11-1817 died 4-11-1847 TS.
HALL, Diantha B. Spouse of Milford D. Born 1825 died 4-7-1903 - Dau of Johnathan & Sally Havens Woodard TS.
HALL, Dudley Prosser Spouse of Anna L. Born 3-14-1880 died 5-29-1951 - Son of Arthur Judson & Viola J. Prosser Hall; Wed twice TS; O.
HALL, Lydia M. Spouse of Benjamin S. Born 8-3-1822 died 12-15-1889 - Dau of Joseph & Lydia Maxson Wells TS.
HALL, Milford D. Spouse of Diantha B. Born 1825 died 7-11-1865 - Son of Benjamin & Wealthy Stillman Hall - Civil War DOD, Unassigned 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Avon to serve one year. Mustered out with detachment 6-27-1865. Died of disease 7-11-1865 at Elmira NY. TS.
HALL, Myrtle M. Spouse of Dudley Prosser Born 1880 died 1-19-1940 - Dau of Nelson & Elva A. Teater Collins. 1st wife TS; O.
HALL, Viola J. Spouse of Arthur Judson Born 1-2-1852 died 4-24-1909 - Dau of Isaac & Cornelia Ann Crandall Prosser TS; O; DR.
HASLETT, Clifton J. Jr. Born 1900 died 7-30-1993 - Son of Clifton Haslett TS.
HASLETT, Ethel W. Spouse of Clifton J. Born 8-17-1907 died 1-04-2003 Age 95y - Dau of Charles & Anna Mae (Higley) Walter, b. Tionesta-PA, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 8-17-1929 in New Castle-PA
HATCH, Archie N. Spouse of Grace D. DAVIS Born 10-2-1902 died 7-16-1976 - Son of Marshall W. & Laura Hyde Hatch O.
HATCH, Thomas N. Born 9-30-1952 died 9-10-1985 - Son of Archie & Grace Davis Hatch O.
HAWKES, Caroline E. [G.?] Spouse of George Edward Born 12-25-1860 died 3-21-1918 - Dau of HUDSON; Georgiana - mid name TS; O; DR.
HAWKES, Ellen E. Born 2-26-1862 died 6-24-1924 TS; O.
HAWKES, Emily Spouse of Harry J. [Capt.] Born 4-10-1869 died 7-13-1958 - Dau of Thomas & Charlotte Rogers Montage TS; O; DR.
HAWKES, George Edward Spouse of Caroline E.G. Born 5-17-1860 died 11-10-1938 - Son of Edward & Ellen Hawkes TS; O.
HAWKES, George N. Spouse of Lucile WIRTO Born 3-22-1893 died 7-6-1940 - Son of Harry J. & Emily Montague Hawkes TS; O; DR.
HAWKES, Harry J. Spouse of Emily M Born 12-16-1866 died 4-19-1932 - Son of George E. & Jane Karrington Hawkes TS; O.
HAWKES, Irene Victoria Born 7-1-1899 died 11-29-1817 - Dau of George Edmund & Catherine G. Hudson Hawkes Mother-Caroline? TS; O; DR.
HAWKES, Kate Born 1883 died 1937 - Dau of George Edward & Caroline Hudson Hawkes TS; O.
HAWKES, Lucile O. Born 4-9-1896 died 8-29-1993 TS.
HAWKES, Robert J. Born 2-22-1921 died 7-13-1939 TS.
HAZARD, Alvin S. Spouse of Ida Electa M Born 3-27-1883 died 3-5-1927 - Son of Sylvester Hazard TS; O; DR.
HAZARD, Ida Electa Spouse of Alvin S. Born 11-12-1867? died 4-26-1947 - Dau of Joel & Margaret Ayers Maxson b. 1887? TS; O; DR.
HAZARD, Irvin Sylvester Born 12-12-1895 died 10-4-1911 - Son of Alvin S. & Ida Electa Maxson Hazard TS; O; DR.
HAZARD, Lyle Spouse of Esther Born 12-9-1899 died 2-17-1973 - Alvin and Ida Maxson Hazard TS.
HAZARD, Mable Spouse of Marion M. Born 3-24-1891 died 8-16-1916 - Dau of Arza N. & Nora Wetmore Keeler TS; O.
HAZARD, Marion M. Spouse of Mable K Born 6-23-1888 died 3-4-1918 - Son of Alvin S. & Ida Electa Maxson Hazard TS; O; DR.
HEALY, Rachel Elizabeth [Joy] Spouse of Wellington Born 7-28-1850? died 11-4-1928 - Check info; Dau of Joel C. & Margaret Ayers Maxson No stone; Wed twice TS; O.
HEIMEL, G. Robert Spouse of Joan Hawkes Born 9-30-1915 died 6-2-2001 - b. Colver- Son of George N. & Alta R. Hines Heimel m. Mar. 17, 1958 - WW II Vet, US Army and Army Air Force. Africa, Middle East
HEIMEL, Joan H. Spouse of G. Robert Born 9-12-1921 died 11-1-2006 - Dau of George N. & O. Lucie Wirt Hawkes
HENDRYX, infant died 11-13-1925 - Child of Harry Hendryx No stone TS; O.
HIBBARD, Margaret I. Spouse of Raymond Born 7-7-1911 died 8-30-1975 - Dau of Herbert & Nancy Hamilton Jandrew DOD Aug. 20? O; DR.
HIBBARD, Raymond Spouse of Margaret I. Born 11-7-1909 died 10-16-1995 - Son of Archie & Edith Green Hibbard
HILL, Ralph Dudley Spouse of Louise E. Smith Born 1-26-1889 died 11-6-1942 - Son of William & Bertha Scott Hill - WW I Vet TS; O.
HOWARD, Carrie I. Spouse of James E. Born 2-25-1856 died 6-22-1919 - Dau of Israel & Elmira Worden Lewis TS; O; DR.
HOWARD, Edith L. Spouse of Kenneth E. Born 2-18-1927 died 8-28-1965 - Dau of Claude & Lettie Drew TS; O.
HOWARD, James E. Spouse of Carrie I. Born 7-26-1854 died 5-12-1941 - Son of James V. & Phoebe Newton Howard TS; O; DR.
HOWARD, Mary E. Spouse of Samual Born 1817 died 7-7-1897 - Check RI Cem. TS; O
HOWARD, Samual Spouse of Mary E. Born 1810 died 7-7-1892 - Son of Samuel & Freelove? Howard TS; O; DR.
HOWBRIDGE, Elna V. Spouse of James Born 11-3-1874 died 4-25-1965 - Dau of Daniel & Harriet Pierce Wed twice Cummings TS
HUGHES, Christine V. Spouse of Daniel S. Born 4-12-1918 died 10-20-1984 - Dau of Adelbert & Charlotte Hull Coon TS; O
HUGHES, Daniel Smith Spouse of Christine V. Born 9-18-1911 died 7-18-1976 - WW II Vet TS.
HULETT, Celina N. Spouse of Daniel W. Born 6-30-1840 died 11-26-1912 - Dau of Avery & Polly Stillman Coon 2nd wife TS; O.
HULETT, Daniel W. Spouse of Celina N. Born 3-15-1834 died 1-21-1917 - Son of Horace & Lucy Allen Hulett. Wed twice TS; O. Not on NY or PA index
HULETT, Horace L. Spouse of Irene P Born 1871 died 2-2-1937 - Son of Daniel W. & Celina Coon Hulett M.D. TS; O.
HULETT, Irene Spouse of Horace L. M.D. Born 11-6-1869 died 5-3-1965 - Dau of William & Annette Wing Post TS; O.
HULETT, Marjorie Born 1900 died 1900 - Dau of Horace L. & Irene Post Hulett TS.
HULL, Florence E. Spouse of Joseph L. Rev. Born 5-8-1851 died 1-30-1922 - Dau of Leander W. & Clarissa Worden Lewis TS; O; DR.
HULL, Joseph L. Spouse of Florence E. Born 5-12-1849 died 8-25-1935 - Son of Thomas & Orrilla Burdick Hull Reverand TS; O.
HUNT, Jerald Calvin Born 8-19-1942 died 3-15-1948 TS.
JANDREW, Earl K. Born 22-Mar-09 died 12-Dec-27 - Son of Herbert A. & Nancy Hamilton TS; O.
JANDREW, Herbert A. Spouse of Nancy H Born 11-23-1881 died 7-28-1961 - Son of Samuel & Sophronia Bludeton Jandrew TS; O.
JANDREW, Leon F. Born 1925 died 1925 - Son of George S. & Pauline Jandrew TS .
JANDREW, Lester A. Born 6-4-1903 died 3-26-1943 - Son of Herbert & Nancy Hamilton Jandrew TS; O.
JANDREW, Nancy C. Spouse of Herbert A. Born 2-24-1885 died 12-9-1969 - Dau of Albert & Anna Gustin Hamilton TS.
JAQUES, Caroline Spouse of Willoby Born 1823 died 3-8-1906 - Dau of Henry & Marian Jordan Leighten TS; O; DR.
JAQUES, Cortland S. Spouse of Lois Wilber Born 5-21-1863 died 12-6-1940 - Son of Asa & Harriet Stillman Jaques TS; O; DR.
JAQUES, Elbridge W. [Selbridge?] Spouse of Hattie J. Wilber Born 12-25-1855 died 11-7-1925 - Son of Willoby & Caroline Leighton Jaques TS; O.
JAQUES, Flora M. Spouse of unwed Born 6-28-1894 died 5-15-1985 - Dau of Cortland & Lois Wilber Jaques TS; O.
JAQUES, Harriett R. [Hattie\ Born 6-15-1850 died 3-11-1921 - Dau of Willoby & Caroline Leighton Jaques TS; O.
JAQUES, Hattie J. Spouse of Elbridge W. Born 1868 died 5-3-1897 - Dau of Mathew C. & Matilda Cline Wilber TS; O; DR.
JAQUES, Helen C. Spouse of Willoby [Will] Born 1890 died 1967 - Dau of Harry & Jane H. Newman Nunn TS.
JAQUES, Jennette M. Born 1851 died 6-6-1853 - Dau of Willoby & Caroline Leighton Jaques TS.
JAQUES, Lincoln Eugene Spouse of Gertrude Burdick Born 11-8-1865 died 3-29-1931 - Son of Willoby E. & Caroline Leighton Jaques No stone; Check Little RI O.
JAQUES, Lois Spouse of Cortland S. Born 4-1-1854 died 3-25-1933 - Dau of Mathew C. & Matilda Clarie Wilber TS; O.
JAQUES, Willoby Spouse of Caroline L Born 1818 died 1879 TS.
JAQUES, Willoby "Will" Spouse of Helen N Born 5-10-1885 died 4-23-1963 - Son of Elbridge W. & Harriet Wilber Jaques TS; O.
JONES, Earl L. Spouse of Opal T Born 6-27-1914 died 2-18-1984 - b. Wellsville, NY- m. April 9, 1938- Son of Abraham & Madeline Jones O.
JONES, Opal Spouse of Earl L. Born 1920 died 1989 - Dau of William & Clara Belle Mead Traver TS.
JORDAN, Isaiah A. Spouse of Julia A. Born 8-16-1823 died 11-17-1908 - Son of Andrew & Charity Nestle Jordan TS; O; DR.
JORDAN, Julia A. Spouse of Isaiah A. Born 7-12-1831 died 5-25-1929 - Dau of Christopher & Amy Wilber TS; O; DR.
JOY, Albert C. Spouse of Halah S Born 8-29-1893 died 4-10-1947 - Son of James W. & Eizabeth Maxson Joy TS; O.
JOY, Clarissa Cowles Spouse of John Born 1895 died 1965 TS.
JOY, Daniel M. Born 1890 died 9-1905 - Son of James W. & Eizabeth Maxson Joy TS.
JOY, Halah Spouse of Albert C. Born 2-21-1900 died 3-31-1980 - Dau of Byron & Caroline Jaques Slade TS
JOY, infant Born 1922 died 12-15-1922 - Child of John & Clarissa Cowels/Cowles Joy; No stone TS
JOY, James W. Spouse of Rachel E. Maxson Born 1859 died 1912 - Son of Daniel & Nancy Nichols Joy TS; G.
JOY, John A. Spouse of Clarissa Cowles Born 1885 died 10-23-1940 - Son of James W. & Eizabeth Maxson Joy TS.
KAUFMAN, Dorthy Spouse of Samuel - Dau of Archie A. & Lois Wilber Preston Disinterred? O
KENNEDY, Donald G. Spouse of Judith Beaton Born 1-8-1930 died 7-17-2003 Age 73y - Son of Lucy Jann b. Washington D.C. m. May 3 1974 - Cold War Vet, US Army
KENYON, Ammanda J. Born 1836 - Dau of Ethan Sr. & Ruth Prosser Kenyon TS.
KENYON, Anne E. Born 9-9-1847 died 10-21-1871 - Dau of Ethan Jr. & Comfort Kenyon Kenyon TS.
KENYON, Charles died 12-19-1867 - Son of Benjamin M. & Elizabeth A. Coon Kenyon TS.
KENYON, Comfort Spouse of Ethan Jr. Born 2-10-1826 died 3-29-1903 - Dau of Jebediah Kenyon TS.
KENYON, Ethan Jr. Spouse of Comfort Born 8-8-1821 died 2-16-1889 - Son of Ethan Sr. & Nancy Maxson Kenyon TS.
KENYON, Ethan Sr. Spouse of Ruth P Born 1784 died 7-11-1864 - Wed twice - War of 1812 Vet TS.
KENYON, Frederick Born 5-28-1867 died 4-18-1869 - Son of Benjamin M. & Elizabeth A. Coon Kenyon TS.
KENYON, George Henry Spouse of Winona C Born 1865 died 10-30-1937 - Son of Benjamin M. & Elizabeth Cottrell Kenyon TS; DR.
KENYON, Harold Born 7-13-1861 died 3-2-1862 - Son of D. C. & S. H. Kenyon TS.
KENYON, Hurbert E. Spouse of Rachel C. Born 7-17-1863 died 10-4-1887 TS.
KENYON, Lawrence E. Spouse of Ona J Born 7-14-1904 died 4-11-1984 - Son of Arnot & Sarah Oakley Kenyon O.
KENYON, Leone Born 6-14-1854 died 2-22-1856 TS.
KENYON, Mary A. Born 8-26-1868 died 4-5-1889 TS.
KENYON, Nancy Spouse of Ethan Sr. Born 1800 died 7-29-1831 - Dau of Maxson 1st wife TS.
KENYON, Ona A. Spouse of Lawrence E. Born 1907 died 1968 - Dau of Herbert & Nancy Hamilton Jandrew TS.
KENYON, Rachel C. Spouse of Hurbert E. Born 10-28-1863 died 7-12-1884 TS.
KENYON, Ruth Spouse of Ethan Sr. Born 11-15-1801 died 12-26-1881 - 2nd wife TS.
KENYON, Wealthy M. Born 1839 died 10-25-1871 - Child of Ethan Sr. & Ruth Prosser Kenyon TS.
KENYON, Winona Spouse of George Henry Born 1-29-1870 died 6-1943 - Dau of John S. & Esther Adams Champlin TS; O.
KINNEY, Beulah Maxson Spouse of Hanford A. died 3-21-1993 TS.
KINNEY, Hanford A. Spouse of Beulah M Born 1894 died 1971 - WW I Vet TS.
KIRCHGASSER, John P. Spouse of Lena M. Born 9-1-1876 died 2-11-1959 - Son of John & Caroline Burkhalder Kirchgasser TS; O.
KIRCHGASSER, Lena M. Spouse of John P. Born 3-4-1882 died 12-28-1964 - Dau of Marcus E. & Ida Tanner Slade TS; O.
KNOWLTON, Sandra L. (Pinney) Spouse of Gary "Fuzzy" Born 5-16-1961 died 9-4-2008 Age 47y - Dau of Arthur & Joyce (Hawkes) Pinney b. Olean NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 10-3-1981 in Little Genesee NY
KRICK, Arlouine H. Spouse of James S. Born 6-8-1907 died 1-26-1994 - Dau of Dudley Prosser & Myrtle Collins Hall TS; O.
KRICK, James S. Jr. Born 6-10-1948 died 7-18-1948 - Son of James S. Sr. & Arlouine Hall Krick TS.
KRICK, James S. Sr. Spouse of Arlouine H Born 1902 died 3-26-1973 TS.
LACKEY, Eunice Spouse of Palarmo Born 9-11-1804 died 9-28-1903 - Dau of Daniel & Lois Stillman Edwards 2nd wife TS; O; DR.
LACKEY, Harriett E. Spouse of unwed Born 11-7-1840 died 2-27-1912 - Dau of Palarmo & Eunice Edwards Lackey TS; O; DR.
LACKEY, Louisa Spouse of Palermo Born 1812 died 1835 - Dau of Jaques1st wife TS.
LACKEY, Mary A. Spouse of unwed Born 10-1-1847 died 9-20-1913 - Dau of Palarmo & Eunice Edwards Lackey TS; O; DR.
LACKEY, Orson Spouse of unwed Born 1843 died 1862 - Son of Palarmo & Eunice Edwards Lackey - Civil War KIA, Co C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Little Genesee for three years. Killed in action 5-31-1862 at Fair Oaks VA TS.
LACKEY, Palarmo Spouse of Eunice E Born 2-25-1806 died 3-30-1897 - Son of Isaac & Besty Woodard Lackey. Wed twice TS; O.
LANGWORTHY, Elizabeth Spouse of John Avery Born 1806 died 6-24-1860 - Dau of Daniel & Sarah Northup Lewis 1st wife TS.
LANGWORTHY, John Avery Spouse of Mary Clark Born 12-27-1799 died 7-26-1894 - Son of John N. & Sarah Pendleton Langworthy. Wed twice TS; O; DR.
LANGWORTHY, John Olin Born 1842 died 7-6-1864 - Son of John Avery & Elizabeth Lewis Langworthy - Civil War Vet, Service unclear. This is not the John Langworthy who served in the 85th. That person mustered out with company 6-27-1865. TS.
LANGWORTHY, Josephine Born 7-30-1872 died 10-11-1941 - Dau of Thomas G. & Hannah Finch Crandall TS; O.
LANGWORTHY, Lucretia M. Born 4-22-1852 died 4-16-1912 - Dau of John Avery & Elizabeth Lewis Langworthy TS; O.
LANGWORTHY, Ralph Carr Spouse of Lois Patterson Born 1-30-1837 died 4-20-1889 - Son of John A. & Elizabeth Lewis Langworthy - Civil War Vet, Co E 85th Inf NYS Vols 1/Lt. Enrolled 1862 at Genesee for three years. Discharged 12-17-1864. TS; G.
LANPHERE, Fannie A. Spouse of Menzo Born 12-7-1868 died 6-8-1945 - Dau of Warren R. & Alzina Beebe Green TS; O; DR.
LANPHERE, George Spouse of Hannah H Born 9-4-1786 died 10-2-1849 TS.
LANPHERE, Hannah Haskins Spouse of George Born 10-11-1792 died 4-17-1869 TS.
LANPHERE, Leo W. Spouse of Junita Foster Born 4-2-1893 died 3-1-1923 - Son of Menzo & Fannie A. Green Lanphere TS; O.
LANPHERE, Menzo Spouse of Fannie A. Born 3-31-1871 died 1-11-1948 - Son of Hi and Mary Robarts Lanphere TS; O; DR.
LEDIN, Barbara Spouse of LEDIN Born 1921 died 1994 - Dau of Ralph M. & Louise Smith Hill TS; G.
LEWIS, Clarence L. Spouse of Huldah Estelle Born 7-5-1862 died 4-11-1939 - Son of Leander W. & Clarissa Worden Lewis. No stone? O.
LEWIS, Clarissa L. Spouse of Leander W. Born 7-4-1824 died 3-25-1905 - Dau of Green & Louisa Eggleston Worden TS; O; DR.
LEWIS, Edna Spouse of Nuire Sr. Born 11-15-1910 died 11-21-1983 - Dau of Eugene & Daisey Vaughn Marsh. Twelve children. TS; O.
LEWIS, Huldah Estelle Spouse of Clarence L. Born 1-20-1870 died 4-1-1913 - Dau of Benjamin & Amelia Crandall Buten TS; DR.
LEWIS, Leander W. Spouse of Clarissa L. Born 2-8-1820 died 12-6-1900 - Son of Elijah & Sally Burdick Lewis TS; O; DR.
LEWIS, Lilith M. Spouse of Willard H. Born 7-12-1912 died 9-6-1985 - Dau of Orin & Mary Fritz Lawrence O.
LEWIS, Neuire R. Jr. [Dude] Spouse of unwed died 3-27-1993 Age 59y - Son of Neuire R. & Edna Marsh Lewis. No stone O.
LEWIS, Neuire R. Sr. [Neuire?] Spouse of Edna Marsh Born 3-28-1900 died 9-8-1967 - Son of Lucian & Flora Burd Lewis. Twelve children. TS; O; DR.
LEWIS, Robart Steve Spouse of unwed Born 3-20-1941 died 10-26-1985 - Son of Nuire & Edna Marsh Lewis TS; O.
LEWIS, Susie C. "Marie" Born 1935 died 12-25-1937 - Dau of Nuire Sr. & Edna Marsh Lewis TS; O.
LINDQUIST, Ellen L. (Haines) Spouse of Henry Born 1-01-1915 died 12-19-2002 Age 87y - Dau of George Harry & Sarah Luella (Hanks) Haines, b. Olean-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 1-19-1935 in Little Genesee NY, five children
LINDQUIST, Erick E. Spouse of Karolina S Born 4-17-1875 died 12-11-1961 - Son of Erick & Margit Andersdotter Lindquist TS; O.
LINDQUIST, Henry E. Spouse of Ellen L. Haines Born 3-18-1915 died 5-15-2017 Age 102y - Son of Erick & Karoline (Skojberg) Lindquist b. Harvey ND d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-19-1935 in Little Genesee NY, five children. O
LINDQUIST, Karolina Skogberg Spouse of Erick E. Born 1877 died 2-1951 TS; O.
LINDQUIST, Lou Ann Born 1954 died 6-25-1960 - Dau of Henry Lindquist TS; O.
LOOMIS, Nora [LOOMISEL?] Spouse of Elbert A. Born 6-6-1859 died 3-16-1926 - Dau of Milford & Diantha Woodard Hall O; DR.
LOUNSBERRY, Clifford A. Spouse of Leah M. Born 4-11-1901 died 10-15-1962 - Son of James & Myrtle Wyse Lounsberry O; DR.
LOUNSBERRY, Leah Spouse of Clifford Born 10-4-1895 died 6-13-1977 - Dau of John & Anna Austin Boucher TS; O.
LYMAN, Emma Born 4-5-1860 died 3-31-1934 - No stone O.
MAXSON, Arriet E. [Harriet?] Spouse of Jared Born 11-12-1816 died 9-19-1948 - Dau of Daniel O. Jr. & Elizabeth Stillman Burdick. Check dates TS; O; DR.
MAXSON, Benjamin Spouse of Susan Potter Born 9-23-1775 died 5-17-1859 - Son of Benjamin & Eunice Reynolds MaxsonWed twice TS; F.
MAXSON, Benjamin F. Spouse of Margaret L Born 1824 died 3-12-1902 - Son of Benjamin & Penelope Nichols Maxson O; DR.
MAXSON, Calista A. Born 6-28-1829 died 9-13-1877 - Dau of Zaccheus R. & Temperance Coon Maxson TS.
MAXSON, Cassius M. C. Born 1845 died 12-29-1847
MAXSON, Christian Newman Spouse of Willis B. Born 3-3-1868 died 3-9-1938 - No stone
MAXSON, David K. Born 1827 died 3-28-1828 - Son of David & Mary Kenyon Maxson TS.
MAXSON, Horace L. Born 1-4-1839 died 10-21-1864 - Son of Mathew R. & Mary Elizabeth Baker Maxson - Civil War DOD, Co C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Belvidere for three years. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC. Died of disease 10-20-1864 while a prisoner of war at Andersonville GA.Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC. Died of Disease 10-13-1864 while a prisoner of war at Andersonville GA TS.
MAXSON, Horace P. Born 1867 died 1868 - Son of Welcome R. & Sophronia Grow Maxson TS
MAXSON, James B. Born 1829 died 9-3-1854 - Son of David & Mary Kenyon Maxson
MAXSON, Joel C. Spouse of Margaret Ayers Born 1816 died 12-30-1889 - Son of Joel C. & Rachel Coon Maxson TS; F
MAXSON, Joseph A. Born 2-1-1863 died 6-16-1923 - Son of Joseph C. & Lurana L. "Laura" (Tanner) Maxson. No stone O.
MAXSON, Joseph Crandall Spouse of Laura Tanner Born 6-17-1834 died 1-5-1925 - Son of James and Lucinda (Main) Maxson. - Civil War Vet, Co C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Wirt for three years. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, paroled Mustered out 6-6-1865 at Elmira NY TS; O.
MAXSON, Julia Medora Spouse of Brayton Born 6-13-1870 died 3-20-1960 - Dau of Rowland & Julia Stillman Barber Dora O; G.
MAXSON, Lavern E. Spouse of unwed Born 11-15-1883 died 9-30-1915 - Child of Joseph C. & Laura Tanner Maxson O; DR.
MAXSON, Leslie Spouse of Beulah BLINN Born 8-28-1895 died 1-2-1927 - Son of Brayton & Julia Barber Maxson - WW I Vet O; G.
MAXSON, Margaret [Maggie] Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 1851 died 12-8-1901 - Dau of Lynch O.
MAXSON, Matthew R. Spouse of Mary BARKER Born 1814 died 1845 - Son of Weeden & Nancy Randall Maxson TS; G
MAXSON, Mrs. Albert Born 1871 died 9-3-1909 O.
MAXSON, Nancy Hall Spouse of Orrin [Orson?] Born 8-26-1813 died 5-26-1836 TS; G.
MAXSON, Rose Spouse of unwed died 4-19-1908 Age 46y - No stone O.
MAXSON, Sophronia P. Spouse of Welcome R Born 1837 died 3-15-1907 - Dau of Martin & Huldah Grow TS; O.
MAXSON, Temperance Coon Spouse of Zacheus R. Born 11-24-1783 died 9-11-1858 TS; F.
MAXSON, Walter H. Born 1862 died 1881 - Son of Welcome R. & Sophronia Grow Maxson O
MAXSON, Welcome R. Spouse of Sophronia P. Born 11-4-1834 died 12-11-1915 - Son of Zaccheus & Temperance Coon Maxson O; DR.
MAXSON, Welthy T. Born 1831 died 5-5-1847 - Child of Zaccheus R. & Temperance Coon Maxson
MAXSON, Willis [Ezekiel] Spouse of Christian N Born Abt.1869 - Son of Asa L. & Caroline Johnson Maxson O; G.
MAXSON, Zaccheus Spouse of Amelia Crandall Born 6-13-1756 died 9-20-1844 - Son of Benjamin & Eunice Reynolds Maxson. Wed 9-26-1778 in Hopkinton RI. DAR - Revolutionary War Vet TS; G.
MAXSON, Zaccheus R. Spouse of Temperance C Born 4-23-1791 died 10-27-1868 - Son of Zaccheus & Amelia Crandall Maxson TS; F.
MEYERS, Sue Spouse of Harry Born 1881 died 1945 - Dau of Thomas H. & Amanda Ennis Bron
MILLARD, Fred C. Spouse of Edna J. Pettite Born 4-28-1877 died 12-9-1930 - Son of Dennison & Martha (Whittemore) Millard. Four daughters. O.
MILLARD, Nova Cooley Spouse of Clark Born 1887 died 1970 - Wed twice O.
MILLIMAN, Ada P. Spouse of Claude Born 6-13-1910 died 5-14-1982 - Dau of Ernest & Jenny Hosmer Hillard O; DR.
MILLIMAN, Claude Spouse of Ada P. Born 7-10-1905 died 9-11-1994 - Son of Murry & Mary Peckham Milliman O.
MONAHAN, Eldred died 9-7-1993 Age 79y
MONAHAN, Ella Bell died 10-24-1990 Age 73y
MOORE, Ethel I. Spouse of Frank L. Born 1881
MOORE, Frank Levi Spouse of Ethel I. Born 4-4-1880 died 4-28-1962
MOORE, Leon A. Spouse of Leah STONE Born 1906 died 1972 - Son of Frank Levi & Ethel I. Moore
MOOREHOUSE, George W. Spouse of Grace B. Born 1861 died 1945
MOOREHOUSE, Grace L. B.? Spouse of George W. Born 1858 died 1921
MOOREHOUSE, Mary Spouse of D. E. Born 1835 died 1907
MOOREHOUSE, Mrs. Spouse of Clarence died 5-19-1921 - No stone
NEUGENT, John B. Spouse of Rose E. Born 1889 died 1957
NEUGENT, Rose E. Spouse of John B. Born 1894
NUNN, Anna M. Born 1891 died 1970 - Dau of Harry & Jane M. Newman Nunn
NUNN, Blance Born 1900 died 3-16-1902 - Dau of Harry & Jane Newman Nunn
NUNN, Elizabeth Jane Born 4-21-1876 died 1-13-1932
NUNN, Harry Spouse of Jane M. Born 5-4-1856 died 11-9-1928 TS; O.
NUNN, Jane M. Spouse of Harry Born 5-15-1856 died 9-4-1913 - Dau of George & Elizabeth Corrington Hawkes O; DR.
NUNN, William Born 1877 died 1857 - Son of Harry & Jane M. Newman Nunn
ORSINI, Amy N. Born 1892 died 1945 - Dau of Harry & Jane M. Newman Nunn TS.
OSGOOD, Franklin M. Born 4-28-1888 died 10-17-1918
OSGOOD, Mrs. Spouse of Omer C. Born 4-30-1863 died 8-14-1919 - No stone O.
PAGE, Elan Born 3-27-1846 died 10-7-1877
PALMER, Noys B. Born 1821 died 6-10-1839 - Son of Daniel & Nancy Burdick Palmer TS.
PARKMAN, F. H. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1830 died 2-25-1903
PARKMAN, Mary A. Spouse of F. H. Born 1836 died 1917 TS; O.
PARKMAN, William Born 1868 died 1916 O.
PARRY, Pauline H. Spouse of Ralph Eugene Born 6-6-1915 died 7-6-2000 - b. Wadestown, W.Va. O.
PARRY, Ralph Eugene Spouse of Pauline H. Born 1905 died 1974 TS .
PATTERSON, Austin H. Spouse of Sarah Born 11-14-1845 died 9-30-1916 - No stone O.
PATTERSON, Lovina A. Wise Spouse of Austin H. Born 1853 died 7-30-1884
PATTERSON, Robert C. Born 1875 died 8-7-1895 - Son of Austin H. & Lovina Wise Patterson TS; O.
PATTERSON, Sarah Spouse of Austin H. Born 6-17-1859 died 9-11-1935 - Dau of Julius & Sarah A. Morse Smith No stone; Moorehouse O.
PATTERSON, William C. Born 1890 died 1967
PEASLEE, Jerline W. Spouse of Raymond Born 8-3-1920 died 1-31-1962 - Dau of Gilbert & Selma Lindquist Winterberger TS; O.
PEAVY, Margaret N. "Maggie" Helm Spouse of Thomas L. Born 1876 - Wed twice Herb O.
PEAVY, Thomas L. Spouse of Margaret Helm Born 5-17-1878 died 2-13-1946 - 1st husband TS; O
PERRY, George D. Spouse of Helen S Born 5-3-1909 died 10-21-1951 - Son of Zell & Edna Hall Perry - WW I Vet TS; O.
PERRY, George Lanson Born 1843 died 6-24-1908 - Son of David & Ilura Perry - Civil War Vet, Co A 136th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1862 at Bolivar for three years. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 near Washington DC. TS; O; DR.
PERRY, James W. Born 11-11-1934 died 1-8-1936 - Son of George & Helen (Shannon) Perry. No stone O.
PERRY, Robert Eugene Born 2-13-1929 died 12-26-1930 - Son of George & Helen (Shannon) Perry. No stone O.
PETTITE, Earl Spouse of Zelle H Born 1889 died 1980 - Son of George William & Josephine Bennehoff Pettite TS.
PETTITE, Frances J. Born 3-30-1861 died 3-5-1938 - Dau of John M. & Lida Main Crandall O.
PETTITE, Zelle N. Spouse of Earl L. Born 10-23-1889 died 6-13-1980 - Dau of John & Maude Welch Hoagland TS; O.
PINNEY Arthur L. Spouse of Joyce A. Hawkes Born 3-24-1938 died 10-30-2015 Age 87y - Son of Luthene & Marie (Hitchcock) Pinney b. Franklinville NY d. Olean NY. Worked 44 years for Natl Fuel Gas. Wed 6-11-1949 in Little Genesee NY, six children - WWII Vet, US Army, Tec4. in Germany O.
PINNEY, Dale A. "Ponch" Born 9-9-1959 died 7-15-2016 Age 56y - Son of Arthur L. & Joyce Hawkes Pinney b. Olean NY d. Richburg NY. Four children, mother not named and boys surnamed Learn. O
PINNEY, Joyce A . (Hawkes) Spouse of Arthur R. Pinney Born 2-7-1930 died 7-15-2016 Age 86y - Dau of George & Lucile Wirt Hawkes b. Little Genesee NY d. Allegany NY. Wed 6-11-1949, six children. O
POLEN, Letha S. Spouse of Carl Born 1-08-1911 died 5-13-2004 Age 93y - Dau of Albert & Amy (Sanford) Crandalll, b. Little Genesee-NY, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 9-09-1933 in Little Genesee-NY
POTTER, Margaret Estelle Lewis Spouse of George W. Born 1870 died 1913
POUNDS, Caleb W. died 10-27-1990 Age 3y TS.
POUNDS, Claire Spouse of William died 1987 TS.
PRESTON, Archie A. Born 3-25-1877 died 1-2-1964 - Son of Albert & Lois Wilber Preston O.
PRESTON, Eugene H. Born 1875 died 10-24-1907 O.
PRESTON, Frank A. Born 4-30-1879 died 1-25-1937
PRINDLE, Alice A. Spouse of Horace G. Born 6-8-1863 died 2-6-1956 - Dau of Benjamin F. & Martha Hargraves Green TS; O.
PRINDLE, Alvira Spouse of Francis W. Born 10-3-1820 died 2-4-1895 - Dau of Benjamin & Penelope Nichols Maxson Wed twice F.
PRINDLE, Emma F. Spouse of Frank B. Born 1857 died 3-13-1899 - Dau of Jocob & Eliza Stillwagon 1st wife O; DR.
PRINDLE, Francis W. Spouse of Almira A. Born 3-21-1819 died 12-2-1870 - Son of Zachariah Prindle O; G
PRINDLE, Frank B. Born 1862 died 11-19-1940 - Son of Francis W. & Almira Maxson Prindle TS; O
PRINDLE, Horace C. Spouse of Alice A. Born 4-6-1864 died 2-3-1961 - Son of Francis W. & Almira Maxson Prindle - WW I Vet TS; O.
PROSSER, Arlouine Spouse of unwed Born 7-16-1854 died 11-16-1941 - Dau of Isaac & Cornelia Crandall Prosser TS.
PROSSER, Cornelia Ann Spouse of Isaac Born 5-2-1895 died 10-28-1907? - Dau of Joseph Stanton & Olive Coon Crandall TS; O; DR.
PROSSER, Isaac Spouse of Cornelia Ann Born 1-18-1816 died 11-30-1888 - Son of Isaac Prosser TS.
PROSSER, Isaac Jr. Born 7-1-1864 died 8-13-1864 - Son of Isaac Sr. & Cornelia Ann Crandall Prosser
PROSSER, Jeanette Born 2-29-1862 died 2-18-1867 - Dau of Isaac & Cornelia Crandall Prosser
PROSSER, John Spouse of Ruth Born 1769 died 10-12-1821 - Son of Prosser Remembered-buried RI TS .
PROSSER, Martha Maria Spouse of unwed Born 6-23-1844 died 11-16-1902 - Dau of Isaac & Cornelia Crandall Prosser TS.
RANER, Alma M. Spouse of Edward Born 1876 died 2-1951 - Wed twice
REED, Valina Sarah Spouse of Henry Born 9-12-1844 died 11-30-1916 - Dau of Danforth & Malissa Coon Fairbanks No stone O; DR.
REYNOLDS, John M. Spouse of Vera Born 1897 died 1986 - WW II Vet, US Army TS.
REYNOLDS, Lester - WW I Vet TS.
REYNOLDS, Vera G. Spouse of John M. Born 1904 died 1990 TS.
RICH, Mary L. Spouse of William H. Born 5-17-1838 died 10-21-1910 - Dau of John & Harriet Gifford Edwards TS; O.
RICH, William H. Spouse of Mary L. Born 10-30-1835 died 2-4-1906 TS.
ROBINSON, Lillian L. Spouse of Les Born 11-2-1922 died 2-26-2014 Dau of John B. & Rose Neugent b. Town of Wirt NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-5-1945 (Les died 10-22-2010)
ROBINSON, Uri died 12-22-1870 Age 32y 3m
ROGERS, Job R. Spouse of Sarah M Born 11-22-1878 died 11-3-1952 - Son of William & Susan Willard Rogers TS; O.
ROGERS, Sarah Spouse of Job R. Born 9-17-1881 died 8-1961 - Dau of Timothy & Sallie Cattell McCarthy TS; O.
RUSSELL, Edna May Born 8-27-1916 died 5-5-1917 - Dau of Frank Russell TS
SANFORD, Albert Carroll Spouse of Wealthy Selina Born 2-28-1854 died 4-29-1929 - Son of William & Anna Bentley Sanford TS; O; DR.
SANFORD, Edna B. Spouse of Marcus Born 10-20-1890 died 1-29-1957 - Dau of Alberne H. & Josephine R. Dunham Burdick TS; O; DR.
SANFORD, Grace Spouse of Albert C. Born 9-1-1879 died 9-26-1953 - Dau of Horace Benson & Flora Barber Clark 2nd wife TS; O.
SANFORD, Grace A. Spouse of Marcus Born 9-14-1893 died 3-15-1970 - Dau of Alberne H. & Josephine R. Dunham Burdick 2nd wife TS; O.
SANFORD, Laura A. Spouse of unwed Born 1-11-1887 died 4-21-1918 - Dau of Albert C. & Lina W. Barber SanfordNo stone; Teacher O; DR.
SANFORD, Marcus R. Spouse of Grace B Born 4-14-1892 died 1-8-1976 - Son of Albert C. & Salina Barber Sanford. Wed twice TS; O.
SANFORD, Wealthy Selina [Salina?] Spouse of Albert C. Born 10-21-1857 died 4-18-1920 - Dau of Rowland & Salina Main Barber TS; O; DR.
SAUNDERS, Mary Calista Spouse of Charles E. Born 3-22-1864 died 7-6-1894 - Dau of Daniel M. & Sally Maxson Burdick TS; DR; G.
SAWYER, James Spouse of Gretchen Baxter Born 1904 died 1964 TS; O.
SCHOONOVER, Frank A. Spouse of Della Nelson/ Ada Hann Rishel Born 3-13-1908 died 2-9-2001 Age 92y - Son of George & Rosa Douglas Schoonover Della d.1979 Ada d. 1998
SEAMANS, Milo P. Spouse of Olive E. S. Bently Born 7-16-1845 died 1-26-1914 TS.
SHERMAN, Howard Born 1900 died 1984 TS.
SHERMAN, Marie Spouse of Howard Born 4-19-1906 died 4-2-2010 Age 103y - Dau of Edgar & Laura Blauvelt Baker b. Sharon Center PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-11-1925 in Olean NY
SHOTTS, Anna Spouse of Kie Born 8-31-1850 died 4-12-1941 O; DR; F.
SLADE, Alice Beckwith Spouse of Dewey L. Born 1898 died 1966 TS.
SLADE, Byron L. Spouse of Caroline Born 10-3-1854 died 11-30-1932 - Son of Lyman O. & Roxey P. Kibbe Slade O.
SLADE, Caroline Spouse of Byron L. Born 5-28-1861 died 8-1-1933 - Dau of Willoby & Caroline Leighton Jaques No stone O.
SLADE, Charles Lyman Spouse of Ida Bell K Born 6-13-1869 died 10-28-1926 O.
SLADE, Clara Belle Born 12-27-1924 died 8-31-1930 - Dau of Dewey L. & Alice B. Slade O; DR.
SLADE, Dewey L. Spouse of Alice B Born 1898 died 3-29-1932 - Son of Herman Butler & Etta B. Brown Slade TS; O.
SLADE, Elizabeth Born 5261897 died 5261897 - Dau of Herman B. & Etta Brown Slade TS; DR .
SLADE, Etta M. Spouse of Herman Butler Born 1-20-1867 died 7-18-1946 - Dau of Abel & Velina Fairbank Brown TS
SLADE, Freddie Lynn Born 8-5-1887 died 8-5-1887 - Child of Herman & Etta Slade TS.
SLADE, Henry Born 3-8-1878 died 10-28-1949 - Son of Byron & Caroline Jaques Slade.No stone O; DR.
SLADE, Herman Butler Spouse of Etta Born 11-21-1867 died 5-27-1933 - Son of Lyman O. & Roxey P. Kibbe Slade O.
SLADE, Ida A. Spouse of Jasper Born 7-15-1849 died 5-23-1940 - Dau of M. A. & Cordelia Perry Nichols TS; O; DR.
SLADE, Ida B. Born 1-19-1856 died 5-28-1935 - Dau of George & Harriet Clark Tanner TS; O.
SLADE, Ida Bell Spouse of Charles L. Born 1863 died 6-6-1911 - Dau of A. P. & Catherine Booth Kibbe TS; O; DR.
SLADE, Jasper N. Spouse of Ida N Born 7-11-1849 died 12-31-1938 - Son of Lyman O. & Roxy Kibbe Slade TS; O.
SLADE, Lyman O. Spouse of Roxy/Roxey K Born 5-23-1827 died 1-15-1909 - Son of Martin Slade; Vet-CW 85th NY TS; O; DR.
SLADE, Marcus E. Spouse of Ida T Born 3-25-1857 died 11-2-1934 - Son of Lyman O. & Roxy Kibbe Slade O.
SLADE, Mary J. Born 12-27-1924 died 1-3-1925 - Dau of Dewey L. & Alice Beckwith Slade TS; O; DR.
SLADE, Roxy P. [Roxey?] Spouse of Lyman O. Born 1829 died 5-18-1907 - Dau of John K. & Nancy Kibbe TS; O; DR.
SLADE, Ruby P. Born 1885 died 2-5-1899 - Dau of Jasper N. & Ida Nichols Slade TS; O; DR.
SLOCUM, Walter Born 3-4-1874 died 7-71893 - Son of A. B. & Sarah D. Slocum Reverand? TS; DR.
SMITH, Corinne M. Spouse of Elbert R. Born 5-25-1868 died 12-14-1945 - Dau of George & Emily L. Coon Cummings TS; O; DR.
SMITH, Elbert R. Spouse of Corinne M. Born 7-18-1851 died 5-10-1935 - Son of Rodney T. & Ann Crandall Smith TS; O.
SMITH, James G. Jr. Born 1927 died 1933 - Son of James G. & Ruth M. Wetmore Smith TS; G.
SMITH, John J. Born 1828 died 10-29-1911 - No stone O.
STANNARD, George R. Born 12-31-1834 died 3-4-1837 - Son of Ansel & Marilla H. Stannard TS; DAR.
STEBBINS, Edna C. Baxter Spouse of Harry Born 1888 died 8-10-1919 - No stone O.
STEBBINS, Harry Spouse of Edna C. died 2-9-1920 Age 35y - No stone O.
STICKLE, Carl Spouse of Flay E Born 2-27-1909 died 3-3-1987 - Son of Frank & Ocie Stickle TS.
STICKLE, Flay Epling Spouse of Carl TS.
STICKLE, Jerry Lee Born 10-26-1938 died 9-4-1964 - Son of Carl & Flay Epling Stickle TS; O.
STICKLE, Willard W. [Woody] Born 1932 died 1972 - Son of Carl & Flay Epling Stickle TS.
STILLMAN, Adelbert E. Born 1877 died 1936 TS.
STILLMAN, Arthur E. Born 1914 died 1930 TS.
STILLMAN, Bert C. Spouse of Vesta B Born 1874 died 1961 TS; O.
STILLMAN, Charlotte M. Born 1882 died 1970 TS.
STILLMAN, Ellen J. Born 11-21-1853 died 9-25-1930 - Dau of Avery Evelon & Mary E. Howe Coon TS; O; G.
STILLMAN, Evelyn I. Spouse of Joseph D. Born 1913 died 1935 TS.
STILLMAN, Frances Born 1859 died 1864 TS.
STILLMAN, Joel Perry Spouse of Arora Miller Born 3-14-1848 died 5-19-1902 - Son of Joseph Lorenzo & Rebecca Warner Stillman 1st husband TS; O; DR.
STILLMAN, Joseph D. Spouse of Ellen J. Born 8-1-1843 died 5-18-1926 - Son of Joseph L. & Rebecca (Warner) Stillman - Civil War Vet, Unassigned 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Avon for one year, mustered in unassigned. Mustered out with detachment 6-27-1865 at New Berne NC TS; O; DR.
STILLMAN, Joseph L. Spouse of Rebecca W Born 5-16-1814 died 12-6-1890 - Son of Joseph & Sarah Burdick Stillman TS.
STILLMAN, Rebecca H. Spouse of Joseph L. Born 5-14-1816 died 12-1-1895 - Dau of Joel & Rebecca Warner TS.
STILLMAN, Sarah Spouse of Joseph Born 4-16-1768 died 3-28-1836 - Dau of Daniel & Temperance Hall Burdick TS; G.
STILLMAN, Vesta Spouse of Bert C. Born 11-21-1876 died 9-2-1965 - Dau of Joel & Helen Washburn Baldwin TS; O.
STIVER, Arthur Born 1902 died 1976 TS.
STODDARD, Edith M. Spouse of George Lyman Born 1878 died 6-22-1954 TS; O.
STODDARD, George Lyman Spouse of Jennie Mae / Edith M. Born 7-20-1876 died 7-9-1850 - Son of Lyman & Phebe M. Sanford Stoddard Had 16 children w/ 1st wife Jennie Davis TS; O.
STONE, Israel H. Spouse of Nancy M. Born 1823 died 1881 - Civil War Vet, Unassigned 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Avon for one year, mustered in unassigned. Mustered out with detachment 6-27-1865 at New Berne NC TS.
STONE, Nancy Maxson Spouse of Israel H. Born 1824 died 3-26-1899 - Dau of Zaccheus R. & Temperance Coon Maxson TS; O.
STOUT, Carol Spouse of Stanley B. Jr. Born 3-19-1933 died 3-31-1983 - Dau of Clifton & Ethel Walter Haslett TS; O
STOUT, Stanley B. Jr. Spouse of Carol A. Born 1918 died 1976 - Son of Stanley B. Stout TS.
SUOZZI, Jane P. Born 2-9-1908 died 2-10-1994 TS.
SUTTON, Harley H. Born 8-23-1902 died 5-2-1956 - Son of Brady Sutton Reverand TS; O.
SWEZEY, William C. Born 1920 died 1925 - Son of G. L. & B. P. Swezey TS.
SWEZEY, William H. Spouse of Madge W. Born 1859 died 1921 TS.
TANNER, Harriet Wells Born 6-28-1826 died 3-28-1896 - Dau of Wait & Nancy Coon Clark TS; O; DR.
TARR, Leslie P. died 1-27-1991 Age 72y
TARR, Ruth V. Spouse of Leslie Born 2-6-1922 died 2-28-1995 - Dau of James E. & Mina Whitmore Chemplin TS; O.
TENSLER, Anna Barbara Born 1879 died 8-25-1896 - Dau of David & Barbara Hess Tensler TS; O.
TENSLER, David Born 1826 died 5-20-1906 - Son of John Tensler TS .
TENSLER, Henry died 8-10-1923 O.
TENSLER, Katie Born 1887 died 11-7-1891 - Dau of David & Anna Hess Tensler TS; DR.
TRAVER, Archie Spouse of Vivian M Born 1905 died 1970 - Son of William H. & Clara Belle Meade Traver TS; O.
TRAVER, Archie Leon Spouse of unwed Born 8-24-1940 died 6-7-1964 - Son of Archie & Vivian Morris Traver No stone O.
TRAVER, Clara Belle Spouse of William Born 2-15-1884 died 2-21-1969 - Dau of Jacob & ? McNamara Mead TS; O.
TRAVER, infant died 1960 - Child of Archie & Vivian Traver
TRAVER, William H. Spouse of Clara Belle Born 1883 died 1971 TS; O.
TRUMBULL, Martha Spouse of Joseph Born 1834 died 4-17-1896 - Dau of George W. & Hannah Haskins Lanphere TS .
VANCUREN, Blanche A. Coon Born 1914 died 1989 - Wed twice TS; O.
VOORHEES, Eleanor Fleta Voorhees Born 7-1931 died 7-1931 - No stone
WAKLEE, Dale D. Born 1897 died 1914 TS.
WAKLEE, Elmer E. Born 1864 died 1931 TS.
WAKLEE, Jennie Born 1892 died 1893 TS.
WAKLEE, Julia E. Spouse of Elmer E. Born 8-18-1863 died 8-23-1910 - Dau of Thomas G. & Hannah M. Finch Crandall TS; O.
WAKLEE, Wesley Born 1889 died 1910 TS; O.
WARDNER, Martin C. Spouse of Sharon Fuller Born 5-21-1943 died 10-28-2008 Age 65y - Son of Vinton & Blanche Coon Wardner b. Portville NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-18-1984 in Scio NY - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. 1964-1968
WARDNER, Vinton E. Spouse of Blanche COON Born 10-12-1900 died 9-3-1971 - Son of Lewis & Lulu Sawyer Wardner. 1st husband TS.
WELLS, Clark Stillman Spouse of Esther L Born 10-30-1814 died 4-1896 - Son of Joseph & Lydia Maxson Wells - Civil War Vet, Co G 150th PA Vols, 1/Sgt. Mustered in 9-2-1862. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate 12-17-1863. (Carried as Weells) TS.
WELLS, Elizabeth Brown Spouse of Winfield S. Born 1842 died 1930 TS; O.
WELLS, Esther Spouse of Clark Stillman Born 9-19-1819 died 4-2-1896 - Dau of George & Hannah Haskins Lwnphere TS.
WELLS, Ira S. Born 1881 died 9-10-1956 - Son of Sherman & Mary E. Prosser Wells TS.
WELLS, Jeanette S. Spouse of unwed Born 4-1871 died 9-1-1959 - Dau of Sherman & Mary Prosser Wells TS; O; DR.
WELLS, Mary E. Spouse of Sherman D. Born 1-20-1847 died 7-25-1920 - Dau of Isaac & Cornelia Crandall Prosser TS; O; DR.
WELLS, Sherman Decatur Spouse of Mary E. Born 8-11-1844 died 9-20-1921 - Son of Samuel & Lucy Clarke Wells TS; O.
WELLS, Winfield Scott Spouse of Elizabeth S. Born 1841 died 2-26-1912 - Son of Samuel & Lucy Clarke Wells - Civil War Vet, Co D 85th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1861 at Little Genesee for three years. Transferred to Co C 1-1-1862. Discharged for disability 7-14-1862 from Douglas Hospital, Washington DC. TS; O.
WETMORE, Donavan Spouse of Fern S Born 2-4-1909 died 8-17-1994 Age 84y - b. Little Genesee, NY- Son of William & Grace Green Wetmore
WETMORE, Fern Studley Spouse of Donavan Born 1910 died 12-23-1991 - No stone TS; O; DR.
WETMORE, Grace M. Spouse of William D. Born 10-1-1887 died 10-12-1960 - Dau of Marlon & Lucy Degroff Green TS; O.
WETMORE, Victor Born 1-9-1928 died 1-3-1935 - Son of William D. & Grace Green Wetmore TS; O.
WETMORE, William D. Spouse of Grace G Born 1880 died 1960 - Son of William R. & Emily E. Keeler Wetmore TS.
WHEELER, Fred Born 1-3-1895 died 3-25-1960 - Son of Andrew & Hattie Walker Wheeler TS; O.
WHITE, James M. Spouse of Mildred E. Born 1895 died 1969 - WW I Vet TS.
WHITE, Mildred E. Spouse of James M. Born 1893 - Dau of Charles & Delance M. Bentley Fairbank TS.
WHITEHEAD, Fred L. Born 3-22-1878 died 3-5-1965 - Son of Daniel & Julia Larkin Whitehead. No stone O.
WHITFORD, Ferris S. Spouse of Reva L. Born 2-13-1880 died 4-13-1970 - Son of J. Byron & Mary Summerbell Whitford - WW I Vet TS; O; G.
WHITFORD, Gladys E. Spouse of unwed Born 4-8-1914 died 10-10-1930 - Dau of John Frederick & L. Ninette Cool Whitford TS; O.
WHITFORD, Reva L. Spouse of Ferris S. Born 12-20-1888 died 6-2-1981 - Dau of William & Josephine Bennehoff Pettite TS; O.
WHITFORD, Twilia Borger Spouse of William L. Born 1911 died 7-6-1993 TS; O; DR.
WHITFORD, William L. Spouse of Twila B Born 6-13-1913 died 12-20-1983 - Son of Ferris S. & Reva Pettite Whitford TS; O; G.
WHITMORE, James Born 8-11-1883 died 3-3-1961 - Son of William & Emma Robinson Whitmore TS; O.
WILBER, Benjamin F. Spouse of Leone S. Born 10-20-1863 died 11-3-1929 TS; O.
WILBER, Eunice B. Born 1887 died 1951 TS.
WILBER, Inez Born 1855 died 1-7-1919 TS; O.
WILBER, Leone S. Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 1867 died 1948 - Dau of Sebeus B. & Sarah E. Maxson Coon TS.
WILBER, Mamie Spouse of Sebeus Born 10-23-1885 died 3-31-1934 - Dau of Marion & Myrtle Wright; No stone
WILBER, Mathew Spouse of Matilda C Born 1831 died 1-8-1905 - Son of Benjamin P. & Fannie Wilber TS; DR.
WILBER, Matilda Spouse of Mathew Born 1835 died 2-20-1904 - Dau of Lee & Louise Green Claire TS; DR.
WILBER, Sarah Slocum Born 1856 died 1888 TS .
WILDER, Bernice V. Sisson Spouse of Roy O. Born ? died ?
WILDER, Roy O. Spouse of Bernice V. SISSON Born 8-30-1921 died 1-13-2003 Age 81y - Son of Jay F. & Pauline A. (Davies) Wilder, b. Franklinville-NY, d. West Clarksville-NY, Wed 5-16-1942 in Little Genesee-NY - WW II Vet, US Army
WILKINSON, Robert G. Spouse of Alma M. Born 1872 died 11-23-1930 TS; O.
WILLARD, Lydia Spouse of Warren W. Born 12-7-1845 died 8-15-1926 - Dau of George W. & Lydia Saunders Aallen TS; O.
WILLARD, Warren W. Spouse of Lydia A Born 6-4-1851 died 1-19-1940 TS; O.
WILLIAMS, Aroa A. Spouse of John Born 3-1858 died 1933 - Dau of Soloman & Alzina Osgood Miller Wed 3 times TS; O; G.
WILTBERGER, David Spouse of Linda Devore Born 2-2-1943 died 11-21-1988 - Wed twice TS; O.
WINTERBERGER, Gilbert J. Spouse of Selma L Born 10-24-1886 died 3-15-1964 - WW I Vet TS; O.
WINTERBERGER, Selma Spouse of Gilbert Born 11-18-1902 died 1-20-1964 - Dau of Erick & Karolina Skogber Linquist TS; O.
WIRT, John C. Spouse of Myrtle Aurilia Born 2-28-1864 died 5-4-1943 - Son of Benjamin G. & Mary Foose? Wirt TS; O.
WIRT, Myrtle Aurilia Clapp Spouse of John C. Born 2-22-1874 died 10-18-1929 TS; O.
WOLFGANG, Clare E. Spouse of Forrest Clair Born 1-9-1912 died 9-24-1980 - Dau of Ralph & Myrtha Myers Bailey TS.
WOLFGANG, Forrest Clair Spouse of Clare E. Born 5-29-1907 died 7-31-1964 - Son of David & Dorothy Vorester Wolfgang TS; O.
WOODIN, Carrie E. Spouse of Frank L. Born 1868 died 4-12-1938 - Dau of Benjamin Thurston & Mary Crandall Bliss TS; O.
WOODIN, Charles C. Spouse of Mary LEARN Born 1832 died 9-21-1898 TS; O.
WOODIN, Edith Swarthout Spouse of Walter F. Born 1901 died 1970 - 2nd wife; Wed twice TS; O.
WOODIN, Frank L. Spouse of Carrie E Born 6-14-1871 died 8-20-1949 - Son of Charles & Mary Learn Woodin TS; O.
WOODIN, James L. Born 1864 died 10-6-1938 - Son of Charles C. & Mary Learn Woodin TS; O.
WOODIN, Mary L. Spouse of unwed Born 2-23-1900 died 4-1-1920 - Dau of Frank L. & Carrie Bliss Woodin TS; O; DR.
WOODIN, Mary Lou Spouse of Walter F. Born 12-14-1906 died 8-8-1945 - Dau of Charles & Clara L. Bowler Day 1st wife TS; O.
WOODIN, Walter F. Spouse of Edith S Born 1907 died 1978 - Son of Frank L. & Carrie E. Bliss Woodin. Wed twice TS; O.

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