Union Cemetery
Town of Independence
County Route 22 outside of the village of Independence near a church
Plot owners copied from the cemetery records and submitted by Donna Allen

J. P. Remington ; Martha Bassett ; Stephen Potter
D. S. Remington ; B.S. Bassett ; Sabirna Stewart
E. D. Potter ; William B Clark ; Frederick Wescott
Edmund Livermore ; Sophia Bozzard ; Edwin Everett
William S Livermore ; Alphius Wood ; E.W. Bloss
Mannin Livermore ; H.C. Potter & J Potter ; Charles Bloss
B.B. Livermore ; N Perkins ; George Alvord
A.C. Barney ; Russell Wood ; Stephen Chapman
LeRoy Davis ; Erwin Briggs ; Milton Clark
Anthony Barney ; A.M. Austin ; Ada Basrney
A. M. Wood ; Jessie G. Briggs ; Charles Austin
A.M. Wood ; Daniel Dexter ; T.E. Bassett
Henry Stillman ; N.R. Crandall ; C.S. Clark
David Collins ; Elias Wells ; E.E. Clark
Wallace Jones ; Nathan Stillman ; E.E.Clark
Rural Hamilton ; Edwin Heseltine ; ?? Kelsey
Charles Eaton ; S.S. Clark ; 3 graves listed Potter’s Field
George Rosebush ; D.M. Clark ; H. P. Bloss
David Sherman ; Jeremiah Clark ; George Bloss
Amanda Stillman ; Barney Crandall ; W.D. Clark
E. R Crandall ; Henry Crandall ; L.H. Nye
H.P. Clark ; William B. Green ; L.C . Livermore
J. W. Green ; William B. Green Jr, ; Henry Kenyon
J.P. Livermore ; Henry Knox ; Myron Lewis
J.C. Green ; Pardon Green ; S.W. Clark
Jared Kenyon ; L.B. Fish ; B. Merritt
Joseph Potter ; F.M. Bassett ; George Updyke
Perry Potter ; Darwin Barney ; 4 listed Edmond Brown
William B. Green ; L.A. Barney ; H.M. Clark
Luther Green ; A.C. Green ; John Barney
E.B. Green ; A.L. Heselton ; William A Clark
E.B Bassett ; S.A. Livermore ; J. O’Dell

after L.O'Dell comes: 
L. A. Perry 
J. A. Surnk 
A. Aldrich 
4 listed for Nelson Crandall 
L. S. Bassett 
C. F. Potter 
C.F. Potter 
Frank Jones 
2 listed A.D.M. Clarke 
Robert Clark 
Carl Tassell 
John Lewis 
D. M. Clarke 
Helena M Woodcock Nov 1834 
Harry Leon 

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