Town of Willing
Walked and Compiled by Eleanor Schwalb Sept. 2004

(*) Indicates Records came from Dyke Street Museum, Wellsville, N.Y.

Union Cemetery is located on the South side of County Rt. 39, about 3 miles east of Yorks Corners in Willing Township, Allegany County, N. Y.
A deed for three-fourths acre of land on Lot 165 was given 5-4-1854 by Jacob  T.Johnston to the Union Cemetery Association formed at a
meeting on 4-25-1853 payment given by Columbus Beach, Treasurer.

BARBER, Dora spouse of  Marshall born 1886 died 1978 age 92 
BARBER, Marshall spouse of  Dora born 1892 died 1968 age 76 
BARNES, Willett S.   born 5-24-1861 died 5-11-1890 age 29 
BEACH, Almira   born 1834 died 1910 age 76 
BEACH, Augustus spouse of  Lovinia   died 9-8-1861 age 63y 8m 24d 
BEACH, Azariah   born 1826 died 1910 age 84 
BEACH, C.   born 1828 died 1901 age 73 
BEACH, Herman Adelbert   born 1-9-1872 died 9-12-1875 age 3 
BEACH, Lovinia spouse of  Augustus   died 1865 age 66y 8m 23d 
BEACH, M.   born 1822 died 1915 age 93 
BEACH, Mabel L.   born 2-20-1886 died 10-2-1886 age 8 mos. 
BENJAMIN, A. S. (*) spouse of  Effie born 1849 died Uncut   
BENJAMIN, Effie (*) spouse of  A.S.  born 1852 died 1898   
BILLINGS,  Sr. Ronald  E. spouse of  Beverly born 5-17-1933 died 4-8-2001 age 68 
BILLINGS, Beverly Grace spouse of Ronald born 2-6-1935 died 3-23-2008 age 73y Dau. of Guy & Grace Smith b. Bradford PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-7-1952 in Eldred PA 
BRUNDAGE, Ira (*)     died 4-24-1863   Co. A 104th NYV
BURROW, Hugh spouse of  Nancy Winn born 1802 died 1867 age 65 
BURROW, Nancy spouse of  Hugh born 1803 died 1897 age 94 
BURROW, Reuben D.     died 1-7-1859 age 23y 4m 29d 
CAMPBELL, Henry C.     died 4-6-1859 age 11y 1m1d Son of Nathan & Lois Campbell
CORNELIUS, Nancy     died 2-21-1866 age 19m 24d Dau. of Evieline Cornelius
CORWINE, Nancy M. (*)     died 2-24-1866 age 19y 10m 24d Dau. of Matthias & Emeline Corwine
DENNISON, Maria (*) spouse of  Samuel   died 4-28-1854 age 36 
EASTMAN,  Electa L. spouse of  George   died 9-10-1884 age 60y 11m 
EASTMAN, Robbie W. (*)     died 3-20-1888 age 11y 17d Son of E.L.& Ida A. Eastman
ELLIOTT, Alanson (*)     died 3-16-1859 age 43y 8m 20d 
ELLIOTT, Amanda M. spouse of  David   died 12-5-1891 age 54y 8m 14d 
ELLIOTT, David spouse of  Amanda M.   died 6-18-1901 age 71y 1m 28d At Rest
ELLIOTT, David (*) spouse of  Polly   died 6-15-1854 age 70 
ELLIOTT, Elmira spouse of  David   died 5-13-1858 age 31y 9m 22d 
ELLIOTT, Polly (*) spouse of  David   died 4-1-1886 age 83y 1m 18d 
FANTON, Ella D. spouse of  Loel   died 11-28-1893 age 37 
FARNHAM, Susie W.   born 1880 died 1882 age 2 
FORD, John   born 1763 died 1855 age 92 Born Connecticut Died at Beach Hill First settler in Willing Township 1819.  Rev. Soldier
FORTNER, Lestina spouse of  Nicholas born 1823 died 1894 age 71 
FORTNER, Nicholas spouse of  Lestina born 1817 died 1900 age 83 
HEERS, Edwin C.   born 1863 died 1933 age 70 
HEERS, Hardwick   born 6-26-1829 died 11-26-1904 age 75 Pvt. Co. 1 189 Regt N.Y. Inf. Civil War
HERRICK, Charles M. spouse of  Ettie born 1855 died 1915 age 60 
HERRICK, Ettie spouse of  Charles M. born 1858 died 1933 age 75 
HOADLEY, Israel A. (*) spouse of  Phebe   died 12-23-1855 age 47y 11m 11d 
JENISON, Mary L.   born 1864 died 1919 age 55 
JOHNSTON, Allie M. (*)   born 3-10-1885 died 4-17-1885   Infant Dau. of E.E. & H.E. Johnston
JOHNSTON, E. E. spouse of  Helen  born 1852 died 1896 age 44 
JOHNSTON, Helen spouse of  E. E.  born 1858 died 1938 age 80 
JOHNSTON, Jacob (*)     died 7-31-1863 age 41y 7d  Sergt Of Co. G. 64th Regt. N.Y.S.V. Died at Mt. Pleasant Hospital, Va.
JOHNSTON, Lidia A. spouse of  J. T.    died 10-29-1868 age 38y 6m 4d 
JOHNSTON, Samuel spouse of  Susannah born 9-28-1781 died 11-13-1838 age 57 
JOHNSTON, Susannah spouse of  Samuel born 1-12-1789 died 10-17-1872 age 83 
KELLOGG, Maloan spouse of  Sarah   died 1895   
KELLOGG, Sarah spouse of  Maloan   died 1893 age 317 6m 
KELLOGG, Susan (*)     died 1-26-1899 age 80y 3m 
LAMPA, Christian spouse of  Mary   died 7-5-1884   
LAMPA, Dora     died 12-26-1861 age 23 Dau. of C. & M. Lampa
LAMPA, Elizabeth spouse of  Henry born Uncut died Uncut   
LAMPA, Henry spouse of  Elizabeth born Uncut died Uncut   
LAMPA, Mary  spouse of  Christian born Uncut died Uncut   
LAMPEY, Dora     died 12-26-1864 age 23 
LIVERGOOD, Chester L. spouse of  of  Ruth M. born  4-12-1915 died  10-12-1981 age  66y Pfc. U.S. Army  WW2
LIVERGOOD, Ruth M. spouse of  of  Chester L. born  2-2-1922 died  5-28-2006 age  84y Dau. of Harry & Josephine Lee Tait  Wed: 6-27-1942
MARSHALL, George spouse of  Mildred born 1890 died 1973 age 83 
MARSHALL, Mildred spouse of  George born 1912 died 1994 age 82 
PARKS, Asa (*) spouse of  Nancy   died 7-28-1876 age 75y 9m 20d 
PARKS, Nancy spouse of  Asa   died 1-20-1881 age 73y 8m 26d 
PHILLIPS, Annette spouse of  Varnum J. born 1846 died 1902 age 56
PHILLIPS, Betsy spouse of  Clark J.   died 8-29-1863 age 63y 1m 24d
PHILLIPS, Bradley M. spouse of  Sarah born 12-25-1830 died 1-16-1895 age 65
PHILLIPS, Clark J.     died 2-1-1861 age 76y 3m 19d
PHILLIPS, Ella May spouse of  Ferd J.  10-2-1859 died 9-28-1894 age 35
PHILLIPS, Ferd J.  spouse of  Ella May born 7-2-1864 died 8-7-1890 age 26
PHILLIPS, Sarah spouse of  Bradley M. born 2-2-1832 died 2-2-1907 age 75
PHILLIPS, Varnum J. spouse of  Annette Fish born 1836 died 1922 age 86
REESHER, Emily spouse of  J. R. born 1835 died 1920 age 85
REESHER, J. H. spouse of  Emily   died 1-1-1891 age 44
REESHER, Lora (*)     died 1-26-1899 age 80y 3m
SHEAR, Lena   born 3-1901 died Uncut  
SHERWOOD, David spouse of  Lucy   died 12-29-1863 age 73
SHERWOOD, Lucy spouse of  David   died 4-21-1863  
SKINNER, Asel spouse of  Calista born Uncut died Uncut  
SKINNER, Calista spouse of  Asel   died 9-5-1881 age 52y 21d
SKINNER, Delford D     died 9-20-1860 age 4y 4m2d Child of Asel & Calista Skinner 
SKINNER, Eva M.     died 1-11-1880 age 13 Child of Asel & Calista Skinner
SKINNER, Fahar     died 1814   
SKINNER, Hattie E.     died 1-8-1880 age (*) 18y 14d Child of Asel & Calista Skinner
SKINNER, Hermon A .      died 9-15-1854 age 1y 6m 2d Child of Asel & Calista Skinner
SKINNER, Sarah (*)     died 3-5-1848 age 60 
SKINNER, Susan         Stone with only Name
SKINNER, Uriah (*) spouse of  Sarah   died 11-11-1846 age 86 
SLAWSON, Ella May (*) spouse of  Rhomain born 10-3-1859 died 9-28-1894 age 35 
STOUT, Leon G.   born 1884 died 1921 age 37 
VANBRUNT, Evaline (*)         No Dates Dau. of Philemon & Dadasca A. Vanbrunt
VANBRUNT, Myron L. (*)         No Dates Son of Philemon & Dadasca A. Vanbrunt
WILSON, Cyrus A.   born 1880 died 1952 age 72 
WILSON, Emeline spouse of  Stephen   died 3-24-1880 age 38 
WILSON, Stephen spouse of  Emeline   died 12-8-1883 age 65y 9m 10d 
WOODCOCK, Abigail spouse of  Nathan born Uncut died Uncut age 88 
WOODCOCK, Albert C. spouse of  Hannah L.   died 12-30-1878 age 68
WOODCOCK, Dalilah  C. spouse of  Nathan R.  born 4-26-1827 died 1-15-1911 age 84
WOODCOCK, Hannah L. spouse of  Albert C. born 1826 died 1910 age 84
WOODCOCK, Liberty W.   born 1848 died 1852 age 4
WOODCOCK, Mary M.   born 1862 died 1948 age 86
WOODCOCK, Mildred   born 1-6-1903 died 3-28-1909 age 6
WOODCOCK, N.Olin   born 1861 died 1952 age 91
WOODCOCK, Nathan spouse of  Abigail born Uncut died Uncut age 84y 9m
WOODCOCK, Nathan R.  spouse of  Dalilah C. born 5-1-1821 died 4-18-1908 age 87
WOODCOCK, Rollin O.   born 4-28-1900 died 9-2-1902 age 2

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