St. Mary's Cemetery
Town of Bolivar, NY
Walked, Compiled, & Photographed by Eleanor Schwalb 2007
Updated by Eleanor and PHGS members.

ALMY, Robert W. Spouse of Theresa C. Born 1905 died 1958
ALMY, Theresa C. Spouse of Robert W. Born 1914 died 2001
APPLEBY, Joan R. Born 6-23-1938 died 4-13-2009 Age 70y - Dau of Clinton & Freida Work Barber b. Cyclone PA d. Olean NY Former husband Richard Appleby
APPLEBY, Patricia "Tillie" Born 3-15-1927 died 12-31-1983
APPLEBY, Richard H. Born 2-18-1925 died 10-2-1994 - Forever In Our Hearts - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Cpl
APPLEBY, Robert M. "Whip" Spouse of Patricia Weis "Tillie" Born 7-15-1926 died 2-14-2009 Age 82y - Son of Chauncey M. & June Hockenberry Appleby b. & d. Olean NY Wed 10-22-1949 - WW II Vet, US Navy
ARIZA, Daniel M. Born 1883 died 1965
ARIZA, John Baptiste Spouse of Sarah Ann Born 1837 died 1924 - Father
ARIZA, Sarah Ann Spouse of John Baptiste Born 1848 died 1918 - Mother
AUGUSTINE, Betty J. Spouse of Edward Born 5/10/1929 died 7/17/2013 Age 84y - Dau of Lawrence & Emma Morris Higgins b. Elma NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-15-1947
AUGUSTINE, Edward Spouse of Betty Born 1920 died 1985
BAKER, Helen M. Born 1912 died 1980
BARKLEY, Irving J. Born 12-24-1902 died 2-18-1968
BARKLEY, Julia E. Born 8-9-1909 died 2-13-2003
BARKLEY, Ruth Anne Born 4-9-1949 died 5-2-1967
BARTON, Edward Roy Spouse of Janice E. "Pickles" Born 1938 died 1996
BARTON, Janice E. "Pickles" Spouse of Edward Roy Born 7-7-1948 died 3-12-2003 - Dau of Gordon L. & Veneranda Rossi Clark Sr.
BARTON, Robert Steven Spouse of Rose Marie died 10-21-1972 - In Memory of
BARTON, Rose Marie Spouse of Robert Steven died 1-12-1974 - In Memory of
BARTON, William J. died 8-18-1981
BEAN, Ralph A. Born 1/14/1964 died 10/29/2015 Age 51y - Son of Howard & Sharon Schultz Bean b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY
BELL, Beatrice K. Spouse of Theodore J. Born 1918 died 2007
BELL, Catherine G. died 1916
BELL, Christine Born 1921 died 1977 - May the Lord Grant Us Eternal Life
BELL, Elizabeth Born 1919 died 1990 - May the Lord Grant Us Eternal Life
BELL, John A. Born 1893 died 1969 - May the Lord Grant Us Eternal Life
BELL, Rose Born 1899 died 1971 - May the Lord Grant Us Eternal Life
BELL, Theodore J. Spouse of Beatrice K. Born 1923 died 2000 - WW II Vet, US Army
BENEDICT, Clayton E. Spouse of Mary C. Born 1895 died 1955
BENEDICT, Mary C. Spouse of Clayton E. Born 1911 died 1999
BEST, Agnes M. Spouse of Karl N. Born 11-22-1917 died 11-19-2006 - Dau of Patrick & Ellen Gemmell Haggerty b. Morea PA d. Rochester NY
BEST, Karl N. Spouse of Agnes M. Born 1917 died 1978
BEST, Lucille M. Spouse of Ralph J. Born 1921 died 1983
BEST, Ralph J. Spouse of Lucille M. Born 7-15-1920 died 8-19-1990 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
BRANNEN, Evangeline Spouse of William J. Born 1890 died 1980
BRANNEN, Willilam J. Spouse of Evangeline Born 1878 died 1958
BROADBENT, Ethlyn Born 8-7-1916 died 10-28-2005 - Dau of Clarence & Ione Dunning Broadbent
BROWN, Norma S. Born 1923 died 2000
BURNS, Madgaline Born 9-17-1903 died 1-3-1907 - Our Darling
BURTON, Dorothy Rauhe Born 1934 died 1967
BUSH, Harry J. Born 1899 died 1935
BUSH, Mary A. Born 1898 died 1975
CANNON, Blanche Green Spouse of Charles E. Sr. Born 2-8-1936 died uncut
CANNON, Charles E. Sr. "Chuck" Spouse of Blanche Green Born 7-22-1935 died 1-3-2007
CANNON, Charles Jr. "Chucky" Born 10-22-1956 died 7-1-2003 - In Memory of Our Beloved Son & Brother
CARR, Mary Born 1861 died 1910
CAWLEY, Baby Girl Born 1960 died 1960
CAWLEY, Clayton J. Born 1900 died 1946
CAWLEY, Coletta C. Spouse of Howard V. Born 1907 died 1997
CAWLEY, Howard V. Spouse of Coletta C. Born 1907 died 1959
CAWLEY, Infant died 2-18-1935
CAWLEY, Infant died 8-30-1938
CAWLEY, James H. Spouse of Nellie A. Born 1859 died 1936 - Father
CAWLEY, Madeline Ellen Spouse of H. F. Born 1898 died 1920
CAWLEY, Margaret L. Born 1910 died 1986
CAWLEY, Mark Leo Spouse of Mary Hughes Born 1890 died 1970
CAWLEY, Mary Hughes Spouse of Mark Leo Born 1893 died 1962
CAWLEY, Mary M. Spouse of Robert J. Born 10-1-1920 died 2-24-2004 Age 83y - Dau of Wallace & Margaret McDivitt Parmeter
CAWLEY, Nellie A. Spouse of James H. Born 1870 died 1955 - Mother
CAWLEY, Nora A. Spouse of Randall J. Born 1909 died 1999
CAWLEY, Randall J. Spouse of Nora A. Born 1905 died 1971
CAWLEY, Robert J. Spouse of Mary M. Parmeter Born 11-22-1920 died 6-17-2003 Age 82y - Son of Mark & Mary Hughes Cawley
CAWLEY, Rosamond Born 1903 died 1998
CAWLEY, Terence Joseph Born 11-9-1936 died 6-5-2004 - Beloved Father & Friend - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A1C
CHACE, Frances H. Spouse of Morton Born 1881 died 1941
CHACE, Morton Spouse of Frances H. Born 1877 died 1939
CHASE, Barbara J. "Babs" Spouse of James Born 11/27/1960 died 6/5/2015 - Dau of Robert & Barbara Nicholson Thomas b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 4-26-1986 in Allegany NY
CIAMPS, Catherine Perry Spouse of Vincent Born 3-10-1862 died 6-17-1946
CIAMPS, Vincent Spouse of Catherine Perry Born 7-2-1861 died 4-28-1935
CLARK, Carl Spouse of Jessie Born 1862 died 1937
CLARK, Frank M. Spouse of Vivian M. Born 1895 died 1951
CLARK, Gordon L. Jr. Spouse of V. Rose Born 1919 died 1997
CLARK, Jessie Spouse of Carl Born 1863 died 1905
CLARK, Miriam E. "Rusty" Born 1932 died 1981
CLARK, Robert Born 1948 died 1948 - Flat Marker
CLARK, V. Rose Spouse of Gordon L. Jr. Born 6-15-1919 died 7-8-1971 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 247 Pase Unit, Pvt
CLARK, Vivian M. Spouse of Frank M. Born 1895 died 1944
CLEARY, Andrew W. Spouse of Grace C. Born 1868 died 1929
CLEARY, Grace C. Spouse of Andrew W. Born 1873 died 1931
CODISPOTI, Bruno Spouse of Caterina Saraco Born 1899 died 1959 - WW I Vet
CODISPOTI, Caterina Spouse of Bruno Born 1903 died 1961
CODISPOTI, Eva Spouse of Jerry Born 1929 died 1985
CODISPOTI, Jerry J. "Cody" Spouse of Eva Pascucci Born 8/31/1929 died 11/13/2016 Age 87y - Son of Bruno & Catherine Saraco Codispoti b. San Andria Italy d. Hornell NY Wed 6-21-1958 in Olean NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
COMMON, Mary Sheridan Spouse of W.T. Born 1884 died 1911
COMMON, William M. Born 1909 died 1919 - Son of W.T. & Mary Common
COMMON, William T. Born 1887 died 1947 - Flat marker
CONERS, John J. died 7-5-1900 Age 43y
CONNORS, Elizabeth Born 1879 died 1927
COOK, Charles Born 1857 died 1942
COOK, Dominic Born 1900 died 1964
COOK, Rosaline Born 1876 died 1956
COOVER, Hazel G. Born 1890 died 1951
COOVER, Thomas B. Born 4-28-1903 died 10-8-1903
CORTRIGHT, Marguerite E. Born 1910 died 1992
COSSABOON, Edna C. Spouse of Frank C. Born 1913 died 1990
COSSABOON, Frank D. Spouse of Edna C. Born 1912 died 1982
COSSABOON, Harold W. Spouse of Jennie M. Born 4-5-1917 died 8-21-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Tec4
COSSABOON, Jennie M. Spouse of Harold W. Born 1917 died 1999
COYLE, Anna A. Spouse of John P. Born 1916 died 1997
COYLE, David Born 1953 died 9-1-1953
COYLE, John P. Spouse of Anna A. Born 1912 died 1979
COYLE, Leo F. "Fran" Spouse of Pearl Dorothea Powell Born 5/19/1925 died 6/6/2013 - Son of Phillip John & Lulu Octavia Coyle b. Alma NY d. Olean NY Wed 6-28-1952 in Friendship NY - WW II Vet, US Army, 773rd Tank Destroyer BN. Landed on Utah Beach in Normandy day after D-Day. Purple Heart, Croix de Guerre, European African Middle East Campaign Medal with 2 stars, Army Occupation Medal, & WW2 Victory Medal
COYLE, Lulu O. Spouse of Phillip J. Born 1888 died 1966
COYLE, Phillip J. Spouse of Lulu O. Born 1886 died 1967
COYLE, Tavia Marie Schunk died 1-16-1997 - Dau of Diane & Tom
CRAIG, Catherine E. Spouse of James C. Born 1860 died 1912
CRAIG, James C. Spouse of Catherine E. Born 1863 died 1924
CRAIG, James C. Jr. Born 1887 died 1916
CRAIG, Lottie Born 1889 died 1959
CROWLEY, Homer F. Born 1892 died 1976
CROWLEY, Ione E. Born 1896 died 1985
CROWLEY, James P. Born 1889 died 1963
CROWLEY, James Peter Born 12-20-1948 died 4-28-1973 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, CT13
CROWLEY, Johanna A. Spouse of Michael J. Born 1864 died 1941 - Mother
CROWLEY, John Born 1956 died 2000 - Son of Robert & Mary Crowley
CROWLEY, Mary Congdon Spouse of Robert Thomas Born 1925 died 1997
CROWLEY, Michael J. Spouse of Johanna A. Born 1854 died 1935 - Father
CROWLEY, Michael R. Born 2/15/1955 died 11/3/2012 Age 57y - Son of Robert T. & Mary Congdon Crowley b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY Mike was a member of Allegany County ARC system from early childhood - his parents being one of five founding families in Allegany County
CROWLEY, Norene D. Born 1901 died 1963
CROWLEY, Richard J. Born 1851 died 1922
CROWLEY, Robert Thomas Spouse of Mary Congdon Born 1-17-1926 died 7-26-2004 Age 78y - Son of Thomas & Norene Davis Crowley b. & d. Olean NY Wed 2-1-1947 in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
CROWLEY, Stephen D. Born 1894 died 1935
CROWLEY, Thomas R. Born 1887 died 1960
CURTIN, David N. Spouse of RIta Eberl Born 7-15-1925 died 11-28-2009 Age 84y - Son of J. Raymond & Helen Redmond Curtin b. Syracuse NY d. Penn Yan NY Wed 4-14-1952 in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard the USS Laffery
CURTIN, Rita M. Spouse of David Born 12/11/1926 died 2/3/2017 Age 90y - Dau of Cyrl & Eva Cawley Eberl Eberl b. Bolivar NY d. Rochester NY Wed 4-14-1952 in Olean NY
DANFORTH, Georgia Surdoval Born 1888 died 1951
DAY, Susie A. Born 1871 died 1965
DECEWICZ, Betty Spouse of Joseph C. Born 1927 died 1964
DECEWICZ, Joseph C. Spouse of Betty Born 1927 died 1997
DELLONE, Jeanne S. Spouse of Ted P. Born 1926 died 2007
DELLONE, Mattie C. Born 1881 died 1964
DELLONE, Ted P. Spouse of Jeanne S. Born 1918 died 1992
DEMPSEY, Charles D. Born 1899 died 1899 - Son
DEMPSEY, Charles F. Born 1927 died 1930 - Son
DEMPSEY, Daniel S. Spouse of Ida Mae Born 1863 died 1932 - Father
DEMPSEY, Deborah A. Born 1951 died 1952 - Dau of Joseph & Mildred Dempsey
DEMPSEY, Ida Mae Spouse of Daniel S. Born 1872 died 1949 - Mother
DEMPSEY, Joseph S. Spouse of R. Agnes Born 1897 died 1988
DEMPSEY, Kathleen M. Dunn Spouse of Neil L. Born 1933 died 1994
DEMPSEY, Mary Anne Born 1934 died 1973 - Dau of Jospeh & R. Agnes Dempsey
DEMPSEY, Mildred Mae Hasbrouck Spouse of Joseph S. Jr. Born 5-8-1928 died 12-5-2003 - Dau of John Edward & Mary Ethie Bentley Hasbrouck Married 9-9-1950 A Gracious Lady with a Beautiful Smile
DEMPSEY, Neil L. Spouse of Kathleen M. Dunn Born 1931 died uncut
DEMPSEY, R. Agnes Spouse of Joseph S. Born 1896 died 1955
DEPAOLO, Pasquale A. Born 1891 died 1970
DICAPUA, Angelo Born 2-21-1852 died 6-21-1917
DICAPUA, Anthony Born 1896 died 1980
DICAPUA, Filomena Born 1857 died 1944
DOLAN, Margaret Spouse of William Born 1884 died 1925
DOLAN, William Spouse of Margaret Born 1882 died 1928
DONNELLY, James I. Spouse of Rose Ann Born 10-1-1876 died 11-6-1949
DONNELLY, Marion E. Spouse of Paul P. Born 1910 died 1992
DONNELLY, Paul P. Spouse of Marion E. Born 1905 died 1963
DONNELLY, Rose Ann Spouse of James I. Born 8-24-1886 died 1-20-1947
DONOVAN, James L. Born 1-21-1930 died 6-19-1981 - Korea and Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, Maj
DONOVAN, John E. Spouse of Virginia Born 8-26-1935 died 2-9-2005 - Son of Joseph Paul & Rose Mudd Donovan - Uncategorized Vet, USMC
DONOVAN, Virginia Spouse of John E. Born 4-8-1940 died 12-23-2004
DOUGHERTY, Anthony Born 1836 died 1908
DOUGHERTY, Elizabeth Born 1886 died 1955
DOUGHERTY, Ellen K. Born 1845 died 1938
DOUGHERTY, Frank A. Born 1887 died 1978
DOUGHERTY, John P. Born 1882 died 1953
DOUGHERTY, Mary E. Born 1873 died 1944
DOUGHTERY, Baby Palone died 1942
DOUGHTERY, Edward Born 1913 died 1942
DOUGHTERY, Florence Born 1881 died 1949
DOUGHTERY, Patrick Born 1876 died 1940
DUMBOLTON, Agnes Spouse of Joel D. Born 1920 died uncut
DUMBOLTON, Joel D. Spouse of Agnes Born 8-25-1907 died 10-3-1970 - WW II Vet, USNR, MM1
DUNN, A. Catherine (Knott) W. Augustine Born 6/26/1904 died 11/7/2006
DUNN, Aurelia Margaret (Dean) Spouse of Louis B. Born 1902 died 1955
DUNN, Bernard Stanislaus Spouse of Bridget M. Shanley Born 4-6-1860 died 5/6/1934 - Son of Michael and Bridget Moore (Ward) Dunn [Father]
DUNN, Elizabeth Hanley "Bettie" Spouse of James E. Dunn Born 4/6/1928 died 6/4/2019 Age 91y - Dau of William J. & Margaret G. Hanley b. Hartford, CT Wed 1959
DUNN, Bridget Mary (Shanley) Spouse of Bernard S. Born 1-28-1865 died 2/2/1950 - Dau of Patrick and Mary (Tooney) Shanley [Mother]
DUNN, Infant Daughter died 2-16-1934
DUNN, James E. "Buzz" Spouse of Elizabeth Hanley Born 10/25/1927 died 8/23/2017 Age 89y - Son of Louis B. & Aurelia (Dean) Dunn b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY. Elected Mayor of Bolivar in 1971. Wed 8-22-1959, four children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army, Sgt. 1946-1947 Stationed in Germany where he guarded Nazi prisioners of war & transported them to Nuremberg for trial.
DUNN, Louis Bernard Spouse of Aurelia M. Dean Born 10-25-1898 died 4-1977 - Son of Bernard S. and Bridget M. (Shanley) Dunn
DUNN, Regina Winifred Born 9-1-1903 died 10-19-1982 - Dau of Bernard S. and Bridget M. (Shanley) Dunn
DUNN, Timothy J. Born 5-27-1960 died 9-17-1988 - Son of James E. and Elizabeth (Hanley) Dunn. [Blue Skies My Friends]
DUNN, William Augustine Spouse of A. Catherine Knott Born 2-7-1900 died 6-30-1988 Age 88y - Son of Bernard S. and Bridget M. (Shanley) Dunn b. Bolivar NY d. Hornell NY Wed 6-27-1927 in Allegany NY
DUNNING, Clayton M. Spouse of Mary K. Born 1877 died 1947
DUNNING, Mary K. Spouse of Clayton M. Born 1883 died 1926
EATON, Alfred Born 1901 died 1901
EATON, Irene Born 1899 died 1899
EATON, Martha E. - Dau of B. W. & M. T. Eaton
EBERL, Cyril V. Spouse of Eva H. Born 1892 died 1952
EBERL, Eva H. Spouse of Cyril V. Born 1894 died 1968
EBERL, Vincent J. Born 1916 died 1924
ENNIS, Coletta A. (Wenke) Spouse of Paul J. Born 5/17/1921 died 10/18/2013 Age 92y - Dau of Charles & Johanna Nolder Wenke b. Olean NY d. Geneseo NY Wed 12-7-1941 Wed Husband #2 Fenton Yehl in 1984 who died 4-8-1993
ENNIS, Paul J. Spouse of Coletta A. Wenke Born 1920 died 1979
FAGOURI, George Spouse of Victoria Born 1907 died 1992
FAGOURI, Victoria Spouse of George Born 1911 died 1999
FISK, Karen Ann Spouse of C. F. Jr. Born 1939 died 1960
FREEMAN, Maurice D. Spouse of Mildred K. Born 1910 died 1981 - Flat Marker
FREEMAN, Mildred K. Spouse of Maurice D. Born 1918 died 1992 - Flat Marker
FRIEL, Eleanor J. Spouse of Paul J. Born 10-22-1907 died 3-26-1979
FRIEL, Paul J. Spouse of Eleanor J. Born 6-29-1900 died 11-7-1966
FRONCZAK, Anna K. Born 2-11-1920 died 12-7-1992 - Our Cherished One with Love
GAPA, John J. Spouse of Theresa A. Born 10-26-1932 died uncut
GAPA, Theresa A. Spouse of John J. Born 1-30-1932 died 4-24-1984
GARDNER, Henry C. Born 1-24-1951 died 9-15-1981 - Vietnam Vet, Us Air Force, Sgt
GARDNER, James H. Spouse of Julia M. Born 1912 died 1997
GARDNER, Julia M. Spouse of James H. Born 1915 died 1995
GARVEY, Margaret C. Spouse of William P. Born 1900 died 1982
GARVEY, Michael J. Born 5/28/1935 died 2/11/2019 Age 83y - Son of William P. & Margaret Crowley Garvey b. Buffalo, NY d. Delray Beach, FL - Army National Guard Veteran
GARVEY, William P. Spouse of Margaret C. Born 1894 died 1963
GAVIN, John Born 1866 died 1905
GIARDINI, Helen L. Spouse of John W. Born 1912 died 1968 - Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them
GIARDINI, John W. Spouse of Helen L. Born 1912 died 1977 - Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them
GILLIGAN, Jane I. Born 1863 died 1916
GILLIGAN, Lucy E. Born 1886 died 1957
GILLIGAN, T. James Born 1863 died 1928
GLEASON, Helen Francis (Dunn) Richard Born 7-4-1897 died 5-27-1972 - Dau of Bernard S. and Bridget M. (Shanley) Dunn. (Spouse d. 1947)
GOODELL, John C. Spouse of Margaret L. Born 6-17-1943 died uncut
GOODELL, Margaret L. Spouse of John C. Born 7-27-1944 died 9-24-1999
GREENE, Bradley D. Born 7-25-1978 died 2-21-2009 Age 30y - Son of John & Laura Reynolds Greene b. Olean NY d. Town of Wirt NY (Injuries sustained in a house fire.)
GREENE, Edith Born 3-19-1920 died 10-17-2000
GRIFFITH, Ellen Louise Spouse of W. J. Born 1890 died 1928
GRIFFITH, William J. Born 1921 died 1926 - Son of W. J. & E. L. Griffith
HAMILTON, Sara J. Spouse of Silas H. Born 1847 died 1930
HAMILTON, Silas H. Spouse of Sara J. Born 1845 died 1913 - Civil War Vet, Co E 27th Arty NYS Vols
HEALY, Malachy Born 1890 died 1971
HEARONS, Annie Spouse of Thomas Born 1855 died 1916 - Mother
HEARONS, Thomas Spouse of Annie Born 1854 died 1936 - Father
HETTENBAUGH, Beatrice E. Spouse of Carl "Pete" Born 12/30/1919 died 3/7/2015 Age 95y - Dau of Merle & Margaret Perry Bissell b. Friendship NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-21-1955 in Hillsdale NY
HETTENBAUGH, Carl R. "Pete" Spouse of Beatrice Bissell Born 9/17/1920 died 4/26/2010 Age 89y - Son of Benjamin & Susan Jones Hettenbaugh born in Bouillion PA died in Wellsville NY. Wed 8-21-1955 in Hinsdale NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Radio Operator, Europe
HILL, Clara C. Spouse of G. N. Born 1885 died 1921
HOGAN, Beatrice D. Spouse of Frank E. Born 1888 died 1954
HOGAN, Bridgett E. died 1977
HOGAN, Frank E. Spouse of Beatrice D. Born 1883 died 1951
HOGAN, Genevieve M. Spouse of William J. Born 1877 died 1964
HOGAN, Johanna Spouse of William Born 1847 died 1934
HOGAN, Margaret J. Moore Spouse of William F. Born 1905 died 1936
HOGAN, Mary Sherwood Spouse of William F. Born 1914 died 1985
HOGAN, Paul M. Born 1944 died 1987
HOGAN, William Spouse of Johanna Born 1844 died 1926
HOGAN, William F. Spouse of Mary Sherwood Born 7-22-1905 died 2-22-2005 Age 99y - Son of William & Genevieve Moran Hogan - WW II Vet, US Navy, Lt Cmdr
HOGAN, William J. Spouse of Genevieve M. Born 1874 died 1958
HOLLISTER, David M. Born 7-31-1952 died 12-30-1997 - Husband & Father
HOLLISTER, Hilda T. Spouse of Merle M. Born 1916 died 2001
HOLLISTER, Merle M. Spouse of Hilda T. Born 1913 died 1982
HOLLISTER, Ronald P. Age 3d - Baby
HOWARD, Cecil A. - No dates
HOWARD, John A. Born 1880 died 1938
HUGHES, Christopher Spouse of Elizabeth A. Born 1845 died 1921
HUGHES, Clara E. Spouse of Joseph M. Born 1892 died 1986 - Mother
HUGHES, Elizabeth A. Spouse of Christoher Born 1858 died 1918
HUGHES, Felicia B. Born 11-6-1919 died 11-6-1992
HUGHES, Frank M. Born 2-5-1894 died 8-17-1950 - WW I Vet, US Army, 308th Inf 77th Div, Pvt
HUGHES, Jessie S. Spouse of William J. Born 1898 died 1986
HUGHES, Joseph Jr. died 1923
HUGHES, Joseph M. Spouse of Clara E. Born 1888 died 1940 - Father
HUGHES, William J. Born 7-1-1886 died 8-1-1954 - WW I Vet, US Army, Cpl
HUGHES, William J. Spouse of Jessie S. Born 1886 died 1954
HULBERT, Elba William Born 7-27-1895 died 5-7-1950 - WW I Vet, US Army, 345 Inf 87th Div, Pvt
HULBERT, Gerald Spouse of Jean Goodridge Born 7-29-1922 died 9-18-1996 - In Loving Memory - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Cpl
HULBERT, Helen Elizabeth Ward Spouse of E. W. Born 4-11-1897 died 12-3-1975
HULBERT, Infant died 1-15-1964 - Infant Dau of John & Sue M. Hulbert
HULBERT, Jean Goodridge Spouse of Gerald Born 4-4-1926 died 12-6-1996
HUNDERFORD, Mary M. McCready Spouse of Thomas E. Born 1927 died uncut
HUNDERFORD, Thomas E. Spouse of Mary M. McCready Born 7-20-1925 died 7-28-2003 - Son of Edward E. & Margaret Young Hunderford Wed 7-22-1950 in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, LT JG
HUNGERFORD, Amelia O. Spouse of Frank G. Born 1890 died 1987
HUNGERFORD, Edmund S. Spouse of Mary Ann Born 1867 died 1943 - Father
HUNGERFORD, Edward E . Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1896 died 1973 - WW I Vet, US Army 4th Fld Arty Band
HUNGERFORD, Frank G. Spouse of Amelia O. Born 1895 died 1982
HUNGERFORD, Margaret E. Spouse of Edward E. Born 1902 died 1974
HUNGERFORD, Mary Ann Spouse of Edmund S. Born 1869 died 1945 - Mother
HUNGERFORD, Thomas P. Born 1898 died 1965 - WW I Vet, US Army 15th Fld Arty
IANTORNO, Olga M. Spouse of Rubens A.F. Born 12-11-1929 died uncut - Loving Wife & Mother You Are In Our Hearts From This Day Forth Until We Are Together Again
IANTORNO, Rubens A .F. Spouse of Olga M. Born 7-13-1924 died 10-28-2003 Age 79y - Son of Ferdinanado & Amelia Marchese Iantorno Wed 7-25-1953 Loving Husband & Father Together Forever
ITALIANO, Josephine E. Spouse of Michael A. Born 9-22-1904 died 4-15-1978
ITALIANO, Michael A. Spouse of Josephine E. Born 2-20-1895 died 8-14-1968
JESELNICK, Joseph J. Spouse of Mary K. Born 1869 died 1953
JESELNICK, Mary K . Spouse of Joseph J. Born 1880 died 1922 - Born in Austria
JORDAN, Angelene Spouse of Michael J. Born 1917 died 1983
JORDAN, Curtis M. Spouse of Marion H. Born 1911 died 1958
JORDAN, Marguerite R. Spouse of Robert S. Born 7-1-1917 died 10-22-2009 - Dau of John & Marguerite Cheesman Reilley b. & d. Olean NY Wed 8-22-1940
JORDAN, Marguerite R. Spouse of Robert S. Born 7-1-1917 died 10-11-2009 age - Dau of John & Marguerite Cheesman Reilley b. & d. Olean NY Wed 8-22-1940 in Olean NY
JORDAN, Marion H. Spouse of Curtis M. Born 1906 died 1998
JORDAN, Michael J. Spouse of Angelene Born 1918 died 1957
JORDAN, Robert S. Born 1915 died 1987
JORDON, John Jr. Spouse of Velma V . Born 1906 died 1992
JORDON, Velma V. Spouse of John Jr. Born 2-26-1910 died 8-13-2005 - Dau of Robert & Jessie Allen Green b. Richburg NY d. Rochester NY Wed 6-30-1938
KENNEDY, Ellen E. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 1870 died 1929
KENNEDY, Joseph J. Spouse of Ellen E. Born 1866 died 1948
KILMER, Anna died 1904 - Flat Marker
KILMER, Clarence Born 1912 died 1913 - Flat Marker
KILMER, Elba Born 1913 died 1971 - Father
KILMER, Elizabeth Born 1876 died 1927 - Flat Marker
KILMER, Jerry W. Born 12-27-1946 died 4-6-1987 - Son
KRIPPS, Catherine M. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1915 died 1999
KRIPPS, Charles A. Spouse of Catherine M. Born 1905 died 1983
LATTEN, Neddra L. Formerly married to Richard L. Gould, Dale R. Latten Born 9/1/1943 died 3/9/2018 Age 74y - Rapheal "Ray" & Cora Castle Stark b. Erie, PA d Buffalo, NY
LAWRENCE, Ethel Spouse of Mike Born 1891 died uncut
LAWRENCE, Mike Spouse of Ethel Born 1891 died 1942
LEAHY, John F. Born 10-4-1904 died 1-30-1969 - WW II Vet, US Navy, Lt. Cmdr (MC)
LEWIS, Edward Spouse of Janet Born 1941 died 2002
LEWIS, Janet Spouse of Edward Born 1941 died 1993
LINDAMAR, Annette G. Spouse of Richard C. Born 1939 died 1994 - I Love You Honey
LINDAMAR, Richard C. Spouse of Annette G. Born 1942 died uncut
LOUNSBERRY, Donald C. Spouse of Patricia A. Born 7-11-1932 died 2-26-1994 - Korean War Vet, US Army, PFC
LOUNSBERRY, Patricia A . Spouse of Donald C. Born 1936 died 2007
LUTES, David Christopher Spouse of Bobbi Jean Childs Born 2/15/1982 died 11/12/2010 Age 28y - Son of Rich (stepfather) & Delia Ahern, born in Bethesda MD died in Germany.Wed 3-10-2009 in Clarksville TN - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army 101st Airborne Div., Afganistan. Died of injuries sustained in the line of duty.
MacMILLIAN, Mary Born 1-6-1839 died 2-25-1911
MALICK, Herbert Spouse of Naomi Irvin Born 4-10-1930 died 12-23-2002 Age 72y - Son of Anthony & Anna Zacharias Malick "Father" - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy. US Naval Academy
MALICK, John C. Born 8-29-1956 died 10-22-1959 - Son
MALICK, Naomi Irvin Spouse of Herbert Born 3-29-1925 died 5-4-1978 - Mother
MARGESON, James M. Spouse of Nancy K. Born 1950 died 2000
MARGESON, Nancy K. Spouse of James M. Born 1951 died uncut
MATHENE, Patrick J. Born 3/17/1975 died 8/10/2013 - Son of Jack & Sara Mae Newell Matheny b. Olean NY d. Lake Placid FL
MATHENY, Robert Newell Born 10-21-1959 died 6--20-1988 - Beloved Son & Brother - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Navy, Lt. U.S. Naval Academy 1981
MATSON, Albert J. Spouse of Sylvia F. Born 1882 died 1967
MATSON, David R. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1847 died 1913 - Father
MATSON, Joseph A. Born 1921 died 1944 - Serving His Country - WW II DNB, US army Air Force, Sqdrn 6, 2/Lt. Died of non-battle causes.
MATSON, Mary A. Spouse of David R . Born 1860 died 1920 - Mother
MATSON, Sylvia F. Spouse of Albert J. Born 1886 died 1985
MCCARTAN, M. Lucille Coyle Born 1918 died 1997 - Our Beloved Mother
MCCARTHY, Dennis V. Spouse of Philomena M. Born 1878 died 1969
MCCARTHY, Philomena M. Spouse of Dennis V. Born 1879 died 1967
MCCARTY, Helen H. Spouse of Dr. Frederick H. Born 1920 died 4-20-2009 Age 89y - Dau of Frank & Beatrice Diveney Hogan b. Calgary Canada d. Asheville NC An Emeritus Professor at Alfred State College - Her teaching career began as an instructor at Suny College of Technology at Alfred in 1965 becoming the first woman full professor in the English Department retiring in 1990
MCDERMOTT, Ellen Born 1862 died 1940
MCDERMOTT, Francis J. Born 1861 died 1948
MCDERMOTT, Francis R. Spouse of Mary Leona Born 1885 died 1937
MCDERMOTT, John A. Born 1868 died 1928
MCDERMOTT, Katherine M. Born 1863 died 1949
MCDERMOTT, Marie J. Born 1890 died 1965
MCDERMOTT, Mary Born 1884 died 1976
MCDERMOTT, Mary Leona Spouse of Francis R. Born 1888 died 1985
MCDONELL, Alfred Spouse of Ellen Born 1850 died 1920 - Husband
MCDONELL, Ellen Spouse of Alfred Born 1856 died 1920 - Wife
MCDONELL, Isabel Born 1828 died 1917 - Mother
MCKINLEY, Bernadine E. Spouse of Robert J. Born 2-5-1918 died 10-22-1985
MCKINLEY, Robert J. Spouse of Bernadine E. Born 3-18-1919 died 11-9-1993
MCLAUGHLIN, John Spouse of Nellie Born 1866 died 1950
MCLAUGHLIN, Nellie Spouse of John Born 1869 died 1905
MCQUEEN, Beatrice "Buddy" Spouse of Manley J. Born 1921 died 1983
MCQUEEN, Christine M. Spouse of Orla S. Born 1887 died 1984
MCQUEEN, Jean V. Spouse of Wilson "Bud" Born 1917 died 7-3-1983
MCQUEEN, Manley J. Spouse of Beatrice "Buddy" Born 1914 died 1993
MCQUEEN, Orla S. Spouse of Christine M. Born 1886 died 1976
MCQUEEN, Wilson "Bud" Spouse of Jean V. Born 8-18-1912 died 9-9-2003 Age 91y - Son of Orla & Christine Hanlin McQueen
MOONEY, Edith D. Spouse of Thomas L. Born 3-8-1920 died 10-28-1988
MOONEY, Evangeline Moran Born 1884 died 1918
MOONEY, Thomas L. Born 1918 died 1980 - WW II and Korean War Vet, US Army, Maj
MOONEY, Thomas L. Spouse of Edith D. Born 7-8-1918 died 9-24-1980
MOORE, Andrew L. Born 1886 died 1897
MOORE, Burdell W. Spouse of Mary T. Born 1859 died 1916 - Father
MOORE, Edward Born 1893 died 1902 - Son of Frank & Margaret Moore
MOORE, Ethel O. Spouse of Raymond B. Born 1895 died 1956
MOORE, Frank E. Born 1857 died 1949
MOORE, Helen M. Cannon Spouse of Raymond B. Born 1878 died 1940
MOORE, Katherine H. Born 1886 died 1938
MOORE, Lewis W. Spouse of Mabelle H. Born 1890 died 1956
MOORE, Mabelle H. Spouse of Lewis W. Born 1888 died 1969
MOORE, Margaret I. Born 1855 died 1936
MOORE, Martin B. Spouse of Sarah E. Gavin Born 1855 died 1929
MOORE, Martin W. Born 1907 died 1929
MOORE, Mary T. Spouse of Burdell W. Born 1858 died 1937 - Mother
MOORE, Raymond B. Spouse of Ethel O. Born 1883 died 1945
MOORE, Sarah E. Gavin Spouse of Martin B. Born 1861 died 1940
MORAN, Almoda S. Born 1871 died 1928
MORAN, Erman J. Born 1880 died 1902
MORAN, Evelyn M. Born 1881 died 1947
MORAN, John B. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1836 died 1904 - Father
MORAN, Martin Born 1847 died 1924 - Brother
MORAN, Mary J. Spouse of John B. Born 1855 died 1955 - Mother
MORAN, Olive E. Born 1889 died 1955
MORRIS, Annemarie Born 1962 died 1984
MORRIS, Barbara Spouse of Clifton J. Born 3/1/1934 died 10/24/2013 Age 79y - Dau of Louis & Aurelia Dean Dunn, born in Olean NY died in Bolivar NY. Wed 8-3-1957 in Bolivar NY
MORRIS, Clifton J. Jr. Spouse of Barbara A. Dunn Born 7-1-6-1934 died 6-7-2008 Age 73y - Son of Clifton J. & Frances Brown Morris Sr. b. Brooklyn NY d. Bolivar NY Wed 8-3-1957 in Bolivar NY
MORRIS, Frances M. Born 1915 died 1998
MOSHER, Christine Marie "Chrissie" Born 2/12/1967 died 6/19/2015 Age 48y - Dau of Raymond & Margaret Tower Mosher b. Tulsa OK d. Portville NY
MOSHER, Margaret Frances "Peggy" Spouse of Raymond L. Born 7/1/1934 died 7/4/2015 - Dau of Lovell & Margaret Dunn Tower b. Bolivar NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-21-1954 Peggy's life was one of faith prayer and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ
MUCHA, Catherine H. Spouse of Frank H. Born 1921 died uncut
MUCHA, Frank H. Spouse of Catherine H. Born 2-27-1919 died 2-13-2002 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
MURPHY, Catherine Spouse of John T. Born 1838 died 1912 - Mother
MURPHY, Catherine G. Spouse of William P. Born 1864 died 1926
MURPHY, Hazel J. Spouse of T. F. Born 1886 died 1931
MURPHY, Helen W. Spouse of Robert E. Born 1896 died 1965
MURPHY, John T. Spouse of Catherine Born 1838 died 1925 - Father
MURPHY, Joseph D. Born 1869 died 1899
MURPHY, Marian A. Spouse of Robert E. Jr. Born 5/29/1926 died 1/17/2017 Age 90y - Dau of Harry & Mary Whitzer Bush b. Bolivar NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-21-1948 in Bolivar NY
MURPHY, Robert E. Jr. "Tubby" Spouse of Marian Bush Born 6-10-1927 died 4-15-2005 - Son of Robert & Helen Weimer Murphy Sr. b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-21-1948 in Bolivar NY - WW II and Korea Vet, US Navy, FCS3
MURPHY, Robert E. Sr. Spouse of Helen W. Weimer Born 1901 died 1991
MURPHY, Thomas F. Spouse of Hazel J. Born 12-18-1876 died 3-16-1947 - Spanish American War Vet, US Army, 202 Inf, Cpl
MURPHY, William P. Spouse of Catherine G. Born 1870 died 1940
NAGLE, Maureen D. Spouse of William W. Born 8/27/1925 died 5/13/2016 Age 90y - Dau of John P. & Elizabeth Crelly Dougherty b. Bolivar NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-15-1947 in Bolivar NY (William Nagle is buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery)
NEWELL, Gaylord "Mike" Spouse of Renate Guttzeit Born 1932 died 1997
NEWELL, Mary E. Spouse of Wilkins B. Born 1906 died 1975
NEWELL, Renate Guttzeit Spouse of Gaylord "Mike" Born 1933 died 1984
NEWELL, Wilkins B. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1906 died 1980
O'CONNOR, William F. Spouse of Dorothy E. Born 1912 died 1981
OLEAR, Joseph Peter died 3-19-1971 - Baby
O'LEARY, Jeremiah Spouse of Margaret Born 1842 died 1922 - Father
O'LEARY, Margaret Born 1871 died 1957 - Daughter
O'LEARY, Margaret Spouse of Jeremiah Born 1851 died 1912 - Mother
O'NEILL, Marjorie W. Born 1917 died 1986
OSERHOUT, Rose M. Born 4-14-1904 died 5-12-1965
PACE, Raymond Born 1919 died 1990
PAFFIE, Alice E. Spouse of Lawrence J. Born 1934 died 1982
PAFFIE, Charles M. Spouse of Lena F. Born 1889 died 1966
PAFFIE, Francis V. Spouse of Pauline M. Born 1921 died 1989
PAFFIE, Joseph C. Born 3-15-1916 died 12-3-1967 - WW II Vet, US Army, 383 Mil Police Bn, Cpl
PAFFIE, Lawrence J. Spouse of Alice E. Born 5-29-1931 died 10-29-2003 Age 72y - Son of Charles & Lena Prusetti Paffie - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
PAFFIE, Lena F. Spouse of Charles M. Born 1896 died 1965
PAFFIE, Pauline M. Spouse of Francis V. Born 1922 died 1986
PAYTASH, June E. Spouse of Stephen J. Born 1914 died 2000
PAYTASH, Stephen J. Spouse of June E. Pratt Born 12-25-1910 died 1-25-2010 Age 99y - Son of Michael & Mary Kardos Pajas b. East Vandergrift PA d. Olean NY Wed 9-16-1940 in Bradford PA - WW II Vet, US Army
POTTER, Earl H. Spouse of Louise W. Born 1914 died 2002
POTTER, Louise W. Spouse of Earl H. Born 1908 died 1995
RANGATORE, Joseph S. MD Spouse of Margaret Hulbert Born 11-22-1920 died 7-1-1969 - WW II Vet, US Army, Capt
RANGATORE, Margaret Hulbert Spouse of Joseph S. MD Born 1924 died 1993
RAPAN, Lucy Kay Jordon Born 1937 died 2002
RAPAN, Paul R. Born 1971 died 1990
RAPAN, Pauline A. Spouse of William J. Born 1934 died 1977
RAPAN, William J. Spouse of #1 Pauline Crandall, #2 Lucy Jordan Born 8/6/1937 died 11/25/2012 Age 75y - Son of Raymond & Kathleen Walsh Rapan b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed Pauline 6-12-1965 in Bolivar NY. Wed Lucy 4-19-1980. (She died 4-10-2002)
RAUHE, Clinton H. Born 1901 died 1966
RAUHE, Isabel M. Born 1899 died 1980
RAUHE, Leland Edward Born 1930 died 1930
RENDE, Concetta Spouse of Luigi Born 1901 died 1969
RENDE, Emilo Born 3-2-1893 died 8-14-1977
RENDE, Luigi Spouse of Concetta Born 1895 died 1980
RICH, Hannah T. Spouse of Stephen Born 1884 died 1952 - Mother
RICH, John Born 1866 died 1922
RICH, Stephen Spouse of Hannah T. Born 1887 died 1964 - Father
RICHARDSON, June T. Spouse of Philip J. Born 1925 died uncut
RICHARDSON, Philip J. Spouse of June T. Born 1920 died 2007 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Sgt
RICHTER, Edward J. Sr. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Wojtczak Born 3-18-1923 died 11-7-1994 - Wed 10-1950 - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
RICHTER, Elizabeth A. "Betty" Spouse of Edward J. Sr. Born 4/26/1931 died 12/31/2016 - Dau of Frank & Florence Cyman Wojtczak b. Buffalo NY d. Clarence NY Wed 10-1950
ROBINSON, Clara M. Spouse of O. Francis Born 1-1-1934 died uncut
ROBINSON, O. Francis Spouse of Clara M. Born 8-25-1929 died 9-15-1995 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pvt
ROE, Josephine M. Spouse of Ross Born 7-26-1908 died 1-11-2002
ROE, Ross Spouse of Josephine M. Born 10-31-1900 died 5-24-1961
ROE, Ross Edward Born 12-25-1933 died 3-28-1953 - Korean War Vet, USMC, Co E5 1st Matine Div, PFC. Purple Heart
ROOT, Marie L. Spouse of Ralph B. Born 1916 died 2001
ROOT, Ralph B. Spouse of Marie L. Born 1914 died 1978
ROSS, Charles Born 1895 died 1982 - WW I Vet, US Army, 101st Div Camp Shelby MS, PFC
RYAN, Catherine M. Spouse of David P. Born 7-27-1940 died uncut - Married 7-21-1962 I'll Be Loving You Always
RYAN, David P. Spouse of Catherine M. Born 4-5-1941 died 10-3-1992 - Married 7-21-1962 I'll Be Loving You Always
SACKINGER, Edna Mae Born 2-23-1926 died 10-25-1988
SACKINGER, Eleanor E. Spouse of Phillip J. Born 1877 died 1940
SACKINGER, Grace Ball Born 7-6-1894 died 3-4-1970
SACKINGER, Harry F. Born 11-11-1896 died 6-6-1966 - WW I Vet, US Army, 673 Aero Sq, Sgt
SACKINGER, Mary W. Spouse of William J. Born 1876 died 1957
SACKINGER, Phillip J. Spouse of Eleanor E. Born 1866 died 1936
SACKINGER, Stephen Joseph Born 1929 died 1935
SACKINGER, William J. Spouse of Mary W. Born 1873 died 1940
SALLAZZO, Anthony "Tony" Spouse of Barbara Coon Born 4/19/1924 died 9/22/2019 Age 95y - Son of Dominick & Teresa Ciampa b. McKeerocks, PA d. Bolivar, NY Wed 4/27/1946 Bolivar, NY - US Marine Corp WWII Veteran
SALLAZZO, Barbara L. Spouse of Anthony Born 9/15/1928 died 1/20/2011 Age 82y - Dau of Carl & Beatrice Goff Coon b. Town of Wirt NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-27-1946 in Bolivar NY
SALLAZZO, Domenic A. Spouse of Teresa Born 1879 died 1949
SALLAZZO, Robert J. Born 11-12-1948 died 5-22-1985 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, FN
SALLAZZO, Teresa Spouse of Domenic A. Born 1890 died 1975
SALZER, Eleanor L. Spouse of Thomas C. Born 1926 died uncut
SALZER, Evelyn M. Spouse of Herman C. Born 1891 died 1973
SALZER, Herman C. Spouse of Evelyn M. Born 1887 died 1962
SALZER, Thomas C. Spouse of Eleanor L. Born 1923 died 1980
SANTARSIERE, Joseph Born 1857 died 1919
SARACO, Alice M. Spouse of Joseph Born 1898 died 1960 - Mother
SARACO, Joseph Spouse of Alice M. Born 1892 died 1977 - Father
SAWYER, Ralph W. Spouse of Stella M. Born 1910 died 1965
SAWYER, Stella M. Spouse of Ralph W. Born 1908 died 2001
SCHAFFNER, Clarence Spouse of Mary Donovan Born 1877 died 1952
SCHAFFNER, Clarence D. "Mike" Born 9-7-1915 died 12-25-1988 Age 73y - Son of Clarence A. & Mary Donovan Schaffner b. Franklin PA. d. Wellsville NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Europe
SCHAFFNER, Mary D. Spouse of Roy F. Born 6/21/1918 died 12/3/2012 Age 94y - Dau of Clayton & Mary McVey Dunning b. Bolivar NY d. Mechanicsburg PA Wed 7-20-1944 in Bolivar NY
SCHAFFNER, Mary Donovan Spouse of Clarence Born 1888 died 1960
SCHAFFNER, Roy F. Born 1917 died 1988
SCHIRALLI, Carmin Antonio Spouse of Nancy Ciampa Born 1-12-1898 died 4/17/1969 - Son of Lawrence and Marg Magdalene (Martini) Schiralli. Born Bari Italy, died in Olean NY. Worked 30 years for Moore Producing Corp. Wed 7-5-1923 in Aliquippa PA, nine children.
SCHIRALLI, Lawrence Born 1924 died 10/25/1940 - Son of Carmin & Nancy (Ciampa) Schiralli
SCHIRALLI, Louie Spouse of Barbara Clark Born 5/26/1932 died 8/3/2017 Age 85y - Son of Carmin & Nancy (Ciampa) Schiralli b. & d. Bolivar NY. Owned Schirialli's Barber shop for over 53 years. Wed 7-7-1962 in Bolivar NY, four children. (Spouse survives) - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
SCHIRALLI, Nancy (Ciampa) Spouse of Carmin A. Born 7-21-1894 died 11-1985 Age 91 - Dau of Vincent & Catherine (Perri) Ciampa. Born in Palti, Italy. Wed 7-5-1923 in Aliquippa PA, nine children.
SCOTT, Kay Jordan Spouse of Walter W. Born 6-17-1942 died 12-4-2004 - Dau of Robert & Marguerite Jordon
SCOTT, Walter W. Spouse of Kay Jordan Born 3-3-1941 died uncut
SCOTT, William John Born 9-4-1952 died 12-8-1979 - Cold War Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt
SEELMANN, George J. Spouse of Mary T. Born 4-30-1926 died uncut
SEELMANN, Mary T. Spouse of George J. Born 5-18-1915 died 3-27-1997
SHANER, Blanche King Spouse of Robert L. Born 1930 died uncut
SHANER, Robert L. Spouse of Blanche King Born 9-1-1923 died 9-22-2007 Age 84y - Son of Lester & Jennie Thompson b. Bolivar NY d. Bath NY Wed 6-10-1950 in Penetanguishene Ont. - WW II Vet, US Army
SHANNON, Jack E. Born 1924 died 1993
SHANNON, James H. Spouse of Viola M. Born 1867 died 1951
SHANNON, Lorena M. died 3-8-1922
SHANNON, Marjorie R . Born 1899 died 1947
SHANNON, Viola M. Spouse of James H. Born 1873 died 1959
SHANNON, William G. Born 1892 died 1937
SHERWOOD, Emma Born 1874 died 1955
SHIELDS, Donald W. Born 1912 died 1949
SHIELDS, Harriett H. Spouse of Thomas Born 1886 died 1961
SHIELDS, Leland - Flat Marker - no dates
SHIELDS, Thomas Spouse of Harriett H. Born 1882 died 1942
SHIELDS, Veronica - Flat Marker - no dates
SIEBERT, Elizabeth died 5-23-1958
SIEBERT, Loretto G. Born 1894 died 1987
SIEBERT, Louis Born 1860 died 1909
SNOWDON, Doris M. Born 7-11-1927 died 8-26-1985 Age 58y - Dau of Kenneth O. & Ellen Matylas Snowdon b. Bolivar NY d. Wellsville NY Beloved Mother & Daughter
SNOWDON, Ellen V. Spouse of Kenneth O. Born 1898 died 1993 - Together Forever
SNOWDON, Kenneth O. Spouse of Ellen V. Born 1902 died 1990 - Together Forever
STIMSON, Raymond W. Spouse of Virginia A. Born 1923 died uncut - We'll Be Together I'll Follow Forever in Song
STIMSON, Virginia A. Spouse of Raymond W. Born 1924 died 2001 - Beloved Wife Mother Grandmother We'll Be Together I'll Follow Forever in Song
STOPHA, Edward H. Spouse of Frances G . Born 1911 died 1989 - Peace in the Valley
STOPHA, Eugene E. Spouse of Jeanne M. Born 1935 died uncut
STOPHA, Frances G. Spouse of Edward H. Born 1913 died 1997 - Peace in the Valley
STOPHA, Jeanne M. Spouse of Eugene E. Born 2-2-1934 died 9-12-2002 - Dau of Hiram & Matilda Schaffer Eaton Secular Franciscan Order
STRANFORD, Allen G. Jr. Spouse of Genevieve L. Born 5-14-1928 died 10-13-2000 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Sgt
STRANFORD, Genevieve L. Spouse of Allen G. Jr. Born 1927 died uncut
STRICKLER, Elizabeth Ellen Born 2-20-1947 died 8-26-1947
SULLIVAN, Mary H. Spouse of Neil S. Born 1902 died 1998
SULLIVAN, Neil S. Spouse of Mary H. Born 9-1-1899 died 9-28-1974 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
SURDOVAL, Francis Born 1888 died 1906
SURDOVAL, James H. Born 1885 died 1952
SURDOVAL, Mary Cahill Spouse of Patrick J. Born 1853 died 1906
SURDOVAL, Patrick J. Spouse of Mary Cahill Born 1852 died 1919
SWARTHOUT, Teresa Born 1906 died 1975
SWEENEY, Annabelle M. Spouse of Charles V. Born 1915 died 1996
SWEENEY, Charles V. Spouse of Annabelle M. Born 11-14-1917 died 11-11-1980 - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
THOMAS, Carl J. Born 1923 died 1982
THOMAS, John M. Born 1902 died 1948
THOMAS, Nellie Born 1866 died 1948 - Mother
THOMAS, Nellie B. Born 1905 died 1988
THOMAS, Robert J. Born 1930 died 1999
THOMAS, Russo Born 1865 died 1947
TIEBOUT, James A. Spouse of Mary K. Born 1905 died 1970
TIEBOUT, Mary K. Spouse of James A. Born 1914 died 1976
TOMPKINS, Francis R. Spouse of Helen B. Born 1916 died 1969
TOMPKINS, Helen B. Spouse of Francis R. Born 1918 died 1966
TRAVIS, Agnes E. Spouse of Edward A. Born 7-21-1920 died 11-2-2005 Age 85y - Dau of Philip & Lulu Crook Coyle b. Findlay OH d. Summerhill FL Wed 1983
TRAVIS, Edward A. Spouse of Agnes E. Born 1925 died 1983 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
TUCKER, Alta G. Spouse of Francis C . Born 1907 died 1983
TUCKER, Francis C. Spouse of Alta G. Born 1907 died 1973
UNKNOWN, Madge - Could be Ariza no dates
WAGNER, Helen Born 1916 died 1918
WAGNER, James Born 1914 died 1924
WAGNER, Michael Born 1887 died 1918
WAGNER, Reva Born 1896 died 1974
WALKER, George P. Spouse of Helen E. Born 7-23-1908 died 3-17-1987 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
WALKER, Helen E . Spouse of George P. Born 1-19-1912 died 4-6-2004 - Dau of Patrick & Ellen Gemmell Haggerty
WALLACE, Dwight D. Born 1917 died 1963
WALLACE, Leta M. Born 1897 died 1966
WALLACE, Lew Born 1891 died 1973
WARD, Amanda D. Spouse of John James Born 1882 died 1952
WARD, John James Spouse of Amanda D. Born 1879 died 1944
WARNER, Agnes M. Born 1874 died 1944
WARTELLA, John Spouse of Juliette Bentley Born 2-4-1919 died 12-21-2000 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 1/LT
WARTELLA, Juliette Bentley Spouse of John Born 1928 died 1968
WEBER, Margaret M. Spouse of Robert B. Born 1922 died 2001
WEBER, Robert B. Spouse of Margaret M. Born 1-23-1920 died 6-15-1972 - WW II Vet, US Army, Co D 338th Engrs, PFC
WHITCOMB, June Spouse of Otto L. Born 1904 died 1993
WHITCOMB, Otto L. Spouse of June Born 1907 died 1983
WHITE, George B. Spouse of Rita E. Born 1912 died 1993
WHITE, Rita E. Spouse of George B. Born 1915 died 1989
WHITNEY, Richard L. Born 1928 died 1979 - WW II Vet, US Navy, SK3
WILHELM-MORRISON, Janine A. (Wilhelm) Born 10/24/1967 died 1/7/2017 Age 49 - Dau of Richard & JoAnn (Sanford) Wilhelm b. Lackawanna NY d. Amherst NY. Two children, father not named
WILSON, Catherine Spouse of Frank Born 1872 died 1948 - Mother
WILSON, Frank Spouse of Catherine Born 1864 died 1940 - Father
WILSON, James Spouse of Mary A. Born 1892 died 1978
WILSON, Mary A. Spouse of James Born 1895 died 1958
WISKEMANN, Frederick F. Born 1924 died 1987 - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
WOOD, Gene U. Spouse of Rose M. Born 1917 died 1987
WOOD, Rose Marie Spouse of Eugene U. Born 6-26-1913 died 1-31-2010 - Dau of Ralph & Congetta Brenell Shall (Italian Immigrants from Naples Italy) b. Oswayo PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-18-1938 in Wellsburg W.VA
WUNDROW, Nancy J. Spouse of Walter J. Born 1932 died uncut
WUNDROW, Walter J. Spouse of Nancy J. Born 7-29-1929 died 6-8-1995 - Korean War Vet, US Army, SP/3
YEHL, Fenton L. Spouse of Frances E. Born 1917 died 1993 - WW II Vet, US Army, 4th Armored Div, Tec5
YEHL, Frances E. Spouse of Fenton L. Born 1919 died 1981

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