Riverside Cemetery
Town of Belfast
Submitted by Eleanor Schwalb 2005 & Deanne Knapp
Updated by Eleanor Schwalb & Deanne Knapp

ALFORD, Charles Born 1843 died 8-29-1864 - Son of M. C. and Emily L. Alford, killed in action at Smithfield VA. - Civil War KIA, Co F 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, 1/Lt. Enlisted 1862 at Caneadea for three years. Killed in action 8-29-1864 at Smithfield VA
ANGEL, Floyd C. Born abt 1846 aka ANGLE - Civil War Vet, Co H and A 6th Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Belfast for three years. Mustered out with Co A 8-24-1865 at Washington DC
ASSELIN, Grace U. Spouse of Donald E. Born 9-25-1936 died 12-08-2003 Age 67y - Dau of Stephen & Ida (Barringer) Unfus, b. Hume NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 9-1956 in Belfast NY
ATHERTON, Clifford Lawrence Spouse of #1 Bernice Covert, # 2 Arlene Ehman Born 4-22-1912 died 4-6-2009 Age 96y - Son of George W. & Vanche Black Atherton b. Belfast NY d. Wellsville NY
BABCOCK, Gilbert Gilman Spouse of Emma Hoes Born 9-1836 1/4/1910 Son of John F and Nancy (Scott) Babcock, born and died in Belfast NY - Civil War Vet, Co F 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1862 at Belfast for three years. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Clouds Mills VA
BAKER, Patricia L. Spouse of Robert E. Born 12-10-1936 died 12-20-2009 Age 73y - Dau of Donald Rose & Katherine Esther Kingsley Thompson b. Belfast NY d. Olean NY Wed 9-10-1955 in Belfast NY Robert died 9-10-1999
BARBER, Elizabeth L. "Liz" Spouse of Elbert T. Born 3/7/1928 died 8/24/2010 Age 82y - Dau. of Clinton & Clara Houston Dewey b. Cuba NY d. Friendship NY Wed 3-23-1946 in Belfast NY (Elbert T. d. 9-1-2007)
BARBER, Lynn C. Spouse of Aletha J. Prentice Born 6/7/1916 died 11/18/2012 Age 96y - Son of Elbert J. & Verna Austin Barber b. Town of New Hudson NY d. Cuba NY Wed 6-6-1943 in Black Creek NY
BARRY, William J. Spouse of Kathryn D. Bucki Born 10-15-1940 died 7-31-2004 Age 63y - Son of Robert J. & Anna P. (Scheck) Barry, "Bill", b. Buffalo NY, d. Warsaw NY, Wed 8-25-1973 in Lake Pleasant NY
BENNETT, Fern E. Spouse of Charles Born 7-16-1910 died 8-28-2009 Age 99y - Dau of Wilber L. & Edna White Fisk b. Town of Allen NY d. Houghton NY Wed 4-12-1941 in Fillmore NY
BENNETT, George E. Spouse of Kay Kaufman Born 12-4-1939 died 9-9-2004 Age 64y - Son of George H. & Beulah Sutherland Bennett b. Cleveland VA
BLAIR, Ruth F. Spouse of Charlton G. Esq. Born 2-6-1915 died 12-6-2009 Age 94y - Dau of Wilber & Mary Schardt Quinn b. Buffalo NY d. Cuba NY Charlton died 10-6-1977
BRANDES, John Henry died 1941 Age 83y
BROADBENT, Mark Leo Spouse of Zera Witter Born 1-18-1918 died 4-18-2009 Age 91y - Son of Fred & Catherine Castle Broadbent b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-29-1942 in Wellsville NY
BROADBENT, Zera Spouse of Mark L. Born 6/16/1922 died 5/15/2010 - Dau. of Joseph & Edith Hall Witter b. Town of Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-29-1942 in Wellsville NY
BROWN, Oakley H. - Civil War Vet, Co A 136th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Portage for three years. Captured in action 3-14-1865 at Fayetteville NC, paroled. Mustered out6-3-1865 at Elmira NY.
BROWNELL, Alice P. Born 3/23/1940 died 6/19/2010 Age 70y - Dau. of Clarence E. & Helen Pearl
BRYDE, Crystle F. Spouse of Leonard W. Scutt Sr., Leslie Bryde Born 5/6/19298 died 10/8/2019 - Dau of Raymond & Lulu Warner Vincent b. Fillmore, NY d. Zephyrhills, FL Wed 2/21/1948 Scutt Fillmore, NY, Wed 2011 Bryde Diamondale, MI
BURLINGAME, Albert L. Spouse of #1 Elizabeth, #2 Clara Lampher Born 1-22-1839 died 3/18/1902 - Son of Alpha and Sally (Mead) Burlingame born and died in Belfast NY. Three children with Elizabeth. Wed Clara in 1871, five children - Civil War Vet, Co F 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Belfast for three years. Discharged for disability 1-12-1864 at Washington DC.
CARPENTER, Harold C. Spouse of Helen REDMAN Born 8-08-1927 died 3-23-2003 Age 75y - Son of Clayton & Mattie (Kemp) Carpenter, b. Olean NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 7-31-1949 in Short Tract NY -
CAVAZOS, Francisco G. "Frank" Spouse of Dorcas Leavitt Born 12/26/1931 died 10/21/2015 - Son of Manuel F. & Estefano Garcia Cavazos b. Lyford TX d. Cuba NY Wed 6-16-1955 in Essex Junction VT Dorcas died 6-9-2004 - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. Career: 1951-1971
CHAMBERLAIN, Allan D. Spouse of Lana S. Dawson Born 2-15-1937 died 1-15-2010 Age 72y - Son of Leland & Ruth Warburton Chamberlain b. Belfast NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 9-3-1966 in Hookstown PA - Cold War Vet, US Army 1961-1963. Stood color guard for President Kennedy four months prior to the President's Assassination
CHAMBERLAIN, Bettyelna Spouse of Wilbur Page Born 1/25/1929 died 1/7/2017 - Dau of Arion & Ethel Underwood Waite b. Alexander NY d. Houghton NY Wed 1951 Wilbur died 8-1998
CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest R. Spouse of Kimberly L. Born 7-23-1963 died 10-2-2006 - Son of Milton D. & Dorothy R. Palmer Chamberlain b. Cuba N.Y. d. in vehicle accident in Wellsville NY Wed: 3-30-1985 in Belfast NY
CHAMBERLAIN, Virginia Marlyn Spouse of Wendell Born 8/14/1929 died 5/22/2016 Age 86y - Dau of William H. & Margaret Elizabeth Piehaczek Deuell b. Saratoga Springs NY d. Belfast NY Wed 7-15-1951
CHAMBERLAIN, Wendell Eugene Spouse of Virginia M. Deuell Born 9/9/1926 died 7/31/2014 Age 87y - Son of Dorance L. & Ruby Grace Foster Chamberlain b. & d. Belfast NY Wed 7-15-1951 in Saratoga Springs NY - WW II Vet, US Army. Expert Infantry Badge Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal Victory Medal Army of Occupation Medal with Japan Clasp
CHAMBERLAIN, Wilbur Page Spouse of Bettyelna Waite Born 2/7/1923 died 8/8/1998 - Son of Captain Hugh D. and Winnifred (Edmundson) Chamberlain. Born in Caneadea NY, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 1951, four children. WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Capt.
CLARKSON, Marguerite J. Spouse of John A. Born 8-24-1914 died 12-9-2009 Age 95y - Dau of Harry & Ethel Lyon Warner b. Angelica NY d. Belfast NY Wed 1953 in Pascagoula MS John died 3-4-1986
COLLINS, Earl G. Spouse of Marion LOCKWOOD Born 3-30-1922 died 10-19-2004 - Son of Irving & Gertrude (Comstock) Collins, b. Belfast NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 1941 in Belfast NY, Dairy farmer, owner/operator milk route
COLLINS, June M. "Junie" Spouse of Lee M. Born 9-9-1969 died 1-17-2006 Age 36y - Dau of James R. "Skip" & Dorothy Boyd Zuver b. Oneonta N.Y. d. Wellsville N.Y. Wed: 1-27-1996
COLLINS, Lyle I. " Pete" Spouse of Jeanette-Dorothea-Ruth C Born 1-20-1920 died 3-16-2005 Age 85y - Son of Irving & Gertrude Comstock Collins Wed 1st Jeanette Campbell 2nd Dorothea Sprague 3rd Ruth Crawford - WW II Vet, US Navy
COMSTOCK, Charles G. Spouse of #1 Olive Reniff, #2 June Dumbleton Born 3-20-1921 died 1-16-2010 Age 88y - Son of Leo & Hazel Thurston Comstock b. Angelica NY d. Wellsville NY Wed Olive 6-20-1942. Wed June 8-10-1992
COMSTOCK, Martin Van Buren Spouse of Mary Ann Fritts Born 1840 died 4/23/1924 - Wed 7-4-1860, at least three children. - Civil War Vet, Co F 147th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1863 at Boliver. For three years. Wounde in action 5-5-1864 at the Wilderness VA. Discharged for disability 6-22-1865 at McClellan Hospital, Philadelphia PA
COOPER, Arthur W. [Artie] Born 3-30-1938 died 11-27-2009 Age 71y - Son of Frances Bristol b. & d. Belfast NY
CRANDALL, Alanson Sarah E Kennedy Born 10-2-1834 died 1917 - Civil War Vet, Co H 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Almond for three years. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Cloud's mills VA.
CRAWFORD, Malchi Mira M. Born 3-4-1836 died 1895 - Son of Jacob & Catherine (Snapp) Crawford, born in Belfast NY. - Civil War Vet, Co F 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Belfast for three years. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Cloud'sMills VA.
CRAWFORD, Mina Laurie Born 3-11-1919 died 1-18-2003 Age 83y - Dau of George Aaron & Grace (Jones) Crawford, b. Chicago-IL, d. Syracuse NY, Member DAR
CRISS, Donald L. "Don" Spouse of Doris Johnson Born 10/24/1927 died 10/14/2011 Age 83y - Son of John & Loretta Rupp Criss b. Coudersport PA d. Rochester NY Wed 10-9-1948
ECK, Kayde P. Born 6/21/2010 died 7/9/2010 Age Infant - Son of Steven & Kimberly Reyes Eck b. Cody WY d. Billings MT. [Rest in Peace our sweet little boy Mom & Dad]
EDMUNDS, Breta W. Spouse of Raymond J. Born 10-29-1916 died 12-23-2008 - Dau of Purl & Anna Kaumeyer Wood b. Vernon d. Houghton NY Wed 65 years
EDMUNDS, Raymond J. Spouse of Breta Wood Born 10-12-1913 died 3-14-2007 - Son of John & Esme Watkins Edmunds b. Freedom, N.Y. d. Houghton, N.Y.
ELMER, Violet Ethel Spouse of Arthur Royce Born 3-12-1918 died 6-23-2003 Age 85y - Born in East Suffolk-Engl, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1-05-1945 in Franlingham-Eng. Co-owner/operator dairy farm Gleason Hill Rd
ENDERS, Lucille J. "Lucy" Spouse of James William Born 4/25/1929 died 6/22/2010 Age 81y - Dau. of Earl Elester & Mary H. Hotchkiss b. Town of Allen NY d. Houghton NY Wed 7-20-1946 in Belfast (James d. 5-4-1994)
GANT, Betty Lou Spouse of J. Gair Sr. Born 5/29/1930 died 5/18/2013 Age 82y - Dau of Clair H. & Thelma A. Dake Lathrop b. Allentown NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-17-1954 in Fillmore NY
GANT, J. Gail Spouse of Betty Lou Lathrop Born 7-20-1922 died 3-1-2006 Age 83y - Son of Fred & Clara Lewis Gant b. Belfast, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y. Wed: 4-17-1954 in Fillmore, N.Y.
GONYER, Norma L. Spouse of John Born 5/31/1950 died 6/10/2012 Age 92y - Dau of Charles A. & Florence L. Kellogg Scott b. Nunda NY d. Houghton NY Wed 4-20-1943 in Belfast NY John died 9-30-1967
GORDON, Charles Richard Spouse of Ola Lou Balcom Born 3/13/1926 died 3/19/2019 - Dau of Lloyd & Edna Hitchings Gordon b. Belfast, NY d. Houghton, NY Wed 6/27/1964 Rushford, NY
GORDON, Wesley S., Spc. Spouse of Lesly S. Sebree Born 5-24-1985 died 4-19-2005 Age 19y - Son of Edward F. & Marion Spink Gordon b. Belfast, N.Y. d. Fort Riley, KS - Post-Vietnam, US Army. Killed in a training accident
GRANGER, Dana M. Born 2-19-1961 died 10-3-2009 Age 48y - Son of Betty Jones b. Olean NY d. LeRoy NY
GRASTORF, Helen M. Spouse of Howard L. Born 7/29/1922 died 12/31/2012 Age 90y - Dau of Harley & Ruth Chamberlain Gleason b. & d. Belfast NY Wed 1-6-1945 Howard died 7-28-1993
GREEN, Pauline A. Spouse of #1 Frederick J. Broadbent Jr., #2 Gordon F. Broadbent, #3 John Green Born 8/11/1921 died 7/18/2013 Age 91y - Dau of Jesse & Terrette (Tillie) Dunshie b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY. Predeceased by all three husbands.
GUILD, Howard L. Spouse of #1 Shellie Mae Martin #2 Velma (Miller) Wesche Born 11-28-1923 died 3-02-2003 Age 79y - Son of Marshall & Lillian (Young) Guild, b. Belfast NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed Shellie 12-27-1945 in Kingsville TX who d. 7-21-1999, Wed Velma 7-01-2000 in Belmont NY
GUILD, Marshall L. Born 6-2-1958 died 11-29-2005 Age 47y - Son of Howard L. & Shellie Mae Martin Guild b. & d. Buffalo, N.Y.
HASKINS, Norma M. Spouse of Leonard "Hap" Born 7/9/1914 died 9/21/2011 Age 97y - Dau. of E. Clayton & Mabel Bebo Brandes b. Buffalo NY d. Houghton NY Wed 6-26-1937 in Belfast NY (Leonard d. 2-7-1973)
HASPER, John W. Spouse of Diane Wilson, Lorraine Vienna Born 11/6/1935 died 1/4/2020 Age 84y - Son of Burdette & Lilian Carter Hasper b. Albany, NY d. Punta Gorda, Fl Wed Diane 7/18/1959 Albany, NY
HAYES, John E. Spouse of Kathy Born 1935 died 6/7/2013 Age 78y - Born in Brooklyn NY d. Unknown. 35 years with NYS Police as an investigator & Western NY hostage negotiator - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
HERRICK, Marion O. Born 2-10-1909 died 12-6-2008 Age 99y - Dau of Floyd & Edith Chamerlain Angell b. Belfast NY d. Houghton NY
HILLMAN, Doris G. Spouse of Archie L. Born 12-29-1926 died 11-1-2006 - Dau of Ransom & Vera Millen Graham b. Wellsville N.Y. d. Rochester N.Y. Wed: 4-28-1946
HINKLEY, Jerritt R. Born 6/5/1978 died 11/29/2014 Age 36y - Son of Margaret Hinkley b. Williamsport PA d. Scio NY
JAMES, Deborah Kay "Debbie" Born 6/30/1953 died 3/20/2017 - Dau of Leland & Millicent Hale James, one of 15 children. b. Nunda NY d. Wellsville NY. Unmarried
LAWTON, Lyle Lorain Spouse of Sarah Wilday Born 10/30/1918 died 2/17/2017 Age 98y - Son of John & Ethel Cecilia Sherwood Abel b. Shinglehouse PA d. Nurfreesbora TN Wed 11-19-1947 in Belfast NY Sarah died in 1983 - WW II Vet, US Army, Patton's 3rd Army. Bronze Star - After VE Day he served in the Philippines
LILLY, Melrose J. Born 8-7-1923 died 10-9-2005 - Dau of Earl S. & Hazel L. Lapp Lilly b. Belfast, N.Y. d. Hornell, N.Y.
MACLANE, Donald N. #1 Thelma D. Tidd, #2 Lorine Dais Born 5/18/1924 died 12/7/2012 Age 88y - Son of Stanley R. & Laura Newell MacLane b. Lynn MA d. Bath NY. Wed Thelma 7-11-1970 who died 4-4-1999. Wed Lorine 10-30-2006
MARTINEZ, Bertha Jane Spouse of Gilbert V. Born 12/9/1936 died 2010 Age 73y - Dau. of Grant & Bertha Peters Post b. & d. Rochester NY Wed 3-28-1986 in Batavia NY
MERRIAM, Doris J. Spouse of Eugene T. Born 2-14-1928 died 11-13-2002 Age 74 y - Dau of Ernest H. & Idell Mae (Histed) Barringer, b. Caneadea NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 8-21-1949 in Black Creek NY
MICHAEL, A. Elnora Spouse of Pearley E. Born 5-18-1907 died 9-15-2007 Age 100y - Dau of George & Alice Royce Ashby b. Belfast NY d. Houghton NY Wed 6-20-1928 in Belfast NY
MICHAEL, Almeade E. "Eddy" Spouse of Elwyn L. Born 3/28/1933 died 3/10/2015 Age 81y - Dau of Burton M. & F. Evelyn Fleming Mull b. Parkwood PA d. Olean NY Wed 12-12-1952 in Angelica NY
MICHAEL, Elwyn L. Spouse of Evelyn Almeade "Ebby" Mull Born 8/30/1931 died 11/29/2016 - Son of Pearley E. & Elnora Ashby Michael b. Belfast NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-12-1952 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy for 2 years
MILLER, Ross Harrison Born 4-20-1956 died 2-7-2006 Age 49 y - Son of Harrison L. & Marilyn J. Middaugh Miller b. Cuba N.Y. d. Belfast N.Y.
MORTON, Sandra J. "Sandy" Spouse of James K. Morton Born 8/4/1941 died 8/22/2018 Age 77y - Dau of William & Lillian Fisher Messing b. Niagara Falls, NY d. Houghton, NY Wed 1/27/1977 Caneadea, NY
MUECKL, Beartrice I. Spouse of Joseph S. Born 1/26/1931 died 9/23/2014 Age 83y - Dau of Oscar W. & Ruth I. Smith Morehouse b. Belmont NY d. Winter Park FL Wed 6-29-1968 in Folkston GA (Joseph d. 10-22-1994)
NICHOLSON, Dorothy Chamberlain Born 8-7-1928 died 11-30-2008 Age 80y - Dau of Roy & Hattie Thurston Palmer b. Belfast NY d. Houghton NY
NOETHER, June M. Spouse of James L. Sr. Born 6/2/1923 died 5/6/2011 Age 87y - Dau. of William V. & Grace Boone Rich b. Mt. Morris NY d. Olean NY
OLMSTEAD, Roy J. Born 4/29/1926 died 10/23/2010 Age 84y - Son of Francis & Julia Wirt Olmstead b. Rochester NY d. Houghton NY
PALMER, Marjorie E. Spouse of Gerald R. Born 10-26-1929 died 5-10-2006 - Dau of Clifford & Alice Thornton Magee b. Friendship, N.Y. d. Olean, N.Y. Wed: 2-29-1946 in Wellsville, N.Y.
PAPKE, Homer S. Spouse of Born 1911 died 6-6-1998
PAPKE, Margurite C. "Maggie" Spouse of Homer S. Born 12-26-1923 died 9-9-2008 - Dau of Nathaniel & Pauline Redman Clark b. Town of Hume NY d. Fillmore NY (Raised by her Aunt - Kathryn Clark)
PAUL, Jody L. Born 9/6/1958 died 3/19/2016 Age 57y - Dau of Robert B. & Barbara A. Wilson Paul b. Tonawanda NY d. Belfast NY. A Licensed Nurse Assistant. Three daughters, father not named.
PENZ, Monica J. Spouse of Karl Born 1-22-1950 died 6-13-2009 Age 59y - Dau of Donald R. & Katherine Kingsley Thompson b. Belfast NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1977 in Anchorage Alaska U.S. Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller in Barksdale LA and Germany
ROESKE, William Albert "Bill" Spouse of Jane Gregg Born 8/23/1933 died 3/15/2015 - Son of Henry & Gertrude Chamberlain Roeske b. Rockville d. Caneadea, NY Wed 6-27-1965 in Elma NY - Cold War Vet, US Army 1956-1961 using first generation computer science technology for research
RUSSELL, Louise R. Born 12/13/1933 died 12/29/2018 Age 85y - Dau of Wilson & Athelene Lockwood Stamp b. Caneadea, NY d. Warsaw, NY
SEAVERT, Eleanor L. Born 10-28-1917 died 2-28-2009 - Dau of Edward & Minnie Myers Seavert b. Caneadea NY d. Rochester NY
SMATHERS, David Lawrence Spouse of Diane J. Clayton Born 3-28-1948 died 2-27-2009 Age 60y - Son of Lawrence & Le ota Gardner Smathers b. Nunda NY d. Belfast NY Wed 10-12-1966 in Belfast NY
SMITH, Carol E. Born 10/26/1953 died 12/15/2014 - Dau of Emmette & Marion Jones Smith b. Nunda NY d. Rochester NY. Unmarried.
SORTORE, Harry F. Spouse of Lois E. Brown Born 11-30-1915 died 4-2-2007 Age 91y - Son of Floyd & Agnes Hadsell Sortore b. Belfast NY d. Cuba NY Wed 5-12-1937 in Houghton NY
SWEET, Douglas V. Jr. "Doug" Spouse of Cindy A. Hefner Born 2/8/1954 died 6/26/2012 Age 58y - Son of Douglas V. & Sue Nita Granger Sweet, Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. Belfast NY Wed 5-14-1977 in Belfast NY
SWEET, Douglas V. Sr. Spouse of Sue Nita Granger Born 7-24-1928 died 2-10-2005 Age 76y - Son of Clarence L & Mary G. Curcio Sweet Wed June 18 1949 - WW II Vet, US Navy
TREUSDELL, Ada Elizabeth Spouse of Gordon R. Born 8-30-1912 died 2-4-2008 Age 95y - Dau of George D. & Alice J. Royce Ashby b. Belfast NY d. Houghton NY Wed 6-22-1931 in Houghton NY
TRUAX, Herman Ernest Spouse of Lisa M. Clark Born 11/5/1958 died 6/5/2016 Age 58y - Son of Ernest & Mary Keller Truax b. Wellsville NY d. Belfast NY Wed 6-3-1989 in Caneadea NY
TUTTLE, Florence M. Spouse of Stanley A. Born 2/16/1922 died 11/30/2010 - Dau. of Floyd J. & Agnes May Hadsell Sortore b. Belfast NY d. Cuba NY Wed 9-30-1966 in Portville NY
VANDUSEN, Richard J. Spouse of Virginia E. "Ginny Keeler Born 9-20-1925 died 11-18-2008 Age 83y - Son of George & Elizabeth Schultz VanDusen b. Hinsdale NY d. Rochester NY Wed 5-11-1952 in Belfast NY - WW II and Korea Vet, US Navy. In WW II, served on USS Catamount LSD-17 in European & Pacific theaters - Awarded Victory Medal - Asiatic Pacific Medal - American Theater Medal & Korean Service Medal
VANDUSEN, Virginia E. "Ginny" Spouse of Richard E. Born 8/10/1932 died 8/13/2014 Age 82y - Dau of Robert & Thelma Crawford Keeler b. Belfast NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-11-1952
WATSON, Elaine Spouse of George F. Born 2/10/1927 died 10/25/2010 Age 83y - Dau. of Hosea H. & Louisa Buchheister Bell b. Belfast NY d. Westfield NY
WEAVER, Harold J. Spouse of Betty Boyd Born 11/22/1933 died 10/3/2017 Age 83y - Son of Harold B. & Margaret Marioni Weaver b. Leon NY d. Bath NY.. Wed 8-11-1951, seven children. - Korean War Vet, USMC. 1950-1953 Joined at age 17.
WEIR, Mary Irene Spouse of Henry E . Born 11-26-1915 died 8-1-2009 - Dau of Schuyler & Irend Cawley Page b. Marshall MN d. Rochester NY Wed 7-23-1938 in Rochester NY
WEIRICH, Mildred U. Spouse of Walter D. Sr. Born 8-17-1918 died 1-12-2005 Age 86y - Dau of Edwin Grant Hallock & Ida Theresa Thompkins
WEIRICH, Walter D. Sr. Spouse of Mildred U. died 6-13-1993 - Wed Aug 17 1941 in Wellsville NY
WELLS, Genevieve M. Spouse of John C. Born 9-23-1928 died 10-31-2003 Age 75y - Dau of Leslie M. & Ednah A. (Robinson) Prentice, b. Cuba NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 7-03-1947 in Belmont NY
ZUVER, Dorothy B. Spouse of James R. "Skip" Zuver Jr. Born 11/10/1941 died 7/18/2017 Age 75y - Dau of George Wesley & Gertrude Matila Hanft Boyd b. Belfast NY d. Houghton NY. A teacher. Wed 3-13-1965 in Belfast NY, Four children. (James R. d. 7-11-2009)

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