Pine Grove Cemetery
Fillmore, Town of Hume
Submitted February 3, 2005 by Eleanor Schwalb transcribing stone readings by Gertrude A. Barber
Update submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson & Eleanor Schwalb
Updated since by Eleanor Schwalb

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ABBOTT, Helen M. Spouse of A. A . Abbott died 9-9-1851 Age 24y 6m 14d - Dau of Rev. J. B. & G. Shoep
ACKERMAN, Ella F. died 2-18-1864 Age 8y 18d - Dau of William & Lucretta Ackerman
ACKERMAN, Emeline Spouse of William died 8-3-1903 Age 73y
ACKERMAN, Irma E. Spouse of Norman L. Born 1-31-1924 died 3-7-2008 - Dau of Axel & Lolo Chilton Lindstrom b. Sugar Grove PA d. Houghton NY Wed 1-14-1942 in Busti NY
ACKERMAN, Lucretta Spouse of William died 5-14-1884 Age 55y 7m
ACKERMAN, Lucyfette died 11-9-1870 Age 43y
AGAR, Absalom Spouse of Celia A. Born 1811 died 1895
AGAR, Celia A. Spouse of Absalom died 5-21-1894 Age 67y
ALDRICH, George Dales Born 1851 died 1920
ALDRICH, Luther R. Born 8-13-1875 died 8-19-1912
ARMISON, Alfred C. Spouse of Lucille Hildreth Born 9/7/1912 died 11/22/2011 age - Son of Clarence & Amber Vosburg Armison b. Town of Hume NY d. Zephyrhills FL (Lucille died in 1988)
ARMISON, Betty A. Spouse of Max Born 4-25-1940 died 7-29-1998 - Dau of Gerald & Marie Newland Canfield b. & d. Wellsville NY
ARMISON, Ellen M. Born 1858 died 19??
ARMISON, George W. Born 1854 died 1931
ARNOLD, Alfred D. died 2-18-1912 Age 59y
ARNOLD, Anson Spouse of Luthera died 8-20-1894 Age 87y
ARNOLD, Barbara Ann Spouse of Donald Born 1/5/1934 died 4/8/2014 - Dau of Karl & Elsie Sonnleitner Holleday b. Fillmore NY d. Simpsonville SC Wed 11-7-1953 in Fillmore NY
ARNOLD, Cora I. died 2-11-1912 Age 54y 8m
ARNOLD, Donald R. Spouse of Barbara Ann Holliday Born 5/26/1928 died 1/3/2016 - Son of Ray & Veva Parker Arnold b. Caneadea NY d. Simpsonville SC Former Mayor of the Village of Fillmore NY Wed 11-7-1953 in Fillmore NY - Korean War Vet, US. Army. 1950-1952
ARNOLD, Eunice H. Spouse of J. F. Arnold Born 1852 died 1912
ARNOLD, J. F. Spouse of Eunice H. Born 1850 died 1924
ARNOLD, Laverne F. "Buddo" Spouse of Carol Rice Born 7/2/1927 died 3/28/2017 - Son of Leo & Olive Newell Arnold b. Hornell NY d. Olean NY Wed 8-8-1951 in Eden NY
ARNOLD, Leora J. Born 4/9/1929 died 1/24/2018 - Dau of Leo & Olive Newell Arnold b. Hornell NY d. Rochester NY. A language teacher. Unmarried.
ARNOLD, Luthera Spouse of Anson died 11-11-1898
ASHCRAFT, Robert M. Spouse of Roberta J. Holland died 12/12/2008 - Four children.
ASHCRAFT, Roberta J. Spouse of Robert M. Ashcraft Born 5/24/1929 died 7/20/2017 - Dau of Robert & Wealthy Breaden Holland b. Corry PA d. Fillmore NY. Four children.
AYERS, Charles H. Born 1826 died 1881
AYERS, Fred D. died 1-24-1881 Age 12y 11m 27d
AYERS, Ira B. died 1-29-1881 Age 2y 7m 25d
AYERS, S. A. - No Information
AYERS, Wallas W. - No Information
BAILEY, Robert K. Spouse of Joan KENT Born 8-05-1940 died 10-18-2002 - Son of Leigh & Fern (Ferris) Bailey, b. Portageville NY, d. Warsaw NY, Wed 4-19-1958 in Fillmore NY
BAKER, Velma C. Spouse of John R. Born 10/3/1917 died 5/9/2010 - Dau. of Chester & Melrose Lee Cooley b. Portageville NY d. Machias NY(John d. 1970)
BAKER, Warren B. Born 4-20-1949 died 1-9-2005 - son of John R. Velma Cooley Baker
BALLARD, Ephriam Born 1831 died 1902
BALLARD, Sabrina A. Born 1845 died U/K
BARNES, Abraham died 9-9-1871 Age 60y 2m
BARNES, Elizabeth Born 1810 died 1908
BARNES, Julia E. died 10-4-1859
BARNS, George Spouse of Sarah died 4-7-1876 Age 90y 3m
BARNS, Sarah Spouse of George died 2-25-1867 Age 77y
BARROWS, Byron died 6-5-1876 - Civil War Vet, Btry F 4th Hvy Arty, NYS Vols, Pvt mustered out with battery 9-26-1865 at Washington DC
BEARDSLEE, Augustus Spouse of Betsy Born 1808 died 1900
BEARDSLEE, Betsy Spouse of Augustus Born 1809 died 1907
BEARDSLEE, Eliza died 3-22-1864 Age 16y 1m 10d - Daughter
BEARDSLEE, Jr., Augustus Born 1849 died 1864
BEARDSLEE, Lester R. Born 1844 died 1918
BEARDSLEE, Marina G. died 9-6-1857 Age 1y 1m - Dau of C. H. & Betsy Beardslee
BEARDSLEY, Edith Lucille Age 4y
BEARDSLEY, George Born 1861 died 19??
BEARDSLEY, Lonanaha died 12-26-1879 Age 52y
BEARDSLEY, Mary Born 1866 died 1924
BEARDSLEY, Rose M. Spouse of Duane P. Born 10-19-1950 died 6-19-2005 - Dau of Chalmers & Maxine Bennett Wolcott
BEARDSLEY, Willis died 1-4-1876 Age 54y - G. A. R.
BEEMAN, Glenda M. Born 8/8/1951 died 6/14/2019 - Dau of Robert & Virginia Steele Beeman b. Warsaw, NY d. Houghton, NY
BELFORD, Carl M. Sr. Spouse of Loraine E. Ebert Born 6/10/1936 died 10/1/209 - Son of Delbert & Charlotte Eckley Belford b. Washington, DC d. Hume, NY Wed 4/20/1963 Washington, DC - US Army Veteran
BELFORD, Loraine E. "Cookie" Spouse of Carl M. Belford Sr. Born 11/7/1941 died 8/4/2018 - au of Frank & Josephine Szwaczowski Ebert b. Colden, NY d. Hume, NY Wed 4/20/1963 Washington, DC - US Army Veteran
BENJAMIN, Betsy died 12-22-1860 Age 55y 9m
BENJAMIN, Caroline Born 1832 died 1915
BENJAMIN, Carrie A. Born 1871 died 1915
BENJAMIN, Delia Born 8-29-1864 died 11-28-1884 - Daughter
BENJAMIN, Delos Born 1828 died 1907
BENJAMIN, Eva M. died 1-12-1892 Age 35y
BENJAMIN, Frances Spouse of James G. - No Information
BENJAMIN, George Born 1862 died 1929
BENJAMIN, J. Age 3m 20d
BENJAMIN, James G. Spouse of Frances died 10-17-1864 Age 23y 11m 1d
BENJAMIN, John Born 1855 died 1923
BENJAMIN, M. A. Born 1879 died 19??
BENJAMIN, Mortimer Born 1849 died 1918
BENNET, Andrew S. died 12-20-1875
BENNET, Sarah died 9-27-1867 Age 62y 1m 15d
BENNETT, Barbara Born 1853 died 1920
BENNETT, De Forest F. Born 1868 died 1925
BENNETT, Emma S. Born 1871 died 1930
BENNETT, Father Born 1849 died 1928
BENNETT, Forrest R. Born 1897 died 1925
BENNETT, Herbert R. Spouse of Nellie A. Born 1869 died 19??
BENNETT, Mary E. died 6-11-1879 Age 56y
BENNETT, Mother Born 1851 died 1921
BENNETT, Nellie A. Spouse of Herbert R. Born 1869 died 1923
BENSON, I. M. died 10-21-1865 Age 41y
BENTLEY, Ira Born 1853 died 19??
BENTLEY, Victoria A. Born 1854 died 1923
BENTON, A. B. Spouse of Emeline Slogan Matthews died 2-4-1864 Age 43y 8m
BENTON, Jennie died 2-25-1878 Age 6y - Daughter
BENTON, John Spouse of Sarah died 1-12-1851 Age 75y
BENTON, Mirza Miller - No Information
BENTON, Sarah Spouse of John died 9-17-1867 Age 84y 10m
BERG, Ernestine G. Spouse of Don Frinnemore/Eugene Berg Born 3/10/1918 died 5/7/2017 - Dau of Ernest & Fern Leet Gilette b. Town of Hume NY d. Cantonment FL (Predeceased by both husbands)
BERRY, Andrew W. Born 1853 died 193?
BERRY, Mattie L. Born 1854 died 19??
BERRY, Rose E. Born 1878 died 19??
BERRY, Royal C. Born 9-3-1851 died 12-7-1892
BISHOP, Amy A. Born 1868 died 1874
BISHOP, Bertie B. Born 1870 died 1874
BISHOP, F. P. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1835 died 1907
BISHOP, Ida M. Born 1858 died 1870
BISHOP, Levi Spouse of Sarah Born 1786 died 1848
BISHOP, Mary E. Spouse of F. P. Bishop Born 1842 died 1905
BISHOP, Mary F. Born 1835 died 1910
BISHOP, Royal died 1838 Age 3m - Son of Levi & Sarah Bishop
BISHOP, Sarah Spouse of Levi Born 1790 died 1878
BLAKE, Charlotte Born 1847 died 1920
BLAKE, Daniel W. Born 1840 died 1913 - Civil War Vet, Btry G 1st Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Discharged in 1864 date and place not stated.
BLAKE, Sarah Spouse of D. W. Blake died 8-2-1871 Age 24y
BLEISTEIN, Anna died 4-9-1871 Age 8y 1m
BLEISTEIN, Willie died 5-10-1871 Age 3y 7m
BLISS, Eleazer Spouse of Polly Born 3-16-1799 died 3-13-1871
BLISS, Electis A. - No Information
BLISS, Elijah Born 12-5-1820 died 11-29-1908
BLISS, John M. died 5-10-1877 Age 59y 1m
BLISS, Lucetta Born 5-30-1827 died 6-22-1901
BLISS, Margus Born 7-13-1835 died 2-3-1846 - Child of Eleazer & Polly Bliss
BLISS, Polly Spouse of Eleazer Born 1-16-1800 died 12-5-1887
BLISS, Polly G. Born 12-2-1820 died 7-23-1893
BOTSFORD, Emma Spouse of Edwin W. Born 1844 died U/K
BOTSFORD, E. C. Spouse of Ruth Born 1825 died 1917
BOTSFORD, E. H. died 3-16-1877 Age 64y 13d
BOTSFORD, Edwin W. Spouse of Emma Born 1840 died 1903
BOTSFORD, Frank F. died 12-10-1867 Age 19y 7m
BOTSFORD, Lorenzo P. died 5-21-1863 Age 18y 9m
BOTSFORD, Lydia M. died 4-28-1887 Age 72y 2m
BOTSFORD, Ruben died 5-22-1877 Age 73y
BOTSFORD, Ruth Spouse of E. C. Botsford died 12-7-1887 Age 60y
BOTSFORD, Ruth W. died 10-31-1880 Age 73y
BOWER, Edwin L. Spouse of Martha Preston Born 12/12/1934 died 9/16/2019 - Son of Bernard & Mildred Wyer Bower b. Munday, W. VA d. Rocheseter, NY Wed 5/12/1956 Fillmore
BOYD, Rollin R. "Rocky" Sr. Spouse of Mary Ann Minnier Born 4/20/1933 died 5/17/2011 - Son of Alvin & Dolly Sandford Boyd b. Geneseo NY d. Fillmore NY - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
BRIGHAM, Donald D. Born 1927 died 1929
BRISTOL, Frank H. died 8-5-1863 Age 10y 6m
BRISTOL, J. Wilber died 8-5-1863 Age 7y 6m 5d
BRISTOL, John P. died 7-1-1871 Age 41y 7m
BROOKINS, Robert H. died 12-20-1880 Age 7y 5m 22d - Only Child of B. L. & D. A. Brookins
BROOKS, Adelaide Born 1854 died U/K
BROOKS, Catharine F. Spouse of William P. died 9-7-1895 Age 49y 3m 2d - Dau of J. C. & C. C. Smith
BROOKS, David P. Spouse of Sarah died 2-22-1884 Age 74y 6m
BROOKS, James A. Born 11-3-1884 died 7-29-1885 - Son of William P. & Katie Brooks
BROOKS, Jessie K. died 8-26-1893 Age 21y - Dau of William P. & Katie Brooks
BROOKS, Josie died 8-24-1877 Age 4m - Dau of William P. & Katie Brooks
BROOKS, Sarah Spouse of David P. died 2-5-1870 Age 70y 10m
BROOKS, William P. Born 1884 died 1917
BROOKS, William S. Born 7-2-1880 died 12-31-1880 - Son of William P. & Katie Brooks
BROWN, Henry C, Born 1839 died 1907 - Civil War Vet, Co E 5th Cav NYS Vols, Saddler. Enlisted 1861 at Cuba for three years. Discharged 8-31-1864.
BROWN, Ruthem S. Born 1838 died U/K
BRYON, Melinda M. Spouse of H. C. Bryon Born 4-29-1838 died 3-13-1890
BUANE, Raftnson died 2-26-1880 - G. A. R.
BUCKLEY, Bonnelyn "Bonnie" Born 8/2/1940 died 11/4/2016 - Dau of Dean & Nickoli Capparulo Mowers b. Fillmore NY d. Cuba NY
BUELL, Bert C. Born 1882 died 1906
BUELL, John Spouse of Julia Born 6-19-1798 died 2-24-1885
BUELL, Julia Spouse of John died 6-28-1869 Age 65y
BUELL, Libbio M. Born 1864 died 1906
BUELL, Orton Spouse of Ruth Born 1828 died 1915
BUELL, Ruth Spouse of Orton Born 1833 died 1924
BURGESS, Bartie Born 1898 died 1898
BURGESS, Emma B. Born 1860 died U/K
BURGESS, Emory Davis Born 1850 died U/K
BURGESS, Esther A. died 3-5-1900
BURGESS, Joseph D. Born 5-18-1796 died 1-19-1871
BURGESS, Leo P. Born 1891 died 1906
BURGESS, Virginia Zoe Born 12-5-1917 died 11-25-2006 - Dau of Archie & Hazel Shaw Eldridge b. Auburn, NY d. Warsaw, NY
BURGLE, John M. Born 1884 died 1919
BURGLE, Loretta A. Born 1858 died 1922
BURR, Albert J. Spouse of Augusta F. - No Dates
BURR, Augusta F. Spouse of Albert J. died 3-16-1877 Age 24y - Dau of Alonzo & Georgiana Thayre
BURR, Eunice Born 1800 died 1882
BURR, George B. Spouse of Lillian E. Born 1855 died 1911
BURR, Infant Son died 12-31-1870 Age 4m
BURR, Lillian E. Spouse of George B. Born 1857 died U/K
BUTLER, Burton Born 1799 died 1891
BUTLER, Daniel died 1850 Age 63y
BUTLER, J. M. died 6-9-1885 Age 17y 11m
BUTLER, John J. Born 1828 died 1901
BUTLER, Martha Born 1800 died 1883
BUTLER, Pamelia A. Born 1832 died 1900
BUTLER, Polly Spouse of Robert K. Born 1825 died 1905
BUTLER, Robert K. Spouse of Polly died 5-22-1880 Age 60y
BUTTS, George died 5-7-1873 Age 63y
CADWELL, Allie died 1-9-1880 Age 7y 9m 8d - Dau of J. & M. Cadwell
CADWELL, Andrew Born 1835 died 1903
CADWELL, George R. Born 1876 died 1878
CADWELL, Harriet A. Born 1845 died U/K
CADWELL, James died 1879
CALDWELL, Addison died 11-4-1862 Age 23y 7m
CALDWELL, Betsy died 2-5-1870 Age 64y 10m
CALDWELL, Elizabeth Born 12-31-1837 died 8-11-18?0
CALDWELL, George died 9-29-1869 Age 37y 9m
CALDWELL, James Born 7-31-1794 died 7-27-1863
CALDWELL, Jennett died 10-22-1871 Age 70y
CARPENTER, Jamina Spouse of Abajiah died 7-10-1841 Age 43y 2m 11d
CARTER, Thomas Spouse of Anita Gillette Born 12-14-1914 died 1-21-2006 - Son of Thomas & Marie Wood Carter b. Aiken S.C. d. Houghton NY Wed: 9-28-1933 in Belfast
CARY, Alice R. died 4-16-1863 Age 8y 6m - Dau of David & Mary Cary
CHAMBERLAIN, Adam died 10-22-1881 Age 29y 10m - Son
CHAMBERLAIN, Phillip S. died 10-18-1879 Age 14y 3m 11d - Son
CHAMBERLAIN, Robert H. Spouse of Sarah Born 1825 died 1905 - Civil War Vet, Co I 160th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1862 at Allen for three years. Absent, in Marine Hospital New Orleans LA since 10-1864 and at muster out of company.
CHAMBERLAIN, Ruben H. died 12-24-1882 Age 32y 8m
CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah Spouse of Robert H. Born 4-6-1824 died 6-22-1888
CHAPHAN, Edwin Born 1884 died 1907
CHAPMAN, Deborah Spouse of F. B. Chapman Born 1829 died 1891
CHASE, John Paul Born 10-14-1838 died 12-3-1864 - Son of Elisha and Martha Chase, born in Phelps NY, died in Suffolk VA - Civil War DOD, Co F 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Allen Died of Disease 12-3-1862 in hospital at Suffolk VA.
CLARK, Albert Spouse of Lilly E. Born 11-17-1840 died 12-12-1927 - Civil War Vet, Co D 50th Engrs NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Allen for three years. Mustered out with company 6-3-1865 at fort Barry VA
CLARK, Alonzo P. Born 1-12-1818 died 7-28-1884
CLARK, Andrew Spouse of Mary Born 1820 died 1898
CLARK, Candice Rice Born 1834 died 1916
CLARK, E. M. Born 1864 died 1866
CLARK, George N. Born 1842 died 1887 - Civil War Vet, Co E 104th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted at Geneseo for three years. Re-enlisted as a veteran 2-28-1864. Mustered out 7-27-1865 at Elmira NY.
CLARK, George N. died 6-3-1837
CLARK, Henry Born 1835 died 1916
CLARK, James S. Born 3-14-1850 died 8-14-1884
CLARK, Julia E. Miner - No Information
CLARK, Lilly E. Spouse of Albert Born 11-3-1847 died 10-11-1906
CLARK, Mary Spouse of Andrew Born 1822 died 1888
CLARK, Oliver A. Born 1853 died 1867
CLARK, Simon B. Born 1820 died 1896
CLARK, Wilbur died 11-13-1883 Age 27y
CLAUS, William H. Born 1811 died 1845
CLUTE, C. Born 1871 died 1888
COLBURN, C. W. Spouse of Mary Born 8-23-1832 died 9-28-1878
COLBURN, Emily Duell Spouse of Loren Born 1830 died 1926
COLBURN, Loren Spouse of Emily Duell Born 1822 died 1897
COLBURN, Mary Spouse of C. W. Colburn Born 2-27-1835 died 7-7-1918
COLBURN, Mary A. Bixby Born 1857 died 1876
COLE, Fred D. Born 1861 died 1870
COLE, George M. Spouse of Mabel June Born 1829 died 1922
COLE, Julia M. Born 1834 died 1903
COLE, Lucy A. Spouse of Charles died 2-12-1873 Age 33y 6m
COLE, Mabel June Spouse of George M. Born 1837 died 1915
COLE, Ryneard D. Born 1826 died U/K
COLE, William Born 1854 died 1927
COLE, Willie died 6-19-1870 Age 4m
COLEMAN, Catherine Born 1850 died 1914
COLEMAN, John C. Born 1849 died 1921
COLMAN, Lena died 2-5-1883 Age 3y 5m
CONVERSE, Ellen Utley Born 1836 died 1906
COOPER, Eliza M. Spouse of J. B. Cooper Born 4-25-1839 died 3-20-1898
COOPER, George W., Rev. Spouse of Mary E. Watson Born 1829 died 1890
COOPER, Joel died 2-10-1866 Age 76y
COOPER, Mary E. Watson Spouse of Rev. George W. Born 1834 died 1920
COVELL, Electra died 8-28-1864 Age 36y 11m 20d
COVELL, Hiram B. - No Information
COY, Irena S. died 9-20-1856 Age 17y 2m 20d
COY, John died 8-30-1874 Age 38y
COY, Russel died 12-24-1874 Age 29y
COY, Russel died 8-22-1850 Age 54y 2m 3d
CRAFT, Elias died 6-1892 Age 40y
CRAFT, Warren G. died 1891 Age 11y
CRANE, Louise C. Born 1816 died 1852
CRANE, Ubert S. Born 1862 died 1918
CROCKER, Mary died 11-8-1929 Age 72y 1d
CRONK, Agnes died 11-15-1892 Age 2m - Daughter
CRONK, Angeline Born 8-20-1870 died 6-14-1891
CRONK, Beatrice L. Born 1906 died 1907 - Dau of H. E. Cronk
CRONK, Chester Born 1840 died 1904 - Civil War Vet, Co D 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted at Rushford in 1862 for three years. Wounded in Action7-3-1863 at Gettysburg. Transferred to Vet.Res. Corp. 3-15-1864. Mustered out with detachment 7-14-1865 at Cleveland OH
CRONK, Daniel Born 3-12-1883 died 12-9-1885
CRONK, Jane Born 1849 died 1924
CRONK, Lester Born 1846 died 1920
CRONK, Lillian A. Born 1897 died 1900 - Dau of H. E. Cronk
CRONK, Lillie died 5-11-1895 Age 41y
CRONK, Marian died 8-1-1871 Age 25y 7m - Daughter
CRONK, Olive Wright Born 1837 died 1918
CROTT, Elizabeth Spouse of John Born 1812 died 1890
CROTT, Frances Spouse of John H. Born 1845 died 1927
CROTT, John Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1800 died 1868
CROTT, John H. Spouse of Frances Born 1839 died 1918
CROWLEY, Adelia R. - No Information
CROWLEY, Alonson B. - No Information
CROWLEY, Anna A. - No Information
CROWLEY, Betsy J. - No Information
CROWLEY, Merritt J. - No Information
CROWLEY, Orphy L. - No Information
CURRAN, Francis E. [Bud] Spouse of Ida M. WEBSTER Born 4-03-1924 died 4-08-2003 - Son of William & Ruth (Merritt) Curran, b. Caneadea NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-18-1946 in Fillmore NY
CURTIS, Adaline Spouse of Joseph died 11-8-1868 Age 53y
CURTIS, Annie Spouse of Story Born 1794 died 1870
CURTIS, Clarisse S. Born 1840 died 1921
CURTIS, Dezell Spouse of #1 Harriet, #2 Selinda Born 1828 died 1902
CURTIS, E. H. - No Information
CURTIS, Eben Born 1824 died 1908
CURTIS, George died 9-10-1864 Age 5m
CURTIS, Harriet Spouse of Dezell died 2-16-1870 Age 33y 10m
CURTIS, Harriet M. Born 1823 died 1865
CURTIS, Jane L. Spouse of Ennis died 5-20-1870 Age 17y 1m
CURTIS, Joseph Spouse of Adaline died 10-2-1884 Age 73y 4m
CURTIS, Laura died 3-22-1860 Age 71y - Wife
CURTIS, Lewis S. Born 1836 died 1902
CURTIS, Selinda Spouse of Dezell Born 1835 died 1904 - Wife #2
CURTIS, Story Spouse of Annie Born 1775 died 1849
D' AUTREMONT, Adaline Spouse of Augustus Born 3-9-1830 died 8-11-1862
D' AUTREMONT, Addie Born 7-2-1864 died 9-25-1889
D' AUTREMONT, Augustus Spouse of Adaline Born 2-24-1822 died 3-29-1889
D' AUTREMONT, Charles A. Born 1830 died 1891
D' AUTREMONT, Edmond H. Born 1866 died 1930
D' AUTREMONT, Eveline E. Born 1833 died 1915
D' AUTREMONT, Frank Born 7-14-1855 died 3-11-1874
D' AUTREMONT, G. Onlee Born 1899 died 1904
D' AUTREMONT, Lovise M. Born 1865 died 1929
D' AUTREMONT, Mary C. Born 1829 died 1908
D' AUTREMONT, Matilda Born 1817 died 1884
DALEY, Albert A. Born 4-2-1883 died 4-14-1904
DALEY, Arthur M. Spouse of Phyllis Stuck Born 1-08-1932 died 4-28-2004 - Son of Merle & Marie (Spencer) Daley, b. Pike NY, d. Rochester NY, Wed 2-03-1960 in Fillmore NY, Dairy farmer
DALEY, Francis L. Born 7-15-1935 died 1-23-2005 - Son of Merle & Marie Spencer Daley
DALEY, Phyllis M. Spouse of Arthur M. Born 5/25/1937 died 5/2/2015 - Dau of Ira & Mary Louise Harbeck Stuck b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 2-3-1960 in Fillmore NY
DAMON, Cora E. Born 1885 died 1918
DANIELS, Charles N. Born 4-15-1826 died 1-6-1898
DANIELS, Sarah Born 2-23-1825 died 1-22-1892 - Daughter
DANIELS, Sylvester S. Born 2-4-1848 died 9-29-1866
D'AUTREMONT, George Born 1856 died 1917 - School Commissioner 12-12-1898 to 12-31-1905, District Superintendent of Schools 1-1-1912 to 12-20-1917
DREW, A. F. - No Information
DREW, Carlos - No Information
DREW, H. A. - No Information
DREW, Hiram G. Born 4-26-1858 died 8-27-1881
DREW, Julia A. died 12-30-1864 Age 3y 9m 2d
DREW, Mary died 11-4-1870 Age 5y 6m 2d
DUNN, John Born 1864 died 1929
DUNNING, Altie A. died 1864
DUNNING, Braunson Spouse of Gertrude Born 1847 died 1897
DUNNING, Georgia R. Born 5-2-1874 died 9-24-1880
DUNNING, Gertrude Spouse of Braunson Born 1845 died 1928
DUNNING, Henry Born 1837 died 1917 - G. A. R.
DUNNING, Mrs. A. L. Born 1832 died 1918
DUNNING, Seneca D. Born 1859 died 1925
EASTWOOD, Betsy E. Nicholson Spouse of Leroy Born 9-12-1921 died 4-17-1893
EASTWOOD, Leroy Spouse of Betsy E. Nicholson Born 10-21-1819 died 6-4-1862
ELMER, Emeline Spouse of Levi Born 1836 died 1908
ELMER, Fred Born 1888 died 1914
ELMER, Kate Born 1856 died 19?? - Wife
ELMER, Levi Spouse of Emeline Born 4-4-1830 died 8-31-1885
ELWOOD, Edna - Daughter
ELWOOD, W. H. Born 1852 died 1899
ENSIGN, Diana Spouse of Amos T. died 1-18-1863 Age 48y 10m
EVANS, Howard C. Spouse of Shirley Humel Born 4-21-1937 died 1-9-2007 - Son of Carlos & Ruth Hotchkiss Evans b. Rochester, NY d. Warsaw, NY
EVANS, ShilreyAnn Betty Spouse of Howard Evans Born 11/9/1938 died 1/23/2019 - Dau of Robert & Frieda Grampp Humel b. E. Pembroke, NY d. Fillmore, NY
FANCHER, Lowell B. Spouse of Lois Irene Gillette Born 3/22/1926 died 5/10/2018 Age 92y - Son of Ralph & Lulu Belle Reed Fancher b. Houghton, NY d. Fillmore, NY Wed 8/27/1949 Cuba, NY - US Army WWII Veteran
FARLING, Elizabeth Born 11-29-1842 died 9-15-1847
FARLING, Horace Born 3-5-1838 died 2-8-1878
FARLING, Nicholas Born 10-3-1835 died 7-22-1841
FARNSWORTH, Charles K. Born 1840 died 1909
FARNSWORTH, Drusilla Born 1842 died 1898
FARNSWORTH, Helen M. Born 2-25-1861 died 3-18-1916
FARNSWORTH, Henry K. died 8-21-1840 Age 27y 8m 3d - Son
FARNSWORTH, Hermie Born 1869 died 1871 - Son
FARNSWORTH, Homer L. Born 2-22-1846 died 5-1-1882
FARNSWORTH, Jay Born 2-19-1808 died 7-7-1864
FARNSWORTH, Louisa Born 12-22-1814 died 9-3-1887
FARNSWORTH, Minerva died 10-13-1860 Age 17y 9m 2d - Daughter
FAY, George Born 1849 died 1929
FEIT, Mary A. Spouse of Charles died 4-11-1843 Age 19y
FITZGERALD, Peter died 8-29-1872 Age 19y
FOLGER, S. Mary Spouse of Robert L. Born 7/11/1916 died 3/23/2012 age - Dau of Sidney & Viva Bassler Dodge b. Newfane NY d. Olean NY Robert died 2-16-1982
FOOT, Martha Born 1858 died 19??
FOOT, William Born 1840 died 1920
FOSTER, Eva Born 1863 died 1864
FOX, Aoha L. Born 1854 died 19??
FOX, Merton A. Born 1879 died 1922
FOX, Nettie A. Born 1881 died 19??
FOX, Willis L. Born 1850 died 19??
FRANK, Joseph Born 1843 died 1921 - b. Byean, Germany d. Canada
FRAZIER, Clara Burrowes Spouse of E. O. Frazier Born 1867 died 1895
FRAZIER, E. O. Spouse of Clara Burrowes - No Information
FRAZIER, James A. Spouse of Olive P. Beach Born 1803 died 1886
FRAZIER, Little Eva - No Information
FRAZIER, Olive P. Beach Spouse of James A. Born 1814 died 1880
FULLER, Eliza G. Spouse of Omar Born 1832 died 1907
FULLER, Omar Spouse of Eliza G. Born 1829 died 1900 - Civil War Vet, Co F 4th Hvy Arty, NYS Vols, Artificer. Enlisted 1862 at NY for three years. Mustered out 5-17-1865 at Washington DC.
FURDUN, Samuel Born 1851 died U/K
FURDUN, Sarah Duglas Born 1854 died U/K
FURGUSON, Elizabeth died 12-9-1836 Age 5y
GALLAGHER, Meron Born 1874 died 1899
GATES, Charles M. Born 1825 died 1916
GATES, Mary B. Born 1836 died 1907
GAYFORD, Dora R. Spouse of Fred A. Born 1872 died 1906
GAYFORD, Fred A. Spouse of Dora R . - No Information
GELSER, Elna D. Born 1899 died U/K
GELSER, Luella E. Born 1901 died 1924
GELSER, Ray W. Born 1889 died 1926
GILLETT, Adelsia M. Born 1869 died 1926
GILLETT, Almira B. Spouse of Phiolo died 1-14-1882 Age 70y 18d
GILLETT, Benjamin E. Born 1854 died 1916
GILLETT, Denilo Spouse of Roxany died 12-25-1872 Age 52y
GILLETT, Philo Spouse of Almira B. died 5-31-1885 Age 79y
GILLETT, Roxany Spouse of Denilo died 11-14-1902 Age 31y
GILLETTE, Dewight D. Born 1846 died 1915
GILLETTE, Emma S. Spouse of Judson M. Born 1863 died 1925
GILLETTE, Francis A. Born 1866 died 1925
GILLETTE, Hugh N. Born 1885 died 1926
GILLETTE, Judson M. Spouse of Emma S. Born 1856 died 1922
GLEDHILL, E. Ruth Spouse of Clair M. Gledhill Born 4/21/1921 died 2/19/2018 - Dau of Cheeter & Janette Cromwell b. Nunda, NY d. Gainsville, FL
GOODRICH, Hannah J. died 3-12-1846 Age 1y 6m 3d
GOULD, Jr., Charles Born 1864 died 1868
GOULD, Ovisa Born 1834 died 1912
GREEN, Lovinna Spouse of W. W. Green Born 4-2-1816 died 1-14-1896
GREEN, W. W. Spouse of Lovinna Born 6-21-1816 died 10-10-1893
GRIFFITH, E. - No Information
GRIFFITH, Elizabeth died 9-30-1868 Age 36y 7m 13d
GRIFFITH, L. J. - No Information
GRIFFITH, Legrana - No Information
GRIFFITH, Lucy E. Budd Born 6-27-1853 died 6-18-1911
GROVES, Charles E. died 11-20-1873 Age 11y 9m 29d
GROW, Denillo Born 6-10-1838 died 4-30-1896
GRUNN, Abbie Born 1870 died 1931
GUNN, A. S. died 5-3-1863 Age 35y
GUNN, G. H. died 7-4-1854 Age 4y
GUNN, Horace died 2-4-1849 Age 51y
HAAS, Baby - Son of G. & S. B. Haas No dates
HAFF, Edwin W. Born 1860 died 1926
HAFF, Jennie G. Born 1860 died 19??
HAINES, Dora E. Hammond Born 1864 died U/K
HAINES, Frank B. Born 1862 died 1917
HAINEY, Erma L. Spouse of Howard Redmond & Joseph Hainey Born 1-13-1909 died 8-30-2005 - Dau of James & Nellie Kinney Lapp b. Rossburg, NY d. Wellsville, NY
HALL, Amelia Spouse of M. W. Hall died 10-4-1881 Age 37y 6m
HALL, Charlotte A. died 3-4-1868 Age 45y
HALL, Mary A. Spouse of H. W, Hall died 8-29-1887 Age 45y 6m
HALL, Samuel Born 1846 died 1907
HALL, Sarah Born 1848 died 1908
HALL, Thomas died 11-13-1884 Age 74y 28d
HALSTSEAD, Rosie died 5-1-1886 Age 11y
HAM, Linus Born 1839 died 1912
HAM, Sarah E. Born 1839 died 1899
HAM, U/K Born 1871 died 1899 - Daughter
HAMILTON, Anna P. Born 1852 died 1907
HAMMOND, Ella J. Spouse of Edson A. Born 7-26-1852 died 9-6-1884
HAMMOND, Belle I. Born 1875 died 1881
HAMMOND, Clara died 2-1-1882 Age 24y
HAMMOND, Dewight G. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Born 1850 died U/K
HAMMOND, Edson A. Spouse of Ella J. Born 1845 died 1894
HAMMOND, Eliza. A. Born 10-14-1812 died 2-16-1895
HAMMOND, Elizabeth A. Spouse of Dewight G. Born 1852 died U/K
HAMMOND, Eugene F. Born 1871 died 1872 - Son of Dewight G. & Elizabeth F. Hammond
HAMMOND, Father - No Information
HAMMOND, Harmon L. died 9-22-1874 Age 6m 5d - Son of B. A . & M. J. Hammond
HAMMOND, Helen M. Born 1839 died 1907
HAMMOND, Isadore S. Born 6-4-1849 died 12-5-1852
HAMMOND, John Born 1-23-1871 died 3-8-1887
HAMMOND, John M. Born 6-4-1842 died 7-1-1862 - Civil War KIA, Co B, 44th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Albany for three years. Killed in action 7-1-1862 at Malvern Hill VA.
HAMMOND, Jonas D. Born 1896 died 1915
HAMMOND, Mary J. Spouse of O. F. Hammond died 11-24-1891 Age 69y
HAMMOND, Monerva Spouse of B. A. Hammond died 5-26-1879 Age 24y 8m 4d
HAMMOND, O. F. Spouse of Mary J. died 3-5-???? Age 77y
HANKS, Maria Harding died 8-12-1924 Age 71y
HARDING, Eliza Wood Spouse of E. E. Harding died 10-22-1893 Age 72y
HARDING, Agnes Dolly Born 7-4-1889 died 4-21-1904 - Dau of Aurther B. & Alice E. M. Harding
HARDING, Aurther B. Born 1859 died 1923
HARDING, E. E. Spouse of Eliza Wood died 2-29-1904 Age 87y 1m 18d
HARDING, Fritzy - No Information
HARDING, George W. died 7-15-1931 Age 80y 9m 13d
HARDING, Myrtle M. Brown Born 6-22-1869 died 2-15-1902
HARK, Frank W. Born 1851 died 1924
HARWOOD, John Born 4-3-1810 died 1-9-1894 - Born in Connecticut - Civil War Vet, Co I, 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Grove for three years. Discharged 10-5-1863 for disability at Manassas Junction VA
HASKEL, Cora A. Born 1860 died 1900 - Dau of J. L. & Mary Jane Haskel
HASKEL, J. L. Spouse of Mary Jane Born 1830 died 1908
HASKEL, Mary Jane Spouse of J. L. Haskel Born 1837 died 1902
HASKINS, Rhoda A. Born 1862 died 19??
HASKINS, Vernon A. Born 1853 died 1923
HATCH, Janice M. "Jan: Spouse of Harry Born 2/17/1937 died 7/5/2015 - Dau of Lawrence & Leah Wolfer Thomas b. Town of Hume NY d. Buffalo NY Wed u/k Harry b. 5-16-1930 d. 2-9-2013
HICKS, Frank K. Spouse of Helena M. Born 1871 died U/K
HICKS, Helena M. Spouse of Frank K. Born 1874 died 1921
HILL, Charles Hartman Age 82y 2m 5d - No Dates
HILL, George H. Born 8-27-1875 died 1-7-1878
HILL, Mary died 1-24-1927 Age 76y 6m 2d
HITCHCOCK, Della M. Born 7-29-1856 died 7--27-1894
HITCHCOCK, Frank B. Born 9-3-1859 died 4-17-1880
HITCHCOCK, Louilla I. Born 10-6-1852 died 3-6-1868
HITCHCOCK, Luke R. Spouse of Susan Ann Gregory Born 2-11-1823 died 3-26-1896
HITCHCOCK, Susan Ann Gregory Spouse of Luke R. Born 9-10-1830 died 5-17-1903
HOADLEY, Henry - No Information
HOADLEY, Juliaette died 11-28-1872 Age 11y 3d
HOADLEY, Lorinda - No Information
HOADLEY, Miles Newton died 1-22-1868 Age 7y 5m - Son of I. N. & M. A. Hoadley
HODNETTE, Addie R. Spouse of Edward Born 1849 died 1895
HODNETTE, Edward Spouse of Addie R. Born 1846 died 1923
HODNETTE, Willie died 9-10-1869 Age 2y
HOISINGTON, Henry Born 1820 died 1866
HOISNGTON, Mary P. Born 1825 died 1893
HOLLAND, Thomas died 11-13-1888 Age 67y 8m
HOLLARD, Etta Spouse of S. N. Hollard Born 1878 died 1918
HOLT, Polly Spouse of Asa died 9-3-1874 Age 91y - Erected by her Daughter Mary
HOPKINS, Abbaline died 5-5-1891 Age 72y
HOPKINS, Angeline died 9-30-1880 Age 42y
HOPKINS, D. Clark died 7-29-1886 Age 36y 3m
HOPKINS, David died 7-24-1875 Age 62y 3m
HOPKINS, David W. died 11-10-1860 Age 87y 9m
HOPKINS, E. Born 1889 died U/K
HOPKINS, Emma Jane died 2-23-1869 Age 2y 6m 12d - Dau of W. M. & Mary Hopkins
HOPKINS, Hannah Born 1840 died 1915
HOPKINS, Josephine Emily Spouse of John E. Born 3-12-1919 died 10-15-2006 - Dau of Lester & Bernice Smith Rees b. Hume NY d. Olean, NY Wed: 4-27-1940
HOPKINS, M. died 7-10-1879 Age 4y
HOPKINS, Mary P. Born 1824 died 1902
HOPKINS, Theodore L. "Ted" Spouse of Judith Dodds Born 3/20/1945 died 11/21/2015 Age 70y - Son of John & Josephine Rees Hopkins, died in Fillmore NY. Wed 1968. Ted was a retired dairy farmer (40 years) also serving his community and county as Hume Township Supervisor for 24 years & as Allegany District 1 Legislator for 10 years
HOPKINS, William Born 1825 died 1902
HOPPY, Enis - No Information
HOTCHKISS, Esther J. Spouse of Warren H. Born 4-12-1919 died 5-23-2007 Age 88 - Dau of Rev. Noah & Rev. Mae Kierstead Shaffer b. Forrestville NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-27-1940
HOWDEN, Abigail Spouse of Henry C. died 1-19-1869 Age 74y
HOWDEN, Charles Born 1863 died 1870
HOWDEN, Clarinda Spouse of William Born 1824 died 1902
HOWDEN, Cora M. Born 1865 died 1868
HOWDEN, Elizabeth Born 1849 died 1849
HOWDEN, Ella died 5-9-1863 Age 9y - Dau of Henry C. & Abigail Howden
HOWDEN, Florence Born 1872 died 1872
HOWDEN, Frank died 7-12-1864 Age 12y 7d - Son of Henry C. & Abigail Howden
HOWDEN, Harvey M. Spouse of Mary N. Born 1826 died 1901
HOWDEN, Henry C. Spouse of Abigail died 2-10-1885 Age 92y - G. A. R.
HOWDEN, Henry C . Born 1849 died 19??
HOWDEN, Jay A. Born 1850 died 1870
HOWDEN, John H. Born 1855 died 1921
HOWDEN, Jr., John Born 1880 died 1882
HOWDEN, Judson Born 1853 died 1932
HOWDEN, Mary N. Spouse of Harvey M. Born 1828 died 1904
HOWDEN, May P. Born 1869 died 1873
HOWDEN, Nella A. Born 1850 died 1927
HOWDEN, Oscar D. Born 1851 died 1890
HOWDEN, Ruth W. Born 1857 died 19??
HOWDEN, Ward S. Born 1882 died 1896
HOWDEN, William Spouse of Clarinda Born 1823 died 1890
HUNTER, Andrew G. died 3-1-1870 Age 5m 25d
HUNTER, Anna M. Spouse of James H. Born 1854 died U/K
HUNTER, James H. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1853 died 1913
HURLBUT, Candee Sanborn died 1915 - Infant Dau of G. S. & J. A. Hurlbut
INGERSOLL, Robert Born 1887 died 1919
INGHAM, Chaney Born 1794 died 1868
INGHAM, Charles Born 1820 died 1879
INGHAM, Charles E. Born 1849 died 1916
INGHAM, Charlotte Born 1823 died 1881
INGHAM, E. Mirian Skiff Born 1853 died U/K
INGHAM, Joseph Born 1817 died 1878
INGHAM, Sarah S. Born 1789 died 1876
INGRAM, Anna E . Spouse of Joseph H. - No Information
INGRAM, Joseph H. Spouse of Anna E. died 11-28-1894 Age 72y - Civil War Vet, MI Vols
IVES, Milo Born 1814 died 1878
JACKSAH, John E. died 1-18-1878130y
JACKSON, Charles M. Spouse of Mary A. died 3-18-1874 Age 34y 10m 18d
JACKSON, Maria - No Information
JACKSON, Mary A. Spouse of Charles M. - No Information
JACKSON, Oliver A. - No Information
JACKSON, Samuel E. died 12-8-1875 Age 22y 11m. - Son of Charles M. & Mary A. Jackson
JOHNS, Stanley T. Spouse of Patricia Becker Born 7/28/1927 died 9/26/2015 - Son of Wesley & Sadie Ester Fisher Johns b. Elton NY d. Houghton NY Wed 9-12-1980 in Hanover PA - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS Midway
JOHNSON, Alta B. died 8-23-1873 Age 7y 6m
JOHNSON, John A. Born abt 1827 died 11-16-1896 Age 68y - Civil War Vet, Co H 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Ashford for one year. Mustered out with company 6-11-1865 near Bladensburg MD.
JOHNSON, Mary Born 1891 died 1895
JONES, David W. Spouse of Evelyn Gfeller Born 11-5-1941 died 12-1-2006 - Son of Leo & Helen Parcels Jones b. West Almond, NY d. Rochester, NY
JONES, Ida Putnam Born 1862 died 1897
KELLER, Lewis B. Born 1-26-1818 died 4-12-1853
KENNEDY, Mary Holt Spouse of Noah Born 1826 died 1914
KENNEDY, Noah Spouse of Mary Holt died 12-25-1881 Age 73y 4m
KENNEDY, Willie died 8-4-1867 Age 4y 4m
KERGHGRABER, Anna died 12-28-1878 Age 44y 9m 19d
KERGHGRABER, Father Born 1849 died 1928
KERGHGRABER, Mother Born 1851 died 1921
KERGHGRABER, Richard - No Information
KLOCK, Lucinda Born 1813 died 1857
KNIBLOE, Keith M. Spouse of Grace M. Talbott Born 1/5/1925 died 10/31/2018 Age 93y - Son of Donald & Beula Mills Kibloe b. Town of Granger, NY d. Oloean, NY Wed 4/2/1947
KNIRLOE, Ida Cox Spouse of William B. Born 1860 died 1919


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