World War II Veterans

These pages contain the names of 1249 men and women from Allegany County who served in World War II.
Some were born here, others came to the county later in life. They all helped make the county what it is today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. If the service begins with Vet, the soldier survived the war.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • The ~ means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Allegany County's Medal of Honor recipients


Name Service Death Date Burial Place
SACKETT, Harry N. US Army Air Force, 2500 Base Unit, Sgt 1-4-1954 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SANDFORD, Raymond H. US Army Air Corps 6-22-2007 Alger, Hume NY
SANFORD, Gordon L.  US Army Air Corps 6-25-2012 Bowler Memorial
SAUNDERS, Victor L. US Army, Pvt 6-6-1988 Fairlawn Scio
SAWYER, Francis L.  US Navy, Pacific Theater 8-10-2011 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SAWYER, Robert H. US Navy 12-31-1998 Whitesville Rural
SAXON, Carl ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SCHAFFNER, Clarence D. [Mike] US Army Air Corps, Europe 12-25-1988 St. Marys, Bolivar
SCHEN, Harold A. US Navy aboard the USS Augusta 4-14-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
SCHMELZER, Edward A. US Navy, PM3 9-26-1990 St. Mary's, Amity
SCHNEIDER, William J. US Navy 8-25-2006 St. Mary's, Burns
SCHOENHERR, Karl J. US Merchant Marine. Appointed to U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point in 1944 and served on a Merchant Marine tanker from April 1945 to June 1946 12-13-2009 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SCHOFIELD, Hezekiah H. DNB, US Army, Pvt 1-22-1942 Whitesville Rural
SCHOLES, Kenneth F. US Army, Tec5 3-11-1993 Canaseraga
SCHRADER, Kenneth Robert US Navy, F1 1989 Canaseraga
SCHRADER, Richard C. US Army Air Forces, radar man for weather missions over Japan Mariana Islands & Tinian Island  7-6-2013 Gates of Heaven
SCHRAM, John J. US Army, Tec5 3-29-1990 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SCOTT, Graham H. US Army, Cpl 6-22-1986 Canaseraga
SCOTT, Harold E. US Army, Pvt 10-10-1977 Christ Church Episcopal
SCOTT, Howard Monroe US Army Air Force, Pvt 3-30-2011 Canaseraga
SCOTT, James D. US Army, Pfc 2000 Canaseraga
SCOTT, Kenneth C. US Army, T/Sgt. 1-1-2005 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SCOTT, Lewis ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SCOTT, Robert D. ~ 1993 Canaseraga
SCOTT, Roland George US Army, STU Trng Corp, Pvt 11-29-1968 Canaseraga
SCOTT, Walter E. US Army, Pfc. Purple Heart 3-23-2004 Forest Hills Amity
SCOTT, Wayne ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SEARLE, James E. US Army, Tec5  8-2-1997 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SEELEY, Richard L. [Dick] US Navy, Sea Rescue Air Sqdn B 10-12-2000 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SEGER, Linford T US Army, Pvt 1-29-1981 Whitesville Rural
SEVCIK, Emil W. US Air Force and US Coast Guard 2-14-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
SHANER, Everett L. US Marine Corps, 4th Div, Cpl. Purple Heart 7-11-2001 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SHANER, Howard R. US Navy 7-20-1985 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SHANER, Robert L. US Army 9-22-2007 St. Marys, Bolivar
SHARP, Dale C. US Navy Pacific, USS Derrick  1-23-2003 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SHAVALIER, Ronald A. US Army, Tec5 3-30-1974 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SHAY, Howard S USMC 10-9-2012 Canaseraga
SHAY, Merle J. US Army, South Pacific 11-9-2005 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SHEA, Daniel M. Sr. US Army, S/Sgt. Purple Heart 11-13-1994 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SHEA, J. Whitney US Army Air Corps, Capt 1994 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
SHEAR, Norman Glenn US Army 11-7-2001 Woodlawn, Wellsville
SHEAR, Raymond F. US Army Air Force 12-21-2001 Cuba
SHELLMAN, Claude L [Zeke] US Army, Tec4. Purple Heart 2-13-1998 Gates of Heaven
SHERIDAN, David Louis USNR, Sp2. New York 4-30-1959 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SHERWOOD, Robert N. US Merchant Marines & US Navy 1-17-2015 Sacred Heart, Friendship
SHERWOOD, Stanley W. US Army, S/Sgt 1981 Stannards
SHINE, John Charles [Charlie] U.S. Army, Capt. Purple Heart & Jubilee of Liberty Medal  2-19-2004 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SHINE, Walter B. US Army 6-2-2005 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SHUTT, Darwin D US Army, S/Sgt. Career (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 5-7-1987 Whitesville Rural
SICK, Robert E. [Bob] US Navy. Served stateside in Alamenda & Livermore California 10-13-2009 Woodlawn, Wellsville
SIEGGS, Richard ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SIMMS. Leland W. [Pete] US Navy. North Atlantic 4-1-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
SIMONS, Earnest Arthur  US Army 102nd QM Regt 1-4-1947 Mt. Hope, Friendship
SIMONS, Glenn E.  [Jumbo] US Army  7-4-2004 Mt. Hope, Friendship
SISSON, George E. US Army, Pfc  2-1-1992 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SISSON, Harold F. US Army Air Corps, Sgt. 12-14-2005 Alfred Rural
SIVIER, Chester J. [Chet] US Army Air Corps, Retired as Lt. Col. P-51 Pilot with 77th Fighter Squadron flying bomber support over Europe out of King's Cliff Air Force Base in England  3-5-2011 Cuba
SKINNER, Jean Glaser US Navy May 9, 1976 Richburg
SLADE, Raymond P. [Sam] US Marine Corps 3-22-2003 Gates of Heaven
SLEGGS, George R. [Dick] US Army, Sgt  1999 Canaseraga
SLEIGHT, Carl W. US Army, Tec5  10-21-1990 Canaseraga
SLEIGHT, Floyd ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SLOCUM, Floyd E US Army Air Force, 72nd Air Soc SP, S/Sgt 11-6-1969 Whitesville Rural
SLOCUM, Ralph O. US Army, 26th Inf, 1st Div, Pfc. Bronze Star Medal  9-9-1958 Stannards
SLUSSER, Stanley ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SMITH, Clifford H. US Army 5-2-2014 Cuba
SMITH, Dale T US Army, Tec4 2-7-1997 Whitesville Rural
SMITH, Dean USMC, Cpl 9-23-1997 Whitesville Rural
SMITH, Frank W. Sr.  US Army Air Force 449th Fighter Squadron 1942-1945 6-16-2001 Maple Grove, Friendship
SMITH, George H. ~ 10-25-1988 Black Creek
SMITH, Raymond H. US Navy, S1, US Air Force, AB (also Korea) 4-12-1993 St. Mary's, Amity
SMITH, Richard E.  US Navy 04-04-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
SMITH, Richard L. US Army, Sgt 1977 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SMITH, Robert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SMITH, Victor J.  ~ 7-10-1948 Holy Cross, Belfast
SNYDER, Arthur V. US Army 2-12-2005 Alfred Rural
SNYDER, R. Craig  US Army 7-21-2014 Hillside, Andover
SNYDER, Walter M. US Army, Tec5 2-9-1998 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SORTORE, John C. US Army, Tec5 12-22-1998 Forest Hills Amity
SORTORE, Melvin Wendell US Army 79th Chemical Co. 10-22-2003 Forest Hills Amity
SPENCER, E. Dean US Navy 10-19-2006 St. Mary's, Burns
SPENCER, Marion ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SPENCER, Richard ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SPENSER, Don Houghton Dead, US Navy, EM2 9-24-1943 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
SPRING, Paul R.  US Army, Pfc. 1-12-1988 Christ Church Episcopal
STADELMAN, Harry J USMC, Cpl 7-3-1942 Whitesville Rural
STARK, Conrad F. US Merchant Marines. 1941-1945 1-6-2004 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
STEBBINS, Herrington C US Army 11-20-2002 Woodlawn, Wellsville
STEBBINS, Kenneth H.  US Army 5-18-2011 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
STEBBINS, Lyle F US Army Air Force, Pfc 1-20-1998 Whitesville Rural
STENG, Paul C US Army, Sgt 7-26-2002 St. Mary's, Burns
STEWART, Raymond G. US Army, Pvt 1-7-1987 Fairlawn Scio
STEWART, Wilbur ~ ~ [Canaserega]
STICKLE, William J. DNB, 317 Bomb SQ 307 Bomb, 2/Lt 12-16-1942 Natl Mem Cem of the Pacific, HI, Sect N, Gr 1437
STILLMAN, Donald E. US Army, 303rd MTC, Sgt 1925 Maple Lawn, Boliver
STIVES, Gerald A. US Army, 128th Evacuation Hospital Div, Pvt Medic 5-23-2005 Maple Lawn, Boliver
STOCKMAN, Richard F. [Bud]  507th US Parachute Inf 82nd Airborne 10-11-2001 Maple Grove, Friendship
STODDARD, Sidney L. US Navy 9-24-2001 Maple Lawn, Boliver
STOHR, Harold Jr. US Army, Pfc  1-10-1990 Maple Lawn, Boliver
STONE, Clarence Sr. [Fred] US Navy, S2 12-30-1993 Maple Lawn, Boliver
STONHAM, Junior F. US Army, S/Sgt 5-9-1997 Maple Lawn, Boliver
STONHAM, Robert M. US Army, Cpl 1996 Stannards
STORM, Hurford A.  US Army, Cpl.  4-13-1998 Mt. Hope, Friendship
STOUT, Elizabeth [Jeanne] USMC, Pfc 3-18-1988 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
STOUT, R. Wells US Navy, FC3 2-10-2004 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
STRAIGHT, Gaylord Nelson US Army, 13th Vol 101 Airborne, Pfc. Purple Heart, 2 Bronze Stars 7-7-2004 Maple Lawn, Boliver
STUCK, Theron W. US Navy, S1 6-27-1994 Forest Hills Amity
STUCK, Victor E.  US Army 8-19-2010 Alfred Rural
STUDER, Paul F. [Bus] US Army 4-25-2010 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
STURDEVANT, Harley L. US Army, 9th Tank Bn. Bronze Star & WW2 Victory Medal  11-29-2003 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SULLIVAN, Richard J. Sr. US Navy, PHM1 11-22-1984 Oramel
SUTHERLAND, Donald F. US Army, Pvt 6-13-1979 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SWAIN, Carl ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SWAIN, Hugh W US Army Air Force, S/Sgt 10-12-2001 Canaseraga
SWALES, Burt US Army Air Force, Tech Center 1942-1943 5-17-2011 Pine Grove
SWARTHOUT, Irving J. Jr. US Army 1987 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SWARTHOUT, Irving J. Jr. US Army, Capt 1987 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SWARTHOUT, James R. US Navy, F1 4-6-2002 Maple Lawn, Boliver
SWARTHOUT, Leslie F.  US Navy, AEM3 2-26-1988 Mt. Hope, Friendship
SWARTHOUT, Merle W. US Army, Fighter Pilot & Flight Instructor 1-30-2009 Our Lady of Angels
SWEENEY, Charles V. US Army, Sgt 11-11-1980 St. Marys, Bolivar
SWEET, Douglas V. Sr. US Navy 2-10-2005 Riverside, Belfast
SWEET, Harold Frank USNR, F1 1-7-1962 Fairlawn Scio
SWEET, Paul B. US Navy Seabees. South Pacific 3-3-1999 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
SWEET, Robert C. US Army, 101st Airborne. Normandy invasion and Europe. Two Purple Hearts, French Jubilee of Liberty Medal & French Legion of Honor Medal  3-27-2011 Woodlawn, Wellsville
SWEITZER, Harold ~ ~ [Canaserega]
SWIFT, Paul A.  National Guard, Co 1, 174th Inf 7-20-2007 Cuba
SWORT, Donald F US Army, Sgt 11-15-1977 Whitesville Rural
TAGGART, Bruce V. US Marine Corps 7-14-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
TARANTINE, Modestino [Mote] US Army Air Corps. Awarded two Air Medals - Distinguished Flying Cross & Asiatic-Pacific Service Medal  7-14-2007 St. Mary's, Amity
TARR, Norman M. Sr. US Army, Pfc  12-19-1972 Maple Lawn, Boliver
TAYLOR, Leon J. 251st AAA Gp CAC, Tec5 7-28-1971 First Burying Ground
TAYLOR, Lloyd E. US Army. South Pacific 2-19-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
TAYLOR, Robert E US Army Air Corps, Cpl 12-13-1993 Whitesville Rural
TAYLOR, Wendell G . US Navy, S2 2-13-1982 Fairlawn Scio
TAYLOR, Wilfred M. US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 6-28-1994 Knights Creek
TERRY, John Stanley US Army 10-9-2013 Until the Day Dawn
TERWILLIGER, Leverette ~ ~ [Canaserega]
TERWILLIGER, Leverette ~ ~ [Canaserega]
THAYER, Herbert H. US Army Air Force. Australia & New Guinea 12-5-2007 Alger, Hume NY
THIELE, Herman US Army. Normandy Invasion. Bronze Star 5-25-2005 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
THOMAS, Ernest ~ 1-30-1964 Forest Hills Amity
THOMAS, Frederick G. US Army, Tec5 1979 Forest Hills Amity
THOMAS, Howard ~ ~ [Canaserega]
THOMAS, John L. US Navy, GM3 9-Jan-88 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
THOMAS, Leon ~ ~ [Canaserega]
THOMAS, Lewis ~ ~ [Canaserega]
THOMPKINS, Gerald C. US Army, Pfc 11-9-1985 Fairlawn Scio
THOMPSON, Harold G. Civil Air Ptrol  2-1-2005 Woodlawn, Wellsville
THOMPSON, Raymond F. US Army 8-25-2006 Cuba
THOMPSON, Stephen ~ ~ [Canaserega]
THOMPSON, Thorold ~ 6-14-1992 Woodlawn, Wellsville
THOMSON, Donald N. ~ 11-5-1975 Mt. Hope, Friendship
THORWART, Donald M. US Army, Tec4 9-26-2000 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
THORWART, Robert James US Air Force, T/Sgt (also Korea) 1-1-1989 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
THURBER, Howard W. US Army, Pfc 9-11-1993 Hardys Corner
TINCHER, Conrad L. US Coast Guard 9-13-1999 Forest Hills Amity
TOMPKINS, Clarence E. US Army, Pfc 10-25-1989 Forest Hills Amity
TOMPKINS, Richard F. US Navy, Pacific aboard USS Amesbury  12-5-2008 Stannards
TORPEY, Howard D. US Army, Pfc. Co. M  26th Inf 11-28-1966 Fairlawn Scio
TRAVIS, Edward A. US Army, Tec4 1983 St. Marys, Bolivar
TRAVIS, Richard K. US Navy 3-2-1986 Forest Hills Amity
TRAVIS, William US Army, Pfc 8-12-1985 Forest Hills Amity
TREDWAY, Robert L. US Navy, CM2 1-24-1988 Bellville, New Hudson
TREZISE, Richard Edwin US Navy, Lt. Europe & Japan aboard USS Ludlow 3-28-2004 Woodlawn, Wellsville
TRIMBLE, William H. Jr. US Army, Capt. 9-21-1990 Maple Lawn, Boliver
TUCKER, Alfred A. US Navy 1978 Fairlawn Scio
TUCKER, Alfred J. US Army Air Force, Sgt 17-Nov-86 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
TUCKER, Alfred W. US Army. Career (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 1977 Forest Hills Amity
TUCKER, Betty ~ ~ [Canaserega]
TUCKER, Robert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
TUCKER, Vincent ~ ~ [Canaserega]
TUCKER, Warren ~ ~ [Canaserega]
TULLAR, Bayard C.  US Army, Tec5 1-20-1990 Woodlawn, Wellsville
TURNER, Benjamin D. US Army Air Force, M/Sgt 1-5-1995 Maple Lawn, Boliver
TURNER, Benjamin D. US Army Air Force, M/Sgt 1-5-1995 Maple Lawn, Boliver
TURYBURY, Charles G. US Coast Guard, S1 7-16-1996 Fairlawn Scio
TURYBURY, Ernest N. US Army, Tec5 3-15-1990 Maple Lawn, Boliver
UNDERWOOD, LaRue [Rudy] US Army, Sgt 8-2-1989 Canaseraga
UNDERWOOD, Leslie L. US Army, Tec5 11-21-1988 Canaseraga
UNDERWOOD, Thayre ~ ~ [Canaserega]
UPTEGROFF, Abner ~ ~ [Canaserega]
VAKLYES, John W. US Navy, Cdr (also Korea) 5-17-1994 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
VAN GILDER, Kenneth ~ 1-6-1989 Black Creek
VAN SKIVER, Nelson M. US Army, Pfc. POW 3-17-1991 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
VANDUSEN, Richard J.  US Navy. In WW II, served on USS Catamount LSD-17 in European & Pacific theaters - Awarded Victory Medal - Asiatic Pacific Medal - American Theater Medal & Korean Service Medal (also Korea) 11-18-2008 Riverside, Belfast
VANGILDER, Glenn A. USMC, Cpl 6-8-2006 Black Creek
VANNAME, Robert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
VARNEY, Raymond C. [Tom] US Army, 554th Anti-Aircraft Arty Bn 4-16-2002 Woodlawn, Wellsville
VARS, Kenneth F . US Army, South Pacific 9-18-2004 Hillside, Andover
VELEY, Edmond J. US Army, Pfc 1114 SVC  COMD Unit 12-17-1952 Fairlawn Scio
VINCENT, Francis D. US Air Force 10-24-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
VOORHEES Sr., Robert J. US Navy, S1 7-21-1996 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
VOORHIES, Claude H. US Army, Capt 7-15-1973 Mt. Hope, Friendship
VOSS, Everett E. [Jack] US Army 11-22-2008 Short Tract
VOSSLER, Lewis J. US Navy, PM3 12-9-1995 Forest Hills Amity
WAHL, William S US Navy, S2 12-29-1988 Gates of Heaven
WAKEFIELD, Edward Charles US Army Air Force, 9th Air Force 416th Bombardment Group, S/Sgt. Europe 2-19-2010 Until the Day Dawn
WALCHLI, John William Sr.  US Army Air Force, 486 Bomb Group, Intelligence Specialist. Sudbury Suffolk England creating bombing mission maps & folders 5-29-2010 Woodlawn, Wellsville
WALKER, George P. US Army, Tec5 3-17-1987 St. Marys, Bolivar
WALSH, Robert F. US Navy (also Korea) 6-22-1994 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
WAMPOLE, George R. US Army, Pvt 5-8-2001 Canaseraga
WARD, Lewis Wilson, Sr. US Army, Europe 8-18-2007 Knights Creek
WARNER, Warren W. US Army Air Corps 1-8-2009 White, Rushford
WARTELLA, John US Army Air Force, 1/LT 12-21-2000 St. Marys, Bolivar
WASHBURN, Donald R. US Navy, MOMMI 1-19-1993 Forest Hills Amity
WASHBURN, John US Army 11-11-2000 Woodlawn, Wellsville
WASSON, James R. US Navy, MOMMI 9-13-1989 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WATSON, George F. US Marine Corps, 6th Div. 6-6-2009 Cuba
WEART, Craig Charles  US Army, M/Sgt. 1941-1945, Pacific  9-25-2001 Mt. Hope, Friendship
WEATHERBY, Clarence Thomas US Navy. 1944-47 4-27-2003 Hillside, Andover
WEAVER, Lawrence ~ ~ [Canaserega]
WEAVER, William B. US Army (also Korea) 4-14-2008 Stannards
WEBER, Robert B. US Army, Co D 338th Engrs, PFC 6-15-1972 St. Marys, Bolivar
WEED, William H USMC, Cpl 6-17-1965 Canaseraga
WEEKS, Chester W. US Army, Tec5 2-5-1979 Forest Hills Amity
WEIMER, Albert L. [Al] US Army Signal Corps, Capt. Pacific 2-20-2011 Woodlawn, Wellsville
WELLS, George R. US Navy 10-15-2009 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
WELLS, Vincent E. US Army Air Corps. Chemical Officer in Europe. European & American Campaign & Good Conduct Medals  5-3-2007 Woodlawn, Wellsville
WELSH, John US Army 3-3-1993 Clarksville
WESCHE, Walter A.  US Army 4-3-2014 Forest Hills Amity
WHEATON, Robert C . US Navy. Pacific Theater 10-18-2005 Alfred Rural
WHEELER, Charles T. ~ ~ [Canaserega]
WHELPLEY, George D . US Navy, BM1. Career. (also WW I) 1982 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
WHITE, Lawrence Martin Jr. US Navy, ME3 1-17-1989 Fairlawn Scio
WHITE, Marion S. US Army Air Force, Pfc. 2126 Base Unit 12-29-1959 Fairlawn Scio
WHITE, Richard Wayne  US Navy 3-10-1971 Holy Cross, Belfast
WHITESELL, Alvin G. US Army Air Force 8-11-2015 Woodlawn, Wellsville
WHITFORD, Frank D. US Army, Tec3 4-25-1999 Maplewood
WHITNEY, Harold USMC 10-13-1990 Swain
WHITNEY, Ivan ~ ~ [Canaserega]
WHITNEY, Richard L. US Navy, SK3 1979 St. Marys, Bolivar
WIEDEMANN, Merritt A. US Merchant Marines. Sailed to the India & Mediterranean area & later on oil tankers from Baltimore to the Texas coast 12-27-2014 Woodlawn, Wellsville
WIGENT, Lawrence E. US Army, Pfc 11-30-2002 Forest Hills Amity
WIGHT, Gerald F. US Marine Corps, Cpl 1998 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WIGHTMAN, Gerald E. US Navy 6-17-2003 Richburg
WIGHTMAN, Herbert W. US Army 1986 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WIGHTMAN, Willard US Army, Cpl Maryland 3-5-1972 Richburg
WILCOX, Richard M. US Army, M/Sgt 11-23-1991 Fairlawn Scio
WILCOX, Robert A. US Army, Tec4 6-1-1978 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WILDER, Roy O. US Army 1-13-2003 Wells, Genesee
WILDMAN, Russell E US Navy, CM3 10-11-1979 Whitesville Rural
WILEY, Richard ~ ~ [Canaserega]
WILLIAMS, Adrian A. US Army, PFC May 28, 1979 Richburg
WILLIAMS, James H. US Army 5-12-2005 Woodlawn, Wellsville
WILLIAMS, John US Navy, SF3 3-10-1996 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
WILLIAMS, Paul W. US Army, 36th Signal Corps. Africa and Europe 7-7-2002 Stannards
WILLSON, V. James US Army 10-14-2004 Cuba
WILSON, Homer L. US Army Air Force, T/Sgt.1943-1946.  Also US Air Force Reserves for 36 years of service as Chief Master Sergeant 7-12-2009 Woodlawn, Wellsville
WILSON, John ~ ~ [Canaserega]
WILSON, Robert G. US Navy, AA 1-1-1996 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WILSON, Victor E. US Army, Tec5   2-2-1972 Fairlawn Scio
WINANS, Louis D. US Army, Pfc 3-14-1982 Fairlawn Scio
WINANS, Raymond H. US Army, Sgt 9-14-1998 Stannards
WINTERHALTER, Clifford F.  US Navy, S1 1-9-2004 St. Mary's, Amity
WINTERHALTER, Ernest D. [Red] US Army   4-14-2007 St. Mary's, Amity
WINTERS, William O. US Army, Tec5 1986 Maplewood
WIRT, Donald ~ ~ [Canaserega]
WISKEMANN, Frederick F. US Army, PFC 1987 St. Marys, Bolivar
WITTER, James [David] US Army Air Force, Philippines 2-20-2007 Forest Hills Amity
WITTER, Leroy E. US Army, Pvt 1986 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WITTER, Ray Charles US Navy, Cmdr. Pacific theater. 8-4-1983 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WOLCOTT, John N US Navy, BM1 10-15-1993 Gates of Heaven
WOOD, Chester E. US Army, Tec4 11-7-1982 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WOOD, Francis L. US Army Air Force, M/Sgt. 11-21-2000 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WOOD, Herbert F. KIA, US Army, Engineers, Pfc 3-5-1944 Maple Lawn, Boliver
WOOD, Maitland D. US Army, Pvt  1988 Canaseraga
WOODHEAD, Enoch US Army AEF, 306 Inf  1931 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
WOOLSEY, Pierce Edgar US Army, HQ Co. 332 Inf, Pfc  1957 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
WRIGHT, Donn William [Bill] US Navy, Radio Tech Instructor  8-11-2011 Cuba
WRIGHT, John P. US Navy, S1 4-6-1991 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
WYANT, Donald W US Navy 4-28-2003 Whitesville Rural
YANNIE, Vincent J. US Army, S/Sgt. Two Bronze Stars and other medals 12-14-2008 St. Mary's, Amity
YAW, Paul D. US Army 3-3-2009 Cuba
YAZAK, Howard Edward USMC, S/Sgt (Prince 19621977) 12-6-1998 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
YEHL, Fenton L. US Army, 4th Armored Div, Tec5 1993 St. Marys, Bolivar
YEOMAN, Frank W US Army, Tec4 1977 Canaseraga
YOUMANS, Roland O. ~ 10-2-1998 Mt. Hope, Friendship
YOUNG, Eunice F. ~ ~ [Canaserega]
YOUNG, Forrest W . US Navy, S1 1-11-1987 Forest Hills Amity
YOUNG, Lester US Army, 89 Inf 20 Div, Cpl  10-8-1948 Maple Lawn, Boliver
YOUNG, Miles D. 1943-1945 3-20-1993 Oramel
YOUNG, W. Ashley US Army, 453rd Engr Depot, Sgt 12-25-1967 Oramel
ZWIEFKA, Leo S. US Army, Tec5 9-6-1992 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY

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