World War II Veterans

These pages contain the names of 1249 men and women from Allegany County who served in World War II.
Some were born here, others came to the county later in life. They all helped make the county what it is today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. If the service begins with Vet, the soldier survived the war.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • The ~ means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Allegany County's Medal of Honor recipients


Name Service Death Date Burial Place
MACDUFF, Edward J. US Army Air Corps 12-11-2004 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MACMASTER, Kenneth ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MACOMBER, Clair A US Army, Pvt 3-19-1975 Canaseraga
MACOMBER, Glenn ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MACOMBER, Murray ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MADDEN, M. Joseph US Army, S/Sgt 5-31-1988 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MANIS, Catherine US Army, Tec4 5-9-1992 St. Mary's, Amity
MANN, Merle US Army, SIG Corps, Pvt  WW2 10-23-1947 Fairlawn Scio
MANNING, C. James US Army, T/Sgt 5-12-1975 Forest Hills Amity
MARCUS, Gordon US Army, Capt 2-4-1975 St. Mary's, Burns
MARSCHALL, Lester R. US Army, T/Sgt 2-27-1996 Bellville, New Hudson
MARSDEN, Herbert G. US Air Force, Lt. Col. Career (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 5-26-2002 Fairlawn Scio
MARSH, John E. ~ 9-4-2002 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MARTIN, Harry E. US Army, Co. A 110th Inf. 28th Div, Pfc. Purple Heart 3-23-1961 Forest Hills Amity
MARTIN, Joseph Russell [Butch] POW DNB, US Army, 27th Material Squadron, Nichols Field Rizal Manila Philippines. Captured on Corregidor 5-6-1942. Died in Cabanatuan Prison Camp 6-9-1942. 6-9-1942 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MASON, Kenneth G. [Bud] US Army, Tec5. 1942-1946 2-22-2013 Woodlawn, Wellsville
MASTIN, Alonzo L. [Lon] US Army, Military Police 6-2-2007 Canaseraga
MATSON, Joseph A. DNB, US army Air Force, Sqdrn 6, 2/Lt. Died of non-battle causes. 1944 St. Marys, Bolivar
MAYBEE, Clyde C. US Army Air Corps, 1st Lt 2-18-1992 Fairlawn Scio
MCALLISTER, Francis USMC, Pfc 5-25-1988 Whitesville Rural
MCALLISTER, Lawrence R US Army Air Force, Sgt. 1967 Whitesville Rural
MCANDREW, Howard Edward US Army, 333rd Engineers Special Forces 11-16-2005 Gates of Heaven
MCANDREW, Joseph A US Army,  CWS, Sgt. Purple Heart, Silver Star 1-1-1953 Gates of Heaven
MCBRIDE, Richard E. US Army, Pfc 1981 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MCCABE, John E.  US Army 12-24-1983 Mt. Hope, Friendship
MCCANN, Edward US Army, Pvt 4-4-1975 Whitesville Rural
MCCARTHY, Robert Francis US Navy & U.S. Coast Guard 7-18-1995 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MCCHESNEY, Richard I. Army Air Force, 795 Bomb SQ, 1/Lt. 4-21-1944 Fairlawn Scio
MCCOY, Joseph A.  US Army 12-19-2009 Bowler Memorial
MCCRAY, John E US Army, Pfc 7-6-1993 Canaseraga
MCDANIELS, Harold J. US Army, Sgt 1-26-1980 Fairlawn Scio
MCDERMOTT, William E. US Army Air Forces, 2Lt 12-3-1973 Sacred Heart, Friendship
MCDIVITT, Malcolm W. US Army Air Corps, Capt. 7-30-1993 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MCDONALD, D. Eloy US Army, PFC 1983 Sacred Heart, Friendship
MCDOWELL, Gerald L. US Army Air Corps, Sgt 10-1-1996 Woodlawn, Wellsville
MCELROY, William D. US Army Air Force, DFC, T/Sgt 11-4-1971 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MCENROE, Chester A. US Coast Guard 11-19-1995 Woodlawn, Wellsville
MCFADDEN, Francis H. US Army, 105 Inf. 27 Inf. Div, Tec5. New York. Bronze Star Medal 3-7-1957 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MCGHEE, Theodore A. US Merchant Marines 12-27-1991 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MCGILL, Charles Francis US Navy 11-5-1991 Whitesville Rural
MCGILL, Henry E. US Army Air Corps 12-7-1995 Maplewood
MCGINNIS, Alfred L. US Army, S/Sgt  1977 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MCGINNIS, Frank J. US Army, Tec5. New York 2-15-1973 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MCGRAW, Frank J US Army, Pfc 7-2-1974 Whitesville Rural
MCGUIRE, M. Leo ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MCINTYRE, William J. Sr. US Navy 1946-1948 5-8-2015 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MCLAUGHLIN, Leo J. US Army 2-14-1999 Sacred Heart, Friendship
MCMAHAN, Stephen V. US Army, Pvt 4-25-1976 St. Mary's, Amity
MCMAHON, John Merton  MIA, US Navy 7-30-1942 Holy Cross, Belfast
MCNINCH, John G. US Army, Pfc 3-24-1990 Forest Hills Amity
MCNULTY, Richard P. US Navy, BM2 12-13-1998 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MCQUEEN, Ernest C. [Ernie] US Navy 6-23-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
MEFS, Richard J. US Army, Sgt 6-11-1995 Canaseraga
MEHLENBACHER, Robert J. US Army, Pfc 9-2-2000 Canaseraga
MERGLER, Edward F. US Army 2-19-1997 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MERRY, Alfred F. US Army, Pvt  7-30-1984 Knights Creek
METCALF, Murray B. US Army, Pvt, Sgt  10-14-1972 Knights Creek
METCALF, Thomas J., Jr. US Army, 410 Infantry, Pvt 3-8-1949 Knights Creek
METLAK, Edward R. US Army, Pfc. Purple Heart  8-28-1995 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
METZ, Gerald E. US Navy, EM2 4-26-1983 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MIDDAUGH, Ira G.  US Army Air  2-25-1973 Mt. Hope, Friendship
MILES, Herny  US Army  11-29-2000 Maple Grove, Friendship
MILKS, Wilbur US Navy, F1 10-24-1980 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MILLER, Alvin P.  [Dodd} US Army. 1941-1945 3-14-2003 Pine Grove
MILLER, Elsworth ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MILLER, Myron A. US Army Air Corps stationed in North IrelandIn 1943 he installed the "Air Ministry Laboratory Bomb Teacher Mark IV" (AML) at over 5 Stations 2-16-2015 Woodlawn, Wellsville
MILLER, Richard I. US Army, Tec3 8-5-1995 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MILLIMAN, Glen B. US Army Air Force, 2/Lt 1-23-2006 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MITCHELL, Henry W. US Army, Pfc 3-15-1998 Forest Hills Amity
MITCHELL, John ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MIX, John E. US Army Pacific Theater of Operations 1-23-2015 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MOHILEWSKY, Nathan N.  ~ 12-1-1983 Mt. Hope, Friendship
MOLINE, Bruno J US Army (also Korea) 3-7-2003 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MOLINE, Leo J. US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 6-27-1988 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MOLINE, Peter O. US Army, Europe 9-5-2007 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MONAHAN, Albert E. US Army Air Corps, Cpl 8-18-1994 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MONROE, Earl Stillman DNB, 473rd Sqdn, Lt 3-11-1943 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MONROE, Ernest M. Col. US Army, Col. Career-1917-1947 1976 Stannards
MONROE, Lawrence F. Sr. US Navy, MM3 6-21-1970 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MONROE, William L. US Army, 1/Lt (also Korea) 7-15-1983 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MOOSE, Victor D US Army Air Force 2005 Canaseraga
MOOSE, Vincent ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MORRIS, Calvin ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MORRIS, Donald US Navy, ENS 10-14-1988 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MORRIS, George ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MORRIS, John ~ ~ [Canaserega]
MORRISON, Kenneth P. US Navy, SF1 7-26-1974 Fairlawn Scio
MORRISON, Phillip L. Dr. US Army, Capt. 10-23-1979 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MORSE, Alton Davis US Army, Tec4 6-10-2000 Forest Hills Amity
MOSES, Howard E. US Army 3-18-1983 Richburg
MOTT, William Edward [Eddie] US Navy. 1944-1946 12-21-2009 Our Lady of Angels
MOYER, Lloyd B.  US Army 6-19-2010 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MOYER, Warren US Navy, S1 5-21-1988 Maple Lawn, Boliver
MUCHA, Frank H. US Army, Tec5 2-13-2002 St. Marys, Bolivar
MULLANE, James J. US Army, Pvt.  1978 Sacred Heart, Friendship
MULLEN, Daniel J. Jr. US Army, Tec4 7-19-1991 Canaseraga
MULLIGAN, Leo Francis US Army, Cpl 10-8-1997 St. Mary's, Amity
MULLIGAN, Milton M. US Army, Pfc 8-11-1978 Fairlawn Scio
MUNKES, Richard J. [Dick] US Navy. Aboard the USS Eurayle in South Pacific 1-25-2006 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
MURPHY, G. Connell USMC, 1st Marine Division at Guadalcanal 7-4-1990 Woodlawn, Wellsville
MURPHY, Robert E. Jr. [Tubby] US Navy, FCS3 (also Korea) 4-15-2005 St. Marys, Bolivar
MURRAY, Joseph ~ ~ [Canaserega]
NEAL, Richard E. US Navy, tail gunner in the Pacific  8-15-2008 Woodlawn, Wellsville
NEELY, Richard US Army Air Corps 9-22-2001 Woodlawn, Wellsville
NELSON, Carl J. US Army Air Corps, Europe 8-28-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
NEPERENY, Milton J. US Army, Pfc 2-2-1999 Canaseraga
NETH, Edward J USMC, Sgt. Purple Heart 1980 St. Mary's, Burns
NETH, Robert E. USMC, Sgt. Purple Heart 9-5-1993 St. Mary's, Burns
NEUGENT, John [Jack] US Army. Europe 1-7-2004 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
NEWARK, James Herman US Navy, EM1. South Pacific aboard the USS Canberra which was in 18 major battles - Awarded 6 Battle Stars, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic Pacific Medal, Philippine Liberation Medal with one Bronze Star Philippine Independence Medal, and Good Conduct Medal  2-3-2016 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
NICHOLS, Donald US Army, Sgt  4-15-1996 Canaseraga
NICHOLS, Irene ~ ~ [Canaserega]
NICHOLS, James L. KIA 1944 West Genesee
NICHOLS, William E. US Army, Sgt 1978 Maple Lawn, Boliver
NICHOLSON, Thomas S. US Army (also Korea) 2-15-2012 Cuba
NICKERSON, Clemont S. US Army 10-24-1980 West Genesee
NICKERSON, Dorr J. US Navy, Pfc 5-21-1986 Fairlawn Scio
NOBLES, Martin K. US Army, Fld Arty, Tec4  12-24-1947 Stannards
NORMAN, Cledith Jackson US Navy, F1 (also Korea) 10-21-1995 Fairlawn Scio
NORTON, Raymond [Jack] US Army, Tec5 10-7-1984 Canaseraga
NORTON, Warren ~ ~ [Canaserega]
NORTON, Wilfred R. [Bill] US Navy, S1 2-12-2001 Fairlawn Scio
NOVELL, Charles ~ ~ [Canaserega]
NOVELL, Harry ~ ~ [Canaserega]
NOVELL, Walter ~ ~ [Canaserega]
NYDEGGER, John E. US Navy 7-3-2014 Woodlawn, Wellsville
NYE, Arthur N.  US Army Air Force, Sgt 10-30-2002 Stannards
O'BRIEN, Matthew L. US Navy, S1 8-18-1988 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
O'CONNELL, Cpl. John F. US Army Air Force, 3704th BU 1949 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
O'CONNOR, John J. US Army, Pfc 5-31-1997 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
O'DONNELL, Joseph A. US Army Air Corps, Sgt 3-29-1966 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
O'HARA, John W. US Navy, S1 1982 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
O'KEEFE, Bernard J. US Army, Pvt 5-27-1980 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
OLDS, Dorr Edward US Air Force 1946-1947 7-16-2015 Independence
OLMSTEAD, Norman J. US Army, 1942-1946  3-26-2012 Forest Hills Amity
OLSOWSKY, Ernest E. US Army Air Force 2-22-1990 Until the Day Dawn
O'MEARA, Peter O. US Army Air Force, 43 Bomb SQ, M/Sgt. 1948 Sacred Heart, Friendship
ORMAN, Walter A. US Army 11-28-2005 Stannards
ORMSBY, Edward A. US Army, Tec5 8-55-1979 Maplewood
OSTERSTUCK, James D. US Army 12-8-2001 West Genesee
PACE, Phillip E. USNR, Commander. Career. (also WW I) 12-2-1967 Forest Hills Amity
PACKER, Charles L. US Navy 3-21-1996 Forest Hills Amity
PADDEN, Ernest E. US Navy, S1 5-13-1984 Sacred Heart, Friendship
PADDEN, John M S/Sgt 1961 Gates of Heaven
PAFFIE, Joseph C. US Army, 383 Mil Police Bn, Cpl 12-3-1967 St. Marys, Bolivar
PAINE, Faith Geraldine US Army, US Marine Corps, Sgt 13-Feb-91 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
PAKIS, Louis J. US Navy, S1 11-11-2002 Stannards
PALIDAR, Edward K. Sr.  US Army, 248th Combat Engineers in Patton's 3rd Army  3-2-2001 Maple Grove, Friendship
PALMATIER, Donald C. US Army, 2/Lt and in 1939 6-23-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
PALMITER, Clinton L. US Army, Military Police. England 11-10-2008 Alfred Rural
PANGBURN, Calvin K. US Army, Btry B AAA AW Bn. 2-11-2004 Maple Lawn, Boliver
PaQUALE, Frank W. US Army Air Forces, Sgt. New York 12-21-1973 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PAQUALE, Michael [Mike] US Army, Pfc 8-6-1989 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PAQUETTE, Arthur C. US Army. Decorated Veteran 6-9-2006 Maple Lawn, Boliver
PARRY, Laddie A. Purple Heart 11-30-1996 West Genesee
PASTOR, Edward A. Sr. US Army 8-29-2010 Cuba
PATTERSON, James W. US Army, Sgt. France. Bronze Star & Combat Infantry Medal  6-23-2013 Forest Hills Amity
PAUKSTELA, Walter S.  US Air Force, Career Master Sgt. (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 11-13-2003- Maple Grove, Friendship
PAYNE, Dale R.  US Navy 3-8-2000 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PAYNE, Ray R. US Navy. Pacific & European Operations. Received nine Campaign Bars 6-3-2009 Maple Lawn, Boliver
PAYNE, Vaughn A US Navy, S1 2-18-1991 Whitesville Rural
PAYTASH, Stephen J. US Army 1-25-2010 St. Marys, Bolivar
PEANGATELLI, John P. US Army, S/Sgt 8-28-1995 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PEARCE, Ralph A. US Army 2-5-1996 Knights Creek
PECK, Leland US Army  1985 Forest Hills Amity
PECKHAM, Alfred E.  US Navy, Y2 3-6-1992 Woodlawn, Wellsville
PEIRSOL, Joseph David US Army, COC 376 Inf, Sgt 25-Nov-64 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
PELAGHI, Winifred P. US Army Air Force 1-29-2005 Woodlawn, Wellsville
PELTON, William B. KIA, US Army Air Force, 488th Bomb SQ 12th Air Force, 1/Lt 1945 Maple Lawn, Boliver
PENDLETON, Sanford W. US Navy, CBM 4-30-1990 Fairlawn Scio
PENSYL, Glenn US Navy, SF1 1986 Whitesville Rural
PERKINS, Lyle M. [Tunney] US Army, 513th Parachute Inf 17th Airborne DivBattle of the Bulge 3-14-2006 Woodlawn, Wellsville
PERKINS, Merle L US Army, Pvt 8-20-1997 Hallsport Union
PERKINS, Orville H. Jr. US Army, 1945-1947 5-3-2011 Hallsport Union
PERRY, Clark W., Sr. US Army Air force, Cpl 6-16-1999 Forest Hills Amity
PERRY, George U. US Army Air Force, Sgt 3-18-2004 Maple Grove, Friendship
PERRY, Jean E. US Army, WAC 6-20-2011 Pine Grove
PERRY, Raymond A US Army, Pfc 2-19-1974 Canaseraga
PETRIE, Jack M. US Army, Europe  4-9-2009 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PFEIFER, Robert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
PFUNTNER, Kenneth O. US Navy, S1 1992 St. Mary's, Burns
PFUNTNER, Nicholas W US Army, Cpl 1956 St. Mary's, Burns
PFUNTNER, Walter A. Sr. US Army, Pfc 1-29-2000 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PFUNTNER, William E. US Navy, SK1 6-14-1995 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PHILLIPS, Carl V. US Army 3-31-1998 Canaseraga
PHILLIPS, Francis ~ ~ [Canaserega]
PIATT, Bernard J. US Army Air Force, Pacific 11-22-2014 Until the Day Dawn
PIERCE, Cecil J. US Army 12-22-2011 Forest Hills Amity
PIERCE, Edwin U. US Army 6-22-2003 West Clarksville
PIERCE, Franz R ~ 1997 Maplewood
PIERCE, Lyle C.  US Army  8-5-2006 Forest Hills Amity
PIYAK, Peter ~ ~ [Canaserega]
PLANK, Leo ~ ~ [Canaserega]
PLATT, Alfred C. US Army, S/Sgt 7-24-1982 Forest Hills Amity
PODDANY, Harry N. US Navy 7-22-1990 Canaseraga
POLMATER, Robert L US Army, 486 Ord. Evac Co, Tec5 10-16-1963 Gates of Heaven
PORTER, Robert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
POST, DeForest C. US Merchant Marines 8-16-1965 Christ Church Episcopal
POST, Fay A. Med Dept, Pvt 7-31-1969 Christ Church Episcopal
POSTLEWAIT, William N US Army, Pfc 12-28-1976 Whitesville Rural
POTTER, Arden E. US Navy, F1 11-1-1983 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
POTTER, Edson US Army, Pvt 1-25-1978 Sacred Heart, Friendship
POTTER, Lisle E. US Navy, CM2 2-23-1989 Maple Lawn, Boliver
POTTER, Paul R. US Army, S/Sgt 1983 Forest Hills Amity
POTTER, Vernon Edward [Punk] US Army 03-06-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
POWERS, Thomas  A. US Army, 101 Inf 26 Inf Div, Capt Pennsylvania 12-26-1968 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
PRATT, George W US Navy, SK2 1966 Canaseraga
PRESUTTI, Amedeo Joseph US Army, Tec5 5-34-2003 St. Mary's, Amity
PRESUTTI, Joseph E. US Army. Europe  2-22-2007 St. Mary's, Amity
PRESUTTI, Leonard V. US Navy, S1 (also Korea) 10-7-1998 St. Mary's, Amity
PREZIOSO, Nibbo Joseph US Navy, Bombardier 6-29-2007 Until the Day Dawn
PRICE, Robert L. [Roy] US Navy, S1 4-21-1993 Maple Lawn, Boliver
PRITCHARD, Clarence E US Army, Pvt 12-3-1987 Whitesville Rural
PRITCHARD, Leo E US Army, Sgt 2-26-1991 Whitesville Rural
PRITCHARD, Lester S US Army, Cpl 3-20-1985 Whitesville Rural
PRITCHARD, Lewis R. US Army, Cpl. 10-6-1982 Fairlawn Scio
PRITCHARD, William H USNR, WT3 3-31-1952 Whitesville Rural
QUINN, James W. US Army Air Force, 318 Fighter GP, Cpl 10-21-1963 St. Mary's, Amity
QUINN, Robert J. DNB, US Army, 327th Glider Inf, Pfc 4-25-1945 St. Mary's, Amity
RAHMLOW, Donna L. US Navy 1-26-2012 Until the Day Dawn
RAHMLOW, Warren D. USMC, M/Sgt 12-14-2001 Until the Day Dawn
RAHR, Harold R. US Navy, Pacific Theater on USS Gage 6-6-2008 Forest Hills Amity
RAINES, Raymond W.  [Dick]  US Army, 68th Tank Bn 6th Armored Div under Gen Patton 5-20-1998 Woodlawn, Wellsville
RAMSEY, Arthur  R. US Navy, S1 10-10-1991 Maple Lawn, Boliver
RANGATORE, Joseph S. MD US Army, Capt 7-1-1969 St. Marys, Bolivar
RAUB, Earl L US Army, Cpl 4-12-1978 Canaseraga
RAWLEIGH, Samuel C US Army, Btry E 305th Fld Arty, Pvt 2-13-1961 Canaseraga
RAWLINGS, John B. US Army Air Corps, T/Sgt 12-26-1990 Canaseraga
REBOULET, William Carroll US Army, 2/Lt 1993 St. Mary's, Amity
REED, Arnold L. US Army, Co F 195th Trng Bn, Pvt 4-18-1967 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
REED, Charles US Army, Pvt. Purple Heart 7-17-1995 Canaseraga
REED, Harold Afton US Army  9-29-1999 Mt. Hope, Friendship
REGAN, Mary J. US Army, 1/Lt 2-15-1973 Canaseraga
RENWICK, Robert W. US Army  2008 Maple Grove, Friendship
REPP, C. Douglas US Army, Sgt 1996 Maple Lawn, Boliver
REUNING, Bruce W. US Army Air Corps. Belly gunner on B-17 flying fortresses 2-5-2016 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
REYNOLDS, John M. US Army   1986 Wells, Genesee
REYNOLDS, Robert R US Navy, SM 4-23-1997 Whitesville Rural
RICHARDSON, John P US Army, PFC 1-10-1997 Gates of Heaven
RICHARDSON, Philip J. US Army Air Force, Sgt 2007 St. Marys, Bolivar
RICHMOND, Everett D US Army, Pfc 6-15-1969 Whitesville Rural
RICHMOND, Murray Lynn US Army Air Corps, Pfc 1-1-1992 Whitesville Rural
RICHTER, Edward J. Sr. US Army, PFC 11-7-1994 St. Marys, Bolivar
RICHTER, Robert L. US Army, Pfc  1983 Maple Lawn, Boliver
RIGANEY, William F. Jr. US Marine Corps, Pfc  11-1-1978 Maple Lawn, Boliver
RIGBY, Roger E. US Army, Sgt 9-10-1994 Fairlawn Scio
RILEY, Basil D US Army, Pfc 1-8-1986 Whitesville Rural
RILEY, Thomas D. US Army. Good Conduct & American Service Medals 12-24-2008 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
RINDGEN, Harold Cpl. US Army, Co B 83rd RCN 3rd Armored Div. 1941-1945  1982 Sacred Heart, Wellsville NY
RINGELBERG, Nicholas ~ ~ [Canaserega]
ROBBINS, Alfred D. ~ 9-15-2007 Fairlawn Scio
ROBBINS, James Curtis US Army, 82nd Airborne Div. Paratrooper in France & Germany 1-2-2016 Woodlawn, Wellsville
ROBBINS, Robert A. US Navy aboard USS Solomons, USS Little Rock, USS Steinaker, and USS Sullivan 6-24-2007 Forest Hills Amity
ROBERTS, Fred A. [Bo] US Army 6-2-2010 Stannards
ROBERTS, Lon V. US Army (also Korea) 4-23-2007 Stannards
ROBINSON, Melford ~ ~ [Canaserega]
ROBINSON, Melford ~ ~ [Canaserega]
ROCKEFELLER, Donald R. US Army, Tec5 3-23-1953 Maple Lawn, Boliver
ROEMMELT, Richard E. US Army, Tec5 11-22-2005 St. Mary's, Burns
ROESKE, Arthur Paul Jr. US Army Air Force 1-04-2003 Woodlawn, Wellsville
ROESKE, Francis Edward [Ed] US Merchant Marine 8-3-2012 Hallsport Union
ROGERS, Kenneth A. US Army Air Force, 13th Air Service Grp, Cpl 1-11-1948 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
ROGERS, Vincent J. Jr. KIA, US Army Air Force, 38th Bomb SQ 30th Bomb Grp, S/Sgt 1-21-1944 Yorks Corners, Willing NY
ROHRABACHER  Maynard S US Army, Pfc 4-30-1982 Shongo, Willing
ROLLINS, Minor ~ ~ [Canaserega]
ROLLO, William US Army Air Force, Bombardier with 25 missions over Europe. Awarded Air Medal with Oak Clusters 9-22-2014 Maple Grove, Friendship
ROMANELLI, Henry W. US USNR 2-8-1961 Sacred Heart, Friendship
ROOT, Fred  US Army, Pvt. Pacific Theater  3-8-2001 Maple Lawn, Boliver
ROOT, Hugh Daniel US Army, HQ Co Missle SPT Comd, SFC 5-26-1966 Maple Lawn, Boliver
ROOT, Merle F. US Army, Pfc  11-16-1982 Maple Lawn, Boliver
ROQUES, Roger C. Merchant Marines 9-17-1991 Fairlawn Scio
ROSE, Donald F. Sr. US Army, Pfc 11-23-1991 Hardys Corner
ROSE, Richard E. US Army, Capt 8-6-1994 Forest Hills Amity
ROSKOWSKI, Julius US Army, Sgt. 7-7-1988 Canaseraga
ROSKRANS, Albert ~ ~ [Canaserega]
ROSS, Clair W . US Navy, S1 4-22-1995 St. Mary's, Amity
ROSS, Frank US Army, 31st Chem Co, Pvt 12-15-1970 St. Mary's, Amity
ROSS, Fred J. US Army, Sgt. Europe  5-3-2008 St. Mary's, Amity
ROSS, Joseph W. US Navy 1-18-2000 St. Mary's, Amity
ROSSRUCKER, John F. US Army, 26th Inf 1st Div (Big Red). 2 year POW in Germany. Bronze Star. 2-16-2005 Woodlawn, Wellsville
ROTH, Albert A. US Army, 2633 Service Co, Pfc 15-Oct-68 Mt. Pleasant, Caneadea
ROTH, George ~ ~ [Canaserega]
ROUNDS, Wilbur W. US Navy. WW II, Pacific 1942-1945. Re-enlisted, Served on USS St. Paul in Korean War. 6-8-2007 Whitesville Rural
ROUSE, Ashley T. US Army Air Corps, Pfc 7-22-1972 Fairlawn Scio
ROUSE, Wesley A. US Army, Tec5 9-24-1998 Knights Creek
ROWLEY, R. William US Army, Pfc 3-20-1984 Forest Hills Amity
RYAN, Lee R. US Navy, RDM3 2000 Maplewood
RYTHER, Colman ~ ~ [Canaserega]

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