Knights Creek Cemetery
Town of Scio
Walked, Photographed & Recorded by Eleanor Schwalb Nov.2004
Updates since then by Eleanor Schwalb and our members

ALDEN, Anna M. Spouse of Everett E. Born 7-23-1926, died 8-13-1978
ALDEN, Everett E. Spouse of Anna M. Born 10-25-1927, died 9-16-1975 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, Cpl
ALDEN, John C. Spouse of Sadie M. Born 1889, died 1943
ALDEN, Sadie M. Spouse of John C. Born 1899, died 1986
ALLEN, Infant Son. Died 5-14-1880. Age: 2d - Son of Will & Mary Allen
ALLEN, Joann. Born 1826, died 1922
ALLEN, Mary Case. Spouse of W. F. Allen. Died 1906
ALLEN, W. F. Spouse of Mary Case. Born 9-1855, died 1911 - Wed 1886
BABCOCK, Freelove E. Spouse of Gurdon E. Died 7-24-1890. Age: 53y
BABCOCK, Gurdon E. Spouse of Freelove E. Born 4-15-1843, died 7-12-1924 - Civil War Vet, Co C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, Paroled, mustered out with detachment 6-6-1865 at Elmira NY.
BABCOCK, John W. Born 1866, died 1952
BABCOCK, Margaret M. Born 1892, died 1970
BACON, Mary L. Born 1915, died 1993 - [Mother We Love You]
BAILEY, Harold C. Spouse of Linda B. Born 1904, died 1978
BAILEY, Linda B. Spouse of Harold C. Born 1904, died 1980
BALDWIN, Bernice O. Spouse of Bert. Born 1906, died 1967
BALDWIN, Bert. Spouse of Bernice O. Born 1904, died 1965
BARBER, Hugh F. Born 12-4-1926, died 3-31-1997 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
BARBER, Ruth H. Spouse of Hugh F. Born 4-21-1930, died 12-30-2011. Age: 81y - Dau of Frederick Edward & Constance Henry Peeler b. Rochester NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-8-1950 in Conesus NY
BARNER, John M. Spouse of Suzanne Quant. Born 7-16-1960, died 11-8-2010 - Son of Richard & Jane Grisamore Barner b. Ithaca NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-30-1979
BARNES, Arthur W. Born 1909, died 1934
BARNES, Elizabeth L. Born 1914, died 1929
BARNES, Francis L. Died 1916. Age: 2m
BARNES, Homer L. Born 1888, died 1974 - [Father]
BARNES, Jon F. Born 1941, died 1981 - Son of Norton & Allena (Jones) Barnes.
BARNES, N. Thomas "Tom" Born 10-26-1935 died 12-27-2017 Age 82y - Son of Norton & Allena (Jones) Barnes. b. & d. Wellsville NY. A long-time meat cutter. Two children, mother not named.
BARRETT, Belle. Born 5-12-1843, died 6-12-1866 - Dau of William & Abigail H. Middaugh
BENTLEY, Arnold A. Spouse of Margaret R. Born 12-9-1920, died 9-19-1993
BENTLEY, Margaret R. Spouse of Arnold A. Born 4-12-1924, died 1-1-2008. Age: 83y - Dau of Francis & Mary Ost Rouse b. Town of Wirt NY d. Cuba NY Wed 1-7-1943 in Wellsville NY
BERGMAN, Dale W. Born 10-1-1934, died 8-10-2001 - Korean War Vet, US Navy, SN
BERGMAN, Timothy J. Born 2-21-1957, died 6-28-1978 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sp4
BERIN, Pardon. Age: 23y 11d - Stone was broken. Best I could do to read it.
BLOUVET, Richard L. Dick Sr. Spouse of Wilma Margeson. Born 4-16-1934, died 4-27-2016. Age: 82y - Son of Howard L. & Lina M. Scott Blouvet b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-18-1954 in Scio NY Married 61 years
BROWN, Alice B. Spouse of Richard O. Born 2-8-1922, died 6-21-2009. Age: 87y - Dau of Abraham & Madeline Moreland Jones b. Galeton PA d. Wellsville NY Wed Herman 7-3-1940 in Wellsville NY. Wed Alfred on 10-27-1955. (He d. 9-15-2007)
BROWN, Angel Marie. Born 1992, died Uncut - No Stone - Funeral Marker
BROWN, Betty Lee. Born 1943, died 1961
BROWN, Clifford L. Spouse of Evelyn "Pat" Stocum. Born 2-14-1923, died 4-16-2012. Age: 89y - Son of Albert & Catherine Brown Brown b. Freemont NY d. Milton FL. Wed 7-16-1942. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps 394th Bomb Squadron. Airplane Armorer Gunner in East Indies New Guinea & Southern Philippines
BROWN, Clifford L. Spouse of Evelyn M. Born 1923, died Uncut
BROWN, Evelyn M. Spouse of Clifford L. Born 1924, died 1994
BROWN, Frances I. Spouse of William C. Born 1920, died 1993 - Wed 1-17-1969
BROWN, Freelove S. Spouse of Glenn E. Born 1896, died 1945
BROWN, Glenn E. Spouse of Freelove S. Born 1894, died 1977
BROWN, Peter M. Born 1874, died 1951
BROWN, Richard O. Spouse of Alice I. Born 1918, died 1987
BROWN, Robert O. Born 1902, died 1992
BROWN, Rose L. Spouse of #1 Dean Webster, #2 Glenn Brown. Born 4-9-1917, died 8-18-2015. Age: 98y - Dau of Theodore & Maude Rice Quant, b. Friendship NY d. Cuba NY. Predeceased by both husbands
BROWN, William C. Spouse of Frances Illerbrun. Born 1922, died 2001 - Wed 1-17-1969
BRUNNER, Lois LeJune. Spouse of George. Born 9-7-1922, died 6-23-2006 - Dau of Harold & Mary Audrey Sexton Glass b. Penfield, Pa. d. Gainesville, Fla. Wed 4-13-1968 in Williamsport, Pa.
BURCH, Myra Evelyn. Spouse of Royden B. Born 9-20-1938, died 11-20-2016. Age: 78y - Dau of Milton & Virginia Owens Rogers b. Olean NY d. Scio NY Wed 12-24-1988 in Scio NY
BURCH, Royden B. Spouse of Myrna E. Rogers Blouvet. Born 7-11-1926, died 12-24-2005. Age: 79y - Son of Jesse & Asaha Stonemetz Burch b. Town of Willing, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 12-24-1988 in Scio NY.
BURDICK, Hilda Hope. Spouse of W. James. Born 8-17-1930, died 3-31-2008. Age: 77y - Dau of William & Alfretta Stoneham Mann b.Alma NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 5-27-1950 in Richburg NY
BURDICK, W. James "Bud". Spouse of Hilda H. Mann. Born 10-18-1928, died 7-18-2000 Wed 5-27-1950 in Richburg NY
BURNS, Elwood. Born 1941, died 1964 - No Stone - Funeral Marker
BUTTON, Alfred. Spouse of Arbutus. Born 1918, died 1988 - [Together Forever]
BUTTON, Anderson E. Born 1942, died 1982
BUTTON, Arbutus. Spouse of Alfred. Born 1924, died 1999
BUTTON, Arch. Spouse of Rose. Born 1886, died 1964
BUTTON, Clifford E. Spouse of Doris L. Born 1926, died 1984
BUTTON, Doris L. Spouse of Clifford E. Born 1930, died 1988
BUTTON, Leon. Born 1924, died 1995
BUTTON, Priscilla L. Spouse of Leon D. Born 4-29-1948, died 12-28-2012. Age: 64y - Dau of Arthur & Gladys Blanchard Kelley b. Millport PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-15-1996 in Coudersport PA
BUTTON, Randy. Died 1967
BUTTON, Rose. Spouse of Arch. Born 1882, died 1977
BUTTON, Velma. Spouse of Wilbur. Born 1928, died 1981
BUTTON, Wilbur. Spouse of Velma. Born 1920, died 1985
BUTTON, Wilbur M. Spouse of Susan Kelly. Born 9-8-1952, died 6-5-2016. Age: 63y - Son of Wilbur & Thelma Rice Button Sr. b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-12-1993 in Bolivar NY
BUTTON, William. Born 1920, died 1985
CADY, Alice M. Born 12-24-1869, died 12-26-1882 - [Our Allie]
CADY, Beatrice P. Born 1890, died 1984
CADY, Edwin W. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1861, died 1939
CADY, Forrest E. Born 4-10-1886, died 5-20-1887
CADY, Fravilla V. Spouse of J. Adelbert. Born 1862, died 1899
CADY, G. Albert. Born 7-8-1858, died 7-25-1858 - [Our Bertie]
CADY, J. Adelbert. Spouse of Fravilla V. Born 1858, died 1918
CADY, Mary A. Spouse of R. Alonzo. Born 4-13-1840, died 5-16-1915
CADY, Mary E. Spouse of Edwin W. Born 1864, died 1944
CADY, R. Alonzo. Spouse of Mary A. Born 11-24-1837, died 7-13-1912 - Civil War Vet, Co I 5th Arty NYS Vols, Cpl. Mustered out with company 7-19-1865 at Harpers Ferry Va. [Borne as Cody, Alonzo R.]
CAMPBELL, Bonnie K. Born 4-12-1954, died 12-12-1986 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pfc
CAMPBELL, Collin Otis. Born 1917, died 1982 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
CARTWRIGHT, Clarence B. Born 8-31-1854, died 8-31-1881
CARTWRIGHT, Kate E. Spouse of William. Died 1-25-1881. Age: 20y 11m
CARTWRIGHT, William. Spouse of Kate E. Died 10-7-1882. Age: 32y 6m 22d
CHAIN, Alfred F. Born 8-17-1897, died 11-15-1952 - WW I Vet, US Army, Medical Department, Pvt
CHAPMAN, Edward J. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Born 1894, died 1969
CHAPMAN, Elizabeth A. Spouse of Edward J. Born 1901, died 1966
CHILDS, D. Scott. Born 12-19-1965, died 8-12-2003 - [In Loving Memory]
CHILDS, Esther Elizabeth. Born 1-14-1934, died 1-30-2016. Age: 82y Dau of Martin & Sharley Hand Vossler b. & d. Wellsville NY
CICARELLI, Myrtle Munson. Born 1898, died 1996
CIMBRICZ, Rosalie Gates. Born 10-18-1939, died 9-25-2001
CLARK, Charles W. Spouse of Grace A. Born 1896, died 1969
CLARK, Clarissa M. Born 1846, died 1932 - [Mother]
CLARK, Clyde J. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1885, died 1971
CLARK, Grace A. Spouse of Charles W. Born 1900, died 1961
CLARK, Keziah. Spouse of Reuben. Born 1-4-1784, died 12-9-1866 - Dau of Edward & Desire Austin & the Mother of Mrs.Jane Middaugh b. Saybrook, Conn. d. Scio, NY Wed 11-15-1804
CLARK, Mary E. Spouse of Clyde J. Born 1893, died 1981
CLARK, Rhonda J. (Morrison) Spouse of Donald K. Clark Sr. Born 1-31-1958 died 3-1-2017 Age 59y - Dau of Ronald L. & Barbara Jo (Jackson) Morrison b. & d. Wellsville NY, Wed 11-8-1986 in Scio NY, two sons. (Spouse survives)
CLAYPOOL, Baby. Died 9-14-1999. Age: Infant
CLAYSON, Carol A. Spouse of Clayton E. Born 1928, died 1994
CLAYSON, Clayton E. Spouse of Carol A. Born 12-9-1918, died 7-23-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
CLAYSON, Dwight E. "Ike". Spouse of Linda Merry. Born 8-21-1952, died 3-26-2006. Age: 53y - Son of Clayton & Carol Jackson Clayson b. Wellsville, NY d. Scio, NY Wed 8-16-1975
CLEMONS, Edith. Spouse of Glenn. Born 1803, died 1881
CLEMONS, Glenn. Spouse of Edith. Born 1801, died 1896
CLEMONS, John. Died 4-15-1880. Age: 58y 4m 13d
COMFORT, James B. Died 3-31-1898. Age: 75y - [Gone Home]
COMSTOCK, Kay L. Spouse of Wayne E. Born 1945, died 1997
COMSTOCK, Wayne E. Spouse of Kay L. Born 1943, died Uncut
COOK, Angus. Born 1-10-1916, died 4-5-1988 - WW II Vet, US Army, M/Sgt
COOK, Evelyn F. Born 1918, died 1992
CORNELIUS, Kenneth A. Born 9-9-1924, died 11-25-2000 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
COY, Hazel B. Spouse of Melvin N. Born 1915, died 1992
COY, Melvin N. Spouse of Hazel B. Born 1908, died 1986
COYLE, Devillo L. Died 1899. Age: 4m
COYLE, Ella L. Spouse of E. A. Born 1858, died 1900
COYLE, Emma. Spouse of Michael P. Born 1850, died 1927
COYLE, Leon. Born 1880, died 1907
COYLE, Lynus. Born 1874, died 1907
COYLE, Michael P. Spouse of Emma. Born 1844, died 1920
COZZI, Jessie M. Spouse of Nadge J. Born 1897, died 1946
COZZI, Nadge J. Spouse of Jessie M. Born 1896, died 1980
CRAVEN, Alvin "Jack". Spouse of Mildred O. Born 1-30-1915, died 8-30-1991 - WW II Vet, US Army, T/Sgt
CRAVEN, Mildred O. Spouse of Alvin "Jack". Born 1923, died 1987
DEAN, Frances F. (Burgess). Born 3-10-1927, died 7-29-1987 - Dau of Cloyd Leslie & Grace Myrtle Ellison Dean, Beloved Sister
DEAN, Grant Leslie Sr. Spouse of #1 June L. Tait, #2 Madaline Miles Struck. Born 9-8-1925, died 7-18-2004. Age: 78y - Son of Cloyd Leslie & Grace Myrtle Ellison Dean. Wed Madaline11-30-1985
DEAN, June Lee (Tait). Spouse of Grant L. Born 1925, died 5-26-1985 - Wed Feb 19, 1944 in Wellsville NY
DEAN, Madeline C. "Midge". Spouse of #1 James R. Stuck Sr., #2 Grant L. Dean Sr. Born 7-13-1943, died 8-11-2016. Age: 73y - Dau of Herman M. & A. Arlene Singer Miles b. Wellsville NY d. Hornell NY. Divorced from James. Wed Grant 11-30-1985 in Scio NY
DENNING, Adelbert. Born 11-18-1942, died 6-19-1969 - Cold War Vet, US Army, HHC1 SFG (ABN) 1 SF
DENNING, Albert H. Born 11-18-1942, died 1-1-1973 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pfc
DIBBLE, Charles B. Died 12-24-1866. Age: 4y 6m - Son of Joseph & Betsey Dibble
DICKINSON, William C. "Bill". Spouse of Mary L. Nevol. Born 9-14-1954, died 3-18-2014. Age: 59y - Son of William C. & Ina Stetson Dickinson b. Rochester NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 5-3-1997 in Andover NY
DIXON, Logan Matthew. Died 1-16-1999
DOLAN, Daniel P. Born 2-10-1953, died 2-20-2017. Age: 64y - Son of Robert & Madalene Merry Dolan b. & d. Wellsville NY
DOLAN, Madeline. Spouse of Robert B. Born 6-12-1914, died 12-30-1998. Age: 84y - Dau of Francis & Mary Taylor Merry b. Scio Wed 1-1-1942
DOLAN, Robert B. Spouse of Madeline Merry. Born 1914, died 1991 - Wed 1-1-1942
DUKE, Ann P. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1-31-1838, died Uncut
DUKE, Charles. Born 1-11-1840, died Uncut
DUKE, Elizabeth. Spouse of William. Born 3-1-1808, died 10-17-1888
DUKE, Emmer. Born 6-8-1847, died 8-7-1925
DUKE, John. Born 1832, died 1902 - [St. John's Com No. 24]
DUKE, John. Born 4-14-1832, died 12-5-1902
DUKE, Joseph. Spouse of Ann P. Born 4-23-1836, died 12-25-1884
DUKE, Nancy J. Spouse of J. Born 1832, died 1904
DUKE, Thomas. Born 3-4-1834, died 2-21-1881
DUKE, Violet. Born 9-23-1844, died Uncut
DUKE, William. Born 4-26-1830, died 6-30-1897 - Buried In Wellsville, NY
DUKE, William. Spouse of Elizabeth. Died 12-7-1847. Age: 51y 4m
DUKE. Mary E. Born 2-28-1842, died Uncut
EASTERBROOK, Emma V. Spouse of Glenn C. Born 1908, died 1985
EASTERBROOK, Glenn C. Spouse of Emma V. Born 1913, died 2000
EATON, Frank M. Born 1833, died 1876
EATON, Louis. Born 1855, died 1933
ELLIOTT, Kevin W. Born 2-24-1958, died 1-11-1983
ELLSWORTH, Berta. Spouse of Kenneth. Born 1929, died Uncut
ELLSWORTH, Berta J. Spouse of Kenneth Lewis. Born 8-2-1929, died 5-4-2011. Age: 81y - Dau of Clifford & Ethel Carlin Stocum b. Potter County PA d. Wellsville NY
ELLSWORTH, Della Peet. Born 3-16-1856, died 5-26-1925
ELLSWORTH, Kenneth. Spouse of Berta. Born 1920, died 1970
ELSTER, Lauremtine E. Died 1852. Age: 7m 2d - Son of S.H. & S.M. Elster
ELSTER, Sally M. Died 1852 - Dau of S.H. & S.M. Elster
EMPSON, Joyce. Spouse of Martin D. Born 1934, died Uncut
EMPSON, Martin D. Spouse of Joyce Spicer. Born 12-22-1926, died 6-2-1990. Age: 63y - Son of Jacob & Emma Hamilton Empson b. North Bingham, Pa. Wed 8-23-1952
FAULKNER, Cynthia. Spouse of Roland. Born 2-25-1951, died 10-17-2012
FAULKNER, Tonja E. Spouse of Ronald Roy. Born 11-9-1962, died 6-6-2013. Age: 50y - Born in Houston TX d. Scio NY. Wed 6-29-1998
FISH, Floyd G. Spouse of Nettie C. Born 1906, died 1971
FISH, Floyd Richard. Spouse of Mary I. Potter. Born 12-7-1929, died 5-30-2000 - Wed 2-14-1980 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pfc.
FISH, Frank F. Spouse of Ida M. Born 1852, died 1933
FISH, George H. Spouse of Mae L. Born 1900, died 1976
FISH, George S. Died 9-3-1889. Age: 69y
FISH, Ida M. Spouse of Frank F. Born 1866, died 1949
FISH, Mae L. Spouse of George H. Born 1893, died 1979
FISH, Mary I. Spouse of Floyd Richard. Born 9-21-1934, died Uncut - Wed 2-14-1980
FISH, Nettie C. Spouse of Floyd G. Born 1909, died 1992
FISH, P. Spouse of Phebe. Died 8-5-1851. Age: 65y
FISH, Phebe. Spouse of P. Died 2-5-1851. Age: 60y
FITZSIMMONS, H. Duke. Spouse of Violet D. Born 1873, died 1918
FITZSIMMONS, Violet D. Spouse of H. Duke. Born 1844, died 1921
FORD, Alfred Arnold. Spouse of Dorothy M. VanDerhoef. Born 3-25-1915, died 3-10-1993 - Wed 12-24-1939
FORD, Dorothy M. Spouse of Alfred Arnold. Born 9-17-1918, died 12-9-1992 - Wed 12-24-1939
FORD, George A. Born 2-04-1946, died 6-11-2003 - Son of Alfred & Dorothy (VanDerhoef) Ford, b. Wellsville NY, d. Lawrenceville NJ - Vietnam Vet, US Army 1965-67
FOX, Little Eva - Just a Stone - No Dates
FRANKLIN, Agnes L. Born 1928, died 1960 - [Sister]
FRANKLIN, Albert. Born 1922, died 1976 - [Brother]
FRANKLIN, Barbara. Born 6-26-1951, died 10-22-1969. Age: Infant - Dau of Marsha
FRANKLIN, Charles. Born 1920, died 1960 - [Brother]
FRANKLIN, Dorothy M. Spouse of James W. Born 1922, died 2002
FRANKLIN, Gene. Born 4-22-1926, died 12-15-2002. Age: 76y - Son of Charles & Elizabeth (Orcutt) Franklin, b. Belfast NY, d. Wellsville NY - - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
FRANKLIN, James W. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 5-11-1918, died 9-14-1985 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
FRANKLIN, Mary D. (Meyers) Spouse of Stanley Franklin Sr. Born 1-20-1953 died 1-11-2018 Age 64y - Dau of William F. & Pauline (Potts) Meyers b. Baltimore MD d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-31-1969, three children. Stanley died in 2015
FRANKLIN, Richard D. Born 1951, died 1956
FRANKLIN, Walter L. Spouse of #1 Barbara James, #2 Shirley Kemp, #3 Constance Lawrence. Born 2-1-1949, died 6-30-2014. Age: 65y - Son of James & Dorothy Moshier Franklin b. & d. Wellsville NY
GATES, Maurice Clair. Spouse of Dona Marie Moore. Born 4-17-1941, died 4-10-1994 - Wed 3-29-1969
GATES, Daisy C. Spouse of Reuben D. Born 1888, died 1968
GATES, Dona Marie. Spouse of Maurice Clair. Born 1-5-1946, died Uncut - Wed 3-29-1969
GATES, Donald V. Spouse of Patience Ost. Born 6-29-1937, died 8-23-2006. Age: 69y - Son of Harlan A. & Audrey Johnson Gates, Sr. b. Belmont, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 3-28-1987 in Scio, NY
GATES, Eric Steven. Born 10-5-1962, died 2-7-2009 - Son of Donald Vaughn & Ethyl May Cleveland Gates b. Wellsville NY d. Cleveland OH - Cold War Vet, US Army. Germany & Korea
GATES, Ethyl M. Spouse of Lee A. Born 6-18-1939, died 7-11-2007. Age: 68y - Dau of Edward H. & Ruth M. Cole Cleveland b. Olean NY d. Scio NY Wed 1972
GATES, Harlan, Sr. Born 5-2-1911, died 6-5-1993
GATES, Laurie May. Spouse of Wesley L. Born 4-22-1973, died 8-18-2007. Age: 34y - Dau of Philip & Sharon Cleveland Hanigan b. Olean NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 5-25-2005 in Palm Beach, CA
GATES, Lee A. Spouse of Ethyl M. Born 11-4-1930, died 1-15-2000
GATES, Patricia A. Born 1938, died 2004
GATES, Reuben D. Spouse of Daisy C. Born 1888, died 1963
GERRITY, Gregory Basil. Born 11-24-1951, died 6-7-2001 - [Slain go Foill] - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
GIGEE, Ana Jenett. Died 10-8-1841. Age: 2m 2d
GIGEE, Dorr A. Born 5-1835, died 7-1889
GIGEE, Hiram. Spouse of Sally. Died 5-21-1853. Age: 47y 6m 9d
GIGEE, Miles F. Died 9-5-1859. Age: 20y 29d
GIGEE, Sally. Spouse of Hiram. Died 8-17-1841. Age: 34y 5m 13d
GLASS, Gerald L. "Jerry". Born 1932, died 1995
GLASS, Harold A. "Bud". Spouse of Shirley C. George. Born 4-29-1925, died 9-19-2004. Age: 79y - Son of Harold & Mary Audrey Sexton Glass b. Benezette, Pa. Wed 3-6-1949 in Hornell - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
GLASS, Harold H. Spouse of M. Audrey. Born 1896, died 1968
GLASS, M. Audrey. Spouse of Harold H. Born 1898, died 1981
GLASS, Shirley C. Spouse of Harold A. "Bud". Born 1929, died 4-26-1970 - [We Miss You]
GRAHAM, Andrew J. Born 5-8-1987, died 1-10-1988. Age: Infant - [Our Loving Baby]
GRASTROF, Elizabeth A. Born 1876, died 1876 - Dau of F. W. & Mary Grastorf
GRASTROF, Frank W. Spouse of Mary. Born 1836, died 1911
GRASTROF, Mabel. Born 1862, died 1890 - Dau of F. W. & Mary Grastorf
GRASTROF, Mary. Spouse of Frank W. Born 1835, died 1876
GREEN, Clayton W. Spouse of Ida L. Born 1906, died 1995
GREEN, Ida Leona. Spouse of Clayton W. Born 6-19-1927, died 4-18-2007. Age: 79y - Dau of Thomas & Pearl Dixon Brown b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-17-1943 in Belmont NY
GREENE, John R. Born 1950, died 2001
GRIGGS, Edwin Francis. Born 4-20-1909, died 7-23-1967
HAKES, Leon E. Spouse of Lois B. Born 1914, died 1991 - [We Love You]
HAKES, Lois B. Spouse of Leon E. Born 1924, died 1986 - [We Love You]
HALL, Helen. Spouse of William Thomas. Born 1921, died 1998
HALL, William Thomas Sr. Spouse of Helen MERRY. Born 9-29-1922, died 11-24-2002 - Son of William Francis & Mary Jean (Maxwell) Hall, "Bill", b. Detroit-MI, d. Miami-FL (while on vacation), Wed 5-11-1944 in Montgomery-AL - WW II Vet, US Army, B-24 Bomber Sq Pilot, Capt 1944-45
HAND, Charles Henry. Born 1871, died 1957
HAND, Myrtie Irene. Born 1873, died 1954
HAND, Oneta Esther. Born 1911, died 1912
HARRINGTON, Sally. Spouse of Israel. Died 1-15-1851. Age: 23y
HARTMAN, Leah Norton. Born 1902, died 1996
HARVEY, Arland. Born 1905, died 1915 - Broken Stone against tree
HARVEY, Donald E. Born 1913, died 1914 - Broken Stone against tree
HARVEY, Gerald. Died 1915 - Broken Stone against tree
HEALY, John S. Died 6-19-1883. Age: 44y 1m 28d
HENDRY, Edwin. Spouse of Isabelle J. Born 1850, died 1925
HENDRY, Isabelle J. Spouse of Edwin. Born 1858, died 10-10-1893
HENYAN, Hazel M. Died 8-29-1899. Age: 6m - Dau of C.W. & J.M. Henyan
HENYAN, Mina C. Spouse of M.K. Died 2-9-1878. Age: 28y 2m
HERRINGTON, Isabell. Spouse of Morris. Born 1877, died 1957
HERRINGTON, Morris. Spouse of Isabell. Born 1878, died 1930
HIGGINS, Jane M. Born 1872, died 1936
HOLTOM, John. Spouse of Sallie P. Born 6-22-1826, died 3-26-1903
HOLTOM, Mattie T. Spouse of W. Henry. Born 11-16-1862, died 1-15-1945
HOLTOM, Sallie P. Spouse of John. Born 9-7-1829, died 11-11-1899
HOLTOM, W. Henry. Spouse of Mattie T. Born 4-29-1863, died 5-11-1939
HOWARD, Albert D. Born 1843, died 1913
HOWARD, Henry E. Born 1849, died 1925
HOWARD, Joseph. Born 1808, died 1864 - [Father]
HOWARD, Mary T. Born 1815, died 1901 - [Mother]
HOWARD, Sarah M. Born 1852, died 1930
HOWE, Dora B. Spouse of Frank R. Born 1859, died 1908
HOWE, Edith T. Spouse of Elmer J. Born 1888, died 1989
HOWE, Elmer J. Spouse of Edith T. Born 1890, died 1967
HOWE, Frank R. Spouse of Dora B. Born 1854, died 1935
HOWE, Herbert W. III "Herb" Spouse of Tara Howard died 6-26-2017 Age 43y - Son of Herbert W. "Sonny" & Gladys Jean (Young) Howe II, b. Buffalo NY d. Rochester NY as a result of logging accident injuries. Wed 7-15-2012, no children named. (Spouse survives)
INGALLS, Hazel B. Spouse of William A. Born 7-22-1921, died 10-20-2012. Age: 91y - Dau of Glenn E. & Freelove Stonham Brown b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-26-1942
INGALLS, Hazel B. Spouse of William A. Born 1921, died Uncut
INGALLS, William A. Spouse of Hazel B. Born 1915, died 1989
JACKSON, Agnes E. Spouse of Ernest G. Born 1905, died 1994 - Wed 1-2-1925
JACKSON, Alan Lloyd. Born 8-12-1944, died 2-28-2002
JACKSON, Audrey Jean. Born 1944, died 1945
JACKSON, Betty Marie. Died 1934
JACKSON, Deliah E. Died 1923
JACKSON, Ernest G. Spouse of Agnes E. Ost. Born 1902, died 1985 - Wed 1-2-1925
JACKSON, Millard D. Spouse of Viola E. Born 1898, died 1984
JACKSON, Viola E. Spouse of Millard D. Born 1903, died 1994
JACKSON, Virginia E. "Ginny". Spouse of Howard W. Born 4-6-1935, died 4-29-2013. Age: 78y - Dau of George & Bertha Utter Fagner b. Palmyra NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 12-26-1954 in Alfred NY
JAMES, Claribel B. Spouse of Robert V. Born 7-21-1921, died Uncut
JAMES, Claribel Lougee. Spouse of Robert Vernon. Born 7-21-1921, died 7-24-2011. Age: 90y - Dau of Dr. A.H. & Margaret Miller Babcock b. Randolph NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-15-1949 in Scio NY
JAMES, Guy V. Spouse of Maude E. Born 1885, died 1971
JAMES, Marilyn R. Born 1927, died 1985
JAMES, Maude E. Spouse of Guy V. Born 1883, died 1977
JAMES, Robert V. Spouse of Claribel B. Born 3-13-1917, died 1-21-2000 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, T/Sgt
JOHNSON, Eliza A. Spouse of Jacob E. Died 12-26-1867. Age: 55y 1m
JOHNSON, Frank A. Spouse of K. Jeannette. Born 1858, died 1916
JOHNSON, K. Jeannette. Spouse of Frank A. Born 1856, died 1949
JONES, Charles B. Died 9-7-1889 - Civil War Vet, Co K 136th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Deserted 7-1-1863 at hospital.
JORDAN, Karen M. (Hackett) Spouse of Douglas Jordan Born 2-13-1943 died 7-14-2017 Age 74y - Dau of Kenneth A. & Beatrice (Barber) Hackett, b. Coudersport PA d. Orlando FL. Wed Douglas 5-10-1961 in Biloxi MS. Four children, father unclear.
JORDON, Robert Douglas. Spouse of Karen Hackett. Born 1941, died 12-31-1997 Wed 5-10-1961 in Biloxi MS, at least one child.
KEMP, Betty J. Spouse of George S. Born 1925, died Uncut
KEMP, Baby Girl. Died 1959
KEMP, Betty Jean. Spouse of #1 George S. Kemp, #2 Donald "Dick" Haskinsborn. Born 4-13-1925, died 4-3-2012. Age: 86y - Dau of Ray & Helen Driscoll Carpenter b. Falconer NY d. Palmer Alaska
KEMP, George S. Spouse of Betty J. Born 1921, died 1997
KEMP, Vic W. Spouse of Kim L. Monahan. Born 3-11-1970, died 9-9-2011. Age: 41y - Son of Carl & Linda Hawks Kemp Sr. b. Cuba NY d. Scio NY. Wed 4-5-1997 in Scio NY
KINNICUTT, Cora V. Spouse of Donald E. Born 1-3-1927, died 10-29-2014. Age: 87y - Dau of Ernest W. & Agnes Ost Jackson b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 3-17-1955 in Wellsville NY
KINNICUTT, Donald E. Spouse of Cora V. Jackson. Born 1931, died 1987 - Wed 3-17-1953
KINNICUTT, Guy W. Born 8-26-1892, died 2-6-1957 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. D 155 Depot Brigade, Pvt
KINNICUTT, Isaac. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1864, died 1949
KINNICUTT, Josephine. Spouse of Isaac. Born 1869, died 1941
KINNICUTT, Leon. Born 6-22-1905, died 12-21-1994 - [Beloved Father & Grandfather]
KINNICUTT, Terry L. Born 1953, died 1978
KNAPP, Della. Born 1860, died 1877 - Dau of G.W. & F.O. Knapp
KNAPP, Fannie O. Spouse of George W. Born 1834, died 1922
KNAPP, George W. Spouse of Fannie O. Born 1830, died 1907
LAFFERTY, Florence S. Spouse of Lewis W. Born 1903, died 1984
LAFFERTY, Lewis W. Spouse of Florence S. Born 1898, died 1952
LAFFERTY, Virginia M. (Halsey). Spouse of William L. Born 8-2-1927, died 1-26-2010. Age: 82y - Born in Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-2-1946 in Wellsville NY, four children
LAFFERTY, William L. "Bill" Spouse of Virginia Halsey Born 6-12-1923 died 7-23-2017 Age 94y - Son of Lewis W. & Florence (Robinson) Lafferty b. Wellsville NY d. Albion NY. Wed 8-2-1946 in Wellsville NY, four children - WW II Vet, US Navy
LAYMAN, Douglas O. Born 5-5-1965 died 7-4-2017 Age 52y - Son of Thomas & Dona (Ward) Laymen Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY. Two children, mother not named
LEBAR, Irma E. Died 1924
LEONARD, Daniel H. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Born 1902, died 1973
LEONARD, Elaine E. Born 1-4-1938, died 1-10-1997. Age: 59y - Dau of Daniel H. & Elizabeth Teribury Leonard
LEONARD, Elizabeth A. Spouse of Daniel H. Born 1915, died 1995
LEWIS, Mary A. Spouse of Thomas. Died 7-4-1811. Age: 35y
LEWIS, Russel M. Born 1843, died 1925
LEWIS, Thomas. Spouse of Mary A. Died 9-22-1873. Age: 72y 10m
LEWIS, unknown - [Father] - No other Information
LEWIS, unknown - [Mother] - No Names or Dates
LIVERGOOD, Sue Ann. Born 1971, died 2003
LUNN, James E. Spouse of Roxanne L. Born 1941, died 1997
LYNCH, Betty Jean (Barnes). Born 10-19-1930, died 5-14-1996 - Dau of of Norton & Allena (Jones) Barnes. [Our Loving Mother]
MANN, Alfrettia. Spouse of William A. Born 1904, died 1995
MANN, Alice B. Spouse of John R. Died 7-11-1887. Age: 22y 4m
MANN, Florence M. Spouse of Stanley J. Born 1907, died Uncut
MANN, Lucius R. Born 1900, died 1982
MANN, Stanley J. Spouse of Florence M. Born 1908, died 1982
MANN, William A. Spouse of Alfrettia. Born 1890, died 1958
MATTOX, Richard. Spouse of Sylvia. Born 11-6-1941, died 12-23-1997 - [Life Is Eternal Love is Immortal - Light Follows Darkness Life Follows Death Hearts That Cherish Cannot Perish]
MATTOX, Sylvia. Spouse of Richard. Born 5-31-1940, died Uncut - [Life Is Eternal Love is Immortal - Light Follows Darkness Life Follows Death Hearts That Cherish Cannot Perish]
MATTOX, Sylvia M. Spouse of Richard. Born 5-31-1940, died 1-30-2011. Age: 70y - Dau of Herbert & Christine Rich Quant b. & d. Wellsville NY
MAXSON, Frederick W. Died 11-20-1940 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 18 Inf, Pfc
McINTIRE, Sarah. Spouse of Aaron. Died 4-3-1874. Age: 52y
MERRY, Alfred F. Spouse of Mary C. Born 12-22-1918, died 7-30-1984 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
MERRY, Alfred Thomas. Died 1-5-1943 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 345 Inf. 87 Div, Pfc
MERRY, Arch Leon. Spouse of Eunice. Born 1890, died 1955
MERRY, Charlotte. Spouse of William. Born 1852, died 1930 - [Mother]
MERRY, Eunice. Spouse of Arch Leon. Born 1895, died 1985
MERRY, Francis G. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1880, died 1950
MERRY, Mary C. Spouse of Alfred F. Born 1928, died Uncut
MERRY, Mary E. Spouse of Alfred. Born 11-18-1928, died 3-17-2011 - Dau of Leo & Miriam Byrnes Coyle b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-16-1958
MERRY, Mary L. Spouse of Francis G. Born 1892, died 1963
MERRY, Nancy E. Born 6-15-1967, died 9-12-2010. Age: 43y - Dau of Alfred & Mary Coyle Merry b. & d. Wellsville NY
MERRY, Orean H. Born 1925, died 1954
MERRY, Paul G. Spouse of Sylvia Hills. Born 3-21-1924, died 5-7-2010. Age: 86y - Son of Francis & Mary Taylor Merry b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 3-21-1950 in Wellsville NY
MERRY, Raymond W. Born 1912, died 1987
MERRY, Timothy A. Born 1963, died 1997
MERRY, William. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 1850, died 1939 - [Father]
METCALF, Mabel. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1884, died Uncut
METCALF, Murray B. Born 4-13-1915, died 10-14-1972 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt, Sgt
METCALF, Thomas. Spouse of Mabel. Born 1891, died 1966
METCALF, Thomas J., Jr. Born 3-14-1924, died 3-8-1949 - WW II Vet, US Army, 410 Infantry, Pvt
MIDDAUGH, Abbie J. Born 4-3-1857, died 9-20-1865
MIDDAUGH, Abigail. Born 2-25-1852, died 2-19-1853
MIDDAUGH, Abigail H. Spouse of William. Born 4-9-1811, died 4-3-1852
MIDDAUGH, Helen. Born 1-27-1838, died 8-14-1874 - Dau of William & Abigail H. Middaugh
MIDDAUGH, Jane D. Born 9-7-1827, died 3-30-1879
MIDDAUGH, Josephine. Born 11-25-1864, died 9-27-1865 - Dau of William & Jane Middaugh
MIDDAUGH, William. Spouse of #1 Abigail H. Norton, #2 Jane D. Clark. Born 12-19-1811, died 8-22-1881 - Son of Abraham and Catherine (Longcor) Middaugh, born in yden NY, died in Scio NY. Three children with Abigail. Two children with Jane. [Father]
MILES, Arlene. Spouse of #1 Herman Melvin, #2 Alfred D. Robbins. Born 5-25-1926, died 6-12-2005 - Dau of Albert & Cora Dean Singer b. Tyler, Pa. d. Rochester, NY Wed 3-8-1944 in Shinglehouse, Pa.
MILES, Herman Melvin "Herm". Spouse of Arlene Singer. Born 7-8-1919, died 7-3-1991 - Wed March 8 1944 in Shinglehouse PA
MILLER, George W. Spouse of Nettie. Born 1873, died 1968
MILLER, Nettie. Spouse of George W. Born 1878, died 1925
MORGAN, Anna Eliza. Spouse of E. B. Born 4-3-1845, died 2-13-1907 - [Mother]
MORGAN, Charles. Spouse of Minnie. Born 1872, died 1948
MORGAN, Ida May. Died 4-11-1887 - Dau of E.B. & A.E. Morgan
MORGAN, Maria H. Spouse of J. K. Died 6-29-1869. Age: 20y 11m 5d
MORGAN, Minnie. Spouse of Charles. Born 1883, died 1938
MORRIS, Arthur. Born 1887, died 1957
MORRIS, Elmeda. Born 1853, died 1934
MORRIS, Eva. Born 1888, died 1959
MORRIS, John. Born 1847, died 1926
MORRISON, Barbara J. Spouse of Ronald. Born 9-24-1936, died 2-15-2007. Age: 70y - Dau of Millard & Viola Sanford Jackson b. Scio NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-10-1952 in Scio NY
MORRISON, Ronald L. Spouse of Barbara Jackson. Born 3-14-1934, died 6-8-2010. Age: 76y - Son of Lowell & May Babcock Morrison b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-10-1952 in Scio NY
MOULTRUP, Norman H. Spouse of Esther Wyckoff. Born 1-8-1924, died 6-25-2006 - Son of Raymond & Mabel Bowen Moultrup b. Darien Center, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 8-21-2005 in Scio, NY
MOYER, Theresa. Born 5-15-1958, died 4-23-2016. Age: 57y - Dau of Kenneth & Berta Stocum Ellsworth b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY
MUNSON, Charles H. Spouse of Leona M. Born 1872, died 1929
MUNSON, Leona M. Spouse of Charles H. Born 1873, died 1949
MURRAY, Martin M. Spouse of Nancy F. Born 1849, died 1933 - [Father]
MURRAY, Nancy F. Spouse of Martin M. Born 1854, died 1904 - [Mother]
NORTHROP, Anna B. Spouse of Daniel H. Died 9-12-1872. Age: 77y 9m
NORTHROP, Daniel H. Spouse of Anna B. Died 1-7-1872. Age: 74y 5m
NORTHROP, Sylvanos - Son of Daniel & Anna Northrop Stone very hard to read
NORTON, Clarbel. Born 1857, died 1914
NORTON, Emily J. Spouse of Ebenezer J. Died 2-1-1874. Age: 28y 11m 10d
NORTON, Emmer D. Spouse of Luciuis. Born 1847, died 1925
NORTON, Fanny E. Spouse of Lucas O. Born 1853, died 1921
NORTON, Hattie E. Died 12-10-1820. Age: 22y 3m 22d
NORTON, Lena V. Spouse of Lucius E., Jr. Born 1892, died 1980
NORTON, Lois B. Born 1882, died 1892
NORTON, Lucas O. Spouse of Fanny E. Born 1860, died 1936
NORTON, Lucius. Spouse of Emmer D. Born 1844, died 1926
NORTON, Lucius E., Jr. Spouse of Lena V. Born 1876, died 1952
NORTON, Lucy P. Born 1830, died 1913
NORTON, Oliver S. Born 1858, died 1942
NORTON, Oliver W. Born 1827, died 1889
NORTON, Pearl T. Spouse of Ralph W. Born 1885, died 1976
NORTON, Ralph W. Spouse of Pearl T. Born 1886, died 1976
NORTON, Raymond. Born 1912, died 1931
NORTON, Raymond O. Born 1892, died 1895
OST, C. Willmott. Spouse of Cora E. Born 1862, died 1931
OST, Cora E. Spouse of C. Willmott. Born 1875, died 1948
OST, Darwin. Spouse of Velma J. Born 1912, died 1999
OST, George Amos. Spouse of Thelma May PELTON. Born 8-06-1917, died 3-18-2002. Age: 85y - Son of C. Wilmont & Cora (Merritt) Ost, b. Scio NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 12-08-1939 in Wellsville
OST, Judy Ann. Died 6-3-1942. Age: Infant
OST, Oma E. Hand. Born 1916, died 1981
OST, Thelma. Spouse of George A. Born 1917, died 1992
OST, Velma J. Spouse of Darwin. Born 1919, died Uncut
OVIATT, Betsy. Age: 1y - Dau of Daniel & Esther Oviatt
PEARCE, Ralph A. Born 1-28-1921, died 2-5-1996 - WW II Vet, US Army
PEET, Adda M. Born 1873, died 1939
PENDELTON, Betsy. Age: 2y - Dau of John & Lydia Pendelton. No Dates
PENDELTON, John E. - Son of John & Lydia Pendelton Could not read dates
PENDLETON, Cecil W. Spouse of Doris A. Born 1936, died Uncut - [Together Forever]
PENDLETON, Doris A. Spouse of Cecil W. Born 1938, died 2000 - [Together Forever]
PENDLETON, Henry. Spouse of Rosabelle. Born 1869, died 1947
PENDLETON, Rosabelle. Spouse of Henry. Born 1871, died 1953
PERRY, David A. Born 1941, died 1965
PERRY, Harry A. Born 1902, died 1950
PERRY, Marian L. MD. Born 1908, died 1987
PETERSON, Henry. Spouse of Louisa Moffitt. Born 7-30-1844, died 11-1-1908 - Civil War Vet, Co H 5th Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 7-19-1865 at Harpers Ferry VA
PETERSON, Louisa. Spouse of Henry. Born 4-16-1855, died 10-23-1908
PETERSON, Lucy R. Spouse of Allen Garden. Born 3-2-1881, died 10-8-1899
PITTS, Milton P. Spouse of Nathala M. Houghtling. Born 2-12-1935, died 9-24-2014 - Son of Howard D. & Marion Victoria House Pitts b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-27-1964 in Wellsville NY
PITTS, Nathala M. Spouse of Milton P. Born 6-26-1938, died 9-23-2014 - Dau of Terrance & Amy Savey Houghtling b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-27-1964 in Wellsville NY
PIWOWARCZYK, Henry W. Spouse of Ruth J. Born 1930, died 1999
PIWOWARCZYK, Ruth J. Spouse of Henry W. Born 4-30-1921, died 11-14-2007. Age: 86y - Dau of Samuel H. & Lottie M. Brown Ward b. Town of Amity NY d. Rochester NY Wed 12-30-1981 in Belmont NY Husband #1 Willis L. Stuck Sr. who died 10-10-1970
POTTER, Clark L. Died 4-10-1883. Age: 40y
POTTER, Clella. Spouse of Raymond S. Born 9-23-1890, died 6-24-1961
POTTER, Darwin. Born 12-21-1901, died 3-12-1926
POTTER, Earl H. Spouse of Rose W. Born 1877, died 1927 - [Father]
POTTER, Ellen M. Born 2-2-1826, died 9-25-1909
POTTER, Emma. Spouse of William C. Born 1858, died 1908
POTTER, Frank H. Born 1870, died 1883
POTTER, Helen A. Spouse of Jonathan E. Born 1845, died 1876
POTTER, Henry W. Born 4-19-1828, died 1-8-1852
POTTER, Hobart R. Born 1926, died 1927
POTTER, Hugh R. Born 7-26-1909, died 12-17-1921
POTTER, Inez M. Born 1906, died 1983
POTTER, Jonathan B. Spouse of #1 Mary M. Sawin, #2 Lucy Ann. Born 12-13-1799, died 11-16-1870
POTTER, Jonathan E. Spouse of Helen A. Born 1835, died 1904
POTTER, Lucy Ann. Spouse of Jonathan B. Born 11-11-1806, died 9-28-1894
POTTER, Mary M. (Swain). Spouse of Jonathan B. Born 10-11-1800, died 6-15-1832
POTTER, Raymond S. Spouse of Clella. Born 6-15-1888, died 9-21-1969
POTTER, Rose W. Spouse of Earl H. Born 1878, died 1958 - [Mother]
POTTER, William C. Spouse of Emma Wilcox. Born 1859, died 1934
PRIDAY, Donald D. Born 5-16-1935, died 7-22-1985 - Korean War Vet, US Army
PRINGLE, Michael Joshua. Born 6-15-1995, died 8-22-1995
QUACKENBOS, Elizabeth H. Spouse of George H. Born 4-6-1886, died 4-26-1972
QUACKENBOS, George H. Spouse of Elizabeth H. Born 2-8-1886, died 3-14-1975
QUANT, Herbert M. Born 9-22-1910, died 6-3-1978 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
QUANT, James H., Sr. Spouse of Catherine Fish. Born 4-6-1935, died 8-25-2007 - Son of Herbert & Christine Rich Quant b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-3-1952 in Scio NY
RAY, Mary C. Spouse of Isaac - No Dates
RIPLEY, Pauline M. Born 1924, died 2006 - [Beloved Merry Sisters]
ROBINSON, Clarence M. Born 1860, died 1932
ROBINSON, Corlista G. Spouse of David S. Died 11-2-1895. Age: 72y
ROBINSON, David S. Spouse of Corlista G. Died 2-2-1888. Age: 72y
ROBINSON, Hiland M. Died 3-21-1872. Age: 11y - Son of David & Corlista G. Robinson
ROBINSON, Ina. Spouse of William. Born 1878, died 1952
ROBINSON, Jesse V. Born 1890, died 1971
ROBINSON, Lulu Kemer. Born 1887, died 1914
ROBINSON, Margia Brown. Born 1863, died 1918
ROBINSON, Mervyn L. Born 1892, died 1965
ROBINSON, Minnie A. Born 1869, died Uncut
ROBINSON, Ozro W. Born 1862, died 1920
ROBINSON, William. Spouse of Ina. Born 1878, died 1942
ROCKEFELLER, Gerald A. Born 1910, died 1920
ROGERS, Joanna Potter. Born 1849, died 1941
ROSELL, Phyllis (Barnes). Born 1934, died 2000 - Dau of Norton & Allena (Jones) Barnes. No Stone - Funeral Marker
ROUSE, Gary Lynn. Born 1955, died 1958 - Son of Wesley & Lura Rouse
ROUSE, Lura B. Spouse of Wesley A. Born 1930, died Uncut
ROUSE, Wesley A. Spouse of Lura B. Born 6-22-1928, died 9-24-1998 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
RUMFELT, Dennis C. Spouse of Vicki. Born 4-12-1950, died 10-2-2004. Age: 53y - Son of Ralph & Marion Connoly Rumfelt b. Rochester - Vietnam Vet, US Marine Corps, Sgt
SANFORD, Charles T. Spouse of Gertrude E. Born 1865, died 1920
SANFORD, Gertrude E. Spouse of Charles T. Born 1875, died 1943
SANFORD, Joel W. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1896, died 1968
SANFORD, Margaret E. Spouse of Joel W. Born 1906, died 1962
SCHRADER, Bernard D. Born 10-9-1953, died 9-24-2014. Age: 60y - Son of Bernard & Florence Mingus Schrader b. & d. Wellsville NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force 197?-1973
SERGEANT, Stanley V. Born 1891, died 1918 - WW I Vet, 1st C. Aviation
SHELLEY, Charles N. Spouse of Mal A. Born 1913, died 1992
SHELLEY, Mal A. Spouse of Charles N. Born 1918, died 1989
SHEPARD, Burty H. Died 8-27-1872. Age: 21y 6m 6d - Child of H.D. & P.M. Shepard
SHEPARD, Edwin M. Born 1878, died 1956 - Funeral Marker only
SHEPARD, Henry D. Spouse of Patience. Died 10-28-1886. Age: 61y 10m
SHEPARD, Johana M. Died 7-14-1867. Age: 16y 9m - Dau of H.D. & P.M. Shepard
SHEPARD, Patience. Spouse of Henry D. Died 6-15-1910. Age: 80y 10m 9d
SHIELDS, Curtis Lee. Born 4-6-1982, died 2-16-1987 - [We Love and Miss You]
SINGER, Albert B. Spouse of Cora "Pat". Born 1891, died 1970
SINGER, Cora "Pat". Spouse of Albert B. Born 1897, died 1997
SINGLETON, Thomas Clark. Born 9--2-1842, died 8-8-1886
SMITH, Florence. Spouse of George. Born 1848, died 1932
SMITH, George. Spouse of Florence. Born 1847, died 1916
SNYDER, Bella Ann. Born 1937, died 1997 - [We'll Miss You Mom]
SNYDER, Edith. Born 1899, died 1957 - [Mother]
STEARNS, Amila. Died 1811. Age: 56y
STEPHENS, Eldon C. Spouse of Lois E. Hurd. Born 12-9-1943, died 10-2-2012. Age: 68y - Son of Ronald A. & Bertha May Brown Stephens b. Wellsville NY d. Alma NY. Wed 6-27-1964 in Allentown NY
STOCUM, Avanelle "Nelly". Spouse of Jack "Jake". Born 3-24-1938, died Unut - Wed 12-20-1982
STOCUM, Jack "Jake". Spouse of Avanelle "Nelly". Born 1-14-1927, died 11-26-2002. Age: 75y - Son of Clifford & Ethel Carlin Stocum b. West Pike, Pa. d. Houghton, NY Wed 12-20-1982 - Korean War Vet, US Marine Corps, Cpl
STOKES, Mildred Torrey. Born 1891, died 1951
STONHAM, Charles W. Born 1899, died 1928
STONHAM, Clark S. Born 1866, died 1948
STONHAM, Earl F. Born 1890, died Uncut
STONHAM, Harrison C. Spouse of Irene E. Born 1901, died 1981
STONHAM, Infant Son. Died 1907
STONHAM, Irene E. Spouse of Harrison C. Born 1901, died 1987
STONHAM, James J. Born 1888, died 1960
STONHAM, Joseph E. Born 1903, died 1939
STONHAM, Le Grand. Born 1894, died 1975
STONHAM, Lena M. Born 1884, died 1964
STONHAM, Loretta M. Spouse of Frank. Born 1872, died 1907
STONHAM, Mabel L. Born 1900, died 1954
STONHAM, Olin G. Born 1902, died 1973 - [We Miss You]
STONHAM, Pearl M. Spouse of Stanley L. Born 1910, died 1986
STONHAM, Ruth Ann. Born 1832, died 1921
STONHAM, Stanley L. Spouse of Pearl M. Born 1908, died 1981
STRAIGHT, David A. Born 1944, died 1984
STURDEVANT, David Keith. Born 1958, died 1981 - [Safe In The Love Of Jesus Never To Grow Old]
STURDEVANT, Kathryn R. Spouse of Ross L. Born 9-3-1918, died 4-16-2004. Age: 86y - Dau of Frank & Idell Hollenbeck Reniff b. Birdsall
STURDEVANT, Keith F. Born 8-10-1933, died 10-16-2008. Age: 75y - Son of Ross L. & Kathryn Reniff Sturdevant b. Angelica NY d. Wellsville NY. Divorced from Arlene Hooker Kepner - Korean War Vet, US Army
STURDEVANT, Mabel F. Spouse of Ralph H. Born 1913, died 1993 - [Together Forever]
STURDEVANT, Ralph H. Spouse of Mabel F. Born 1899, died 1990 - [Together Forever]
STURDEVANT, Ross L. Spouse of Kathryn R. Born 1906, died 1988
SWEET, Margaret G. Spouse of Vivian V. Born 1915, died Uncut
SWEET, Vivian V. Spouse of Margaret G. Born 1914, died 2001
SWIMELAR, Hugh H. Born 11-18-1872, died 5-25-1906
TAYLOR, Arthur D. Born 1886, died 1968
TAYLOR, Ernest. Spouse of Grace M. Born 1883, died 1958
TAYLOR, Gertrude F. Born 1892, died 1973
TAYLOR, Grace M. Spouse of Ernest. Born 1887, died 1953
TAYLOR, Harriet. Spouse of Hiram. Born 1812, died 1899
TAYLOR, Hiram. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1805, died 1869
TAYLOR, Phillip A. Spouse of Norma Stephens. Born 7-25-1937, died 11-26-2016. Age: 79y - Son of Isaac & Bessie Harrington Taylor b. Wellsville NY d. Allentown NY Wed 2-1-1958 in Alma NY - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. 1955-1957
TAYLOR, Robert W. Born 4-23-1943, died 2-8-1983 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, RMSN
TAYLOR, Wilfred M. Born 8-5-1918, died 6-28-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt
TIBBS, Libbie. Born 1858, died 1859
TIBBS, Mary P. Spouse of Oscar F. Born 1841, died 1908 - [Mother]
TIBBS, Oscar F. Spouse of Mary P. Born 1835, died 1900 - [Father]
TORREY, Frank Smith. Born 1886, died 1934
TORRY, Arthur C. Spouse of Ella J. Born 1863, died 1937
TORRY, Ella J. Spouse of Arthur C. Born 1866, died 1919
TOWNER, Craig S. Spouse of Teena J. Born 3-12-1950, died 4-16-2015 - [Hallonpaj]
TOWNER, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Stephen P. Born 1866, died 1946
TOWNER, George F. Spouse of Margaret W. Born 5-4-1902, died 7-4-1964
TOWNER, Margaret W. Spouse of George F. Born 7-10-1899, died 7-2-1984
TOWNER, Stephen P. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Born 1863, died 1919
TROWBRIDGE, Anna. Spouse of Howard J. Born 1890, died 1955
TROWBRIDGE, Barbara L. (Trowbridge) Stocum Born 1932 died 4-8-2017 - Dau of Foster & Vira Trowbridge b. Wellsville NY d. Canandaigua NY. Five children, father not named
TROWBRIDGE, Foster B. Born 10-31-1904, died 11-6-1985 - [Grandpa Whitey]
TROWBRIDGE, Howard J. Spouse of Anna F.E. Norton Barnes. Born 1902, died 1987
TROWBRIDGE, Phyllis J. Spouse of Donald F. Born 11-7-1938, died 6-10-2006 - Dau of Chauncey & Margaret Gross Brock b. Buffalo, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 6-1972
TYLER, Josephine. Spouse of Warren M. Born 1855, died 1915
TYLER, Warren M. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1838, died 1914
UTTER, Henry - No Dates - Civil War Vet, Co C 67th and 65th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with Co C, 65th Inf 7-17-1865 at Halls Hill VA.
VAN CUREN, Raymond "Barney". Born 1945, died 1999
VANCUREN, Francina E. Born 5-4-1942, died 8-2-1958
VELEY, James E. "Ed". Spouse of Sandra Denning. Born 9-2-1953, died 4-25-2012 - Son of Peter & Shirley Gardner Veley b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 2-1977 in Florida
VINCENT, J. Albert. Spouse of Myrtle. Born 1858, died 1946
VINCENT, Myrtle. Spouse of J. Albert. Born 1868, died 1935
VOSBURG, Francis E. Born 1856, died 1859
VOSBURGH, Abram L. Spouse of Emma E. Born 1833, died 1912 - [Father]
VOSBURGH, Charles W. Born 1868, died 1910
VOSBURGH, Emma E. Spouse of Abram L. Born 1838, died 1925 - [Mother]
VOSSLER, Charles M. Born 1932, died 1992 - [Beloved]
VOSSLER, Martin Frederick. Spouse of Sharley Elizabeth Hand. Born 11-11-1899, died 5-28-1968
VOSSLER, Sharley Elizabeth (Hand). Spouse of Martin Frederick. Born 10-7-1903, died 4-30-1986
WALDEN, Gladys K. Born 1908, died 1979
WARD, Anna Elizabeth (Cummins). Spouse of Lewis W. Sr. Born 10-01-1920, died 10-23-2002. Age: 82y - Dau of Henry & Elizabeth (Bernard) Cummins, b. Cuba NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 1-24-1939 in Cuba NY
WARD, Doris J. Spouse of Morris J. Born 1915, died 1998
WARD, Harold F. Spouse of Sandra Fanton. Born 10-22-1943, died 1-13-2004. Age: 60y - Son of Lewis Wilson & Anna (Cummins) Ward Sr., b. Richburg NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 10-26-1963 in Friendship NY
WARD, Lewis Wilson, Sr. Spouse of Anna Elizabeth Cummins. Born 7-25-1916, died 8-18-2007. Age: 91y - Son of Samuel H. & Lottie M. Brown Ward b. Town of Amity NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-24-1939 in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
WARD, Morris J. Spouse of Doris J. Born 1910, died 1991
WARD, Ralph B. Born 1952, died 1978 - Son of Lewis Wilson & Anna Elizabeth (Cummins) Ward Sr. [Loving Memories]
WARD, Sandra L. Spouse of Harold F. Born 10-6-1946, died 2-16-2014. Age: 67y - Dau of Everett & Waneta Wright Fanton b. & d. Wellville NY. Wed 10-26-1963 in Friendship NY
WARD, Timothy S. Spouse of Dollie Rahr Born 9-30-1960 died 1-19-2017 Age 57y - Son of Lewis Wilson & Anna Elizabeth (Cummins) Ward Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY. Owned Ward Construction in Scio. Wed 7-16-1988, no children. (Spouse survives)
WEBSTER, Ann M. Spouse of Donald. Born 11-6-1934, died 10-22-2008. Age: 73y - Dau of Howard & Isabelle Whitney Coyle b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-15-1966 in Scio NY
WEBSTER, Daniel E. Spouse of Donna Strong. Born 5-22-1957, died 6-5-2012 - Son of Donald & Anna Mae Coyle Webster b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
WEBSTER, Donald Dean. Spouse of Anna Mae Coyle. Born 8-27-1932, died 12-5-2010. Age: 78y - Son of Dean & Rose Quant Webster b. Town of Ward NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-15-1966 in Belmont NY
WEBSTER, William F. Born 1-16-1946, died 5-2-1975 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Sp5
WEIDNER, Charles L. Spouse of Helen G. Born 1889, died 1961 - [Each Duty Done, They Rest in Peace]
WEIDNER, Helen G. Spouse of Charles L. Born 1886, died 1965 - [Each Duty Done, They Rest in Peace]
WELCH, Emma A. Born 1853, died 1938
WELCH, Forest B. Born 1874, died 1940
WELCH, Freelove. Born 1772, died 1877 - These dates are correct
WELCH, Naboth B. Born 1772, died 1880 - These dates are correct
WELCH, Robert S. Born 1846, died 1881
WESCHE, Mildred E. Born 1924, died 1994
WHITAKER, Brenda L. Spouse of Harry R. Born 1940, died Uncut
WHITAKER, Harry R. Spouse of Brenda L. Born 1927, died 1988
WHITCOMB, Harvey. Died 8-17-1855. Age: 81y 11m
WHITCOMB, Hiram B. Born 1858, died 1858
WHITCOMB, Pruda. Born 1829, died 1897
WHITCOMB, Sarah A. Born 1852, died 1856
WHITCOMB, William C. Born 1843, died 1876
WHITCOMB, William H. Born 1822, died 1865
WILBER, Adelbert. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1849, died Uncut
WILBER, Catherine. Spouse of Adelbert. Born 1845, died 1928
WILCOX, Alice May (Button). Spouse of Carl A. Born 3-8-1923, died 8-3-2012 - Dau of Arch & Rose Jeffers Button b. Gold PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-6-1941 in Stannards NY
WILCOX, Carl Anson. Spouse of Alice Mae Button. Born 1-24-1920, died 1-28-1993 - Wed 9-6-1941
WILLIAMS, George M. Spouse of Mabel M. Born 1904, died 1967
WILLIAMS, Mabel M. Spouse of George M. Born 1909, died Uncut
WILLIAMS, Robert R. Spouse of Lora Anne Walker. Born 5-5-1950, died 4-21-2009. Age: 58y - Son of Robert B. & Jean Briggs Williams b. Blossburg PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-9-1991 in Obi NY
WILLIS, Ella S. Born 1860, died 1919
WOODARD, George M. Died 6-26-1846. Age: 5y 1m 21d
WOODARD, Willie. Died 11-16-1863 - Son of William & C. Woodard
WRIGHT, Alice Langworthy. Born 1853, died 1896
WRIGHT, Anna B. Spouse of Walter B. Born 5-28-1875, died 12-30-1944
WRIGHT, Arthur S. Born 1873, died 1896
WRIGHT, Arthur S. Born 1902, died 1985
WRIGHT, Catherine R. Spouse of Robert. Died 2-2-1870. Age: 45y
WRIGHT, Charles W. Died 9-25-1868. Age: 18y 2m - Son of Robert & C. R. Wright
WRIGHT, Clarissa T. Spouse of John. Died 3-28-1884. Age: 65y 7m 17d
WRIGHT, Elizabeth. Spouse of William. Died 4-18-1873. Age: 75y
WRIGHT, Jane L. Died 10-23-1873 - Dau of Robert & C. R. Wright
WRIGHT, John. Spouse of Clarissa T. Born 1818, died 1899
WRIGHT, John D. Died 10-30-1868. Age: 10y 10m - Son of Robert & C. R. Wright
WRIGHT, Lucia E. Born 1876, died 1947
WRIGHT, Martha. Spouse of William W. Born 5-6-1836, died 3-2-1894
WRIGHT, Mary I. Died 2-13-1872. Age: 7y 2m 8d - Dau of J. & C. Wright
WRIGHT, Mildred A. Born 1899, died 1982
WRIGHT, Mona B. Born 1902, died 1962
WRIGHT, Nancy P. Spouse of Robert. Born 1845, died 1933 - [Mother]
WRIGHT, Robert. Spouse of Nancy P. Born 1823, died 1898 - [Father]
WRIGHT, Robert E. Born 1931, died 1997
WRIGHT, Sophia Kinney. Born 1825, died 1914
WRIGHT, Walter B. Spouse of Anna B. Born 4-28-1859, died 4-1-1942
WRIGHT, Walter B., Jr. Born 1901, died 1983
WRIGHT, William. Spouse of Elizabeth. Died 3-5-1854. Age: 65y 9m 20d
WRIGHT, William B. Died 10-10-1870 - Son of Robert & C. R. Wright
WRIGHT, William W. Spouse of Martha Lewis. Born 2-11-1834, died 2-22-1891
YEAGER, Charles S. Died 5-4-1895. Age: 71y
YORK, Mary D. Spouse of Miami. Born 1806, died 1-5-1842

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