Holy Cross Cemetery
Belfast, NY
Update submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson
Updates from Eleanor Schwalb

This is a partial listing. It contains primarily recent burials. A more complete listing is on Find A Grave

ATHERTON, Elmer S. Spouse of Viola McCarthy Born 3-29-1891 died 1-30-1969 - Son of Willard and Nettie Elmer Atherton
ATHERTON, Viola Ann (McCarthy) Spouse of #1 Lynde Spencer Chamberlain, #2 Elmer S. Born 3-17-1894 died 2-16-1974 - Dau of Frederick W. & Katherine M. Durnein McCarthy b. Belfast NY, died Cuba NY. One son with Lynde. (He d. 1931) Wed Elmer 10-26-1933 in Belfast
BAGINSKI, Michael C. Born 5-11-1971 died 6-10-2009 - Son of Lawrence & Mary Adamowicz Baginski b. Buffalo NY d. Costa Mesa CA - Post-Vietnam Vet, USMC
BETTINGER, Doris M. (Brainard) Spouse of Lloyd Martin Born 11-19-1900 died 10-9-1988 - Dau of Edson & Mary A. (Coughlin)Brainard b. Belfast NY, d. Olean NY.
BETTINGER, Lillian M. (O'Boyle) Brainard Spouse of #1 Ernest Brainard, #2 Lloyd M. Bettinger Born 4-05-1901 died 6-10-2004 age 103y - Dau of James & Margaret (McAndrew) O'Boyle, b. Belfast NY, d. Allegany NY. Wed Lloyd 11-9-1966 in Belfast NY, he d. 10-9-1988
BETTINGER, Lloyd Martin Spouse of #1 Doris M., #2 Lillian (O'Boyle) Brainard Born 11-19-1900 died 10-9-1988 age 87 - Son of John & Elizabeth Schneider Bettinger b. Langford PA, died in Olean NY. Wed Lillian 11-9-1966 in Belfast NY
BRAINARD, Ernest Joseph Spouse of Lillian M. O'Boyle Born 3-12-1900 died 8-6-1949 - Son of Edson & Mary A. (Coughlin)Brainard b. & .d in Belfast NY
BRANDES, Daniel M. Born 2-15-1946 died 9-21-2003 age 57y - Son of Willis J & Helen J Foley Brandes - Cold War Vet, US Navy 1958-1962 with the Atlantic Fleet aboard USS Waccemaw. Crossed the Atlantic 14 times, served during the Bay of Pigs Invasion
BRANDES, Helen J. Spouse of Willis J Born 1-12-1912 died 10-8-2002 age 90y - Dau of William & Alice McNeil Foley - WW II Vet, Women's Army Corps
BRANDES, Willis J Spouse of Helen J. Foley Born 2-15-1902 died 12-6-1958 - Son of John & Elizabeth (Heers) Brandes b. in Caneadea NY, d. in Wellsville NY. Wed 7-5-1934.
BUTLER, Richard D. Born 7-27-1934 died 9-14-2006 age 72y - Son of Clifford D. & Velma L. Rollins Butler b. Fillmore NY d. Scio N.Y - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
BUTLER, Velma L. Spouse of Clifford D. Born 8-17-1916 died 3-9-2006 age 89y - Dau of Charles Henry & Arlie May Vincent Rollings b. Town of Allen, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed: 12-2-1933 in Belfast, NY
COCCARI, Andrew Salvatore Sr. Spouse of Arlene M. Welker Born 1924 died 2-26-2014 age 89 - Son of Bruno M. & Maria Theresa (Rovito) Coccari b. & d. Belfast NY. Five children.
COCCARI, Arlene Mary (Welker) Spouse of Andrew S. Sr. Born 6-13-1923 died 1-8-2005 - Dau of Ernest & Marjorie (Day) Welker b. Darien Center, died Babylon. Five children.
COLLOPY, John W . Sr. Spouse of Marguerite M. Grimble Born 10-4-1922 died 2-1-2010 age 60 - Son of William & Beatrice Rose Collopy b. Lockport NY d. Wellsville NY. (Marguerite died 2-10-2009)
CRAMER, Helen E. Spouse of Renell J. Born 10-11-1923 died 11-30-2003 age 80y - Dau of John & Mary Korvat Cook. Wed 1-16-1959 in Buffalo NY
CRAMER, Renell J. Spouse of Helen E. died 11-17-1991 - Wed 1-16-1959 in Buffalo NY
CURCIO, Amanda Nicole Born 10-17-1989 died 5-19-2007 age 17y - Dau of Joseph P. & Deborah L. Nesbitt Curcio b. Saratoga Springs NY d. Belfast NY
CURCIO, Domenic P. Spouse of Dorothy B. Warner Born 9-21-1911 died 3-24-2000 age 88 - Son of Joseph & Catherine (Procopio) Curcio b. and d in Belfast NY. A teacher. Wed 3-31-1937 in Belfast NY
CURCIO, Dorothy B. Spouse of Domenic P. Born 4-21-1913 died 4-24-2014 age 101 - Dau of Harry B. & Ethel M. Lyon Warner b. Angelica NY d. Befast NY Wed 3-31-1937 in Belfast NY
ELLIS, Frances M. Spouse of John E. Born 5-10-1926 died 5-23-2011 age 85 - Dau of Frank & Clara (Berthold) Delaney b. Java Center NY d. Houghton NY. Wed 4-5-1951 in Arcade NY
ELLIS, John Edmund Spouse of Frances M. Delaney Born 12-31-1916 died 1-30-1974 age 57 - Son of Garfield B. & Margaret H. (Whalen) Ellis d. Rushford NY. Wed 4-5-1951 in Arcade NY
FARWELL, Mildred C. "Millie" Spouse of Richard D. Born 11-13-1923 died 4-5-2006 age 82y - Dau of John & Adeline Meteger Streicher b. Strykersville, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed: 6-19-1943 in Montpelier, VT, eight children Loving Mother
FARWELL, Richard D. "Dix" Spouse of Mildred C. Streicher Born 1-17-1923 died 1-23-1984 age 81 - Son of Richard & Beryl M. () Farwell d. Cuba NY Wed 6-19-1943 in Montpelior VT, eight children.
FLEMING, Paul R. Spouse of Marion B. Baker Born 5-15-1922 died 12-7-2013 age 91 - Son of Timothy A. & Ora V. Clark Fleming b. Kinney PA d. Houghton NY Wed 11-25-1970 in Belfast NY - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS Tyrell in the Pacific
GARTHWAIT, Alice Spouse of Fred S. Born 1-15-1909 died 4-13-2003 age 94y - Dau of Edward & Mary Ann (Whalen) Mountain, b. Rushford NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 9-15-1929
GROTTANELLI, Dominic J. Spouse of Antonette M. Farina Born 7-20-1931 died 10-20-2008 age 77y - Son of Elmer & Amelia Gentile Grottanelli b. Lockport NY d. Bath NY Wed 7-26-1953 in Lockport NY - Korean War Vet, US Navy aboard USS Randolph
HARRINGTON, Robert W. Spouse of Marjorie A. Bailey Born 7-30-1941 died 8-15-2003 age 62y - Son of Robert L. & Winifred Faulkner Harrington
HORNING, Margaret Spouse of John Thomas Born 1-14-1920 died 10-12-2005 age 85y - Dau of William & Mary Voss Schafer b. Buffalo NY d. Hinsdale NY. Wed: 5-24-1952
HULL, Frances E. (Smith) Spouse of Richard L. Born 5-10-1917 died 10-27-2010 age 93 - Dau of Thomas & Alice Shevlin Smith b. Caneadea NY d. Houghton NY. Wed 6-8-1939 in Belfast NY, two sons
HULL, Richard Lyle Sr. Spouse of Frances E. Smith Born 11-27-1914 died 1-18-2000 age 85 - Son of Stanley and Sarah Peters Hull b. Perry NY. Wed 6-8-1939 in Belfast NY, two sons
JANN, Francis Fr. Born 3-12-1922 died 12-31-2014 age 92 - Son of Frank E . & Marie E. Selesky Jann b. Buffalo NY d. Clarence NY Ordained into the Priesthood May 31, 1947 by Bishop John F. O'Hara
JERMAN, Arthur E. Born 4-8-1924 died 11-4-2005 age 81y - Son of Homer E. & Martha M. Powers Jerman b. Rushford NY d. Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Randall S. Spouse of Donna Follett Born 10-5-1959 died 12-16-2008 - Son of Kenneth & Joyce Custred Johnson b. Buffalo NY d. Rochester NY
MCCUMISKEY, Patrick John Spouse of Mary Jane Mountain Born 11-25-1938 died 3-30-2010 age 71y - Son of William & Jessie Day McCumiskey b. Buffalo NY d. Belfast NY. Wed 11-10-1962 in Rushford NY
MOUNTAIN, David J. Spouse of Barbara Lee Born 8-26-1939 died 3-30-2010 age 71 - Son of Edward & Margaret Swift Mountain b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY - Cold War Vet, USMC. 1956-1959
PARKER, John J. I Spouse of Maude G. Reddy 3-23-1890 died 1-16-1942 age 51 - Son of William & Elizabeth (Evers) Parker b. Waterford Co Ireland died in Caneadea NY
PARKER, John James "Jack" II Spouse of Louise Sisca, Companion of Maureen Tobin Born 10-10-1934 died 5-29-2011 age 76 - Son of John James & Maude Reddy Parker b. Caneadea NY d. Belfast NY Wed 1960 Uncategorized Vet, US Army Signal Corps
PARKER, John James III Spouse of Kim R. Stack Born 2-23-1961 died 7-1-2016 age 55 - Son of John James II & Louise M. (Sisca) Parker b. and d. Rochester NY. One son, mother unclear. Wed Kim 7-12-2008 in Rushford NY.
PARKER, Maud G. Spouse of John J. I Born 8-8-1898 died 7-16-1970 - Dau of Patrick A. and Mary Gannon Reddy
PIATT, Denver Spouse of Ellen R. Coccari Born 3-18-1905 died 10-24-1973 age 69 - Son of Robert Elwood & Mary (Parks) Piatt d. Buffalo NY. Wed 1-8-1948
PIATT, Ellen R. (Coccari) Spouse of Denver Born 9-5-1914 died 7-18-2007 age 92y - Dau of Bruno H. & Maria T. Rovito Coccari b. Belfast NY d. North Tonawanda NY. Wed 1-8-1948
PIATT, Robert Joseph Born 7-17-1950 died 7-17-1950 age 0d - Son of Denver and Ellen (Coccari) Piatt. Stillborn in Buffalo NY.
RAUHE, Mary Louise Born 4-17-1927 died 6-13-2014 age 87 - Dau of Clinton & Isabel Dower Rauhe b. Buffalo NY d. Rochester NY
SADLER, Donald Joseph Born 9-15-1982 died 10-29-2008 age 26y - Son of Donald L. & Sandra M. Hand Sadler b. Kilgore TX, killed in auto accident in Rushford NY
SCHULD, Eugene L. Sr. Spouse of Joyce Ann Delancy Born 3-19-1937 died 9-18-1981 age 44 - Died in Cuba NY. Wed 1957 in Wheatfield NY, four children
SCHULD, Joyce Ann Spouse of Eugene L. Sr. Born 6-13-1937 died 12-19-2009 age 72y - Dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Delancy b. DuBois PA d. Cuba NY. Wed 1957 in Wheatfield NY, four children
SMITH, Kay D. Spouse of Robert Francis Born 9-2-1932 died 9-11-2014 age 82 - Dau of Francis M. & Myrna E. (Schenck) Covert b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-27-1951
THORNTON, John W. Spouse of Theresa J. Johnson Born 9-26-1904 died 6-10-1977 age 73 - Son of Ernest & Jennie (Watkins) Thornton b. Pleasant Grove OH d. Cuba NY. Wed 10-17-1931 in Belfast NY, three children.
THORNTON, Theresa Jane Spouse of John W. Born 10-28-1911 died 4-28-2010 age 98 - Dau of James & Esther Bretour Johnson b. Birds Creek Canada d. Houghton NY. Wed 10-17-1931 in Belfast NY, three children.
WHALEN, Clarence S. Spouse of Genevieve M. Born 11-29-1903 died 3-10-1991 age 88 - Son of Michael J. & Mary B. (Butler) Whalen b. Caneadea NY, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 11-25-1937 in Belfast NY, three children.
WHALEN, Genevieve M. Spouse of Clarence S. Born 10-6-1918 died 11-29-2007 age 89y - Dau of Jesse & Sarah Smith b. Caneadea NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-25-1937 in Belfast NY, three children

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