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scrapbook Janie Mason and James T Costigan married at Hornell 1910
James T Costigan married at Hornell NY Miss Janie Mason one of the best known and most popular young ladies of Hornell and James T Costigan of this place were married solemnized at 5pm at the parochial residence of Rev F J Naughten. It was a quiet affair only a few of the intimate friends being present. The bride was for some time a teacher in the school at this place and for the past few years has been teaching in Hornell. She is a daughter of Mrs Margery Mason of No 45 East Main Street of Hornell. Mr Costigan is manager of Producers Gas Company of this place. The couple will be at home here after a trip to the seashore. The many friends of both the bride and groom will extend their best wishes.

Mary E Niver Hosley 1828 - 8-23-1910
One by one the pioneer stock of our town is passing away and in the death of
Mrs. Mary E Hosley we lose another resident who has long been identified with
the best interests of Friendship.
William Niver and his wife Ceziah his wife settled on the home farm in the
early history of the village from which a portion of Maple Grove cemetery was
taken in recent years.Mary E their daughter was born 7 July 1829 the seventh
child of this family eigth of whom grew to manhood and womanhood. Her education
began in a school house on a corner of the farm. Later on she attended select
school in the Hart house just west of the Congregational church. and also the
Friendship Academy.
After teaching school for some time she was married to Abel Hosley in
1852.They began housekeeping in the town of Bolivar where three children, William,
Mary, and Lillian were born. Bertha the youngest being born in Richburg where
they resided for a number of years. In 1867 they came to Friedship and purchased
the Niver homestead After doing much to improve the place they moved into the
village where some of the family have since resided.
During her long and active life Mrs Hosley has ever been a woman of strong
convictions loyal to her church ardent in her defense of the right and intensely
devoted to her family. During her last years she was lovingly cared for by
her sisters did all that love could suggest to make her last days present. The
beauty of her life work is fitly expressed in the following poem by her former
pastor Dr McGaugflin at the burial service
Our Home Maker
Mid hills that sloping downward
Their purple chalices hold
The new made wine of the sunset
Crimson and amber and gold.
In this wide opened doorway
With the elm boughs overhead
The house all garnished behind her
And the plentiful table spread
She has stood to welcome our coming
Watching our upward climb
In the sweet June weather that brought us
Oh many and many a time.
Today in the gentle spendor
Of the passing summer noon
Perfect in beauty and fragrance
Rich in treasures of bloom
Again is the doorway opened
And the home is garnished and sweet
But she silently waits for our coming
And we enter with silent feet
A little within she is waiting
Not where she has met us before
For ever the present theshold
She has only to cross once more/
The smile on her face is quiet
And a lily is on her breast
The hands are folded together
And the word on her lips are rest
And yet it looks like a welcome
For her work is compassed and done
All things are seemly and ready
And her summer is just began
As we who may not cross over
Only with song and prayer
A little way into the Glory
We may reach as we leave her there
But we cannot think of her idle
She must be a homemaker still
God giveth that work to the angels
Who fittest the task fulfil.
And somewhere yet in the hilltops
Of the country that hath no pain
She will watch in her beautiful doorway
To bid us a welcome again
A D T Whitney

1910 Friendship scrapbook wedding of Sadie Davis and Grove Phelps
Miss Sadie Davis and Grover Phrlps very quietly hied away to Friendship last Saturday evening and were untied in marriage by Rev F S Squyer The young people are well known residents of Belmont who have the very good wishes of a host of friends.They are now enjoying their honeymoon with friends at Ridgeway.Pa and upon their return will commence housekeeping in Friendship where the groom has been employed the last year.

1910 Mildred Grove weds Lewis Burlingame Friendship scrapbook
Two popular young people of Friendship united in marriage of their daughter Mildred to LewisBurlingame on 3rd November 1910 at Buffalo,NY tHE YOUNG COUPLE will be at home in Detroit after 5 Jan 1911. The announcement as great a surpise to the friends of the young couple as they have suceeded in keeping it secret until now. The bride is a very popular young lady of this village and at present the teacher in the Miner Hill school district. She is a graduate of Friendship HS and also of the training class. She has been organist at the Congregational church for the past 8 years and her place will not be easily filled as she is a musician of rare ability.The groom is the son of Mrs A M Burlingame of this village and a graduate of Friendship HS. He has also spent 2 years at Ann Arbor pursuing the Denistry.He
is at present located in Detroit where he holds a good postion in a dental office. Here the young couple will reside the coming year after which Mr Burlingame will again resume his studies at Ann Arbor.The newly wedded couple will have a host of friends who wish them a happy life.

The clipping is torn and date missing but its on a 1909 1910 page. I can see only Harley Scott purchased a farm of 63 acres on Pennsylvanna Ave above Friendship. He moved there last week.

Friendship scrapbook Marguerite Carr weds Orlando Black 1910
Spokane Wa Miss Margurite Carr of Cuba NY and Orlando Black formerly of Cuba were married here late last Thursday afternoon 29 Sep by Dr Henry L. Rasmus pastor of the First Methodist Church. The wedding took place in a palor of the Alexandria Hotel which was simply decorated in lillies of the valley. Following the ceremony dinner was served to the wedding party which consisted of a few close relatives and close friends of the couple.Mr and Mrs Black has resided there for a year and which will be their home.

1913 Friendship scrapbook Elmer Wilkins wed Olive Sanborn
The marriage of Elmer Wilkins to Miss Olive Sanborn occurred Wednesday afternoon at the home of the brides parents Rev and Mrs J W Sanborn only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties being present. After a trip to Buffalo and other points the young couple will commence housekeeping at Olean where the groom is operator of the H .H. Tower. The bride is one of Friendship's most accomplished young ladies.These estimable young people have the best wishes of their many friends

16 June 1913 Friendship scrapbook Ralph Jordon death
Former resident of this village passes away in Kent Ohio Word was received here Monday of the sudden illness of Ralph Jordan at Kent,Ohio with an attack of appendicitis. He under went a operation and his parents Mr and Mrs Alvia Jordan were already to start for his bedside when they received word of his death which took place Wednesday morning. Mr Jordan had recently accepted a position in Kent and it comes as a sad blow to his parents. He is survived by his wife and three young daughters. The body will be brought here for burial but we are unable to give further details in regards to the funeral.

Friendship Scrapbook William Wrightman turns 90 31 Oct 1913
On the 31st day of October William Wrightman reached the 90th milestone of his jorney of life and his comrades of Hatch Post planned to invade his home and ascertain if the 90 years young veteran was in good condtion for the winter campaign. The W.R.C. have charge of the comissary department so it was necessary to have them join the raiders and word was passed along the lines to be ready to advance Friday at 10 o'clock. Commander Jordan carrying old glory led invaders and Uncle Billy's surprise was genuine yet he undaunted refused to surrender and finally captured the whole crowd. The time passed in social intercourse and an impromptu program of vocal music and recitals. Mr Wrightman brought out his old army musket and comrady Jordan said Dana gave a short drill from the manuel of arms as best they could and in the small space allowed them but contrary to the manual the last command was Dont shoot.

scrapbook Sept 1914 William Fay wins high honors
William Fay of Franklinville son of Mr and Mrs Floyd C Fay formerly of Friendship has been notified that he has been awarded a scholarship for a hundred dollars a year to any college in NY as he is one of five having the highest standing in Regents examinations in this assembly District during his high school course. Unfortunately William has made up his mind to atttend Brown University in Providence Rhode Island so that he will be unable to have the benefit of what he so nobably earned. Franklinville is proud of the fact that one of the schorships came to Ten Broeck Academy and are congratuating William on his proficiency.Williams friends here are pleased to bear of his acess.

scrapbook Laura Price weds Seth Parsons 1916 Friendship,NY
Miss Laura Louise Price daughter of Mrs Louis Price of Ithaca NY was married Saturday Nov 4th at noon to Seth Gordan Parsons Cornell 17 of Sharon Springs at the home of Mr and Mrs C Elmer New, 111 Catherine Street,Ithaca NY. They were attended by Miss Freida C New, and Julius Parsons, Cornell '19 a brother of the bridegroom, Rev. Henry P Horton rector of St John's Episcopal church
officiating. Miss Price is a graduate of Ithaca High School and was graduated from the conservatory of Music in 1914.Miss Price will be remembered as a former Friendship girl.They will reside in Ithaca after wedding.

Friendship scrapbook 1917 Mary McDermott death
Mrs Mary McDermont a qwell known and highly respected resident of this place was found dead in her chair Sunday morning.She had been down town shopping Saturday afternoon That evening she took a bath and sat down in her chair to read the paper Her daughter Agnes was with her but had retired.Sunday morning Agnes was aroused by knocking at the door and went down stairs in her night gown to answer it and there found her mother in the chair partially dressed. She was 63 years of age and leaves 2 daughters Agnes who has always lived with her mom and cared for her and Julia and a son Frank. The decesed was born in Belvidere.Servces were held from the Sacred Heart Church at 9am Wednesday with burial in the Catholic Cemetery.

5 Dec 1918 Friendship scraobook a list of local men who served
In printing a new list of the names which are represented by the stars on our service flag we are confining ourselves to only those who went from Friendship as residents of this town There are several boys who have always been considered as our boys who live just outside the township and have gone to adjoining towns,. Not wishing to steal any honor from our sister villages we omit these names it being our desire to keep as near as possible a complete and accurate list of whose going, and those who have gone and for those going this town shall receive credit as her part of the great scarifice. Kindly correct any omissions.
Willard Wellman deceaed
Paul Kruger overseas
Arthur P Sanborn Naval Base Tompkinsville,NY
Orlo King overseas
Harold Sanborn USS Powhaten
Lyle Mulconery Texas
George Mastin overseas
Liol Mc Carthy overseas
Paul Green overseas
Lieut. Harold Howe overseas
Akbert Pierce California
1st Sgt Willard H Jones overseas
Lieut. J.D. Murphy Petersburg,VA
Ord, Sgt. E L Norton overseas
1st Lieut. Leo Eagle Camp Taylor KY
Sgt Paul Judd Haiti West Indies
Sgt Raymond Robinson overseas
Elton Billings overseas
George Austin Camp Upton
Arthur McCay overseas
Lyman Post overseas
L H Utter overseas
Nick Paeliello Camp Dix
Harold Flint Fortress Monroe
Owin Harris overseas
Henry Shadrick overseas
Boyd V Drake Camp McCellan
Everett Yentzer USS Wyoming
George W Yentzer overseas
Richard Dunnigan
Harry Dunnigan
Leslie Champlin overseas
Ralph T Sage overseas
Lieut. Harold Johnson overseas
Major Lloyd Tefft Haliflax,Canada
Sergt V F Jones overseas
William Kruger overseas
Corp Wm C Green overseas
Frank Miller Syracuse
Lieut William G Whitford Camp Taylor,KY
Sergt Joe Latta overseas
Arthur M Baker overseas
Sergt Claud J Mulkin overseas
Glenn Townsend overseas
David Dougherty Jr overseas
Hugh Dougherty overseas
Sergt 1st class Charles Hyde overseas
James Derr hosp corps
Albert Jones Texas
Sergt Guy Coats Fort Porter Buffalo
C J Saunders Camp Grant
Sgt Morse Willis overseas
Sgt Charles McDermott overseas
John Hopkins overseas
Henry Lane Camp Wheeler
Sgt Joe McDermott Camp Hancock
Harley Guildford SATC
Sgt Max Jorrdan SATC
Carey Drake SATC
Errington Clarke SATC
Mark Burdick SATC
Earl Newton SATC
Eugene Eagle SATC
Tracey Wetherby SATC
Max Compton SATC
Reed Mason Camp Jackson
Charles Babcock Jr SATC
Raymond K Corwin EERC

1913 Friendship scrapbook GAR Reunion at Gettysburg
Among the veterans who attended the reunion at Gettysburg were Commander Alvia Jordan,Alfred Coon,Alfred Hills, F C Carrier,Wm. Sylvester, Eugene Haley, George Clover, Delzon Jordan, Joshua Corbin, Edgar Palmer,Levin Robbins, James Lord,Marshall Dean, Wm Voorhes, O P Dana, George Clapp,and Luke Stickney. HA Corbin and Miss Angie Carrier also took advantage of the excursion Miss Carrier accompanied her father. Some of the vets returned yesterday morning owning to sickness and extreme heat.

1913 Friendship scrapbook Rev and Mrs Lowry had baby girl
A little daughter weighing 7 and a half pounds arrived at the home of Rev. and Mrs H M Lowry Baptist parsonage Tuedsay morning Preacher wears a broad smile and we dont blame him.

1913 wedding Friendship scrapbook Flower-Rose wedding
June 1913 The following is taken from the Montrose Pa Demorcrat Rev Howard Flower and Miss Diamond Rose were married at the Univeratist parsonage,Brooklyn 3 June 1913 by Rev J L Dowson. They left on the 10 o 'clock train for New York state where he has a parsonage in Friendship. Rev and Mrs Flower arrived here the latter part of the week and have gone to housekeeping in the mRS Annis Clark home A reception will be held at the home of Mr and Mrs D J Brown for Rev Flower and his bride tomorrow Friday evening which all the members of the church are invited.

Word has receivedc from Ernest Stout who is on board the USS Kansas that they left Norfolk,Va 25th Oct and arrived at Genoa Italy Nov 8th. When five days out at sea they received a wireless message that a severe storm would soon reach them so they werre able to make all preporations before it struck them which it did in earnest. He says Genoa is a beautiful city They will start on their homeward voyage Nov 30th.

Friendship scrapbook 20 Oct 1920 obit Mrs. F C Brown
Hornell Mrs F C Brown of Friendship died Tuesday morning at St James Mercy Hospital at the age of 47 years. About two weeks ago she was brought from the Cuba NY hospital to this city. Undertaker J B Dagon forwarded the remains to her home in Friendship Tuesday afternoon

Friendship NY scrapbook marriage 1916 Middaugh-Rose
Ira R Middaugh of Middaugh Hill and Elsie A Rose of Friendship were united in marriage Saturday 1 Jan 1916 at 2pm at the Christian Temple, Wellsville,NY. Rev. Wm. A Young performed the ceremony with Mr and Mrs A B Major of that city in attendance. After a short wedding journey including Buffalo,Rochester, and other points they will be at home on Middaugh Hill. Their many friends wish them much happiness.

Born to John Runyan family a boy 1916 gson of Jordans scrapbook
Born to Mr and Mrs John Runyan of Bolivar Tuesday last had a little son which they named John Allen. Mrs Runyan and child are at the home of her parents Mr and Mrs Allen Jordan on Pennsylvania Ave. Grandpa Jordan is stepping high these days.

25 Jan 1917 Mr Harm Corbin cold in silk pajama Friendship NY
Heres one on Harm. The family were all away and Mr Corbin after having retired began to worry about the furnace fire that heats the house. He arose from the comfy quilts donned a pair of boudoir slippers and went to the celler to tend the fires. Alas, the celler door leading from the kitchen has a spring lock on it. The wind raised hob blew the door shut after him leaving our worthy president locked in the celler.Cold? Well, the mercury this particular evening registered most awfully close to zero, and at this temperature silk pajamas are but scanty covering. The wind roared the captive snuggled the furnace deep in thought as to a means of escape from the frigid dungeon. Seized with desperation he crawled to the cold and snowy exterior broke in a pane of high priced glass crawled to that cozy warm bed singing Hi Lo Hi Lee

Civil war vet Deizon Jordan died 1917 Friendship scrapbook
Mr Deizon Sunderlin Jordan died at the home of Mr and Mrs Chas Reed Tuesday morning at 9am after a prolonged illness. He was 78 years old Feb 4th. He served three and one half years during the civil war with the 23rd and 85th Regiment of NY. Funeral at the home of Mr. Reed today at 130. Burial at Mt Hope

OBIT 1917 Mrs Morton Crandall Friendship scrapbook
At the home of his daughter Mrs Anna Mills Tefft in Albany NY Tuesday Feb 6th. The remains were brought here Wednesday evening. Funeral at former home next to school at 230 Friday afternoon Burial at Mt Hope.

1917 Friendship NY Obit Bert Crandell
At his home in this community Saturday Feb 3rd after continued failing health. He was 48 years old and survived by a wife 2 daughters and one son. The son is with the soldiers on the border. The funeral was held Monday afternoon at 2pm Rev LA Davis officiating. Burial at Maple Grove.

scrapbook 11 Feb 1912 Mrs William Scotts home burns
The home of Mrs William Scott on Depot street badly damaged by water and fire.About noon Sunday last the fire company was called to the home of Mrs Wm Scott on Depot St where fire had broken out and gained considerable headway. While thawing out water pipes which had been frozen during the night the blaze somehow or other got between the walls and spread very rapidly to the second floor. The fire men worked long and hard and it was nearly 2 o clock before it was extinguished. The house was practically ruined by fire and water but was well insured with L M Walt. We understand that there have been five or six fires recenttly from the cause but the people have been able to extinguish them without the aid of the fire dept. It ought to be a lesson to people thawing out pipes

scrapbook Mae Hogan wed to Charles Dougherty 1913
Miss Mae Hogan of Belfast and Charles Doherty of Frienship are to be married Wednesday Nov 26th. Belfast Blaze. He is the son of Mr and Mrs David Dougherty.

1914 Scott baby born scrapbook Friendship NY
On Jan 31st a son was born to Mr and Mrs Miner Scott of Hinsdale. He has been named Howard. He is the son of Mr and Mrs Volney Scott of this village.

scrapbbook Friendship NY births 1915 Robertson baby born
A little daughter has arrived at the home of Mr and Mrs William Robertson on Pennsylvania Ave Tuesday morning Feb 9th

1913 baby born to Bodine family scrapbook
A little daughter was born to Attorney and Mrs H.V.N. Bodine Wednesday morning Dec 31st. We are glad to announce little Josephine "Bodie" wears a broad smile and is passing out cigars to the gentlemen. We dont know what he is treating the ladies with.

Friendship,NY 1917 Obit Virginia Elizabeth Scott
A letter recently received from Mrs Martin J Mulkin informs us of the sad death of Virginia Elizabeth Scott little daughter of Rufas W and Daisey F B Scott at Philadelphia Pa 28 Jan 1917 at the parents residence Wassahickon Ave. Rufas Scott the father as many will remember was a former Friendship boy who for several years has been living in Germantown Philidelphia Pa and has made
wonderful progress in the hosiery business. His many friends extend their deepest sympathy.

obit 1917 Friendship NY Alonzo Shaw scrapbook
Alonzo Shaw Friday evening March 30th at 730 o'clock at the age of 81 years. He is survived by his wife 2 brothers and one son B E Shaw of this village. The funeral was held Monday at the home the Rev J W Sanborn officiating Burial at Richburg NY.out of town attendents were Mr and Mrs George Voorhes and daughter Isabel of Leroy,Mr and Mrs Charles Crawford,Mrs Laura Carpenter of Angelica, Carl Radley of Belfast,Mrs Libbie Crawford and sons of Oramel,

Mrs J J Gleason and daughter and Mrs Hooker of Portsville Mrs Bert Noble, Mrs Floyd Voorhes and daughter of Olean, Mrs Mary Pierce of Wellsville Fayette Smith and family of Richburg.

scrapbook death of Mrs Edward Reynolds 19 May 1914

Mrs Marie Reynolds wife of Edward of this village passed away at the Hornell Hospital where she had been sometime,Tuesday last. The remains were brought here for burial Tuesday evening and the funeral will be at her home on East Water Street at 2 o'clock in the afternoon Rev McClymont officiating Burial at Mt Hope Cemetery. Deceased is survived by her husband and was a lady highly respected

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