Forest Hills Cemetery
Town of Amity
Walked and Recorded by Eleanor Schwalb 2005
Updated by Eleanor Schwalb

Photos by Eleanor Schwalb
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ABBOTT, Carolyn D.. Spouse of Raymond L.. Born 1928, died Uncut - [Together Forever]
ABBOTT, Donna M. (Baker). Spouse of Robert A. Abbott. Born 7/26/1929, died 9/6/2018. Age: 89y - Dau of Henry D. & Mae M. Robbins Baker b. Belvidere/Angelica NY d. Hornell NY. Wed 12-16-1950 in Belmont NY, three children. A homemaker who also worked at Motorola and was a home health aid. [Beloved Wife]
ABBOTT, Raymond. Spouse of Winifred G.. Born 1903, died 1977 - [Father At Rest]
ABBOTT, Raymond L.. Spouse of Carolyn D.. Born 1925, died 1996 - [Together Forever]
ABBOTT, Robert A.. Spouse of Donna Baker. Born 6-18-1929, died 1-7-2003 - Son of Raymond & Winifred (Mayo) Abbott. Wed 12-16-1950 in Belmont NY, three children. - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
ABBOTT, Winifred G.. Spouse of Raymond. Born 1905, died 1943 - [Mother At Rest]
ACKERMAN, Ada I.. Born 1855, died 1907
ACKERMAN, Anna J. Clark. Spouse of Joseph. Born 11-20-1842, died Uncut
ACKERMAN, Bernard B.. Born 1869, died 1941
ACKERMAN, Charles D.. Born 1904, died 1970
ACKERMAN, Charles J.. Born 1871, died 1938
ACKERMAN, Charles W.. Born 4-17-1923, died 12-20-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt
ACKERMAN, Claude E.. Born 1900, died 1961
ACKERMAN, Clayton D.. Born 1874, died 1950
ACKERMAN, Cora E.. Born 1866, died 1940
ACKERMAN, Dorothy V.. Born 1913, died 1948
ACKERMAN, Frederick T., died 5-2-1882 - Son of J. G. & A. J. Ackerman
ACKERMAN, Grace M.. Born 1884, died 1968
ACKERMAN, Helen S.. Born 1907, died 1987
ACKERMAN, Herbert B.. Born 1905, died 1962
ACKERMAN, Irene T.. Born 1875, died 1942
ACKERMAN, James J.. Born 1845, died 1913
ACKERMAN, Jane H.. Born 1905, died 1993
ACKERMAN, Joseph. Spouse of Anna J. Clark. Born 6-6-1837, died 7-11-1905
ACKERMAN, Leon A.. Born 1880, died 1954
ACKERMAN, Lloyd W.. Born 1892, died 1940
ACKERMAN, Magdalen S.. Born 1890, died 1959
ACKERMAN, Opal H.. Born 1882, died 1958
ADAMS, Aaron L.. Spouse of Metta. Born 1855, died 1934 - [Father]
ADAMS, E. Robert. Born 1-6-1883, died 7-18-1903 - Son of J. Q. & M. A. Adams
ADAMS, Fitch J.. Spouse of Mina A.. Born 1849, died 1934
ADAMS, Grace B.. Born 1882, died 1976
ADAMS, Grace M., died 5-31-1874
ADAMS, John, died 3-31-1856. Age: 38y
ADAMS, Mary A.. Born 1863, died 1943 - Flat Plate
ADAMS, Metta. Spouse of Aaron L.. Born 1856, died 1925 - [Mother]
ADAMS, Mina A.. Spouse of Fitch. Born 1854, died 1934
ALBRIDGE, William Edgar. Born 5-16-1857, died 10-14-1877 - Son of William & Dyantha J. Albridge
ALDRIDGE, Andrew. Born 8-1824, died 5-1874
ALDRIDGE, Melvin. Born 3-1856, died 11-1863
ALLEN, Affa R.. Spouse of Lucian C.. Born 1866, died 1946
ALLEN, Alburn L.. Born 1888, died 1907
ALLEN, Andrew J.. Spouse of Louisa O.. Born 1837, died 1911 - Civil War Vet, Co E 93rd Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Albany for three years. Wounded in action 5-5-1864 at the Wilderness VA. Discharged for disability 11-29-1864 at Rochester NY
ALLEN, Avery S.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1817, died 1898
ALLEN, Charles J.. Born 6-22-1846, died 5-24-1880
ALLEN, Clifford W.. Born 1902, died 1974
ALLEN, Deborah M. "Debbie". Spouse of Eugene. Born 6/15/1952, died 3/24/2015 - Dau of Thomas & Audrey Drake Middaugh, born and died in Wellsville NY. Wed 5-24-2008
ALLEN, Fannie M.. Born 1868, died 1955
ALLEN, Flavilla. Spouse of William S.. Born 6-25-1822, died Uncut
ALLEN, Florence R.. Born 1909, died 1991
ALLEN, Freddie, died 7-13-1879 - Child of C. J. & S. D. Allen
ALLEN, Jessie D.. Born 1901, died 1937
ALLEN, Louisa O.. Spouse of Andrew J.. Born 1836, died 1921
ALLEN, Lucian C.. Spouse of Affa R.. Born 1865, died 1934
ALLEN, Marie L.. Spouse of Richard J.. Born 1931, died 1977
ALLEN, Mary E.. Spouse of Avery S.. Born 4-13-1823, died 2-22-1882
ALLEN, Neddie. Born 12-19-1876, died 10-15-1879 - Child of C. J. & S. D. Allen
ALLEN, Richard J.. Spouse of Marie Doner. Born 1/30/1925, died 11/6/2017. Age: 92y - Son of William D. & Marguerite (Denison) Allen b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-21-1947
ALLEN, William S.. Spouse of Flavilla, died 6-1-1889
AMES, Arthur A.. Spouse of Nellie E.. Born 1882, died 1964
AMES, Hazel I.. Spouse of Melvin L.. Born 1895, died 1991
AMES, Judson. Spouse of Mollie. Born 1856, died 1931 - [Father]
AMES, Melvin L.. Spouse of Hazel I.. Born 1893, died 1978
AMES, Mollie. Spouse of Judson. Born 1860, died 1919 - [Mother]
AMES, Nellie E.. Spouse of Arthur A.. Born 1885, died 1973
AMIDON, Norma T.. Born 1899, died 1957
ANDERSON, C. Ruby (Freeman). Spouse of Harold James Anderson. Born 7/15/1937, died 11/2/2018. Age: 81y - Dau of Louis & Velma (Davis) Freeman b. Wellsville NY d. Batavia NY. Wed 4-23-1977 in LeRoy NY, no children. Self employed beautician
ANDERSON, Dr. C. G.. Born 4-5-1834, died 11-27-1896 - Born in Newfield, NY
ANDERSON, Harold James. Spouse of Ruby Freeman. Born 11/29/1950, died 5/28/2018. Age: 67y - Son of Harold & Stephine (Kusuda) Anderson b. Rochester NY d. Brockport NY. Wed 4-23-1977 in LeRoy NY, no children. Retired from Kodak after 34 years of service
ANDERSON, James. Born 3-27-1804, died 5-16-1885
ANDERSON, Mary. Born 1865, died 1924
ANDREW, Beth Michele. Born 1962, died 1978
ANDREWS, Clara J.. Born 1866, died 1944
ANDREWS, Elizabeth. Born 1836, died 1908
ANDREWS, Elmer V.. Born 5-1-1879, died 11-2-1965 - Spanish American War, US Marine Corps, Pvt
ANDREWS, Flora B., died 7-30-1886 - Dau of J. O. & S. Andrews
ANDREWS, Ida. Born 1865, died 1949
ANDREWS, J. Orson. Born Abt 1835, died 9-24-1885 - Civil War Vet, Co I 27th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Angelica for two years. Wounded and captured 7-21-1861 at Bull Run VA, Paroled. Mustered out with detachment 5-24-1862 at Washington DC
ANDREWS, Peter G.. Born 1832, died 1913
ANDREWS, Rose - No dates
ANDREWS, Susan. Born 1843, died 1929
ANDREWS, William. Born 1857, died 1932
ANGELL, Evelyn V.. Spouse of Milton F.. Born 1886, died 1970
ANGELL, James F. Sr.. Spouse of Jean RISING. Born 11-26-1929, died 1-05-2003 - Son of Milton & Evelyn (Vanderhoef) Angell, b. Olean NY, d. Portville NY, Wed 1-18-1958 in Lewiston NY. Owner/operator Sullivan & Murray tire store in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
ANGELL, Jean H.. Spouse of James F.. Born 1927, died Uncut
ANGELL, Milton F.. Spouse of Evelyn V.. Born 1895, died 1989
ARNER, Joseph H.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1835, died 1900
ARNER, Mary A.. Spouse of Joseph H., died 1915
ARNOLD, Ira L.. Born 1898, died 1900
ARNOLD, Jesse T.. Spouse of Mary D.. Born 1875, died 1936
ARNOLD, Mary D.. Spouse of Jesse T.. Born 1878, died 1942
ATWELL, Cora, died 5-1-1883 - Dau of D. A. & Sarah Atwell
AUSHERMAN, Grace Mae. Born 1899, died 1993
AUSTIN, Arthur F.. Spouse of Lois F.. Born 2-17-1880, died 12-15-1960 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Co. F 14th Inf, Pvt
AUSTIN, Cecil L.. Spouse of Gertrude P.. Born 1899, died 1966
AUSTIN, Claude E.. Spouse of Marjorie. Born 1882, died 1957
AUSTIN, Clyde V.. Spouse of Fernne E.. Born 1883, died 1956
AUSTIN, Dean G.. Spouse of Willa Evingham. Born 9-19-1959, died 2-11-2007. Age: 47y - Son of Glenn & Lila Jean Cronk Austin b. Hornell NY d. Belmont NY Wed 12-9-2000 in Belmont NY
AUSTIN, Everett. Born 1877, died 1899
AUSTIN, Fernne E.. Spouse of Clyde V.. Born 1901, died 1986
AUSTIN, Francis Glenn. Spouse of Lila J.. Born 11-12-1908, died 3-15-1983 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
AUSTIN, George. Born 1849, died 1944
AUSTIN, Gertrude P.. Spouse of Cecil L.. Born 1901, died 1989
AUSTIN, Harriet E.. Born 1867, died 1917
AUSTIN, James W.. Born 9-23-1950, died 4-16-1989
AUSTIN, Lila J.. Spouse of Francis Glenn. Born 1924, died 1995
AUSTIN, Lois F.. Spouse of Arthur F.. Born 1879, died 1933
AUSTIN, Louise - No dates
AUSTIN, Madora L.. Born 1897, died 1900
AUSTIN, Marietta. Born 1862, died 1935
AUSTIN, Marjorie. Spouse of Claude E.. Born 1891, died 1915
AUSTIN, Mary E.. Born 1850, died 1927
AUSTIN, Mildred L.. Born 1893, died 1914
AUSTIN, Theodore. Born 1845, died 1920
AVERILL, Donald - No dates
AVERILL, Isaac - No dates
AVERILL, Julio C. Col.. Spouse of Mary. Born 1906, died 1986
AVERILL, Mame - No dates
AVERILL, Mary. Spouse of Col. Julio C. - No dates
AYLOR, Leo E.. Spouse of Pearl G.. Born 1911, died 1934
AYLOR, Bessie F.. Born 1886, died 1939
AYLOR, Catherine. Born 1860, died 1938
AYLOR, Charles D.. Spouse of P. Lovina. Born 1885, died 1929
AYLOR, Clarence H.. Born 1882, died 1947
AYLOR, Didama E., died 9-8-1917. Age: 64y
AYLOR, Eldyn, died 1909
AYLOR, Forrest O.. Born 1886, died 1926
AYLOR, Francis, died 1918
AYLOR, Henry, died 5-19-1899. Age: 61y
AYLOR, infant, died 1910
AYLOR, James. Born 1854, died 1911
AYLOR, Kimberly Anne. Born 1974, died 1999 - [Beloved Daughter, Sister, Mother, Fiancee]
AYLOR, P. Lovina. Spouse of Charles D.. Born 1891, died 1982
AYLOR, Pearl G.. Spouse of Leo E. - No dates
AYLOR, Robert J.. Born 1916, died 1953
BABBITT, Lindsey J.. Born 5-12-1984, died 12-16-1986 - [We Love You Always]
BABCOCK, C. Gerald. Spouse of Mildred R.. Born 1900, died 1974
BABCOCK, David A.. Born 10-22-1935, died 5-14-1999 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sp3
BABCOCK, Fronie Marvin. Spouse of Forrest M.. Born 8-9-1842, died 9-10-1878
BABCOCK, Mildred Rogers. Spouse of C. Gerald. Born 8-22-1899, died 3-14-1996. Age: 96y - Dau of Ernest & Estelle Graham Rogers b. Town of Ward
BAHAM, Alfred Allen. Jr.. Spouse of Jean M. Wells. Born 3/29/1948, died 2/26/2007. Age: 58 - Son of Alfred A. Sr. and Virginia L. (Hale) Baham. Born in Angelica NY, died in Houghton NY. Wed 8-9-1975 in Belfast NY, three children.
BAHAM, Alfred Allen. Sr.. Spouse of Virginia L. Hale. Born 3/16/1927, died 4/24/2018. Age: 91 - Son of Gaylord Baham. Born in Belmont NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 3-1-1953 in Belmont, four children. - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1953-1956
BAHAM, Amy A.. Spouse of Emmet E.. Born 1898, died 1972
BAHAM, Emmet E.. Spouse of Amy A.. Born 1912, died 1997 - Korean War Vet
BAHAM, Harry Gaylord Sr.. Spouse of Linda E. Wells. Born 5/22/1958, died 7/10/2016. Age: 58y - Son of Alfred A. Sr. and Virginia L. (Hale) Baham. Born and died in Wellsville NY, lived in Angelica NY. Wed 5-21-1977 in Belfast NY, two sons.
BAHAM, Jean M. (Wells). Spouse of Alfred A. Jr.. Born 6/16/1950, died 5/5/2020. Age: 69 - Dau of John C. and Genevieve (Prentice) Wells. Born in Cuba NY, lived and died in Rushford NY. Wed 8-9-1975 in Belfast NY, three children.
BAHAM, Linda E. (Wells). Spouse of Harry G. Sr.. Born 2/3/1957, died 4/19/2015. Age: 58y - Dau of John C. & Genevieve (Prentice) Wells. Born in Cuba NY, lived in Angelica NY, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 5-21-1977 in Belfast NY, two sons
BAHAM, Melvin. Spouse of Pheba. Born 1862, died 1944 - [Father]
BAHAM, Pheba. Spouse of Melvin. Born 1884, died 1967 - [Mother]
BAHAM, Virginia L. (Hale). Spouse of Alfred A. Sr.. Born 8/14/1928, died 4/22/2022. Age: 93 - Dau of Harry and Hazel Hale. Born in Clarence Center NY, lived and died in Angelica NY, four children. (Spouse d. 4-24-2018)
BAILEY, Arthur J.. Spouse of Katie E.. Born 1880, died 1957
BAILEY, Katie E.. Spouse of Arthur J.. Born 1883, died 1959
BAKER, Arthur. Spouse of Mary. Born 1880, died 1926
BAKER, Carl. Born 1905, died 1907
BAKER, Charles. Born 1879, died 1935
BAKER, Charles E.. Born 6-13-1852, died 8-25-1861 - Son of Seth & Mary Baker
BAKER, Charles F.. Born 1861, died 1907
BAKER, Charles S.. Born 1903, died 1936
BAKER, Chester L. "Don". Born 3/6/1928, died 12/30/2015. Age: 87y - Son of Henry & Molly Mae Robbins Baker b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY
BAKER, Clara A.. Spouse of William A.. Born 2-14-1854, died 11-3-1901
BAKER, Clara E.. Born 1857, died 1925
BAKER, Clyde A.. Spouse of Onolee E.. Born 1907, died 1996
BAKER, Cora A.. Born 1886, died 1917
BAKER, Danielle L.. Born 1973, died 1974
BAKER, Dewitt. Born 1824, died 1898
BAKER, Edna. Spouse of Joshua, died 8-15-1916. Age: 71y
BAKER, Edwin F.. Spouse of Jennie C.. Born 11-18-1871, died 12-14-1926
BAKER, Eva Page. Born 1866, died 1933 - [Mother]
BAKER, Frank C.. Spouse of Hazel M.. Born 1883, died 1935
BAKER, Frankie. Born 1872, died 1873 - Son of Owen & Jennie Baker
BAKER, Hazel M.. Spouse of Frank C.. Born 1892, died Uncut - [Mother]
BAKER, Iva. Spouse of G. G. Baker. Born 1888, died 1915
BAKER, Jennie. Spouse of Owen. Born 1837, died 1896
BAKER, Jennie C.. Spouse of Edwin F.. Born 1874, died 1929
BAKER, Joan T.. Spouse of Roderick J.. Born 1947, died Uncut
BAKER, John. Born 1867, died 1933
BAKER, John E.. Spouse of #1 Sarah A., #2 Sarah M.. Born 1-8-1848, died 1-25-1929
BAKER, Joshua. Spouse of Edna, died 2-25-1888. Age: 48y
BAKER, Lora D.. Born 1882, died 1911
BAKER, Mary. Spouse of Seth. Born 1-21-1825, died 12-5-1899
BAKER, Mary. Spouse of Arthur. Born 1883, died Uncut
BAKER, Mary Jane. Born 1863, died 1906
BAKER, Mary L.. Born 1826, died 1898
BAKER, Mercy A.. Spouse of Paul H.. Born 1911, died 1988
BAKER, Nancy A. (Pleiman). Spouse of #1-Jack W. Lewis; #2-Paul W. Baker. Born 5-19-1939, died 4-27-2023. Age: 83y - Dau of John H. & Lillian G. (Custer) Pleiman. Born in Denver, CO; lived in Evans, CO, Belmont, NY, Belfast, NY, and Cuba, NY. Five children.
BAKER, Onolee E.. Spouse of Clyde A.. Born 1913, died 1997
BAKER, Paul H.. Spouse of Mercy A.. Born 1905, died 1975
BAKER, Roderick J.. Spouse of Joan T.. Born 1933, died 1998
BAKER, Sarah A.. Spouse of John E., died 1-13-1878. Age: 33y
BAKER, Sarah M.. Spouse of John E., died 6-24-1911. Age: 51y
BAKER, Seth. Spouse of Mary. Born 4-28-1819, died 6-3-1919
BAKER, Seth C.. Born 6-17-1877, died 8-14-1963 - Spanish American War Vet, US Army, Pvt
BAKER, Stephen R.. Born 1871, died 1932
BAKER, Susan J.. Born 2-9-1845, died Uncut
BAKER, William A.. Spouse of Clara A.. Born 7-4-1855, died 8-3-1899
BAKER, Willis A.. Spouse of Donna Allen. Born 3-13-1943, died 6-11-2013. Age: 70y - Son of Clyde & Onolee Harris Baker b. & d. Belmont NY. Wed 9-12-1968
BALCOM, Robert A.. Born 1876, died 1944
BANNON, Elizabeth M.. Born 1872, died 1944
BARBER, Alma A.. Born 1836, died 1916
BARBER, Ethan Albert, died 10-29-1916. Age: Infant - [Our Baby]
BARBER, Harold L.. Born 6-23-1898, died 3-31-1960 - WW I and WW II Vet, US Army,Pvt
BARBER, Jeff B.. Spouse of #1 Lizzie B., #2 Lena M.. Born 1869, died 1950
BARBER, Lena M.. Spouse of Jeff B. Barber. Born 1879, died 1942
BARBER, Lizzie B.. Spouse of Jeff B. Barber. Born 1870, died 1920
BARNES, Charles - No dates - Civil War Vet, Co. L 1st Lt Arty MI Vols
BARNES, Frank W.. Spouse of Harriet D.. Born 1853, died 1915
BARNES, Harriet D.. Spouse of Frank W.. Born 1860, died 1945
BARNES, infant. Born 12-12-1877, died 9-30-1878 - Son of Frank & Hattie Barnes
BARNETSON, Amy. Born 1887, died 1980
BARNETSON, Elizabeth E.. Spouse of William W.. Born 1888, died 1979
BARNETSON, Harriet Waters. Spouse of Wallace. Born 1855, died 1936
BARNETSON, Jean L.. Spouse of William A.. Born 9-1-1919, died 6-29-2009. Age: 89y - Dau of Walter & Mary Beis Strouse b. East Hickory PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-29-1940 in Olean NY
BARNETSON, Wallace. Spouse of Harriet Waters. Born 1852, died 1932
BARNETSON, William A.. Spouse of Jean L.. Born 1913, died 1987
BARNETSON, William W.. Spouse of Elizabeth E.. Born 1885, died 1942
BARNEY, Correl, died 1917
BARNEY, Evelyn, died 1953
BARNEY, Herbert, died 1907
BARNEY, Herbert, Dr.. Spouse of Evelyn - Son of Alvin Chapin and Mary (Sherman) Barney, born in Steuben Co NY. At least one child.[Placed by His Friends]
BARNEY, Mabel, died 1892
BARNEY, William, died 1950
BARRENT, Anna M. Franks. Spouse of John P.. Born 1908, died 1948
BARRETT, James W.. Spouse of Ortha. Born 1845, died 1914 - [Father]
BARRETT, Ortha. Spouse of James W.. Born 1845, died 1915 - [Mother]
BARRETT, William B.. Born 1867, died 1930
BARTLETT, Bela. Born 1873, died 1888 - Child of J. W. & Lena Bartlett
BARTLETT, Bela. Spouse of #1 Permelia Chapin, #2 Sarah Dana. Born 1-29-1800, died 2-28-1879 - Born in Bath, N.H.
BARTLETT, J. W.. Born 1837, died 1902
BARTLETT, Joseph D.. Born 1876, died 1895 - Son of J. W. & Lena Bartlett
BARTLETT, Lena - Stone, no dates
BARTLETT, Libby. Born 1871, died 1881 - Dau of J. W. & Lena Bartlett
BARTLETT, Libby. Born 4-1840, died 7-1850 - Dau of Bela and Permilia (Chapin) Bartlett
BARTLETT, Parmelia Chapin. Spouse of Bela. Born 5-20-1804, died 4-24-1847
BARTLETT, Polly. Born 1817, died 1904
BARTLETT, Sarah Dana. Spouse of Bela. Born 7-1810, died 9-1848
BASSETT, Gertrude L.. Spouse of Wm. H.. Born 1901, died 2002
BASSETT, William H.. Spouse of Gertrude L.. Born 1898, died 1951 - [Thy World is a Light Unto My Path]
BASSINGER, Sarah E. [Sally]. Spouse of James. Born 3-25-1933, died 11-5-2009. Age: 76y - Dau of Victor & Ruby Farrin Peterson b. Belmont NY d. Monroe MI. Wed 5-14-1958 in Tonawanda NY
BATES, Addie M.. Born 1874, died 1969
BATES, Alice. Born 2-14-1828, died 3-24-1912
BATES, Charles E.. Born 1850, died 1925
BATES, Frederick. Spouse of Harriette R.. Born 1864, died 1952
BATES, Harriette R.. Spouse of Frederick. Born 1869, died 1956
BAXTER, Charles B.. Born 1912, died 1945
BAXTER, Charles D.. Spouse of Sarah L.. Born 1864, died 1918
BAXTER, Mabel E.. Spouse of Willilam. Born 1887, died 1955
BAXTER, Sarah L.. Spouse of Charles D.. Born 1869, died 1918
BAXTER, William. Spouse of Mabel E.. Born 1887, died 1955
BEACH, Lucy M.. Spouse of S. A. Beach. Born 1859, died 1922
BEACH, Mildred. Born 1876, died 1951
BEACH, S. A.. Spouse of Lucy M.. Born 1847, died Uncut
BELLAMY, Adelle Nobles. Spouse of Lester. Born 1856, died 1930
BELLAMY, Lester. Spouse of Adelle Nobles. Born 1852, died 1934
BEMENT, George E.. Born 1891, died 1961
BENJAMIN, Barbara A.. Spouse of Steven A.. Born 1939, died 1990 - Wed 6-29-1957 [But As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord Joshua 24:15]
BENJAMIN, Bernice. Spouse of Paul. Born 1909, died 1997
BENJAMIN, Clayton L.. Spouse of Edna. Born 1879, died 1956
BENJAMIN, Dale L.. Born 1935, died 1992
BENJAMIN, Edna. Spouse of Clayton L.. Born 1882, died 1954
BENJAMIN, Helen E.. Spouse of Lyle L.. Born 1905, died 1979
BENJAMIN, John A., died 1960
BENJAMIN, Leroy E.. Spouse of Sarah H.. Born 1904, died 1983
BENJAMIN, Lyle L.. Spouse of Helen E.. Born 1902, died 1992
BENJAMIN, Paul. Spouse of Bernice. Born 1909, died 2000
BENJAMIN, Phyllis J.. Born 8/3/1930, died 8/14/2015. Age: 85y - Dau of Lyle & Helen Cartwright Benjamin, b. Bolivar NY d. Hornell NY
BENJAMIN, Sarah H.. Spouse of Leroy E.. Born 1910, died 1999
BENJAMIN, Shirley A. (Clark). Spouse of Richard Benjamin. Born 12/12/1936, died 10/26/2018. Age: 81y - Dau of Gerald & Lillian (Clair) Clark b. Belmont NY d. Olean NY. Wed 7-9-1955 in Belmont NY, three children. Licensed practical nurse at Cuba Memorial Hospital
BENJAMIN, Steven A.. Spouse of Barbara A.. Born 1961, died 1983 - Wed 6-29-1957 [But As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord Joshua 24:15]
BENJAMIN, Suzanne - No dates
BENNETT, Charles H.. Born 1890, died 1890
BENNETT, Lorin S.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1840, died 1913
BENNETT, M. Janette. Spouse of Nathan A.. Born 1823, died 1894
BENNETT, Mary E.. Spouse of Lorin S.. Born 1844, died 1919
BENNETT, Nathan A.. Spouse of M. Janette. Born 1825, died 1899
BENSON, Florence J.. Spouse of Friend E.. Born 1878, died 1961
BENSON, Friend E.. Spouse of Florence J.. Born 1877, died 1962
BENTLEY, Geraldine. Spouse of Edward. Born 11-1-1925, died 11-2-2005 - Dau of Harry & Hazel Shipley Treft b. Council Bluff, Iowa d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 1-1947 in Kansas
BENTLEY, Julia Baker. Born 1860, died 1889
BENTLEY, Phillip C.. Born 1859, died 1950
BENTLEY, Sarah Crawford. Born 1870, died 1943
BENTLEY, Sarah M.. Born 1868, died 1929
BENTLY, Ann T.. Spouse of Asa Sr., died 8-10-1915
BENTLY, Asa, died 11-1-1893
BENTLY, Asa Sr.. Spouse of Ann T., died 9-26-1895
BESSETTE, Gregory F.. Spouse of Linda Bundage. Born 12/24/1957, died 3/23/2018. Age: 60y - Son of Howard & Barbar (Stark) Bessette b. Cuba NY d. Friendship NY. Five children, mother not named. Retired from Advanced Auto Parts as a Supervising Manager after 20 years - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Navy 1977-1980
BIDWELL, Earl L.. Spouse of Mildred E.. Born 1888, died 1958
BIDWELL, Eugene T.. Spouse of V. May. Born 1880, died 1964
BIDWELL, Mark A.. Born 1891, died 1941
BIDWELL, Mildred E.. Spouse of Earl L.. Born 1907, died 1993
BIDWELL, V. May. Spouse of Eugene T.. Born 1880, died 1930
BIGELOW, Cora W.. Spouse of William G.. Born 1921, died 1988
BIGELOW, Donald C., died 1942
BIGELOW, Edna A.. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1912, died 1976
BIGELOW, Eva M.. Spouse of Leon L.. Born 1879, died 1915 - [Mother]
BIGELOW, Floyd. Born 1876, died 1896
BIGELOW, Hannah. Spouse of Joseph. Born 4-27-1823, died Uncut
BIGELOW, John C.. Spouse of Betty J. Campbell. Born 8-6-1919, died 10-10-2008. Age: 89y - Son of Roland J. & Pearl Ruby McEntee Bigelow b. Friendship NY d. Bath NY. Wed 6-4-1942 in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
BIGELOW, Joseph. Spouse of Edna A.. Born 1910, died 1979
BIGELOW, Joseph. Spouse of Hannah. Born 8-3-1821, died 2-17-1891
BIGELOW, Leon L.. Spouse of Eva M.. Born 1878, died 1944 - [Father]
BIGELOW, Mianda A.. Spouse of W. M. Bigelow. Born 1854, died 1925 - [Mother]
BIGELOW, Roland. Spouse of Ruby. Born 1884, died 1964
BIGELOW, Ronald C., died 1942
BIGELOW, Ruby. Spouse of Roland. Born 1888, died 1982
BIGELOW, Sanley A.. Born 1886, died 1960
BIGELOW, W. M.. Spouse of Mianda A.. Born 1854, died 1908 - [Father]
BIGELOW, William G.. Spouse of Cora W.. Born 1913, died 1965
BINGHAM, Chester. Spouse of Harriet N.. Born 3-14-1807, died 3-29-1884 - [Father]
BINGHAM, Harriet N.. Spouse of Chester. Born 11-30-1816, died 11-17-1873 - [Mother]
BINGHAM, William C.. Born 1839, died 1897
BISSELL, Adaline S.. Spouse of James H.. Born 1850, died 1899
BISSELL, Emma Palmer. Born 1853, died 1932
BISSELL, Frances G.. Born 1883, died 1928
BISSELL, Jairus H.. Born 1878, died 1960
BISSELL, James H.. Spouse of Adaline S.. Born 1848, died 1913
BISSELL, Lucile B.. Born 1883, died 1958
BLACK, Augusta E.. Spouse of Eldridge N.. Born 1858, died 1876
BLACK, Eldridge N.. Spouse of Augusta E.. Born 1849, died 1899
BLACK, Mary A.. Born 1819, died 1900
BLACKMAN, Harold L.. Spouse of Virginia F.. Born 1907, died 1974 - Wed June 22, 1937 In Andover, NY
BLACKMAN, Virginia F.. Spouse of Harold L. BLACKMAN. Born 8-10-1919, died 3-02-2003. Age: 83y - Dau of Geroge & Lena (Linza) McCaslin, b. Yorks Corners NY, d. Coudersport-PA, Wed 6-22-1937 in Andover NY
BLENDER, Abbie. Spouse of Anton. Born 1833, died 1898
BLENDER, Anton. Spouse of Abbie. Born 1819, died 1904
BLENDER, Hattie, died 3-6-1851 - Dau of Antone & Abbie Blender (two spelling Anton & Antone)
BLENDER, Henry E.. Born 1855, died 1915
BLISS, Bertha E.. Born 1877, died 1945
BLIVEN, Barbara A. (Gearhart). Spouse of Raymond D.. Born 1-14-1942, died 7-6-1989 - Wed 12-31-1960 in Belmont NY, three children.
BLIVEN, Forrest E.. Spouse of Grace M.. Born 1913, died 1983
BLIVEN, Grace M.. Spouse of Forrest E.. Born 1908, died 2000
BLIVEN, Raymond D.. Spouse of Barbara Gearhart. Born 9/15/1939, died 9/7/2017. Age: 77y - Son of Lavern & Gertrude (Gayhart) Bliven b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 12-31-1960 in Belmont NY, three children.
BOGARDUS, Eva E.. Born 1887, died 1962
BOGARDUS, Harry L.. Born 1888, died 1963
BOGARDUS, Howard L.. Born 1912, died 1919
BOGLE, Brian D.. Born 11-13-1956, died 11-12-1986 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, HM3
BOORN, Elizabeth C.. Spouse of Jonathan H.. Born 1833, died 1912
BOORN, Emma H.. Born 1854, died 1941
BOORN, Jonathan H.. Spouse of Elizabeth C.. Born 1831, died 1907 - Civil War Vet, Co I 27th Regt. Iowa Vols
BOORN, S. Webb. Born 1854, died 1928
BORDEN, Erma I.. Spouse of Levi. Born 12-10-1898, died 7-12-1931 - [Mother]
BORDEN, Francis L.. Spouse of Nellie E.. Born 1919, died 1995
BORDEN, Frank E.. Born 1919, died 1920 - Son of L. D. & E. I. Borden
BORDEN, Jessie E.. Spouse of Leon W.. Born 1925, died Uncut
BORDEN, Leon W.. Spouse of Jessie E.. Born 1923, died 1986
BORDEN, Levi. Spouse of Erma I.. Born 1893, died 1959 - [Father]
BORDEN, Nellie E.. Spouse of Francis L.. Born 1916, died 1987
BORDEN, William L. Sr.. Born 8-6-1947, died 12-15-1983 - Vietnam Vet, US Marine Corps, Pvt
BOURDETTE, Constance W.. Born 1933, died 1985
BOWER, Clara A. Whitcomb. Spouse of Richard. Born 1819, died 1871
BOWER, Edith May. Spouse of Oscar. Born 1872, died 1900
BOWER, Edna C.. Born 1886, died 1904
BOWER, Helen L. (Cooper). Spouse of Richard. Born 1835, died 1915
BOWER, Lucy. Born 1859, died 1907
BOWER, M. J.. Spouse of Susan Whitcomb. Born 6-8-1816, died Uncut
BOWER, Mary E.. Spouse of William H.. Born 1842, died 1903
BOWER, Ofenda B.. Spouse of William B., died 10-23-1879
BOWER, Richard. Spouse of #1 Clara A. Whitcomb, #2 Helen L. Cooper. Born 1814, died 1901
BOWER, Susan Whitcomb. Spouse of M. J. Bower, died 9-9-1870
BOWER, William B.. Spouse of Ofenda B.. Born Abt 1844, died 3-30-1871 - Civil War Vet, Co H 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Ward for three years. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Clouds Mills VA. (Carried as Bowers)
BOWER, William H.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1840, died 1925 - Civil War Vet, Co I 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Ward for three years. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, escaped. Rejoined Regiment 5-6-1864. Mustered out 6-1-1865 from McDougal Hospital, New York Harbor. (Carried as Bowers)
BOWES, Mabel J.C.. Spouse of William L.. Born 1872, died 1950
BOWES, William L.. Spouse of Mabel J.C.. Born 1864, died 1938
BOWMAN, Ethel S.. Spouse of Martin. Born 5-10-1866, died 1-9-1886
BOYD, John C.. Born 6-21-1893, died 5-18-1983 - WW I Vet, US Army, Cpl.
BOYD, Margaret J.. Born 1901, died 1962
BOYER, Angelina. Spouse of Robert. Born 1936, died 1997
BOYER, Robert D. "Bob". Spouse of #1 Lois Sterneman, #2 Angelina Fantauzzo. Born 7-22-1927, died 10-17-2014. Age: 87y - Son of George & Rachel Margaret Noaker Boyer b. Akron OH d. Chicago IL - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, photographer & photo lab technician in Japan during the occupation
BOZWORTH, Christiann Sortore. Spouse of Nehemiah. Born 9-6-1834, died 6-16-1887
BOZWORTH, Emory R.. Spouse of Mary Swift. Born 1822, died 1888
BOZWORTH, Grant S.. Born 1864, died 1920
BOZWORTH, Mary Swift. Spouse of Emory R.. Born 1829, died 1855
BOZWORTH, Nehemiah. Spouse of Christiann Sortore. Born 3-23-1829, died 7-27-1906
BRADLEY, Dwight Hemingway. Born 1848, died 1909
BRADLEY, Harriet Elizabeth. Born 1881, died 1901
BRADLEY, Mark Anthony. Born 1873, died 1923
BRADLEY, Nellie Elmina. Born 1874, died 1931
BRADLEY, Sarah Elizabeth. Born 1847, died 1930
BRADT, John. Born 1832, died 1905
BRADT, S. E. T.. Born 1838, died 1901
BRANDES, Albert. Born 1854, died 1905
BRANDS, Lydia J.. Spouse of George. Born 7-3-1887, died 5-15-1891
BREWER, Roger C. Sr.. Spouse of Agnes Clendenin. Born 6-13-1948, died 3-23-2012. Age: 63y - Son of Edward Lee & Encille Blevins Brewer b. Baldwin MD d. Wellsville NY. Wed 11-11-1978 in Havre de Grace MD
BROCK, Chauncey J.. Spouse of Margaret G.. Born 1910, died 1982
BROCK, Margaret G.. Spouse of Chauncey J.. Born 1914, died 1990
BRODIE, Edwin J.. Spouse of Melissa P.. Born 1879, died 9-4-1936
BRODIE, Elvira J.. Spouse of Joseph, died 7-2-1879
BRODIE, Frances W.. Spouse of Grace Hayes. Born 9-13-1877, died 3-27-1961
BRODIE, Grace Hayes. Spouse of Frances W.. Born 9-26-1878, died 11-19-1923
BRODIE, Joseph. Spouse of Elvira J.. Born 11-23-1843, died 3-21-1903 - Born in Otterborn, England
BRODIE, Margaret. Born 12-19-1839, died Uncut - Born at North Bohogtonny
BRODIE, Melissa P.. Spouse of Edwin J.. Born 1875, died 1941
BRODT, Flossie Harris. Born 1901, died 1919
BROOKS, Alvin C.. Born 11-23-1939, died 6-26-2007 - Son of Paul & Lena Bigelow Brooks b. & d. Belmont NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
BROOKS, Arthur F.. Spouse of Beverly K.. Born 2-24-1939, died 6-1-2003. Age: 64y - Son of James & Doris Waite Brooks - Uncategorized Vet, USNavy, SN
BROOKS, Avis. Born 10-8-1919, died 6-2-2008
BROOKS, Beverly K.. Spouse of Arthur F.. Born 1941, died Uncut
BROOKS, Clair L.. Spouse of Helen T.. Born 1897, died 1987
BROOKS, Clara L.. Spouse of Claire L.. Born 1898, died 1920
BROOKS, Helen T.. Spouse of Clair L.. Born 1895, died 1990
BROOKS, Lena D.. Spouse of Paul A.. Born 10-26-1916, died 12-26-2010. Age: 94y - Dau of Roland J. & Mary Ruby McEntee Bigelow b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-4-1937 in Belmont NY
BROOKS, Paul A.. Spouse of Lena Bigelow. Born 10-29-1918, died 1-12-2007 - Son of Clair & Clara Easton Brooks b. Belmont, NY d. Canandaigua, NY. Wed 8-4-1937 - WW II Vet, US Navy
BROWN, Adelaide. Spouse of Jessie. Born 1851, died 1920
BROWN, Alice C.. Born 1860, died 1905
BROWN, Andrew E.. Spouse of Sarah J.. Born 1877, died 1945
BROWN, Ann L.. Spouse of Steven A.. Born 1957, died Uncut
BROWN, Anna R.. Born 1883, died Uncut
BROWN, Betty Spring. Spouse of Clarence P.. Born 1926, died Uncut
BROWN, C. L.. Spouse of Rena. Born 1873, died 1959
BROWN, Charles C.. Spouse of Harriett. Born 1833, died 1919
BROWN, Charles H. Jr.. Born 1883, died 1960
BROWN, Clair R.. Born 8-08-1933, died 12-20-2004. Age: 71y - Son of Richard & Lila (Watson) Brown, b. Ward NY
BROWN, Clarence P.. Spouse of Betty Spring. Born 1923, died 1978
BROWN, Curtis. Born 1888, died 1974
BROWN, Donald Steven. Born 2-2-1987, died 10-25-2006 - Son of Philip & Annette Watson Brown b. Syracuse NY. d. Hadithah Iraq - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Marine Corps, 3rd Marine Regt, Division III Marine Expeditionary Force,.Posthumous promotion to Lance Corporal on 11-1-2006, Died from wounds in action in Hadithah Iraq, Purple Heart and other decorations
BROWN, Dorothy Alice. Born 1897, died 1910
BROWN, Earl W.. Spouse of Ruth C.. Born 1896, died 1975
BROWN, Edith Warner. Born 1882, died 1944
BROWN, Edwin B.. Born 1892, died 1978 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
BROWN, Ethel. Spouse of Willard. Born 1882, died 1964
BROWN, Francis E.. Born 1918, died 1976
BROWN, Gladys I.. Spouse of Victor. Born 1903, died 1985
BROWN, Gloria J.. Spouse of Philip. Born 1/9/1937, died 12/31/2016. Age: 79y - Dau of Adrian & Arian & Adeline Babcock Young b. Dansville NY d. Alfred Station NY
BROWN, Grit.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 6-27-1853, died 9-29-1928
BROWN, Harriett. Spouse of Charles C.. Born 1842, died 1918
BROWN, Helen. Born 1841, died 1932
BROWN, Helen F.. Spouse of Philip E.. Born 1936, died 1970 - [Rest In Peace]
BROWN, Jennie E.. Born 1851, died 1915
BROWN, Jessie. Spouse of Adelaide. Born 1848, died 1922
BROWN, JoAnn F. (Marsh). Spouse of Donald. Born 6-2-1934, died 3-16-2023. Age: 88y - Dau of James & Inez (Cornelius) Marsh. Born in Olean, NY; lived in Belmont, NY; died in Wellsville, NY. Married 10-4-1952. Four children.
BROWN, Judce Charles H.. Born 1858, died 1933
BROWN, Lewis E.. Spouse of Mildred M.. Born 1913, died 1997 - Six children
BROWN, Lila A.. Spouse of Richard H.. Born 1903, died 1983
BROWN, Mary E.. Spouse of Grit.. Born 2-4-1858, died 10-1-1923
BROWN, Mary M.. Born 6-17-1858, died 5-16-1939
BROWN, Mildred M.. Spouse of Lewis E.. Born 1915, died 2000 - Six children
BROWN, Nancy A.. Born 1864, died 1932 - Also on stone 'Gagen Wyse'
BROWN, Norman R.. Born 1925, died 1991 - WW II Vet, US Army
BROWN, Pearl C.. Born 1895, died 1957
BROWN, Philip E.. Spouse of Helen F.. Born 1938, died Uncut
BROWN, Rena. Spouse of C. L.. Born 1870, died 1946
BROWN, Richard H.. Spouse of Lila A.. Born 1900, died 1977
BROWN, Ruth C.. Spouse of Earl W.. Born 1895, died 1973
BROWN, Ruth Elizabeth Stowell. Born 1914, died 1999
BROWN, Sam. Born 1898, died 1971
BROWN, Sarah. Spouse of Christopher, died 11-21-1878. Age: 30y
BROWN, Sarah J.. Spouse of Andrew E.. Born 1880, died 1921
BROWN, Steven A.. Spouse of Ann L.. Born 1954, died 1998
BROWN, Sue Ellen, died 1954
BROWN, Terry L.. Born 1/4/1961, died 9/21/2018. Age: 57y - Son of Lewis E. & Mildred M. Brown b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY worked at Piece Work Industries assembling & doing all kinds of woodworking
BROWN, Victor. Spouse of Gladys I.. Born 1891, died 1964
BROWN, Willard. Spouse of Ethel. Born 1881, died 1962
BROWN, William. Born 5-16-1855, died 11-20-1911
BROWNING, Amy E.. Born 1-31-1844, died 7-19-1917
BROWNING, Clara Frieda. Spouse of Lewis W.. Born 1897, died 1985
BROWNING, Elthea. Spouse of John H.. Born 1849, died 1924
BROWNING, John H.. Spouse of Elthea. Born 1838, died 1907
BROWNING, Lewis W.. Spouse of Clara Frieda. Born 1890, died 1952
BRUNDAGE, Althea V.. Spouse of Fred A.. Born 1882, died 1961 - [Mother At Rest]
BRUNDAGE, Cora J.. Spouse of Richard L.. Born 6-10-1922, died 1-30-2001 - Married 53 years
BRUNDAGE, Eldyn Ernest. Born 1894, died 1951
BRUNDAGE, Ella. Born 1855, died 1931
BRUNDAGE, Father. Born 1818, died 1909
BRUNDAGE, Frank B.. Spouse of Isabelle D.. Born 1860, died 1944
BRUNDAGE, Fred A.. Spouse of Althea V.. Born 1858, died 1932 - [Father At Rest]
BRUNDAGE, Frederick E.. Born 1-31-1908, died 10-6-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
BRUNDAGE, Isabelle D.. Spouse of Frank B.. Born 1875, died 1957
BRUNDAGE, Jennie K.. Born 1872, died 1925
BRUNDAGE, Lloyd L.. Born 8-12-1924, died 11-11-1926 - Son of F. A. & Althea Brundage [In Jesus Arms Our Darling Sleeps]
BRUNDAGE, Louise. Born 1868, died 1902
BRUNDAGE, Mother. Born 1822, died 1901
BRUNDAGE, Reva Maxson. Born 1900, died 1987
BRUNDAGE, Richard L.. Spouse of Cora J.. Born 1-8-1920, died 5-22-2001 - Married 53 years - Uncategorized Vet
BRUNDAGE, Selina D.. Born 1853, died 1914
BRUNDAGE, Victor F.. Born 1912, died 1947 - [Trust In God]
BRUNDAGE, Virginia Joy. Born 1922, died 1925
BUCKLIN, Melanie Rae. Born 5-6-1972, died 1993 - [Melanie Will Live Forever Through the Hearts She Touched]
BUDDE, Frieda L.. Spouse of George F. Sr.. Born 9/9/1936, died 12/21/2015. Age: 79y - Dau of Edward & Erlene Watkins Sherwood b. Belmont NY d. Olean NY Wed 6-4-1955 George Sr. died 5-28-1984
BUDINGER, Harold R.. Spouse of Mable Horton. Born 9-28-1922, died 1-4-2003. Age: 80y - Son of Harry & Fannie Brownell Budinger, born in South Dakota
BUDINGER, Mabel M.. Spouse of Harold R.. Born 8-30-1940, died 12-8-2013. Age: 73y - Dau of Jesse & Idabelle Sutton Horton b. Corning NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 4-22-1977 in Belmont NY
BUDINGER, Mabel M.. Spouse of Harold R.. Born 1940, died Uncut
BUDINGER, Robert W.. Born 1968, died 1984 - [Golden Bears]
BUNK, Hyla M.. Born 1-1-1929, died 1-4-1950
BUNNELL, Carl A.. Born 1917, died 1997
BUNNELL, Harold.. Born 1894, died 1975
BUNNELL, Jennie. Born 1875, died 1907 - [Mother]
BUNNELL, Luella Maynard. Born 1878, died 1943
BURBANK, Albert L.. Spouse of Pearl T.. Born 1884, died 1966
BURBANK, L. L.. Born 1845, died 1898 - Civil War Vet, Co D 16th CT Vols
BURBANK, Louesa H.. Born 1852, died 1932 - Flat plate in ground
BURBANK, Orville. Born 1877, died 1956 - Flat plate in ground
BURBANK, Pearl T.. Spouse of Albert L.. Born 1889, died 1932
BURDICK, Alice Fufur. Spouse of David Marion. Born 1873, died 1958
BURDICK, Byron A.. Spouse of Mary Cotts. Born 1861, died 1930
BURDICK, Carl E.. Spouse of Doris J. Jessup. Born 10-16-1934, died Uncut
BURDICK, Carl L.. Spouse of Doris Jean Jessup. Born 10-16-1934, died 9-18-2012. Age: 77y - Son of Everits & Gladys Brisbee Burdick b. & d. Belmont NY. Wed 6-21-1958 in Friendship NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
BURDICK, D. M.. Spouse of Orpha A.. Born 8-12-1835, died 3-11-1894
BURDICK, David Marion. Spouse of Alice Fufur. Born 1867, died 1933
BURDICK, Doris J. Jessup. Spouse of Carl E.. Born 8-22-1936, died 12-20-1995
BURDICK, Earle L.. Spouse of Ina M.. Born 7-7-1893, died 1-21-1942 - WW I Vet, US Army, 316th Inf, 1/Lt. Purple Heart
BURDICK, Emily J.. Born 1854, died 1927
BURDICK, Everits A.. Born 1900, died 1979
BURDICK, Flossie. Born 1895, died 1987
BURDICK, Gladys I.. Born 1907, died 1992
BURDICK, Harold. Born 1892, died 1968
BURDICK, Harry M.. Spouse of Hazel. Born 1888, died 1960
BURDICK, Hazel. Spouse of Harry M.. Born 1897, died 1967
BURDICK, Ina M.. Spouse of Earle L.. Born 1894, died 1988
BURDICK, Mary Cotts. Spouse of Byron A.. Born 1866, died 1955
BURDICK, Orpha A.. Spouse of D. M. Burdick. Born 12-11-1842, died 3-19-1883. Age: 41y
BURKE, Eva H.. Spouse of William R.. Born 1890, died 1985
BURKE, Marian C.. Born 1921, died 1997 - [Beloved Mother]
BURKE, William R.. Spouse of Eva H.. Born 1885, died 1958
BURNS, Bessie M.. Spouse of Frank. Born 1880, died 1947
BURNS, Frank. Spouse of Bessie M.. Born 1872, died 1950
BURNS, George. Born 1899, died 1970
BURROWS, Rhonda J.. Spouse of James. Born 2-9-1968, died 1-4-2007 - Dau of William & Margaret Lanphee McQueen b. Hornell, NY d. Ocean Springs, Miss. Wed 3-9-1991 in Wellsville, NY (Lou Gehrig's disease)
BUSH, Harriet Lucy. Born 8-30-1837, died 9-10-1904
BUSH, Leverett Johnson. Born 8-28-1822, died 10-19-1901
BUTLER, Amy Louise. Born 6-21-1953, died 6-22-1953
BUTLER, James. Born 1951, died 1964
BUTTON, Chauncey B.. Spouse of Fannie J.. Born 1833, died 1913 - Civil War Vet, Co G 50th Engrs NYS Vols, Artificer. Enlisted 1861 at Millport for three years Re-enlisted 2-22-1864. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Ft. Barry VA.
BUTTON, Fannie J.. Spouse of Chauncey B.. Born 1843, died 1913
BUTTON, Fanny Ann. Spouse of William P.. Born 1830, died 1907
BUTTON, Henry W.. Spouse of Mary. Born 1850, died 1933
BUTTON, Mary. Spouse of Henry W.. Born 1851, died 1945
BUTTON, Phillip A., died 3-21-1887 - Son of H. W. & M. Button
BUTTON, William P.. Spouse of Fanny Ann. Born 1824, died 1901
BUTTS, Harry E.. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1861, died 1929
BUTTS, Nellie. Spouse of Harry E.. Born 1867, died 1935
BYRAM, Ellen S.. Born 1873, died 1958
BYRAM, Lewis S.. Spouse of R. Maree. Born 1898, died 1960
BYRAM, R. Maree. Spouse of Lewis S.. Born 1904, died 1958
CAIN, Carrie D. Sortore. Spouse of A. C. Cain. Born 1871, died 1905
CALDWELL, Grace S.. Spouse of Robert C.. Born 1909, died 1999
CALDWELL, Robert C.. Spouse of Grace S.. Born 1906, died 1966
CALKINS, Henry W.. Spouse of Myrtle M.. Born 3-2-1889, died 11-20-1965 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
CALKINS, Myrtle M.. Spouse of Henry W.. Born 1890, died 1964
CALNEK, Mary Lucile Wixson. Born 1909, died 1980
CAMPBELL, A. Evelyn. Born 1896, died 1989
CAMPBELL, David W. "Lefty". Born 10/16/1935, died 4/22/2017. Age: 81y - Son of Robert & Grace Olinger b. Kane PA d. Wellsville NY
CAMPBELL, Edward M. Spouse of Kathryn E.. Born 1900, died 5-20-1978 - Wed April 7 1926 in Belmont NY
CAMPBELL, Kathryn E.. Spouse of Edward M.. Born 2-11-1905, died 10-10-2002. Age: 97y - Dau of Albert & Mayne Wilber Sherwood
CANFIELD, Arloine H.. Spouse of Willis F.. Born 1907, died 1987
CANFIELD, Bertha Dike. Spouse of William. Born 1870, died 1960 - [Mother]
CANFIELD, Delila. Born 1831, died 1911
CANFIELD, Fred. Spouse of Nora. Born 1876, died 1964
CANFIELD, Linda J.. Spouse of Richard H.. Born 6-16-1942, died Uncut - [Together Forever]
CANFIELD, Mary A.. Born 1932, died 2001
CANFIELD, Nora. Spouse of Fred. Born 1883, died 1967
CANFIELD, Richard H.. Spouse of Linda J.. Born 5-9-1944, died 5-16-2003 - [Together Forever]
CANFIELD, Thelma D.. Spouse of Wilton K.. Born 5-2-1923, died 11-4-2011. Age: 88y - Dau of Benjamin J. & Iva M. Francis Davies b.South Buffalo NY d. Buffalo NY. Wed 6-2-1945 in Buffalo NY
CANFIELD, Thelma D.. Spouse of Wilton K.. Born 1933, died Uncut
CANFIELD, Virginia V.. Spouse of Westley M.. Born 11-7-1918, died 2-4-2007. Age: 88y - Dau of William M. & Lillian Gress Halstead b. Hamar N.D. d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-18-1940 in Andover NY
CANFIELD, Wesley. Spouse of Virginia. Born 1911, died 1972
CANFIELD, William. Spouse of Bertha Dike. Born 1868, died 1926 - [Father]
CANFIELD, Willis F.. Spouse of Arloine H.. Born 1905, died 1995
CANFIELD, Wilton K.. Spouse of Thelma D.. Born 1915, died 2001
CANNON, Jabae H.. Born 1887, died 1931
CARPENTER, Anna M. Lewis. Spouse of Forrest M.. Born 1875, died 1931
CARPENTER, Charles M.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1857, died 1915
CARPENTER, Claude M.. Born 1891, died 1925
CARPENTER, Forrest M.. Spouse of Anna M. Lewis. Born 1878, died 1961
CARPENTER, Julia E.. Born 1901, died 1967
CARPENTER, Mary A.. Spouse of Charles M.. Born 1857, died 1924
CARPENTER, Virginia E.. Spouse of Wayne N.. Born 5-5-1921, died 11-20-2007. Age: 86y - Dau of William & Gertrude Austin Bassett b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-6-1940 in Belmont NY
CARPENTER, Wayne N.. Born 7-10-1921, died 4-5-1983 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
CARR, infant, died 2-9-1926 - Dau of George & Ida Carr
CARTWRIGHT, Alphonso, died 1877 - Stone reads Cartwright & Benjamin
CARTWRIGHT, Alphonzo G.. Born Abt 1839 - Civil War Vet, Co I 85th Inf, NYS Vols, Capt. Enrolled as 1/Lt in 1861 at Ward for three years. Captured inaction 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, escaped. Discharged 3-22-1865
CARTWRIGHT, Dyantha Jane. Spouse of Avilah. Born 1-7-1832, died 12-24-1876 - Born in Warren Cty, NY
CARTWRIGHT, Eva Jane. Born 2-25-1871, died 2-18-1872 - Dau of Avilah & Dyantha Cartwright
CARTWRIGHT, George, died 1897 - Stone reads Cartwright & Benjamin
CARTWRIGHT, Harriet G., died 1959 - Stone reads Cartwright & Benjamin
CARTWRIGHT, James A.. Born 1887, died 1910 - Son of S. A. & M. B. Cartwright
CARTWRIGHT, Lillian E., died 1878 - Stone reads Cartwright & Benjamin
CARTWRIGHT, Lovia, died 1907 - Stone reads Cartwright & Benjamin
CARTWRIGHT, Martha E. Desmond. Spouse of S. A. Cartwright, died 9-9-1882
CARTWRIGHT, Otho G., died 1943 - Stone reads Cartwright & Benjamin
CARTWRIGHT, Stephen A.. Born 1844, died 1909 - Civil War Vet, 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Amity for one year. Mustered in unassigned, mustered out 7-2-1865 at Portsmouth RI
CARUSO, Ethel C. Radmore. Born 2-17-1939, died 5-2-2004 - [Special Daughter]
CASTERLINE, Adelbert. Spouse of Mary R.. Born 6-4-1847, died 2-19-1933
CASTERLINE, Adell. Spouse of William. Born 1-27-1864, died 8-28-1929
CASTERLINE, Bertha M.. Born 3-26-1874, died 11-13-1030
CASTERLINE, Bradley. Born 1909, died 1983
CASTERLINE, C. L.. Born 4-8-1851, died 5-28-1926
CASTERLINE, Doris E.. Born 4-13-1902, died 3-21-1903 - Dau of F. & B. Casterline
CASTERLINE, Edith H.. Born 1884, died 1982
CASTERLINE, Emily A. Bradley. Born 11-18-1824, died 2-8-1911 - [Mother]
CASTERLINE, Emma I.. Born 1898, died 1983
CASTERLINE, F. Llewellyn. Born 1897, died 1983
CASTERLINE, Fred. Born 12-27-1865, died 8-21-1922
CASTERLINE, Garret S.. Born 2-11-1819, died 7-27-1874 - [Father]
CASTERLINE, Gertrude T.. Born 1894, died 1961
CASTERLINE, Ida. Spouse of John B.. Born 2-24-1860, died 10-17-1922
CASTERLINE, infant Son. Born 2-18-1882, died 4-27-1882 - Son of A. & M. Casterline
CASTERLINE, John A.. Born 10-23-1920, died 1-28-1976 - WW II and Korean Vet, US Navy, HM1
CASTERLINE, John B.. Spouse of Ida. Born 1-13-1861, died 3-25-1942
CASTERLINE, Kate. Born 5-1-1863, died 7-22-1863 - Dau of G. S. & E. A. Casterline
CASTERLINE, Mary R.. Spouse of Adelbert. Born 8-23-1857, died 4-1-1933
CASTERLINE, Mryett. Born 4-13-1823, died 5-26-1853 - [Mother]
CASTERLINE, Nancy B.. Born 1912, died 2002
CASTERLINE, Naomi W.. Born 1905, died 1989
CASTERLINE, Neil A.. Born 1883, died 1974
CASTERLINE, Neil A. - Large Stone in Section L. [In memory of]
CASTERLINE, Ralph H.. Born 1894, died 1986
CASTERLINE, Rose M.. Born 1926, died 1964
CASTERLINE, Ruth Marie. Born 2-12-1892, died 9-2-1911 - Dau of W. M. & Adell Casterline
CASTERLINE, W. Earl. Born 1886, died 1963
CASTERLINE, William. Spouse of Adell. Born 8-31-1845, died 10-18-1929
CHAFEE, Weathy M.. Born 1825, died 1886
CHALKER, Clara E.. Spouse of Kenneth E.. Born 1921, died 1976
CHALKER, Kenneth E.. Spouse of Clara E.. Born 1907, died 1981
CHAMBERLAIN, Edgar William. Spouse of Mary Arnett. Born 1829, died 1900
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary Arnett. Spouse of Edgar William. Born 1831, died 1903
CHASE, Florence E.. Spouse of John H.. Born 1887, died 1943
CHASE, John H.. Spouse of Florence E.. Born 1881, died 1955 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, Officer
CHILSON, David D.. Spouse of Meredith McNinch. Born 4-10-1948, died 5-31-2021. Age: 73 - Son of Ernest H. and Lena M. (Burdick) Chilson. Born in Hornell NY, lived in Belmont NY, died in Buffalo NY. Worked 49 years at Alfred State College. Wed 12-26-1968 in Belmont, two daughters. (Spouse survives) - Vietnam Vet, USMC, 1967-1972
CHILSON, Ernest Harvey. Spouse of Lena M. Burdick. Born 1926, died 1981 - Wed 8-9-1947 in Belmont NY
CHILSON, Lena Mae (Burdick). Spouse of Ernest Harvey. Born 8-2-1929, died 9-26-2013. Age: 84y - Dau of Everitts & Gladys (Brisbee) Burdick b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-9-1947 in Belmont NY
CHIND, Dorathea M.. Spouse of Gustive. Born 8-23-1917, died 2-8-2013. Age: 95y - Dau of Wilhelm & Amelia Windt Haack b. George IA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 3-4-1944 in New York City
CHIND, Dorathea M.. Spouse of Gustive V.. Born 1917, died Uncut
CHIND, Gustive V.. Spouse of Dorathea M.. Born 1919, died 1987
CILLEY, Leonette P.. Born 1900, died 1932
CLAIR, Bert. Spouse of Eva. Born 11-3-1868, died 12-26-1948
CLAIR, Eva. Spouse of Bert. Born 11-24-1865, died 8-17-1944
CLAIR, Floyd. Spouse of Orretta S.. Born 1872, died 1965
CLAIR, Orretta S.. Spouse of Floyd. Born 1872, died 1940
CLAPP, Charles L.. Born 4-26-1893, died 6-5-1955 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. C. 335th Machine Gun Bn, Pvt
CLAPP, Eva F.. Born 1896, died 1964 - [Mother]
CLAPP, Frederick J.. Born 1932, died 1995
CLAPP, R. Ruth. Born 1930, died 1932 - Dau of Eva F. Clapp
CLARK, Aaron. Spouse of Sarah D.. Born 10-19-1813, died 6-17-1864 - Civil War Vet, Co E 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Angelica for thee years. Re-enlisted as a veteran 1-1-1864. Captured in Action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC. Died of disease 6-17-1864 while a prisoner of ear at Andersonville GA.
CLARK, Asher Miner. Born 1878, died 1940
CLARK, C. Fred. Born 5-24-1853, died 2-22-1926
CLARK, Davis. Born 1865, died 1916
CLARK, Deacon David. Spouse of Priscella, died 2-25-1869 - [Looking For That Blessed Hope and the Glorious Appearing of the Great God and our Savior Jeasus Christ Titus II:13]
CLARK, Eva Hoxie. Born 1851, died 1930
CLARK, Frances. Spouse of George. Born 1851, died 1920
CLARK, Gerald Francis. Spouse of Lillian R.. Born 1-5-1894, died 3-5-1966 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. K 345th Inf, Pvt
CLARK, Grace. Born 11-3-1889, died 7-23-1890 - Dau of Morris & Myrtilla Clark She Was But as a Smile But Oh How Loved How Dear
CLARK, Harry Robert "Bob". Born 3-30-1950, died 4-7-2013. Age: 63y - Son of Carl Decater & Helen VanCampen Clark b. & d. Wellsville NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army
CLARK, Helen M.. Born 1-16-1923, died 1-3-1973 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Pfc
CLARK, Julia Kathryn. Born 1873, died 1928
CLARK, Lila. Born 1892, died 1985
CLARK, Lillian R.. Spouse of Gerald Francis. Born 1901, died 1983
CLARK, Loie A.. Spouse of #1 Raymond Francis, #2 Donald R. Odell. Born 5-14-1926, died 3-15-2011. Age: 84y - Dau of Archie & Fannie Clark Foster b. Town of Willing NY d. Bradford PA. Wed Raymond 12-14-1945 in Alfred NY. Wed Donald1-25-1958. (He d. 4-18-1988)
CLARK, Loie A. Odell. Spouse of Raymond Francis. Born 5-14-1926, died Uncut
CLARK, Lyman D.. Born 7-14-1847, died 12-29-1889
CLARK, Morris. Spouse of Myrtilla. Born 5-10-1851, died 1-25-1919
CLARK, Myrtilla. Spouse of Morris. Born 10-3-1861, died 10-8-1897
CLARK, Priscella. Spouse of Dea. David, died 6-1-1862 - [For Me To Live in Christ But to Die is Gain]
CLARK, Raymond Francis. Spouse of Loie A. Odell. Born 6-1-1920, died 12-9-1951 - WW II Vet, US Army, 114th Combat Eng Bn, Pfc. Purple Heart
CLARK, Roy H.. Born 1880, died 1959
CLARK, Sarah D.. Spouse of Aaron. Born 10-6-1825, died 3-5-1908
CLARK, William H.. Born 3-8-1853, died 11-5-1884 - Died at Colfax, Wash.
CLARK, William P.. Born 1851, died 1923
CLAYTON, Lester. Born 1895, died 1919 - WW I Vet, US Army Co D 87th Inf
CLAYTON, Lettie E., died 1920 - Dau of C. L. & S. Clayton
CLAYTON, Mae. Born 1876, died 1936
CLAYTON, William C.J.. Born 1870, died 1929
CLEVELAND, Harriet Spring. Spouse of Spencer - [Mother] No dates.
CLEVELAND, Spencer. Spouse of Harriet Spring. Born 1901, died 1951 - [Father]
CLINE, Albert E.. Spouse of Nellie E.. Born 1880, died 1935
CLINE, Alice E.. Born 1909, died 2001
CLINE, Alvin S.. Spouse of Louise. Born 1853, died 1891
CLINE, Amy T.. Spouse of Charles M.. Born 1848, died 1920 - [Mother]
CLINE, Anna W.. Spouse of Miles N.. Born 1869, died 1955
CLINE, Archie A.. Spouse of Bertha M.. Born 1896, died 1983
CLINE, Bernard M.. Spouse of Onealee M.. Born 1904, died 1990
CLINE, Bertha M.. Spouse of Archie A.. Born 1895, died 1989
CLINE, Charles M.. Spouse of Amy T.. Born 1836, died 1918
CLINE, Eliza. Born 4-28-1831, died 2-22-1877 - Dau of Hugh & Nancy Cline
CLINE, Flora A.. Born 1872, died 1967
CLINE, Frances J.. Spouse of Nelson H.. Born 1-14-1920, died 8-25-1999
CLINE, George Nelson. Born 1841, died 1925 - Son of Samson and Hannah (Feathers) Cline - Civil War Vet, Co B 97th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted in 1863 at Arkwright for three years. Wounded in action 5-8-1864 at Laurel Hill VA. Mustered out with detachment 6-10-1865 Near Washington DC.
CLINE, Gertrude. Spouse of Victor G.. Born 1909, died 1960
CLINE, Glen F.. Spouse of Marian L.. Born 1896, died 1949
CLINE, Hannah (Feathers). Spouse of Samson. Born 1821, died 1903 - Dau of George Feathers and Catherine Coon
CLINE, Hannah J.. Born 1844, died 1890 - Dau of Samson and Hannah (Feathers) Cline
CLINE, Helen P.. Spouse of Neil F.. Born 1917, died 1992
CLINE, Henrietta. Spouse of Schuyler U.. Born 1875, died 1954
CLINE, Hiram C.. Born 1874, died 1965
CLINE, Hugh. Spouse of #1 Ruth Greene, #2 Nancy. Born 4-7-1794, died 7-22-1870
CLINE, James Leroy "Barney". Spouse of Denise M. Graham. Born 1-2-1955, died 9-18-2021. Age: 66 - Son of Norman Cline and Mabel Powell. Born in Cuba NY, lived in Belmont. Worked in family business, Cline's Garage and Salvage. Wed 7-10-1976, two children. (Spouse survives)
CLINE, John M.. Spouse of Lena B.. Born 1884, died 1972
CLINE, Julia E.. Spouse of Oristus W.. Born 1856, died 1940
CLINE, Larry M.. Born 1947, died 1974 - Wed 12-30-1972
CLINE, Lena B.. Spouse of John M.. Born 1890, died 1978
CLINE, Louise. Spouse of Alvin S.. Born 1865, died Uncut
CLINE, Lucretia. Born 5-28-1827, died 12-2-1870 - Dau of Hugh & Nancy Cline
CLINE, Lyle E.. Spouse of Mary L.. Born 1928, died 1965
CLINE, M. Lizzie. Born 1878, died 1948
CLINE, Marian L.. Spouse of Glen F.. Born 1900, died 1987
CLINE, Mary L.. Spouse of Lyle E.. Born 1931, died 1997
CLINE, Miles H.. Spouse of Ruth G.. Born 1902, died 1973
CLINE, Miles N.. Spouse of Anna W.. Born 1867, died 1944
CLINE, Nancy. Spouse of Hugh. Born 7-6-1803, died 2-26-1888 - [His second wife]
CLINE, Neil F.. Spouse of Helen P.. Born 1902, died 1982
CLINE, Nellie E.. Spouse of Albert E.. Born 1882, died 1966
CLINE, Nelson H.. Spouse of Frances J.. Born 4-7-1918, died 11-27-1994 - WW II Vet, US Navy, AEM2
CLINE, Onealee C.. Spouse of Bernard M.. Born 10-21-1912, died 11-9-2009. Age: 97y - Dau of Louis & Ollie George Clair b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-4-1937 in Belfast NY
CLINE, Onealee M.. Spouse of Bernard M.. Born 1912, died Uncut
CLINE, Oristus W.. Spouse of Julia E.. Born 1853, died 1939
CLINE, Raymond R.. Spouse of Susie G.. Born 1876, died 1964
CLINE, Richard N.. Born 9-2-1927, died 12-27-2011. Age: 84y - Son of Neil & Mary Cline b. Wellsville NY d. Deruyter NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1C. Several medals
CLINE, Ronnie E.. Born 1952, died 2000
CLINE, Ruth (Greene). Spouse of Hugh. Born 3-19-1793, died 1-5-1825
CLINE, Ruth G.. Spouse of Miles H.. Born 1913, died 1991
CLINE, Samson. Spouse of Hannah Feathers. Born 1821, died 1894 - Son of Hugh and Ruth (Greene) Cline
CLINE, Schuyler U.. Spouse of Henrietta. Born 1868, died 1938
CLINE, Stanley L.. Born 1878, died 1940
CLINE, Susie G.. Spouse of Raymond R.. Born 1871, died 1950
CLINE, Victor G.. Spouse of Gertride M.Gross. Born 5-18-1911, died 6-4-2006. Age: 95y - Son of Stanley & Flora Graham Cline b. Angelica, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 6-23-1934
CLINE, Wesley L.. Born 9/18/1937, died 6/4/2018. Age: 80y - Son of Victor G. & Gertrude (Gross) Cline b. Cuba NY d. Belmont NY. Three sons, mother not named. Auctioneer in the Belmont area most of his life - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
COATS, Edith M.. Born 1907, died 1993
COATS, Josephine L.. Born 12-18-1846, died 4-30-1882 - [Sister]
COCKLE, Lynn A.. Born 1953, died 1994
COKER, Henry. Born 1857, died 1924
COLE, Anson B.. Spouse of Mary C.. Born 1861, died 1935
COLE, Mary C.. Spouse of Anson B.. Born 1867, died 1927
COLEMAN, Edward E.. Born 1876, died 1934
COLEMAN, Ellen. Born 8-16-1889, died 5-15-1891 - [We Miss Thee]
COLEMAN, Frances E.. Born 1839, died 1921
COLEMAN, Henry E.. Born 1860, died 1935
COLEMAN, Howard E.. Born 5-23-1904, died 5-24-1904
COLEMAN, Jessie Hall. Born 1878, died 1941
COLEMAN, Mary. Born 1902, died 1983
COLEMAN, V. Bemus. Born 1837, died 1904 - Civil War Vet, Co A 136th Inf NYS Vols, Sgt. Enlisted 1862 at Cuba for three years. Wounded in action Lookout Valley TN. Mustered out 5-27-1865 at Madison IN
COLLINS, Arlene Geffers. Spouse of Leon L.. Born 1903, died 1967
COLLINS, Daniel W.. Spouse of Hannah M.. Born 1837, died 1911 - Civil War Vet, Co I 85th Inf NYS Vols, Sgt. Enlisted 1861 at Ward for three years. Re-enlisted 1-1-1864. Captured in Action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, Paroled. Mustered out with company 6-27-1865 at New Berne NC
COLLINS, Hannah M.. Spouse of D. W. Collins. Born 1841, died 1919
COLLINS, John Lee. Spouse of Louella A.. Born 1935, died 1984 - Korean War Vet, US Army, SP3
COLLINS, Leon L.. Spouse of Arlene Geffers. Born 1906, died 1950
COLLINS, Louella A.. Spouse of John Lee. Born 1938, died Uncut
COLLINS, Tommy Lee, died 4-13-1967
COLVIN, Bristow. Spouse of Mildred E. Kumbien. Born 24 Mar 1876, died Jan 1962 - Son of Seth & Lydia J. Miller [sic] - WW II Vet, US Army 6th C 37th Inf, Spec.
COLVIN, Calla B.. Born Jan 1885, died 1919 - Dau of Seth Colvin & Lydia J. Miller. No Dates.
CONKLIN, Elgin I.. Spouse of Emma E. Pease. Born 1846, died 1934
CONKLIN, Emma E. Pease. Spouse of Elgin I.. Born 1844, died 1909
CONRAD, Albert A.. Spouse of Grace R.. Born 1877, died 1965
CONRAD, Grace R.. Spouse of Albert A.. Born 1878, died 1959
COOK, Charles A.. Spouse of Grace A.. Born 1875, died 1955
COOK, Grace A.. Spouse of Charles A.. Born 1883, died 1964
COOK, James A.. Born 12-26-1873, died 3-4-1897
COOK, James H. - Large Stone with his name, but no dates
COOK, Mary E.. Spouse of William H.. Born 1888, died 1957
COOK, Sarah I.. Born 1849, died 1953 - [Mother]
COOK, William H.. Spouse of Mary E.. Born 1879, died 1982
COOLEY, Charles. Spouse of Lucy L.. Born 7-31-1820, died 9-29-1887
COOLEY, Eliza A. Daily. Spouse of Gilbert W.. Born 11-13-1819, died 10-7-1879
COOLEY, Gilbert W.. Spouse of Eliza A. Daily. Born 12-17-1815, died 7-29-1902
COOLEY, Lucy L.. Spouse of Charles. Born 3-12-1821, died 8-26-1903
COOMBS, Harry. Born 5-8-1883, died 7-6-1957 - Uncategorized Vet, US Marine Corps, Pvt
COOMBS, Llewella S.. Born 1888, died 1966
COOPER, Lizzie. Born 1857, died 1877
COOPER, Nicholas C.. Born 1827, died 1903 - [Father]
CORBIN, E. Diana. Spouse of William M.. Born 1866, died 1944
CORBIN, Fannie M. Cooley. Spouse of J. W. Corbin. Born 6-22-1845, died 1-14-1911
CORBIN, Joshua W.. Born Abt 1841 - Civil War Vet, Co. C 85th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1861 at Freindship for three years. Captured in Action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, paroled 3-31-1865 at Wilmington NC. Mustered out 4-21-1865 at Elmira NY
CORBIN, Manley N.. Born 1-3-1898, died 8-20-1975 - WW I Vet, US Army, Sgt
CORBIN, Margaret Howe. Born 1900, died 1971
CORBIN, Richard W.. Born 7-19-1898, died 5-21-1960 - WW I and WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 25th Service CP, Pfc
CORBIN, Roy C.. Born 1875, died 1931
CORBIN, Virginia. Born 1924, died 1946
CORBIN, William M.. Spouse of E. Diana. Born 1868, died 1947
CORNWELL, Jane S.. Spouse of William M., died 6-15-1883
CORNWELL, Mary E.. Born 1832, died 1910
CORNWELL, Mercy C.. Spouse of Nathaniel G.. Born 1839, died 1901 - [At Rest]
CORNWELL, Nathaniel G.. Spouse of Mercy C.. Born 1828, died Uncut - [At Rest]
CORNWELL, Sarah J.. Born 1836, died 1909
COTTS, Fern N.. Born 1894, died 1994
COTTS, Gotlieb. Born 1860, died 1894
COTTS, Merle D.. Born 1891, died 1965
COTTS, Shirley Jean. Born 1935, died 1939
COVERT, Roxie. Spouse of Theodore. Born 1858, died 1917
COVERT, Theodore. Spouse of Roxie. Born 1846, died 1914
COX, Shirley. Born 1-2-1927, died 6-16-2010 - Dau of Harry & Eva Cooke Eck b. Coudersport PA d. Wellsville NY
COYLE, Isabel W.. Born 1914, died 1955
CRABTREE, Dealia. Born 6-24-1852, died 2-7-1892
CRABTREE, Alice K.. Born 1932, died 1942
CRABTREE, Alice W.. Born 1859, died 1939
CRABTREE, B. F.. Born 11-25-1839, died 9-28-1885
CRABTREE, Benjamin Wm.. Born 8-21-1873, died 9-2-8-1926
CRABTREE, Betsy. Spouse of Daniel. Born 4-28-1819, died 10-20-1887 - [Mother]
CRABTREE, Charles K.. Born 1937, died 1937
CRABTREE, Daniel. Spouse of Betsy. Born 9-18-1809, died 4-21-1887 - [Father]
CRABTREE, Emerson W.. Born 7-31-1847, died 4-10-1916
CRABTREE, Jerome B.. Born 11-13-1862, died 9-26-1929
CRABTREE, Laura M.. Born 1882, died 1961
CRABTREE, Mary Casterline. Born 4-12-1849, died 10-21-1899
CRABTREE, Newman. Born 7-5-1844, died 11-28-1934
CRABTREE, Ralph W.. Born 1882, died 1946
CRABTREE, Robert, died 1911 - Son of R. & L. Crabtree
CRABTREE, Sarah. Born 11-3-1837, died 5-19-1902
CRABTREE, Sue. Born 8-4-1849, died 5-31-1937
CRABTREE, unknown. Born 2-17-1876, died 2-27-1876 - Son of N. & M. Crabtree
CRADDUCK, Emma R.. Born 9-22-1855, died 6-5-1934
CRAIG, Rosa J.. Born 1851, died 1928
CRAIG, Willis E., Major. Born 1837, died 1920
CRAMER, Caroline. Spouse of Martin. Born 12-24-1831, died 1-26-1891
CRAMER, John. Born 1857, died 1903
CRAMER, Martin. Spouse of Caroline. Born 6-24-1829, died 8-30-1887
CRANDALL, Adeline A.. Spouse of Edwin M.. Born 1878, died 1952
CRANDALL, Alonson B.. Born 11-15-1831, died 7-13-1832 - Son of Benjamin G. & Anna. Crandall
CRANDALL, Anna. Born 8-2-1834, died 8-22-1834 - Dau of Benjamin G. & Mary C. (Stebbins) Crandall
CRANDALL, Anna (VanCampen). Spouse of Benjamin G.. Born 11-19-1801, died 5-3-1832 - Wed 12-16-1823, at least three children
CRANDALL, Anna A.. Born 1904, died 1991
CRANDALL, Benjamin Greene. Spouse of #1 Anna VanCampen, #2 Mary C. Stebbins. Born 12-17-1797, died 2-18-1874 - Son of Peter and Nancy (Blinn) Crandall, born in Rensselaer Co NY, died in Belmont NY. Wed Anna 12-16-1823, three children. Eight children with Mary.
CRANDALL, Bert. Spouse of Mattie. Born 1876, died 1937
CRANDALL, Bessie A.. Born 1885, died 1984
CRANDALL, Bessie C.. Spouse of Lewis C.. Born 1875, died 1958
CRANDALL, Charles G.. Born 1836, died 1901 - Civil War Vet, 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Big Flats for one year. Mustered in, unassigned. Mustered out with detachment, 6-27-1865 at New Berne NC
CRANDALL, Charles R.. Born 1882, died Uncut
CRANDALL, Edward E.. Spouse of Nellie M.. Born 1906, died 1980
CRANDALL, Edward Eliphalet, Dr.. Spouse of Mary Etta Schuyler. Born 4-17-1829, died 5-30-1910 - Son of Asa and Roba (Johnson) Crandall, born in Lincklaen NY, died in Allegany Co.. Four children
CRANDALL, Edwin M.. Spouse of Adeline A.. Born 1872, died 1953
CRANDALL, Elizabeth. Spouse of Harrison. Born 1845, died 1935 - [Mother At Rest]
CRANDALL, Ella L. (Hyde). Born 1847, died 1924 - Dau of J. A. Thatcher and Polly L. (Gorton) Hyde
CRANDALL, Frances. Spouse of Gideon O.. Born 10-20-1824, died 12-17-1879
CRANDALL, George W.. Born 1882, died 1946
CRANDALL, Gideon O.. Spouse of Frances. Born 2-3-1830, died 8-6-1881
CRANDALL, Grant F.. Spouse of Lottie S.. Born 1885, died 1958
CRANDALL, Harrison. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1835, died 1918 - [Father At Rest] - Civil War Vet, Co I 141st and 60th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Wounded 7-20-1864 at Peach Tree Creek GA. Transferred to Co I, 60th Inf. Absent, in hosp at Elmira NY at muster out of company
CRANDALL, Isabelle F.. Born 1850, died 1920
CRANDALL, Iva C.. Born 1887, died 1967
CRANDALL, Lewis C.. Spouse of Bessie C.. Born 1873, died 1934
CRANDALL, Lewis Waldorf. Born 1911, died 1934
CRANDALL, Lottie S.. Spouse of Grant F.. Born 1875, died 1952
CRANDALL, Lovicy. Spouse of Ransom L.. Born 1854, died 1944 - [Mother]
CRANDALL, Lynn B.. Born 1876, died 1878
CRANDALL, Marshall. Born 1877, died 1967
CRANDALL, Martha. Born 1-8-1829, died 7-1-1853 - Dau of Benjamin G. & Anna Crandall
CRANDALL, Mary A.. Spouse of William A.. Born 6-19-1819, died 6-20-1885
CRANDALL, Mary Chloe (Stebbins). Spouse of Benjamin G.. Born 5-12-1811, died 1-7-1888
CRANDALL, Mary Etta (Schuyler). Spouse of Dr. Edward E.. Born 1839, died 8-31-1887 - [Mother]
CRANDALL, Mattie. Spouse of Bert. Born 1875, died 1911
CRANDALL, Maude L.. Born 1884, died 1966
CRANDALL, Milo H.. Born 12-5-1845, died 10-4-1927
CRANDALL, Nellie M.. Spouse of Edward E.. Born 1909, died 1990
CRANDALL, Oliva. Born 1853, died 1929
CRANDALL, Rachel M.. Born 1899, died 1911
CRANDALL, Ransom L.. Spouse of Lovicy. Born 1851, died 1927
CRANDALL, Samuel V.. Born 1-10-1825, died 4-13-1825 - Son of Benj G. & Anna Crandall
CRANDALL, Sarah A.. Born 8-9-1854, died 7-30-1921
CRANDALL, William A.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 6-11-1809, died 11-6-1882 - [A Faithful Friend, a Husband Dear. A Tender Parent Lieth Heare. Great Is The Loss We Here Sustain, But Hope In Heaven To Meet Again]
CRAWFORD, Carrie J.. Born 3-25-1895, died 3-29-1897
CRAWFORD, Emily L.. Born 1852, died 1932
CRAWFORD, Florence. Born 1907, died 1993
CRAWFORD, Harriett. Spouse of James D.. Born 1836, died Uncut
CRAWFORD, Irwin A.. Born 1860, died 1931
CRAWFORD, James D.. Spouse of Harriett. Born 1831, died 1906 - Civil War Vet, 9th Heavy Artillery NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Boliver. Mustered in unassigned, no further record.
CRAWFORD, James S.. Born 1864, died 1931
CRAWFORD, Marian. Born 1-19-1892, died 6-4-1894
CRAWFORD, Mary A.. Born 11-12-1862, died 4-14-1885
CRAWFORD, Samuel. Born 1828, died 9-8-1898
CRAWFORD, Thomas H.. Born 1866, died 1945
CRISS, Esther T.. Spouse of Glenn W.. Born 1920, died 2001
CRISS, Glenn W.. Spouse of Esther Thomas. Born 10-23-1919, died 11-26-2012. Age: 93y - Son of Merle & Myrtle Dingman Criss b. Coudersport PA d. Belmont NY. Wed 9-7-1942 in Sumter SC - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 1940-1945
CRISS, Glenn W.. Spouse of Esther T.. Born 1919, died Uncut
CRISS, Merle S.. Spouse of Myrtle A.. Born 1898, died 1984 - Wed in Coudersport PA Sept 9 1918
CRISS, Myrtle A.. Spouse of Merle. Born 9-9-1898, died 6-2-2001. Age: 102y - Dau of Frank & Louisa Christine Bang Dingman. No Dates.
CROCKER, David. Born Abt 1845 - Civil War Vet, Co. M and I 20th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1863 at Rome for three years. Mustered out 8-17-1865 at Providence RI, veteran
CROCKER, Ruth, died 1901. Age: 8y
CRONK, Barbara A.. Spouse of Robert T.. Born 1936, died Uncut
CRONK, Doris L.. Spouse of William B.. Born 1922, died Uncut
CRONK, Robert T.. Spouse of Barbara A.. Born 3-22-1941, died 5-13-1997 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Sp4
CRONK, William B.. Spouse of Doris L.. Born 7-18-1921, died 8-31-1990 - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
CULOTTA, Lilly. Born 1883, died 1926
CUNNINGHAM, Gertrude H.. Spouse of William H.. Born 1875, died 1945
CUNNINGHAM, William H.. Spouse of Gertrude H.. Born 1860, died 1940
CURTIS, Edwin Ozro, died 7-6-1881 - Son of Gilbert & Orsavilla Ozro Curtis
CURTIS, Orsavilla Ozro. Spouse of Gilbert, died 11-18-1873
DANBURY, Edith E.. Spouse of Edward S.. Born 1881, died 1966
DANBURY, Edward S.. Spouse of Edith E.. Born 1893, died 1989
DARNLEY, David M.. Spouse of Paula Mitchell. Born 7-20-1963, died 9-21-2002. Age: 39y - Son of Donald Darnley & Claudia Garrow
DARROW, Mabel Dike. Born 1877, died 1954
DAVENPORT, Frank K. "Bud". Born 11-15-1925, died 05-20-2003 - Son of Volney & Thelma Stryker Davenport, born in the town of Amity NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
DAVENPORT, Kary. Spouse of Mary. Born 1859, died 1934
DAVENPORT, Kathryn M.. Born 6-28-1927, died 12-17-1936
DAVENPORT, Mary. Spouse of Kary. Born 1860, died 1932
DAVENPORT, Susan "Suzy Q". Spouse of William. Born 5/30/1948, died 8/30/2016 - Dau of Seymour & Julia Gallusha Woodworth b. Arkport NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-1-1966 in Hornell NY
DAVENPORT, Thelma M.. Spouse of Volney. Born 1901, died 1978
DAVENPORT, Volney. Spouse of Thelma M.. Born 12-12-1895, died 10-29-1968 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. L 325th Inf, Pvt
DAVENPORT, William P. "Bill". Spouse of Susan Woodworth. Born 7/13/1939, died 6/23/2015 - Son of Volney & Thelma Stryker Davenport, b. Belmont NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 10-1-1966 in Hornell NY
DAVID, Amanda Lee, died 5-7-1987
DAVIE, Edith E.. Spouse of Hersha L.. Born 1880, died 1957
DAVIE, Hersha L.. Spouse of Edith E.. Born 1875, died 1955
DAVIE, Jack, died 12-12-1931
DAVIS, Alan R.. Born 9-13-1919, died 11-11-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
DAVIS, Alice B.. Spouse of Giles. Born 1851, died 1943
DAVIS, Betsy M.. Born 1821, died 1899
DAVIS, Carrie (Caroline). Spouse of Zera Loren Davis. Born 5 Nov 1857, died 1919 - Dau of James Morgan & Julia Bartlett
DAVIS, Carrie G., died 9-15-1863. Age: 7y - Only Daughter of M. E. & M. W. Davis
DAVIS, Charles J.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1841, died 1914
DAVIS, Delana. Born 1819, died 1909
DAVIS, Donald E.. Born 1918, died Uncut
DAVIS, Eliza A.. Born 1845, died 1861
DAVIS, Eliza Ann, died 10-27-1881 - Dau of E. & M.M. Davis
DAVIS, Eliza Mary, died 11-8-1856 - Dau of Ely & Betsy M. Davis
DAVIS, Elizur I.. Born 1849, died 1899
DAVIS, Ella I.. Born 1861, died 1934
DAVIS, Elmer. Born 8-21-1863, died 8-23-1863 - Son of Henry & Mary J. Davis
DAVIS, Ely. Born 1817, died 1902
DAVIS, Ermine B.. Born 1858, died 1918
DAVIS, Esther. Born 1846, died 1908
DAVIS, Euzillah. Born 1848, died 1895
DAVIS, Evangeline S.. Born 1854, died 1930
DAVIS, Frank. Spouse of Loretta. Born 1855, died 1931
DAVIS, Giles. Spouse of Alice B.. Born 1858, died 1929
DAVIS, Harry, died 10-18-1864
DAVIS, Helen B.. Spouse of J. Lowel. Born 1891, died 1952
DAVIS, Irene Ticnor. Spouse of James, died 8-1814. Age: 71y
DAVIS, J. Lowel. Spouse of Helen B.. Born 1892, died 1949
DAVIS, Lillie. Born 10-20-1871, died 12-25-1877 - Dau of Henry & Mary J. Davis
DAVIS, Loretta. Spouse of Frank. Born 1832, died 1930
DAVIS, Luther. Born 1820, died 1887
DAVIS, Maj. James. Spouse of Irene Ticnor, died 8-1816. Age: 74y
DAVIS, Margarite Warner. Spouse of Arthur C.. Born 1883, died 1910
DAVIS, Mari M.. Spouse of Ely, died 10-25-1851
DAVIS, Martha W. Gay. Spouse of Miles E., died 7-3-1871. Age: 37y
DAVIS, Mary A.. Spouse of Charles J.. Born 1847, died 1932
DAVIS, Mary Stanhope. Spouse of Harry, died 9-10-1870
DAVIS, Melvin. Born 6-21-1868, died 12-21-1877 - Son of Henry & Mary J. Davis
DAVIS, Miles. Born 4-17-1873, died 8-19-1880 - Son of Henry & Mary J. Davis
DAVIS, Miles E.. Spouse of Martha W. Gay. Born 11-24-1826, died 5-1-1899
DAVIS, Nathan W.. Spouse of Sarah M. Waters, died 2-19-1886. Age: 75y
DAVIS, Roba Thomson. Born 1863, died 1953
DAVIS, Sarah M. Waters. Spouse of Nathan W.. Born 6-2-1817, died 1-21-1895
DAVIS, William J. "Billy". Born 1921, died 1936
DAVISON, Donald L.. Born 10-9-1954, died 2-13-2020. Age: 65 - Son of Malcolm and Rose (Miles) Davison, twin to Ronald. Born in North Hornell NY, lived in Cuba NY. Two daughters, mother not named.
DAWSON, Gladys A.. Spouse of James H.. Born 4-18-1911, died 8-4-1998. Age: 87y - Dau of August Albert & Maude Mae Miller Gustafson Wed 10-3-1944
DAWSON, James H.. Spouse of Gladys A.. Born 1909, died 11-5-1991 - Wed 10-3-1944
DEAN, Daisey, died 7-1-1878. Age: 4y - Dau of John W. & Mandana Dean
DEAN, Frank A.. Spouse of Lina K.. Born 1891, died 1960
DEAN, John W.. Spouse of Mandana H.. Born 1839, died 1918
DEAN, Lina K.. Spouse of Frank A.. Born 1901, died 2000
DEAN, Lois R. Kerr. Spouse of Vernon. Born 1932, died 1983 - Wed 4-10-1954 ISA 43:2
DEAN, Mandana H.. Spouse of John W.. Born 1849, died 1906
DEAN, Merlin, died 6-24-1878
DEAN, Mettie, died 3-14-1878. Age: 8y - Dau of John W. & Mandana Dean
DEAN, Vernon. Spouse of Lois R. Kerr. Born 1932, died Uncut
DEAN, Willie H., died 9-25-1899
DECKER, Carrie H.. Spouse of Joseph C.. Born 6-21-1910, died 10-11-2010. Age: 100y - Dau of John W. & Maud L. Grove Stiles b. Bowmansville PA d. Hornell NY. Wed 3-10-1928 in Johnstown PA Together Forever
DECKER, Carrie H.. Spouse of Joseph. Born 6-21-1910, died Uncut
DECKER, Charles Adrian. Born 1911, died 1950
DECKER, David E.. Spouse of Elizabeth S.. Born 1870, died 1951
DECKER, David W.. Spouse of Hanh T.. Born 12-29-1928, died 12-23-1993 - [Love is Forever] - Korea and Vietnam Vet, US Army Lt. Col.. Purple Heart
DECKER, Elizabeth S.. Spouse of David E.. Born 1873, died 1953
DECKER, Frank N.. Spouse of Genevieve L.. Born 1864, died 1950
DECKER, Genevieve L.. Spouse of Frank N.. Born 1869, died 1945
DECKER, Hanh T.. Spouse of David T.. Born 1943, died Uncut - [Love is Forever]
DECKER, Joseph, Sr.. Spouse of Carrie H.. Born 9-17-1907, died 11-8-1995 - [Together Forever]
DECKER, Mary C.. Spouse of Raymond. Born 10-25-1923, died 1-28-2006. Age: 82y - Dau of DeForest & Martha Scott Crandall b. Cuba, NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-8-1941
DECKER, Oscar. Spouse of Wilver. Born 5-3-1915, died 9-11-1976
DECKER, Raymond E.. Spouse of May Crandall. Born 5-24-1921, died 12-8-2010. Age: 89y - Son of John Amann & Maude Marie Decker b. New Florence PA d. Belmont NY. Wed 2-8-1941
DECKER, Vo Vann. Spouse of Rebecca Fisk. Born 3-7-1974, died 3-13-2012 - Son of David & Hanh Vo Thi Decker b. Hershey PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-7-2003 in Wellsville NY
DECKER, Wilver. Spouse of Oscar. Born 10-3-1915, died Uncut
DELONG, Adeline. Spouse of Willard. Born 1836, died 1920
DELONG, Arilla E.. Spouse of William L.. Born 1893, died 1982 - Dau of John & Rhoda Evingham
DELONG, Edgar. Spouse of Mary Hildreth. Born 1855, died 1904
DELONG, Edna E.. Born 1886, died 1942
DELONG, Emma. Spouse of Frank. Born 1862, died 1946
DELONG, Frank. Spouse of Emma. Born 1859, died 1940
DELONG, Harrison. Born 1863, died 1933 - [Father]
DELONG, Harrison. Born 3-19-1888, died 9-16-1918 - WW I Vet, Co D 807 Inf.
DELONG, Hershall H.. Born 4-12-1896, died 3-22-1936 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. K 108th Inf 27th Div, Pvt. Purple Heart
DELONG, John. Born 1831, died 1871
DELONG, John J.. Born 1883, died 1964
DELONG, L. Golda. Spouse of Robert L.. Born 1887, died 1943
DELONG, Lorena L. - No dates
DELONG, Marc W.. Born 1908, died 1936
DELONG, Mary Hildreth. Spouse of Edgar. Born 1855, died 1929
DELONG, Robert L.. Spouse of L. Golda. Born 1888, died 1966
DELONG, Sarah A.. Born 1864, died 1947
DELONG, Scott, died 4-7-1891
DELONG, Walter J.. Born 1885, died 1973
DELONG, Willard. Spouse of Adeline. Born 1857, died 1920
DELONG, William L.. Spouse of Arilla E.. Born 1894, died 1990
DEMING, Lyman. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1836, died 1916
DEMING, Marjorie. Born 10-11-1896, died 1-26-1970 - [Sister]
DEMING, Martin P.. Spouse of Mildred A.. Born 1904, died 1975
DEMING, Mildred A.. Spouse of Martin P.. Born 1910, died Uncut
DEMING, Sarah. Spouse of Lyman. Born 1840, died 1917
DEMMER, Joseph. Spouse of Lucy. Born 1839, died 1916
DEMMER, Lucy. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1846, died 1920
DEMMER, Martin, died 8-27-1867 - Son of Joseph & Lucy Demmer
DENNING, W. H.. Born 1861, died 1896 - Son of Margaret Dort
DEWEY, Kathleen "Judy". Born 7-26-1943, died 12-13-2009 - Dau of Edward & Nellie Potter Crandall b. Corning NY d. Wellsville NY Former Husbands Ralph Schneider & Leon Dewey
DEWEY, Leon P.. Born 8-19-1924, died 2-3-1983 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
DICKENS, Charles H.. Spouse of Josephine R.. Born 1879, died 1970
DICKENS, Charles L.. Spouse of M. Elaine. Born 1909, died 1999 - [Together Forever]
DICKENS, Charles R.. Born 7-24-1945, died 10-13-2012. Age: 67y - Son of Charles L. & M. Elaine Hall Dickens b. & d. Wellsville NY - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1966-1968
DICKENS, Harold W.. Spouse of Zana Fisher. Born 1907, died 1992
DICKENS, Josephine R.. Spouse of Charles H.. Born 1886, died 1964
DICKENS, Margaret Elaine. Spouse of Charles L.. Born 3-8-1915, died 11-20-2006 - Dau of Robert & Ethel Kane Hall b. Wellsville, NY d. Friendship, NY Wed 10-13-1935 in Hancock, NY
DICKENS, Nancy A.. Spouse of Robert W.. Born 1941, died 2000
DICKENS, Robert W.. Spouse of Nancy A.. Born 1936, died Uncut
DICKENS, Robert W.. Spouse of Nancy Mowers. Born 1-15-1936, died 7-27-2014. Age: 78y - Son of Harold & Zana Fisher Dickens b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-29-1960 in Belfast NY
DICKENS, Zana Fisher. Spouse of Harold W.. Born 1907, died 1956
DICKERSON, Carl R.. Spouse of Lucille Quick. Born 9-10-1930, died 3-1-2014. Age: 83y - Son of Charles & Lina Harrington Dickerson b. Alma NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 4-11-1953 in Alma NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy 1955-1957
DICKINSON, V. June. Born 1923, died 2002 - [Beloved Mother & Grandmother]
DIKE, Ernest T.. Born 2-4-1872, died 9-28-1889 - Son of John & Mary Dike
DIKE, Bertha S.. Born 1892, died 1982
DIKE, Flavilla H., died 10-11-1865 - Dau of Isaac & Sally Dike
DIKE, Helen, died 5-30-1925 - Dau of Isaac & Sally Dike
DIKE, Isaac. Spouse of Sally, died 8-15-1874. Age: 60y
DIKE, Isaac E.. Born 1880, died 1955
DIKE, Lula, died 11-30-1882 - Dau of Isaac & Sally Dike
DIKE, Ruthven, died 4-20-1938 - Son of Isaac & Sally Dike
DIKE, Sally. Spouse of Isaac, died 4-4-1884. Age: 72y
DILLON, Gary Gene. Spouse of Beverly Mulholland. Born 5/21/1934, died 10/30/2018. Age: 84y - Son of Marshall Henry & Edith (Clensy) Dillon b. Camden OH d. Hendersonville NC Married 64 years, three children. Retired as CEO of Schwitzer Inc.
DIXON, Alberta I.. Spouse of Earl D.. Born 1910, died 1993
DIXON, Blaine E.. Born 1937, died 1942 - Son of Earl D. & Alberta I. Dixon
DIXON, Earl D.. Spouse of Alberta I.. Born 1907, died 1979
DOAN, Clarrinda C.. Spouse of Charles. Born 6-28-1857, died 12-31-1889
DOAN, Nelson V.. Born 4-1-1876, died 5-16-1876
DOAN, Norton. Born 5-28-1877, died 1-11-1890
DOBBINS, Horace G.. Spouse of Lizzie R.. Born 1849, died 1901
DOBBINS, Lizzie R.. Spouse of Horace G.. Born 1860, died 1924
DODGE, Frank G.. Born 1861, died 1932
DODGE, Gilbert B.. Spouse of Marcia M.. Born 1892, died 1968
DODGE, Lillian Wilson. Born 1861, died 1939
DODGE, Marcia M.. Spouse of Gilbert B.. Born 1895, died 1956
DOHERTY, Anna Ellen Marie. Born 4/2/2018, died 7/22/2018. Age: 3m - Infant Dau of Timothy Patrick Doherty & Alyssa Marie Randall b. Rochester NY d. Scio NY
DONOVAN, John Harold. Spouse of Ellen M. Hebblewaite. Born 1/6/1952, died 3/10/2022. Age: 70 - Son of William J. and Jean E. (O’Keefe) Donovan. Born and lived in Wellsville NY, died in Rochester NY. A victim of COVID-19. A technician for Xerox for 25 years. Wed 4-14-1978 in Wellsville, three children. (Spouse survives)
DORT, George A.. Born 1839, died 1908 - Civil War Vet, 60th Indiana
DORVIT, Geneva J.. Born 9-13-1941, died 12-15-2009. Age: 68y - Dau of Walter H. & Mildred Fuller Patterson Sr. b. Angelica NY d. Rochester NY (Former Husband Vern d. 2000)
DOTY, Doris Marie. Born 1947, died 1983
DOTY, Homer R.. Spouse of Karol Kurtz. Born 5-29-1931, died 8-14-2021. Age: 90 - Son of Ariel and Bertha Mae (Edwards) Doty. Born in Greenwood NY, lived in Belmont NY, died in Wellsville NY. A postal worker for 28 years. Wed 10-5-1951 in Belmont, five children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US army 2 years
DOTY, Kurt A.. Born 5-26-1952, died 10-12-1974 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sp4
DOUGAN, Thomas. Spouse of Tossie. Born 12-23-1830, died 4-4-1879
DOUGAN, Tossie. Spouse of Thomas. Born 12-18-1854, died 3-19-1887
DOUGHERTY, Georgia P.. Spouse of Hallie F.. Born 1893, died 1968
DOUGHERTY, Hallie F.. Spouse of Georgia P.. Born 1900, died Uncut
DUNNING, Blanche I.. Spouse of George H.. Born 1913, died 1998
DUNNING, F. P.. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 1813, died 1888
DUNNING, George H.. Spouse of Blanche I.. Born 1909, died 1994
DUNNING, Mary A.. Spouse of F. P. Dunning. Born 1816, died 1896
DYKE, Alma Sharp. Born 1875, died 1939
DYKE, Delana J.. Spouse of Dell. Born 12-20-1868, died 4-20-1887
DYKE, Edward M.. Born 1873, died 1916
DYKE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Jefferson. Born 1862, died 1915
DYKE, J. Robert. Born 1905, died 1938
DYKE, Jefferson. Spouse of Elizabeth - No dates
DYKE, John Alden. Born 1870, died 1936
DYKE, John N.. Spouse of Mary H.. Born 1840, died 1918
DYKE, Mary H.. Spouse of John N.. Born 1845, died 1917
DYKE, R. L.. Born 1826, died 1896
DYKE, Rhoda M.. Born 1826, died 1916
DYKE, Sarah. Born 1886, died 1888
DYKE, William A.. Born 11-2-1912, died 5-1-1945 - WW II Vet, US Army, 503 Parachute Inf, Pvt

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