Bowler Memorial Cemetery
Town of Genesee
Established in 1989. Donated by A.L. & E.K. Torrey
Located off Rt. 417 at Bowler Crossing and Sanford Hollow Road in Little Genesee, NY

Photos by Eleanor Schwalb

BAKER, Henry. Spouse of Mollie Weimer. Born 9-1-1914, died 1-3-2008 - Son of Jacob & Molly Rich
BAKER, Mollie (Weimer). Spouse of Henry. Born 10-5-1912, died 9-20-2008. Age: 95y - Dau of Henry & Alice Elizabeth Jergeson Weimer b. Shadok OK d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-24-1936 in Littleton CO
BALL, Marie D.. Born 1935, died 2002
BARBER, Harold L.. Spouse of Winifred F. (Gowan). Born 11-23-1932, died 1-9-2024. Age: 91y - Son of Clinton & Frieda (Work) Barber. Born in Cyclone, PA; lived in Bolivar, NY and Macedon, NY. Two children. Korean war era vet, US Air Force, 1952-1956.
BARBER, Winifred F. (Gowan). Spouse of Harold. Born 7-31-1938, died 12-1-2023. Age: 85y - Dau of Junior Harry & Loretta Elizabeth (Hoffmire) Gowan. Born in Olean, NY; lived in Bolivar, NY; died in Rochester, NY. Two children.
BARRETT, Clarence F. Jr.. Spouse of Lauretta. Born 1927, died 1994 - WW II Vet, US Navy
BARRETT, Randy L.. Spouse of Deanna Geffers. Born 4-27-1957, died 6-29-2007. Age: 50y - Son of Francis & Edna Rix Barrett b. Olean NY d. Ceres NY, Wed 11-4-2000 in Bolivar NY
BENJAMIN, Philip E.. Born 9/21/1958, died 11/10/2016. Age: 58y - Son of Doug & Sherry Benjamin b. Rochester NY d. Cortland NY - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, M/Sgt. 25-year career in Air Force and National Guard.
BLAKESLEE, Ronald M.. Spouse of Shirley J. Torrey. Born 11-1-1933, died 4-24-1995 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, AIC
BLAKESLEE, Shirley J. (Torrey). Spouse of Ronald M.. Born 1933, died 1998
BLUHM, Herbert B. Rev.. Born 1/29/1931, died 7/4/2012
BURDICK, Barbara J. (Pettit). Spouse of R. Curt. Born 5/13/1951, died 3/31/2020. Age: 68 - Dau of Lewis and Joan (McKay) Pettit. Birth mother was Harriet J. Hennan. Born in Cuba NY, lived in Bolivar NY, died in Erie PA. A beautician in Bolivar for 50 years. Wed 9-27-1969 in Bolivar, four children. (Spouse survives)
BURDICK, Donald R.. Born 2-5-1944, died 10-26-2004
CARLIN, Marilyn R.. Born 2-26-1939, died 6-21-2004
CARLYLE, William H.. Spouse of Gweneth L.. Born 1926, died 2005 - Wed 12-25-1948 - WW II, Korea, and Vietnam Vet, US Navy, SF1
CHARLES, Beverly A.. Spouse of Donald. Born 12/11/1937, died 2/10/2014 - Dau of Gerald & Charlotte Russell Farr Sr., born and died in Allegany NY. Wed 5-1-1981 in Portville NY
CHILDS, Philip E.. Born 1/7/1944, died 3/6/2010. Age: 66y - Son of Carl & Helen Paffie Childs, b. Olean NY d. Elmira NY. Struck and killed by a car while walking - Uncategorized Vet, US and Ohio Natl Guard – 17yrs.
CHILDS, Sherry L. (McDonald). Spouse of Carl S.. Born 10/25/1954, died 8/24/2022. Age: 67 - Dau of Theodore and Betty (Ransom) McDonald. Wed 6-10-1972 in Obi NY, three children. (Spouse survives)
CHIND, Sara I. (Cocco). Spouse of Richard A.. Born 5/26/1960, died 1/14/2012. Age: 51y - Dau of Theodore & Louise Lee Cocco, b. Los Angeles CA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-21-1979 in Belmont NY
COLTER, Guy B.. Spouse of Nina K.. Born 1928, died 2001
COMMON, John A.. Spouse of #1 Rita LaRuche, #2 Kimberly Bechdel. Born 2/16/1940, died 12/4/2017. Age: 77y - Son of William & Myrtle Mae (Mitchell) Common b. Shinglehouse PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed Rita 7-1960, four children. (Rita d. 4-23-2008). Wed Kimberly 5-1-2010 Worked Dresser Rand for 45 years also owned & operated Bolivar Service Company for 20 years
COMMON, John A. III. Born 8-20-2006, died 2-13-2007 - Son of John and Beth Common.
COMMON, Rita M. (LaRuche). Spouse of John A.. Born 7-12-1942, died 4-23-2008 - Dau of Irving & Mary Coughlin LaRuche b. Friendship NY d. in a motorcycle Accident in Alfred NY Wed 9-5-1960 in Friendship NY
COMMON, Tristin A.. Born 10-22-2004, died 2-14-2005 - Son of John and Beth Common.
COOLEY, Rosemary (Hitchcock ). Spouse of Grant C.. Born 1/11/1943, died 3/5/2010 - Dau of Harvard C. & Doris Shaw Hitchcock b. & d. Olean NY. Wed 12-22-1961 in Knapp Creek. (He d. 11-4-2008)
CRAWFORD, James Michael. Born 9-11-2008, died 9-11-2008 - Infant son of Daniel & Karrie Crawford
DAY, Jean Winder. Spouse of William Bowler. Born 11-3-1924, died 11-9-2005 - Wed 7-11-1943
DAY, William Bowler. Spouse of Jean Winder. Born 1-24-1920, died 8-4-2006 - Wed 7-11-1943
GARDNER, Bruce V. [Red]. Spouse of Sue M. Baker. Born 5/15/1941, died 5/27/2022. Age: 81 - Son of Harold and Alice (Brandes) Gardner. Raised by foster parents Clifford and Gertrude Mesler. Born in Wellsville NY, lived in Little Genesee NY, died in Buffalo NY. An over-the-road trucker. Wed 3-12-1971 in Franklinville NY, no children named. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army Military Police.
GARDNER, Joyce. Spouse of Leon K.. Born 2-6-1947, died 8-10-2000
GINTER, Brent W.. Born 4-2-1971, died 6-20-1990
GRAY, Gary A.. Spouse of Emily Wiles. Born 12/7/1945, died 7-14-2008. Age: 62y - Son of Walter & Alma Shaffer Gray b. Kittanning PA d. Bolivar NY. Wed 9-30-1967 in Winchester VA - Vietnam Vet, US Army
GREEN, Brandon Zachary. Born 12-13-2007, died 12-13-2007 - Infant son of Chad H. & Kristy R. Forrest Green. Born and died in Buffalo NY
GREENE, Donald L.. Spouse of Betty Jean S.. Born 1915, died 1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
GRISWOLD, Walter Willard. Spouse of Sunnie Jean Day. Born 9-22-1941, died 6-23-2003 - Wed 12-29-1963
HACKETT, Carolyn S. (Childs). Spouse of Kenneth A.. Born 1/8/1935, died 8/7/2020. Age: 85 - Dau of Rudolph and Leora Jordan. Born in Clarksville NY, lived in Bolivar NY, died in Wellsville NY. Six children, multiple surnames. Wed Ken 3-27-1965.
HACKETT, Kenneth Andrew. Spouse of Carolyn S. Childs. Born 4/5/1921, died 6/27/2010. Age: 89 - Son of Leonard and Susan R, (Hall) Hackett. Born in Wellsville NY, lived in Bolivar N. Wed Carolyn 3-27-1965, at least three children. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, Cpl
HACKETT, Robert A.. Born 5/12/1957, died 12/29/2015. Age: 58y - Son of Kenneth A. Carolyn S. (Childs) Hackett. Born in Cuba NY, d. Wellsville NY - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army. 1975-1981
HALLECK, David J.. Spouse of Sara J. Sherman. Born 6/30/1942, died 11/21/2009 - Son of James & Helen Babcock Halleck, b. Buffalo NY d. Olean NY. Wed 6-19-1965 in Shinglehouse PA
HARTMAN, Andrew Leon. Born 9-24-1967, died 2-9-2004 - Beloved Son of Ebert Cody Hartman
HARTMAN, Ebert C.. Born 6/16/1937, died 2/2/2011. Age: 73y - Son of Ebert G. Hartman & Luwanna Pire Hartman-Spack b. Bradford PA d. Coudersport PA
HENDERSON, Robert P. Sr.. Born 1957, died 2003
HUNT, Eric L.. Spouse of Alice M. Gardner. Born 8/12/1962, died 12/17/2009. Age: 47y - Son of Edwin F. & Sandra K. Weber Hunt, b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 9-20-1986 in Yorks Corners NY
JOHNSON, William R. Jr.. Born 1930, died 2012
KINNEY, Henry A.. Spouse of Frances S.. Born 11-28-1919, died 12-25-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army
LOW, Edth K.. Spouse of Eugene J.. Born 7-8-1948, died 5/1/2009. Age: 60y - Dau of Everett A. and Berdella E. (Erstad) Brugh. Wed in Chula Vist CA on 8-31-1968
MARVIN, Karl L.. Born 1955, died 2006
MCCOY, Alta (Whittaker). Spouse of #1Monroe Harvey, #2 Joseph McCoy. Born 6/13/1925, died 3/29/2018. Age: 92y - Dau of Floyd & Dorothea (Bandcroft) Whittaker b. Franklinville NY d. Olean NY. Wed Monroe 5-22-1944. Wed Joseph 9-2-1967 in Olean NY who died in 2009 Worked for S&H Greenstamp Company in Rochester from 1969 until 1975
MCCOY, Joseph A.. Spouse of #1 Ruth McMullen, #2 Alta Whittaker. Born 12/23/1924, died 12/19/2009. Age: 84y - Son of Leslie A. & Anna Phalen McCoy, b. & d. Olean NY. Wed Ruth 1-26-1946. (She d. 9-2-1967) - WW II Vet, US Army
MCCOY, Martin. Born 1952, died 2001 - Son of Joseph A. and Ruth E. (McMullen) McCoy.
MCCOY, Patrick B.. Born 11/3/1953, died 3/28/2014 - Son of Joseph A. and Ruth E. (McMullen) McCoy. Born in Olean NY, died in Bath NY. - Vietnam Vet, US Army
MCDONALD, Barbara E.. Born 1943, died 1994
MCDONALD, Betty J.. Spouse of Theodore R.. Born 1931, died 2000
MCDONALD, Roy J.. Spouse of Barbara Tarr. Born 6/24/1940, died 11/11/2015. Age: 75y - Son of Roy & Kate Shelander McDonald, b. Shinglehouse PA d. Bolivar NY. Wed 11-7-1964 in Richburg NY
MITCHELL, Celia Irene. Spouse of Edwin I.. Born 10-7-1930, died 11-9-2007 - Dau of Miles T. and Leapha (Peterson) Hurd, Born in Town of Wirt NY, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-3-1949 in Little Genesee NY, three children.
MITCHELL, Edwin I.. Spouse of Celia Hurd. Born 8/28/1930, died 9/19/2021. Age: 91 - Son of Arlie and Zelma (Olmstead) Mitchell. Born in Honeyoye PA, lived and died in Bolivar NY. Worked 35 years for Natl Fuel Gas. Wed 7-3-1949 in Little Genesee NY, three children.
PHELPS, Louise B.. Born 1919, died 2005
PIERCE, Aaron M.. Spouse of Susan C. Chadwick. Born 10/5/1988, died 9/13/2013. Age: 24y - Son of Gerald R. and Darlene L. (McDonald) Pierce. Born in Olean NY, died in Weston's Mills NY. Wed 2-17-2010 in Portville NY, no children. A long-distance trucker.
PIERCE, Brandon M.. Born 7/6/1988, died 8/30/2018. Age: 30y - Son of Keith & Vicki (Harmon) Pierce b. Olean NY, killed. in West Virginia in work-related accident. Four children. Worked Oil & Gas Fields
PLOETZ, Richard Nathan. Born 8/10/1980, died 2007 - No information available
RIPLEY, Richard E.. Spouse of Marcia S.. Born 1929, died 1999
SANFORD, Gordon L.. Spouse of Wilma Siedoff. Born 4/26/1923, died 6/25/2012. Age: 68y - Son of Mark R. & Edna Burdick Sanford, b. Allegany Co NY d. Little Genesee NY. Wed 8-7-1943 at Scott Field IL (Married 68 years), four children - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
SANFORD, Wilma M. (Seidhoff). Spouse of Gordon L.. Born 1/29/1922, died 3/23/2018. Age: 96y - Dau of Clark H. & Nida (Ellis) Seidhioff b. Little Genesee NY d. Battle Creek MI. Wed 8-7-1943 at Scott Field IL (Married 68 years), four children. A teacher. In 1994 both were named 'Citizens of the Year'. Wilma awarded the "Robe of Achievement" for her dedication & service to her Faith
SCHULTZ, Edwin Leroy Jr.. Born 8-4-1955, died 4-30-2008. Age: 52y - Son of Edwin L. and Joan (Case) Shultz [sic] - Uncategorized Vet, US Marine Corps
SHERMAN, Edgar B.. Spouse of Carolyn J.. Born 1927, died 2005
SMALL, John R. "Pepper". Spouse of R. Charlene. Born 1937, died 1999
SMALL, Tina M. (Smith). Born 5/22/1961, died 11/8/2009 - Dau of John R. [Pepper] & Charlene Nenno Smith, b. Olean NY d. Erie PA
ST. AMOUR, Cecilia J.. Spouse of Henry J.. Born 1926, died 1992
ST. AMOUR, Henry J.. Spouse of Cecilia J.. Born 1924, died 2002
TARR, Gene A.. Spouse of Debra L. (Kline). Born 11-3-1952, died 7-18-2023. Age: 70y - Son of Leslie P. & Ruth (Champlin) Tarr Sr. Born in Olean, NY; lived in Genesee, NY; died in Olean, NY. Married 2-12-1972 in Olean, NY. Four children.
TODD, Kevin D.. Born 7/24/1959, died 4/24/2022. Age: 62 - Son of James L. and Patricia (Hyde) Todd. Born in Olean NY, lived in Little Genesee NY. Three children, mother not named.
TORREY, Adrian B.. Spouse of E. Nina Loucks. Born 1908, died 1989
TORREY, E. Nina Loucks. Spouse of Adrian B.. Born 1912, died 2003
TORREY, Judith Lynne (Doane). Spouse of #1-Robert Jennings, #2-Randall J.. Born 3-21-1947, died 11-1-1999. Age: 52 - Dau of Robert William & Gene Bernadine (Colter) Doane. Married Robert L. Jennings 8-14-1965 in Olean, NY.
TORREY, Michael W.. Born 5/4/1981, died 10/31/2009. Age: 28y - Son of Jody & Jim Persichini & Jody & Chris Torry b. Wellsville NY d. Williamsville NY
TORREY, Thelma J. (Smith). Spouse of Wayne L.. Born 5/3/1932, died 9/14/2009 - Dau of Volney & Mary Metz Smith, b. Olean NY d. Dade City FL. Wed 6-22-1952 in Bolivar NY, four children.
TORREY, Wayne L. [Bob]. Spouse of Thelma J. Smith, then companion of Barbara Thomas. Born 11/13/1931, died 5/14/2021 - Son of Adrian and Nina (Loucks) Torrey. Born and lived in Ceres NY, died in Zephyrehills FL. Wed Thelma 6-22-1952 in Bolivar NY, four children. (Spouse predeceased, companion survives)
VANCUREN, Charles O.. Spouse of Beverly A. Torpey. Born 11-3-1940, died 12-25-2006 - Son of Melvin H. & Marjorie Amsden VanCuren, Sr. b. Olean, NY. d. Little Genesee, NY. Wed 7-10-1965 in Portville, NY - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, pharmacist
VOSSLER, Barbara K.. Born 1936, died 1996
VOSSLER, Benjamin R.. Spouse of #1 Barbara K. Brown, #2 Constance Perry #3 Dorothea Hopewell. Born 2/11/1936, died 9/25/2010. Age: 74y - Son of Arthur & Rose Johnston Vossler, b. Wellsville NY d. Newborn GA. John 3:16
WEBB, William Lynn. Spouse of Frances Ann Warner. Born 11-21-1934, died 9-25-2002
WILLIAMS, Floyd D.. Born 4-22-1945, died 9-5-2023. Age: 78y - Son of Claude & Dorothy (Emerson) Williams. Born in Little Genesee, NY; lived in Richburg, NY; died in Wellsville, NY. Two sons.
WORTH, Pamela A.. Spouse of Terry. Born 1/3/1950, died 8/21/2010. Age: 60y - Dau of Edward & Virginia Cummings Miller & Kenneth Howard, b. U/K d. Olean NY. Wed 3-2-1968 in Portville NY
YOUNGS, Brandon M.. Born 11/2/1983, died 6/4/2018. Age: 34y - Son of Clyde K. & Laurie (Green) Youngs Jr. b. Coudersport PA d. Cuba NY. Worked at I.A. Construction in Portville NY as a loader operator and as a Lab Tech for Glenn O. Hawbaker in Shinglehouse PA
YOUNGS, Clyde K. Sr.. Spouse of Louise A. Phelps. Born 7/18/1932, died 5/8/2015. Age: 82y - Son of Wilbur & Laura (Scott) Youngs b. Clayton NY d. Portville NY. Wed 4-4-1956 in SC, four sons. Retired from Olean Wholesale after 15 years service - Former Town of Genesee councilman snd supervisor - Longtime Scoutmaster of Troop 65 in Ceres
YOUNGS, Louise Anne (Phelps). Spouse of Clyde K. Sr.. Born 3/12/1939, died 4/27/2018. Age: 79y - Dau of Chester L. & Louise B. (Consolva) Phelps b. Norfolk VA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-4-1956 in SC, four sons. Worked Portville Liquor store and baby sat in her home - also volunteered in the Reading Program at the Bolivar Central School

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