Allen Center Cemetery
Town of Allen
Update Feb 22, 2005 by Eleanor Schwalb transcribing 1933 stone readings by Gertrude A. Barber
"Allen Center Cemetery, by St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Allen Center, Allegany County, N.Y."

BALDWIN, Marillis spouse of  B. Baldwin   died  10-2-1860 age  90y 11m 
BALLERSTEIN, Carl A.   born  2-14-1831 died  9-3-1900 
BALLERSTERN, Emma         No Dates
BALLERSTERN, Freddie         Son of William & Dorothy Ballerstern 
BARNES, Edward         Stone broken
BARNES, Susan         Stone down, dates gone
BARR, Robert     died  1-31-1839 age  67y 
BEHRENS, Caroline   born  4-21-1877 died  10-5-1928 
BEHRENS, H. Dorothea Cutterback spouse of  William H. born  4-17-1839 died  11-12-1901 
BEHRENS, H. H.   born  12-10-1818 died  1-23-1899   b. Jeffier, Germany
BEHRENS, Louise   born  4-9-1863 died  4-21-1927 
BEHRENS, William H. spouse of  H. Dorothea Cutterback born  1-5-1836 died  12-28-1914 
BELLERSTINE, Dorothea H. spouse of  William E. born  1-12-1852 died  4-8-1919 
BELLERSTINE, William E. spouse of  Dorothea H. born  6-20-1845 died  10-5-1913 
BRENCHA, Frederick C.   born  1-4-1874 died  10-11-1890 
BURR, Gustavus     died  2-11-1845 age  1m 22d Son of Byron &  Mary Burr
CAMPBELL, Joseph M.      died  7-17-1847 age  41y 3m 
CLARK, Eliza     died  11-9-1857 age  27y 10m 
COX, Cordelia J.     died  7-6-1857 age  9m Dau. of George & Susannah Cox
COX, Elizabeth spouse of  Joseph   died  6-15-1844 age  61y 
COX, George     died  4-9-1862 age  5y 6m Son of Charles & Elizabeth Cox
COX, Joseph spouse of  Elizabeth   died  1-10-1816 age  61y 
COX, Mary     died  3-31-1862 age  3y 5m 14d Dau. of Charles & Elizabeth Cox
COX, Willie W.     died  8-25-1865 age  2y Son of John & Phebe Cox
CRANDEL, E. Llewellyn W.     died  1-5-1847 age  2y 11m 1d Son of Z. G. & L. A. Crandel
DAVIS, Andrew   born  1870 died  1895   Son of George Washington Davis
DAVIS, Elijah     died  12-7-1845 age  47y 
DAVIS, George Washington   born  1833 died  1904   G. A. R.
de NEUVILLE, John spouse of  Patience   died  9-27-1852 age  73y 
de NEUVILLE, Patience spouse of  John   died  2-22-1845 age  61y 
FINGOTT, Heruthe   born  7-28-1843 died  2-2-1919   Son of F. E. Fingott
FRANKE, Christian E. spouse of  Wilhelmine L. born  11-28-1852 died  2-21-1927 
FRANKE, Earnest E. spouse of  Martha H. born  10-23-1877 died  5-1-1909 
FRANKE, Martha H. spouse of  Earnest E.       No Dates
FRANKE, Wilhelmine L. spouse of  Christian E. born  2-17-1855 died  2-29-1907 
GALLMAN, Hannah spouse of  Jacob born  8-18-1855 died  4-14-1914 
GALLMAN, Jacob spouse of  Hannah born  6-9-1856 died  11-30-1923 
GASEPHIE, Henrietta Dorothea     died  1-13-1866 age  54y 1m 14d 
GAUS, Alse Dorothea   born  2-27-1811 died  11-5-1875 
GAUS, Hans Heinrich     died  1-25-1879 age  68y 9m 16d 
GAUS, John Henry spouse of  Mary S. born  1839 died  1900 
GAUS, Mary S. spouse of  John Henry born  1847 died  U/K 
GAUS, No First Name         Infant son of Henry & Mary Gaus
KNAPP, Ann     died  2-9-1847 age  21y Dau. of J. Knapp
LEACH, William   born  1851 died  1926 
LEHMANN, Anna E.   born  10-16-1865 died  6-18-1922 
MABIE, Edwin     died  2-23-1837 age  7y 
MABIE, Florence     died  2-10-1837 age  10y 
MABIE, Harriet F.     died  2-27-1837 age  12y 
MABIE, Hosea spouse of  Sally       No Dates
MABIE, Sally spouse of  Hosea   died  9-30-1873 age  84y 6m 
MILLER, Carrie   born  4-8-1885 died  5-7-1885 
MILLER, Henry F.   born  10-7-1846 died  10-14-1892 
MILLER, Henry G.   born  1-22-1886 died  9-7-1890 
MILLER, Infant Son         No Dates
MILLER, Louise   born  5-7-1855 died  6-22-1890 
MINER, Edwin     died  10-8-1848 age  21y Son of M & ?? Miner
NELSON, Oretta     died  4-2-1862 age  45y 
NEWTON, Cordelia     died  2-27-1858 age  1y 15d Dau. of E. M. & Elenor Newton
NEWTON, Eber R.     died  5-28-1850 age  78y 
NEWTON, Ocena     died  11-25-1857 age  4y 6m 22d Dau. of E. M. & Elenor Newton
OTTE, Ruthin Gott   born  1-1-1832 died  11-21-1895 
ROTCH, C. Hester     died  12-5-1886 age  47y 
SCHAPER, Johan Christian Frederick   born  2-6-1874 died  4-17-1875   Son of Christian & Dorothea Schaper
SCHIEHINSKI, Anna spouse of  Carl born  1-15-1868 died  U/K 
SCHIEHINSKI, Carl spouse of  Anna born  2-3-1870 died  9-19-1926 
WAITERS, James H.     died  3-6-1895 age  24y 
WESCHE, Louise spouse of  William born  1849 died  1931 
WESCHE, Maria Louise   born  1874 died  1876   Dau. of William & Louise Wesche
WESCHE, William spouse of  Louise born  1843 died  1896 

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