Town of Alfred, NY

Update submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson, updates after that by Eleanor Schwalb and PHGS members

ALDRICH, Ethelyn A. Spouse of Simon P. Born 8-6-1913 died 12-7-2011 - Dau of Harry & Bessie Pettibone Austin, b. Alfred Station NY, d. Brockport NY. (He d. 1970)
ANDREWS, Marsha (Crandall) Spouse of Robert F. Born 11-13-1944 died 1-23-2016 age 71y - Dau of Edward & Ruth (Hallock) Crandall b. & d. Hornell NY. Wed 8-26-1964, two children
ANDREWS, Robert F. spouse of Marsha Crandall born 2/2/1944 died 1/11/2018 age 73y - Son of George & Dorothy (Rahmlow) Andrews b. Hornell NY d. Sayre PA. Wed 8-22-1964, two children.
ARMSTRONG, Lois Roberta Born 4-30-1937 died 9-23-2002 age 65y - Dau of Robert Armstrong & Nellie Warren Armstrong Burdick
BABCOCK, Clifford Spouse of Helen E. died 8-28-1979 - Wed July 5 1952 in Andover NY
BABCOCK, Helen E. Spouse of Clifford Born 8-27-1912 died 10-17-2004 age 92y - Dau of James I. & Florence H. Vincent Martin
BARBER, John Born 12-27-1839 died 4-28-1863 - Son of Hosea Barber, born in NY, died in Alfred NY [Stone says 4-1-1863, roster says 4-28-1863] Civil War DOD, Co C 67th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl, Enlisted 1861 at Scio for three years. Died of Disease 4-28-1863 in camp at White Oak Church VA. - Plot 52
BASSETT, Anna Belle (Santee) Spouse of Baylus S. Born 1-11-1874 , died 4/23/1905 - Dau of Isaac and Emily J. (Hallett) Santee. Born in Hornell NY. At least two children.
BASSETT, Baylus Sheffield Spouse of Anna Belle Santee Born 3-6-1871 , died 2/14/1948 age 76y - Son of Baylies Stockton and Esther E. (Crandall) Bassett. Born and died in Steuben Co NY. At least two children.
BASSETT, Ella Irene (Langworthy) Spouse of Milford A. Born 1-10-1890 , died 1/20/1977 age 87y - Dau of William Isaac and Emma Odessa (Blanchard) Langworthy. Born in Alfred NY, died in Macomb Co MI. Wed 6-26-1912 in Washington Co RI.
BASSETT, Jennie Bender Spouse of Lavern C. Born 1882 , died 1959 - Born in Ohio.
BASSETT, Lavern Clark Spouse of Jennie Bender Born 9-25-1879 , died 1955 - Born in Richburg NY.
BASSETT, Leon Burdette Spouse of #1 Rachel M. Burdick, #2 Virginia Foster Born 4-9-1892 , died 7/19/1973 age 81y - Son of William H. and Myrta S. (Bliss) Bassett. Born, lived, and died in Alfred NY. Wed Rachel in 1918, two children. Wed Virginia 4-4-1946.
BASSETT, Myrta Stella (Bliss) Spouse of William H. Born 4-15-1866 , died 9/27/1949 age 83y - Dau of Mr and Mrs E S Bliss. Born in Richburg nY, died in North Hornell NY. Wed 9-14-1886, four children.
BASSETT, Rachel May (Burdick) Spouse of Leon B. Born 5-28-1895 , died 3/26/1945 age 49y - Dau of Rev. Clayton A. and Hattie E. (Crandall) Burdick. Born in Brookfield NY, died in Alfred NY. Wed in 1918, two children.
BASSETT, Virginia (Foster) Spouse of Leon B. Born 3/14/1917 , died 9/23/2018 age 101y - Dau of Archie & Fannie (Clark) Foster b. Shongo NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 4-4-1946. Owned Honey Pot Candy in Alfred NY
BASSETT, William Henry Spouse of Myrta S. Bliss Born 10-21-1863 , died 5/27/1951 age 87y - Son of Samuel and Ann M. (Scott) Bassett. Born in Unadilla Forks NY, died in Hornell NY. Wed 9-14-1886, four children.
BEAHAN, Lia Higgins Born 11-8-2007 died 10-10-2009 age Infant - Dau of Mellisa Higgins & Dan Beahan
BERLINER, Otto Alexander Spouse of #1 Hedy Kantner, #2 Joyce L. Born 9-14-1927 died 1-19-2012 age 84y - Son of Emanuel & Rosalia Hochhauser Berliner b. Budapest Hungary d. Wellsville NY. Predeceased by Hedy. Wed Joyce 4-2002.
BOUCK, Dorothy E. (McNight) Spouse of Warren L. Born 7-11-1909 died 6-15-2001 age 91y - Dau of H. Eugene & Clara Jones McNight, born in Porter Corners. m. April 3, 1942
BROWN, Hazel E. Spouse of William F. Born 6-3-1917 died 3-4-2012 age 94y - Dau of Robert & Susie Bartley Marshall, b. Clinchco VA, d. Wellsville NY. (He d. 3-18-1984)
BROWN, June E. Spouse of Ronald Born 6-29-1925 died 12-28-2009 age 84y - Dau of Fredrick & Evelyn Barker Laws b. Ipswich England, d. Wellsville NY
BUCHANAN, David H. Born 7-3-1940 died 2-20-2008 age 67y - Son of Charles & Elizabeth Barker Buchanan b. Hornell NY d. Almond NY
BURDICK, Douglas D. Spouse of Mary Jane Silsby Born 8-3-1939 died 9-15-2013 age 74y - Son of Arthur & Gretchen Clare Burdick b. Alfred Station NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-2-1970 in Almond NY
BURDICK, E. Burdette Spouse of Frances L. Born 1907 died 1973
BURDICK, Frances L. Spouse of E. Burdette Born 1912 died 1986
BURDICK, Norma Mary Born 7-8-1927 died 4-20-2012 age 84y - Dau of Arthur E. & M. Gretchen Clare Burdick, b. Town of Alfred NY, d. Wellsville NY
BURDICK, Robyn C. Born 11/20/1954 died 12/5/2016 Age 62y - Dau of Robert N. & Carol A. Peterson Burdick Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. Belmont NY
BURDICK, Winifred Spouse of Clinton Born 1-25-1916 died 3-8-2005 age 89y - Dau of Harry & Calla (Green) Cook, b. Alfred Station NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 7-03-1943 in Alfred Station NY
BUTTS, Lydia (Memges) Spouse of M. Stanley Born 4-17-1921 died 5-2-2013 - Dau of Philipp & Angeline Carpenter Menges, b. Jamestown NY, d. Unknown Wed 12-21-1941 in Scio NY, six children. (He d. 11-6-2006)
CLAIR, Mildred A. "Millie" Spouse of Lorain "Boomer" Born 5-16-1916 died 4-6-2007 age 90y - Dau of Arlton & Elma Allen Burdick b. Alfred Station NY d. Albion NY
CLARKE-GREENE, Olivia Spouse of Philip S. Born 1818 died 1896
COLLIN, William B. Born 1-11-1929 died 1-15-2004 - Son of Louis P. & Jean A. Baxter Collin
COMES, Agnes Rose Spouse of James Born 3/11/1936 died 5/4/2015 age 79y - Dau of Carl & Lottie Worner Meyer, b. Albany NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-29-1957 Agnes had a degree in horticulture and was the owner operator and designer of Comes Greenhouse in Almond
COOK, Hazel M. Spouse of Weldon Born 12-25-1917 died 3-14-2010 age 92y - Dau of William & Martha Wheeler Conklin (raised by adoptive parents Frank & Lydia Cline Chalker) b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 3-28-1953 in Wellsville NY
CORNELIUS, Burton Virgil Born 1-1918 , died 4/12/1919 age 1y 3m 12d - Son of Mr. and Mrs Virgil Cornelius. -
CORNELIUS, Frances (Champlin) "Fanny" Spouse of John Born 2-5-1822 , died 3/27/1900 age 78y - Dau of Bradford and Betsy Champlin. Born in Westerly RI, died in Allegany Co NY. Wed 2-19-1840 in Alfred NY, eleven children. -
CORNELIUS, Frances A. (Langworthy) Spouse of Wayland S. Born 8-26-1917 died 7-9-2009 age 91y - Dau of Lynn & Grace (Higby) Langworthy, b. Alfred NY, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 3-4-1943 in Alfred Station NY
CORNELIUS, Franklin S. Spouse of Georgia A. Born 6-1870 , died 1952 - Son of Tobias and Augusta Cornelius. Wed abt 1890, four children. -
CORNELIUS, Gabriel Spouse of Lucy A. Champlin Born 12-1-1817 , died 7-30-1879 age 62y - Born in Dryden NY, died in Ward NY. Wed abt 1840 in Alfred NY, six children. -
CORNELIUS, Georgia A. Spouse of Franklin S. Born 2-1870 , died 1944 - Born in NY, died in Alfred NY. Wed abt 1890, four children. -
CORNELIUS, John Spouse of Frances Champlin Born 1808 , died 1888 - Son of ? and Jemima Cornelius. Wed 2-19-1840 in Alfred NY, eleven children. -
CORNELIUS, Lillian (Fanton) Spouse of Lloyd W. Born 9-21-1900 died 12-27-1999 - Dau of Chester & Lottie (Matthews) Fanton. 1930, 1940 census: Wed abt 1921, five children.
CORNELIUS, Lillian (Shaw) Spouse of Victor B. Born 5/26/1910 , died 6/20/1999 age 89y - Dau of Jesse C. and Isabele (Fisher) Shaw. Died in Hornell NY. -
CORNELIUS, Louis "Ben" Spouse of Marilyn Pfohl Born 12/14/1927 , died 12/19/2018 age 91Y - Son of Lloyd & Lillian (Fanton) Cornelius b. Alfred NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-9-1955 in Elm Valley NY, four children. Lineman & installer for New York Telephone Company - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1951-1953 in Germany
CORNELIUS, Lucy Ann (Champlin) Spouse of Gabriel Born 5-8-1821 , died 2/10/1907 age 85y - Dau of Bradford and Betsy Champlin. Born in Westerly RI, died in Alfred NY. Wed abt 1840 in Alfred NY, six children. -
CORNELIUS, Lyle S. , died 9/12/2011 age 56y - No other information. -
CORNELIUS, Milo Born 1843 , died 3-15-1894 age 51y - Son of John and Frances (Champlin) Cornelius. Born and died in Alfred NY. Unmarried - Civil War Vet, Co A and I, 5th Hvy Arty, Pvt. Enlisted 1-3-1864, Mustered out with company 7-19-1865 at Harper's Ferry VA.
CORNELIUS, Norman Francis "Sandy" Spouse of Barbara A. Clark Born 5/25/1923 , died 2/2/1963 age 39y - Son of Lloyd and Lillian (Fanton) Cornelius. Died in Andover NY. Wed 1957 in Genesee PA. - WW II Vet, US Army, 202 AAA AW Bn CAC, Pfc
CORNELIUS, Sharon Elaine Born 5/6/1963 , died 5/8/1963 age 2d - Dau of Louis B. and Marilyn (Pfohl) Cornelius.
CORNELIUS, Victor B. Spouse of Lillian Shaw Born 8/10/1907 , died 11/29/1955 age 48y - Son of Grant V. and Vella (Brown) Cornelius. Died in Alfred Station NY.
COUGHLIN, Charles Leo Spouse of Marguerite Dempsey Born 12-21-1929 died 6-14-2010 - Son of Joseph & Gertrude Handel Coughlin, b. Unknown. d. Chenango Forks NY. Wed 6-25-1955 - Korea and Vietnam Vet, US Army. Served in Italy, Germany, South Korea & Vietnam. Retired 2-10-1986
CRANDALL, Ben R. Dr. Spouse of Lenora Wood Born 12-31-1873 died 7-11-1968 age 94y - Son of Sherman G. & Lenora Wood Crandall b. Independence NY d. Hornell NY
CRANDALL, Ruth H. Spouse of Edward W. Born 4-20-1916 died 3-13-1992 - Dau of Rev. LeRoy & Ione Livingston Hallock b. Van Etten d. Hornell NY Wed 9-5-1939 in Canisteo NY
DAVIS, Robert L. "Bobby" Born 4-14-1953 died 2-27-2009 age 55y - Son of Bruce & Betty Beier Davis b. Hornell NY d. Arkport NY
DAVIS, Verda C. Born 3-14-1920 died 4-27-2008 - Dau of Clinton & Pearl Cole Freeland b. Alfred Station NY d. Wayland NY
DEL BUSTO, Juanita Spouse of Emilio Born 9-22-1920 died 1-8-2009 - Dau of Abraham & Esperenza Valenzuela Sanchez b. Mexico City, Mexico, d. Philadelphia PA. Wed 5-2-1938 in Manhattan NY
DEROO, Elmer Spouse of Ethelyn Born ? died ?
DEROO, Ethelyn (Cornelius) Spouse of Elmer Born 2-15-1907 died 11-8-2002 age 95y - Dau of Alvin G. and Celestia (Hackett) Cornelius
DIRLAM, Arline C. Born 6/16/1927 , died 12/22/2018 age 91Y - Dau of Dr. Henry C. & Clara (Miller) Dirlam b. Brooklyn NY d. Hornell NY. Medical Transcriptioist at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan
DIRLAM, Arne Born abt 1954 , died 11/25/1963 age 9y - Son of H. Alan and Barbara (Schneckenburger) Dirlam. Born in Honesdale PA,
DIRLAM, H. Alan Spouse of Esther E. Predmore Born 1-29-1930 died 12-9-2000 age 70y - Son of Dr. Henry C. and Clara H. (Miller) Dirlam - b. Brooklyn
DUNHAM, Deloris R. Hadsell Spouse of Robert E. Dunham Born 1/12/1927 died 8/28/2019 age 92y - Dau of Clifford & Myrtle Roseman Hadsell b. West Almond, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 6/23/1945 Andover, NY
DUNHAM, Robert E. Spouse of Deloris R. Hadsell Born 1-22-1927 died 5-14-2011 age 84y - Son of W. Edward & Helen Robinson Dunham, b. Alfred NY, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6--23-1945 in Andover NY (65 yrs)
EDDY, Harold G. Spouse of Mary E. Brown Born 5/6/1927 , died 8/26/2018 age 91y - Son of John & Amelia (Moulton) Eddy b. Brooklyn NY d. Alfred Station NY. Wed 1946, 9 children. Harold moved from Newfoundland Canada to assist local farmersduring WW2 - Retired from Buffalo Crushed Stone in Alfred Station
EDDY, Mary E. (Brown) Spouse of Harold G. Born 2-10-1926 died 10-8-2014 age 88y - Dau of Earl & Ruth (Caward) Brown, b. Town of Ward NY, d. Alfred Station NY. Wed 1946, 9 children.
EISENHARDT, Annette H. Spouse of Robert G. M.D. Born 1-22-1916 died 9-26-2005 age 89y
EVANS, William H. Spouse of Anita Simms Born 7-27-1922 died 6-24-2010 age 87y - Son of James & Phoebe Bassett Evans b. Alfred NY d. Alfred Station NY - WW II Vet, US Army. Africa and Europe, Patton's Army
FASANO, Ann Spouse of Joseph Born 2-3-1932 died 11-27-2006 - Dau of R. H. "Curly" & Helen Brundige Saunders b. Beaver Falls, Pa. d. Corning, NY Wed: 8-28-1954
FINLAY, Peter S. Dr. Spouse of Terese Londrey Born 10/12/1924 , died 3/24/2018 - Son of George & Edith (Christie) Finlay b. Monticlair NJ d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-18-1956 (Married 61 years), three children. PhD in zoology, taught biology at Alfred University for 34 years - WW II Vet, US Navy Air Corps. Ensign. Served as a Navigator on patrol missions off the US Coast
FISH-GREEN, Irena Spouse of Luke Born 1811 died 1890 - [Wife of]
FOSTER, Bernise B. "Bernie" Spouse of Boyd R. Born 10-20-1930 died 4-20-2007 age 76y - Dau of Fred A. & Mary A. Gavitt Babcock b. Hornell NY d. Little Falls NY Wed 5-8-1950 in Friendship NY
GACH, Joyce Elaine Spouse of Francis X. Born 5-28-1932 died 3-8-2013 age 80y - Dau of Richard & Leta Green Moore, b. Hornell NY, d. Phoenix AZ. Wed 12-13-1958 in Almond NY. (He d. 3-22-1996)
GAYHART, Adam Brent born 8/5/1982 died 5/20/2017 age 34y - Son of Adelbert & Kim (Lowrey) Gayhart Jr. b. Hornell NY d. Alfred NY
GAYNOR, Charles F. Spouse of Doris Burdick Born 6-14-1927 died 1/12/2010 age 82y - Son of Henry F. & Dorothy Fields Gaynor b. Mt.Jewett PA d. Bath NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1945-1947
GAYNOR, Doris Spouse of Charles F. Born 8-29-1924 died 1-6-2010 age 85y - Dau of Merton & Mable Collins Burdick, b. Alfred NY, d. Thacherville ?
GOFF, Joan B. Spouse of Arthur Lee Jr. Born 11-25-1933 died 10-28-2009 age 75y - Dau of Arthur E. & Mary Gretchen Clare Burdick, b. Alfred NY, d. Punta Gorda FL. Wed 5-6-1966 in Harbour Heights FL
GORTON, John F. Jr. Spouse of Frances Vars Born 9/16/1919 died 2/16/2015 age 95y - Son of John F. & Alta Lane Gorton, b. Olean NY d. Hornell NY. Wed Valentines's Day 1942, 67 years of marriage when Frances died on 9-3-2009
GOSPER, Chester A. II Spouse of Eleanor Davison Born 1-24-1928 died 12-13-2004 age 76y - Son of Chester & Reva (Stewart) Gosper, "Chet", b. West Almond NY, d. West Almond NY, Wed 2-10-1948. Dairy farmer 1949-58 - WW II Vet, US Army
GREEN, Adelbert Born 1864 died 1865 - Son of Andre J. & Katharine A. Green
GREEN, Albertus R. Born 1835 died 1859
GREEN, Alice B. Spouse of Clarence V. Born 1880 died 1951
GREEN, Andrew J. Spouse of Katherine A. Born 1826 died 1901
GREEN, Asa Born 1844 died 1911
GREEN, Bertie Born 12-16-1877 died 10-19-1879 - Son of L.T. & P.E. Green
GREEN, Carrie A. Born 5-22-1873 died 11-8-1964
GREEN, Clarence V. Spouse of Alice B. Born 1877 died 1957
GREEN, Clark Born 4-20-1777 died 4-27-1834
GREEN, Clark C. Spouse of Mary P. Born 2-28-1809 died 8-28-1850
GREEN, Clark S. Born 9-9-1863 died 12-9-1898 - Son of L.T. & P.E. Green
GREEN, Edward died 10-28-1814 - Son of Edward J. & Susannah Green "Was Drown'd"
GREEN, Edward Born 1816 died 1909
GREEN, Ella A. Born 1853 died 1873
GREEN, Elvaro Born 1870 - Son of Andrew J. & Katharine A. Green
GREEN, Gideon C. Born 1812 died 1859
GREEN, Hannah A. Spouse of Rev. D. E. D.D. Born 1831 died 1904
GREEN, Harrison Webster Spouse of Polly Born 1836 died 1904 - Civil War Vet, Co H, 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Sgt. Mustered out with company 6-30-1865 at Clouds Mills VA.
GREEN, Henry S. Born 8-28-1848 died 10-4-1848 - Son of L. & I. Green
GREEN, Hulda P. Spouse of Maxson J. Born 7-16-1833 died 4-28-1923
GREEN, Ivor Elston Born 10-2-1853 died 9-7-1883 - Son of Thos. H. & Lucy C. Green, born in Genesee, Allegany Co., NY
GREEN, John Chandler Born 1827 died 1906
GREEN, Katharine A. Spouse of Andrew J. Born 1836 died 1914 - His Wife
GREEN, Lester C. Born 1907 died 1978
GREEN, Lorenzo T. Spouse of Phebe E. Born 1-15-1842 died 8-12-1902
GREEN, Louisa M. Born 1820 died 1892
GREEN, Luke Born 1823 died 1887
GREEN, Luke Born 8-3-1802 died 2-13-1876
GREEN, Martha C. Spouse of Martin M. Born 5-9-1820 died 11-5-1884
GREEN, Martin M. Spouse of Martha C. Born 1812 died 1899
GREEN, Mary A. Born 1853 died 1932
GREEN, Mary P. Spouse of Clark C. Born 7-2-1818 died 6-8-1873
GREEN, Maxson Born 11-2-1829 died 11-3-1895
GREEN, Maxson & Lydia died 7-28 & 29-1850 - Died while on a visit to Witton(?). His age 63 & hers 62 Original proprietors of Alfred University Farm
GREEN, Maxson A. Born 1850 died 1917
GREEN, Melvin H. Born 2-19-1873 died 10-31-1960
GREEN, Nathan Spouse of Orpha died 5-16-1851 age 66y
GREEN, Olive M. Born 1832 died 1893
GREEN, Orange Judd died 6-10-1888 age 23y 2m 20d
GREEN, Orpha Spouse of Nathan died 3-7-1837 age 47y
GREEN, Phebe E. Spouse of Lorenzo T. Born 5-5-1844
GREEN, Polly Spouse of Harrison W. Born 1843 died 1924 - His Wife
GREEN, Selinda Born 1811 died 1902
GREEN, Susan Spouse of N. Lanphear Born 10-14-1811 died 10-15-1883
GREEN, Susan J. Born 7-29-1833 died 6-16-18334 - Dau of L. & I. Green
GREEN, Tacy Born 1830 died 1910
GREEN, William L. Born 4-26-1871 - Son of L.T. & P.E. Green
GREEN-BAGGS, Mary Born 1862 died 1952
GREENE, Alice S. Born 1854 died 1939
GREENE, Ann G. Born 1883 died 1973
GREENE, Arthur B. Spouse of Mary S. Born 1848 died 1922
GREENE, Arthur E. Born 1882 - Son of F.L. & C.R. Rudinger Greene
GREENE, Carrie Spouse of Delwin Born 1858 died 1932
GREENE, Delwin Spouse of Carrie Born 1854 died 1935
GREENE, Elisha C. Dr. Born 1817 died 1904
GREENE, Elmina W. Born 1870 died 1937
GREENE, Ernest Germaine Spouse of Welhelmina Brandt Born 1-26-1893 died 2-15-1948 - WW I Vet, US Army, Btry C 307th Fld Arty, 2/Lt. France
GREENE, Frank R. Born 1889 died 1899 - Son of F. L. Greene
GREENE, Harrison Born 1885 died 1964
GREENE, Harry C. Born 1879 died 1962
GREENE, Irena B. Woodworth Spouse of Roswell E. Born 1906 died 1982
GREENE, Mary S. Spouse of Arthur B. Born 1860 died 1933
GREENE, Milo B. Born 1849 died 1926
GREENE, Nettie May McCluer Spouse of William Cyrus Born 4-29-1887 died 1967 - Dau of Frederick and Agnes McPherson Odell m. 4-2-1908
GREENE, Octa M. Born 1852 died 1938
GREENE, Philip S. Spouse of Olivia Clarke Born 1818 died 1903
GREENE, Roswell E. Spouse of Irena W Born 1-5-1908 died 11-29-1999 - Son of Nathaniel & Amelia Johnson Greene
GREENE, Ruth P. Born 1906
GREENE, Welcome F. Born 1864 died 1864
GREENE, William Cyrus Spouse of Nettie May M Born 10-30-1883 died 12-11-1927
GREENE-LEWIS, Adaline Born 1844 died 1902
GREEN-HULL, Huldah died 8-2-1892 age 71y 5m - Second Wife
GREEN-SACKETT, Cora Born 1859 died 1880
GREEN-STILLMAN, Martha Born 1829 died 1911
GRIFFIN, Charles A. Spouse of Ruth E. Ferrington Born 4-12-1915 died 12-3-2007 age 92y - Son of Cornelious & Louise Myers Griffin b. Tioga PA d. Hornell NY Wed 12-23-1939 in Andover NY
HILSDORF, Conrad C. "Connie" Spouse of #1 Irene Rossman, #2 Eloise Mullen Born 4/25/1918 , died 4/13/2018 age 99y - Son of Conrad C. & Louise (Knopf) Hilsdorf b. Hornellville NY d. Hornell NY. Worked for Former Corbin Wood Products for 19 years also Maintenance Department of Alfred University - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard aircraft carrier USS Bennington
HILSDORF, Irene (Rossman) Spouse of Conrad C. , died 6/6/1981 age 65y - No other information.
HOWDEN, Eleanor A. Spouse of William H. HOWDEN Born 1-12-1920 died 12-14-2002 age 82y - Dau of Glenn O. & Nova (Barber) Shaw, b. Hornell NY, d. Bradford-PA, Wed 7-24-1939 in Alfred Station NY
JACOX, Clarence Clark Spouse of Edith E. Cornelius Born 7-3-1880 , died 4-1972 age 91y - Son of William H. and Lettie E. Jacox. Born in West Almond NY, died in Alfred NY. 1910, 1930 Census: Wed abt 1901, four daughters
JACOX, Edith Eliza (Cornelius) Spouse of Clarence C. Born 6-23-1880 , died 1958 - Dau of Elmer E. and Delila S. Cornelius. Born in Alfred NY. 1910, 1930 Census: Wed abt 1901, four daughters
JESSUP, Patrick Charles Spouse of Lise Lemeland Born 1-28-1968 died 6-21-2010 age 42y - Son of Charles & Linda Jessup, b. St. Mary's Pa, d. Alfred NY. Wed 7-18-2009
LANG, Jean B. Spouse of Walter I. Born 2-9-1924 died 10-4-2012 age 88y - Dau of John & Margaret Irvine Buckingham, b. Boston MA, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-9-1946 Jean was the Librarian for Hinkle Library on the Alfred Campus from 1962 until 1990
LANG, Walter I. Spouse of Jean Buckingham Born 1-15-1924 died 9-12-2014 age 90y - Son of Walter W. & Bertha O. Ives Lang, b. Boston MA, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-9-1946 in West Roxbury MA
LEACH, Mattie Arvilla Spouse of David Miles Born 12-24-1924 died 1-25-2013 age 88y - Dau of Emmett L. & Clara E. Thomas Caldwell, b. Pea Ridge AR, d. Jamestown NY. (He d. 1992)
LEWIS, Luther W.
LEWIS, Lyman H. Born 1828 died 1870
LEWIS-SMITH, Frances Born 1828 died 1905
LOWREY, A. Patricia Spouse of Reed D. Born 5/1/1924 died 5/27/2007 Age 83y - Dau of Oliver Percy & Mary Violet Vranch Cooper b. Wales d. Hornell NY Wed 11-26-1945 - WW II Vet, Royal Canadian Air Force and US Navy
LOWREY, Reed D. Spouse of A. Particia Cooper Born 8/8/1925 died 9/6/2016 Age 91y - Son of Dr. H. Evans & Gladys Reed Lowrey b. Chicago IL d. Keuka Lake NY Wed 11-26-1945Transferred to U.S. Air Force - WW II Vet, Royal Canadian Air Force
MARVEL, Marlene J. Pride Born 10-13-1945 10/13/1945 died 10/17/2021 Age 76y - Dau of LerouyJ. "Pete" & Phyllis M. Kibbe Pride
MATTHEWS, Lynnette Spouse of #1 Richard Villalpano #2 George Matthews Born 4/23/1949 died 9/7/2016 Age 67y - Dau of Glen & Carol Rossman b. Unknown d. Charlotte NC
MATTISON, Phyllis R. Burdick Spouse of Reid Mattison Born 4/20/1930 died 2/24/2019 - Dau of Clifford Truman & Edna Norton Burdick b. Andover, NY Wed 8/1/1953 Andover, NY
MAXSON, Darwine Rev. Spouse of Hannah A. Born 9-15-1822 died 2-22-1895
MAXSON, Flora D. Born 3-28-1854 died 5-22-1864 - Dau of Rev. Darwine & Hannah A. Green Maxson
MAXSON-GREENE, Harriet Born 1818 died 1901
MCGRAW, Cobern M. Spouse of Francelia FOSTER Born 9-08-1920 died 7-21-2004 age 83y - Son of Frank & Anna (English) McGraw, b. West Union NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 6-30-1945
MCGRAW, Francelia Jennie Spouse of Cobern E. Born 10-5-1924 died 1-22-2006 age 81y - Dau of Archie & Fannie Clark Foster b. Willing NY d. Wellsville NY Wed: 6-30-1945
MURPHY-GREENE, Nancy Born 1782 died 1874
OBUHANICH, Gertrude M. "Gert" Spouse of Nicholas Born 12-24-1918 died 2-27-2004 age 85y - Dau of Earl & Elnora Cornelius Baker
OBUHANICH, Nicholas Spouse of Gertrude M. died 2-29-1972 - Wed Oct 9, 1943
ORMSBY, Donald L. Spouse of Emily L. Lamb Born 2-18-1945 died 12-16-2003 age 58y - Son of Harold & Viola Northrup Ormsby - Vietnam Vet, US Army
PALMITER, Clinton L. Spouse of Beatrice Stuck Born 6-17-1918 died 11-10-2008 age 90y - Son of Earl & Bertha Pierce Palmiter b. Alfred Station NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-24-1948 - WW II Vet, US Army, Military Police. England
PALMITER, Lyle W. Spouse of Thelma B. Born 9/7/1924 died 2/1/2013 age 88y - Son of Irving V. & Margurite Lewis Palmiter b. & d. Hornell NY Wed 1946
PALMITER, N. Keith Spouse of #1 Frances Jean, #2 Patricia C. Born 4-13-1927 died 5-22-2010 age 83y - Son of Irving & Marguerite Lewis Palmiter, b. Alfred NY, d. Arkport NY. Frances d. 1983. Patricia d. 2002.
PALMITER, Thelma B. Spouse of Lyle W. Born 3/25/1924 died 1/22/2016 age 91y - Dau of Arthur E. & M. Gretchen Clare Burdick b. & d. Alfred Station NY Wed 1946
PAYNE, Norman Eugene Dr. Spouse of Gladys E. Pierce Born 8-19-1936 died 2/19/2011 age 74y - Son of Gordon & Loretta Metzler Payne b. Wellsville NY d. Leesburg FL Wed 6-15-1956
PERKINS, Betsy (Cornelius) Spouse of #1 Michael Gardner, #2 John Perkins Born 7-1847 died 7/25/1929 - Dau of John and Frances (Champlin) Cornelius.
PERRY, Beverly A. Spouse of Arling Born 7-14-1934 died 4-5-2011 age 76y - Dau of Ralph & Evelyn Woodward Pierce, b. Hornell NY, d. Alfred Station NY. (He d. 2003)
PHILLIPS, Gene Adell Born 7-9-1939 died 5-9-2008 age 68y - Dau of Egbert & Lillian Austin Phillips b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY
PHILLIPSON, Rita M. Spouse of Charles "Phil" Born 12/22/1927 died 7/1/2015 age 87y - Dau of Charles & Dora Dick Mecomonaco, b. Watertown NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 8-28-1949
PIERCE, Bernice L. (Jacox) Spouse of Richard M. Born 6/3/1918 died 12/24/2008 age 90y - Dau of Clarence C. and Edith E. (Cornelius) Jacox. Born in Alfred NY.
PIERCE, Minona Spouse of Lloyd W. Born 9-16-1917 died 3-28-2008 age 90y - Dau of Milo & Louella Hutchinson Moland b. Alfred NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-16-1936 in Alfred NY
PIERCE, Richard Milo Spouse of Richard M. Born 6/3/1918 died 12/24/2008 age 90y - Son of Ira L. and Eliza Pierce. At least one daughter.
PIERCE, Wayland L. Born 8-24-2016 died 1-29-2003 age 86y - Son of Ira & Gladys Palmer Pierce, born in Alfred NY
POST, Gloria Jean Spouse of Wendell J. died 3-9-2001 - Wed Aug 17 1968 in Belmont NY
POST, Wendell J. Spouse of Gloria Jean Davison Born 1-1-1943 died 12-23-2004 age 61y - Son of Clarence & Erie Evelena Furman Post Wed: 8-17-1968 in Belmont
POTTER, Barrett George Spouse of Beverly Born 1929 died 10-22-2008 - Born in Cortland NY d. Hornell NY. Dr. Potter retired from Alfred State College after 33 years of service. He held a BA & MS in Education degrees from Hobart College an MA from Cornell & a PhD from the State University of New York Buffalo
POTTER, Philena C. Spouse of Alonzo W Born 6-27-1832 died 11-4-1894 age 62y - Mother of Edith b. 1872
POTTER, Sophronia E. Spouse of Alonzo W Born 4-14-1834 died 12-16-1919 - Received Alonzo's Civil War Pension
RANDOLPH, Claire H. Spouse of Winfield Born 7-18-1924 died 7-15-2011 age 86y - Dau of Walter & Esther Denison Haswell, b. Buffalo NY, d. Hornell NY
RICHMOND, Lucille A. Spouse of Bert W. Jr. Born 6-7-1920 died 12-16-2011 age 91y - Dau of Miner & Sadie Austin, b. Town of Ward NY, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 3-30-1941 in Alfred NY
ROGERS, Keith Milton Spouse of Donna Stepham Born 11/2/1941 died 7/26/2019 age 77y - Son of Rev. Albert Nash & Janette Loofboro Rogers b. Yonkers, NY d. Hornell, NY - US Coast Guard
ROSSMAN, Carol A. Spouse of Glen A. Born 4-3-1926 died 8-30-2010 age 84y - Dau of Ommer & Mabel Gay Nisbet, b. Hornell NY, d. Sayre PA. Wed 10-14-1944. (He d. 4-18-1995)
ROSSMAN, Muriel Mary Spouse of Claire Born 3-17-1924 died 12-5-2012 - Dau of Myron & Ethel Morton, b. Ithaca NY, d. Wellsville NY. (Claire d. 1986)
ROSSMAN, Ralph D. Spouse of Joanne Rossman, Norma Short Preston Born 6/23/1933 died 12/30/2019 age 86y - Son of Dexter & Mamie Kehrer Rossman b. Town of Almond, NY d. Almond, NY
ROWLEY, Mary Hilda Spouse of Robert Born 1-27-1912 died 6-29-2012 age 100y - Born on the Crandall farm in the town of Independence, d. Wellsville NY
RUDINGER-GREENE, Clara Spouse of F.L. Born 1855 died 1896 age 84y
SAEGER, Mary Frances Spouse of Russell Born 10-9-1917 died 2-5-2012 age 94y - Dau of Marion & Fannie Holmes Saunders, b. Town of Amity NY, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-3-1956 in Alfred Station NY. (He d. 6-21-1991)
SAUNDERS, Ada C. Spouse of Stanley S age 85y - Buried Oct 8, 2004
SAUNDERS, Stanley S Spouse of Ada C. - No data
SCHOLES, Eloise B. Spouse of James B. Born 7-12-1920 died 8-24-2011 - Dau of Leon Burdette & Rachel Burdick Bassett, b. Winchendon MA, d. Geneseo NY. Wed 10-31-1942
SENTNER, Allyne R. Spouse of Louis A. Born 3-2-1938 died 8-3-2005 age 67y - Dau of Audrey Reynolds m. June 15 1957
SENTNER, Louis A. Jr. Spouse of Allyne Reynolds Born 8-11-1931 died 8-6-2014 age 82y - Son of Louis A. & Mildred Blanchard Sentner Sr., b. & d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-15-1957 in Wellsville NY
SHERMAN-GREEN, Emily Born 1827 died 1896
SICKER, James J. Born 1-8-1950 died 3-2-2011 age 61y - Son of Herman E. & Julia Smith Sicker, b. Buffalo NY, d. Alfred NY
SIMPSON, Doris Elinor Born 10-23-1919 died 2-10-2013 age 93y - Dau of Olin Huffman & Carrie Maude Young Simpson, b. Bath NY, d. Hornell NY
SISSON, Harold F. Spouse of Jane Burdick Born 2-21-1921 died 12-14-2005 age 84y - Son of Milton B. & Ruth Karr Sisson b. Almond NY, d. Painted Post NY. Wed 12-27-1943. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt.
SMITH, Ollene (Kenyon) Spouse of Charles Born 9-14-1919 died 11-12-2014 age 95y - Dau of LaVern & Hazel Baker Kenyon, b. Alfred NY, d. Hornell NY (He d. 1972)
SNYDER, Arthur V. Spouse of Helen Pifer Born 10-24-1922 died 2-12-2005 age 82y - WW II Vet, US Army
SPAINE, Eva (Jacox) Spouse of Born 5/3/1912 died 8/11/1945 age 33 - Dau of Clarence C. and Edith E. (Cornelius) Jacox. Born in AlfredNY, died in North Hornell NY. Shares stone with parents.
SPENCER, Beverly E. Born 7/1/1949 died 6/10/2019 age 69y - Dau of Edwin & Eleanor Drake Hoyt adopted parents Earl & Lillian Spencer b. Hornell, NY d. Buffalo, NY
SPENCER, James Spouse of Martha S. Born 9-221803 died 9-24-1858
SPENCER, Martha S. Spouse of James Born 3-6-1806 died 3-16-1886 - His Wife
SPENCER-STEBBINS, Nellie Born 1859 died 1887
STEARNS, Judson E. Sr. Spouse of Margaret Davis Born 10-29-1919 died 8-7-2008 age 88y - Son of John V. & Frieda Palmiter Stearns b. Hornell NY d. Alfred Station NY. Wed 1945. Founder of Stearns Poultry in 1937
STEARNS, Margaret Louise Spouse of Judson Sr. Born 9-14-1920 died 1-4-2010 age 89y - Dau of Merritt & Ruth Huganir Davis, b.Unknown, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1945
STILLMAN, Charles Spouse of Jennie A Place Born 8-17-1851 died 2-1914 - Son of David R and Martha Greene Stillman
STIMSON, Richard A. Spouse of Mary Ellen Whitford Born 4-23-1909 died 3-3-2010 age 100y - Son of Dr. Joseph H. & Mary Ella Brooks Stimson, b. Princeton MA, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 8-21-1935 in Alfred Station NY. (She d. 12-2-1988)
STUCK, Sherman Spouse of Edith Teribury Born 29 Jan 1899 died 24 Jun 1932 - Son of Sylvester J. & Cora Brown
STUCK, Victor E. Spouse of Lucy Burdick Born 2-17-1923 died 8-19-2010 age 87y - Son of Sherman & Edith Turybury Stuck, b. Town of Ward NY, d. Wellsville NY. Lucy d. in 1994 - WW II Vet, US Army
SWEET, Lisa C. (Cook) . Companion of James Clark born 11/18/1953 died 9/30/2017 age 63y - Dau of Calvin B. & Louise (Dohring) Cook b. Hornell NY d. Rochester NY. An administrative Assistant at Jones Mem. Hospital for 36 years. One daughter, father not named
THOMAS, Evelyn Spouse of Roger Born 7-9-1916 died 7-14-2010 age 94y - Dau of Harold & June Burdick Moland, b. Alfred NY, d. Rochester NY. Wed 5-28-1937. (He d. 8-17-1989)
TRICE, Francis Leadley Spouse of Mary Ann Wright Born 12-17-1937 died 2-21-2012 age 74y - Son of Leadley Dagg & Frances Nedda Wood Trice, b. St. Petersburg FL, d. Rochester NY. Wed 8-19-1978. Chairman of the Dept of Modern Languages and Full professor at Alfred University
TROWBRIDGE, Anna Marie Spouse of Lyle Born 4/29/1926 died 1/3/2016 age 89y - Dau of Carl & Adeline "Addie" Harding Snyder b. Town of Ward NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-1946 Lyle died 3-6-2004
TUTTLE, Esther M. Spouse of Milton A. Born 4-3-1920 died 6-4-2005 age 85y - Dau of Frank A. & Anna Berndt Miller b. Rochester, NY d. Alfred, NY Wed: 6-26-1948
WAKEFIELD, Ernestine M. Spouse of Irving Wakefield Jr. Born 5/13/1929 died 5/17/2019 age 90y - Dau of Ernest & Cassie S. Stewart Witter b. Andover, NY d. Wellsville, NY
WALKER, Gerald D. "Jerry" Spouse of Jacquelyn "Jackie" Payne Born 2/27/1932 died 8/27/2019 age 87y - Son of Harry & Grace Moore Walker b. Rockville Centre, NY d. Rochester, NY - US Army
WASHBURN, Frances D. Spouse of Lucius H. Born 10-1-1917 4-7-2011 age 93y - Born in New Brunswick NJ, d. Glendale Heights IL
WHEATON, Robert C . Spouse of Mary M. Metcalf Born 10-27-1925 died 10-18-2005 age 79y - Son of Charles & Alberta Norton Wheaton b. Canisteo, NY d. Hornell, NY Wed: 10-23-1976 in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, US Navy. Pacific Theater
WOODARD, Alonzo B. Spouse of #1 Philena, #2 Sophronia Born 4-19-1832 died 6-2-1912 age 80y - Soldier-Inventor-Scholar - Civil War Vet, Co G. 147th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-7-1865 near Washington DC
WOODRUFF, E. Louise Spouse of Willis Born 7/20/1922 died 3/19/2016 Age 93y - Dau of Harry D. & Elizabeth "Bessie" Pettibone Austin b. Alfred Station NY d. Hornell NY Wed 58 years
WOODRUFF, Gladys E. Spouse of William F. Born 8-12-1924 died 12-20-2013 age 89y - Dau of John & Mary McConnell Burnette, b. Scaley NC, d. Hornell NY. (He d. 1991)
WOODRUFF, Willis "Burr" Spouse of E. Louise Austin Born 10/14/1921 died 10/1/2004 Age - Son of Charles E. & Agnes Muszynski Woodruff b. Alfred Station NY d. Canisto NY Wed 58 years - WW II Vet, US Army, 88th Inf 313th Engr Bn. 1942-1945 - Also served in North Africa & Italy

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