Steuben County Marriages Records

Compiled & Submitted by PHGS member: Jean Kay Morse
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These couples are not related to me so I have no additional information. If
anyone notices any errors I would appreciate clarification since some of the
handwriting is illegible.

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Oneonta Herald-Otsego Co, NY December 14, 1853:

Married in Oneonta on the 12th Ins., by the Rev. Ammos Wing, Mr. Egbert R. SABIN of Oneonta to Miss N. Amelia NEWMAN of Addison, Steuben County, NY

Steuben Courier newspaper January 1882

Married January 1, 1882 Edward N. Mead of Haskinsville and Imogene Cole of Howard.

From my notes: Her name was Celina Imogene, the daughter of Franklin Stephen Coal and Hannah M. Clark both of Howard, Steuben Co, NY. Edward is buried in the Baldwin Cemetery, Twp. of Fremont, Steuben County and the stone says d. July 31, 1917 age 59 years.

February 21, 1884 The Dansville Advertiser.

WAYLAND---Mr. & Mrs. A. J. PARDEE's residence presented a fine appearance this evening where some fifty of our citizens assembled within its walls to
witness the marriage of Miss EMMA E. SCOTT of this village and Mr. MILLARD DEGOLYER of Gloversville. The ceremony was performed by Rev. WILLIAM BARTLE of the Methodist-Episcopal Church. Mis Scott has lived in Wayland some three years and has many friends here. The young couple received many useful presents from their friends. Mr. & Mrs. Degolyer start out together with excellent prospects and the kindest wishes of many friends. In this
connection it is well to state that this evening was the anniversary of the marriage of Mr. & Mrs. PARDEE, and they received a gife of a very elegant
chair from Mr. & Mrs. Degolyer. The occasio9n was a very pleasant one.

Steuben County Marriage Records

Alvin L. Head, Jr. son of Andrew Head and Lucinda Clark 1st marriage to Dora Helmer he age 20 14 Feb 1893 in Town of Fremont. (ended
in divorce-AC) 2nd marriage to Nina Avery daughter of Frank Avery and Mary Ardell Ferris. He age 32 10 Jan 1906 in Town of Fremont.

2 May 1918 Dansville Express newspaper

Bride--Edna G. Dunham of Rochester Groom---Howard C. Wilson of WAYLAND Married---20 Apr 1918 at home of bride's parents, Mr & Mrs.
F. H. Dunham of 332 Federal St., Rochester, NY Clergy---Rev. F. G. Reynolds of the Parselles Ave. Baptist Church. Witnesses were---Miss Mable Newill and Arthur R. Quackenbush.

Sunday Telegram, Elmira NY Feb 1, 1931
Bath, January 31

The marriage of Alvin L. Head, Jr., well known Bath young people was solemnized here Thursday. After February 10, Mr. & Mrs. Hand plan to be at home at 111 Gansevoort Street. Mr. Hand is associated with her father, Louis A. Hand, in the merchantile business in Bath. The bride, eldest dau of the Rev. & Mrs. Clarence E. Sutton is engaged as Steuben County Welfare worker. She has been engaged in social and welfare work at several points in this state.

Steuben County Marriages Records  5006-5010

5006, Harry E. Cook, white, age 19, 1st marriage, resides Addison, NY; laborer; bp Addison, NY; s/o William Cook, bp US; s/o Jennie Prowty, bp US;
Raymond Cook guardian; married Katherine Mosher, white, age 17, __ marriage; resides Addison, NY; occ none; bp Addison, NY; d/o John Mosher, bp US; d/o Nellie Newberry, bp US; Mrs. John Mosher signed for consent; married 01 Mar 1915, Addison, NY; John Segwalt, minister; witness Mrs John Mosher & Mrs. E. Segwalt
5007, Burt Allen, white, age 38, 1st marriage; resides Addison, NY; farmer; bp Woodhull, NY; s/o C. H. Allen, bp US; s/o Eva Page, bp US; married Lela
Brown, white, age 24, 2nd marriage, divorced 16 Feb 1915, Wellsboro; d/o P.S. Rouse, bp US; d/o Emma Mitchell, bp US; married 04 Mar 1915, Addison,
NY; J. H. Seeley, minister; witness Mrs J. R. Seely & Dorothy M. Seely
5008, John R. Hedges, white, age 66, 2nd marriage, widower yes; resides Savona, NY; dealer in stock & wood; bp Bradford, NY; s/o Caleb Hedges, bp
US; s/o Nancy McDowell, bp US; married Elizabeth Allerton, white, age 62, 1st marriage; resides Savona, NY; housekeeper; bp Campbell, NY; d/o Theander Allerton, bp US; d/o Jane Bryan, bp US; married 17 Apr 1915, Bath, NY; Walter S. Davison, minister; witness Anna A. Bryan & D. B. Bryan
5009, Clark Button, white, age 60, 2nd marriage, widower yes; resides Geneva, NY; farmer; bp Tioga Co, PA; s/o William Button, bp US; s/o Lorana
Goodwin, bp US; married Ella Whitney, white, age 58, 2nd marriage; widow yes; resides Savona, NY; housekeeper; bp Middlebury, PA; d/o William
Westbrook, bp US; d/o Mary Butler, bp US; married 17 Apr 1915, Bath, NY; Thos W. Carter, minister; witness Lucile Carter
5010, William Jacoby, white, age 32, 2nd marriage, widower yes; resides Sonora, NY; farmer; bp Monterey, NY; s/o Wlfred Jacoby, bp US; s/o Adelaine
Russman/Kinsman, bp US; married Delea LaBar, white, age 40, 1st marriage; resides Sonora, NY; housekeeper; bp Bath, NY; d/o A. E. LeBar, bp US; d/o
Betsy Christler, bp US; married 17 Apr 1915, Savona, NY; David L. Pitts, clergyman; witness Mrs. F. L. Hoke & Mrs. D. L. Pitts

Steuben County Marriage Records 5146 - 5150

5146, William Morris Spaulding, white, age 22, 1st marriage; resides Elmira, NY; carpenter; bp Elmira, NY; s/o Charles T. Spaulding, bp US; s/o Gladys
Root, bp US; married Kathryn Alice Dowling, white, age 21, 1st marriage; resides Corning, NY; glassworker; bp Morris Run, PA; d/o Patrick J. Dowling,
bp Ireland; d/o Anna Hallen, bp US; married 09 Jun 1915, Corning; Arthur C. Smith, clergyman, witness Sara M. Dowling & Harry A. Carmer
5147, Claude Elias Hedden, white, age 38, 2nd marriage, ____, resides Corning, NY; clerk; bp Monterey, NY; s/o John W. Hedden, bp US; s/o Alzada
Jane Hungerford, bp US; married Emma Lucille Mitchell, white, age 25, 1st marrige; resides Corning, NY; clerk; bp Bellefonte, PA; d/o James L.
Mitchell, bp US; d/o Nellie Berry, bp US; married 11 Jun 1915, Corning; Rev. A. L. Barmun, minister; witness E. W. Mulligan & Mrs. Emma Mulligan
5148, Joseph Leroy Emmick, white, age 18, 1st marriage, resides Corning, NY; glassworker; bp Cedar Run, PA; s/o George Leroy Emmick, bp US; s/o Myrtle Champlain, bp US; m. Catherine Marie Connelly, white, age 17, 1st marriage, resides Corning, NY; occ not any; bp Dundee, NY; d/o Dennis H. Connelly, bp US; d/o Carrie S. Andrew, bp US; married 12 Jun 1915, Corning; John c. Bostelmam, City Judge; witness Herbert A. Heminway & John L. Chatfield
5149, Benjamin Allan Seeley, white, age 28, 1st marriage; resides Galston, PA; Saw mill laborer; bp Knoxville, PA; s/o Alfred Seeley, bp US; s/o
Harriet George, bp US; married Minnie Mae Farrell, white, age 28 or 24; 1st marriage, resides Galeton, PA; clerk; bp Coudersport, PA; d/o Peter Farrell,
bp US; d/o Myrtle Stevens, bp US; married 12 Jun 1915, Corning; Rev. John R. Adams, minister; witness Marian B. Adams & Geraldine M. Adams
5150, Harry Russell Kilgore, white, age 22, 1st marriage; resides Franklin, PA; photographer; bp Franklin, PA; s/o Cyrus R. Kilgore, bp US; s/o Mary J.
Armstrong, bp US; ma. Angeline Elizabeth Knickerbocker, white, age 20, 1st marriage; resides Corning, NY; occ at home; bp Town of Lindley, NY; d/o William Knickerbocker, bp US; d/o Elizabeth Emory, bp US; married 14 Jun 1915, Corning; Rev. John A. Adams, minister; witness Della Berns & Harry P. Davis

Steuben County Marriage Records 5166 - 5170

5166, Floyd Franklin Rose, white, age 18, 1st marriage, resides Town of Corning; car builder; bp Gibson, NY; s/o Augustus K. Rose, bp US; s/o Alice
Wheeler, bp US; consent by Mr & Mrs Rose, parent; marriedMary Annette Morgan, white, age 17, 1st marriage; resides Town of Corning; housekeeper;
bp Wellsboro, PA; d/o W. H. Morgan, bp US; d/o Annettie Bockus; consent by Mr. & Mrs Morgan, parents; married 11 Jun 1915, Town of Corning; Alfred G.
Wilcox, Justice of the Peace; witness Alice E. Rose & Annettie Morgan
5167, Leslie D. Norton, white, age 20, 1st marriage; resides Canisteo; machinist; bp Hartsville, NY; s/o Joseph Norton, bp US; s/o Rose
Carney/Darney, bp US; married Lela May Page; white, age 2__; 1st marriage; resides Canisteo; occ at home; bp Cameron, NY; d/o Frank Page, bp US; d/o
Amelia Gunderman, bp US; married 15 Jun 1915, Hornell; Mortagn A. Chapman, clergyman; witness Mrs. Fred S. Coykendall & F. S. Coykendall
5168, Theodore Lewis French, white, age 25; 1st marriage; resides Hammondsport, NY; farmer; bp Hammondsport, NY; s/o Lewis French, bp US; s/o
Carrie Jayne, bp US; married Gordia O./A. Ross, white, age 26, 1st marriage; resides Canisteo; occ at home; bp Canisteo; d/o James Ross, bp US; d/o Zella
Cochrone/Cochrine, bp US: married 30 Jun 1915, Canisteo; W. R. Trowbridge clergyman; witness Louise M. Glover & Marie A. King
5169, William John Page, white, age 23; 1st marriage; reisdes Canisteo;farmer;bp Port Crane, NY; s/o Charles Page, bp US; s/o Nancy Emery, bp US; married Fay Marion King, white, age 17, 1st marriage; resides Canisteo; occ at home; bp Canisteo d/o Dorr E. King, bp US; d/o Nettie L. Smith, bp US; married 29 Jun 1915, Canisteo, Joel Glover, minister; witness Louise M. Glover & Marie A. King
5170, David Levi Ashbaugh, white, age 36; 2nd marriage, divorced yes, 14 Feb 1914, Wayland, Judge Clark; married Hazel May Smith, white, age 25, 1st marriage; resides Canisteo; housekeeper; bp Westfield; d/o Milton Smith, bp US; d/o Louisa Ames, bp US; married 08 Jul 1915, Canisteo, J. C. Glover,
minister; witness Louise M. Glover

Steuben County Marriage Record 5176 - 5180

5176, Joseph Meckle, white, age 25, 1st marriage, resides Buffalo; fireman; bp Buffalo, NY; s/o Joseph Meckle, bp Germany; s/o Anna Pfiefer/Pfeifer, bp
Germany; married Eva Bricks, white, age 21, 1st marriage; resides Wayland, housework; bp Wayland; s/o Frank Bricks, bp US; s/o Mary Hotter, bp US;
married 22 Jun 1915, Perkinsville; Ernest Ziegan, clergyman; witness Edward Ball & Rosilla Bricks

5177, Gilbert G. Kester, white, age 24, 1st marriage; resides Atlanta; teacher; atlanta; s/o Gilbert T. Kester, bp US; s/o Anna O. Sherman, bp US;
married Lillian A. stutzman, white, age 27, 1st marriage; resides Wayland; teacher; bp Springwater; d/o John Stutzman, bp US; d/o Elizabeth M. Rowe, bp
US; married 07 Jul 1915, Wayland; J. W. Waltz, minister; witness Wm Kester & _______ M. Stutzman

5178, Stephen Morsch, white, age 28, 1st marriage; resides Wayland; farmer; bp Wayland; s/o John P. Morsch, bp Germany; s/o Mary Bricks, bp US; married Irene Zimmer, white, age 23, 1st marriage; resides Wayland, housework; bp Wayland; d/o Wendel Zimmer, bp US; d/o Katie Snyder, bp Germany;
married 15 Jun 1915, Perkinsville, Ernest Ziegan, clergyman; witness William P. Morsch & Martha Zimmer

5179, John Claude Rynolds, white, age 21, 1st marriage, resides Hemlock, NY; farmer; bp Hemlock, NY; s/o John E. Reynolds, bp US; s/o Francis Greene, bp US; married Ruth Mary Collins, white, age 18, 1st marriage; resides Wayland, NY; housekeeper; bp Springwater, NY; d/o Lowry Collins, bp US; d/o Cola Thrall, bp US; married 03 Jul 1915, Wayland; J. W. Waltz, minister; witness Leo Skilton & Josephine Blanchard

5180, John A. Pritchard, white, age 35, 1st marriage, resides Ogdensburg, NY; Physician; bp Canada; s/o Charles Pritchard, bp Canada; s/o Martha
Hayes, bp Canada; married Margaret May Fero, white, age 28, 1st marriage; resides Bath, NY; occ __________; bp Corning, NY; d/o John Fero, bp US; d/o Harriet M. Backer, bp US; married 14 Jul 1915, Bath; Walter S. Davison, minister; witness E. Maude Fero & T. Edward Pritchard

Steuben County Marriage Records 5186 - 5190

5186, Donald Henry Scutt, white, age 19, 1st marriage; resides Hammondsport, NY; machinist; bp Town of Campbell; s/o J. L. Scutt, bp US; s/o Elizabeth
Hitchcock, bp US; married; Lena Mildred Jenks, white, age 19, 1st marriage; resides Town of Erwin; housewife; bp Painted Post, NY; d/o Albert W. Jenks,
bp US; d/o Alice Abbey, bp US; married 28 Jul 1915, Rochester; A. Ross Kitt, minister; witness Mrs. A. Ross Kitt & Mrs S. E. Hall

5187, Frederick Elmer, white, age 48, 1st marriage, resides Lindley; farming; bp Knoxville, PA; s/o Sanford Elmer, bp US; s/o Matilda Clute, bp
US; married Ethel Warner, white, age 32, 1st marriage; resides Lindley; domestic; bp Presho, NY; d/o Samuel Warner, bp US; d/o Delphine Benjamin, bp
US; married 22 Jul 1915; Corning; Hobart L. Marvin, clergyman; witness L. T. Hakes & Ida Hakes

5188, Nicholas J. Wagner, white, age 75, 2nd marriage; widow yes; resides Cohocton; retired farmer; bp Livingston Co, NY; s/o Jacob Wagner, bp
Germany; s/o Anna M. Grobe, bp Germany; married Sarah Dye, white, age ____; 2nd marriage, widow yes; resides Hammondsport, NY; housework; bp Avoca, NY; d/o S. (Seth) W. Cooper, bp US; d/o Mary Jane Miller, bp US; married 26 Jun 1915, Hammondsport; W. P. Trowbridge, clergyman; witness Ard Dyer & mrs. Ard E. Dye

5189, William Mills, white, age 21, 1st marriage; resides Hammondsport;  trainman; bp Troy, PA; s/o Edward Mills, bp US; s/o Margaret Hazzard, bp US;
married Edith M. Stratton, white, age 18, 1st marriage; resides Hammondsport; housework; bp Prattsburg, NY; d/o Albert Stratton, bp US; d/o
Hattie Beam, bp US; married 02 Jun 1915, Bath; John T. Cameron, clergyman; witness Otto Stratton & Leona Stratton

5190, Leo William Hemmer/Hemner, white, age 23, 1st marriage; resides Wayland; painter; bp Parkinsville, NY; s/o Valentine Hemmer/Hemner?, bp US;
s/o Elizabeth Bollinger, bp US; married Ethel Louise Hill, white, age 19, 1st marriage; resides Hammondsport; occ ________, bp Savona, NY; d/o Lewis
H. Hill, bp US; d/o Louise Coon, bp US; married 21 Jul 1915, Hammondsport; E. J. Dwyer, Catholic Priest; witness H. E. Greene & Blanche Wortman

Steuben County Marriage Records 5636 - 5640

Hibbard Brush w. age 21 1st marriage of Bath NY Farmer, bp Pulteney NY s/o Edgar Brush bp US and Emma Stratton bp US married Maude Ketch w age 26 1st marriage Housekeeper of Bath NY bp Avoca NY d/o Hiram Ketch bp. US and Ada Lyke bp. US Married February 2, 1916 at Bath NY by Walter S.Davison, minister witnesses A. Lewis Ketch and M.. Lottie Bailey
Lewis Jay Whipple w. age 21 1st marriage agent of Tuscarora NY bp. Sshwood NY s/o George Whipp;e bp. US and Alice Ford bp. US married Esther Irene
Wright w. age 18 1st marriage bp. Schuyler Co, NY d/o John W. Wright bp. US and Adda Fenna bp. US Married January 6, 1916 at Tuscarora by Rev. A. H.
Keeney, minister witnesses Homer Wright and Arthur Murray
Raymond Wesley Calkins w. age 22 1st marriage laborer of Jasper NY bp. Shavertown PA s/o Ambrose Fuller Calkins bp. US and Minra Calkins bp. US
married Tresa Irene Hallock w. age 17 1st marriage domestic of Jasper NY bp. Fishing Creek PA d/o Mana J. Hallock bp. US and Belle Hultz / Hulty bp. US
Married January 24 1916 at Jasper NY by Rev. T. V. Moore, minister witnesses A. S. Moore and Cora Schoonover
Domenico Sisacto w. age 23 1st marriage farmer of Canisteo NY bp. Italy s/o Frank Sisacto bp. Italy and Mary Sisacto bp. Italy married Amey Rowley w.
age 18 1st marraige at home in Canisteo bp. Canisteo NY d/o Henry Rowley bp. US and Eva Payne bp. US Married January 30 1916 at Canisteo by Herbert
Moore, minister witnesses Louise M. Glover and Charles P. Glover
Claude Varnum Hall w. age 26 1st marriage laborer of Cameron bp. Cameron NY s/o Benjamin F. Hall bp. US and Nancy Jones bp US married Myrtle A. Campbell w. age 28 2nd marriage, a widow, Housekeeper of Canisteo bp. Jasper NY s/o C. Dennis bp. US and Melissa Daniels bp US Married January 3, 1916 at Cameron NY by J. W. Archibald, clergyman witnesses Mr. J. W. Archibald and Gladys R. Archibald

These couples are not related to me so I have no additional information. If
anyone notices any errors I would appreciate clarification since some of the
handwriting is illegible. Jean Kay Morse

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