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 Yamplonski  McKean  Schwartz,Mark
 Yasgur  McKean  Schwatrz,Mark
 Yatalese  Allegany, Potter, Steuben  Morten,Barbara
 Yates  Cattaraugus, Potter  Prichett,Erin
 Yaw  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Yea  St Lawrence  Sears, Cliff
 Yeager  Allegany, Potter, Cattaraugus  Nettleton,Wes
 Yeaples  All  Eaton-Christensen,Maria M.
 Yentzer  McKean, Potter  Ernst-O'Brien,Jackie
 Yost  Cattaraugus  Klahn, Elroy
 Youman  Potter  Donovan, Jeanie
 Young  Cattaraugus  Waxham, Robert
 Young  Potter  Young, Terry
 Young  Steuben  Schiefen, Clark
 Young  Cattaraugus  Henneberry, Alice M.
 Youngs  Cattaraugus  Wilck, Debbie
 Zachrisson  Chautauqua  Evans,Holly
 Zeh  Steuben  Lewis, Heather
 Zeliff  Cattaraugus  Lebold,Sam
 Zeliff  Steuben Co. NY and Northumberton Co. PA  Mueller,Dorothy
 Zemmerl  Steuben  Leppert, John
 Zimmer  Steuben  Zimmer, Carl
 Zimmerl  Steuben  Leppert, John
 Zimmerman  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Zimmerman  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Zimmerman  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Zimmerman  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Zimmerman  Allegany  Powers, Vicki
 Zister  Allegany  Andera,Cathy
 Zysk  Steuben  Maciora,Joseph G. V.

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