St. Hyacinth Cemetery
Walked & Compiled by Diane Chase
September 2001

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? Louis   born 1903 died 1947     Three First 
Adamski Anthony G    born 1943 died 1988      - Son of Sylvester F  Three Twelfth 
Adamski Josephine   born 1920 died 1999     Three  Twelfth 
Adamski Leonarda  spouse of Walter P born 1905 died 1990     Three Twelfth
Adamski Sylvester F   born 1903 died 1967      - Father  Three Twelfth
Adamski Walter P spouse of Leonarda  born 1902 died 1968     Three Twelfth
Andreski Genevieve   born 1921       Three Sixteen
Andrukowicz Jan spouse of Steffania born 1912 died 1974     Three  Twelfth
Andrukowicz Steffania spouse of Jan. born 1926 died 1977     Three Twelfth 
Andrzejewski Agnes   born 1897 died 1983     Three Sixteen 
Andrzejewski Clara   born 1899 died 1994     Three Sixteen 
Andrzejewski Martha   born 1902 died 1983     Three Sixteen
Bain Helen  spouse of Leo born 1915 died 19--      Three Tenth 
Bain Leo  spouse of Helen  born 1909 died 1967     Three Tenth 
Banach Dorothy F spouse of Harry T  born 1919       Three Fourteen
Banach Harry T  spouse of Dorothy F born 12/21/1919 died 2/11/1972      - NY S Sgt Army Air Force WWII  Three  Fourteen
Banach Helen  spouse of Joseph  born 1904 died 1979      - The Lord Is My Shepherd  Three  Eleventh
Banach Joseph  spouse of Helen  born 1903 died 1974      - The Lord Is My Shepherd  Three  Eleventh
Barberich Belle  spouse of John born 1898 died 1980     Three  Sixteen
Barberich John spouse of Belle  born 1894 died 1971     Three Sixteen
Barlett Leo  spouse of Rose  born 1902 died 1968     Three  Seventh
Barlett Marlene    born 1938 died 1961     Three Seventh
Barlett Rose  spouse of Leo  born 1907 died 1959     Three  Seventh
Barlog Julia    born 1875 died 1964     Three  Seventh
Barlog Stanley    born 1904 died 1978     Three  Seventh
Barlog William S   born 2/2/1908 died 4/29/1982      - Tec 4 US Army WWII - AmerLeg marker  Three  Seventh
Barnes Genevieve  spouse of Joseph born 1909 died 2001     Three  Second
Barnes James spouse of Mary   died 1942      - Father  Three  Second
Barnes Joseph spouse of Genevieve  born 1911 died 20--      Three Second 
Barnes Mary spouse of James   died 1954      - Mother  Three  Second 
Barthold Aloysius M spouse of Helen E  born 1908 died 1993     Three  Twelfth
Barthold Helen E  spouse of Aloysius M born 1906 died 1997     Three  Twelfth
Bartkowiak Andrew  spouse of Mary born 1871 died 1952     Three  First
Bartkowiak Charlotte spouse of Frances  born 1900 died 1980     Three First
Bartkowiak Florence  spouse of Ralph G DDS born 1908 died 1986     Three Fifteen 
Bartkowiak Frances  spouse of Charlotte born 1900 died 1964     Three First
Bartkowiak Mary spouse of Andrew  born 1876 died 1947     Three  First
Bartkowiak Ralph G DDS spouse of Florence  born 1902 died 1979     Three  Fifteen
Bartkowski Eva spouse of John  born 1895  died 1967     Three Eighth
Bartkowski John  spouse of Eva born 1898 died 1967     Three  Eighth
Bartkowski Michael A  spouse of Viola R born 1909 died 1988     Three  Fifteen 
Bartkowski Viola R spouse of Michael A  born 1904 died 1991     Three  Fifteen 
Baszak Cecilia L spouse of Frank M    died 1983     Three  Eighteen 
Baszak Frank M  spouse of Cecilia L   died 1968     Three Eighteen 
Bebak Frank J  spouse of Irene M born 1926       Three Eleventh
Bebak Irene M spouse of Frank J  born 1930       Three Eleventh
Begier Edward spouse of Mary Ann  born 1892 died 1972     Three Second
Begier Mary Ann  spouse of Edward born 1893 died 1972     Three Second
Bekeleski Alton  spouse of Katherine born 10/17/1922 died 11/18/1981      - S2 US Coast Guard WWII  Three  Seventeen
Bekeleski Katherine spouse of Alton  born 1924       Three Seventeen 
Bera Anthony spouse of Catherine born 1884 died 1961     Three Third
Bera Catherine  spouse of Anthony born 1890 died 1974     Three Third 
Bera Dorothy V spouse of John S  born 1932        - Together Forever  Three Twelfth 
Bera John S  spouse of Dorothy V born 7/21/1922 died 8/25/1980      - US Navy WWII  Three  Twelfth 
Berek Anna  spouse of Stanley    died 1979     Three  Seventh 
Berek Bernice spouse of Robert  born 1920 died 1957     Three Seventh 
Berek Robert  spouse of Bernice born 10/23/1918 died 1/9/1993      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three  Seventh 
Berek Stanley  spouse of Anna    died 1974     Three  Seventh 
Bialaszewski Andrew F spouse of Helen E  born 1895 died 1970      - Dk Vet marker  Three  Ninth
Bialaszewski Anna V  spouse of Stephen J born 1917 died 1981     Three  Nineteen
Bialaszewski Helen E  spouse of Andrew F born 1897 died 1993     Three  Ninth
Bialaszewski Jacob spouse of Victoria born 1884 died 1963     Three  Eleventh
Bialaszewski John S  spouse of Stella R born 1917 died 2001     Three  Fifteen
Bialaszewski Josephine M  spouse of Peter P born 1915 died 1993     Three Nineteen
Bialaszewski Mary spouse of Michael  born 1899  died 1960     Three Eleventh
Bialaszewski Michael  spouse of Mary born 9/12/1895 died 5/9/1965      - NY Pfc 110 CoTransCorps WWI-marker  Three Eleventh
Bialaszewski Peter P spouse of Josephine M  born 1/30/1922 died 7/17/1996      - Tec 4 US Army  WWII  Three  Nineteen
Bialaszewski Stanley  spouse of Susan born 1894 died 1971     Three Eighteen
Bialaszewski Stella R spouse of John S  born 1922 died 1996     Three Fifteen
Bialaszewski Stephen J spouse of Anna V  born 1913 died 1997     Three Nineteen
Bialaszewski Susan spouse of Stanley  born 1895 died 1986     Three Eighteen
Bialaszewski Victoria spouse of Jacob born 1892 died 1976     Three  Eleventh 
Bielaszka Emily   born 1920        Three Fourth
Bielaszka Florence  spouse of Stephen  born 1918 died 2006      - Together forever  Three Nineteen
Bielaszka John   born 1887 died 1948     Three Fourth
Bielaszka Sophia    born 1892 died 1972     Three Fourth
Bielaszka Stephen  spouse of Florence  born 1915        - Together forever  Three Nineteen
Bitka Ed spouse of Mary          - no dates  Three Tenth 
Bitka Mary spouse of Ed born 1917 died 1972     Three Tenth 
Borowski Donald P spouse of Jennie born 1908 died 1969     Three Eighth
Borowski Jennie spouse of Donald P born 1914 died 1997     Three  Eighth
Borowski Joseph S spouse of Margaret  born 1903 died 1981     Three Twelfth
Borowski Margaret  spouse of Joseph S born 1907 died 1982     Three Twelfth
Braciszewski Elaine F spouse of Richard F  born 1926 died 2001      - Am 2 US Navy WWII  Three Sixteen
Braciszewski Helen spouse of John born 1901 died 1974     Three Fourteen
Braciszewski John spouse of Helen born 5/25/1899 died 9/12/1979      - US Army  Three Fourteen 
Braciszewski Richard F  spouse of Elaine F born 2/23/1922 died 3/6/1986     Three  Sixteen 
Bradley Edward  spouse of Ruth born 1914       Three  Nineteen 
Bradley Ruth spouse of Edward  born 1920       Three Nineteen
Brisky Alfred J -Kelly  spouse of Martha R  born 12/14/1915 died 6/8/1986      - Pvt US Army Air Corps WWII Dk Vet m  Three  Eighteen
Brisky Edmund  spouse of Frances  born 1909 died 1964     Three  Twelfth 
Brisky Frances  spouse of Edmund  born 1917 died 1986     Three Twelfth
Brisky Martha R  spouse of Alfred J -Kelly  born 1917        - Always in Our Hearts  Three Eighteen
Brooks- Kane Gladys     died 1964     Three Tenth 
Brooks- Kane Joseph      died 1959     Three  Tenth 
Brooks- Kane Mother     died 1967     Three Tenth
Brooks- Kane Stanley    born 9/27/1923 died 9/27/1967      - NY Cpl 527 MTR TransCorps WWII  Three  Tenth
Brushaber Lester G  spouse of Marie D born 1907 died 1983      - Vet Foreign Wars marker  Three Sixteen
Brushaber Marie D spouse of Lester G  born 1909 died 1969     Three Sixteen
Bryant Allen C  spouse of Helen A born 12/9/1916 died 8/10/1984      - BM2 US Navy WWII  Three Fourteen
Bryant Helen A spouse of Allen C  born 1915 died 1999     Three  Fourteen
Budniewski Bernice  spouse of Harry N born 1929 died 2001     Three  Third
Budniewski Donna M     died 1961      - Infant  Three  Third 
Budniewski Dorothy  spouse of Richard born 1930       Three  Fourteen
Budniewski Harry N spouse of Bernice born 5/3/1929 died 8/8/1993      - YN3 USNavy  Three Third
Budniewski Richard spouse of Dorothy  born 2/28/1929 died 4/8/1968      - NY Pfc Infantry  Three Fourteen
Burke Carolyn P spouse of Ralph G born 1935       Three Fifteen 
Burke Ralph G spouse of Carolyn P born 1934       Three Fifteen 
Burlett Belle L   born 1898 died 1993     Three Fourth
Burlett Francis P    born 1895 died 1951     Three  Fourth
Burlett Margaret M   born 1922 died 1949     Three Fourth
Butryn Adolph P    born 5/18/1909 died 8/12/1985      - Tec 5 US Army WWII  Three Sixteen
Butryn Michael S   born 1917 died 1977      - US Army- St Anthony Pray for Us  Three Sixteen
Cabaj Jozefa spouse of Stanislaw  born 1886 died 1923     Three Sixth
Cabaj Stanislaw  spouse of Jozefa born 1884 died 1964     Three Sixth
Chapman Stella   born 1896 died 1985      - share stone-Madeline Glowski  Three  Fourth
Chudzik Edith A    born 1918 died 1996     Three Third
Chudzik Mary spouse of Peter  born 1882 died 1955     Three Third
Chudzik Peter  spouse of Mary born 1889 died 1963     Three Third
Chudzik Peter P    born 1917       Three  Third
Chylaszek Albert  spouse of Justina  born 1881 died 1967     Three Sixth
Chylaszek Justina  spouse of Albert  born 1891 died 1966     Three  Sixth
Cieslewicz Belle  spouse of Louis  born 1909 died 1990     Three Fifth
Cieslewicz Beverly Sue spouse of Florian J born 1929 died 1986     Three  Fifteen
Cieslewicz Florian J spouse of Beverly Sue born 1926       Three  Fifteen
Cieslewicz Louis  spouse of Belle  born 1895 died 1964     Three  Fifth
Cieslewicz Rita M spouse of Thomas V born 1930       Three Fourteen 
Cieslewicz Thomas V spouse of Rita M born 10/10/1920 died 8/13/1982      - AN US Navy Korea  Three Fourteen 
Clary James H spouse of Mary B  born 1927       Three Ninth 
Clary Mary B  spouse of James H born 1924 died 1962     Three  Ninth 
Clifford Delphine M    born 1911 died 1995     Three Fourth
Cline Mary Ann   born 1954 died 1962     Three  Third 
Cutcher Anthony  spouse of Rose  born 1905 died 1986     Three Fourteen
Cutcher Rose  spouse of Anthony  born 1904 died 1991     Three Fourteen 
Cybart Eunice M  spouse of Frank W   born 1909        - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three  Ninth
Cybart Florence T  spouse of Richard J born 1930       Three  Eighth
Cybart Frank W   spouse of Eunice M  born 1894 died 1971      - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three Ninth
Cybart Joseph B   born 3/17/1915 died 9/1/1967      - NY Pfc 742 Bomb SQ AAF WWII  Three Tenth
Cybart Richard J spouse of Florence T  born 6/28/1927 died 10/28/1998      - AMM 3 US Navy WWII  Three Eighth
Cybulski Cecelia A spouse of Edward S  born 1910 died 2000     Three Seventeen
Cybulski Edward S  spouse of Cecelia A born 4/14/1912 died 10/4/1994      - Tec 5 US Army WWII- vet marker  Three Seventeen 
Cyganowski Alice  spouse of Joseph  born 1894 died 1966     Three Eleventh 
Cyganowski Edmund J  spouse of Florence S  born 11/4/1916 died 8/17/1982      - Tec 5 US Army WWII - Vet marker  Three Eleventh 
Cyganowski Florence S  spouse of Edmund J  born 1914 died 1992      - Together Forever  Three  Eleventh 
Cyganowski Joseph  spouse of Alice  born 1888 died 1967     Three  Eleventh 
Czarnecki Belle  spouse of Frank born 1911 died 1998     Three Sixth
Czarnecki Frank spouse of Belle  born 1907 died 1961     Three Sixth
Czarnecki Katherine spouse of Stanley born 1885 died 1959     Three Sixth
Czarnecki Stanley spouse of Katherine born 1871 died 1950     Three Sixth
Czarnecki Theresa S  spouse of Valentine F born 1902 died 1961     Three Fourth 
Czarnecki Valentine F spouse of Theresa S born 1904 died 1967     Three Fourth
Czekanski Mary Ann spouse of Robert J born 1931       Three Eighth
Czekanski Robert G    born 1954 died 1968      - His picture on stone and verse on back  Three Eighth
Czekanski Robert J spouse of Mary Ann born 4/3/1922 died 9/18/1992      - MM3 US Navy WWII  Three Eighth
Czosnowski Josephine J  spouse of Victor T born 1906 died 1968     Three Fourteen
Czosnowski Victor T spouse of Josephine J  born 1898 died 1977     Three Fourteen
Dach John C spouse of Loretta D born 4/10/1922 died 7/13/1996      - BMI US Navy WWII  Three Seventeen
Dach Loretta D spouse of John C born 1922 died 1997     Three Seventeen
Damian Lawrence spouse of Theresa  born 1895 died 1986     Three  Fifth
Damian Theresa  spouse of Lawrence born 1898 died 1963     Three Fifth
Damon Frank spouse of Victoria  born 1894 died 1977      - US Vet marker  Three Twelfth
Damon Victoria  spouse of Frank born 1894 died 1969     Three Twelfth
Deszcz Helen  spouse of John born 1922       Three Seventh
Deszcz John spouse of Helen  born 5/21/1922 died 11/13/1957      - NY Tec4 1691 ord Suft Maint.Co WWII  Three  Seventh
Dloniak Evelyn E  spouse of Leonard F born 1936       Three Seventeen
Dloniak Leonard F spouse of Evelyn E  born 1931 died 1991     Three Seventeen 
Dobek Elizabeth spouse of Stanley born 1911 died 2001     Three Eleventh
Dobek Ida M spouse of John T  born 1917 died 1989     Three Fifteen
Dobek John T  spouse of Ida M born 2/3/1910 died 3/26/2000      - Pfc US Army WWII- Purple Heart  Three  Fifteen 
Dobek Stanley spouse of Elizabeth born 1908 died 1990     Three  Eleventh
Dobrinski Dorothy C  spouse of John F born 1910       Three  Fifteen
Dobrinski John F spouse of Dorothy C  born 1908 died 1988     Three Fifteen
Dobrzyn Lucy Ryczko   born 1894 died 1972     Three Twelfth 
Dobrzynski Anna   born 1885 died 1969     Three  Fourth 
Dobrzynski Bernice  spouse of V. Harry born 1889 died 1960     Three Fifth 
Dobrzynski Harry V spouse of Bernice  born 1881 died 1963     Three  Fifth 
Dobrzynski Louis F Sr   born 1875 died 1946     Three Fourth
Dobrzynski Peter D spouse of Sophia N  born 1893 died 1972     Three Fifth
Dobrzynski Sophia N  spouse of Peter D born 1897 died 1962     Three Fifth
Dolski Albine D  spouse of Mary R born 1908 died 1975     Three Sixteen
Dolski Mary R spouse of Albine D  born 1913 died 2002     Three  Sixteen 
Domanski Genevieve spouse of Henry born 1914 died 1991     Three  Seventh
Domanski Henry spouse of Genevieve born 1913 died 1967     Three Seventh
Dombrowski Alexander  spouse of Frances  born 1886 died 1965     Three Fifteen
Dombrowski Anna R spouse of Matthew  born 1914 died 1976     Three Nineteen
Dombrowski Florence spouse of Henry  born 1918       Three Eighth
Dombrowski Frances  spouse of Alexander  born 1890 died 1966     Three  Fifteen
Dombrowski Henry  spouse of Florence born 1911 died 1968     Three  Eighth
Dombrowski Matthew  spouse of Anna R born 9/21/1914 died 9/6/1993      - M Sgt US Army WWII- AmLeg marker  Three Nineteen
Dombrowski Walter A    born 1913 died 2001      - Newmans Funeral Home marker  Three Seventeen
Dominiak John  spouse of Victoria  born 1903 died 1969     Three Sixteen
Dominiak Victoria  spouse of John  born 1907 died 1973     Three Sixteen
Donna Poncharik    born 1956        - shared stone w Sobczak  Three Seventeen
Drag Louis  spouse of Mary born 1895 died 1967     Three  Second 
Drag Mary  spouse of Louis  born 1897 died 1962     Three Second
Drewniak Andrew  spouse of Sophia  born 1877 died 1944     Three Fourth
Drewniak Sophia  spouse of Andrew  born 1878 died 1954     Three Fourth
Drewniak Walter    born 1916 died 1987      - Newman Funeral Home marker  Three  Fourth
Dubiel Anthony J  spouse of Florence A  born 1913 died 1984     Three  Eleventh 
Dubiel Florence A  spouse of Anthony J  born 1916       Three  Eleventh
Dubiel John  spouse of Lucille  born 1911 died 1977      - American  Legion marker  Three  Eighth
Dubiel Lucille  spouse of John  born 1913       Three Eighth 
Dudek Edmund R spouse of Irene  born 12/31/1918 died 9/11/1968      - NY Cpl US Marine Corps WWII  Three Seventh
Dudek Florence spouse of Ignatius born 1908 died 1968     Three Ninth 
Dudek Harry J spouse of Rita L  born 1926       Three  Sixteen
Dudek Ignatius spouse of Florence born 1902 died 1984     Three Ninth
Dudek Irene  spouse of Edmund R born 1920       Three  Seventh 
Dudek Rita L  spouse of Harry J born 1929 died 1981     Three  Sixteen
Dull Edward J   born 1928 died 1964      - Vet WWII  Three  Seventh
Dull Frances spouse of Joseph  born 1895 died 1984     Three  Ninth
Dull Hedwig   spouse of Stanley M  born 1892 died 1992     Three  Seventh
Dull Joseph  spouse of Frances born 1892 died 1971     Three  Ninth
Dull Stanley M  spouse of Hedwig born 1891 died 1966     Three  Seventh
Dybka Susan G    born 1893 died 1977      - Double stone w Susan Dybka  Three  Fifteen 
Dypka Bernice spouse of Stanley born 1887 died 1976     Three Sixth
Dypka Frank V   born 1915 died 1969     Three Sixth 
Dypka Stanley spouse of Bernice born 1884 died 1947     Three  Sixth 
Dziduch Clara    born 1921 died 1941     Three  Second
Dziduch Dorothy Tynan   born 1918 died 1970      - Daughter  Three Second
Dziduch Mary    born 1896 died 1969        - Mother  Three Second
Dziduch Michael   born 1888 died 1970     Three Second
Dziduch Sophie Sikora    born 1925 died 1995      - Daughter  Three Second
Dziedzic Anthony   born 1877 died 1957     Three  First
Dziedzic Anthony  spouse of Helena born 1877 died 1957     Three  Second
Dziedzic Edward A  spouse of Wanda P born 7/5/1918 died 1/4/1996      - Tec 5 US Army WWII  Three Second
Dziedzic Helena spouse of Anthony  born 1885 died 1945     Three Second
Dziedzic Helena    born 1885 died 1945     Three First
Dziedzic Stanislaw   born 1909 died 1934      - Vet Foreign Wars - marker  Three First
Dziedzic Wanda P spouse of Edward A  born 1926 died 1994      - Always In Our Hearts  Three  Second
Favata Jerry A   born 1926       Three  Twelfth
Fedyszyn Anna  spouse of Anthony S born 1924       Three Nineteen
Fedyszyn Anthony S spouse of Anna  born 11/22/1914 died 6/29/2000      - BM1 US Navy  WWII  Three  Nineteen
Fedyszyn Casmir spouse of Catherine  born 1888 died 1965     Three Fifth 
Fedyszyn Catherine  spouse of Casmir born 1892 died 1978     Three Fifth 
Fedyszyn Elizabeth A  spouse of John B Sr born 1929 died 2000     Three Nineteen 
Fedyszyn Irene M  spouse of Stanley J born 1917       Three  Eleventh 
Fedyszyn John B Sr spouse of Elizabeth A  born 5/20/1926 died 3/22/1992      - US Navy WWII Korea  Three  Nineteen
Fedyszyn Stanley J spouse of Irene M  born 1916 died 1983     Three  Eleventh 
Felt Adele M  spouse of Donald E  born 1929       Three Nineteen 
Felt Donald E  spouse of Adele M  born 1931       Three Nineteen 
Fendt Samantha "Sammy"    born 8/2/1968 died 7/30/1979      - Her picture on the stone  Three  Twelfth
Fern Edmund R spouse of Isabelle D  born 1910 died 1981     Three Sixteen 
Fern Isabelle D  spouse of Edmund R          - no dates  Three Sixteen 
Fetter Sophie   born 1890 died 1951      - Mother  Three  First
Fijal Boleslaus spouse of Cecelia born 1900 died 1969     Three  Sixth
Fijal Cecelia spouse of Boleslaus born 1907 died 1962     Three  Sixth
Floramo Rose M spouse of Salvatore P  born 1927       Three Twelfth
Floramo Salvatore P  spouse of Rose M born 7/18/1922 died 12/19/1980      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three  Twelfth
Franz Julianna spouse of Vincent P born 1898 died 1965     Three Sixth 
Franz Vincent P spouse of Julianna born 1902 died 1968     Three  Sixth
Fredlund Bernice  spouse of Kenneth L born 1919 died 1983      - Our Father Which Art In Heaven  Three  Twelfth 
Fredlund Kenneth L spouse of Bernice  born 7/7/1909 died 8/21/1986      - Pfc US ArmyAirCorps WWII  Three Twelfth
Fromma Jane M    born 1901 died 1999     Three Eighteen
Frye Evelyn   born 11/2/1924 died 10/6/2001     Three Two 
Fuller Bernard C spouse of Rita Ann  born 1930       Three Seventeen
Fuller Rita Ann  spouse of Bernard C born 1931 died 1979     Three Seventeen
Gakan Tekla spouse of Frank J  born 1876 died 1941      - Mother  Three First
Gaken Frances             - no dates   Three Second 
Gaken Frank J  spouse of Tekla born 1869  died 1952      - Father  Three First 
Gaken Ignatius P    born 6/1/1902 died 5/19/1958      - NY Pvt Army Air Force WWII  Three First
Gaken Leonard    born 1900 died 1971     Three Second
Gaken Stephen John   born 1/19/1911 died 7/7/1962      - Ny Pvt Co F 143 Inf WWII-Vet marker  Three Second 
Ganslow ?            - no dates   Three First
Gaura Anastasia   born 1873 died 1963     Three  Ninth
Gaura Matthew   born 1897 died 1963     Three Ninth 
Gawlowicz Belle   born 1913        - Walter  Frances Belle Gawlowicz Three Sixth 
Gawlowicz Felix spouse of Nellie  born 1905 died 1979     Three Fourteen 
Gawlowicz Frances  spouse of Walter born 1879 died 1964     Three  Sixth
Gawlowicz Nellie  spouse of Felix born 1905 died 1982     Three Fourteen
Gawlowicz Walter spouse of Frances  born 1879 died 1947     Three Sixth
Gawronski Celia spouse of Ignatius  born 1907 died 1978     Three  Fourth
Gawronski Edward J spouse of Rose A born 7/21/1917 died 5/29/1998      - Cpl US Army Air Corps WWII  Three Fifteen
Gawronski Frank S    born 1907 died 1981     Three Tenth
Gawronski Gerald    born 1937        - On back Of  Frank Gawronski's stone  Three Tenth 
Gawronski Helen P  spouse of Stanley  born 1892 died 1967     Three Tenth 
Gawronski Ignatius  spouse of Celia born 1900 died 1963     Three Fourth
Gawronski Josephine R   born 1915 died 2001     Three Tenth
Gawronski Raymond    born 1935        - On back Of  Frank Gawronski's stone  Three  Tenth
Gawronski Rose A spouse of Edward J          - no dates  Three  Fifteen
Gawronski Stanley  spouse of Helen P  born 1892 died 1971     Three  Tenth
Gestwicki Gerald V  spouse of Rita born 10/12/1921 died 7/29/1986      - Cpl US Army WWII  Three Fourteen 
Gestwicki Marie L spouse of Peter Paul born 1903 died 1984     Three First
Gestwicki Martha    born 1906 died 1969     Three  Fifteen
Gestwicki Mary spouse of Theodore born 1881 died 1970     Three Fifteen
Gestwicki Mary A  spouse of Valentine J          - no dates  Three Twelfth
Gestwicki Maurice    born 1910 died 1990     Three Ninth
Gestwicki Peter Paul spouse of Marie L born 1907 died 1993     Three  First
Gestwicki Rita spouse of Gerald V  born 1929       Three Fourteen 
Gestwicki Theodore spouse of Mary born 1883 died 1968     Three  Fifteen 
Gestwicki Valentine J spouse of Mary A  born 2/14/1893 died 1/6/1965      - NY Pvt US Army- Vet marker  Three  Twelfth
Glowski Edward V   born 10/3/1908 died 2/9/1986      - Pvt US Army WWII  Three  Third
Glowski Felix    born 1906 died 1962     Three  Third
Glowski Frank S    born 1902 died 1958      - Vet WWII - Dk Vet marker  Three First
Glowski Irene R    born 4/29/1914 died 9/26/1998     Three First
Glowski John A    born 1897 died 1978     Three Third 
Glowski Justine    born 1872 died 1943      - on stone with Justin Three  Third
Glowski Madeline   born 1886 died 1956      - share stone-Stella Chapman  Three Fourth
Glowski Valentine   born 1856 died 1947      - on stone with Valentine Three Third
Gorczynski Helen  spouse of Walter born 1887 died 1969     Three Seventh
Gorczynski Walter spouse of Helen  born 1884 died 1961     Three  Seventh
Gorka Agnes spouse of Joseph born 1882 died 1932      - Mother  Three First
Gorka Andrew J  spouse of Anna C born 1903 died 1984     Three  Eighth
Gorka Anna C spouse of Andrew J  born 1904 died 1987     Three Eighth
Gorka Anna R spouse of Peter L born 1900 died 1983     Three  First 
Gorka Edmund J   born 1908 died 2001      - Newmans Funeral Home marker  Three First 
Gorka Joseph spouse of Agnes born 1875 died 1925      - Father  Three First
Gorka Monica J   born 1916 died 2001      - Newmans Funeral Home marker  Three First
Gorka Monika   born 1913 died 1948     Three First 
Gorka Peter L spouse of Anna R born 1899 died 1984     Three First 
Gorka Stephen    born 1905 died 1910     Three First
Gould Frances T  spouse of John D born 12/13/1921 died 2/12/1979     Three Tenth
Gould John D spouse of Frances T  born 10/20/1918 died 11/29/1966      - NY PfcCo163Infant WWII BSM PHeart  Three  Tenth
Gould Raymond   born 1924 died 1970      - WWII marker  Three Eighteen
Gozdiewski Ida H spouse of Stanley E born 1901 died 1964     Three First
Gozdiewski Stanley E spouse of Ida H born 7/31/1892 died 6/21/1970      - NY Pvt Co D153 DepotBrig WWI- mrk  Three First
Graminski Andrew L spouse of Hattie M born 4/23/1920 died 6/2/1982      - Tec 5 US Army WWII  Three Eleventh
Graminski Belle F spouse of Edwin J born 1918       Three Nineteen 
Graminski Edwin J spouse of Belle F born 1916 died 1995     Three Nineteen 
Gregoreski Gary J   born 9/7/1961 died 12/10/1961      - Our Little Angel  Three Fifth
Gregoreski Ralph M  spouse of Jean N  born 1908 died 1995     Three Sixteen 
Gregorseki Jean N  spouse of Ralph M  born 1911 died 1989     Three Sixteen
Gregory Raymond spouse of Teresa born 1907 died 1968     Three Seventh
Gregory Teresa spouse of Raymond born 1906 died 1989     Three Seventh
Greskoviak Paul P    born 6/29/1893 died 2/8/1948      - Ny Pvt Infant WWI - AmerLeg marker  Three  Third
Gromala Florence J spouse of John K born 1928       Three Tenth
Gromala John K spouse of Florence J born 1909 died 1974     Three Tenth 
Grupa Anthony spouse of Bernice  born 1871 died 1959     Three Third 
Grupa Bernice  spouse of Anthony born 1876 died 1967     Three  Third 
Grupa Connie  spouse of John           - no dates  Three  Eighth
Grupa Donald   born 1940 died 1961     Three  Third
Grupa John  spouse of Connie           - no dates  Three Eighth
Grupa Joseph F   born 8/6/1912 died 3/29/1943      - Ny Pvt 47 Inf WWII- Dk Vet marker  Three  Second
Grzegoreszewski Sophie  spouse of Stanislaw  born 1877 died 1955     Three Seventh
Grzegoreszewski Stanislaw  spouse of Sophie  born 1877 died 1957     Three Seventh
Grzegorzewski Katherine M spouse of Stanley E  born 1884 died 1975     Three Fifth
Grzegorzewski Stanley Edward  spouse of Katherine M born 1884 died 1954     Three Fifth 
Grzeskowiak Antoinette  spouse of Peter born 1901 died 1987     Three Fourth 
Grzeskowiak Frances   born 1929       Three Fourth
Grzeskowiak Peter spouse of Antoinette  born 1893 died 1948     Three Fourth
Gula Stephnaie T  spouse of William F born 1930       Three Fifteen
Gula William F spouse of Stephnaie T  born 9/12/1017 died 12/5/1987      - Tec 5 US Army  WWII  Three Fifteen
Guziec Harriet R             - no dates  Three Sixth
Guziec Michael J    born 8/25/1896 died 7/28/1965      - NY F3 US Navy  WWI  Three Sixth
Guziec Veronica E   born 1906 died 1963     Three Sixth
Halas Edward J  spouse of Elizabeth  born 8/19/1917 died 12/22/1986      - FI US Navy  WWII  Three Fifteen
Halas Elizabeth  spouse of Edward J  born 1919 died 1993     Three Fifteen
Halas Robert J   born 1943 died 1953     Three Sixth 
Halasinski Helen R      died 4/14/1992     Three  Fifth
Halasinski Roman T  spouse of Helen R    died 9/26/1986     Three  Fifth 
Halberg Ben D spouse of Florence  born 1907 died 1990     Three   Fifteen 
Halberg Florence  spouse of Ben D born 1914 died 1990     Three  Fifteen 
Halpainy Clara - Dombrowski    born 1921 died 1997      - Wife Of Robert Halpainy Sr  Three  Nineteen
Harris Edwin C  spouse of Stephanie R  born 1905 died 1976     Three Eleventh
Harris Stephanie R  spouse of Edwin C  born 1910 died 1977     Three  Eleventh
Helminiak Katherine    born 1880 died 1966     Three  Seventh
Herdzik Adolf  spouse of Eva  born 1919 died 1991     Three  Eleventh
Herdzik Eva  spouse of Adolf  born 1919 died 1982     Three  Eleventh
Hoffman Daniel    born 1902 died 1959     Three  Eighth 
Hoffman Harry    born 1906 died 1975     Three Eighth 
Hoffman Louis A   born 4/3/1903 died 1/15/1962      - NY Tec 5 HQ Co 8 Port of EMB WWII  Three  Eighth
Hoffman Martha    born 1900 died 1982     Three  Eighth
Hoffman Mayme    born 1896 died 1967     Three Eighth 
Howard Dorothy    born 1887 died 1966     Three Fourth
Huels Clara A  spouse of Edward W  born 1894 died 1991      - Our Father Which Art In Heaven  Three  Third 
Huels Edward W  spouse of Clara A  born 3/18/1896 died 1/28/1985      - Sgt US Army WWI  Three  Third 
Hutchins Charles  spouse of Veronica H  born 1911       Three  Tenth
Hutchins Veronica H  spouse of Charles  born 1915 died 1982     Three  Tenth
Iskra Dorothy B  spouse of Frank A born 1913       Three  Ninth 
Iskra Frank A spouse of Dorothy B  born 1912 died 1968     Three Ninth
Jablonski Harry V    born 3/26/1917 died 3/8/1990      - Sgt US Army WWII  Three  Sixteen 
Jaguszewski Agnes spouse of John born 1873 died 1948     Three  Third
Jaguszewski John spouse of Agnes born 1887 died 1948     Three  Third
Jaguszewski John  spouse of Martha B  born 1904 died 1990     Three  Fifth
Jaguszewski John Jr    born 1937 died 1945        - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep  Three Fifth
Jaguszewski John M    born 1937 died 1945     Three Fifth
Jaguszewski Martha B  spouse of John  born 1906 died 1997     Three  Fifth
Jakubiec Genevieve M  spouse of Herman A  born 1919       Three  Eighteen 
Jakubiec Herman A  spouse of Genevieve M  born 9/29/1914 died 2/3/1999      - 1st Sgt US Army WWII- Purple Heart  Three  Eighteen 
Jakubowski Carl    born 1918 died 1942      - Lost At Sea - WWII  Three  Fourth
Jakubowski Delphine E   born 1918 died 1989      - Jakubowski- Jacobs on stone  Three  Second
Jakubowski Felix J    born 1913        - Jakubowski- Jacobs on stone  Three  Second
Jakubowski Florence  spouse of Joseph J born 1919 died 1982     Three Fourth
Jakubowski Frank   born 1883 died 1964      - Thaddeus on Back of This stone  Three  Fourth
Jakubowski Joseph J spouse of Florence  born 1911 died 1963     Three  Fourth
Jakubowski Mary E   born 1888  died 1964     Three Fourth
Jakubowski Thaddeus J    born 3/10/1908 died 3/26/1982      - USNavyWWII-back of Frank Jakubowski  Three Fourth 
Jankowski Balbina spouse of John  born 1897 died 1988     Three Seventh
Jankowski Frances E spouse of Peter F  born 1891 died 1968     Three Seventh
Jankowski John  spouse of Balbina born 1891 died 1958     Three Seventh
Jankowski Peter F  spouse of Frances E born 1884 died 1954     Three Seventh 
Janowski Daniel   born 1919 died 1959     Three Sixth
Janowski Mary spouse of Stephen born 1894 died 1976     Three Sixth 
Janowski Stephen spouse of Mary born 1892 died 1967     Three Sixth 
Jelonek Edward F spouse of Olga S  born 1904 died 1973     Three  Sixteen
Jelonek Olga S  spouse of Edward F born 1911 died 1999     Three Sixteen 
Jesse Aloys  spouse of Hildegarde born 1911 died 1976     Three Twelfth 
Jesse Hildegarde spouse of Aloys  born 1914 died 1995     Three  Twelfth 
Jesse Joseph spouse of Valentina born 1877 died 1964     Three  Thirteen
Jesse Valentina spouse of Joseph born 1882 died 1964     Three Thirteen
Johnson Irene M   born 1913 died 1964     Three Eleventh 
Johnson Lillian B   born 1920 died 1976      - US Navy  Three  Eleventh
Johnson Mary   born 1892 died 1985      - Newmans Funeral Home marker  Three Tenth 
Johnson William    born 1889 died 1960     Three  Tenth
Jopek Donald N    born 12/28/1933 died 12/11/1962      - NY Pfc1 RADBCST & Leaflet BN-Spwar  Three Twelfth 
Jozwiak John M             - no dates Father  Three  First
Jozwiak Stephen   born 1906 died 1971     Three First
Jozwiak Theresa   born 1906 died 1989     Three First
Jurczyk Andrew  spouse of Mabel born 1888 died 1975     Three  Tenth 
Jurczyk Mabel spouse of Andrew  born 1895 died 1966     Three Tenth
Jusko Chester  spouse of Rita E born 11/5/1922 died 9/20/1988      - Wt2 US Navy  WWII  Three Eighteen
Jusko Rita E spouse of Chester  born 1927       Three Eighteen
Kaczor Francis spouse of Louis  born 1909       Three Eighteen 
Kaczor Louis  spouse of Francis born 8/6/1916 died 5/7/1995      - Pfc US Army Air Corps WWII  Three  Eighteen
Kaminsky Helen H  spouse of Stephen J  born 1914 died 1978     Three Sixteen
Kaminsky Stephen J  spouse of Helen H  born 1911 died 1985     Three Sixteen 
Kane Eugene C spouse of Helen D born 11/9/1912 died 5/29/1997      - Tech 4 US Army WWII  Three Fifteen
Kane Helen D spouse of Eugene C born 1911 died 1987     Three Fifteen
Karalus Anna E    born 1900 died 1941     Three First 
Karalus Casmir J spouse of Helen H born 1901 died 1979      - Together Forever  Three First
Karalus Helen H spouse of Casmir J born 1902 died 1976      - Together Forever  Three First
Karpinske Katherine  spouse of Leonard M  born 1899 died 1986     Three Ninth 
Karpinske Leonard M  spouse of Katherine  born 1896 died 1970     Three Ninth
Kasprzak A   born 1957        - Inscript: Syn  Three Ninth 
Kasprzak Ann S  spouse of Walter J  born 1912 died 1987      - Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit  Three Sixteen 
Kasprzak Franciszek    born 1925        - Inscript: Syn  Three Ninth
Kasprzak Franciszek S    born 1868 died 1956      - Inscript: Ojciec  Three Ninth
Kasprzak K.S.    born 1900        - Inscript: Syn  Three Ninth 
Kasprzak Michalina   born 1873 died 1960      - Inscript: Matka  Three  Ninth
Kasprzak Walter J  spouse of Ann S  born 1905 died 1965      - NY Pfc Co D4 Medical BN WWII  Three Sixteen
Katta August J  "Gus" spouse of Genevieve   born 8/12/1920 died 2/11/1979      - Cpl US Army  Three Sixteen
Katta Genevieve   spouse of August J  "Gus" born 1926        - Verse and Stone is Book Of Life  Three Sixteen
Katulski Frank A  spouse of Leocadia A  born 12/31/1919 died 7/27/1993      - Cpl US Army  WWII  Three Nineteen
Katulski Hedwig     died 7/6/1963     Three Third 
Katulski John   born 1925 died 1969     Three Third
Katulski Leocadia A  spouse of Frank A  born 1924       Three Nineteen 
Katulski Simon      died 1/10/1943       - Vet marker  Three Third 
Kaufman Donald A  spouse of Sue  born 9/14/1924 died 5/9/1997      - ABM {CP } 2US Navy WWII  Three Eighteen
Kaufman Sue  spouse of Donald A  born 1920       Three Eighteen
Kaus Ann J  spouse of Casmir J  born 11/3/1918 died 9/1/1991     Three Nineteen
Kaus Casmir J  spouse of Ann J  born 9/21/1915 died 1/26/1993      - Tec 5 US Army WWII  Three Nineteen
Kaus Felix M spouse of Rita A born 1917 died 1975      - Together We Remain  Three Tenth
Kaus Irene E  spouse of Louis S  born 1925 died 1985      - Asleep In The Arms Of Jesus  Three Eighth 
Kaus Louis S  spouse of Irene E  born 8/16/1917 died 2/2/1992      - Pvt US Army-WWII-Purple Heart  Three  Eighth 
Kaus Rita A spouse of Felix M born 1920 died 1991      - Together We Remain  Three  Tenth
Kawski Bernard A  spouse of Irene A born 1922        - Always In Our Hearts  Three Eighteen
Kawski Irene A spouse of Bernard A  born 1924 died 1994      - Always In Our Hearts  Three  Eighteen
Kazmierczak Anthony  spouse of Martha born 1893 died 1975     Three Third
Kazmierczak Martha spouse of Anthony  born 1893 died 1988     Three Third
Klajbor Amelia S  spouse of Herman J          - no dates  Three  Ninth
Klajbor Felix S     born 1899 died 1955     Three Ninth
Klajbor Frances  spouse of Frank born 1903 died 1983     Three Fourteen
Klajbor Frank spouse of Frances  born 1901 died 1960     Three  Fourteen 
Klajbor Herman J spouse of Amelia S           - no dates  Three Ninth
Klaybor Leonard V spouse of Lorraine born 1917 died 1980     Three Fourth
Klaybor Lorraine P spouse of Leonard V born 1922 died 1998     Three Fourth 
Kleparek Tillie G    born 1898 died 1982      - Double stone w Susan Dybka  Three Fifteen
Klimaszewski Anthony F  spouse of Mildred B  born 12/15/1914 died 4/15/1966      - NY Pfc Btry C 118 AAABN CAC-WWII  Three Fourteen
Klimaszewski Mildred B  spouse of Anthony F  born 1921       Three Fourteen
Klimek Mabel spouse of Sylvester  born 1900 died 1990     Three Eighth
Klimek Sylvester  spouse of Mabel born 1896 died 1986     Three Eighth
Klocek Stella M  spouse of Walter J born 1906 died 1976     Three Eighth
Klocek Walter J spouse of Stella M  born 1908 died 1961     Three Eighth
Knapik Ann  spouse of John  born 1912 died 1976     Three Eleventh
Knapik John  spouse of Ann  born 1909 died 1980     Three Eleventh 
Knapik Julian   born 1911 died 1967     Three Ninth
Knapik Robert J spouse of Wilma A born 4/21/1932 died 9/18/1980      - Cpl US Army- Korea  Three Eleventh
Knapik Wilma A spouse of Robert J born 1933        - Together Forever  Three Eleventh
Kokocinski Cecilia F  spouse of William J  born 1907 died 1998     Three First
Kokocinski Eva spouse of John  born 1901 died 1980     Three Eleventh
Kokocinski John  spouse of Eva born 1903 died 1988     Three Eleventh 
Kokocinski Mary  spouse of Stanley  born 1922 died 1994     Three Twelfth
Kokocinski Stanley  spouse of Mary  born 9/10/1914 died 3/30/1978      - US Army  Three Twelfth
Kokocinski William J  spouse of Cecilia F  born 1892 died 1971     Three First
Kolasa Anna K spouse of Louis P  born 1916       Three Twelfth 
Kolasa Louis P  spouse of Anna K born 1909 died 1977     Three Twelfth 
Kolassa Felix J  spouse of Helen L born 1920 died 1962     Three Thirteen
Kolassa Helen L spouse of Felix J  born 1916 died 1980     Three  Thirteen
Konko Antoinette K spouse of John born 1901 died 1980     Three  Twelfth
Konko Chester spouse of Eleanor born 10/26/1919 died 5/22/1978      - Sgt US Army  Three Twelfth
Konko Eleanor spouse of Chester born 1922 died 1977     Three Twelfth
Konko John spouse of Antoinette K born 1893 died 1959     Three Twelfth
Kopliner Chester  spouse of Lucille          - no dates  Three Eighth
Kopliner Lucille spouse of Chester           - no dates  Three Eighth 
Koprowski Agatha spouse of Andrew  born 1873 died 1967     Three  Second
Koprowski Andrew  spouse of Agatha born 1878 died 1943     Three Second
Koprowski Andrew  spouse of Dorothy born 1910 died 1996     Three Eighteen
Koprowski Dorothy spouse of Andrew  born 1918 died 1997     Three Eighteen
Koprowski Kenneth   born 1955       Three Eighteen 
Koprowski Leo T    born 12/11/1914 died 11/14/1992      - Tec 4 US Army WWII  Three  Second
Koprowski Peter S    born 8/2/1907 died 2/3/1993      - Cpl US Army WWII  Three Second
Kopystianska Ewhena    born 1888 died 1964      - Born In The Ukraine  Three  Sixteen
Kopystianski Anizia  spouse of Walter born 1913 died 9/27/2001     Three Fifteen
Kopystianski Walter spouse of Anizia  born 1913 died 1988     Three  Fifteen 
Korbar Julia spouse of Tony          - no dates  Three Eighteen
Korbar Tony spouse of Julia born 12/20/1917 died 12/27/1996      - Tec 4 US Army WWII  Three Eighteen
Korbas Angeline I   born 1916 died 1993      - Wife and Mother  Three  Fifteen 
Korbas Joseph J spouse of Olga L  born 1/25/1917 died 6/2/1976      - CMM US Navy WWII  Three Fourteen
Korbas Olga L  spouse of Joseph J born 1921       Three Fourteen
Korbas Walter S "Korby"    born 1920 died 1979      - Hunting Scene Stone  Three  Fifteen 
Korwin Bernice A  spouse of Stephen F born 12/25/1915 died 4/7/1991      - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three Seventeen 
Korwin Joseph F spouse of Rita M  born 1916 died 1997      - Picturesque Christ Host on Stone  Three Fifteen
Korwin Rita M  spouse of Joseph F born 1920 died 1988      - Picturesque Christ Host on Stone  Three Fifteen
Korwin Stephen F spouse of Bernice A  born 8/15/1915 died 6/4/1992      - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three Seventeen
Korzeniewski Alton J    born 1918 died 1994      - Alton-Robert-Mary S-Theodore L on same stone Three Seventh
Korzeniewski Henry S  spouse of Theresa H born 1906 died 1958     Three Fourth 
Korzeniewski Mary S    born 1892 died 1966      - Alton-Robert-Mary S-Theodore L on same stone Three Seventh
Korzeniewski Robert "Peter"    born 1927 died 1993      - Alton-Robert-Mary S-Theodore L on same stone Three Seventh
Korzeniewski Stanley F    born 1924 died 1994      - Veteran Foreign War  Three Tenth
Korzeniewski Theodore L   born 1885 died 1971      - Alton-Robert-Mary S-Theodore L on same stone Three Seventh
Korzeniewski Theresa H spouse of Henry S  born 1907 died 1957     Three Fourth
Korzeniewski Thomas   born 1950 died 1967      - Twin Brother of Timothy  Three Tenth
Korzeniewski Timothy    born 1950 died 1967      - Twin Brother Of Thomas  Three Tenth
Korzenski Bernard T  spouse of Eugenia N  born 1912 died 1986     Three Eighth
Korzenski Eugenia N  spouse of Bernard T  born 1913       Three Eighth
Kosciuszko Stella spouse of Thaddeus born 1899 died 1959     Three  Third
Kosciuszko Thaddeus  spouse of Stella born 1897 died 1957     Three Third
Kosciuszko Thaddeus Jr    born 4/1/1924 died 4/27/1956      - NY at 7 USNavy WWII Korea AM  Three  Third
Koszyczarek Mary    born 1866 died 1943     Three  Third
Kozlowski Alphonse H  spouse of Anna M  born 1904 died 1985     Three  Eleventh
Kozlowski Anna M  spouse of Alphonse H  born 1907 died 1976     Three Eleventh
Kozlowski Brenda    born 1957 died 1957      - Infant  Three Sixth
Kozlowski Constance spouse of Joseph  born 1877 died 1960     Three Eighth
Kozlowski Frances spouse of Vincent  born 1922 died 1987     Three Seventeen
Kozlowski Joseph  spouse of Constance born 1887 died 1967     Three Eighth
Kozlowski Martha    born 1916 died 1989     Three Seventh
Kozlowski Mary M  spouse of Peter P born 1901 died 19--      Three  Sixteen 
Kozlowski Peter P spouse of Mary M  born 1888 died 1972      - Vet Foreign war marker  Three Sixteen 
Kozlowski Rose    born 1901 died 1986     Three Seventh
Kozlowski Stanley  spouse of Tillie  born 1902 died 1964     Three Eleventh
Kozlowski Tillie  spouse of Stanley  born 1910 died 2000     Three Eleventh
Kozlowski Vincent  spouse of Frances born 1921 died 1994     Three Seventeen
Kroll Cecelia M    born 1900 died 1986     Three Thirteen
Kroll Helen C    born 1892 died 1982     Three Thirteen 
Kroll Stephen    born 8/27/1902 died 4/4/1982      - Cpl US Army- WWII  Three Thirteen 
Kroll Teresa B   born 1916       Three  Thirteen 
Kruszynski Casmir F spouse of Helen M  born 1888 died 1940     Three First
Kruszynski Frank A  spouse of Mary A born 1892 died 1974      - Together Forever  Three  Fourteen
Kruszynski Helen  spouse of John  born 1906 died 1971     Three Seventh
Kruszynski Helen M  spouse of Casmir F born 1893 died 1917     Three First
Kruszynski John  spouse of Helen  born 1912 died 1967     Three Seventh 
Kruszynski Mary A spouse of Frank A  born 1896 died 1973      - Together Forever  Three Fourteen 
Kruszynski Vernice E  spouse of Walter E  born 1896 died 1978     Three Fourteen
Kruszynski Walter E  spouse of Vernice E  born 1894 died 1979     Three Fourteen
Krystofiak Bernard S  spouse of Dorothy E  born 11/21/1923 died 4/4/1992      - Cpl US Marine Corps WWII  Three Eighteen
Krystofiak Dorothy E  spouse of Bernard S  born 1929       Three Eighteen
Krystofiak Elizabeth A  spouse of Fred J born 1917 died 1998     Three Seventeen
Krystofiak Fred J spouse of Elizabeth A  born 7/12/1918 died 6/13/1997      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three Seventeen
Krzyanowicz Patricia M    born 3/15/1963 died 1/6/1964     Three  Ninth 
Krzyzanowicz Irene  spouse of Richard  born 1927       Three  Twelfth
Krzyzanowicz Richard  spouse of Irene  born 3/27/1928 died 5/9/1993      - Pfc US Army  WWII  Three Twelfth
Krzyzanowski Helen R spouse of Leo A born 1915 died 1998     Three Fourteen 
Krzyzanowski Leo A spouse of Helen R born 3/21/1897 died 4/26/1983      - Pfc Us Army WWI  Three Fourteen
Kszos Angeline spouse of Lawrence  born 1897  died 1990     Three  Third 
Kszos Lawrence  spouse of Angeline born 1894  died 1952     Three  Third 
Kuba Frances    born 1928 died 1995     Three  Fourteen
Kubera Emily A  spouse of Walter J born 1910 died 1991     Three  Ninth 
Kubera Walter J spouse of Emily A  born 1905 died 1957     Three  Ninth 
Kubiak Julia T spouse of Leon J born 1917 died 1999     Three  Seventeen
Kubiak Leon J spouse of Julia T born 1914 died 1990     Three  Seventeen
Kucharski Mark S    born 11/22/1965 died 4/1/1967     Three Ninth 
Kucharski Matthew  spouse of Sophie  born 1912 died 1987     Three Nineteen 
Kucharski Sophie  spouse of Matthew           - no dates  Three Nineteen
Kuczynski Frank W  spouse of Lillian A  born 6/24/1894 died 5/25/1961      - NY Wagr Btry D 11 FieldArty WWII FW  Three Ninth
Kuczynski Lillian A  spouse of Frank W  born 1897 died 1980     Three  Ninth
Kuczynski Rose K  spouse of Stanley K born 1892 died 1970     Three  Fourth
Kuczynski Stanley K spouse of Rose K  born 1896 died 1946      - Vet marker  Three Fourth
Kujawa Anna C  spouse of Frank J born 1890 died 1967     Three Thirteen
Kujawa Frank J spouse of Anna C  born 1/11/1895 died 8/3/1965      - NY Cpl CoC 312Inf WWI-ForiegnVetmarker  Three Thirteen 
Kujawa Harriett B spouse of Walter E  born 1904 died 1984     Three Fourteen 
Kujawa Walter E  spouse of Harriett B born 1906 died 1986     Three Fourteen 
Kulpa Anne B  spouse of Ronald F born 1940       Three Eighteen 
Kulpa Frank V   born 1912       Three Eighth
Kulpa James A   born 1971 died 1993      - with Ronald, Ann B Kulpa Three Eighteen
Kulpa Julia L   born 1914       Three  Eighth
Kulpa Katherine S    born 1885 died 1981     Three  Eighth
Kulpa Peter  spouse of Viola born 1907 died 1994     Three Eighteen 
Kulpa Ronald F spouse of Anne B  born 1937       Three Eighteen
Kulpa Viola spouse of Peter  born 1916       Three Eighteen
Kupiec Frank A spouse of Gertrude M  born 11/4/1918 died 3/26/1992      - Tec 4 US Army AirCorps WWII  Three  Sixth
Kupiec Gertrude M  spouse of Frank A born 1923 died 2001     Three Sixth
Kupiec Mary  spouse of Thomas  born 1893 died 1957     Three  Sixth
Kupiec Thomas  spouse of Mary  born 1892 died 1972     Three  Sixth 
Kurgan Frank J  spouse of Regina T  born 1910 died 1986     Three  Fourteen 
Kurgan Helen A    born 1906 died 1986     Three  Fourteen 
Kurgan Madeline T    born 1908 died 1999     Three Fourteen 
Kurgan Regina T  spouse of Frank J  born 1911 died 1992     Three Fourteen 
Kurgan Sofia E            - no dates  Three  Fourteen 
Kussy Bernard A  spouse of Helen M born 1915 died 1993     Three  Nineteen
Kussy Helen M spouse of Bernard A  born 1917 died 1992     Three Nineteen
Kuzdale Daniel E    born 5/16/1926 died 5/12/1971      - NY SIUS NAVYWWII -1 AF Member  Three  Second
Kuzdale Doris nee Rajski   born 1899 died 1933     Three First
Kuzdale John T    born 10/14/1896 died 7/3/1963      - NY F2 USNRF WWI  Three  First
Kuzdzal Anthony P    born 10/1/1905 died 12/9/1980      - Tec 5 US ARMY WWII  Three First 
Kuzdzal Anthony Sr    born 1870 died 1956      - Father  Three First 
Kuzdzal Edward S  spouse of Sophia J born 1897 died 1954      - American Legion marker  Three Second 
Kuzdzal Frank P    born 1904 died 1961      - Son  Three  First 
Kuzdzal Ignatius A    born 1899 died 1967      - Son  Three  First 
Kuzdzal Magdalena    born 1874 died 1957      - Mother  Three  First 
Kuzdzal Sophia J spouse of Edward S  born 1900 died 1987     Three  Second
Kuziora Angeline spouse of Henry born 1895 died 1968      - Mother  Three  Sixth 
Kuziora Henry spouse of Angeline born 1931        - Son  Three Sixth
Kuznicki Beatrice M  spouse of Thomas born 1914 died 1995     Three Fifth
Kuznicki Blanche L  spouse of Stanley F born 1926        - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three  Fifth
Kuznicki Bronislawa  spouse of Dominik  born 1894 died 1970     Three Sixth
Kuznicki Dominik  spouse of Bronislawa  born 1885 died 1960     Three  Sixth
Kuznicki Evelyn A  spouse of Michael F  born 1914       Three Fifth
Kuznicki Joseph J    born 10/9/1913 died 2/4/1969      - NY MM3 US Coast Guard WWII  Three Fifth 
Kuznicki Michael F  spouse of Evelyn A  born 1912 died 1975     Three Fifth
Kuznicki Mikolaj  spouse of Wiktorya born 1888 died 1950     Three Fifth
Kuznicki Stanley F spouse of Blanche L  born 12/11/1924 died 9/19/1979      - US Army  Three Fifth
Kuznicki Thomas spouse of Beatrice M  born 1916 died 1976      - US Navy- Dk Vet marker  Three Fifth
Kuznicki Wiktorya spouse of Mikolaj  born 1890 died 1955     Three Fifth
Kwiej Albin spouse of Dorothy   born 1920 died 1968     Three Eleventh 
Kwiej Dorothy   spouse of Albin born 1922       Three Eleventh
Lack Dolores J spouse of Edmund M  born 1929       Three Nineteen
Lack Edmund M  spouse of Dolores J born 11/21/1915 died 1/27/1992      - Cpl US Army WWII  Three Nineteen
Lajewski Henry V    born 10/18/1920 died 7/25/1944      - NY Cpl 21 Regt USMC 3 div WWII  Three  Fifth 
Lajewski Jadwiga  spouse of Jozef  born 1895 died 1965     Three  Fifth
Lajewski Jozef  spouse of Jadwiga  born 1895 died 1986     Three Fifth
Lanski Casmir F spouse of Dorothy T born 11/19/1920 died 3/31/1987      - Tec 5 US Army  WWII  Three  Fifteen
Lanski Dorothy T spouse of Casmir F born 1921 died 1989     Three  Fifteen 
Leja Dorothy H spouse of William W born 1915       Three Sixteen
Leja William W spouse of Dorothy H born 1911 died 1988     Three Sixteen
Lemanski Bernice spouse of Harry J  born 1917       Three Twelfth
Lemanski Frances  spouse of Martin born 1884 died 1966     Three  Sixth
Lemanski Harry J  spouse of Bernice born 1914 died 1981     Three Twelfth
Lemanski Martin spouse of Frances  born 1888 died 1968     Three Sixth
Lentz Florence Burek spouse of Leonard C born 1930        - Mother  Three Sixteen
Lentz Leonard C spouse of Florence Burek born 11/4/1926 died 12/6/1973      - Cpl Army Air Forces WWII - Father- vmark  Three Sixteen
Leon Paul             - no dates  Three First 
Letersky Alfred W    born 1920 died 1999     Three  Sixteen
Letersky Ann             - no dates  Three   Second
Letersky Deborah Ann    born 1952 died 1971     Three  Eleventh
Letersky Frances E  spouse of John J  born 1888 died 1973     Three  Eleventh
Letersky Herman P    born 9/4/1911 died 6/7/1990      - Sgt Us Army WWII  Three  Sixteen
Letersky John J  spouse of Frances E  born 1884 died 1960     Three Eleventh
Letersky Norman R   born 3/13/1910 died 1/17/1970      - Ny Pfc HQCO CCB AD WWII  Three Second
Letersky Ralph A Sr  spouse of Theresa J  born 12/25/1925 died --      - Married 10/30/1948  Three Eleventh
Letersky Theresa J  spouse of Ralph A Sr  born 2/25/1929 died 3/4/1999        - Married 10/30/1948  Three Eleventh
Levandoske Casmir spouse of Sally  born 1906 died 1965     Three Fifth
Levandoske Sally  spouse of Casmir born 1911 died 1991     Three Fifth 
Levandoski Chester B    born 9/28/1920 died 7/11/1987      - Cpl US Army WWII  Three  Fifth
Lewandoski Pauline    born 1867 died 1940      - Mother  Three First
Lewandowski Anastasia spouse of Walter  born 1893 died 1987     Three Fifth
Lewandowski Anthony spouse of Frances born 1901 died 1983     Three  Seventh 
Lewandowski Dorothy T spouse of Leo J born 1906 died 1965     Three  Fifth
Lewandowski Frances spouse of Anthony born 1905 died 1963     Three Seventh
Lewandowski Leo J spouse of Dorothy T born 1903 died 1967      - First Ward Falcons marker  Three Fifth
Lewandowski Raymond K  spouse of Kathleen K McAfee  born 1927 died 1945     Three  Fourth
Lewandowski Walter  spouse of Anastasia born 1891 died 1971     Three  Fifth
Lipinczyk Stella M spouse of Walter J  born 1898 died 1966     Three  Fourteen
Lipinczyk Walter J  spouse of Stella M born 1894 died 1982     Three Fourteen 
Lipka Edwin J    born 7/12/1917 died 10/24/1981      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three  Eighth 
Lipka Florence O  spouse of Henry V  born 1917 died 1996      - Together Forever  Three Nineteen
Lipka Frances spouse of Matthew  born 1885 died 1971     Three Eighth
Lipka Henry V  spouse of Florence O  born 1919        - Together Forever  Three Nineteen 
Lipka Matthew  spouse of Frances born 1884 died 1953     Three Eighth 
Lishev Stefania   born 1917 died 1963     Three  Sixteen
Lishev Vsevolod    born 1910 died 1977     Three Sixteen
Lokietek Elizabeth C  spouse of Frank born 1906 died 1998     Three Fourth
Lokietek Frank spouse of Elizabeth C. born 1906 died ?      Three  Fourth 
Lomysh Daria   born 1911       Three  Fifteen
Lomysh Lev   born 1909 died 1991     Three  Fifteen
Luczkowiak Eugene   born 1904 died 1970     Three Eighteen
Lutgen Jack P   spouse of Patricia E born 8/1/1912 died ?      Three  First 
Lutgen Patricia E spouse of Jack P. born 6/24/1914 died 9/18/1998     Three First
Mackowiak Arthur A  spouse of Josephine B born 4/6/1920 died 5/27/1969      - NY S Sgt Svc Co423 Infant WWII marker  Three  Ninth
Mackowiak Edward J spouse of Irene  born 1917 died 1952      - Father  Three  Third
Mackowiak Esther spouse of Leonard F born 4/3/2005       Three  Fourteen
Mackowiak Frances K             - no dates  Three Twelfth
Mackowiak Irene  spouse of Edward J born 1920 died 2001      - Mackowiak Funeral Home marker  Three Third
Mackowiak Josephine B spouse of Arthur A  born 1923       Three Ninth
Mackowiak Leonard F spouse of Esther born 11/10/1913 died 2/7/1993      - Pvt US Army WWII  Three Fourteen 
Mackowiak Louis M  spouse of Virginia E  born 1899 died 1963     Three Fifth
Mackowiak M Henry    born 1919 died 1979     Three Twelfth 
Mackowiak Mary  spouse of Peter           - no dates  Three Fourteen
Mackowiak Peter  spouse of Mary           - no dates  Three Fourteen
Mackowiak Virginia E  spouse of Louis M           - no dates  Three  Fifth
Madurski Catherine B  spouse of Frank B  born 1923       Three Nineteen
Madurski Edward   spouse of Mary S born 1909 died 1987     Three Nineteen
Madurski Frank B  spouse of Catherine B  born 4/22/1921 died 5/8/1982      - Tec 5 US Army WWII  Three  Nineteen
Madurski Mary S spouse of Edward   born 1910 died 1991     Three Nineteen
Magyar Clara F  spouse of Nicholas J  born 1905 died 1972     Three Sixth
Magyar Nicholas J  spouse of Clara F  born 1910 died 1967     Three Sixth
Mahon Mark L   born 1958 died 1977      - Time Takes All But Memories -Picture  Three  Fifteen 
Majka Harry J  spouse of Julia R  born 7/5/1913 died 9/11/1990      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three  Sixth
Majka John C spouse of Mary  born 1880 died 1952     Three Sixth
Majka Julia R  spouse of Harry J  born 1911 died 1985     Three Sixth 
Majka Mary  spouse of John C born 1883 died 1970     Three  Sixth 
Majka Walter J    born 2/13/1915 died 5/10/1999      - Tec 5 US Army WWII  Three  Ninth
Marczynski Helen spouse of Theodore born 1911 died 1969     Three  Tenth 
Marczynski Louis spouse of Monica  born 1904 died 1962     Three Tenth
Marczynski Monica  spouse of Louis born 1913 died 1991     Three  Tenth
Marczynski Theodore spouse of Helen born 1909 died 1965     Three Tenth
Markuszewski Katherine spouse of Walter born 19--        Three Seventh 
Markuszewski Walter spouse of Katherine born 1959       Three Seventh
Marut Jan  spouse of Mary born 1894 died 1939      - Father  Three Fourteen
Marut Joseph S    born 12/26/1920 died 8/29/1994      - Pfc Us MarineCorps  WWII  Three Fourteen
Marut Mary spouse of Jan. born 1897 died 1975      - Mother  Three  Fourteen
Marut Stanley J   born 8/1/1919 died 1/22/1967      - NY Pfc 552 Ordnance Co  WWII  Three  Fourteen
Maslach Adam J spouse of Josephine R  born 11/30/1906 died 9/20/1971      - May Eternal Light Shine Upon ThemPhoto  Three  Third
Maslach Josephine R  spouse of Adam J born 5/20/1907 died 3/29/1995      - May Eternal Light Shine Upon ThemPhoto  Three Third
Mataczynski Helen    born 1921       Three Ninth
Maternowski Dorothy  spouse of Edward  born 1919 died 1983     Three Eighteen
Maternowski Edward  spouse of Dorothy  born 1916 died 2000     Three Eighteen
Mathews Ann M  spouse of Lynn E  born 1941 died 1997      - Together Forever  Three Nineteen 
Mathews Lynn E  spouse of Ann M  born 1940        - Together Forever  Three  Nineteen
Matyjakowski Eleanor  spouse of Jerome born 1915       Three Eleventh
Matyjakowski Frank spouse of Irene  born 1908 died 1987     Three  Eleventh 
Matyjakowski Henry    born 10/23/1910 died 4/8/1951      - NY Tec 5 1207 ServUnit WWII  Three  Second 
Matyjakowski Irene  spouse of Frank born 1915 died 1977     Three Eleventh
Matyjakowski Jerome spouse of Eleanor  born 6/4/1917 died 4/10/1984      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three Eleventh
Maurer Constance  spouse of Joseph F born 1878 died 1946      - Mother  Three Second 
Maurer Joseph F spouse of Constance  born 1876 died 1944      - Father  Three  Second
Maurer Katherine   born 1880 died 1972     Three Second
May Lottie A  spouse of Roman F  born 1910 died 1994     Three Tenth
May Roman F  spouse of Lottie A  born 1904 died 1963     Three Tenth 
McAfee Kathleen K   born 4/48 died 4/01      - Orcutt Funeral Home marker  Three  Fourth
Mekus Alexander S   born 2/29/1908 died 5/5/1995     Three Second
Mekus Eugene C    born 4/29/1924 died 3/26/1985      - Sfc US Army WWII  Korea  Three  Fourteen 
Mekus Felix F  spouse of Julia V  born 10/10/1895 died 2/22/1967      - NY Cpl Co F 59 Pioneer Infant WWI- mk  Three Seventh 
Mekus Julia V  spouse of Felix F  born 1897 died 1973     Three Seventh
Mekus Louis  spouse of Mary          - no dates  Three Seventeen 
Mekus Mary  spouse of Louis          - no dates  Three  Seventeen
Mekus Michael P spouse of Stella  born 1887 died 1976      - Inscript:Thy Kingdom Come  Three  Second 
Mekus Stella  spouse of Michael P born 1890 died 1988      - Inscript: Thy Kingdom Come  Three  Second
Melnyk Bohdan   born 1931 died 1972     Three  Nineteen
Melnyk Irene M -Oleksj   born 1911 died 1972     Three Nineteen
Mentley Emily S   born 1910 died 1992     Three  Seventeen
Mentley Frank P   born 1910 died 1999     Three  Seventeen
Meyer Josephine H   born 1892 died 1970     Three Fourteen
Michaels Joseph J  spouse of Stella born 1907 died 1986     Three Fourteen 
Michaels Stella spouse of Joseph J  born 1909       Three Fourteen 
Michalak Francis -Kirk spouse of Helen    died 1973     Three Nineteen 
Michalak Frank  spouse of Mary born 1897 died 1968     Three  Fifth
Michalak Helen  spouse of Francis -Kirk          - no dates  Three Nineteen 
Michalak Mary  spouse of Frank  born 1899 died 1982     Three  Fifth 
Michalak Peter    born 1904 died 1983     Three  Ninth 
Michalak Phillip Felix  spouse of Felix P  born 5/24/1893 died 11/21/1963      - NY Oiler US Navy WWI  Three Fourth 
Michalak Raymond    born 8/20/1924 died 9/8/1944      - Pfc 26 Inf I Div WWII- Vet marker  Three  Fifth
Michalak Stella   born 1909 died 1970     Three Ninth
Michalak Viola  spouse of Felix P  born 1897 died 1963     Three Fourth
Michalski Alphonso  spouse of Delphine  born 1915 died 1985     Three Seventeen
Michalski Delphine  spouse of Alphonso  born 1916 died 1982     Three Seventeen 
Michalski Louise K  spouse of Thomas P  born 1892 died 1983      - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three  Twelfth
Michalski Thomas P  spouse of Louise K  born 1887 died 1966      - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three  Twelfth
Miehl Helen Spayer    born 1909 died 1973     Three  Seventeen 
Miehl John F   born 11/24/1909 died 3/4/1985      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three Seventeen 
Miga Agatha M  spouse of Edward J  born 1909 died 1992     Three Third 
Miga Edward J  spouse of Agatha M  born 1908 died 1992     Three  Third
Mikolajczyk Jan    born 1869 died 1947     Three  Second
Mikolajczyk Konstena    born 1876 died 1960     Three Second
Mikolajczyk Szczepan    born 1898 died 1949     Three  Second
Mildenstein Dorothy E    born 1926 died 1978      - Together on stone w  Anthony Zagorski  Three  Sixteen 
Mirek Frank  spouse of Stella born 1910 died 1989     Three Eighth 
Mirek Stella spouse of Frank  born 1910 died 1966     Three  Eighth 
Mizwa Frank spouse of Victoria   died 1990     Three Tenth 
Mizwa Victoria spouse of Frank          - no dates  Three Tenth
Mleczko Arthur F   spouse of Genevieve born 12/31/1923 died 10/10/1997      - Sgt US Army WWII -Vet marker  Three Seventeen 
Mleczko Edward spouse of Jane  born 1915 died 1983     Three  Seventeen 
Mleczko Genevieve spouse of Arthur F   born 1923       Three  Seventeen
Mleczko Jane  spouse of Edward born 1919 died 1993     Three Seventeen
Mleczko John  spouse of Rose born 1888 died 1977     Three  Eighth 
Mleczko Rose spouse of John  born 1893 died 1961     Three  Eighth 
Moch Lucia A spouse of Stanley F born 1907 died 1999     Three Sixth
Moch Stanley F spouse of Lucia A born 8/15/1897 died 5/9/1950      - PFC Evacuation Hosp 19 WWI  Three  Sixth
Mroczka Constance spouse of John born 1903 died 1986     Three Third
Mroczka John spouse of Constance born 1902 died 1952     Three  Third 
Mucha John J   born 8/2/1919 died 8/9/1944      - NY Sgt 109 INF WWII  Three  Fourth
Mucha Joseph J   born 8/16/1814 died 12/9/1996      - Cpl US Army WWII- PurpleHeart  Three Seventh
Mucha Karolina  spouse of Michael born 1897 died 1954     Three Fifth 
Mucha Michael spouse of Karolina  born 1898 died 1966     Three  Fifth 
Mucha Michael F    born 1932 died 1951     Three Fourth
Mucha Monica T  spouse of Theodore G  born 1922 died 1965     Three Eighth
Mucha Theodore G  spouse of Monica T  born 5/2/1920 died 9/2/1987      - BKRIUS Navy WWII  Three Eighth
Muzacz Anna k  spouse of Anthony B  born 1891 died 1975     Three Thirteen 
Muzacz Anthony B  spouse of Anna k  born 1889 died 1963     Three  Thirteen
Nalepa Frank J  spouse of Rose V born 1926 died 1989     Three Seventh 
Nalepa Mary  spouse of Walter  born 1895 died 1967     Three Sixth
Nalepa Rose V spouse of Frank J  born 1929 died 1963     Three  Seventh
Nalepa Walter  spouse of Mary  born 1893 died 1971     Three Sixth
Nevlock ?    born 1886 died 1960     Three Second 
Nevlock Elizabeth  spouse of Frank J  born 1922       Three Fifteen 
Nevlock Frank J  spouse of Elizabeth  born 1914 died 2001     Three Fifteen
Niedbalski Angela B   born 1913 died 1974     Three  Thirteen
Niedbalski Joseph F   born 1910 died 1965     Three Thirteen 
Niedzwiecki Jerome A  spouse of Veronica T born 1913 died 1991     Three Eighteen 
Niedzwiecki Veronica T spouse of Jerome A  born 1915 died 1991     Three Eighteen 
Niewolak Ellen A spouse of Stanley E born 1893 died 1981     Three Third
Niewolak Stanley E spouse of Ellen A born 1889 died 1974     Three Third
Nocek Paul  spouse of Sophie  born 1880 died 1951     Three Second 
Nocek Sophie  spouse of Paul  born 1892 died 1972     Three Second 
Nowacki Julia      died 1973      - Infant on stone with Mary Three First 
Nowacki Lucy E spouse of Walter F  born 1889 died 1971     Three First
Nowacki Mary     died 1961      - Infant on stone with Julia Three First 
Nowacki Walter F  spouse of Lucy E born 1886 died 1942     Three First
Nowak Albert J             - no dates  Three  Tenth 
Nowak Alberta             - no dates  Three Tenth 
Nowak Edmund A spouse of Frances E -Luczkowiak   died 1982     Three Eighteen
Nowak Frances E -Luczkowiak spouse of Edmund A   died 1977     Three Eighteen
Nowak Josephine             - no dates  Three Tenth 
Ofiara George M  spouse of Sophie M  born 1896 died 1966      - Our Father Who Art In Heaven-Vet mark  Three Eleventh
Ofiara Sophie M  spouse of George M  born 1905 died 1989      - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three Eleventh
Oleksij Gregory    born 11/30/1912 died 2/9/1995      - Beloved Father and Grandfather  Three Sixteen 
Olekslj Tatiana    born 1891 died 1981      - Mother -Inscript: ICXC  Three  Seventeen
Opaciuch Bernice spouse of John born 1905 died 1987     Three Sixth
Opaciuch John spouse of Bernice born 1903 died 1983     Three Sixth 
Orcutt George H spouse of Jean E born 1/4/1921 died 3/27/1992      - Pfc US Army Air Corps  WWII  Three  Nineteen
Orcutt Jean E spouse of George H born 1915       Three Nineteen
Oyach Frank spouse of Jennie born 1915 died 1961     Three Eighth 
Oyach Jennie spouse of Frank born 1918        Three  Eighth
Pachol Sophie spouse of Thaddeus born 1912 died 1995     Three Eighth 
Pachol Thaddeus spouse of Sophie born 1911       Three Eighth 
Pakulski Bertha F spouse of Felix R born 1899 died 1970     Three  Tenth
Pakulski Felix R spouse of Bertha F born 11/6/1898 died 4/27/1990      - SEA2 US Navy WWI  Three Tenth
Pakulski Marcia C  spouse of Robert F born 1943       Three Fifteen 
Pakulski Robert F spouse of Marcia C  born 1930 died 1984     Three  Fifteen 
Panek Stanley J   born 1907 died 1983     Three Fifteen 
Panek Thelma G   born 1909 died 1999     Three  Fifteen
Pangborn Daniel     died 1954      - Our Son  Three  First 
Panowicz Allen spouse of Hattie born 1903 died 1972      - Inscript: Brother  Three  Tenth
Panowicz Emily spouse of Frenchie    died 1991     Three Ninth
Panowicz Frenchie  spouse of Emily   died 1971     Three  Ninth 
Panowicz Hattie spouse of Allen born 1910 died 2000      - Inscript:Sister  Three Tenth
Panowicz Michael J spouse of Sophie M born 1891 died 1974     Three  Second
Panowicz Sophie M spouse of Michael J born 1894 died 1988     Three  Second
Papierski Agnes  spouse of Leo born 1889 died 1974     Three Sixteen
Papierski Leo spouse of Agnes  born 1883 died 1970     Three Sixteen
Parker Raymond A spouse of Ursula  born 3/24/1926 died 4/11/1964      - NY RM3 USNR WWII  Three  First
Parker Ursula  spouse of Raymond A          - no dates  Three First 
Paszwa Ludwig    born 1885 died 1955     Three Fifth 
Pauszek Casmir "Cash" spouse of Ida Hedwig  born 1901 died 1982     Three Seventh 
Pauszek Dorothy M  spouse of Felix A born 1900 died 1970     Three  Tenth
Pauszek Felix A spouse of Dorothy M  born 1900 died 1981     Three Tenth
Pauszek Ida Hedwig  spouse of Casmir "Cash" born 1903 died 1979     Three  Seventh
Pawlak Agnes B spouse of Steve J born 1911 died 1988     Three Eighteen
Pawlak Alphonso R spouse of Shirley A born 1908 died 1976     Three Seventeen
Pawlak Chester A spouse of Eleanor P born 1921        - Father  Three Seventeen
Pawlak Eleanor P spouse of Chester A born 1924        - Mother  Three Seventeen
Pawlak John C    born 1950        - Son  Three Seventeen
Pawlak Richard F spouse of Valerie F born 4/2/1933 died 9/16/1979      - Us Air Force Korea  Three  Eleventh
Pawlak Shirley A spouse of Alphonso R born 1908 died 1984     Three  Seventeen
Pawlak Steve J spouse of Agnes B born 12/2/1908 died 5/15/1996      - FI US Navy  Three Eighteen 
Pawlak Valerie F spouse of Richard F born 1936        - God's Love  Three Eleventh 
Pawlowski Geraldine   born 7-28-1931 died 2-2-2003    71 daughter of Harry U. & Julia Bartkowski Pawloski Three Ninth
Pawlowski Harry    born 1909 died 1965     Three Ninth
Pawlowski Julia             - no dates  Three Ninth 
Pazderski Frances    born 1894 died 1984      - Together We Remain  Three Fourth 
Pazderski Irene   born 1916        - Together We Remain  Three  Fourth
Pazderski Raymond   born 1892 died 1970      - Together We Remain  Three  Fourth
Pchelka Elaine C  spouse of Harry E  born 1931 died 1999     Three  Eighteen 
Pchelka Harry E  spouse of Elaine C  born 3/23/1928 died 7/15/1996      - F1 US Navy WWII  Three Eighteen 
Pencek John T  spouse of Mary D  born 1918 died 1963     Three Twelfth
Pencek Lillian A  spouse of Paul F born 1905 died 1998     Three Sixteen 
Pencek Mary A    born 1878 died 1959      - Mother  Three Eighth
Pencek Mary D  spouse of John T  born 1925       Three  Twelfth 
Pencek Matilda M spouse of Peter A  born 1919 died 1993     Three Seventeen
Pencek Paul F spouse of Lillian A  born 1901 died 1970     Three  Sixteen 
Pencek Peter A  spouse of Matilda M born 7/6/1915 died 12/18/1973      - NY Tec 5 US Army WWII -vet marker  Three Seventeen
Penkaty George J  spouse of Veronica  born 1883 died 1961     Three Eighth 
Penkaty Veronica  spouse of George J  born 1894 died 1967     Three Eighth 
Perry Bernard D    born 1912 died 1991      - McGraws Funeral Home marker  Three First
Perry Virginia A    born 1919 died 1995      - McGraws Funeral Home marker  Three First 
Petras Geraldine    born 1930 died 1944     Three  Second
Petras John  spouse of Viola born 1903 died 1949     Three Second
Petras Viola spouse of John born 1903 died 1999     Three Second 
Philip E   born 1918 died 1943      - Lt US Army Air Force-AmLeg marker  Three Second 
Pincoski Eugene   born 1922 died 2001     Three Tenth
Pincoski Gary    born 1952 died 1970     Three Tenth 
Pincoski Irene    born 1928       Three Tenth
Pincoski Patricia A spouse of Richard E born 1933        - Serenity Prayer On back of stone  Three Tenth 
Pincoski Richard E spouse of Patricia A born 1932 died 1974      - Serenity Prayer On back of stone  Three Tenth
Piniewski Rose M  spouse of Stanley J born 1927 died 1990     Three Seventeen
Piniewski Stanley J spouse of Rose M  born 1926       Three Seventeen
Piwowarski Paul  spouse of Tekla born 1889 died 1962     Three  Sixth
Piwowarski Tekla spouse of Paul  born 1890 died 1973     Three Sixth
Piwowarski Walter   born 1913 died 1987      - Loving Father  Three Sixth
Pleszewski Irene J  spouse of Nicholas J  born 1919 died 1990     Three Sixteen
Pleszewski Nicholas J  spouse of Irene J  born 6/20/1919 died 10/2/1997      - Y2 US Navy WWII  Three Sixteen
Pleva Dorothy spouse of Edwin P born 1924 died 1991        - Always In Our Hearts  Three Sixteen
Pleva Edwin P spouse of Dorothy born 4/1/1922 died 10/2/1990      - T Sgt Us Army WWII  Three Sixteen
Plewa Peter S  spouse of Rose C. born 1885 died 1957     Three Fourth 
Plewa Rose C  spouse of Peter S  born 1890 died 1972     Three  Fourth
Pochylski Belle F spouse of John J    died 1953     Three Fourth
Pochylski John J  spouse of Belle F   died 1958     Three  Fourth
Pogorzelski Andrew  spouse of Stella  born 1864 died 1956     Three Ninth
Pogorzelski Stella  spouse of Andrew  born 1875 died 1970     Three Ninth 
Polasik Andrew S  spouse of Lottie R  born 1887 died 1974     Three  Twelfth
Polasik Clement  spouse of Mary Ann  born 1914       Three Eleventh
Polasik Felix J spouse of Theresa H born 1900 died 1946     Three  Fifth 
Polasik Josephine spouse of Stanley born 1899 died 1992     Three Fourth
Polasik Lottie R  spouse of Andrew S  born 1894 died 1983     Three Twelfth
Polasik Mary Ann  spouse of Clement  born 1920       Three Eleventh
Polasik Stanley spouse of Josephine born 1899 died 1970     Three Fourth
Polasik Stanley J   born 11/22/1925 died 4/1/1945      - NY Pfc5 4 ARMD INF BN10 ARMD DIV WWII  Three  Fourth
Polasik Theresa H spouse of Felix J born 1898 died 1986     Three Fifth
Polinski Joseph F spouse of Selma M   died 10-12-1972      Three Ninth 
Polinski Selma M spouse of Joseph F          - no dates  Three Ninth
Polowy Jerome E  "Cleo"    born 9/30/1918 died 7/17/1996      - Cpl US Marine Corp WWII  Three Seventh
Polowy Mary A  spouse of Peter P. born 1895 died 1987     Three  Third
Polowy Mary H spouse of Vincent J born 1891 died 1961     Three  Fourth
Polowy Mildred M   born 1922 died 1995     Three   Third
Polowy Peter P  spouse of Mary A  born 1892 died 1940     Three  Third 
Polowy Vincent J spouse of Mary H born 1886 died 1969     Three Fourth
Poweska Nicholas spouse of Stella born 1894 died 1979     Three Second
Poweska Stella spouse of Nicholas born 1895 died 1945     Three Second
Poznanczyk Beatrice M spouse of Leo E  born 1914 died 1993     Three  Seventeen 
Poznanczyk Leo E  spouse of Beatrice M born 9/2/1915 died 12/29/1991      - Pfc US Army  WWII  Three  Seventeen
Prell Rose    born 1882 died 1985     Three Fourteen
Price Frank F spouse of Josephine R born 1890 died 1953     Three  Fourth 
Price Josephine R spouse of Frank F born 1890 died 1963     Three Fourth 
Pryll Norma F   born 1928 died 1983     Three Nineteen
Przybycien Delphine A  spouse of Thomas F          - no dates  Three Fourteen
Przybycien Genevieve spouse of Michael          - no dates  Three Seventh 
Przybycien Michael spouse of Genevieve          - no dates Disabled Vet marker-Foreign Wars Vet  Three Seventh 
Przybycien Thomas F spouse of Delphine A  born 1913 died 1995     Three Fourteen 
Przybyla Alfred  spouse of Loretta born 11/21/1914 died 2/22/1988      - T Sgt US Army WWII Vet marker  Three Tenth 
Przybyla Loretta spouse of Alfred  born 1918 died 1970     Three Tenth 
Przytula Aloysius  spouse of Delphine           - no dates  Three Fifth 
Przytula Delphine  spouse of Aloysius           - no dates  Three  Fifth 
Purzycki Stanley spouse of Victoria born 1908 died 1989     Three  Sixteen 
Purzycki Victoria spouse of Stanley born 1910 died 1985     Three  Sixteen 
Randall Gertrude J  spouse of Harry K born 1920 died 1996     Three Ninth
Randall Harry K spouse of Gertrude J  born 1918 died 1976      - WWII  Three Ninth 
Ranus Alexander  spouse of Ann    died 1993     Three  Eighteen
Ranus Ann  spouse of Alexander           - no dates  Three Eighteen 
Ranus Dolores J spouse of Leonard L born 1931       Three Eighteen 
Ranus Leonard L spouse of Dolores J born 2/10/1927 died 6/30/1990      - Pfc US Marine Corps  WWII  Three Eighteen 
Ranus Martha M  spouse of Stanley   died 1973     Three Nineteen 
Ranus Stanley spouse of Martha M    died 1989     Three Nineteen 
Rasmus Belle  spouse of Joseph          - no dates  Three Fifteen 
Rasmus Edward  spouse of Frances  born 1930 died 1971     Three  Fifteen 
Rasmus Frances  spouse of Edward           - no dates  Three  Fifteen
Rasmus Fred B  spouse of Louise A  born 1933       Three Fifteen 
Rasmus Joseph spouse of Belle           - no dates  Three  Fifteen 
Rasmus Louise A  spouse of Fred B  born 1934 died 1999     Three  Fifteen
Renwick Frances A   born 3/26/1917 died 2/2/1967      - ACM US Navy WWII  Three Sixth
Root Elvina L  spouse of Ralph J           - no dates  Three First
Root Ralph J  spouse of Elvina L  born 11/23/1923 died 8/24/1988      - Tec 4 US Army WWII  Three  First
Ross Joseph F  spouse of Rozalia born 1918 died 1971     Three Eleventh 
Ross Rozalia spouse of Joseph F  born 1914       Three  Eleventh 
Rozmin Stacia Monique   born 8/16/1999 died 8/26/1999      - Infant  Three Eighteen
Rozumalski Frank spouse of Myrtle born 1877 died 1957     Three  Fourth 
Rozumalski Irene A  spouse of John M  born 1920       Three  Eleventh
Rozumalski John M  spouse of Irene A  born 1913 died 1984     Three Eleventh 
Rozumalski Myrtle spouse of Frank born 1880 died 1953     Three Fourth 
Rozumalski Peter P   born 12/25/1894 died 12/6/1966      - NY Mech Infantry WWI  Three Eighteen
Rushboldt Edward spouse of Theresa  born 1895 died 1969     Three Eleventh
Rushboldt Felix F spouse of Virginia born 11/6/1901 died 9/8/1969      - Pfc UsArmy WWI -AmerLegion marker  Three Eleventh 
Rushboldt Theresa  spouse of Edward born 1893 died 1979     Three Eleventh 
Rushboldt Virginia spouse of Felix F born 1914       Three Eleventh
Rutkowski Agnieszka   born 1857 died 1944     Three Third 
Rutkowski Andrzej   born 1857 died 1948     Three  Third 
Rutkowski Elzbieta    born 1898 died 1945     Three  Third 
Rutkowski Frederick   born 12/24/1915 died 4/10/1988      - S Sgt US Army WWII  Three Fourteen
Rutkowski John J  spouse of Victoria R  born 1888 died 1967     Three Fifteen
Rutkowski Joseph Fred   born 1948 died 1990     Three  Fourteen
Rutkowski Mildred    born 1913       Three  Fourteen
Rutkowski Victoria R  spouse of John J  born 1887 died 1973     Three Fifteen
Rybij Mary   born 1895 died 1984     Three Tenth
Rybij Regina            - no dates  Three Tenth
Rybij William             - no dates  Three Tenth 
Ryczko Anna S spouse of Peter born 1886 died 1971     Three Third 
Ryczko Helen L spouse of Joseph A born 1925       Three Third
Ryczko Joseph A spouse of Helen L born 1929 died 1999     Three Third
Ryczko Peter J  spouse of Anna born 1885 died 1961     Three Third
Sadowski Babe spouse of Sandy born 1918 died 1987      - My love is eternal Tina, Rem.forever Pat  Three Eleventh 
Sadowski Sandy spouse of Babe born 1914 died 1976      - My love is eternal Tina, Rem.forever Pat  Three Eleventh 
Sajdak Aloysius Sr spouse of Pauline born 1905 died 1965     Three Tenth
Sajdak Joanna spouse of Leon S Sr born 1905 died 1998     Three Tenth
Sajdak Leon S Sr spouse of Joanna born 1903 died 1962     Three  Tenth 
Sajdak Pauline spouse of Aloysius Sr born 1910       Three Tenth
Sanecki Mary Ann   born 1949 died 1984     Three Second
Schubarga Anna J spouse of Norman J born 1909 died 1985     Three Seventh 
Schubarga Norman J spouse of Anna J born 1909       Three Seventh 
Schultz Alex spouse of Betty born 1917 died 1977     Three Eleventh
Schultz Betty spouse of Alex born 1917 died 1980     Three Eleventh
Schultz Edward J spouse of Mary B born 11/30/1902 died 7/24/1986      - Pfc US Army WWIIPhoto Three Seventh
Schultz Ernest Joseph   born 12/20/1925 died 1/13/1958      - NY S2 USNR WWIIPhoto  Three Third
Schultz Mary B spouse of Edward J born 1909 died 1996      - Photo  Three  Seventh
Sekula Anastasia P   born 1897 died 1985     Three Fifteen
Setera Anna  spouse of Valentine   died 3/10/1970     Three  Sixth 
Setera Valentine spouse of Anna    died 4/19/1963     Three Sixth 
Shain Anna   born 1891 died 1982      - Mother  Three Twelfth 
Shain Jackson R   born 6/8/1879 died 4/13/1961      - NY ICL Pvt 1 BN Engineers-marker  Three Twelfth
Sikora Anthony J spouse of Delphine D born 1/12/1919 died 1/10/1988      - S Sgt US Army WWII  Three Eighteen
Sikora Delphine D spouse of Anthony J born 1921       Three Eighteen
Sikora John J spouse of Mildred B born 1920 died 1989     Three  Twelfth
Sikora Katherine spouse of Thomas born 1895 died 1996     Three  Fifth
Sikora Michael P  spouse of Sohie T  born 11/8/1917 died 2/8/2000      - Tec5 USArmy WWII- PHeart  Three Third
Sikora Mildred B spouse of John J born 1921 died 2000     Three Twelfth
Sikora Sohie T  spouse of Michael P  born 1915  died 1963     Three  Third
Sikora Stanley J   born 1919 died 2001      - Newmans Funeral Home marker  Three  Eighteen
Sikora Thomas spouse of Katherine born 1891 died 1948     Three Fifth
Sikorski Frank spouse of Sophie  born 1896 died 1973      - Pvt US Army WWI- AmLegion marker  Three  Sixth 
Sikorski Josephine spouse of Martin born 1871 died 1948     Three Sixth
Sikorski Martin spouse of Josephine born 1865 died 1947     Three Sixth
Sikorski Sally L spouse of Walter P born 1897 died 1993     Three Eighteen
Sikorski Sophie  spouse of Frank born 1899 died 1972      - Together Forever  Three  Sixth
Sikorski Stanley W  spouse of Viola R  born 1899 died 1967     Three  Eleventh 
Sikorski Viola R  spouse of Stanley W  born 1912 died 1983     Three Eleventh 
Sikorski Walter P spouse of Sally L born 11/11/1894 died 4/7/1982      - Pfc US Army WWI -AmLeg marker  Three Eighteen 
Sipiorski Anthony E  spouse of Emily C   born 1897 died 1963      - AmerLegion marker  Three Fifth 
Sipiorski Emily C   spouse of Anthony E  born 1900 died 1984     Three Fifth
Sipiorski Helen  spouse of Pelagia B born 1895 died 1983     Three Fifth
Sipiorski Pelagia B spouse of Helen  born 1890 died 1972     Three  Fifth
Skrzypek Edward S   born 1944 died 1986      - American Flag on stone  Three  Seventeen 
Skrzypek Esther spouse of Richard  born 1929       Three Seventeen
Skrzypek Richard  spouse of Esther born 9/17/1919 died 1/1/1988 S       - Sgt US Army AirCorps WWII  Three Seventeen
Skrzypek Richard A   born 12/8/1959 died 12/19/1982      - AIC US Air Force  Three Seventeen 
Slawinski Anthony J spouse of Olga L born 1916 died 1987     Three Eleventh
Slawinski Olga L spouse of Anthony J born 1917 died 1986      - As Always  Three Eleventh
Sliwinski Lillian    born 1906 died 1992     Three  Fourth 
Slojkowski Henry spouse of Nora born 1913 died 1977     Three Ninth
Slojkowski Nora spouse of Henry born 1903 died 1970     Three Ninth
Slominski Mary R spouse of Walter born 1894 died 1991      - My Father Who Art In Heaven  Three  Third
Slominski Walter spouse of Mary R born 1893 died 1980      - My Father Who Art In Heaven  Three  Third
Slonia Irene Delphine  spouse of Matthew John  born 1919 died 2000     Three  Eighth
Slonia Matthew John  spouse of Irene Delphine  born 3/6/1921 died 9/23/1955      - NYCplCoA832 Engr Avn Bn-DkVetWWII  Three Eighth
Smith Arthur J spouse of Eugenia G born 1901 died 1975     Three  Second
Smith Eugenia G spouse of Arthur born 1904       Three  Second 
Smith Frances J spouse of Raymond born 1912 died 1981     Three  Seventh
Smith Michael spouse of Sophie born 1902 died 1979     Three Fourteen 
Smith Peter J  spouse of Rosalie B  born 8/10/1914 died 2/7/1992      - SKG3 USNavy WWII-Korea- Dis Vet  Three Eighth 
Smith Raymond spouse of Frances J born 1907 died 1986     Three Seventh
Smith Rosalie B  spouse of Peter J  born 1908 died 1997     Three  Eighth
Smith Sophie spouse of Michael born 1906 died 1988     Three Fourteen 
Smoczynski Edmund J  spouse of Florence M born 1910 died 1983      - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three Fifth
Smoczynski Florence M spouse of Edmund J  born 1916 died 1965      - Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three Fifth
Snieg John  spouse of Julia  born 1886 died 1974     Three Eighth
Snieg Julia  spouse of John born 1892 died 1984     Three Eighth 
Snyder Ann M Kober   born 1915 died 1986     Three Fourteen
Sobczak Agnes H spouse of Walter E born 1920        - In Loving Memory  Three Seventeen
Sobczak Alex spouse of Delphine born 1926        - shared stone w Poncharik  Three Seventeen 
Sobczak Delphine spouse of Alex born 1926        - shared stone w Poncharik  Three Seventeen
Sobczak Walter E spouse of Agnes H born 1/14/1920 died 5/14/1991      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three  Seventeen 
Sobilo Eleanora S spouse of John C born 1887 died 1955     Three Third
Sobilo John C spouse of Eleanora S born 1886 died 1978     Three  Third
Somerfeldt Anastasia spouse of Andrew B  born 1892 died 1972     Three First
Somerfeldt Andrew B  spouse of Anastasia born 10/15/1888 died 11/11/1961      - NY Cook 2 Co Trans Corps WWI- mrk  Three First
Somerfeldt Jerome J  spouse of Julia W  born 1912 died 1987      - (Staff Srgt.Us Army WWII P.H.)  Three Ninth 
Somerfeldt Julia W  spouse of Jerome J  born 1918 died 2007     Three Ninth
Somerfeldt Mary Ann   born 1923 died 1972     Three First
Somerfeldt Rose V spouse of Stanley A    died 1972     Three  Nineteen 
Somerfeldt Stanley A  spouse of Rose V   died 1973     Three Nineteen
Somerfeldt Walter E   born 6/17/1914 died 6/9/1968      - NY Pvt 362Inf 91Inf Div WWII- Vet marker  Three Eleventh 
Sosinski Anthony Jr   born 1930 died 1947     Three Fifth
Sosinski Anthony L  spouse of Marie P  born 2/15/1896 died 11/14/1956      - NY PvtCoM346 Inf WWI-  Father  Three Fifth
Sosinski Margaret  spouse of Richard M  born 1927 died 1999     Three  Fifth
Sosinski Marie P  spouse of Anthony L  born 1907 died 1952      - Mother  Three Fifth
Sosinski Richard M  spouse of Margaret  born 6/16/1928 died 6/15/1990      - Pfc US Army Korea  Three Fifth
Sprague Juanita F    born 1952 died 1985      - Ladies Aux. VFW  Three  Nineteen
Sprague Martha R  spouse of Milton E  born 1918 died 1972     Three Eighteen
Sprague Milton E  spouse of Martha R  born 11/19/1913 died 6/4/1977      - Sgt US Army  Three Eighteen
Standera Sophia  spouse of Walter  born 1903 died 1984     Three Fifteen
Standera Walter  spouse of Sophia  born 1904 died 1966     Three Fifteen
Steffan Andrew J spouse of Celia S born 1908 died 1973      - Together Forever  Three Fourteen
Steffan Caroline  spouse of Edward born 1907 died 1979     Three  Ninth
Steffan Celia S spouse of Andrew J born 1912 died 5/27/1986      - Together Forever  Three Fourteen
Steffan Edward spouse of Caroline  born 1904 died 1970     Three  Ninth
Stolinski Aloysius H spouse of Angeline M born 2/9/1914 died 6/21/2000      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three Twelfth
Stolinski Angeline M spouse of Aloysius H born 1919 died 1998     Three  Twelfth 
Stolinski REV Robert A    born 1945       Three  Twelfth 
Strychalski Vincent C Sr  spouse of Wanda I born 7/2/1914 died 7/26/1984      - Wt2US Navy WWII Vet Foreign Wars  Three Sixteen
Strychalski Wanda I spouse of Vincent C Sr  born 1916 died 1993     Three  Sixteen 
Sudol Genevieve spouse of Joseph born 1913 died 1980     Three  Twelfth
Sudol Joseph spouse of Genevieve born 1917 died 1973     Three  Twelfth 
Surma Stephen F   born 1910 died 1956     Three Third
Suski Joseph  spouse of Mary  born 1913       Three Fifth
Suski Julianna  spouse of Marcin born 1887 died 1949     Three  Fifth 
Suski Marcin  spouse of Julianna born 1881 died 1956     Three Fifth
Suski Mary  spouse of Joseph  born 1914 died 1988     Three  Fifth
Sypniewski Bernice   born 1909 died 1993     Three Seventh
Sypniewski Constance spouse of Stanislaus born 1883 died 1972     Three Seventh 
Sypniewski Stanislaus spouse of Constance born 1881 died 1958     Three Seventh 
Sysol Antonina spouse of Ludwig born 1894 died 1977      - Not My Will But Thy Will  Three Eighth
Sysol Chester L "Chet"  spouse of Genevieve "Jean"  born 9/6/1915 died 10/23/1984      - Pfc Army WWII  Three Fourteen 
Sysol Genevieve "Jean"  spouse of Chester L "Chet"  born 1919 died 1990     Three Fourteen
Sysol Ludwig spouse of Antonina born 1890 died 1969      - Not My Will But Thy Will  Three Eighth 
Szewczyk Florence spouse of Joseph born 1913 died 1974     Three Eleventh
Szewczyk Joseph spouse of Florence born 1911 died 1991     Three Eleventh
Szocki Agnes spouse of Daniel  born 1926       Three  Seventh
Szocki Daniel  spouse of Agnes born 1924 died 1964      - Dk Vet marker  Three Seventh
Szocki Eugene G spouse of Mildred M  born 6/25/1923 died 7/13/1982      - SC 3 US CoastGuard WWII  Three  Twelfth
Szocki Mildred M  spouse of Eugene G born 1920       Three Twelfth
Szocki Reginald F  spouse of Theresa M born 12/8/1925 died 1/5/1993      - S1 US Navy  WWII  Three  Nineteen 
Szocki Theresa M spouse of Reginald F  born 1928       Three  Nineteen 
Szopinski Theodore N   born 3/22/1927 died 5/17/1984      - Cpl Us Army WWII  Three  Fourteen 
Szot Caroline  spouse of Sebastian  born 1895 died 1943     Three Third 
Szot Sebastian  spouse of Caroline  born 1887 died 1972     Three  Third 
Szukala Anthony J  spouse of Florence   born 1902 died 1971     Three Fifth
Szukala Florence   spouse of Anthony J  born 1912 died 1967     Three Fifth
Szukala Helen spouse of Louis          - no dates Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three  Twelfth
Szukala James R   born 4/16/1949 died 11/9/1949      - Son  Three  Fifth
Szukala Louis spouse of Helen          - no dates Our Father Who Art In Heaven  Three Twelfth 
Szukala Peter spouse of Sophie  born 1903 died 1979      - Together Forever  Three Eleventh
Szukala Sophie   spouse of Peter born 1907 died 1980      - Together Forever  Three  Eleventh 
Szwejbka Albin J  spouse of Eleanore M  born 1928       Three  Third
Szwejbka Eleanore M  spouse of Albin J  born 1927       Three Third
Szydlo Helen  spouse of John  born 1921       Three Ninth
Szydlo John  spouse of Helen  born 1908 died 1965     Three  Ninth 
Szymanowicz Adrian A   born 1918 died 1989     Three  Sixth
Szymanowicz Andrew C  spouse of Hedwig A  born 1884 died 1952     Three  Sixth
Szymanowicz Hedwig A  spouse of Andrew C  born 1886 died 1963     Three Sixth
Szymanowicz Janet B    born 1935       Three Sixth
Szymanowicz Jozefa B spouse of Stanislaw J  born 2/1887 died 10/56     Three Fourth
Szymanowicz Stanislaw J  spouse of Jozefa B born 1/1882 died 10/58     Three Fourth
Szymanski Helen J  spouse of Peter  born 1883 died 1961     Three Eighth
Szymanski Peter  spouse of Helen J  born 1883 died 1974     Three Eighth
Teclaw Julia S  spouse of Leon M  born 1966        Three  First 
Teclaw Leon M  spouse of Julia S  born 1982         Three  First 
Terese Anthony P  spouse of Elaine R born 11/22/1924 died 9/17/1992      - Pfc US Army WWII -Purple Heart  Three  Seventeen
Terese Elaine R spouse of Anthony P  born 1932       Three Seventeen 
Thomas Helen spouse of Joseph A  born 1900 died 1971     Three  Fourth
Thomas Joseph A  spouse of Helen born 1896  died 1973     Three Fourth
Tofil Elizabeth J spouse of Michael T   born 1927 died 19--      Three Fourth
Tofil Frances A spouse of Irene M born 1924       Three  Fourth 
Tofil Irene M spouse of Frances A born 1918 died 1991     Three Fourth 
Tofil Leo   born 2/6/1928 died 9/20/1963      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three  Fourth
Tofil Mary   born 1921        - Daughter  Three Fourth 
Tofil Michael T   spouse of Elizabeth J born 1926       Three Fourth
Tofil Rita Helen     died 6-1950     Three Fourth
Tofil Salomea   born 1894 died 1949      - Mother  Three  Fourth
Tofil Stanislaw    born 1890 died 1976      - Father  Three  Fourth
Tuczynski Joseph A  spouse of Josephine A born 1905 died 1978     Three  Nineteen 
Tuczynski Josephine A spouse of Joseph A  born 1908 died 1996     Three Nineteen
Urbanik Theresa H spouse of Walter J.          - no dates  Three  Second
Urbanik Walter J spouse of Theresa H          - no dates  Three  Second 
Velk Sophia spouse of Stanislaus  born 1891 died 1964     Three Fifth
Velk Stanislaus  spouse of Sophia born 1888 died 1974     Three  Fifth
Waclawski Betty L  spouse of Carl S  born 1921       Three Fifteen 
Waclawski Carl S  spouse of Betty L  born 4/5/1918 died 4/18/1990      - Tec 5 US Army WWII  Three  Fifteen 
Waclawski Michael C    born 7-20-1988 died 7-21-1988      - Asleep In The Arms Of Jesus  Three Seventh 
Waclawski Richard II    born 10-22-1970 died 12-2-1970       - Our Little Boy-Always In Our Hearts  Three Seventh
Walczak Anthony J spouse of Celia born 1916       Three Twelfth
Walczak Celia spouse of Anthony J born 1912 died 1980     Three  Twelfth
Walczak Julian S   born 2/2/1924 died 5/6/1980      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three  Eighth 
Walczak Mary A    born 1891 died 1973     Three Eighth
Wasag Angeline spouse of Louis born 1892 died 1965     Three  Seventh 
Wasag Jerome P   born 11/1/1934 died 9/9/1984      - A3C US Air Force  Three Seventh 
Wasag Louis spouse of Angeline born 1888 died 1959     Three Seventh
Wawro Frances J spouse of Raymond K  born 1911 died 1985     Three Fourteen
Wawro Raymond K  spouse of Frances J born 1912 died 1984     Three Fourteen
Weglinski Frank spouse of Victoria born 1895 died 1991     Three  First
Weglinski Victoria spouse of Frank born 1893 died 1980     Three First
Welka Felix F  spouse of Francis J born 1924       Three Fourteen 
Welka Francis J spouse of Felix F  born 2/10/1930 died 8/23/1985      - Sgt US Army Korea  Three Fourteen
White Andrew John  spouse of Anna  born 2/1/1906 died 2/14/1973      - NY CGM US Navy WWII-marker  Three Ninth
White Anna  spouse of Andrew John  born 1907 died 1976     Three Ninth
White Robert Andrew -Bienko    born 8/8/1987 died 10/14/1990      - Letter from Mom- engraved on back  Three Eighteen
Winceniak Albert F  spouse of Florence  born 1909 died 1986      - Together Forever  Three  Ninth 
Winceniak Florence  spouse of Albert F  born 1913 died 2000      - Together Forever  Three  Ninth
Wisniewski Alexander  spouse of Anna  born 1893 died 1957     Three  Seventh
Wisniewski Anna  spouse of Alexander  born 1904 died 1983     Three  Seventh
Wisniewski Anna A  spouse of Ed Cherry  born 1910 died 1998     Three Eighteen
Wisniewski Ed Cherry  spouse of Anna A  born 1902 died 1985     Three Eighteen
Wisniewski Emily spouse of Stanley  born 1917 died 1991     Three  Fifteen 
Wisniewski Stanley  spouse of Emily born 1918 died 1962     Three  Fifteen
Witerski Casmir S  spouse of Celia S  born 1910 died 1983     Three  Eighteen
Witerski Celia S  spouse of Casmir S  born 1912 died 1992     Three Eighteen
Wlodarek Harry E  spouse of Mary M  born 1912 died 1999     Three Fifteen 
Wlodarek Mary M  spouse of Harry E  born 1914       Three Fifteen 
Wojarnarowski Adolph  spouse of Mildred born 1912 died 1999     Three Seventh 
Wojarnarowski Barbara     died 1940     Three Seventh
Wojarnarowski Mildred spouse of Adolph  born 1916       Three  Seventh
Wojcinski Edmund J    born 3/8/1913 died 3/8/1995      - Tec 4 US Army WWII died on birthdate  Three  Sixteen
Wojcinski Eleanor  spouse of Henry P  born 1929        Three Nineteen 
Wojcinski Florence J    born 1920 died 1986     Three  Sixteen
Wojcinski Henry P  spouse of Eleanor  born 6/4/1926 died 11/9/1997      - Pfc US Army WWII  Three Nineteen
Wojcinski John   born 1888 died 1975      - Father  Three  First 
Wojcinski Josepg G   born 1956       Three Sixteen
Wojcinski Nancy    born 1955 died 1977      - with Henry P, Eleanor Wojcinski Three Nineteen
Wojcinski Rita W    born 1921 died 1939     Three  First
Wojcinski Sophia   born 1891 died 1968      - Mother  Three  First
Wolak Barney J    born 1907 died 1956     Three Eighth
Wolak John  spouse of Theodosia born 1899 died 1967      - American Legion marker  Three  Eleventh
Wolak Theodosia spouse of John  born 1910 died 1987     Three  Eleventh
Wolak William    born 1902 died 1961     Three  Eighth
Wolfe A Mildred  spouse of Robert F  born 1927       Three Fourth 
Wolfe Allen Paul    born 1962 died 1964      - Our Darling-In God's Care  Three Fourth
Wolfe Robert F  spouse of Mildred A  born 2/6/1924 died 9/30/1969      - NY Pfc BTRY C 72 AAABN WWII  Three Fourth
Worosz Belle  spouse of Felix  "Zip"  born 1903 died 1984      - Together Forever  Three  Thirteen
Worosz Felix  "Zip"  spouse of Belle  born 1898 died 1988      - Together Forever  Three Thirteen
Wozniak Adam L spouse of Mary born 12/6/1892 died 1/11/1965      - NY BKRI US Navy -Dk Vet marker  Three Sixth
Wozniak Mary spouse of Adam L born 1894 died 1978     Three  Sixth
York Agnes P   born 1/6/1908 died 2/18/1993     Three Fourth
Zacharias John E  spouse of Stella G    died 1-10-1985      Three Tenth 
Zacharias Stella G  spouse of John E    died 10-6-1999      Three Tenth 
Zachary Chester J spouse of Frances  born 1917  died 1977     Three Eleventh 
Zachary Frances  spouse of Chester J born 1919  died 2000      Three  Eleventh 
Zacharzewski Aloysius A  spouse of Mary P  born 7/7/1916 died 12/22/1988      - S Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII  Three  Sixteen 
Zacharzewski Mary P  spouse of Aloysius A  born 1918        - US Navy  Three  Sixteen
Zaedow Eleanor    born 1914 died 1973     Three  Tenth
Zaedow John G    born 4/23/1909 died 5/18/1973      - Tec4 US Army WWII  Three  Tenth
Zagorski Anthony C    born 1917 died 1968      - Disabled Vet marker  - shared stone with Dorothy E Mildenstein  Three  Sixteen
Zaleski John B  spouse of Martha    died 8/29/1973     Three Tenth 
Zaleski Martha  spouse of John B    died 7/10/1974     Three Tenth 
Zatorski Frank  spouse of Stella born 1888 died 1967     Three  Sixth
Zatorski Stella spouse of Frank  born 1893 died 1963     Three Sixth
Zebracki Angeline  spouse of Peter J  born 1918 died 1990     Three Eighth 
Zebracki Peter J  spouse of Angeline  born 1911 died 1975     Three Eighth 
Zebraski Joseph A  spouse of Monica C born 1900 died 1966     Three  Tenth 
Zebraski Monica C spouse of Joseph A  born 1903 died 1992     Three Tenth 
Ziegler Diane A  spouse of Paul H           - no dates Limo Picture on stone  Three  Eighteen
Ziegler Martha  J  spouse of Paul B born 1909 died 1965     Three  Fifteen
Ziegler Paul B spouse of Martha  J  born 1901 died 1979     Three Fifteen
Ziegler Paul H  spouse of Diane A  born 1934 died 1997      - Limo Picture on stone  Three  Eighteen
Zielinski Adam    born 1868 died 1952     Three Second
Zielinski Antonina    born 1881 died 1942     Three  Second 
Zielinski Felix B spouse of Joan born 1917 died 5/8/1980     Three Second 
Zielinski Joan  spouse of Felix B born 9/21/1919 died 10/20/2001     Three Second
Ziemba Andrew J    born 1938       Three  Sixth 
Ziemba Belle  spouse of John  born 1897 died 1990     Three  Sixth
Ziemba Dorothy M  spouse of Edward J  born 1931 died 20--      Three Nineteen 
Ziemba Edward J  spouse of Dorothy M  born 4/8/1927 died 12/13/1999      - Pfc US Army Air Forces  WWII  Three  Nineteen
Ziemba John  spouse of Belle  born 1893 died 1974     Three Sixth
Zinkan Austin  F spouse of Helen J  born 1884 died 1978     Three  Ninth
Zinkan Helen J  spouse of Austin  F born 1896 died 1978     Three Ninth 
Ziolkowski Mary A  spouse of Walter F  born 1898 died 1964     Three Eighth
Ziolkowski Walter F  spouse of Mary A  born 1896 died 1976     Three Eighth
Zolnoski Adam E  spouse of Joan R born 1914 died 1967     Three  Tenth
Zolnoski Joan R spouse of Adam E  born 1924       Three Tenth
Zuchowski Daniel M spouse of Irene born 1922 died 1993     Three  Twelfth 
Zuchowski Irene spouse of Daniel M born 1921       Three  Twelfth 
Zwolak Anna spouse of Frank born 1896 died 1976     Three  Eighth 
Zwolak Frank spouse of Anna born 1893 died 1956     Three  Eighth



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