Jamestown, NY
Town of Ellicott
Transcribed & Formatted by PHGS Member: Mary E. Bryant

Photos by PHGS Member Wendy Phillips

AGATE, Anothy J. Spouse of Rose Anzalone. Born 9-28-1912, died 3-24-2001. Age: 88 - Son of Salvatore and Annunziata Schiros Agate
AGATE, James S. Spouse of Mary C. Sapienza. Born 7-4-1914, died 12-25-2006. Age: 92 - Son of Salvatory and Nancy Scheros Agate-married 5-25-1936
AGATE, Mary C. Spouse of James S. Born 6-18-1918, died 7-12-2006. Age: 88 - Dau of Joseph and Catherine Liuzzo Sapienza-married for 70 years on 5-25-2006
AGATE, Rose Anzalone. Spouse of Anothy J. Born ??, died 9-25-1984 - Wed Feb.22 1939
AGATE, Sharon A. Born 5-21-1943, died 9-25-2005. Age: 62 - Dau of James S. and Mary C. Sapienza Agate
AIELLO, Augustine A. Spouse of Mary Messina. Born 9-5-1918, died 5-3-2003. Age: 84 - Son of Anthony and Dominica Carollo Aiello U.S. Army 94th Chemical Warfare Battalion European Theatre WW II
AIELLO, Mary Messina. Spouse of Augustine A. Born ??, died 11-17-1987 - Wed Sept 5 1938
ALLEN, Johanna J. Born 10-14-1938, died 6-4-2009. Age: 70 - Dau of James and Ruth Hawkinson Klomp
AMATO, Anne M. Spouse of August Amato. Born 05-05-1927, died 2-7-2003. Age: 75 - Dau of Joseph and Consolata Fiorentino Miraglia, b. Jamestown NY
AMATUZZO, Frances Cusimano. Spouse of Joseph. Born ??, died 4-12-1997 - Wed Nov. 28 1939
AMATUZZO, Joseph. Spouse of Frances Cusimano. Born 6-13-1913, died 10-18-2001. Age: 88 - Son of Samuel and Mary Cusimano Amatuzzo US Army MP'S WW II
AMATUZZO, Mary Frances. Born 11-2-1941, died 1-14-2011. Age: 69 - Dau of Joseph and Frances Cusimano Amatuzzo-born in Laconia, NH
ANDALORA, Joseph Michael. Spouse of Josephine Rado. Born 10-5-1948, died 3-6-2007. Age: 58 - Son of Paul and Carmella Galbato Andalora Sr.-married 10-4-1969
ANDALORA, Paul M. Sr. Spouse of Carmella A. Galbato. Born 12-20-1917, died 3-30-2008. Age: 90 - Son of Michael and Ida Milioto Andalora-US Army WW II Veteran-married 9-13-1947
ANGELI, Delia Maria Villaggi. Spouse of Alberto. Born 9-29-1922, died 3-8-2011. Age: 88 - Dau of Luigi and Paola Montemagni Villaggi-born in Vico Pancellorum, Tuscany, Italy-married 1-12-1947 in Italy
ANGELO, Josephine C. "Jo". Spouse of Anthony J. Born 9-13-1917, died 2-24-2007. Age: 89 - Dau of Vincenzo and Rose Parsaliti Conti-married 9-23-1939
ANGILELLA, Anna M. Spouse of L. Robert. Born 8-1-1915, died 8-9-2010. Age: 95 - Dau of Louis and Mary Pafundi DeNunzio-born in Troy, NY-married 6-27-1933
ANTONUCCIO, Patsy. Spouse of #1 Rose Marie Mordino, #2 Carmella Reala. Born 5-5-1921, died 5-12-2007. Age: 86 - Son of Anthony and Mary Antonuccio-born in Rossiter, PA-U.S. Army Air Corps WW II Veteran-married #1 5-4-1946, #2 9-16-2000
ARNONE, Angelo "Lucky". Spouse of Eva Calanni. Born 2-22-1920, died 8-10-2009. Age: 89 - Son of Angelo and Josephine Lipoma Arnone-born in Florence, PA-US Army Air Corps WWII Veteran-married 11-22-1945
ARNONE, Antoinette Aregano. Spouse of Samuel. Born 7-4-1907, died 11-14-2010. Age: 103 - Dau of Nicholas and Marie Lobisco Aregano-born in Auburn, NY-married 1-17-1928 in Auburn, NY
AURIA, Clara E. Spouse of Frank J. Born 3-22-1911, died 3-8-1999. Age: 87 - Dau of James and Frances Greco Costello, b. Florence PA
AURIA, Frank J. Spouse of Clara E. Born ??, died 5-14-1905 - Wed 1925
BAGGIANO, Adelaide Mazzone. Spouse of Carl. Born 8-8-1925, died 2-4-2011. Age: 85 - Dau of Joseph and Serafina Spedaro Mazzone
BAGLIA, John L. Born 12-16-1941, died 12-1-2010. Age: 68 - Son of Joseph and Grace Bordenga Baglia-US Army Veteran
BAGLIA, Joseph J. Spouse of Lillian "Lil" Terrano. Born 10-3-1923, died 2-19-2007. Age: 83 - Son of Joseph and Grace Bordenga Baglia-born in Breaburn PA-U.S. Air Force WW II Veteran
BAGLIA, Louis A. Spouse of Antoinette "Toni" Miraglia. Born 11-27-1926, died 12-4-2010. Age: 84 - Son of Leonard and Frances Napolitano Baglia
BAGLIA, Vincent N. Born 12-6-1916, died 4-29-2001. Age: 84 - Son of Leonard and Frances Napolitano Bagia US Army 1st Arm Div. 751st Bat WW II
BALLARD, Frances J. Spouse of Katherine Restivo. Born 7-26-1947, died 12-24-2005. Age: 58 - Son of Frank and Montrose Nye Ballard, b. Salamanca NY. Wed Nov 10 1972 - Vietnam Vet, US Marine Corps
BARBER, Ross J. Spouse of Mamie Arcadipane. Born 1-26-1917, died 11-4-1992. Age: 75 - Son of Ross and Nellie Ferrara Barber U. S. Army World War II
BARLOW, James A. Sr. Born 5-23-1946, died 8-4-2007. Age: 61 - Son of Anthony J. Barlow and Rose Dina Barlow Criscione-U.S. Army Veteran
BARLOW, Ruth Maggio. Spouse of Samuel C. Born 3-13-1913, died 12-31-1999 - Dau of James and Mary Coffaro Maggio
BARLOW, Samuel C. Spouse of Ruth Maggio. Born ??, died 12-31-1981 - Wed Ruth M Jan.5 1946
BARONE, Michael F. Spouse of Grace Hallman. Born 10-16-1918, died 12-1-2000. Age: 82 - Son of Frank and Madeline LoTempio Barone US Army WW II wed Nov.14 1952
BASILE, Anthony. Spouse of Grace M. Farnella. Born 9-21-1916, died 12-27-2009. Age: 93 - Son of Joseph and Mary Rose Basile-born in Tortorici, Italy-US Army Veteran-married 1-25-1941
BASILE, Carlo G. Spouse of Constance Tilaro. Born 11-17-1920, died 6-29-2008. Age: 87 - Son of Joseph and Maryrose Basile-born in Tortorici, Italy-came to the US at the age of 7-US Army WWII Veteran-married 6-26-1948
BASILE, Joseph. Spouse of Maria Rosa. Born ??, died 2-28-1968
BASILE, Maria Rosa. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1-3-1893, died 1-13-1988. Age: 95 - Dau of Joseph and Carmella Calimeri Basile, b. Tortorici Italy
BELLARDO, Angeline. Spouse of Joseph Sr. Born ??, died 5-31-1905
BELLARDO, Elizabeth Bruto. Spouse of Salvatore ''Sam''. Born 12-11-1910, died 12-28-2004. Age: 94 - Dau of Carlo and Rosa Chiappetta Bruto, b. in Anita PA
BELLARDO, Joan Vera Saldi. Spouse of John Joseph Sr. Born ??, died 1-22-1978
BELLARDO, John Joseph Sr. Spouse of Joan Vera Saldi. Born 12-19-1916, died 2-23-2000. Age: 83 - Son of John J. Bellardo and Rachael Maione Bellardo
BELLARDO, Joseph Sr. Spouse of Angeline. Born 11-10-1914, died 1-14-2001. Age: 86 - Son of John and Rachel Maione Bellardo US Army WW II
BELLARDO, Salvatore ''Sam''. Spouse of Elizabeth B. Born ??, died 10-12-1994 - Wed April 16 1932
BELLITTO, Carmella Basile. Spouse of Anthony. Born 1-8-1926, died 1-14-2010. Age: 84 - Dau of Sebastian and Sebastiana Ciancio Basile-married 6-24-1961
BELLITTO, Charles. Spouse of Sarah M. Born ??, died 7-12-1994 - Wed Sarah M Oct.24 1936
BELLITTO, Rose M. Spouse of Sebastian. Born 9-20-1915, died 2-16-2000. Age: 84 - Dau of Frank and Carmella Menzola wed 10-31-1954
BELLITTO, Sarah M. Spouse of Joseph. Born 10-22-1915, died 6-9-2000. Age: 84 - Dau of Rosario and Camela Foti Bellitto
BELLITTO, Sebastian J. "Busty". Spouse of Rose Menzola. Born 1-10-1914, died 5-31-2010. Age: 96 - Son of Joseph and Sebastiana LeSeta Bellitto-married 10-31-1954
BELLOMO, Joseph S. Jr. Spouse of Carmela Caprino. Born 10-12-1920, died 2-20-2011. Age: 90 - Son of Joseph and Mary Triglia Bellomo Sr.-married 8-23-1941
BERNHARDT, Margaret R. "Dolly". Spouse of George M. Born 1-9-1935, died 5-14-2010. Age: 75 - Dau of Philip and Rose Calabrese Cordosi
BILLERIO, Frank. Spouse of Clelia M Caffo. Born 3-8-1912, died 11-4-2000. Age: 88 - Son of Guiseppe and Luisa Lecchi Billerio b- Felizzano Italy wed 11-27-1941
BOERMA, Elizabeth J. "Betty". Spouse of Harold B. Born 3-14-1918, died 2-15-2007 - Dau of George W. and Lulu Burmaster Tolman-married for 35 years
BOERMAN, Harold B. Spouse of Elizabeth "Betty" Tolman. Born 7-15-1915, died 8-13-2006. Age: 91 - Son of Ben and Ila Hilliker Boerma-born in Cadillac Michigan-married for 35 years
BONAVENTURA, Rose. Born 2-8-1925, died 12-18-2001. Age: 76 - Dau of Ventura and Frances Trippi Bonaventura
BORDENGA, Mary G. Sena. Spouse of Michael. Born 12-21-1918, died 10-12-2006. Age: 87 - Dau of Richard and Mary DiPuma Sena-married 7-5-1941
BOSCARINO, Angeline C. Zanetta. Spouse of Chris S. Born 4-3-1927, died 9-12-2006. Age: 79 - Dau of Anthony and Concetta Manera Zanetta-married 7-4-1949
BOSCARINO, Chris S. Spouse of Angeline Zanetta. Born 6-19-1925, died 4-6-2008. Age: 82 - Son of Antonio and Stephana Arnone Boscarino-born in Grote Sicily-came to the US in 1929-US Army Veteran-married 7-4-1949
BRUNACINI, Rose. Spouse of Samuel C. Born 7-22-1915, died 5-6-2004. Age: 88 - Dau of Charles and Anntonette Boscarino Arnone, b. Florence PA
BRUNACINI, Rose DiSabantonio. Spouse of #1 Angelo "Chello" DiSabantonio, #2 Leonard Brunacini. Born 7-20-1918, died 8-30-2010. Age: 92 - Dau of John and Concetta Lunetta-died in San Diego, CA
BRUNACINI, Samuel C. Spouse of Rose A. Born ??, died 4-11-1989
BRUNACINI, Shelly Berardi. Spouse of Jerry. Born 4-10-1971, died 6-19-2006. Age: 35 - Dau of Toni Southwick Berardi Fiorella-died as a result of an automobile accident
BRUNATO, Joseph. Spouse of Mayme D. Born ??, died 6-19-1905
BRUNATO, Laura M. Spouse of Markin. Born 1-22-1911, died 10-29-2001. Age: 90 - Dau of Salvator and Antonia Cali Tabone
BRUNATO, Markin. Spouse of Laura M. Born ??, died 4-27-1995 - Wed Laura M Feb.2 1929
BRUNATO, Mayme D. Spouse of Joseph. Born 04-10-1917, died 3-24-2003. Age: 85 - Dau of Frank and Mary Graziano Fazio, b. in Warren PA
BRUTO, Carmella. Born 8-1-1917, died 4-5-2007. Age: 89 - Dau of Carlo and Rosa Chiappetta Bruto-born in Anita PA
CAFARO, Domenica "Millie". Spouse of Anthony A. Born 1-28-1919, died 4-26-2009. Age: 90 - Dau of Alfonso and Mary Garce Trippi Papaserge-married in 1945
CALA, Anne M. Born 6-16-1920, died 11-26-2005. Age: 85 - Dau of Anthony and Carmela Buttafaro Cala
CALA, Joseph T. Spouse of Phyllis A. Acre. Born 8-1-1926, died 3-12-2011. Age: 84 - Son of Sebastiano and Sarah Costanzo Cala-US Army WWII Veteran-married 8-2-1958
CALABRESE, Nicolina M. Crassi. Spouse of Roy J. Born 1-8-1920, died 6-22-2010. Age: 90 - Dau of Carmelo and Antonina Argeri Crassi-married 7-9-1941
CALABRESE, Roy J. Spouse of Nicolina Crassi. Born 5-31-1916, died 8-7-2005. Age: 89 - Son of Joseph and Angeline LaValle Calabrese m. July 9 1941
CALALESINA, Anthony A. Spouse of Bessie Triscari. Born 4-26-1918, died 1-30-2009. Age: 90 - Son of Charles and Mary Felanzo Calalesina-US Army Veteran-married 7-5-1947
CALAMUNGI, James T. Spouse of Carmella Costanzo. Born 10-1-1927, died 2-17-2014. Age: 86 - Son of Joseph and Angela (Calimeri) Calamungi, born and died in Jamestown. - WW II Vet, US Army 1946-48
CALANNI, Antoinette Rizzo. Spouse of Sam C. Born ??, died 12-2-1992 - Wed Sam June 24 1945
CALANNI, Genevieve Ann Reale. Spouse of James S. Born 5-17-1929, died 9-8-2010. Age: 81 - Dau of Carmelo J. and Rosaria Foti Reale-married 7-7-1951
CALANNI, Lillian Vullo. Spouse of Russell Calanni Sr. Born 2-17-1907, died 1-19-2006. Age: 98 - Dau of Clement and Ida Lombardo Vullo-born in Italy came to the US at age 8-married in 1923
CALANNI, Sam C. Spouse of Antoinette Rizzo. Born 3-30-1923, died 8-20-2001. Age: 78 - Son of Sebastian and Rosaria Paternitti Calanni US Army WW II
CALANNI, Sebastian "Busty". Spouse of Perscilla Latona. Born 6-11-1925, died 3-13-2010. Age: 84 - Son of Russell and Lillian Vullo Calanni-US Army WWII Veteran-married 7-26-1946
CALANNIO, Helen M. Spouse of Paul S. Born 12-24-1920, died 3-30-2003. Age: 82 - Dau of Harry and Mabel Lynch Smith, b. in Warren PA
CALANNIO, Paul S. Spouse of Helen M. Born ??, died 6-2-1905
CALI, Caterina Ghirrigelli. Spouse of Salvatore. Born 3-28-1908, died 6-10-2001. Age: 93 - Dau of Giovanni and Josephine Elia Ghirrigelli b-Varese Italy
CALI, Elaine E. Spouse of John J. Born 11-17-1933, died 9-7-2006. Age: 72 - Dau of Oscar and Ruth Burgess Saunders-born in Niagara Falls-married 9-6-1953
CALI, Michael "Mike. Born 8-14-1916, died 3-28-2001. Age: 84 - Son of Charles and Jennie Ingrao Cali
CALI, Ross John. Spouse of Mildred Cutrona. Born 11-30-1934, died 6-14-2008. Age: 73 - Son of Salvatore and Caterina Ghirrigelli Cali-born in Palermo, Sicily
CALI, Salvatore. Spouse of Caterina Ghirrigelli. Born ??, died 6-14-1992 - Wed Caterina G 1934 Son of Chas. and Jennei Cali
CALIMERI, Frank. Born 3-12-1937, died 10-13-2008. Age: 71 - Son of Michael and Rosaria Paterniti Calimeri-born in Tortorici, Sicily-came to Jamestown in 1958
CALIMERI, Rosaria. Spouse of Michele. Born 4-18-1916, died 1-26-2007. Age: 90 - Dau of Frank and Maria Paterniti-born in Tortoricci Italy
CAMPANA, Carmen [Spike]. Spouse of Carmella Costanzo. Born 12-22-1918, died 1-19-2011. Age: 92 - Son of Herman and Alice Flasck Campana-born in Warren, OH. Married 11-23-1950 - WW II Vet, US Navy Seabee
CANFORA, Josephine Pace. Spouse of Philip Paul. Born ??, died 3-20-1999
CANFORA, Philip Paul. Spouse of Josephine P. Born 4-23-1921, died 11-1-2002. Age: 81 - Son of Philip and Josephine Mazzurco Canfora U.S. Army
CAPPA, Carl M. Spouse of Catherine DeFrancisco. Born 11-29-1922, died 5-12-2001. Age: 78 - Son of Ross M. Cappa and Sarah Mazzurco Gullotti US Army WW II
CAPPANO, Charles "Cappy". Spouse of Sarah Loverme. Born 11-24-1927, died 9-29-2000. Age: 72 - Son of Samuel and Anna Schifano Cappano US Army WW II
CAPRINO, Albert. Spouse of Serafina LoPresti. Born 7-12-1924, died 10-30-2007. Age: 83 - Son of Anthony and Antonina Gullotti Caprino-born in Tortorici, Sicily-married 9-27-1947-came to the US in 1952
CAPRINO, Anthony C. "Tony". Spouse of Josephine "Josie" S. Gotto. Born 5-29-1929, died 3-4-2011. Age: 81 - Son of Carl A. and Sarah Paterniti Caprino-US Army Veteran-married 6-25-1959
CAPRINO, Ignazio. Spouse of Sebastiana Montagna. Born 1-22-1915, died 11-11-2004. Age: 89 - Son of Ignazio and Singaorina Calimeri Caprino, b. Tortoricci Italy. Wed June 10 1935 in Italy. WW II Vet, Italian Army
CAPRINO, Joseph. Spouse of Mary A. Lucca. Born 9-5-1919, died 10-15-2000. Age: 81 - Son of Anthony and wed Feb.12 1946Antonina Gullotti Caprino
CAPRINO, Pete. Spouse of Josephine C. Foti. Born 6-22-1922, died 10-1-2009. Age: 87 - Son of Anthony and Antonina Gullotti Caprino-born in Tortorici, Sicily-came to the US in 1947-married 11-18-1950
CARAFICE, Louise A. Zarcone. Spouse of Angelo Carafice. Born ??, died 3-6-2008
CARCIONE, Francis S. Born 10-11-1926, died 1-21-2011. Age: 84 - Dau of Charles and Mary Rose Guiffreda Carcione
CARDINALE, Anthony. Spouse of Mary Fiorello. Born ??, died 11-27-1991 - Wed Mary F April 15 1950
CARDINALE, Mary Fiorello. Spouse of Anthony. Born 6-20-1928, died 6-16-2000. Age: 72 - Dau of Charles and Josephine Zagada Fiorello
CARDONE, Bernice Romaine Wilson. Spouse of William Peter. Born 2-5-1923, died 4-29-2009. Age: 86 - Dau of John Frederick and Alice Bell McManus Wilson-born in Warren, PA-married 9-18-1939
CARDONE, William Peter. Spouse of Bernice Wilson. Born 7-14-1919, died 4-23-2008 - Son of Ralph and Antonina Sirrianne Cardone-US Army WW II Veteran-married 9-18-1939
CARLO, George. Spouse of Josephine Ingavo. Born ??, died 2-22-1947 - Wed April 18, 1927 in Dunkirk
CARLO, Josephine (Ingavo). Spouse of George. Born 6-28-1908, died 1-28-2000. Age: 91 - Dau of Peter and Petrina Mungello Ingavo
CARLO, Josephine E. (Butera). Spouse of Louis. Born 1-22-1928, died 2-23-2014. Age: 86 - Dau of Gerlando and Teresa (Marullo) Butera, born and died in Jamestown. Wed 11-12-1949, 2 sons
CARONIA, Mary J. Born 9-30-1918, died 9-1-2000. Age: 81 - Dau of Dominic and Rose Manera Caronia
CARUSO, Joseph C. "Brooklyn Joe". Born 3-12-1926, died 12-19-2008. Age: 82 - Son of Vincenzo and Sebastiana Finicarro Caruso-US Army Veteran
CARUSO, Joyce J. Born 9-16-1926, died 6-6-2000. Age: 73 - Dau of Michael and Rose Arcodia Giambelluca
CASTILE, Josephine E. Born 5-16-1927, died 3-6-2009. Age: 81 - Dau of Dr. Vincent and Antoinette Tripi Castile
CATANESE, Jennie Cusimano. Spouse of John H. Born ??, died 6-1-1905
CATANESE, John H. Spouse of Jennie C. Born 1-25-1918, died 12-17-2002. Age: 84 - Son of William and Edna Filler Catanese
CATANIA, Ann R. Spouse of Thomas F. Sr. Born 5-31-1919, died 12-15-2006. Age: 87 - Dau of Joseph and Angela Calimeri Calamungi-married 4-18-1949
CATANIA, Ann S. Dispenza. Spouse of Anthony "Chief". Born 5-28-1911, died 3-23-2006 - Dau of Joseph and Rosalie Piazza Dispenza-married 2-16-1946
CATANIA, Anthony J. "Chief". Spouse of Ann Dispenza. Born 12-30-1914, died 4-10-2010. Age: 95 - Son of Nunzio and Maria Russo Catania-US Army WWII Veteran
CHRISTO, Anna. Spouse of James. Born 6-26-1935, died 12-11-2007. Age: 72 - Dau of James and Carmella Guido Calamunci-married 1-31-1959
CIANCIO, Anthony. Spouse of Rose M. Born ??, died 11-7-1988 - Nov. 29 1946
CIANCIO, Anthony P. Spouse of Anne. Born 12-23-1908, died 3-29-2000. Age: 91 - Son of Sebastian and Concetta Conti Ciancio was an accomplished Accordionist
CIANCIO, Joseph C. Spouse of Louise Engkilterra. Born 4-12-1935, died 10-18-2008. Age: 73 - Son of Carmello and Carmella Iuculano Ciancio-US Army Veteran-married 7-18-1959
CIANCIO, Rose M. Spouse of Anthony. Born 2-6-1920, died 12-16-2003. Age: 83 - Dau of Tony and Concetta Russo Floccare
CICCHINI, Perry R. Spouse of Dora Pace. Born 8-25-1930, died 10-10-2006. Age: 76 - Son of Santino and Josephine Ciufolo Cicchini-U.S. Army Veteran-married 10-10-1953
CIMINO, Yolanda Spano. Spouse of Vincent Sr. Born 5-14-1924, died 12-2-2005. Age: 81 - Dau of Joseph and Grace Salupo Spano-married 11-23-1950
COAKLEY, Charles "Charlie". Born 12-4-1924, died 2-13-2000. Age: 75 - Son of William and Sarah Moss Coakley
COMSTOCK, Bruce D. Born 1-25-1948, died 12-31-2010. Age: 62 - Son of Emil and Bessie Russo Comstock-US Air Force Vietnam War Veteran
CONDON, Charles. Born ??, died 4-29-2003
CONROE, Allen Sidney. Spouse of Mary Iampietro. Born ??, died 5-16-1994 - Wed Mary 6-25-1938
CONROE, Mary Iampietro. Spouse of Allen Sidney. Born 2-10-1910, died 11-21-2001. Age: 91 - Dau of Nicola and Chiara Lembo Iampietro b in Baselice Italy
CONSIGLIO, Vincent J. Jr. Spouse of Martha J. Moran. Born 8-7-1952, died 12-21-2009. Age: 57 - Son of Vincent J. and Arasma Musso Consiglio Sr.-married 5-1-1976
CONSTANTINE, Lena M. Spouse of Rich. Born 12-23-1911, died 6-21-1999. Age: 87 - Dau of Sebastian and Nicholetta Spataro Ruggerio m m. 1939
CONTI, Betty. Spouse of Joseph S. "Windy". Born 4-14-1921, died 3-24-2007. Age: 85 - Dau of Samuel and Rose Cusimano Cusimano-married 5-3-1947
CONTI, Christine K. Spouse of Lucien J. Born 11-19-1924, died 4-1-2000. Age: 75 - Dau of Anthony and Josephine Trippi Trippi wed 4-30-1949
CONTI, Josephine P. Born 5-29-1919, died 7-18-2001. Age: 82 - Dau of Tony and Antonia Basile Conti Sr.
CORDOSI, Anthony "Tojo". Born 8-9-1930, died 5-14-2010. Age: 79 - Son of Anthony and Rose Longo Cordosi-born in Mt. Morris, NY-US Army Veteran
CORDOSI, Philip L. Spouse of Rose M Calabrese. Born 12-2-1911, died 7-29-2000. Age: 88 - Son of Anthony and Rose Longo Cordosi
CORDOSI, Rose M Calabrese. Spouse of Philip L. Born ??, died 7-20-1997 - Wed Philip L July 19, 1930
COSTA, Donna M. Mazzone. Spouse of Michael. Born 11-20-1942, died 3-3-2009. Age: 66 - Dau of Samuel and Providence Aiello Mazzone-married 9-3-1962
CRASTI, Annette M. Spouse of Anthony J. Born 7-15-1929, died 8-20-2008. Age: 79 - Dau of Charles A. and Mary Oliver Piazza-married 10-23-1948
CRASTI, Anthony J. Spouse of Annette M. Piazza. Born 7-22-1924, died 11-27-2009. Age: 85 - Son of Dominick and Antonina Sapienza Crasti-US Army WWII Veteran-married 10-23-1948
CRASTI, Josephine M. Born 9-10-1920, died 1-7-2003. Age: 82 - Dau of Dominick and Antonina Sapienza, b. Jamestown NY.
CRESANTI, Angeline B. (Pepe). Spouse of Samuel. Born 10-5-1926, died 2-20-2014. Age: 82 - Dau of Crochetta [Croce] and Jacqueline (Restivo) Pepe, born and died in Jamestown. Wed 9-3-1944, 3 children
CRESANTI, Joseph Charles. Spouse of Stella J. Born 3-28-1919, died 11-12-2001. Age: 82 - Son of Samuel and Carrie Privateer Cresanti US Army WW II 26th General Hospital Tec-4 surgical tech
CRESANTI, Peter F. Spouse of Rose Muscarella. Born 4-5-1926, died 10-1-2000. Age: 74 - Son of Salvatore and Carrie Privateer Cresanti US Army WW II
CRESANTI, Samuel. Spouse of Angeline B. Pepe. Born 8-6-1917, died 11-20-2001. Age: 84 - Son of Samuel and Carrie Priviter Cresanti Sr. Wed 9-3-1944, 3 children - WW II Vet, US Army 14th Arm. Div. 3rd Army
CRESANTI, Stella J. Spouse of Joseph Charles. Born 1-16-1916, died 2-22-2000. Age: 83 - Dau of Orrin and Elizabeth Remlinger Gaster wed June 26 1942 in Lawton Okla
CURCIO, Gilbert V. Born 3-2-1933, died 12-3-2000. Age: 67 - Son of Gilbert V "Bert" and Mary Constantina Curcio US Army Korean conflict
CURIONE, Antonina "Aunt Anna". Spouse of Leonard. Born 11-29-1905, died 11-17-2006. Age: 100 - Dau of John and Theresa Paolillo Giarrizzo-born in SanPietro Patti, Sicily-became a US citizen in 1941-married 9-12-1934
CUSIMANO, Anthony S. Spouse of Sara Scheira. Born 3-24-1913, died 10-1-2006. Age: 93 - Son of Luigi and Angela Pellerito Cusimano-U.S. Army WW II Veteran-married 4-19-1941
CUSIMANO, Benedict Anthony. Spouse of Mary Antonia DeVincentis. Born 3-4-1902, died 2-10-1978 - Born in San Marino della Scala, Italy
CUSIMANO, David P. Born 5-19-1954, died 5-13-2006. Age: 51 - Son of Julius and Mary Lisciandro Cusimano
CUSIMANO, Domenica Maria DeMuro. Born 3-11-1918, died 1-29-2006. Age: 87 - Dau of Salvatore and Russalo DeMuro-born in Akron, OH
CUSIMANO, Fred J. Spouse of Helen Papa. Born 1-3-1919, died 2-6-2006. Age: 87 - Son of Salvatore "Sam" and Rose Cusimano-US Army WW II Veteran-married 7-31-1941
CUSIMANO, Grace M. Spouse of Samuel. Born 9-5-1906, died 10-4-2000. Age: 94 - Dau of Michael and Ida Milioto Andalora
CUSIMANO, Joseph S. Spouse of Sandra Spencer. Born 1-23-1921, died 5-29-2003. Age: 82 - Son of Luigi and Angela Pellerito Cusimano US Army WW II tank destroyer battalion in Africa and Europe
CUSIMANO, Josephine M. Spouse of James. Born 7-30-1915, died 1-5-2008. Age: 92 - Dau of Anthony and Antoinette Ferrara Nicosia-born in Marionapoli, Sicily-married 11-23-1935
CUSIMANO, Josephine Vullo. Spouse of Angelo Sr. Born 10-19-1910, died 11-27-2003. Age: 93 - Dau of Salvatore and Rose Lisciandro
CUSIMANO, Mary Antonia DeVincentis. Spouse of Benedict Anthony. Born 7-3-1911, died 4-16-1979 - Born in Erie, PA
CUSIMANO, Samuel. Spouse of Grace M. Born ??, died 9-20-1988 - Wed Oct.28, 1961
CUSIMANO, Samuel L. Spouse of Della Arnone. Born 8-30-1922, died 5-24-2005. Age: 82 - Son of Rosario and Anna Cusimano Cusimano US Army Medic WW II
CUSIMANO, Thomas W. "Coach" Sr. Spouse of Angeline M. Carmen. Born 3-4-1922, died 11-16-2009. Age: 87 - Son of Rosario and Mary Gattuso Cusimano-US Army WWII Veteran-married 4-27-1946
DAMOND, Anthony S. Spouse of Rose M. Born ??, died 10-7-1969 - Wed Aug 13 1932 in St. James Catholic Church in Jamestown NY
DAMOND, Mary Elizabeth Russo. Spouse of Frank. Born 7-31-1904, died 4-8-2006. Age: 101 - Dau of Antonio and Monica Meli Russo-born in Catskill, NY
DAMOND, Rose M. Giaimo. Spouse of Anthony S. Born 4-20-1915, died 2-8-2002. Age: 86 - Dau of Basil and Maryanna Auria Giaimo
D'ANGELO, Carrie Gattuso. Spouse of Ralph N. Born 5-1-1917, died 4-30-2008. Age: 90 - Dau of Thomas and Grace Anzalone Gattuso-born in Dunlo, PA-married 11-23-1939
D'ANGELO, John C. ‘‘Giggy’’. Spouse of Mary Calanni. Born 11-17-1922, died 4-27-2002. Age: 79 - Son of Marion and Carrie Vetro D’Angelo US Army WW II military police
D'ANGELO, Nancy Agate. Spouse of Nicholas "Nick". Born 9-30-1919, died 9-17-2007. Age: 87 - Dau of Salvatore and Nancy Scheros Agate-married 6-24-1941
D'ANGELO, Thomas A. Spouse of Sue Peterson. Born 6-29-1943, died 1-17-2007. Age: 63 - Son of Ralph N. and Carrie Gattuso D'Angelo-married 9-28-1963
D'ARGENTO, Anne Calanni. Spouse of Carl F. Born 6-24-1936, died 8-27-2001. Age: 79 - Dau of Anthony and Carmela Bonfiglio Calanni US Air Force WW II
D'ARGENTO, Carl F. Spouse of Anne C. Born ??, died 9-2-1984 - Wed Anne June 25 1949
DAVERSA, Barbara J. Spouse of Armand E. "Chico". Born 11-10-1936, died 9-27-2007. Age: 70 - Dau of Louis and Irene Glover Larson-married 9-20-1955
DEANGELO, Michael. Spouse of Lydia Restivo. Born 3-4-1927, died 12-10-2010. Age: 83 - Son of Marion and Carrie Vetro D'Angelo-born in Surfurnace, PA-married 1-12-1945
DEANGELO, Peter J. Spouse of Virginia. Born ??, died 6-11-1905
DEANGELO, Virginia. Spouse of Peter J. Born 3-15-1915, died 2-12-2003. Age: 87 - Dau of Joseph and Theresa Montello Cultrara, b. Batavia NY
DECASTRO,, Josephine Conti "Phina". Spouse of James. Born 1-11-1923, died 1-24-2010. Age: 87 - Dau of Carl and Nancy Pinzone Conti-married 11-23-1946
DECK, Olivia Sharon. Born 9-30-2010, died 9-30-2010. Age: infant - Dau of Karl T. and Amy Jo Giambelluca Deck
DEJOE, Vincie Rita D'Angelo. Spouse of #1 Joseph P. D'Angelo, #2 Samuel V. DeJoe. Born 9-28-1922, died 5-5-2009 - Dau of O. George and Jennie Tampio Mancuso-US Army Corps WWII Veteran-married #1 4-17-1948, #2 12-30-1995
DEJOY, Stephen A. Spouse of Betty J. Rissel. Born 6-29-1943, died 3-7-2008. Age: 64 - Son of Charles DeJoy and Marie Dellario Johnson-married 6-8-1968
DEMARCO, Charles J. Spouse of Mary C. Born 2-19-1920, died 11-7-2005. Age: 85 - Son of John and Mary Loporto DeMarco-born in Marianopoli Sicily-US Navy USS Eisenhower WW II
DEMARCO, John C. Spouse of Madeline Caruso. Born 1-27-1944, died 10-24-2008. Age: 64 - Son of Charles J. and Mary Cerando DeMarco-born in Warren, PA-married for 45 years on October 19
DeMARCO, Mary C. Spouse of Charles J. Born 3-24-1920, died 7-21-2001. Age: 81 - Dau of Frank and Rose Brendis Cerando wed Feb 13 1943
DePETRO, Constance Tilaro Paterniti. Spouse of Joseph Paterniti- Silvio DePetro. Born 12-2-1911, died 2-26-2001. Age: 89 - Dau of Mario and Mary Treccarichi Tilaro, b. Enna Sicily. Joseph Paterniti d. 1949 Silvio d. 1988
DESTRO, Michael A. Spouse of Virginia Cusimano. Born 4-21-1924, died 3-18-2000. Age: 75 - Son of Anthony and Mary Costanza Destro
DETALLY, Joseph B. Born 12-15-1937, died 6-5-2010. Age: 72 - Son of Marion and Anna Vullo DeTally
DICEMBRE, Angelo P. Spouse of Anna M. Fiorella. Born 1-24-1913, died 11-9-2007. Age: 94 - Son of Salvatore and Julia Maisto Dicembre-married 6-29-1935
DICEMBRE, Carolyn "Kay" Frushone. Spouse of Frank. Born 11-14-1913, died 12-13-2005. Age: 92 - Dau of Michael and Rosalia Lombardo Frushone-born in Punxsutawney PA-married 11-28-1953
DICEMBRE, Frank. Spouse of Carolyn "Kay". Born ??, died 9-18-1999 - Wed Nov 28 1953
DIMAIO, Aldino A. "Al". Spouse of Marie Bennice. Born 9-3-1927, died 11-18-2010. Age: 83 - Son of Alexander and Nina DiCarlo DiMaio-US Army Veteran-married 9-29-1951
DIMINUNCO, John Joseph. Spouse of Mary Ida. Born ??, died 11-20-1978 - Wed Mary Ida July 4 1934
DIMINUNCO, Mary Ida LaMonica. Spouse of John Joseph. Born 5-20-1914, died 3-28-2000. Age: 85 - Dau of George and Agnes Meli LaMonica
DiNAPOLI, Louis M Sr. Spouse of Mary Raffa. Born 2-25-1924, died 6-10-2000. Age: 76 - Son of Angelo and Theresa Montello DiNapoli US Army Bat.A 536th Field Art. Bat. WW II
DiSABANTONIO, Albert J. Spouse of Janet Ann Wolinski. Born 1-27-1923, died 9-16-2000. Age: 77 - Son of Joseph and Julia Peeps DiSabantonio Sr.
DiSABANTONIO, Janet Ann. Spouse of Albert J. Born ??, died 1-20-1996 - Wed Albert J Nov.28 1946 in St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
DISABANTONIO, Joseph J. Spouse of Josephine M Lodico. Born 4-16-1929, died 8-30-2001. Age: 72
DOMENICI, Umberto. Spouse of Mida Bernardi. Born 2-21-1920, died 1-5-2008 - Born in Limano, Italy,d.in Oviedo, FL. Wed 9-12-1948 in Limano, Italy. Moved to Jamestown in 1950
DOMINICO, Marie Arnone. Spouse of Frank J. Sr. Born 12-31-1932, died 1-22-2009. Age: 76 - Dau of Samuel and Antoinette Aregano Arnone-married 1-27-1951
DONATO, Joseph. Spouse of Sarah M. Born ??, died 9-21-1982
DONATO, Josephine Andalora. Born 12-4-1908, died 8-5-2001. Age: 92 - Dau of Michael and Ida Milioto Andalora
DONATO, Sarah M. Spouse of Joseph. Born 8-26-1913, died 10-5-2000. Age: 87 - Dau of Dominic and Francis Foti Rainer
DONISI, Gioachino. Spouse of Calogera. Born 8-14-1922, died 11-25-2007. Age: 85 - Son of Angelo and Calogera Pondillo Donisi-born in Canicatti, Sicily-married 4-29-1961
DREHER, Paul. Spouse of Susan Smrekar. Born 8-2-1941, died 10-15-2000 - Son of Mary Creede DREHER and Paul DREHER- m. April 6, 1985 US Navy
DUNHAM, Mary Grace "Chicky" Marucci. Spouse of LeRoy G. Born 2-28-1943, died 8-4-2006. Age: 63 - Dau of Anthony and Sarah Vullo Marucci-married 4-24-1965
DYE, Connie N. Ingrao. Spouse of Leonard B. Born 7-25-1935, died 3-12-2000. Age: 64 - Dau of Santo and Carmella Quagliana Ingrao
DYE, Leonard B. Spouse of Connie N. Ingrao. Born ??, died ??
ENSERRO, Clara Basile. Spouse of Samuel R. Sr. Born 10-1-1919, died 1-18-2010. Age: 90 - Dau of Anthony and Sarah Canfora Basile-married 6-28-1946
ESPIN, Raymond "Mita". Spouse of Jean Anderson. Born 7-5-1933, died 4-8-2009. Age: 75 - Son of John and Anna Turay Espin-born in Ludlow, PA-US Navy Veteran-married 9-25-1958 in St. Mary's, PA
EVANS, Christy Foster. Spouse of William. Born 5-7-1963, died 10-13-2007. Age: 44 - Dau of Paul Herbert Foster and Patsy Todd m. Jan 17 1990
FADALE, Mary Conti. Spouse of Samuel. Born 11-13-1920, died 9-21-2006. Age: 85 - Dau of Carl and Nancy Pinzone Conti-married 6-28-1952
FANTAUZZO, James R. Spouse of Margaret J. Vetromile. Born ??, died 1-22-2003 - WW II Vet, US Army
FARNELLA, Dr. John A. Born 3-30-1933, died 4-8-2009. Age: 76 - Son of Joseph and Santa "Sadie" Chiappetta Farnella
FARNELLA, Joseph S. Spouse of Sadie Chiappetta. Born 8-25-1908, died 1-3-2000. Age: 91 - Son of John and Josephine Guerico Farnella wed 6-23-1931
FARRELL, Frank A. Spouse of Mary Manzo. Born 1-19-1938, died 11-6-2010. Age: 72 - Son of Francis and Mary Irvine Farrell Sr.-born in Newark, NJ-US Marine Corps Reserve-married for 41 years
FASCIANA, Julia Fazio. Spouse of Michael C. Born 2-25-1920, died 1-31-2010. Age: 89 - Dau of Frank and Mary Graziano Fazio-born in Warren, PA-married 5-24-1941
FASO, Carl W. Spouse of Mary Lou Connelly. Born 3-2-1931, died 3-4-2001. Age: 70 - Son of Charles C. and Mary L. Tedesco Faso US Navy m. Oct 27 1956
FAZIO, Josephine Pollaro. Spouse of Louis- Thomas. Born 1-10-1908, died 12-26-1999. Age: 91 - Dau of Anthony and Carmella LaMagma Pollaro 1st h-Louis Vrusho-2nd h- Thomas A Fazio
FERINO, Michael. Spouse of #1 Connie Raineir, #2 Norma Olson. Born 4-3-1918, died 2-28-2008. Age: 89 - Son of Joseph Ferino and Jessie Buffone Ferino Bevacqua-U.S. Army WW II Veteran
FERRALORO, Anthony J. Spouse of Marlene Calabrese. Born 6-30-1944, died 10-14-2006. Age: 62 - Son of Carmelo and Mary Pinzone Ferraloro-born in Sicily, came to U.S. at the age of 5-U.S. Army Reserves Veteran-married 5-6-1967
FERRALORO, Carmello "Carl". Spouse of Maria Boscia. Born ??, died 8-6-1989 - Wed Maria B. in Tortoricci, Sicily
FERRALORO, Maria Boscia. Spouse of Carmello "Carl". Born 10-14-1933, died 8-7-2001. Age: 67 - Dau of Rocco and Rosario Tilenni Boscia
FERRALORO, Sebastian "Busty". Spouse of Ann Pintagro. Born 10-19-1937, died 1-4-2011. Age: 73 - Son of Carmello and Mary Pinzone Ferraloro-born in Tortorici, Sicily-married 7-22-1987
FERRARO, Charles. Spouse of Concetta V. Born ??, died 9-1-1986 - Wed Concetta April 9 1932
FERRARO, Concetta ‘‘Mary’’ ‘‘Momma’’. Spouse of Charles. Born 10-18-1911, died 6-25-2001. Age: 89 - Dau of Joseph and Josephine Gattuso Vaccaro
FERRARO, Grace LoPresti. Spouse of Frank C. Born 4-2-1939, died 9-11-2005. Age: 66 - Dau of Angelo and Josephine LoPresti-married 12-7-1957
FERRI, Frederick P. Sr. Spouse of Louise Hanna. Born 1-12-1921, died 5-30-1998. Age: 77 - Son of Enrico and Carmina Stravino Ferri US Army WW II
FERRI, Louise K. Spouse of Frederick P. Sr. Born 6-18-1920, died 4-22-2004. Age: 83 - Dau of George and Naomi Hanna m. Sept 18 1943
FIORELLA, Anna M. Born 4-28-1916, died 1-3-2003. Age: 86 - Dau of Joseph and Asunta Welch Fiorella, b. Jamestown NY
FIORELLA, Charles V. Spouse of Sally Carlson. Born 11-11-1935, died 10-25-2001. Age: 65 - Son of Samuel and Louise Privetera Fiorella
FIORELLA, Samuel Ross. Spouse of Carol. Born ??, died 2-10-2007. Age: 59
FLOCCARE, Katherine D. "Kate". Spouse of Samuel J. Born 3-24-1911, died 6-26-2006. Age: 95 - Dau of Alessandro and Josephine Cecchini Ditonto-married 1-26-1935
FOTI, Anthony J. Spouse of Ida L. Born 5-27-1925, died 1-14-2006. Age: 80 - Son of Thomas and Bessie Armeli Foti US Navy WW II
FOTI, Anthony J. "Tony". Spouse of Nofia "Blondie" Mistretta. Born 10-4-1921, died 7-11-2008. Age: 86 - Son of Ross and Angeline Triscari Foti-US Air Force Veteran-married 5-17-1952
FOTI, Diana Raffa. Spouse of Santo "Sandy". Born 1-13-1916, died 12-2-2006. Age: 90 - Dau of Sebastiano and Maria Parasilliti Raffa-married 11-24-1938
FOTI, Frank P. Spouse of Rose Buffone. Born 4-3-1918, died 1-9-2007. Age: 88 - Son of Carmelo and Josephine Crassi Foti-married 8-31-1941
FOTI, Ida L. Spouse of Anthony J. Born 6-25-1927, died 1-31-2000. Age: 72 - Dau of Anthony and Antonia Basile Conti Sr. in Mausoleum wed 10-4-1947
FOTI, Joseph J. Spouse of Rose Destro. Born ??, died 5-19-1993 - Wed Rose 12-28-1929
FOTI, Louise. Born 9-26-1914, died 11-6-2007. Age: 93 - Dau of Sebastian and Louise Bellitto Foti
FOTI, Marilyn (Noto). Spouse of Thomas J. Born 3-31-1940, died 1-26-2014. Age: 73 - Dau of James and Sarah (Guida) Noto. Wed 10-24-1959 in Dunkirk, 1 son
FOTI, Rose Destro. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 10-18-1908, died 8-27-2000. Age: 92 - Dau of Anthony and Maria Costanzo Destro
FOTI, Sebastian "Busty". Spouse of Shirley Walz. Born 1-3-1938, died 2-26-2011. Age: 73 - Son of Anthony and Josephine Foti-married 6-2-1962
FREDRICK, James N. Spouse of Josephine Mary. Born ??, died 6-28-1975 - Wed June 4 1927
FREDRICK, Josephine Mary. Spouse of James N. Born 12-14-1909, died 10-12-1995. Age: 85 - Dau of Salvatore and Rosalie Lumia Cammarata
FURMAN, Donald E. Jr. Born 4-23-1944, died 12-21-2005. Age: 61 - Son of Donald E. and Florence R. Miller Furman Sr.-born in Elizabeth, NJ-US Army Vietnan War Veteran
GAETA, Charles J. Spouse of Josephine-Stella. Born 10-2-1915, died 9-24-2000. Age: 84 - Son of Joseph and Filomena Fraterrigo Gaeta 1st w-Josephine Bonfiglio d in 1951
GAETA, Stephanie Dicembre "Stella". Spouse of Charles. Born 12-25-1914, died 8-26-2008. Age: 93 - Dau of Salvatore and Julia Maisto Dicembre-married 6-27-1953
GAGLIANO, Concetta B. Spouse of Samuel F. Jr. Born 1-4-1919, died 9-25-2010. Age: 91 - Dau of Joseph and Maria Rosa Basile-born in Tortorici, Sicily-married 11-23-1940
GAGLIANO, Joseph T. Spouse of Josephine ''Jaye'' Rose. Born ??, died 1-13-1961
GAGLIANO, Josephine ''Jaye'' Rose. Spouse of Joseph T. Born 1-12-1918, died 10-9-2003. Age: 85 - Dau of George and Rosalie Privateer Annis
GAGLIANO, Neva Rose Madonia. Spouse of Louis. Born 12-29-1917, died 2-21-2010. Age: 92 - Dau of Angelo and Jenny Caronia Madonia-married 9-16-1940
GAGLIANO, Rose Marie Cuiro. Spouse of Neal L. Born 5-1-1913, died 10-31-2000. Age: 87 - Dau of Peter and Francis Merchant Cuirio
GALATI, Angeline "Angie". Spouse of Sam. Born 12-26-1906, died 1-30-2000. Age: 93 - Dau of Sebastian and Concetta Conti Ciancio
GALATI, Anthony S. Spouse of Sara "Sally" Foti. Born 9-14-1930, died 10-29-2007. Age: 77 - Son of Anthony and Sebastiana Mazzurco Galati-U.S. Army Veteran-married 1-26-1957
GALATI, Sam. Spouse of Angeline. Born ??, died 11-22-1967 - Wed Angeline July 26 1926
GARIFI, Mary Jane. Spouse of Nelson J. Born 3-10-1931, died 1-1-2005. Age: 73 - Dau of Samuel and Jessie LaMarca Mistretta m. Sept 22 1951
GARIFI, Nelson J. Sr. Spouse of Mary Jane Mistretta. Born 8-11-1920, died 2-11-2007. Age: 86 - Son of Antonio and Josephine Pillittieri Garifi-born in Barnesboro PA-married 9-22-1951
GENCO, Teresa M. Spouse of Samuel R. Sr. Born 12-4-1916, died 11-15-2005. Age: 88 - Dau of Guiseppe "Joseph" and Fillippa Cordaro Guarnieri-married 7-24-1936
GIAIMO, Joseph. Spouse of Salvatrice DeFrancisco. Born 5-19-1901, died 12-27-2005. Age: 104 - Son of Gaetano and JoAnne Vulpito Giaimo-born in Borgetto Sicily
GIAIMO, Salvatrice DeFrancisco. Spouse of Joseph. Born ??, died 12-20-1983 - Wed Feb 4 1928
GIAMBRA, Charles G. Spouse of Pauline Benzi. Born 2-6-1918, died 10-1-2008. Age: 90 - Son of Thomas and Josephine Fashano Giambra-married for 68 years
GIAMBRA, Joseph. Spouse of Josephine Messina. Born 1-25-1920, died 12-22-2004. Age: 84 - Son of Thomas and Josephine Fashano Giambra US Army WW II 1st infanty division at Omaha Beach in Normandy-Purple Heart
GIAMBRA, Josephine M. Spouse of Joseph. Born 6-2-1923, died 11-4-2008. Age: 85 - Dau of Salvatore and Vincenza Spoto Messina-married 10-11-1941
GIAMBRA, Pauline. Spouse of Charles G. Born 2-23-1920, died 2-10-2010. Age: 89 - Dau of Arthur and Mary Ross Benzi-married 10-21-1940
GIOIA, Francesca Restivo. Spouse of Mario. Born 6-30-1914, died 4-25-2001. Age: 86 - Dau of Antonio and Josephina Trimarchi Restivo
GIORDANO, Mary A. (Arnone). Born 1949*, died 2-20-2014. Age: 85 - Dau of Joseph and Catherine Arnone. Three children
GIORDANO, Samuel Sr. Spouse of Betty Groves. Born 9-14-1921, died 10-13-2006. Age: 85 - Son of Joseph and Rose Matrissicia Giordano-born in Yatesborn, PA
GRASSO, Anthony "Tony". Spouse of Josephine Rizzo. Born 3-24-1931, died 2-28-2007. Age: 75 - Son of Calogero and Emilia Salmeri Grasso-born in Rocca di Caprileone Sicily-married 3-2-1957 in Tortoricci Sicily
GRENIER, Joseph W. Spouse of Josephine Campesi Volpe. Born 11-18-1924, died 7-22-2006. Age: 81 - Son of Henry and Saide Couture Grenier-born in Augusta, Maine-U.S. Army WW II Veteran-married 9-28-1985
GRILLA, Vecla Bagnoli. Spouse of John. Born 8-24-1923, died 3-10-2007. Age: 83 - Dau of Eno and Judith Bagnoli-born in Italy
GUARNIERI, John I. Spouse of Rose Munella. Born ??, died 2-2-1986
GUARNIERI, Rose Munella. Spouse of John I. Born 8-14-1915, died 10-15-2004. Age: 89 - Dau of Joseph and Florentine Munella
GUIDO, Carolyn Triscari. Spouse of Thomas. Born ??, died 6-7-1993 - Wed Thomas Sept. 9 1961
GUIDO, Thomas. Spouse of Carolyn Triscari. Born 2-7-1931, died 1-29-2001. Age: 69 - Son of Sebastian and Mary Guido US Army 1745th Co.C 5th Cav.
GUIFFREDA, Russell M. ‘‘Bouncer’’. Born 6-18-1935, died 3-26-2002. Age: 66 - Son of Anthony and Sebastiana ‘‘Bessie’’ Mazzurco Guiffreda
GUIFFRIDA, James. Born 7-17-1959, died 11-24-1999. Age: 40 - Son of Sarah Guiffrida Sundberg
GUIFFRIDA, Lydia Ambrosini. Spouse of Anthony. Born 10-12-1922, died 4-28-2009. Age: 86 - Dau of Louis and Carmella Lunetta Ambrosini
GUIFFRIDA, Mary A. Baglia. Spouse of Sebastian. Born ??, died 8-24-2006. Age: 77 - Dau of Joseph and Grace Bordenga Baglia-married 1-18-1947
GULINO, Sara Triscari. Spouse of Jerry. Born 10-4-1914, died 10-17-2008. Age: 94 - Dau of Carmelo and Maria Liuzzo Triscari-married 7-5-1937
GULLO, Fred. Spouse of Carol A. Colera. Born 8-30-1928, died 8-27-2005. Age: 76 - Son of Salvatore and Josephine Foresta Gullo-married 6-30-1967 U.S. Army Korean War
GULLOTTI, Carole Tenharken. Spouse of Frank N. Born 12-3-1934, died 1-24-2000. Age: 65 - Dau of Ray Tenharken and Alfreda Simmes
GULLOTTI, Joseph. Spouse of Aldina Calimeri. Born 3-8-1933, died 1-30-2010. Age: 76 - Son of Carmelo and Carmella Gullotti-born in Tortorici, Sicily-Came to the US at the age of 15-married 10-18-1958
HAYES-BOUDREAU, Audrey J. Spouse of Philip G. Hayes. Born 3-9-1947, died 3-29-2008. Age: 61 - Dau of Theophil and Emily Szwejbka Muzacz-married 5-29-1969-died in Phoenix AZ
HICKS, Samuel W. Spouse of Helen Bauer. Born 7-22-1925, died 3-1-2009. Age: 83 - Son of Perry and Juniatta Benner Hicks-born in Miola, PA-US Navy WWII Veteran-married 7-21-1951
HIMES, Mickeline "Mickey". Born 3-30-1929, died 1-16-2009. Age: 79 - Dau of Louis and Mary Mancuso Constanzo
HIRLEMANN, Robert E. Spouse of Anne Lorenzo. Born 3-31-1928, died 7-20-2006. Age: 78 - Son of Henry and Martha Kruse Hirlemann-born in Newark, NJ-U.S. Navy WW II Veteran-married 2-25-1961
HOUGHTON, Richard. Spouse of Mary Jane Letta. Born 7-17-1938, died 4-10-2009. Age: 70 - Son of Guy and Mazie Schifano Houghton
HUNTER, Mazie J. Spouse of Thomas "Orb". Born 12-5-1926, died 1-23-2008. Age: 81 - Dau of Benjamin and Leola Persell Pollaro-married 6-2-1950
IMRE, Mary Josephine Baggiano. Born 2-21-1918, died 11-14-2006. Age: 88 - Dau of Joseph and Josephine Sapienza Baggiano
INGRAO, Grace Arcadipane. Spouse of Sam. Born 8-19-1905, died 10-25-2008. Age: 103 - Dau of Angelo and Sara Soleme Arcadipane-born in San Cataldo, Sicily-married 1-21-1923
INGRAO, Jessie R Mordino. Spouse of Joseph F. Born ??, died 5-10-1997 - Wed March 7 1942
INGRAO, Joseph F. Spouse of Jessie R Mordino. Born 12-9-1918, died 3-4-2000. Age: 81 - Son of Nicholas and Consetta Inserra Ingrao in Mausoleum
INGRAO, Sarah J. Spouse of Anthony J. Born 1-16-1924, died 7-2-2008. Age: 84 - Dau of Thomas and Bessie Armeli Foti-married 6-12-1943
IUCULANO, Carmela Trusso. Spouse of Sebastiano. Born 2-28-1915, died 3-18-2007. Age: 92 - Dau of Guiseppe and Carmela Paterniti Trusso-born in Tortoricci Sicily-married February 1938 in Tortoricci Sicily
JACKSON, Angeline Papa Conti. Spouse of #1 Joseph Conti, #2 Arthur Jackson. Born 7-9-1914, died 11-12-2008. Age: 94 - Dau of Benedict and Rose DeFrancisco Papa-married #1 6-24-1933, #2 9-11-1964
JAFFY, N. Paul. Spouse of Margaret Terranova. Born 9-16-1918, died 10-18-2006. Age: 88 - Son of Alfred and Sebastiana Marzucco Ciaffaglione-U.S. Army Air Corp WW II Veteran-married 6-23-1943
JOHNSON, Beverly J. Spouse of Milton C. Born 9-6-1926, died 11-16-2005. Age: 79 - Dau of Anton Williamson and Florence Backlund Williamson Potter-married 4-27-1946
JOHNSON, Santina Immordino. Born 7-27-1943, died 1-17-2010. Age: 66 - Dau of Giuseppe and Gabriella Abate Immordino-born in Asmara, Africa
JONES, Patricia Ann. Spouse of William G. Born 9-2-1941, died 1-13-2011. Age: 69 - Dau of Arthur and Mildred Manginell Hay-married 10-19-1963 in Emporium, PA
JOY, Vincent Sr. Spouse of Jeanette DeTolla. Born 8-21-1920, died 12-27-2013. Age: 93 - Son of Joshua and Lucy (Palermo) Joy. Phys Ed teacher and coach for 37 yrs. Wed 7-30-1955 in Fredonia, 3 children - WW II Vet, US Navy, 1944-46
JUDICE, Helen L. Spouse of Robert D. Born 4-24-1910, died 1-4-2009. Age: 98 - Dau of Salvatore and Liboria Baglia Bonfanti-born in Jefferson County, PA-married 2-9-1941
KEPIC, Susan P. Spouse of John. Born 4-24-1919, died 11-25-2009. Age: 90 - Dau of George Petro and Anna Tkach-born in Quecreek, PA-married 11-25-1946-died in Upland, CA
KOLINCHINSKY, Diane L Patti. Spouse of Rudolph F. Born 4-25-1955, died 1-19-2001. Age: 45 - Dau of James V Patti and Roslyn Lindstrom
KOSTIUCHENKOW, Wladimir. Born 3-25-1932, died 10-24-2005. Age: 73 - Born in Czechoslovakia. Became a US citizen in 1953
KURTIS, Gordon. Spouse of Anne Grassi. Born 2-28-1911, died 10-18-2005. Age: 94 - Son of Roy W. and Mary E. Hubbell Kurtis-US Navy WW II-married 3-8-1935-born in New York City
LACAGNO, Charlotte E "Charlie". Spouse of Ronald F. Born 6-4-1951, died 2-7-2001. Age: 49 - Dau of Charles M and Marie A D'Angelo Pavlock Sr. wed 8-21-1971
LACAGNO, Michael J. Spouse of #1 Clara Giamo, #2 Elinor Foley. Born 2-22-1918, died 7-14-2007. Age: 89 - Son of Alfred and Theresa Damond Lacagno-U.S. Navy WW II Veteran-married #1 4-19-1941 #2 1-26-1984
LaMANCUSO, Ann Mason. Spouse of Michael A. Born 11-14-1927, died 2-10-2001. Age: 73 - Dau of Harry and Louise Munella Mason wed Michael 6-25-1949
LAMANCUSO, Ignatius "Frank" "Nay". Spouse of Loretta "Lorraine" G. Lodestro. Born 8-19-1926, died 9-6-2007. Age: 81 - Son of John Salvatore and Jennie Amatuzzo LaMancuso-U.S. Navy WW II Veteran-married 6-3-1950
LAMANTIA, Peter Joseph. Spouse of Claudia Terranova. Born 5-20-1926, died 12-28-2001. Age: 75 - Son of Pietro and Caterina Madonia Lamantia US Army Air Force WW II
LAMANTIA, Ralph J. Spouse of Anne Pellerito. Born 9-14-1921, died 3-6-2000. Age: 78 - Son of Pietro and Caterina Madonia Lamantia 550th Night Fighter Sqd. 13th Army Air Force WW II
LAMARCA, Sara M. "Sue" Damond. Spouse of Anthony P. Born 9-10-1915, died 9-20-2007. Age: 92 - Dau of John and Elvira Maistro Damond-married 9-7-1940
LAMONICA, Lillian C. Spouse of Sam d. 1983. Born 10-31-1911, died 2-19-2005. Age: 93 - Dau of Angelo and Angelina Spitale Arnone m. Sept 14 1946
LANDY, Anthony M. "Sooky". Spouse of Mary Wilson. Born 4-8-1943, died 3-10-2008. Age: 73 - Son of Luigi and Rose Bellardo Landy
LANDY, Josephine Calabrese Foti. Spouse of #1 Joseph Foti, #2 Dominic Landy. Born 1-2-1912, died 7-13-2007. Age: 95 - Dau of Joseph and Angeline LaValle Calabrese-born in Rossiter PA
LaRUSCH, Richard J. Spouse of Josephine. Born 12-19-1935, died 10-24-2000. Age: 64 - Son of Edward LaRusch and Clara Applegate Dowd wed 5-4-1957
LASKA, Alexander M. Spouse of Lucy Giordano. Born 12-31-1920, died 12-19-2010. Age: 89 - Son of Michael and Catherine Bivona Laska-US Army WWII Veteran-married 4-3-1947
LATONA, Rose M. Born 10-22-1923, died 12-19-1999. Age: 76 - Dau of Samuel and Carrie Cantali Latona
LEASURE, Joaephine Mistretta. Spouse of Stanley R. Born 9-22-1908, died 2-10-2000. Age: 91 - Dau of Mariano and Salvatrice Mingo Mistretta, b. Weishaw PA
LEASURE, Joyce A. Foster. Spouse of Wayne Robert. Born 11-16-1942, died 3-6-2008. Age: 65 - Dau of Herbert P. and Carroll Evelyn Chase Foster-married 1-6-1962 breast cancer
LEASURE, Stanley R. Spouse of Josephine Mistretta. Born ??, died 3-20-1973 - Wed Josephine June 22 1938 in St. James Catholic Church
LEISING, Patricia J. Spouse of Lawrence W. Born 3-3-1925, died 5-6-2000 - Dau ofJames and Hannah O'Connor Masterson
LEONE, Anthony J. Spouse of Helen C. Born ??, died 12-29-1975
LEONE, Helen C. Spouse of Anthony J. Born 5-28-1913, died 5-2-2001. Age: 87 - Dau of George and Antonia Siragusa Caccamise
LINDSTROM, RoseMarie Cappa. Spouse of Ronald. Born 5-8-1946, died 3-8-2000. Age: 53 - Dau of Carl and Catherine DeFrancisco Cappa
LISCIANDRIO, Joseph C. Spouse of Patricia Culver. Born 12-3-1948, died 12-8-2000. Age: 52 - Son of Leonard R and Josephine Caprino Lisciandro US Army Vietnam Conflict wed 9-30-1978
LISCIANDRO, Josephine Caprino. Spouse of Leonard. Born ??, died 5-10-1905
LISIANDRO, Leonard. Spouse of Marilyn Wescott B. Born 11-28-1923, died 10-6-2001. Age: 77 - Son of Joseph and Lenora Baldi Lisciandro US Army WW II
LOFECHECK, Bradley J. Born ??, died 9-24-1973 - Son of Francis R and Veronica Agate Lofecheck
LOFECHECK, John. Spouse of Bertha Cole. Born 11-26-1914, died 1-4-2008. Age: 93 - Son of Frank and Mary DuBinszka Lofecheck-born in Jamison, PA-married 7-28-1934
LOFECHECK, R Michael. Born 5-29-1956, died 10-16-2001. Age: 45 - Son of Francis R and Veronica Agate Lofecheck US Army
LoLACONO, Alfred. Born 8-11-1952, died 1-21-2001. Age: 48 - Son of Gandolfo and Teresa Cali Lolacono US Army Korea
LOMBARDO, Doris M. Spouse of Gaetano A. Born 8-10-1923, died 7-31-2000. Age: 76 - Dau of Oliver L and Mary E. Knox Scott US Navy WW II wed 4-24-1953
LOMBARDO, Mary Rose Raffa. Spouse of Joseph Xavier. Born 7-11-1926, died 3-29-2006. Age: 79 - Dau of Frank and Santa Bevaqua Raffa
LOPEZ, Leonido. Spouse of Brunilda Berrios B. Born 4-22-1937, died 8-18-2000. Age: 63 - Son of Gumersindo and Silveria Pena Lopez b- Puerto Rico
LOPRESTI, Vincent. Born 9-2-1928, died 10-6-2006. Age: 78 - Son of Angelo and Josephine LoPresti Sr.-U.S. Army Veteran
LoPRESTO, Charles P. Spouse of Jessie Bellomo. Born 10-18-1911, died 8-11-2000. Age: 88 - Son of James and Mary Colombo LoPresto
LoPRESTO, Jessie Bellomo. Spouse of Charles P. Born ??, died 3-12-1995
LOVECCHIO, Angeline F "Angie". Spouse of Thomas M. Born 9-21-1922, died 8-29-2000 - Dau of Sebastian and anna Buttafora Calavitta wed Nov.22 1941
LUCCA, Nunzio A. "Uncle Punt". Born 10-17-1917, died 2-17-2008. Age: 90 - Son of Angelo and Illuminata Lucca-U.S. Army Veteran
LUCIANO, Josephine A. Zembardo. Spouse of Mike. Born 7-13-1915, died 2-11-2008. Age: 92 - Dau of Clemento and Clementina Maione Zembardo-born in Arienzo, Italy-married 11-26-1936
LUKACKO, Julia C. Born 2-13-1921, died 4-5-2008. Age: 87 - Dau of Michael and Maria Barabas Lukacko-born in Velka Slovakia
LUMIA, Anthony R. "Skip". Spouse of Carrie A. DeJoy. Born 11-7-1919, died 1-14-2003. Age: 83 - Son of Salvatore and Louisa Marchessi Lumia, b. Jamestown NY - WW II Vet, US Air Force MSgt - turret gunner
LUNETTA, C Frank. Spouse of Mamie Mae Piccillo. Born 3-9-1909, died 9-12-1998 - Son of Salvatore and Liboria Lunetta
LUNETTA, Mamie Mae Piccillo. Spouse of C. Frank. Born 7-23-1913, died 11-23-1999 - Dau of Joseph and Jenny Rizzo Piccillo wed 4-27-1935
MACALUSO, Marion J. Spouse of Joanne G. Butera. Born 10-26-1932, died 2-22-2010. Age: 77 - Wed October 1951 - Korean War Vet
MACALUSO, Michael Joseph Sr. Born 8-20-1912, died 7-19-1982. Age: 69 - Son of Marion and Rosa Conti Macaluso
MACDONALD, Brooklyn Nevaeh Bluski. Born ??, died 11-26-2010. Age: infant - Dau of Angel Springtyme Patricia MacDonald and Roger Eugene Wynn Jr.
MAIONE, Jennie J. Ognibene. Spouse of Paul L. Born 3-20-1927, died 2-3-2008. Age: 80 - Dau of Fred and Grace Marie Lodestro Ognibene
MAIONE, Paul L. Spouse of Jennie J. Ognibene. Born 9-8-1923, died 12-31-2006. Age: 83 - Son of Joseph and Vincenza Margillo Maione-U.S. Army WW II Veteran
MALLARE, Santina Marianne "Tina". Spouse of Vincent. Born 5-30-1926, died 1-12-2010. Age: 83 - Dau of Virgilio "Virgil" and Marianna "Mary" Averna Lattuca
MALLARE, Vincent F. Spouse of Santina ''Tina'' Lattuca. Born 1-6-1915, died 8-6-2004. Age: 89 - Son of Antone and Sarah Provenzano US Army 106th Field Artillery Mallare 24th Corp Artillery Headquarters Staff WW II
MANERA, Sara "Sally". Born ??, died 1-15-2011. Age: 97
MANGINE, Michael Anthony Jr. Spouse of Doris H. Kaltenbach. Born 4-27-1929, died 7-22-2005. Age: 78 - Son of Michael A. and Ethel Morse Mangine Sr. U.S. Army m. Aug 12 1949
MANNO, Robert Samuel. Spouse of Mary Jane Faso. Born 5-23-1928, died 11-1-2008. Age: 80 - Son of Raymond and Mary Quizemberto Manno-married for 54 years-died in Boca Raton, FL
MANUELLE, Margaret Rizzo. Born 4-16-2001, died 4-7-1900
MARGAGLIO, Sebastiana Lupica. Born 9-10-1907, died 11-22-2005. Age: 98 - Dau of Sebastiano and Francesca Rescifina Lupica-born in Tortorici Sicily
MARINO, Angela Dorthea. Spouse of Sebastian Carl. Born 7-7-1918, died 1-27-2009. Age: 90 - Dau of Dominic and Antonina Sapienza Crasti-married 8-7-1943
MARINO, Francesco " Frank". Spouse of Gaetana Paterniti "Tina". Born ??, died 1-7-1990 - Wed Feb 14 1956 in Tortoricci Sicily
MARINO, Gaetana Paterniti "Tina". Spouse of Francesco "Frank". Born 10-26-1919, died 9-6-2001. Age: 81 - Dau of Gaetano and Josephine Brigiotta Paterniti b- Tortoricci Sicily
MARSH, Gladys A. Spouse of William M. Born 8-30-1910, died 4-13-2001. Age: 90 - Dau of Hugh and Nellie Thomas Burns
MARSH, William M. Spouse of Gladys A. Born ??, died 6-24-1990 - Wed Gladys Dec.7 1943
MARTORANO, Michael A. Jr. "Mike". Spouse of Sharon Valvo. Born 4-11-1926, died 6-8-2008. Age: 82 - Son of Michael and Mary Pacy Martorano
MARUCCI, Beverly J. Spouse of Pascal. Born 1-23-1935, died 12-27-2009. Age: 74 - Dau of Evan and Myrtle Kephart John, Sr.-born in Brisbin, PA
MASON, Elizabet "Betty" Caregalio. Spouse of Joseph S. Born ??, died 7-15-1993 - Wed Joseph Aug. 15 1946
MASON, John A. Spouse of Anna Conti. Born 1-1-1927, died 6-21-2008. Age: 81 - Son of John and Rose Blashaw Mason-US Army WWII Veteran-married 4-17-1948
MASON, Joseph H. Spouse of Martha E. Born ??, died 4-2-1981 - Wed Oct 26 1946
MASON, Joseph S. Spouse of Elizabeth C "Betty". Born 8-22-1924, died 2-5-2001. Age: 76 - Son of Samuel J and Josephine Munella Mason US Army WW II
MASON, Josephine Munella. Spouse of Samuel J. Born 5-30-1905, died 9-7-2009. Age: 104 - Dau of Joseph and Rose Anzelone Munella-born in Falls Creek, PA-married 10-22-1922
MASON, Martha E. Spouse of Joseph H. Born 4-11-1925, died 8-3-2004. Age: 79 - Dau of Andrew and Rosalia Benyak Mihalko
MAZZURCO, Rose A. Spouse of Carl. Born 8-29-1934, died 10-19-2005. Age: 71 - Dau of Antonino and Gaetana Bianca Calamunci-married 5-27-1967-born in Villa Regina, Argentina
MCILVAIN, Daniel R. Spouse of Rose Mary DeFrisco. Born 9-7-1949, died 7-31-2010. Age: 60 - Son of Robert McIlvain and Mary Jane Young Borysoff-US Army Veteran-married 10-13-1979
MELICE, Anthony Sr. Spouse of Gertrude Greco. Born 9-6-1928, died 4-15-2001. Age: 72 - Son of Sam and Lena Brada Melice US Navy wed 1-8-1950
MERCHANT, Antonette Colucci. Spouse of #1 Carl Fazio, #2 Neil J. Merchant. Born 10-7-1916, died 9-25-2009. Age: 92 - Dau of Vincent and Rosaria Conti Colucci
MERCHANT, James. Spouse of Antoinette Caccamise. Born 12-2-1925, died 12-24-2010. Age: 85 - Son of Samuel and Jennie Gianresso Merchant-US Army WWII Veteran-married 12-20-1947
MESSINA, Carl R. Born 9-12-1951, died 6-22-2015. Age: 63 - Son of Carl and Sara (Roselle) Messina, born and died in Jamestown NY. Unmarried - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
MESSINA, John R. Spouse of Margaret Perry. Born 3-26-1931, died 6-10-2007. Age: 76 - Son of Anthony and Mary Agnello Messina U.S. Navy
MESSINA, Sara Roselle. Spouse of Carl. Born 6-16-1922, died 3-1-2008. Age: 85 - Dau of Joseph and Josephine Parasiliti Roselle-married 3-19-1946
METZLER, Ann Marie Lanzo. Spouse of Richard david. Born ??, died 4-13-2000 - Dau of Rosario and Sebastianna Cairone Lanzo
METZLER, Richard david. Spouse of Ann Marie Lanzo. Born ??, died 4-1-1994 - Wed Ann Marie 11-8-1949
MIANO, Anne Marie. Born 3-18-1923, died 8-15-2005. Age: 82 - Dau of Salvatore and Pasqualina Ferarra Tramondo m. 1st Dominic Giarcina d. 3-28-1945 2nd Anthony L. Miano d. Apr. 27 1993
MIANO, Lawrence L. Born 9-28-1917, died 12-26-1999. Age: 82 - Son of Antonio and Marie Franchina Miano US Army WW II
MIANO, Rose Mary. Spouse of #1 William Chrispell, #2 Rocco Miano. Born 8-6-1926, died 5-10-2007. Age: 80 - Dau of Tony and Ada Benenati Merchant-married #2 7-3-1971
MICCICHE, Gino. Spouse of Nuncia Lucca- Patricia Colander. Born 1-23-1922, died 2-23-2014 - Son of Vincenzo and Carmela (Martorana) Micciche, born in Milan, Italy, died in Jamestown. Two children with Numcia. Wed Patricia 11-20-2002 in Venice Italy. - WW II - Italian Navy.
MICELI, Mazie C. Spouse of Joe. Born 2-27-1914, died 10-12-2006. Age: 92 - Dau of Frank and Gertrude Auria Schifano
MICHAEL, Bianca Rose LoPresti. Born 7-31-1936, died 12-16-2009. Age: 73 - Dau of Angelo and Josephine LoPresti
MIGLIORE, Francis A. Sr. "Frank". Spouse of Joyce Steele. Born 8-13-1926, died 6-4-2008 - Son of James V. and Carrie Pace Migliore-US Navy WWII Veteran-died in Tampa, FL
MILETTI, Delores Ingrao. Born 7-9-1932, died 11-1-1989
MILLER, Robert J. Spouse of Catherine Carlson. Born 4-2-1954, died 1-9-2014. Age: 59 - Son of Robert L. and Beverly (Pollaro) Miller. Worked 18 yrs for KwikFill.
MISTRETTA, Anthony H. Spouse of Grace. Born ??, died 1-3-1973 - Wed July 23 1938 in St. John's Roman Catholic Church
MISTRETTA, Grace. Spouse of Anthony H. Born 11-30-1915, died 3-5-2004. Age: 88 - Dau of Salvatore and Theresa Schifano
MISTRETTA, Phillip. Spouse of Rosalie Inserra. Born ??, died 2-6-1983 - Son of Mariano and Salvatrice Mingo Mistretta wed Rosalie Inserra June 30 1928
MISTRETTA, Rosalie Inserra. Spouse of Phillip. Born 12-17-1907, died 11-3-1999. Age: 91 - Dau of Francisco and Concetta Sciabborrosi Inserra
MOLE, Paul C. Spouse of Ruth Alexis. Born 3-31-1936, died 9-7-2002. Age: 66 - Son of Henry A. and Frances DeJoy Mole
MONGITORE, Antonio "Anthony". Spouse of Maria Perfetto. Born 3-8-1913, died 11-7-2008. Age: 95 - Son of Gaetano and Maria Signorino Mongitore-born in Canicatti, Sicily-married 12-27-1942 in Canicatti, Sicily
MONTAGNA, Naomi L. Spouse of Leonard M. Born 7-8-1939, died 9-20-2001. Age: 62 - Dau of Samuel and Millie Hanna Prince wed Oct.22 1994
MONTANINO, Joseph. Spouse of Nicolena Fusco. Born 3-17-1895, died 7-21-1983 - Born in Baselice Italy, lived in Jamestown NY since 1921. Married for 63 yrs.
MONTANINO, Nicolena Fusco. Spouse of Joseph. Born 9-18-1896, died 8-16-1988 - Born in Baselice Italy. Wed April 28 1920, married 63 yrs.
MOON, Carmella D'Angelo. Spouse of Nicholas. Born 7-15-1919, died 11-28-2000. Age: 85 - Dau of Vincent and Marie Riviezzo D'Angelo
MOON, Nichalos. Spouse of Carmella D'Angelo. Born ??, died 7-25-1970 - Wed Aug.21 1941
MORGAN, Rockey V. Born 10-15-1945, died 1-8-2009. Age: 63 - Son of Peter R. and Josephine E. Spina Morgan-died in Matthews, NC
MULA, Lucy M. Spouse of Philip S. Born 5-26-1922, died 6-23-2008. Age: 86 - Dau of Joseph and Sarafina Mazzone-married 4-12-1947
MULA, Philip S. Spouse of Lucy Mazzone. Born 6-1-1916, died 10-11-2006. Age: 90 - Son of Joseph and Rose Chiazzia Mula-born in Scranton, PA-U.S. Army WW II Veteran-married 4-12-1947
MUNAFO, Carl J. Spouse of Grace C. Letta. Born 12-5-1917, died 2-3-2000. Age: 82 - Son of Frank and Grace LaMarca Munafo US Army WW II wed 4-19-1947
MUNELLA, Margaret Zampelli. Born ??, died 4-16-2003. Age: 93
MUNK, Mark G. Born 5-21-1961, died 1-31-2014. Age: 52 - Son of Robert and Marilee Munk, born in OH, died in Woodbridge VA.
MUZZA, Providence M. Born 3-29-1921, died 5-1-2010. Age: 89 - Dau of Felix and Michelina Saia Muzza Sr.-born in Anita, PA
NALBONE, Concetta Palermo. Spouse of James Palermo- Joseph. Born 7-29-1910, died 2-25-2001. Age: 90 - Dau of Joseph and Anna Marie Pulizzi D' Angelo, b. Cianciana Italy. James Palermo d. 4-13-1966. Joseph died 1-13-1996
NALBONE, Emma M. Spouse of Peter J. Born 2-14-1908, died 6-19-2009. Age: 101 - Dau of Vincent and Josephine Sperlazza Brunacini-born in Anita, PA-married 6-23-1928
NALBONE, Rose Marie. Spouse of Samuel M. Born 5-9-1915, died 2-27-2004. Age: 88 - Dau of Vito and Mary Coletti Mattay, b. De Lancey PA
NALBONE, Samuel M. Spouse of Rose Marie. Born ??, died 9-5-1987 - Owned Bull Frog Hotel
NELSON, Decca J. Spouse of #1 Donald Stewart, #2 Robert J. Nelson, fiance John Williams. Born 1-6-1941, died 11-14-2010. Age: 69 - Dau of Paul Raymond and Rosaria Basile Genco
NEWTON, Carol Sapienza. Spouse of Larry R. Born 2-2-1943, died 5-27-2007. Age: 64 - Dau of Salvatore and Sarah Trusso Sapienza-married 6-10-1967
NICASTRO, Chuck A. Spouse of Colleen McCarthy. Born 12-20-1955, died 10-12-2005. Age: 49 - Son of Frank and Nancy Gullo Nicastro-married 4-27-1986
NICASTRO, Frank A. Spouse of Nancy Gullo. Born 6-16-1929, died 4-30-2010. Age: 80 - Son of Charles and Theresa Muscarella Nicastro-married 7-22-1950
NICOSIA, Samuel J. Spouse of Margaret M. Panebianco. Born 2-3-1921, died 11-24-2009. Age: 88 - Son of Anthony and Antoinette Ferrara Nicosia-US Army WWII Veteran-married 8-30-1947
OLIVER, Jennie Floccare. Spouse of Samuel. Born 10-13-1921, died 12-17-2001. Age: 80 - Dau of Anthony "Tony" and Concetta Russo Floccare
OLIVER, Margaret. Born 5-8-1909, died 12-1-2003. Age: 94 - Dau of Michael and Rosalia Lombardo Frushone
OLIVER, Samuel S. Spouse of Jennie Floccare. Born ??, died 4-2-1984
OLSON, Raymond A. Spouse of Josephine M Russo. Born 6-4-1918, died 3-24-2001. Age: 82 - Son of Andrew and Ruth Fardink Olson US Army WW II Capt. JFD
ORDINES, Nancy M. Spouse of Raymond W. Born 5-24-1935, died 4-11-2008. Age: 72 - Dau of Lyle and Ella VanDyke Raynor-married 9-20-1952
ORTOLANO, Frank Russell. Spouse of Rose Marie Perry. Born 8-1-1922, died 12-27-2008 - Son of Joseph C. and Anna Rotolo Ortolano-US Navy Vetran
OVERBECK, Theresa Marie Lombardo. Spouse of Floyd. Born 6-15-1941, died 10-16-2005. Age: 64 - Dau of Cosimo and Josephine Giambra Lombardo Sr.-married 8-20-1960
PACITTI, Helen I. Dangelo. Spouse of Sam. Born 4-30-1912, died 8-30-2006. Age: 94 - Dau of Joseph and Rose Cordora Dangelo-born in Big Soldier PA
PACITTI, Josephine (Foti) [Grandma Jaye]. Spouse of Angelo. Born 11-12-1916, died 6-1-2015. Age: 98 - Dau of Joseph and Concetta (Muzzo) Foti, born and died in Chaut Co. a foster grandparent for 20 years. Wed 9-9-1939, three sons
PACITTI, Richard A. Spouse of Donna Underwood. Born 2-14-1939, died 7-31-2010. Age: 71 - Son of Sabatine and Helen Dangelo Pacitti-married 7-14-1984
PADUANO, Angeline. Born 7-17-1922, died 7-10-2004. Age: 81 - Dau of Pasquale and Mary Palazzo Paduano
PADUANO, Patsy J. Spouse of Vivian E. Pike. Born 4-10-1927, died 2-27-2015. Age: 87 - Son of Pasquale and Carmella (Palazzo) Paduano, born in Jamestown NY, died in Greenhurst NY.Worked 38 yrs for Dowcraft. Wed 3-31-1961, four children. - WW II Vet, US Army, 1945-1947
PAJERSKY, Stephen "Conrad Silvertone". Born 10-24-1925, died 11-10-2009. Age: 84 - Son of Stephen and Bertha Pajersky-born in Rimersburg, PA-US Navy WWII Veteran
PALERMO, Grace. Born 10-27-1909, died 5-19-2005 - Dau of Arcangelo and Maria LaMarca Palermo
PALERMO, Louise Gugino. Born 1-14-1912, died 2-21-2004. Age: 92 - Dau of Antonio and Anna Martina Gugino
PALMER, Clementine "Windy" Landy. Spouse of Norman L. Born 9-25-1919, died 11-12-2005. Age: 86 - Dau of Fabio and Margaret Baney Landy-married 1-29-1949
PANEBIANCO, Angeline Syracuse. Spouse of Joseph. Born 4-1-1913, died 12-7-2010. Age: 97 - Dau of Thomas and Benedetta Donato Syracuse-born in Brocton, NY
PANEBIANCO, Ann M. Swanson. Born 5-1-1934, died 3-19-2003. Age: 68 - Dau of Lloyd and Lenore Hefron Swanson, b. in Warren PA
PANEBIANCO, Charles G. Born 8-8-1926, died 9-17-2002. Age: 76 - Son of Fred and Mary Sabitino Panebianco.
PAPASERGE, John S. Born 12-3-1913, died 4-18-2004. Age: 90 - Son of Antonio and Jessie Manuelle Papaserge
PAPASERGE, Pasquale "Patsy". Born 5-28-1921, died 11-16-2000. Age: 78 - Son of Alfonso and Mary Grace Trippi Papaserge US Army WW II
PAPINCAK, Antoinette M. Spouse of Terry J. Born 11-18-1958, died 12-15-2006. Age: 48 - Dau of Ronald Mattone and Violet Adamsky-born in Springdale, PA
PARASILITI, Sebastian "Busty". Spouse of Mary Alice. Born 4-30-1921, died 2-20-2010. Age: 88 - Son of Joseph and Maria Rose Galati Parasiliti-US Navy WWII Veteran
PARINELLA, Kathleen. Born 9-12-1947, died 10-21-2007. Age: 60 - Dau of Anthony and Mary Ann Divincenzo Parinella
PARINELLA, Mary Ann DiVincenzo. Spouse of Anthony. Born 6-29-1923, died 9-3-2008. Age: 85 - Dau of Colergio and Marietta Guttadauria DiVincenzo-married 9-29-1941
PARLA, Anthony. Spouse of Dawn Graves. Born 5-6-1948, died 10-17-2010. Age: 62 - Son of Calogero and Carrie Perfetto Parla-US Army Veteran-married 11-23-1974 in Russell, PA
PARLA, Carrie (Perfetto). Spouse of Charles. Born 8-1-1918, died 2-25-2014. Age: 95 - Dau of Anthony and Carmela (Puma) Perfetto, born in Italy, died in Jamestown.Wed 6-9-1935 in Italy, four children. Emigrated to US after WW II.
PATERNITI, Anthony J. Born ??, died 9-25-1929. Age: 70 - Son of Anthony and Frances Scapelitte Paterniti
PATERNITI, Josephine. Spouse of Peter A. Born ??, died 5-29-1988 - Wed Apr. 37 1947
PATERNITI, Katherine S. Spouse of Anthony S. Born 1-20-1915, died 2-1-2008. Age: 93 - Dau of Gaitano and Catherine DiPane Cairone
PATERNITI, Peter A. Spouse of Josephine. Born 2-28-1923, died 7-20-2001. Age: 78 - Son of Anthony and Francis Scapelitte Paterniti.
PATTI, Angeline L. Spouse of John A. Born 12-20-1911, died 12-4-2008. Age: 96 - Dau of Frank and Rose Agro Lombardo
PATTI, Jennie C. Spouse of George C. Sr. Born 8-26-1911, died 1-21-2010. Age: 98 - Dau of John B. and Rose Cusimano-born in San Martino, Della Scale, Italy-married 11-22-1930
PATTI, John A. Spouse of Angeline Lombardo. Born 6-4-1913, died 4-24-2000. Age: 86 - Son of Joseph and Mary Patti
PEARSON, Ann J. Born 1-10-1921, died 11-22-2007. Age: 86 - Dau of Frank and Carmella Anzalone Scapelitte-died in Warrenton VA
PELHAM, Virginia Miano. Born 3-1-1919, died 11-29-2008. Age: 89 - Dau of Anthony and Marie Franchina Miano
PENNA, Helen Della. Born 8-25-1920, died 12-16-2000. Age: 80 - Dau of John and Jasmine Luciano Della Penna
PERRY, Pauline Tortora. Spouse of Thomas J. Born 4-1-1915, died 2-1-2007. Age: 91 - Dau of Carmine and Angela Magnone Tortora-born in New Bethlehem PA-married 4-27-1957
PETERSON, Robert L. Spouse of Donna Raffa. Born 8-30-1946, died 3-15-2010. Age: 63 - Son of William A. and Dorothy Wilcox Peterson-US Air Force Veteran-married 11-9-1966
PIAZZA, Michael A. Born 10-7-1961, died 1-26-2010. Age: 48 - Son of Victor and Verna Licals Piazza
PIKE, George H. Jr. Spouse of Lucille K. Gable. Born 6-7-1923, died 7-28-2006. Age: 83 - Son of George H. and Edna Jones Pike Sr.-born in Rochester, NY-U.S. Army Veteran-married 9-11-1948
PIKE, Lucille Gable. Spouse of George H. Born 1-28-1923, died 10-30-1999. Age: 76 - Dau of Fred and Minnie O’Donald Gable
PINTAGRO, Angeline M. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 5-18-1932, died 7-29-2000. Age: 68 - Dau of Sebastian and Manera Sr. and Josephine Fiore wed8-19-1950
PINTAGRO, Anthony "Tony". Spouse of Phyllis Eddy. Born 5-11-1931, died 12-3-2009. Age: 78 - Son of Anthony and Rose Liuzzo Pintagro-US Army Veteran-married 10-6-1953
PINTAGRO, Joseph James [Peppy]. Spouse of Angeline Marie Manera 12-26-1927 1-22-2014 86 - Son of Jack Pintagro and Anna (Tipanero) Pintagro. Wed 8-19-1950, 5 children WW II Vet, US Navy
PINTAGRO, Rose N. Spouse of Thomas S. Born 5-27-1931, died 6-30-2006. Age: 75 - Dau of Frank and Mary Moscato Racitano-married 6-1-1963
PINZONE, Benny S. Spouse of Josephine Campanella. Born 2-9-1917, died 1-25-2000. Age: 82 - Son of Joseph and Sarah Amatuzzo Pinzone
POLLARO, James S. Spouse of Esther M. Bitely. Born 10-21-1928, died 5-24-2010. Age: 81 - Son of Bernard "Ben" and Marie Filomena Pollaro-married 11-17-1946
POLLINO, Richard ‘‘Dick’’. Spouse of Amelia Evlo. Born 5-7-1935, died 1-20-2002. Age: 66 - Son of the late Joseph and Julia Fera Pollino
PRENTICE, Rose. Spouse of O.K. Born 6-13-1911, died 4-5-2004. Age: 92 - Dau of Samuel and Pennica Valone
PRICE, Anna Marie. Born 7-1-1971, died 2-18-2000. Age: 28 - Dau of Raymond and Karen Perry Price Auto Accident
PRICE, Raymond T. Jr. Spouse of Karen Perry. Born 5-16-1937, died 6-24-2008. Age: 71 - Son of Raymond and Florence Mistretta Price-married 4-16-1966
PROCE, Anna Marie. Born 7-1-1971, died 2-18-2000. Age: 25 - Dau of Raymond and Karen Perry Price
PULCI, Charlene Ann. Born 12-5-1960, died 1-17-2009. Age: 48 - Dau of Charles and Ann Lynn Shuart Pulci
QUACKENBUSH, Barbara B. Born 10-12-1946, died 12-30-1999. Age: 53 - Dau of Samuel C and Ruth Maggio Barlow
REALE, Grace J. Spouse of Sandy. Born 3-16-1910, died 2-9-2001. Age: 90 - Dau of Joseph and Sarah Palermo Baglia
REALE, Sandy. Spouse of Grace J. Born ??, died 7-31-1950
RIOLO, Anthony R. "Rig". Spouse of Concetta A. "Connie" Trusso. Born 1-3-1935, died 10-21-2005. Age: 70 - Son of Nunzio and Della Scardamaglio Riolo-served in the Naval Reserve-married 9-1-1956
RIZZO, David C. Born 5-13-1945, died 1-6-2010. Age: 64 - Son of Santo J. and Francis Privittera Rizzo
RIZZUTO, Fred J. Spouse of Marjorie Niles. Born 3-24-1920, died 1-14-1999. Age: 78 - Son of Angelo and Carmella Rizzuto US Inf. WW II Battle of the Bulge
RUFFINO, Samuel. Spouse of Sarah T. Born ??, died 7-21-1975 - Wed Dec.28 1945
RUFFINO, Sarah T. Spouse of Samuel. Born 6-7-1909, died 8-22-2005. Age: 96 - Dau of Joseph and Sarah Graziano was a teacher
RUNFOLA, James Phillip. Spouse of Rose Marie. Born ??, died 10-5-1996 - Wed Feb 2 1934
RUNFOLA, Rose Marie. Spouse of James Phillip. Born 11-2-1911, died 10-18-2004. Age: 92 - Dau of Angelo and Sarah Brunacini Terrano
RUSSO, Anthony J. Born 3-19-1925, died 7-11-2000. Age: 75 - Son of Charles J Rose Triscari Russo US Army Korean War
RUSSO, Barbara Kay Birchman. Spouse of Sabatini "Sonny". Born 3-26-1937, died 5-4-2010. Age: 73 - Dau of Robert C. and Doris Johnson Birchman-married 9-27-1954
RUSSO, Bessie Armeli. Spouse of Sabestian. Born 5-10-1909, died 12-4-1999. Age: 90 - Dau of Salvatore and Carmella Forti Armeli
RUSSO, Joseph J. Spouse of Sara J. Born ??, died 5-22-1905
RUSSO, Josephine Delores. Born 12-25-1914, died 12-14-2005. Age: 90 - Dau of Jack and Santina Merchant Gagliano-born in Hillsville, PA
RUSSO, Sara J. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 4-25-1916, died 7-26-2003. Age: 87 - Dau of Thomas J. and Josephine Graci Abadessa.
SABINO, Ann Manno. Spouse of Nick. Born ??, died 8-1-2001 - Dau of Raymond and Mary Quisenberto Manno wed June 15 1946
SABINO, John. Born 9-7-1932, died 5-6-2007. Age: 74 - Son of Antonio and Maria Mocci Sabino
SALVAGGIO, Angelo. Born 7-7-1937, died 5-17-2009. Age: 71 - Son of Domenico and Carmela Alessi Salvaggio-born in Marianopli, Sicily-came to the US in 1955
SALVAGGIO, Domenico. Spouse of Carmela Alessi. Born 10-27-1908, died 3-28-2001. Age: 92 - Son of Angelo and Antonia Frisco Salvaggio b- Marianopoli Italy
SANFILIPPO, Grace S. Born 7-2-1921, died 1-19-2007. Age: 85 - Dau of Anthony and Antonia Cantali Sanfilippo
SANTAMARIA, Vincent "Jim". Spouse of Betty. Born 2-28-1922, died 4-27-2010. Age: 88 - Son of Frank and Jennie Vento Santamaria-born in Buffalo, NY-US Army WWII Veteran
SAPIENZA, Salvatore. Spouse of Sarah T. Born ??, died 6-5-1905
SAPIENZA, Sarah Trusso. Spouse of Salvatore. Born 08-24-1908, died 3-24-2003. Age: 94 - Dau of Giuseppe and Rosella Salupo Trusso, b. Jamestown NY
SARDI, Emmaline S. Spouse of Samuel J. Born 11-30-1909, died 5-10-2003. Age: 93 - Dau of William and Catherine Foley Morgan, b. Jamestown NY
SARDI, Josephine M. Spouse of Russell S. Born 9-1-1917, died 12-28-2003. Age: 86 - Dau of Bartholomew and Martha Rucchie Stellato
SARDI, Russell S. Spouse of Josephine M. Born ??, died 2-2-1979
SARDI, Samuel J. Spouse of Emmaline. Born ??, died 6-15-1905 - Wed Dec 26 1928
SAULLO, Jake G. Spouse of Angeline Genco. Born 12-3-1926, died 10-20-2006. Age: 79 - Son of Vincent and Mary Morgante Saullo-married 10-23-1952
SCALISE, Rose L. Spouse of Andrew J. Born 2-20-1914, died 11-8-2007. Age: 93 - Dau of Franklin and Anna Giaratano Lovecchio-married 9-24-1932
SCHIFANO, Anthony. Spouse of Patty Gullo. Born 4-1-1959, died 9-16-2010. Age: 51 - Son of Louis and Grace Loverme Schifano
SCHMIDT, Louise E. Spouse of Melvin W. Born 6-5-1928, died 2-28-2011. Age: 82 - Dau of Karl and Katarina Filsinger Neuburger-born in Buffalo, NY-married 5-28-1949
SCOLTON, Loretta A. Bucklaew. Spouse of Wellington "Matt". Born 2-4-1919, died 5-12-2006. Age: 87 - Dau of Enoch and Agnes Weiss Bucklaew-married for 65 years.
SCOLTON, Wellington M. "Matt". Spouse of Loretta A. Bucklaew. Born 3-26-1917, died 10-1-2006. Age: 89 - Son of Roy C. and Rose Buchanan Scolton-born in Pinetop, AZ-married 1-7-1941
SEARCH, Charles Sr. Spouse of Carmella Parla. Born ??, died 4-30-2010. Age: 79 - Wed 2-3-1962. Died in Ft. Pierce, FL - Korean War Vet, US Army
SEARSONE, Concetta Ingrao. Spouse of Joseph Dominic. Born 11-4-1929, died 5-18-2009. Age: 79 - Dau of Sam and Grace Arcadipane Ingrao
SELLMAN, Rose J. Cusimano. Spouse of Ignatius Cusimano - Kenneth. Born 3-31-1912, died 6-8-2004. Age: 92 - Dau of Michael and Maria N. Vazzano, b. Chicago. Ignatius Cusimano d. 7-29-1954 Kenneth d. 11-29-1978
SENA, Florence. Spouse of Joseph R. Born 4-14-1918, died 7-18-1998 - nee Seekings wed 58 years
SENA, Joseph R. Spouse of Florence. Born 12-30-1916, died 2-3-2004. Age: 87 - Son of Dick and Mary DiPuma Sena US Army CBI Theater WW II
SIRWATKA, Charlotte Spoto. Born 5-12-1932, died 7-26-2008. Age: 76 - Dau of Ross A. and Josephine Scaccia Spoto
SMITH, R. Theodore "Ted". Spouse of Patricia. Born 9-20-1936, died 2-23-2006. Age: 69 - Son of Robert F. and Mary Monica Smith founding dean of JCC's Olean campus married 8-31-1963
SOLPIETRO, Margaret Ann. Born 12-7-1921, died 7-22-2006. Age: 84 - Dau of Joseph and Jennie Triscari Solpietro
SPANO, Clara Savoca. Spouse of James V. Born 9-1-1920, died 11-29-2010. Age: 90 - Dau of Charles and Clara Calavitta Savoca-married 8-16-1947
SPANO, James V. Spouse of Clara Savoca. Born 3-3-1916, died 12-13-2004. Age: 88 - Son of Joseph and Grace Salupo Spano US Army Air Corps radio technician in the Phillipines and Japan wed Aug 16 1947
SPITALE, Gertrude M. (Campesi). Spouse of Joseph. Born 6-17-1923, died 6-17-2015. Age: 92 - Dau of Peter and Anna (Merchant) Campesi, born and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 2-5-1944, three children
SPITALE, Ida J. Spouse of Benjamin C. Born 11-28-1918, died 5-5-2008. Age: 89 - Dau of Paul R. and Sarah Basile Genco-married 11-20-1936
SPITALE, James J. "Jamie". Spouse of Stacey Francis. Born 1-17-1948, died 5-1-2008. Age: 60 - Son of Benjamin C. and Ida J. Genco Spitale
SPITALE, Joseph C. Spouse of Gertrude Campesi. Born 9-28-1923, died 2-28-2000. Age: 76 - Son of Charles and Laura Vullo Spitale US Air Force WW II
SPOTO, Anthony J. '''Tony''. Spouse of Marian R. Born 1-13-1912, died 1-11-2006. Age: 93 - Son of Salvatore and Josephine Ferranti Spoto m. Sept 12 1952
STRAVATO, Louis. Spouse of Pauline B. Born 8-26-1910, died 12-17-1997. Age: 87 - Son of John and Bessie Provenzano Stravato
STRAVATO, Pauline Bonfiglio. Spouse of Louis. Born ??, died 4-26-1985 - Wed Sept. 1 1934 St. James Church Jamestown
SUNDBERG, Jack C. Spouse of Sarah Guiffrida. Born 5-29-1944, died 6-28-2007. Age: 63 - Son of Vincent and Elizabeth "Betty" Larson Santamaria-married for 22 years
SUSKI, Cecelia Smith "Kate". Spouse of Eugene P. Born 8-30-1923, died 1-10-2000. Age: 76 - Dau of Frank and Cecelia O'Connor Smith US Navy WW II
TANTILLO, Jennie "Jean" Terrano. Spouse of Jack. Born 2-28-1916, died 12-6-2006. Age: 90 - Dau of Angelo and Sara Brunacini Terrano-born in Crawfordtown, PA-married 11-27-1941
TERESI, Anthony "Tony" Marion. Spouse of Rose Marie Volpe. Born 8-21-1923, died 10-9-2007. Age: 84 - Son of Salvatore and Lucia LaMonica Teresi-born in Termini, Sicily, Italy-U.S. Marine Corps WW II Veteran-married 6-20-1953
TERRANO, Joseph. Spouse of Jennie Messina. Born 1-10-1922, died 7-24-2007. Age: 85 - Son of Angelo and Sara Brunacini Terrano-born in Punxsutawney PA-U.S. Army Air Corp Veteran-married 7-2-1949
TERRANO, Sara Jean. Born 12-4-1954, died 9-1-2005. Age: 50 - Dau of Joseph and Jennie Messina Terrano
TERRANOVA, Thomas J. Spouse of Margaret Parasiliti. Born 3-30-1917, died 10-31-2000. Age: 83 - Son of Amedeo and Concetta Petix Terranova US Army 139th anti-Aircraft Div. WW II
TERRITO, Richard M. Spouse of Calimeri. Born 7-9-1941, died 9-21-2000. Age: 59 - Son of Charles and Lucy Martha Territo
TODARO, Thomas A. Sr. Spouse of Sarah Ecker. Born 4-7-1922, died 6-7-2007. Age: 85 - Son of Joseph and Mary Caprino Todaro-married 6-13-1970
TOOHEY, Lucile M. Fiorella. Spouse of #1 Charles J. Fiorella Sr., #2 John C. Toohey. Born 11-19-1916, died 8-26-2006. Age: 89 - Dau of Ross and Carrie Leone Valone
TRASS, Dora. Spouse of Phillip. Born ??, died 5-15-2007. Age: 94 - Married for 51 years
TRASS, Mary. Born 4-20-1907, died 11-6-2000. Age: 93 - Dau of Joseph and Serafina Graziano Trass
TRIPPI, Anthony L. "Nin". Spouse of Mary Roseanne Trussalo. Born 1-29-1928, died 1-9-2010. Age: 81 - Son of Joseph and Lena Inzena Trippi-US Army WWII Veteran-married 2-18-1950
TRISCARI, Bette J. Spouse of Sebastian Robert. Born 8-29-1930, died 11-16-2002. Age: 72 - Dau of Henry and Mabel Tuller Kane practical nurse
TRISCARI, Carmella. Born 9-7-1914, died 1-5-2011. Age: 96 - Dau of Rosario and Maria Contiguglia Triscari
TRISCARI, Concetta M. "Connie". Spouse of Sebastian "Busty". Born 12-25-1916, died 10-26-2007. Age: 90 - Dau of Thomas and Anna Portale Ciancio-married 6-26-1936
TRISCARI, Joseph. Spouse of Josephine Bevacqua. Born 10-6-1925, died 1-30-2010. Age: 84 - Son of Giovanni and Carmela Parasiliti Triscari-born in Tortorici, Sicily-Came to the US in 1960-married 10-6-1951 in Tortorici, Sicily
TRISCARI, Josephine M. Born 10-31-1931, died 9-26-2005. Age: 73 - Dau of Sebastian and Josephine Trusso Triscari
TRISCARI, Josephine Trusso. Spouse of Sebastian. Born 2-26-1911, died 2-17-2000. Age: 88 - Dau of Joseph and Sara Cairone Trusso
TRISCARI, Josephine Trusso Jr. Spouse of Ethelyn Voss. Born 5-4-1908, died 2-23-2000. Age: 91 - Son of Joseph and Bessie Parasiliti Triscari Sr. first wife was Lucy Parasiliti
TRISCARI, Margarte Trippy. Spouse of Joseph. Born 5-1-1913, died 10-22-2006. Age: 93 - Dau of Charles and Laura DiLeonardo Trippy
TRISCARI, Mary Panzarella. Spouse of Sebastian ''Busty''. Born 8-24-1910, died 1-22-2004. Age: 93 - Dau of Lucian and Josephine Scholeno Panzarella m. March 2 1946
TRISCARI, Russell L. Born 9-10-1948, died 12-8-2010. Age: 62 - Son of Sebastian "Busty" and Mary Panzarella Triscari
TRISCARI, Sebastian. Spouse of Josephine Trusso. Born ??, died 8-29-1957
TRISCARI, Sebastian Robert. Spouse of Bette J. Born ??, died 8-27-1966
TRUSSALO, Joseph A. Spouse of Janet Bingham. Born 11-20-1928, died 4-11-2000. Age: 71 - Son of Anthony and Carmella Lupica Trussalo US Army WW II
TUCCIO, Carmela Russo. Spouse of James. Born 3-8-1905, died 1-3-2000. Age: 95 - Dau of Joseph and Maria Russo b. Tortoricci Sicily wed there in Dec. 22 1922
TYLER, Lora Lee. Born 8-25-1982, died 1-27-2002
VACCARO, Tessie Pati. Spouse of Vincent J. Born 1-22-1921, died 8-14-2006. Age: 85 - Dau of James and Clara Buffone Pati-born in Wishaw PA-married 6-1-1939 in Indiana PA
VALONE, Anthony M. Spouse of Mary Bocchino. Born 10-6-1911, died 10-14-2009. Age: 98 - Son of John and Carmella Luduca Valone-US Army WWII Veteran-married 8-19-1940
VALONE, Eunice A. Spouse of Anthony C. Born 10-24-1922, died 9-2-2001. Age: 78 - Dau of Vernon G and Florence A Stone Blood Sr.
VALONE, Samuel F. Spouse of Eva C. Orsell. Born 4-4-1916, died 6-25-2010. Age: 94 - Son of John and Carmella Laduca Valone-married 4-1-1942 in New Jersey
VALVO, Lorraine (LaMarco). Spouse of Angelo. Born 10-28-1929, died 2-24-2014. Age: 84 - Dau of Frederick and Jennie (Milioto) LaMarco, an accountant. Born in Buffalo, died in Jamestown. Wed 11-20-1948, three daughters.
VELLA, Frank J. Spouse of Josephine Triscari. Born 2-7-1915, died 10-15-2009. Age: 94 - Son of Anthony and Jennie Parinella Vella-born in Barnesboro, PA-US Army WWII Veteran-married 6-24-1939
VELLA, Josephine Triscari. Spouse of Frank J. Born 7-25-1915, died 2-18-2011. Age: 95 - Dau of Joseph and Bessie Parasiliti Triscari-married 6-24-1939
VICARIO, Ida Martha Stanzione. Spouse of Joseph. Born 10-27-1926, died 2-16-2011 - Dau of Giuseppe and Martha Stanzione-born in Naples, Italy
VIZINE, Frank. Spouse of Mary LaSeta. Born 6-17-1924, died 1-16-2006. Age: 81 - Son of Carl and Ida Vitello Vizine-born in Florence, PA-US Army WW II Veteran-married 9-9-1950
VOLONE, Anthony C. Spouse of Eunice A. Born ??, died 3-6-1989 - Son of Samuel and Pennica Valonewed Nov.5 1941
VOLONE, Eva C. Spouse of Samuel F. Born 10-16-1908, died 9-23-2002. Age: 93 - Dau of Gustaf and Gertrude Johns Orsell m. April 1 1942 in N.J.
VOLPE, Angelo J. "Screech" Sr. Spouse of Mary Conti. Born 3-14-1919, died 2-26-2010. Age: 90 - Son of Peter and Esther Marsalla Volpe-born in Big Soldier, PA-US Army WWII Veteran-married 11-22-1947
VOLPE, Rose Miano. Spouse of Sandy. Born ??, died 3-4-1999
VOLPE, Sandy. Spouse of Rose Miano. Born 11-1-1916, died 7-12-2000. Age: 83 - Son of Peter and Esther Marsala Volpe US Army WW II
VULLO, Frances M. Born 8-1-1935, died 9-19-2005. Age: 70 - Dau of Leonard and Angeline Tabone Vullo-born in Weeshaw PA
WASKO, Verna M. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 8-24-1913, died 10-21-2010. Age: 97 - Dau of Nicholas and Anna Calas Simon-born in Pleasant City, OH
WELCH, Joseph B. Spouse of Roseanne E. "Cookie" Nalbone. Born 11-30-1936, died 1-22-2011. Age: 74 - Son of John F. and Cecelia Ditonto Welch-US Army Veteran
WELSH, Charles. Spouse of Viola. Born ??, died 11-16-1991
WELSH, Viola. Spouse of Charles. Born 1-18-1916, died 4-7-2000. Age: 84 - Dau of Gelsomino and Felicia De Angelo DiPietro
WISER, Virginia F. Born 7-25-1937, died 5-18-2002. Age: 64 - Dau of Anthony and Mary Armeli Foti.
YOUNG, Mark A., Sr. Spouse of Diana L. Dean. Born 3-24-1964, died 6-19-2015. Age: 51 - Son of Alfred K. and Sandra (Thrall) Young, Sr., born and died in Jamestown NY. 1-25-1986, three children.
YOUNG, Sandra I. (Thrall). Spouse of Alfred K. Sr. Born 9-11-1943, died 12-3-2008. Age: 65 - Born in Meadville, PA. Wed 8-13-1960
ZAHLER, Charles W. Spouse of Katherine Cuffney. Born 7-11-1917, died 9-16-2010. Age: 93 - Son of Charles W. and Frances M. Swanz Zahler-born in Buffalo, NY-married 7-3-1948
ZANETTA, Ann Todaro. Spouse of Sam. Born 4-28-1921, died 10-16-2009. Age: 88 - Dau of Joseph and Mary Caprino Todaro-married 11-10-1945
ZANETTA, Sam. Spouse of Ann Todaro. Born 4-25-1923, died 6-15-2001. Age: 78 - Son of Anthony and Concetta Manera Zanetta US Navy WW II wed 11-10-1945
ZEMBARDO, Dominic A. Spouse of Josephine DiStefano. Born 1-14-1923, died 5-22-2000. Age: 77 - Son of Clemento and Clementina Miaone Zembardo wed 7-30-1949
ZEOLLE, D. Donald. Spouse of RoseMarie Nazzaro. Born 4-20-1915, died 10-5-2009. Age: 94 - Son of Nickolas and Mary Crème Zeolle-married 6-9-1937
ZEOLLE, RoseMarie Nazzaro. Spouse of D. Donald. Born 3-10-1914, died 7-23-2008. Age: 94 - Dau of Gaetano Thomas and Angela Lanni Nazzaro-married 6-9-1937

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