Cattaraugus County Town Historians

ALLEGANY TOWN HISTORIAN Nancy Phearsdorf        2986 N Nine Mile Rd.    Allegany New York 14706         (716) 373-2072 
ASHFORD TOWN HISTORIAN  Bernard Williams        9854 Rte 240    West Valley New York 14171      
ASHFORD TOWN HISTORIAN  Bernard Williams        9854 Rte 240    West Valley New York 14171      
CARROLTON TOWN HISTORIAN        Sally Schmold                  
COLDSPRING TOWN HISTORIAN       Doris Van Sickle        10292 Blood Rd  Randolph NY 14772       
CONNEWANGO TOWN HISTORIAN       Anna Mae Rhodes         12743 Cowen Corners Rd  Connewango Valley NY 14726      
DAYTON TOWN HISTORIAN   Ruth Bennett        9100 Rt. 62     South Dayton NY 14138   716 - 532 - 3758
ELLICOTTVILLE TOWN HISTORIAN    Lois Siggelkow  Bryant Hill Rd  Ellicottville NY 14737  
FARMERSVILLE TOWN HISTORIAN     Alice Wright    1855 Rogers Rd  Franklinville NY 14737  
FRANKLINVILLE TOWN HISTORIAN    Bruce Fredrickson                       
FREEDOM TOWN HISTORIAN  Lorna Spencer   1931 Cheeseman Rd       Delevan NY 14042        
GREAT VALLEY TOWN HISTORIAN     Roberta Stone   Back Kill Buck Rd       Kill Buck NY 14748      
HINSDALE TOWN HISTORIAN Helen DeGolia   McKinstrey Rd   Hinsdale NY 14743       
HINSDALE TOWN HISTORIAN Lila Cooper     3819 Main St    Hinsdale NY 14743       
HUMPHREY TOWN HISTORIAN Rosemary Hathaway       3654 Bozard Hill Rd     Great Valley NY 14741   
ISCHUA TOWN HISTORIAN   Joyce Edwards   Main Street     Hinsdale NY 14743       
LEON TOWN HISTORIAN     Judith Snyder 12476 Cherry Creek Hill Road    Connewango Valley NY 14626      
LITTLE VALLEY TOWN HISTORIAN    Gail Zinn       5606 Whig St.   Salamanca NY 14779      Phone: 938-6650
LYNDON TOWN HISTORIAN   Sid Emmons        6458 Rte 39     Cuba New York 14727     
MACHIAS TOWN HISTORIAN  Gail Watkins    11114 Rte 39    Machias NY 14101        
MANSFIELD TOWN HISTORIAN        Gail M. Burroughs       7619 Burroughs Rd       Little Valley NY 14755  
NEW ALBION HISTORIAN    Kenneth Kysor   Lovers Lane Rd  Cattaraugus NY 14719    
OLEAN TOWN HISTORIAN    Ruth Lowe       1721 Goodrich Ave       Olean NY 14760  
OTTO & EAST OTTO TOWN HISTORIAN Medora Ball     9270 Ball Rd.   Cattaraugus New York 14719      
PERRYSBURGH TOWN HISTORIAN      Jody Shaw        12591 Wardtown Road     Perrysburg NY 14129     
PORTVILLE TOWN HISTORIAN        Jane G Miller   PO Box 253      Portville NY 14770      
RANDOLPH TOWN HISTORIAN Dorothy Carnahan        195 Main St ER  Randolph NY 14772       
YORKSHIRE TOWN HISTORIAN        Naomi Baker    57 Delevan Ave  Delevan NY 14042        
YORKSHIRE TOWN HISTORIAN        Pam Davis                  

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